Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 12, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 12, 1937
Page 3
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Friday, November 12,1937 r ,,,._-.... „ v f .f ^^,T--,_,,_j,.:-.!..-,.-.-^.^.---.,,. .--j r -.^^.. v .-. , HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THRU MRS. BID HENRY Leiu, "TELEPHONE 3217 : ^Jr" m Smile, and the world smiles withl you; "Knock," nntl you RO it nlone; For the cheerful grin will let y<Su in Where (he "kicker" is never known. Qrowl, and llic wny looks drcnryj Laugh, nnd the pnlh is bright; Wor a welcome smile brings sunshine, while A frown shuts oul'ihc light. .,'igh mid you "riikc in" nothing; Work, rmd the pri/.e is one; For the nervy tniin with backlxmc Ciin By nothing be outdone. Hustle! and fortune nwnils you; Shirk! and defeat is sure; For there's no chuncc of deliverance For the chup who cmi'l endure! Sing, nml the world's hfirmmiiou.s; Grumble, nnd thing.s go wrong, And nil the time you ;iro out of rhyme With the busy, hustling throng. -Selected. Dr. J. P. Womnt-k, president of Henderson State Tern-hers collegi.-, Ar- kadolphia is n visitor in Ihr cily, »t- tcmling the Methodist Conference -O- Dr. nnd Mrs. J. G. Mnrtindnle hnve as Conference guests. Hov. W. C. Watson of Malvorn, Hiv. M. W. Miller of Little Hock nnd J. O. A. Bash of Prescoll. TC """"' finos( W show ever to be scheduled for u Friday and Saturday nt the— SMILEY BURNETTS ANN RUTHERFORD ..< WILLIAM FARNUM K^maf^fw^^f^)}' Serial—Cnrtoon—mill fJEHTS SffCK A river romance with KEHT TAYLOR IRENE HERVEY JOAN Crawford 'THE BRIDE WORE RED" E N D S SATURDAY Serial & Cartoon - SUN'. ftlON Miss Happy Prltchnrd of Little Rock is spending this week visiting with her mother, Mrs. Eli/.abelh Prilchard nnd grandmother, Mrs. M. H, Barlow. _Q- Mr. nnd Mrs. J. H. Williams were Wednesday visitors in Hot Springs. _Q Mrs. Den Goodlett and Mrs. J. B. Slunrl of Cv.(in were among the out of town visitors nt lend big the Methodist Conference on Thursday. _O- Rev. and Mrs. Francis Buddin of Pine Bluff are Conference guests of Mrs. n. L. Broach Sr., and Misses Broach. , _O- Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hall have us (.'imforence guests, Hev. Hoy Jordan of Little Rock .and C. L. McNutt of Stuttgart. _O- Uev. and Mrs. Lewis of Humphries, Ark., are Conference guests of Mrs. Henry H. Stuart. Mrs. A. C. Whitchursl has as Con- feiVncc guests, Mrs. L. W. Marshall of Magnolia and Mrs. Torn Owen of Little Rock. _O- Rev. Vance Martin of Arkadelphia is the Conference gue.st of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Middlcbroolis. The different circles of the W. M. U. of the First Baptist church will meet at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon in Ihe lowiiiK homes: Circle No. 1 al the home of Mrs. Cecil Weaver; Circle No. 2 at the home of Mrs. John Brill; Cir- I'le.s No. 3 nnd 4 at the home of Mrs. W. R. Hamilton; Circle No. 5 nt Ihe home of Mrs. Arthur Hill. -O— Friends will be glad to know that the condition of Mrs. Edwin Ward is improving from u recent appendicitis operation at Josephine hospital. Rev. and Mrs. W. R. Boyd of Stephens are in the home of Mrs. Sid Henry nnd Miss Mae Jamison for the Method i.sl Conference. -O- Rev. Buck of Amity is a guest in the LAST DAY 'i: -I: 7: mid 9: HOHEIIT WILCOX NAN (iKEY —In— "The Man in Blue" Comedy "ml Novelty SATUHDAY 11 n. m. (o 11 p. m. TEX RITTEK —In— "MYSTERY OK THE HOODED HOUSEMAN" No. G 'I'aintcil Stallion" Comedy ^* ^ 2 FOR THE PRICE OF This Ad nnd One Paid 20c Ticket Will Admit Two Ad u UN W ^^ 1 Sleep Warm in VANITY FAIR BALBRIGAN NITIES Just Arrived L A D I E S' Specialty Shop T. B. Billingsley Will Sell One Carload of Young Fillies Tuesday, Nov. 16 At Sutton & Collier's Sale Barn Auctioned Off to Highest Bidder PAN AMERICAN SHOWS M.I, WEKK—HOl'K, AUK. Aclji ining To I-K-Tex Oil Co., Highway til. Kuiisntionul Hides, Shows and Allrurlions. Kiddie Hand, Concession Amusements, Kiitcrtaiiiing to AH- Don't Miss II. U lllllllllljllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllri | PROFIT SHARING COUPON = Clip This and Save Money. = Special Ride Coupon This Coupon and Service Charge of lOc Entitles Bearer to 3 Rides on any lOc Ride. VALUE 'Oh, Please— Mr, President* With President Roosevelt helping out, love will laugh at U. S. naval regulations, hopes pretty smiling Grace McDonald, 18, above, a very determined young woman who ieves a sailor. Writing to t!ie President from New .York,- she sought release of Bradford Greene, 22, from a six-year enlistment in the navy, to share with her the success of a belatedly-produced musical comedy Greene wrote, 2 College Heads (Continued from Page One) England, chairman of the Hempstead county chapter of the Red Cross. J. P. Duffie presented Friday's program at Hotel Barlow, the club's presiding officer being the Rev. Thomas Browster, vice-president. Oilier guests Friday were, Henry Stillwcll, of Texarkana, and Harry Sadler, of Bcnton. home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hitt for Conference week. Mrs. Alvea Godbolt of El Dorado will join Dr. Godbolt in the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. LaGronc for a week-end visit with the Methodist Conference. ' -O- Mr. nnd Mrs. Will Orion have as house guest for the Methodist Conference, Mrs. Quintin T. Cone of Snyder, Ark. -0- Caniiry Patrol, Girl Scouts will hold a rummage sale down town Saturday in the vacant space just east of Briant's Drug Store. Home Repairing at Ozan Under Way Mrs. John Barrow Landscapes Home-New Smith Residence This Is How Child Artists Pamf Mrs. John Borrow, whose home is two blocks west of O?.nn, on Highway No. 4, is having some landscape gardening done around her home. Mrs. Barrow has hnd her front and east yard fences taken out, enlarging her lawn. She 'p' nns to make nn attractive driveway from the highway to her garage and to set out various shrubs and evergreens to serve its hedges nnd protection to the property back of her home. The Barrow home is one of the most attractive homes in the O/.nn community, but the Vvork that is being done will add somewhat to its beauty and attractiveness. Mrs. Jerome Smith, the owner of the beautiful new English type bungalow which wos completed in the sumer, is also having some landscaping done. Mrs. Smith has been setting out trees and shrubs and making a garden with a pale fence. Later, she plans to set out hedges and other shrubs. Mrs. H. A. King and her son, Earl King, 'are having their home in Ozan newly papered. Mrs. King has done quite a bit of interior decorating in her home within the past year or two. Tlie papering is being done by J. V. Forrest, of Texarkana, and Walter Baber of Ozan. Mr, and Mrs. G. S. Smith have a supply of composition roofing in their yard. They intend to re-cover their home as soon as the weather is suitable for the work. Mr. and Mrs. Smith have removed their front yard fence, too. The members of the Ozan Baptist Women's Misisonary Society met at the Ozan Baptist church Tuesday afternoon in spite o fthe constant downpour of rain, and oiled the church floors. No regular program was given by the society. The members of the society have enthusiastically and energetically done quite a bit of interior decorating in the Baptist church since summer. They have varnished all of the wood work and seats and have put new runners down the aisles. Officers Cleared in Young Killing Pine Bluff Coroner Exonerates Officers Friday PINE BLUFF—(/TV—Coroner D. C. Roll Friday exonerated Night Police Chief W. A. • Mabcrry and Patrolman Tongue Maupin for the killing of Arthur Young, 53, sandwich stand operator, in a gun duel in a residential street at Pine Bluff Thursday night. The Chinese train cormorants to dive for fish. A cord around the bird's neck prevents it from cwallowing Ihc catch. uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiin NY CAROL DAY ''PHIS simply tailored frock ad•*• hcres to shirtwaist lines and gives you a slim, sleek look un- with comfort nnd chic at all daytime occasions. Made up in velvet or thin wool, Pattern 807C is wearable for dinner and tealkne. Many women today choose a simple, well-fitting pattern like this and make it up in several fabrics, achieving a whole wardrobe from one pattern. The formality oC the fabric sets the character of the dress. The. tucked bosom and two high pockets strike a note decidedly new. The skirt, too, is slim and straight, giving the silhouette long, slender Hues. The pattern includes complete and detailed sewing instructions so that even if you have never sewn before you can make this dress with confidence. Pattern 807fi is designed for Si/.e 14 requires 3 3-4 yards of 35 or 39 inch material—with short sleeves, 3 1-2 yards. The new WINTER PATTERN BOOK is ready for you now. It has 32 pages of attractive designs for every size and every occasion. Photographs s h o w dresses made from these patterns being worn; a feature you will enjoy. Let the charming designs in this new book help you in your sewing. One pattern and the new Winter Pal- tern Book—25 cents. Winter Book alone—15 cents. To secure your pa I tern with step-by-step sewing instructions, send 15 CENTS IN COIN wilh your NAME, ADDRESS, STYLE 'NUMBER and SIZE to TODAY'S PATTERNS, 11 STERLING .PLACE, BROOKLYN, N. Y., and b e sure tg MENTION THE NAME JOF THIS NEWSPAPER. Street scones, landscapes, still life—even abstractions—are not too difficult for child painters to tackle, Federal Art Project directors in Washington found out when they opened the nation's first gallery devoted solely to juvenile art Joseph Dyer, 13, of St. Joseph orphanage, painted the abstract conglomeration shown at the top, giving his idea of "The Circus," complete with fat lady,, wild man, pop-corn, hot-dogs and big tent. A 13-year-old Negro girl, Betty Sue Kitchens, painted the realistic "Street Scene in the Rain," pictured below. Both cfciiiren live in Washington. Weekly Sunday School Lesson By WM. E. GILROY, D. D. Editor of Advance 'Die Christian Minister Text: I Timothy 4:0-16; II Timothy 2:1-1 A lesson dcalin gwith the Christian minister has particular need and ap- proprialeness al the present lime. The value of such a lesson, however, is for all who will study it and not merely for ministers themselves. In Paul's leller to Timothy, whom he regarded as his ton in the faith, and as a man particularly called to the ministry of the Gospel, we have set before us a high ideal for all ministers. ''" He must be, first of all, a man of godliness. That is, he must strive to have a character like thai of the God who mho worships, and an attitude of love and graciousness toward his fellowmcn in harmony with the Gospel of the love of God. A true minister of Jesus Chrisl must be an example lo others "in word, in manner of life, in love, in faith, and purily." He rnusl be a reader and a teacher, instructing others lhal they may also become touchers. He must not look fcr a life of ease, but must think of himself as a good soldier of Jesus I Christ, willing to suffer hardship, and | keeping himself clear from entangling alliances that he may be free to serve. Obviously, the power of such a ministry depend upon those who are under his care. People have a right lo expect great things of ministers, but only insofar as in their own hearts and lives ihey approve of the ideal Ihnl Ihey scl up for Iho minister. The worth, power, and effectiveness of the Christian minister in h' c "'I'M"-'! and community depend more Uian Jfl commonly recognizes upon tiic- ai- tilude of the laymen. There is a slurp told of a church that had had for many years the ministry of a groat and brilliant man. It is said that when the end of this man's ministry came nnd the responsible laymen of Ihe church were looking for a successor, Ihey said, "We shall not seek n man whose record and attainment are comparable to the great minister who has served us. We shall look, rather, for a young man of devotion and promise, and the church will make him." The man whom they called became intcrnntiunally known as a great prcucher and leader. U was not kuite true that the church made him, for he had the qualifications of greatness in him; but oven this man of influence could not have wielded such power in pulpit and pastorale if he had nol had the strong support and confidence of the wise laymen of thai church. When later in his life this minister went to another distinguished church, his ministry lacked something of the power and effect that it formerly had, because he did not find the support of laymen of similar vision and devotion. If there be a church suffering anywhere from an ineffective ministry, let the laymen take the situation to heart, not in narrow crilicism, nol in taullfinding, nol in weakening Ihe resources of Ihe minisler, but in giving him a new atlitude of supporl in prayer, in encouragement, and if il be in criticla suggestion, with kindliness and constructive purpose. The church needs today more than anything else intelligent co-operation and mutual understanding between laymen and ministers: and this can be developed by a careful study of such lessons as this. R. Milburn Injury (Continued from Page Ofle) Thursday morning in federal district court, was continued until 10:3(^*8. m, Friday, as the plaintiff's counsel neared completition of its testimony. Judge Heartsill Ragon of the western district of Arkansas will sentence 27 defendants, all of whom pleaded guilty, when the federal court opens here at 9 a. m. Friday. The civil suit will continue at 10:30 a. m. When court recessed late Thursday afternoon, the plaintiff's counsel still was presenting testimony, but it was thought that this would be completed shortly after the case is resumed Friday morning. The plaintiff seeks $60,000 damages for injuries allegedly received last June 11 when the car he was draving was in collision with a tmck operated by the defendant concern. Milburn claimed that he received permanent disability, leaving him an invalid. The mishap occurred at Hope, Ark. Carlene Bruner Is (Continued from Page One) weights and positions of pi ay era ii published in a double-column bojfat the bottom of this pafee. Teams Leaves tot Hope fttiSSfcLLVlLLE, Ark.-Coach Wai* lace Bailey and twenty-one rtertbftrS of the Russellville high school foot* ball team boarded a bus here at ? o'clock Friday morning fof Hope> The squad, traveling by bus rathfif than private cars as originally planned, will start the return trip to Rus* sellville following the game. Making the trip are: Salmon J. Keeton, Thompson, Cor* nelius, Batsoh, E. Keeton, StaggS, Baker, Vick, D. Pangle, K. Pangle, Albert Rye, Parker, Fryer, Wilson, Gilbert, Martin Young, Parrish, Bryan and Jim Cole. Assistant Coach Edwards and Student Manager Salmon will also be with the squad. FOOT PAINS handicapped by leg injuries. Stone may be shifted to the backfield during the game, provided his leg injury is not causing trouble. • j The probable starting lineups, ing evangelistic service. Special music and singing is always a feature of the evening service on Sunday. Spend an enjoyable hour Sunday night at the Tabernacle, it is Hope's Full-gospel center. HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE Bert Webb, Pastor Every child attending the Tabernacle Sunday school next Sunday will be given ;i prize. Old «nd new scholars alike will receive prix.es, the only requirement is that they be present Sunday. This is through the courtesy of Mr. Lymnn Armstrong, manager of Scoll Slores Inc. Immediately following Sunday school the morning worship service begins, at which time il is hoped thai Dr. H. C, Morrison of Wilmore, Ky., will fill Ihe pulpit. More definite announcement will be iiKKie Inter, Christ's Ambassadors and Children's church meet nt G:30. The pastor will speak at the even- CHEST COLDS ^^•-»" • Distressing symptoms ckly relieved.., rub on VJSJM PROVED BY 2 GENERATIONS COTTON OWNERS E. C. Brown Cotton Company which firm has served this community for thirty years has been duly Bondfd lo bundle GOVERNMENT LO.VAS. Immediately upon receipt from you Hi this office of (lie Warehouse receipts and samples, we will class the cotton and have check available immediately. Information will be gladly furnished upon recjucst, E. C. BROWN PHONE 240 FIRST BAPTIST William Russell Hamilton, Pastor Sunday school at 9:45 promptly. It is hoped that all adults will be present for Ihe first song. Many announcements and new arrangements are to be made. In the program of expansion of the work of the Sunday school and church some new classes will begin their work next Sunday. A large attendance in every class will do much to starl off Ihe enlarged work in such a manner as to encourage the leaders and glorify the Lord. The pulpit Sunday morning will be filled by a visiting Methodist pastor attending the Liltle Rock Conference in Hope. A large and atlentive congregation should greet him. Special music by the First Baptist choir. B. T. U. meets in joint assembly 6:30 to 6:45. Individual unions 6:45 to 7:25. The sermon by the Rev. W. R. Hamilton Sunday night will be on the sub- pect, "Discovering His Presence." Special music will be a feature of the service. A cordial invitation is extended men, women, and children to attend any and all services of "The Church Where the Highways Cross." For more than a third of a century Dr 4 Wm. M. Scholl has been relieving painful feet, sore joints, callouses, weak and fallen arches, excessive sweating, rheumatic and arthritic-like pains. We carry Dr. Scholl's Foot Comfort Rente* dies and Appliances and will be happy to help you to foot relief. No charge fof a Free Foot Test. HITT'S BROWNbilt Shoe Store $16.95 DRESSES FOR $4.98 The Gift Shop PHONE 252 ROBERTS GROCERY & MARS! West Third Street Home of Better I PURE PORK SAUSAGE— Pound MIXED SAUSAGE, No Cereal— Pound PO>RK ROAST— Pound BEEF ROUND STEAK— Pound BABY BEEF ROAST— Pound VEAL CHOPS— 2 Pounds A Complete Line of Groceries [ET tfeats 25c 15c 20c 23c 14c 35c Friday and Saturday ' SPECIALS DECKER'S IOWANA H A M—18 to 20 Ib. Whole or Half Lb. 23c CENTER CUT, Ib 30c BACON, Banquet Sliced, Ib. ... 36c PORK CHOPS, Ib _i .... 20c PORK SHOULDER ROAST, Ib 18c STEAKS - Ib. 15c to 25c REECE'S MEAT MARKET East Front Street Hope, Ark. imiiiiiiiiimiimmiiiimiMUiiimmii YV hen a 3»\ makes doughnuts rich and tasty A man comes running with a hasty PROPOSAL PILLSBURY'S BEST THE "BALANCED" FLOUR—MAKES GOOD BAKING BETTER Phone 348—We Deliver CHUCK BEEF ROAST 14c Chops, 1B.22C Roast, lb. 20c HOME BAKED HAM 55c TONGUE LOAF.lb..... 37c MIXED Sausage lb . 10c Hame-Made BRICK CHILI, lb. 15c FRESH DRESSED FISH and OYSTERS HENS and FRYERS Blue Ribbon Bread At Your Grocer CITY BAKERY \

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