Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 12, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 12, 1937
Page 4
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PAGE FOtm HOPE STAfl, flOPE, AWAM3AS More You Tell, the Quicker You Sell" RATES One ttoe-2* wtd, mlajmum Me fitter times—3Kc word, mla. SOe •Six tmte9-«c word, minimum 90« Ofl« month (26 times)—18« word, minimum $2.79 Bates are tot continuous Insertions only. •la making word count, disregard dassifkation name such aa "Fox Iteaf," "For Sale," etc.—this Is luee. But each initial or name, or com- >leJe telephone number, counts as a-foil word. For example: FOB SENT—Three-room modern furnished apartment, with garage, close in. Bargain. J. V. Blank, •Uhode 9989. , Total,'15 words, at 2c word, 3»c tat one time; at Wic word, 53c for ithree times, etc. MUTE: Ail -rders placed by .telephone are due and payable upon presentation of- bill. PHONE 768 Services Offered •Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing •Thirty years experience fl. R. Segnar 120 S. Hervey Phone 171 W S-4-tf Today'* An»w«ri to CRANIUM CRACKERS Questions on Page One 1. Loki was the German god of fire. 2. Twenty-one amendments hove been added to the Constitution. One, the 18th (prohibition) amendment, was repealed. 3. The Nebraska football team is known as the Cornhuskers: U, S. Naval Academy as the Middies: Notre Dame as the Fighting frish: Northwestern and the University of Arizona as the Wildcats; arid Michigan as the Wolverines. 4. In point of usage Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. English is second. Approximately 475 million people speak Chinese; 323 million speak English. In point of distribution over the world, English probably is vised over a greater urea. 5. Aftef Grant's marriage his father-in-law presented him and his wife with a slave boy, making Grant technically a slave owner. Washington Miss Kathryn Holt, who is teaching in the Joiner (Ark), high school, spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Holt. Miss Mary Pilkinton of Henderson State Teachers College spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. L. ilkinton and family. *—;: r,— I. L. ilkinton and tanuiy. Hempstead County Mattress Shop Van H:iys and James ilkinton, his- liMe no\ir onffnn mnftrpKSP*; anrl rf>- . , "__ L . — «u^«« ;.-. tfr,« builds new cotton mattresses and rebuilds old ones. Work and material guaranteed. 712 West, Fourth street. Phone Paul Cobb, 853- J. 2-tfc Opportunities Offered ADDRESS ENVELOPES HOME FOR US. GOOD PAY. Experience unnecessary. 'Wonderful opportunity. Everything Supplied. Nationwide Distributors, 401 Broadway. N. Y. 12-lt WILL PAY STRAIGHT SALARY $35.00 per week, man or woman with auto, sell Egg Producer to Farmers. Eureka Mfg. Co., East St. Louis, 111. 12-ltp. Help Wanted—Female WANTED—Housekeeper, refined middle-aged, encumbered, small salary, good home. Mrs. Omer Williams, Washington, Ark., phone 7. ll-3tc For Rent FOR RENT—Furnished living room, bedroom and kitchen, with adjoining bath, 715 West 6th street. ll-3tp FOR RENT—Three-room apartment, unfurnished; one 4-room house. $10 each, Magnolia Addition. Mrs. J. E. Schooley. Phone 138-11. 8-Gtc FOR RENT — Four-room furnished apartment, electric refrigerator, bath, private entrance, garage. Phone 132. 10-3tc For'Sale FOR SALE—Vi-ton GMC Truck or IMs ton Dodge Truck, almost new. C. B. Russell. Russell Grocery Store, Hope, Route 2. 10-3p tory and government teachers in the Washington and Hope schools, respectively, attended the meeting oE the Arkansas Educational Association in Little Rock Thursday and Friday of last week. Miss Vivian Beck of Henderson State Teachers College spent the week end with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Beck. Miss Carloyn Trimble of Hope spent Sunday with her hunts. Miss Bessie Trimble and Mrs. J. A. Wilson. Mrs. W. C. Lassiter of Birmingham, Ala., and Mrs. Betty Hamby of res- cott visited Mrs. Lee Holt and Mrs. Kate Holt Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. May had as Sun- clay guests Mrs. Ida Scoggins, Mrs. ?vlay's mother and her two brothers' Kolln and J. F. and Mr.' and Mrs. ..ack Bcyce. all of Texarkana. Lost LOST—Boys brown leather jacket. Notify Albert Morsani. Phone 666-J. 10-Stc. IOET—White liver spotted Pointer bird dog. Reward. Phone 523. ll-3tp LOST—About 15 keys on shoe strong 51.00 reward for return to this office. 12-3tp FOR SALE—A blacksmith shop. See Bill Bryan at B. R. Hamm Motor Co. ll-3tp FOR 'SALE: We have an excellent buy in Electrical Refrigerators and Washing "Machines. Automotive Supply Co. 12-3tc. FOB, SALE-UNCLAIMED FREIGHT 1 pail 50 pounds liquid roofing cement consigned to C. P. Caldwell Koute 3, Rosston, Ark., unclaimed, wil sell at Missouri Pacific Freight House at 10 a. m. Nov. 27th to highest bidder -C. E. CHRISTOPHER. Agent 12-ltc—19-ltc Notice NOTICE TO LOG HAULERS It is against the law to leave logs, etc., on the right-of-ways of State Highways. I am asking for your cooperation to rid the State Highways of dangerous and unsightly logs. CHAS. O. THOMAS, District Engineer, State Highway Dopt., District No. 3, Hope, Arkansas NOTICE! NOTICE is hereby given that the books showing the assessments of Street Improvement District Number Three (3) Hope, Arkansas, as fixed by the assessors of said District, are now in my hands, subject to inspection by any person owning property within said District. This the llth day of November, 1937. T. R. BILLINGSLEY, Nov. 11-12. City Clerk. Old World Painter, HORIZONTAL 1 One of the greatest of all painters. 13 Container weight. 14 Biblit-il prophet. 15 Valley 16 Hymns. 17 To harden. J8 Aside. 20 Writing fluid. 22 Neither. 23 Era. 25 Neuter pronoun. 27 Yoked. 30 Amphitheater center. 33 Valuable fur. 34 Lakes. 35 Rubber pencil end. 36 African. 37 To pierce with a knife. 39 Woody fiber. <$1 Afternoon meal. Answer to Previous Puzzle 44 Metric measure. 46 Owed. 48 Nimbuses. 51 Outfit. 52 To accumulate. 54 Corvine bird. 55 Golf device. 56 Ulcer. 57 He was by birth. 58 He is classed with the old VERTICAL 2Stirt collar. 3 Cistern. 4 Unit of work. 5 Thing. 6 Bronze. 7 Rubber tree. 8 Kindled. 9 Pulpy fruit. 10 Small loaf of bread. 11 Enthusiasm. 12 Roman emperor. 16 He lived in the • and 17th centuries. 19 Valuables. 21 Pertaining to the United States. 23 Wrong. 24 Animal. 25 Iambuses. 26 To give medical care. 28 To sin. 29 Wine vessel. 31 Sea eagle. 32 Mesh of lace. 38 Parentage. 39 To adorn with jewels. 40 Measure of area. 42 English title. 43 Bitter hevb. 45 Cravat. 46 Challenge. 47 Consumer, 49 Uncle. 50 Kind of snow shoe. 52 Onager. 53 Witticism. Friday, November! By WILLIAM OUTjOgRWAY H€ WATTTA wiUi . . . * M&jof Hoopla OUR BOARDING HOUSE V6 &OOS? 1 SAID PJPT66N CENTS WORTH OP SODA CEACKElcS/AND H£ 60TPIPTY CENTS WOCTHf , (| _ -^-— -A WE'LL ALL Sfe SQUAWKlNT / '/ asS LIKE PARROTS, IN A MONTH / ( t MAVS MOMBWT couaup^ep, WITMIKJ MV WOWDEFV IS THAT SOME OTHER <5R£AT Ml WE? HAS NOT THOUGHT OF IT MY WOTS.P/ 1HIWK OF THE ^ MIL.UOWS WHO PASS THROUGH *;• v-AKJt> IT • '•"• KEAAAISIED *POK THE OF A MOOPLE TO CaRA-SP THE POSSIBILITIES IW THEM/UMF . .,', YOU SHALLBG THE FIR ToTlAvW THE OPPORTUNITY" TO SACK! COULDN' WHAT';3 TH 1 MATTER'? ANCHORED VEAKS TOO SOON, //- . By MARTIN Setting the Stage BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES '^ ^WE 601 1 VAfxM^^'T GOT , ST,V\OVO COME OOtSNi-V TO- ..I \&S$P&r»$**»t* SERVICE. .NC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT By MARTIN Three of a Kind—All Bloo ALLEY OOP GUESS SOf'SA DAN6ED TOO,tAUSE/tsTOO BAP , HE WASN'T/ HE HADPA 6O*i A , I GIT TH 1 BLOO yV GOOFUS! POOZVf LOOK WHO'S A\VFUL BIO BLUE BLOTCHES AU. OVER I -irT.^W^S^S --/n. ; -, .SERVICE. INC. T..M. REG. U. S. By CRANE Smart People, Those Pygmies WASH TUBES LOOKUM! WHITE - SHE HURT HER ANKLE.X KNOW SH£ COULDN'T " ~"" AWAY/ WHERE'S BREEZE?HOLV JUMPING HURR.XPODNER.', THE HOTEL is AFIRE;; 20 IlST 35 30 m ^ 1 ^ f*^p* y r*?^"rTrnT^wi^TTr^ ^ J ^^^ JnJJ _ JJ .^ J ^ J ^^^_ «. w FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Anyway, Opal Means Well By BLOSSER : CAH'T SEE you -TDMIQKT, JUKE....GOTTA ;er PLEWTY OF SLEEP so I CAW HELP OFF THATS,FUNNY. _,ooy's LYING AV/AKE MIGHTS TRYING! AWAY SO YOU CAN'T ! I PROBABLY Y.'CN'T SEE YOU UNTIU THE GAME IS OVER AND IF" WE WIW, I'LL LET YOU CRY ON MY SHOULDER GOODHIGHT, JUNE: .' S&& [WHAT AWE YOU 3RKING E A GOOD, STROMG , DEFENCE AGAINST ,_ I SHADYSIDE'S 0 ) LONG FORWARI PASSES.' I HAVE HUNCH THEY'LL TRY THEY'LL NEVER EXPECT A PASS ON THE FIRST PLAY UWLESS SOMEOME &ETTIMS WD poesw'T MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE Closing In KIND OF LANGUAGE.' IT REAL1Y-HAPPENED IN TOOTBALL! %&: ~^X ~v Playing 1 in a heavy snovystonn, two eastern college teams were close ' to the sidelines when an inebriated fan jumped froni the stands and ' rushed onto the field. Unnoticed by players or officials, he made one • splendid flying tackle and broke up a play, without losing his hat. Another play, and he was in the thick of it. Ejected from the game, he won lasting fame for his valiant efforts. The college he so loyally aided voted him an honorary letter, although the nearest he ever got to college was serving hot d,ogs to collegiates at a roadside stand. W/HILE AWAITIM& THE ARRIVAL OF JACK AMP - THE POLICE, MV£A pi5COVE(2-S> THAT pe JAS-OM HAS &E.EW HU2T... rv r*'^ ' rvr • CAM VOU X^PEAV^ ' WV JAW FEELS LIKE > IT'S BROKEM .— -^\ 1HAT BCLJTE, I ^A "***>" J 'am THERE, THERE ...JUS1 \ TAKE IT EASY.. I LJMDEE-1 STAMP.'fJEnHE'E BULL - RE51 / SlOR ^MV OF THE CE5T WILL TROUBLE US, j/ AC-iAIM. / — V v . •* 4? W«A7/f ©UT3»DE , VON 00DEWS HPU3£,THE POLICE MAKE ELABQEATE PEEPAEATIOU^ FOR. STOKMIIsJG THE f g»ANG'S HEAP- liUARTees PLEASE IMSTRUCT VOUR MEK) TO BE CAREFUL, CHIEF. THERE'S J AW IWNOCENJT NLJI2SEAUPA POCTOR. |M THERE. By THOMPSON AND COLL "^ «-^l I CAM'7 PROMISE AMVIHIMC'T^I'?' /vd LAME -THIS- MO& WILL BE / I ifiT V PESPEEATE.' ynm nfijlT I life?, ^ v» m.

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