Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 12, 1935 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, October 12, 1935
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Prayer tantoi tu h»U*»y to fMHflf brihi* «• .to tte Attd door of hi* (flvlnjf procurci us Koran. ^^^^^^_^^^^B ^^^HMM*^, ^y^jjijj*^^^^^^^ j^^Mjijjfa^ nope f VOLUME 36—NUMBER 312 I'rfrsn Mnlcrpfl»o Star ArkftnsiuH-fciHiy opttfr 8«t* urdfly itijrht altd SuSd*y, -' si ^A v w * r HOPE, ARKANSAS, SAljJgDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1935 Star of Hopfe 1899; Press, 1SE7; OonsoIldtttnU January 18, 1929. PRICE §c COPY ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^_ _^^^i i™™* MEN Here and There -Editorial By ALftc. H. WASHBURN" OMAN KILLED M >T H OW to hold an election that is no election is a paradox that is about to be demonstrated by the Democratic State Committee which is in session at Little Rock Saturday. .-_: 1-: (9 The committc is meeting with thc avowed intention of hand-picking the Democratic nominees In a special gcn- crnl election called November 5 for the purpose of filling vacancies now held by appointment from thc govcr- Adolphe Menjou, Actor and Stylist, §> Saves a Million Able Investor, He Came Through Panic Without Taking a Loss TIP FROM EUROPE In 1929 He Listened to Shrwed French Advice— Sold Before Stock Crash By DAN THOMAS NEA Service Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD.—Adolpho Menjou is well known the world over as H film actor. And he has quite a widespread reputation as one of thc film colony's bes.t dressed men. But in Hollywood he sands out for still another reason. Here he is known as 'the man who never had a financial loss. And'that is something of a record when you consider thc reverses encountered by most of tho film folk. For years they have been in thc "cnsy come, easy go" class. WhiW their earnings have ben tremendous, much of their money has slipped through their fingersjmuch of it because of bad investments. You seldom hear Mcnjou's name mentioned in association with Hollywood's big moneyed people. But with •ifctolld fortune ostt**ia|c<l -\i\ excess of TOW.000.000, he belongs close to the top of thc list, just thc same. Ordinarily tight-lipped about his financial dealings, thc actor shed considerable light on this side of his life 'Recapture of Aduwa* News Hoax But the governor, as titular head of the party, is presumed to control thc state committee. In fact, it is a tremendous news story when he doesn't so control tho committee. If Governor Futrcll's advisors don't like thc idea of defending thc policy of filling elective offices by appointment they don't for one minute fool the people by calling an election and then limiting the Democratic nominees to the sole choice of the state committee. It is a waste of public funds—calling that farcial election November 5. XXX The Futrell administration—and this writer as n rule has defended the administration—voluntarily made one of its platform planks the elimination of elective-office appointments, which it was claimed had been carried to too great lengths by Governor Parnell. But no sooner docs thc new administration get well entrenched than it falls back on thc political resources utilized by nearly every state machine. I think, in view of thc limited tax funds available these days, it might be possible to defend for thc time being the filling of elective vacancies by open and frank appointments from thc governor's office until the next election date rolls around—but to purport to call an'election, and then limit it to a 1 ; virtual endorsement of an appointment already made, is an indefensible waste of public funds. Having cast thc die for an election, having decided that the state can afford to pay for an election,, the only "honest arid forthftghr'thing for v "GbV- crnor Futrell to do is to override his advisors and declare the election of November 5 to be open to all comers. That's what an election means in this while wttiting to be called for a scone in "The Milky Way." Real Business Man "I had pretty pood business training I " country where one party rules — and the governor's know it. advifors very well XXX Merc's additional proof that Oscar before I ever became an actor," lie Middlcbrook':' 195-pound world chain- explained. "I .spent five yenrs in the hotel iincl restaurant business. Then I was manager of n steamship office in Philadelphia for two years. That Rove mo a apod foundation and I have followed business conditions very closely ever since. "My business activities really have been just as important as my work before the cameras. I never could see much sense in earning n large salary unless you know what to do with the n\oncy after you get it. So I have (Continued on page three) Robinson Leaves for Philippines to Join Garner in Chicago •for Orient Trip—-Returning in December « ITTLE ROCK—(/I 1 )—Sena tar Joe Robinson and Mrs. Robinson left lay,for Chicago, when; they will join a parly headed by Vice President i John Nance Garner which will sail i from Seattle Wednesday for the Phil' lippine Islands. Thc group will attend the inauguration of Manuel Quezon, first president of the new provisional republic. En route to the Philippines the party will visit thc Aleutian Islands, Japan and China for brief stops. Senator Robinson is not cxpccled lo return before December. pion watermelon of last month scnred tlv greatest publicity vicitory in the 15-ycnr history of Hcmpstcad county's world champions. Lyle M. Webb, former Hope nclver- lising man, wriles me from Burbank, Calif., Die following note: NEA pictures of Dick Powell and thc champion melon have no doubt reached you by this time (Editor's Note: Published in The Star Monday, October 7). I phoned McVey, who handles the publicity for" Dick Powell, and | he advised me that all four picture I Fcrviccs had photos of it: Acme, who supply NEA; International; Associated Press and Wide World, which supplies the New York Times. Also he said most of the fan magazines had photos. McVey says he will save sonic tear-sheets, as they accumulate, tor you. Roosevelt's arrival prevented bolter results with the Los Angeles papers; but McVey says the pictures Warner Brothers obtained are splendid ones. Italians to Annex Capital of Tigre Province Sunday Saturday Discloses Mussolini's Flags Still Flying in Ethiopian City SELASSIE IS IRATE But He Gives Italian Envoy 20 Hours More to Get Out of Addis Ababa Editor's Note: Although Little Rock and Tcxurkami evening papers headlined a- Reuters dispatch Friday afternoon reporting the recapture of Aduwa by thc Ethiopia-n-s — a dispatch which The Star did not carry —' the Associated Press confirmed the fact Saturday that the world had been hoaxed by Reuters, British-owned news service. Italian flags are still flying in Aduwa, as evidenced by today's dispatches. . . Copyright Associated Press WITH THE ITALIAN ARMIES, Aduwaj Ethiopia, 11:30 a. m. Saturday, October 12—(fl 3 )—Italy will formally annex...this^fiapttaU of the -rich T^gre province''Sunday. This would appear to dispose effectively of thc report Friday that Aduwa had been recaptured by Ethiopian forces. Italian flags fluttered all along the streets of Aduwa in preparation for thc annexation ceremony. Tho formal rites of annexation will be conducted in the presence of General Emilio DC Bono, commander of thr advancing Italian armies. Aduwa, • scene of the Italian defeat of 40 years apo by the powerful Emperor Menclik, was completely submissive to Italian rule Saturday. Copyright Associated Press ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia.-^)—Emperor Hailc Seaassie granted thc Ital- jian minister, Lugi Vinci-Gigliucci, a jlime extension of 20 hours Saturday within which to leave thc country after the minister had barricaded himself in tho legation in defiance of the ruler's orders to quit thc capital im- FBAPPER FANNY SAYS: HtC. U. S. PAT. OFf. mediately. Selassie extended the ultimatum I from 11 a. m. Saturday to 7 a. m. Sunday, but announced if the Italian min- lisler faile dto leave then he would be expelled. Strong El Dorado Team Turns Back Bobcats, 14 to 0 Hope Loses Friday Night on Second Invasion of Foreign Fields SALTONSTALL GOOD Wildcat Scoring Ace Makes First Touchdown After Thrilling Runs Scoring touchdowns in the first and final periods, the El Dorado High School Wildcats Friday night triumph^ ed over a fighting Bobcat team, 10 to 0. the game was played at El Dorado. . The Wildcats were led by Salty Saltonstall, shifty quarterback who turned out to be the outstanding player in the game. Saltonstall frequently tore off long runs. His work in returning punts was brilliant. Saltonstall Scores He scored the first touchdown that came soon after the game started. He gained more thaij half of El Dorado's yards from scrimmage. Keith and W. Parsons, regular guards on the Bobcat team were injured and forced to retire from the game. Keith was hurt during the first half when he was kicked in the head. W. Parson was forced out in the last half when he received a blow across the forehead. Stone, 210-pound Hope tackle, left the game in the last few_ minutes of play because of an injused log.-- •• — Hope was outplayed throughout the game and made only one serious scoring threat. El Dorado made 11 first downs to four for Hope. E! Dorado Opens Up The first touchdown came in the first quarter on a 37-yard drive by Saltonstall and Chaclwick, Saltonstall making the touchdown from the 13- yard line on an off-tackle play to the right. Whiddon plunged for the extra point. The second touchdown was made in the fourth quarter when, after an exchange of punts, Atwood and Saltonstall made a 50-yard drive to the 14- yard line from which Atwood tok the ball over the goal on an end run. Whiddon kicked for the extra point. Staltonstall was the best ground- gainer with 103 yards from scrimmage. Atwood starred in the running play and Captain Martindale at right tackle and Green at left tackle played well in the line. Atwood gained 01 yards from scrimmage. Cargile, Bobcat quarter, was the outstanding player and best ground- gainer for Hope with Ponder at fullback playing a good game. Captain Holly pluycd well at center. Potato Control Mrs. J. J. Phillips Is Innocent Victim in Battle for «*> COMSDMPTlOM Two Indicted for Poisoning Woman Cut Off Italy's Money GENEVA, Switzerland — {/P) — The financial subcommittee of thc League of Nations' general staff Saturday took the first definite steps toward cutting Italy off thc world's payroll. The committee decided to rccom- . mend immediate discontinuance of all | A nn | fMr .,f p Mra, fYpiph- jloan and bank credits to Mussolini's! ApplGgalG, 1VJJS. Ul Clgll government, I In addition, it appointed a subcommittee to consider furthe rsteps in that direction. In view of Friday's unanimity on an arms embargo, it was regarded Saturday in League circles as a foregone conclusion that the committee's recommendations would be adopted by the fully-preprcscntcd general committee. U. S. Presses Tax Case in Louisiana Out-pf-State Witnesses Testify Against Shushan, Long Lieutenant NEW ORLEANS-(/P)-Through a string of New York and, Chicago witnesses the government sought Friday to trace directly to Abraham L. Shu- . _, . . . , t „ ,„„.. tu ,,, atl) «um wn.-iei.iu.., shan, Orleans Levee Board president verified reports hat Ethiopian war- ^ } d n , d thc 4_:..i :., *__i i » i t ... i rinrs had SWClH dOWJl Oil AduWa Ull' .„, _ , TV .,., ... staff The Mystery o( Aduwa ADDIS ABAB7V, Ethiopia-fyH-Un- ton Held for Murder of Applegate's Wife M1NEOLA, N. Y.-(/P)-Everctt R. Applegate was indicted for first degree murder along with Mrs. John Creighton Friday for the poisoning of his wife—a crime thc woman allegedly confessed she perpcrtated by herself. Two additional indictments were found against him in connection with his ulegccl seduction of Mrs. Creighton's 15-year-old daughter, Ruth. I'd line to marry Ruth Creighton," on trial in federal court here for al- I nors had swept down on Aduwa uiv Icgcd income tax evasions, large sums ! tier cover of darkness, recapturing thc of monies and bonds which he is ac- city and seizing Italian cannon, arms and ammunition, reached here Friday. (A Renter's —British News Agency— Shushan, political advisor of the! report, cited as unconfirmed, said the late Huey P. Long, in answering to I Ethiopians had slam Aduwa s 2,500 dc- ehargcs he evaded payment of apprax- fenders.) cuscd of omitting from his income tax returns. imately $53,000 taxes on more than ?<100,000 of unreportcd gross income for The Ethiopians suffered heavy losses, rumors said, but managed to the years 1929-1933 inclusive. i take back the town, scene of an Ital- Thc prosecution moved forward! ian military rout 39 years ago and rapidly Friday, thc fourth day of thc trial, in its effort to prove its accusation that Shushan received large rebates .on Levee Board contracts held captured by Mussolini's men only last Sunday. Government officials, their crude communication lines to the north broken, said they had heard no by thc Standard Dredging Company of such news (The Router's report said that more than 50,000 men of Ras Scyoum. Eth- New York, which the defense has indicated it will seek to show were "po- - litical contributions" and merely pass- liopian commander in thc north, ed through the defendant's hands. i day night surrounded Aduwa and ' "killed ever., one" of its defenders. Tliis was denied by officials in Rome. Uoyul Couple Iliics Mulu (At the same time, an Exchange Telegraph dispatch from Italian hcad- AARHUS. Denmark.— (ft>)~ "Family I quarters in Eritrea said Gen. Emilio of two adults wants a young girl aside Bono, commander of all colonial .a frayed dress you're afraid of au, observer'^ parlor maid," said an "ad" hi a local newspaper. One of the applicants for the job received a reply revealing that the "two adults" were the king and queen of Denmark who wanted a maid for their summer residence here, woman were arraigned, He sought to plead guilty to thc attack charges but the court directed pleas of innocence. Similar pleas were mandatory for (Continued on page three) Bailey Jones and Phillips ','/ Grapple for Weapon in , '.'Phillips' Yard , . .'• f ' t JONES IS ARRESTED Half Hour Elapses Before, '/ Brawlers Discover House- * wife Is Slain A struggle over possession of an - f, automatic shotgun ended in tragic ^i death Friday night for an innocent fi bystander, MBrs. J. J. Phillips, 43, Whi was watching her husand and Bailey ' Jones fight for the weapon. The gun discharged, killing Mrs. Phillips almost instantly. Th s e shooting occurred ac-ut 7:30 > p. m. at the Phillips home, eight miles east of Hope. It was nearly half an hour after the shooting before Mrs. ,. Phillips was discovered dead. , The load had struck her in the face, , breast and right arm. Coroner.J. H. _ .Weaver, who investigated, said tilat * v apparently she had died almost instantly. , Jones Is Arrested Jones was arrested Friday night, but „ later released on bond. No inquest was held. Coroner Weaver, after questioning Jones and Phillips, turned the case over to Prosecuting Attorney Ned Stewart who prepared to file formal charges against Jones Saturday. , • Coroner Weaver's theory of thc^ «„shooting was this: Jones and Phillips ^ drove .up to thc Phillips home where > an argument started. Jones threaten- /•_* ed to kill Phillips and Reached for an.jy i automatic shotgun. The two menv 1 ; grappled. As they fought for the f gun , s ' it went off, striking Mrs. Phillips^wno ^ was at th0 front door; 'Open Race' Denied for Judge's Post Party Nominees for November 5 Hand-Picked by State Committee LITTLE ROCK.— (/P) —The Democratic State Committee'Saturday voted down suggestion for an open race in the November 5th special general election and selected party nominees for three district judgeships. The nominees include: Sixth district, J. S. Utley, Little Rock. Tenth district, DuVal L. Purkins, Warren. Eleventh district, chancery court judgeship, Elmer Owens, Yellvillc. George Norman, of Hamburg, was unanimously elcctcrl member of the state central committee to succeed DuVal L. Purkins, resigned. Bulletins GENEVA, Switzerland— (/P) —A Union of South Africa delegate to the League of Nations was reported Saturday to have recommended investigation of a possibility of League powers breaking off diplomatic relations with Italy. This report was brought out by a member of the League's sanctions com' mitlee who emerged from the committee meeting before it was over, WASHINGTON — (/P) — A bride of three weeks, Mrs. Willie Mac Wood was found almost decapitates! in her hotel room here Saturday with W. II. Ucagucr, 50 of Cul- pcpper, Va., an undertaker, who had gashed IvLs anus and wrists with « pocket-knife. Bcagucr was am-stcd in the room without formal ciwrgcs. Had Somrht "Open Race" LITTLE ROCK-D. A. Brahani of Warren, attorney and chairman of thc state Board of Education, is expected to make a personal appeal to the Democratic State Committee, asking that an "open election" be held in the Continuance Urged for Cotton Control Tenth Judicial Circuit where Judge i Sliare-CrOppei'S Ask That DuVal Purkins is slated to receive the ! TT..^ T> Qrm fU Pawnpvits Benefit Payments Be Given Them Direct MEMPHIS. Tenn.—(/P)—Witnesses at to Secretary Harvey G. Combs Friday M \ Apricultural Adjustment Adminis- Thc committee was to meet Saturday 1 trillion hearing Friday credited the and to name George Norman of Ham- I government's production control pro- committee nomination for the November 5 special election. ' Judge Purkins submitted his resig- ! nation as a member of thc committee 5 of 32 Scholastic Honors, for Hope Local Students Fare Well in Freshman Tests at Henderson State _./• Grades released this week on the combined entrance examinations for freshmen at Henderson State Teachers college, Arkadelphia, showed that out of 32 freshmen ; ranking highest in the tests, five were from Hope, Phillips," 17-year-old son of s -»—„ appeared and separated his father "and Jones. Young Phillips then drove with Jones home. Jones lived about half mile away. ' Mother Found Dead Upon his return home, young Fhil| lips asked about his mother, and went i to investigate. He went into the house and found her lying on the floor- dead. It is not known.what the elder, Phillips had been doing during this; time. Nearly half an hour had elapsed between the finding of the shotgun had exploded and the finding of the dead woman. Coroner Weaver said that it was evident that both men had been drinking. There had been no previous trouble between the pair, Coroner Weaver said. The Phillips family are tenants on thc Lee Jones farm. Mrs. Phillips is survived by her husband and one son, Leonard Phillips. —, • i • Attorney Belittles Clark Co. Crisis ~? V The tests covered the fields of English, reading and mental ability. Kathcdne Helton of Arkadelphia ranked first. Roy Kennedy, of Hope, j and Frank Gerig, of Arkadelphia, tied j for second place. Jack Turner, Pete j LITTLE ROCK. — Negotiations to Brown, Alice Wallace, Jane Orton, are J prevent cancellation of PWA loans of Lookacloo Sees Anti-Damage-Suit Move as Thrust at His Own Success other Hope students ranking among the first 32 highest grades. Comptroller Holds Up Social Security! McCarl Delaying Insurance-Pension Plan, Winant Tells A. F, of L, Chain Store Tax Adopted by Texas Governor Allred's "Must" Bill Passes Both Senate and House $192,000 and outright gifts of ?155,000 for school buildings, a city hall and waterworks system in Clark county were reported under way in Little Rock Friday between a spokesman for Arkadelphia interests and representa- j lives of insurance companies which have refused to insure contractors against damages for injuries to work** [men employed in construction. The federal government requires that contractors on PWA jobs secure satisfactory lability insurance. The insurance companies have been , withdrawing from Clark county stead- j ily for several years, giving as their ! rnnsnn llm merossivr* Haivmi>rci allowed ATLANTIC CITY, N. J.— (/I 1 )— John rcafon *' lc excessive damages allowed G. Winant told the American Federa- ! by Clark county juries in personal JOT tion of Labor convention Friday that jjury suits, an agent for one of them John R. McCarl, comptroller general, said Friday. was holding up a start on the social i Liability insurance rates throughout security program. ' thc stutc havc shot m a * a rcsul1 ° { . , •The board as yet is without funds," i'hc situation in Clark and one or two the chairman of the new Social Se-j^V counties, an insurance company have burg as his successor on thc committee, as thc first order of business. Mr. Bradham, who was in Little Rock Friday, said he would not seek tho nomination from I lie committee. He said he was "a firm believer in the Democratic principle of (lie right of thc people to choose their own officers and I want this office only by j ficials of the American Farm Burc; tho free choice of thc people" Federation. "There may be other good. Demo- j One speaker, John C. White, lawyei-, gaiiization. Thc president approved crats in the district who clesjrc U> of- for (lie American Cotton Shippers fs-'thut plan. The plan has gone to the; fcr their candidacy to thc people, and Eoeiation. advocated some increase in,.comptroller general. The funds had I;..... oucstion with insurance com- if so, I would not cut them off from production next year, leaving it to the i not been allocated when 1 left my of- : '^ '''>?"£'£ "^ "HO ,'mo C e gram with restoring life to business in thc cotton belt, and asked that it not be abandoned. Speakers quoted farmers of the South as favoring a continuation of thc acreage reduction program in 1936. •, wllu - ,...„,,,..»,. w. n.c ,..-„ _~...-. -— , . Witnesses included agricultural cxten-jcurity Board said. "We asked the | official said^ Rates arc s»m sion workers, cotton planters and of-1 Labor Department to get up a (work \ mcrcascd 300 per cent within thc tx.it reau | relief i project with sufficient funds to i four >' cars> 'set up a skeleton (social security) or- I J- H. Lookadoo, yc. - i g al ,izatio». Thc president approved of ' nc - v : was . "} ^ lltl " . dc »'" lhat Arkadelphia ;ittor- Rock Friday but he represented any PWA Department of Agriculture to detenu-, fj.. c , Thursday night." panies' representatives. He came here merely to attend the Democratic State AUSTIN, Texas— (/P)— The Texas legislature Friday passed finally a graduated tax on chain stores, the house sending the bill to the governor He proposed that anv candidate be inc thc size crop which would pro-: ^ fcdcratlon approved thc Exccu . /^^ u ^"^on ^rdw he «id .allowed to enter tho race on petition of ducc the greatest money benefit to tlie , livc Council's plan for a nationwide H(? diceussed , he , itua tton' in Clark 150 electors under provisions of Sec- fanner. ./organization plan to start not latei• i , j , h t th ucr has " ' • • »« ™ -Tlie eotton trade is working now. , tn an December 1. The convention al-•• ' dJI " B mdl l " L '"•"«*•' lion 3746 of Crawford & Moses Di- been "agitated and magnified,' 1 and ,est. wmioV-t endangering his staU.s Mr. White said, "and cotton » niov-1 M di tcd lhc council to lay plans ;-',-——- ^^^i in the party. Mr. Bradham said he >''«• He said prese it indieat ons Jic fo , ., dnvc to organizc farm hands, cl , t ; u .. hooey *-had petitions .signed by 3.000 elector., : that an increase m »3» »vcr tho pro- ^ |Wcki g d ca , mi ,,, yes . >«£ count^is ^ ^ f thc Tenth circuit, advocating an duction dllotnients for this yeai is m. Gcorgc L. Berry, industiral rccivery i bv concurring in senate amendments. OI me icmn circuu. UUVO^UUB SL ho,,*, accented son** revisions, i °l*« election. He filed his corrupt. «""• cont ,. uc(ors have no difficulty in troops, had motored into Aduwa with his staff Friday. The Temple of the Sacred Tooth at Kandy, Ceylon, is said to contain a , tax and placed it on the list of "must" tooth which belonged to thc Buddha, legislation. .. . - . . ,?JW*^VW4JI* Cl\_| W*h) 4tU*W 11V/ v*««*»V'»*»»',T »*» nf ih,> (^v"" 01 " ° r> asked <he co » vt '". tlon , for i securing liability insurance in Clark en'ivc listen-' f^'-ation support in determining »°; v ' county, and cited an instance of a hn n™, n.,,1 i " UK ' h of NI ? A should be salva ^ d - ?° i seven-mile stretch of road which has 1 ju; L'litiin laA «vuiu A tuigv 11 ujn v* ,1.1 i'ii ' CJ". i i* 1 ^ uceU'Ul'J Wtta lu «UC ('»'»"'»"" ' « •» . i_ _ B n individuol stores to $750 on each ^'wted "an oppprtawity to run on » Silturd when ' opponente of itorc in u chain of 50 or more. , ^ 5f ¥ W ", h ° l ,"'r T^h,-- B«'« wi " *» heard. Governor Allred has advocated the i 1» addition to selecting a nominee ,* re6CntaUws of lho The house accepted senate revisions, llflt 33 Tho chain tax would range from $1 .practices pledge with the secretary of , Cully A Cobb ; head i slate last week and announced he =° °i - l ai ,;,^ d f..1 , 0 L continued , . , t , i •»-•". - .-»v^,. -. .— — ei. Thc bedim? w.»s to ,bt co l» "^ | .ugge^ted that some means must be , bgen colllpletcd recently between Gur""- 1J1U found for outlawing unfair competi-. don and W helen Springs. tion m industi-y "since the brunt of j .'Th el . e werc no damage suits in con- (Continued ou tlu-ee) 'Continued yu Soutlicrn ; un f uir compc u t | on f a n s oa ,j li; backs | Uircc) of 1)11 ' wo'^ws." i * (.Continued on page three)

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