Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 21, 1952 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 21, 1952
Page 9
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v f lights at vention ouraa ertmf "Now while rtntnftif for «ov Oklahoma. "But molhor rphtilll It for rw," HP (I'd »r> fin*- Tfero we BO' Oov. Pntil A, Never irf Mn»g|>. rrmiiHl*, lofilflht'* keynote «rrt>it)t* *>r for Hie !')<*mnrrft(fc itntloiiftl M»H« vcntfon. *nyn ht> will n«" nbout -M minute* nnd 4,000 wnrrli I" pfetumt Clark Warns Communists Building ' H0M ITAfc, MOM, AftKAHSAi WASHINGTON, MnrU Ctark wit) go clown In hi* tho on<« which tiMtl for hn!f-(lclr-«nlf(i rtnrt ' ^'pdhcakf thentrh'rtl Oi« hnld pftif of the ppr- .jit chairman noi-.'titnf hn In't «B»I a .bcnrn in Uio cyo . alHWltfa firnaSpnxllntt Ryu- Sum o en . the Worst Tremor Continued frotn Pag* On« according tn mir report* " Flr# In ihp Pslnmo nil fl*: ftpottt «i«v<«n mil** »*)uthwe»t r>f HAfc<>r»fff>l<1, sw^pt «torQ(t-» tanks within mmri»nt« after thf «iunk<>, Wcb*r Hold. Thrro wan no rpport- VrtuMeni not «fiy o offlelol hiti »oi>n or eenxorod n rinrlvl"""'" """ " r<1 ''Hlrr ! ' tnnn pvr«r to Iniinch n Uint thf pcrmnnml eflwlr to aubrolt hi* iini to th<» rcflcrilcm »f llm light* off it during tin t-fl- on tbr platform. due CnS-TV wat-n Of W*N, Wjkp mil two npw MB ltd Miii'Arllnir; R|»Otnh«WCf", '• KflM nd»»)mkln«ONt rirflft of th« „,, , Drvcr liiflfcnlrd he will Roft-po. Jrtl thfl IMIIP of party frletlorrfc and the need for unity, ''Unity him never been a voti-- ffrltlnx tpf'hnlfiiu- nf the f)rmo- (•i n lie pticty", he n»M. Drvcr «dld, "I will not ncvnlt* much time Ui dlmtcfll-jn of tho new i«eji><> fifff»ri*fvc. Cliirlt, who MierriMled fit-n, Hide- wny n« United Notions commander In Korcn, ntiui th« Allies havit not kept pn'c numerically with the R*d buildup. Hut hi? predicted "we can rnokf iiny future enemy offennlvc the moiit rnaily he- htm yet Under- lie xn\il he cnnnMered the fie piibllrnn reinvention, t'iie;l»e»| with '"»ld nt the Deimirrulft, a "n«ic 'if'prxifilng imconntnicilvo to the (it en I prublemx of rillve, (ippro today," Former Rpp, Mnyry Maverick of Texus, who pupulnri/.ed tho word Jntervlewfd by tho U, 8, New« World lU-piirl Miitfiijrlnf Clorit there ore "no firm Indlca- ' now th<it iho Hell* intend to in/liiitr n mtijor offfnnlve action. th<- In- Emergency cull* only Were being accepted to the city.! At California Involute of Technology, leUrnologtau rated tin Intensity ol 7'i on a *cale of fight,' compared with 8 for the Ixmg Beach qimke which killed «cor*-« near here In JW3. The San Fran- r>f 19«J, of the Fulbright Says Less Carnival Spirit Needed By CORDON BROWN CFIICAGO W - Whnt political conventions nf«od, Son. ,1 William Fulbright <f>-Arki said todiiy m lex* of ihp enrnivn! spirit. "Why all the (Kinds? Why nil tlie cnrnlval tricks?" ho risked Hid point, he told n reporter is tnnt political conventions ore 'for (' very Important purposr—to select presidential nominees — nnd should be conducted in a serious. businesslike terday named a steerin* commit, tec. headed by Clyde Brown. Hot Spring*, to advance Fulbrlghf* - cauiie nnd keep It informed "6f other convention developments. In other action here yesterday, the group voted - to arrange for I lays'of Kittle Rock to speak for! Arkansas in any floor debate onj is not n delegate' Russell's Backers Count Out Stevenson Lost! in Olympic Try HELSWiTl l*i - Lee Yod< the University of Arkansas wa minated fromXjCompelitlon if Olympic games' 400-meter huj today. By WILBUR JENNINGS He finished fourth In his .,. CHICAGO ili-Campalgncrs for the. serni finals, thus falling b; .Sen. Kichard Russell of Georgia, position, to qualify for the il discounting Illinois Gov. Adlai Stev- Another of the United si enson as a contender for the Demo- three 400-meter hurdlers, H (.ratio presidential nomination, i Biackman of the Army, alsc j shifted today into high Hear. . j eliminated, but Charlie Ir! "f thinK Stevenson is definitely former Cornell athlete, wol Monday, July 21, 1932 * MOPI STAR, MOFI, ARKANSAS > , on« o e y . worst on record, rated fl on that!,. , .' scldor n s«'i' any other Important «roup try to conduct its bu«ln«gii in n carnival atmosphi-r,. lif said. scale. Millions of Callfornlans were awakened by the first shock, felt here ;il 2:32 a. rn. »C8T». Its in- miles away tlrnUm." .- „ T,,,,,, Clark also served notice on the ,.,„— for government', CommunUU that the UN will not (louhletnlk, hn* come with with a, retrniil from its armUlice stand on repntrlntlon nnd said tho * •'"•»• HV 1,11111, ••.••»i» ( j ii«n<., «i/ in in,* ji uwuy irrjiii Hut he liiMl«t«tri thlN "possibility" the center, could be guaged by cannot be ruled out arid cautioned cinclm In building* and nhowered "iiny feellnns of undue op.j platter. | will be nominated fur »»• democratic presidential n,,mi"-non and Arkansas' 22 votes -n-e pledged to him. He said he plans to hire no bands Convict Held for Killing Another JACKSON, Mich., 'UP)—Authorities held a bruised and beaten 18 yi ;ii-(ild convict in solitary confinement today for killing a f e l- low inmate In the newest violence nt riot-scarred Southern Michigan! nppearances yesterday, planned lo prison. j continue today without a letup. Warden William H. Bannan said I T lu> lius!) ell guns were trained SOCIETY Pnon« 74481 ••twMn I A. M. And 4 P. M. out of the race," Russell's cam- palKn manager, Sen. Edwin Jdnn- son of Colorado, told reporters. Johnson added that he feels whatever support Stevenson has "is more for a holding operation than a bonafide draft." Russell, after 13 speeches to delegate groups and three television semi-final heat and will be o the favorites In the finals. All of Yoder's times in the < pics have fallen considerably his efforts in the U. S. which, ed him the trip to Helsink* In the opening...2nd graf LI new word: „-.„..., . It'll a combination of "Dlxlecrnt" nnd "dt'inu«fi«ni;". Maverick applies It lo Southern Conscrrvullves have "materlolly utrength our offenitlvo and defensive John I-:, Shiraef plunged a ground- fv*r punipod n pnw, Hut l K flh oecupitUonnt hnKnrd, . f Jloberl 8, Korr once had tti a Je»tlipr fitip|ioi-l(>i' on M* JiMd becniiso of a muscular Btion cttimwd hy who nrp hi* politic.;! rivals. Vice President Albr-n W, Onrk ley told thl* one oii rntllo pro tram luat nl«ht. i nn- mifferlng "If your futher borrowed 11,000 thn*c> of ih.> nnd prornlned lo p»y buck $200 » month, how cnuch would h« owe nfler three trmntln?" tho tencher area. —.,..„,,„ '" ll >e southern (section of the cnpnbllltleii." Snn Joaquln Valley, such cities as In current operations, Clark re-j Bakor»fifW, Tularu and Visalla, ported. UN troop* are Inflictlnu' Q " ratc(l th e quake us heavy. Snn- „>.«,... II I..- .. * .._ . , . " »n " .... The rolling motion, In contrast: to the wrenching Jar which ac-! companies «ome quakes, was crctllj ted with minor damage in the, t,. „,,,"""," — '" "•"«••'• heuvlly popu.otud metropolitan Lo« J\L*™ ?* ' y . ^' mit .^ he might .1f:. r *.? nd pnss Ollt buttons. Rul he " e thought "a quiet cam- would be In order. canunlilcn of "major porportlon" In both men and material* and fur below k 1 f '«•!? Hi m ,«/ i * !J S4ll: F ,L)l .U "A llitnmnnd dollars," tho student ruplk'd, "You don't know your mnthn'tnnt- leu," the tniu'htir rhliknl, "Von.don't know my fttthor," the sludtml shot buck. bcHt-dreMnedcHt? IH:t today ihelf lOHSCH Hedn. Tho fumed World War II com- mandt-r KM id the Communist* have "(liken IKlvill|t(i K e" of HIP y oap . long truce talks lo increase their ground forct-n front half a million to nearly one million men and their nlr power from 1,000 to ill- most 2.000 war plane*— half of UIOITI jets. hav In addition, he snld the Rods (heir supplies of inan Hen, I'lii'.cn Kefntiver of ....?.—' chnntfvd «hlrt» i-laht Sunday trying to keep npit-. -" through n hectic tl«y yf for ammunition, artillery, rocket launchers, tank.i nnd anll-nlrcraft appolnlmcritii. nepomrnendiilluiiii lodny i'li«|rnmniihip(( ut the Demo Nutlunnl Conveiitlon included Oov. Jnhixton Murry of Oklnhomn fur lh<« p«rninnont orunnlxatlon com- mitoto. Clark (Unclosed that the UN has conrcmtrnted more on building up "" th "(tunllty" of ItH forces and forme "alotiM ihc entin- front" and in the rear "lo prepnrn for any eventunllly," lie said the enemy could Inflict "t'onNldonible damage" on UN forces |,y u tnujor air offt>n>ilvc bill litfilMted the Ueds would suffer ——..„„ "prohibitive louse*" if Uu-y tried The Puerto nicim dulounllon to! f° « ll!| t"l" «»ch ultacks "for any thi) Democratic convention obvious- ll '"H |n nf ihiie " ly d»u8 not Intend to provide m much rnerrlmont UH did their cul-,- IwoKUt'H nt the r»i«ent Heptibllcuin ' ~" WhetAes the UN launches cnnclavo, atlncks iiKnliiHl Ded bases in Man- The H a p u b I I c n n H went Into rhurln and China "\vlll depend en- riujxmu «J laUKhttM 1 «t the inabtll- "rely on the future of the Korean ly of tho convuntlon Ht'crutnry lo hnlllo." 2.~ The recent homblng of Nott Kowm nower plnntH along Uu- Yalu riv4-r WIIM a military decision and clue.H not Nlttnlfy a change In UN policy. 8.— UN forces and the South Korean Army must be kept ."strong Clark also made these other points; SpanlsJi IUHIH-B \wh(-n one of lh<* Puerto Rlcaim demand- tul r«pcuted "polls" of tho three. Puerto .FtU-nn Democrats ar? tak- ii>« no ChnncoM. They huve provided convention offlclHls with n Ithunatlc key to Spnnl«h pronunciation. In addition, they havo shortened thulr nwiTios to eane the mruln on tht' Hecrtttwy'n vocal chon.U if a roll call In di-inanded. •F«r Qxampltt, tho nsthmal com- mlttruwoinnn from l»u«ru> men, and alert" until the threat further Red aggression is moved. of re- tn Barbara hit by severe quake In 1023, [il«o got a good rocking. Plate glass window* In the downtown urea were broker, and power ^ for thenn mi™ (1pI " gKCf| ^'Ihright llm-H went down. ReAidcntx stream- "' '. e nomina ion - '""ged the Ar- llni-H went down. Reiildcnts stream ed In fright from homes and hotels. Truce Slammed Continued from P«|« On* Kefouver appeared ready to shoot the political work* on an efforl to win the nomination by the fourth ballot. If Ma self-propelled bandwagon stulln — as muny in opposing campa were predicljhg it would — the top ruhnerst for No, 1 place on I the tlekel seemed lo be 74-year-old | Vice President Burkley and reluc- tnnt Ciov. Adlai K. Slevensim tif be uescribcd as "a quiet dignified- candidate for the nomination prod Pickcns, Arkansas delegation chairman, told Fulbrighl ye«- terdny "you aren't just our favorite son candidate -, we want to get the nomination for you " And Hep. Brooks Hays (D—Arki ^°,,!° n « *™? ht ** e * Albright lnto " of John K. Moore, 21, yesterday during the afternoon yard recess. IJannan said a small group of inmates, apparently "fed up" with chieny_on_candidates Averel, Ha, Bloody In the days before the i man came, Kentucky was k by the Indians as "The Dark minutes," Bannan said. "The minute this thing started, wo blew the bugle and most of the inmates trouble-makers .at the prison, kick-! blocks. started filing back into their be S e war's between the IroquoLs Cherokees for its possession. lay, July 24 lope Country Club will en- I with the Ladies Bridge Dish Luncheon Thursday, , at 12:30. Mrs. Martin fcd Mrs. Moody Willis will esses. Shi-ley Ann White •ed/ with Shower L/iwrence Easterling hon- s Shirley Aon WTiitc. t of Curtis P. Moore, shower Friday night at /'no on West Ave. D. 'icr flower arrangements jor operations. Wallace McDowell of Fort Worth. Texas, is visiting his grandparents, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. S. McDowell anil Mrs. Mary Collins. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Berry and daughter, Cathy, have return- Court Docket CITY DOCKET Joe Prater. John Matthews, Dls UirbinR the peace. Plea guilty, fin ed $10. Jodie McCtcndon, DistrubiiiR the peace. Forfeited $10 cash bond. cell ed and pummelod Shiraef arid pro-1 While a handful of inmates chas- ualily would have killed him had led Shiraef into cell block nine tl*lt (lll'lf/l Qfl( I^.-nnl. "\t,...\~ ... . I ...1_ .1 . ' , kansans to "talk Fulbright U p a man above party bitterness and untaKOnlsms who can compose party differences. Fulbrlght's name is to be placed I" nomination by Storm Whaley Siloam Springs. The 32-member delegation yes- not Kuard Sgt. Frank Moshcr rescued him. The prisoners turned Shiraef, of Grand Kaplds, Mich,, over to Mo-slier when the guard promised "the sU'te will deal with him properly." About GOO convicts were milling in the yard when Shiraef stabbed Moore. Order was restored before tho incident could approach tho proportions of last April's four-clay mass mutiny in which one convict was killed by state police bullets and where they cornered and beat him, Moore died. He had been serving a sentence out of Lansing, Mich, for burglary. Bannan said Shiraef had a persecution complex ;md had stabbed an inmate in June. 1051, when he was confined at Ionia State Reformatory. The warden said there hud been "bad blood" between Shiraef and Moore. Shiraef recieved treatment for bruises and lacerations before he \vas placed in solitary confinement riman and Sen. Estes Kefawi Tennessee. But it was well ki| in the Georgia camp" that the most feared by Russell forces f Vice President Alben W. Bar Russell still stuck to his ments that he would get 300 on the first ballot and picrf gradually. Forecasts around sell quarters were that he v;in after about 10 ballots. Russell's program today opjjj with a breakfast given b; North Dakota delegation.. In his final appearance last ft before the Nebraska dele«atioif! reiterated his oft'repeated LIKE IT! were placed throughout the East' erllng home. The guests were received in the living room by the hostess. Miss White was presented a corsage ot baby zinnias tied with shaded orchid ribbon, and was the recipient of many useful gifts Games were played with prizes going to Mrs. Edwin Ward. Mrs. Burl Ross, Mrs. Sam Hartsficld, and Mrs. Donnie McDowell. The dining table, covered with a lace cloth, was centered witli an arrangement of roses. The hostess assisted by Mrs. Willie Beard and Miss Lurlene. White served cake and cold drinks to twenty-two guests. ry's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Collins. ily and other relatives in Houston, Texas. range fla- nkcs this pzcd nspl- casy to tablets arc t dose. 39c ST.JOSEPH ASPIRIN FOR CHILDREN Coming and Going Mrs. Odis Sims returned home Saturday' from a Shrcvcport hospital where she underwent 2 ma- JUInoiH. Stevenson, who repeated last , night that "1 just don't want to be nominated for the presidency." still was u hot prospect for u draft movement if the convention deadlocks. On this point, the Illinois nnver- nor said: "You'd have to show me the deadlock first." Jacob Arvey, Illinois national commltleernan, put his views in these words: "Gov. Stevenson couldn't turn down the nomination if it were a legitimate draft and If he agreed to the party platform." Despite n "this hurts me more Hum It does you" kick in the parity from orgnnizcd labor '• ^adi-rs, Bwrkley continued to gather umt«r current strennth. George Harrison, AFL vice president, and Jack Kroll. director ot the ClO's Political Action Committee, said the unions can't support , ,, tmm H t bt-autlml Mrs. Xoraldu Riimlre* de Durklt) y because of his age. Arullano de Durham has consent~ ~->-« ....... «>«u vtfittivnv ed to be listed, for roll call pur. poses, II.M plain "Zoru Durham, SPECIALS LAOIIS Onn and two piece styles. Vt price 51 artdftOQaugo Nylon Hose Slight irregulars 2 pr. $1 Min'i • 01. $«nforixed Broken siies only. $1,88 TO|**!^^ iSi^ LADIES One group reduced $3.88 UY-AWAr HOW *OR WINTIR LAST WEEK OF OUR Blanket and Bedspread PROMOTION W» HilliKHri a flood selection of Blankets, Spreads, ana Pillows to choose from. USf OUR LAY-AWAY A MMMI itetMlt will MM M+jjLll^ ,^W*^ Wulcominjt the delegates to this hull where Gen. Dwight D. Elsen- hower was chosen us the I'.OP presidential nominee 10 days ugo. Stevenson said it doesn't mutter so much who leads the Democrats this year. * "SVhat counts now is not just what we ure against but what we! are for." he declared in n prepared address. "Who lends us U less important than what leads us — what convictions, what fouruge. what faith --- win or lose. A man doesn't save century or a civilization, but a militant party wedded, to u principle cun," In an Indirect reference to Republican charges of cwrupUun in government Stevenson Ueclured: "Where we have erred, let there (be no denial; where we have wronged the public trust, let tituru bv no excuse. Self-criticism Is the .secret weapon of democracy und candor and confession arc jjood for the political soul." Sen. Paul Douglas of Illinois, u Kefuuver supporter, salt! in u pre- puiwtl speech that Republicans from KUtnhower w\ down must share uny blame that attaches to the Korean conflict. Noting that the Hepuulieun platform crilieited the withdrawal of American troops from Korea b«. tore fighting brok* out Uwre. Douglas sutd the Joint Chiefs of Staff reported in 18*7 that Korea had little strategic value to the United States. "Now. who do you suppose was chief ot staff of the Army when this military advise was given?" he asked. "It was Uwigl-t U. Eisenhower." , ^^^i ^k^^^lft ^M to 'liWotuei- candidates, Sen. Richard B. Russell qf G*or»i», Averttll Hurriman of New Vork and Sen. Robert S. K«rr of Oklahoma remained only outsido pos- '.WUties for the nomination. A Uoi«u "favorite sons" |od oHvers mentioned in lobby gossip as possibilities hung arouna waiting for a possible stroke of li«ht. ning. President l-ruman coul^ t«rn loose sojne bolts of undetermined power. H* kept his pretereuc* tor vb« uomio«e secret «ven troin bis Cabinet members, ulth o u g h Ttxoina» J. Gavin of KansM City. bis conv«utioa »U«ruave, urofet to kuow. Q#vm w»stt't Ulkia*. i dozen c "It was thei all •s injured, over in a matter of in ceil April block 15 uprising , where the bloody started. date cr in who can beat Gen. November." jniy c Elsen ITS PRE-WEEK Pre-Election 'BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN" Foster's Semi - Annual SHOE SALE All Shoes Regrouped BE HERE EARLY TUESDAY ! !! >NE TABLE Values to $8.95 and Our $4.00 Group . .'. NOW . Mr. and Mrs. Orval Jordan and son. Clifford, of Houston, Texas, were the weekend guests of Mr. Roy Berry and Minella. Roy Berry had as Sunday gupsts his sister. Mrs. Verl Dunn and family of Hot Springs. Refund Checks Mailed ed to then- homo i.i Gibslanci. I Sam Scott. Driving while drunk, La after a visit with Mrs. Her- Forfeited $25 cash bond and or-• dered to serve 1 day tn jail. Eddie U Stewnrt. Charles R Stewart, Robert t.lndsey, Wallace Johnson, Assunlt ft Battery, For Mrs. Hey Hurry returned home 1 ! f cited $10 cash bond. this morn'ins afi'-'i 1 :> visit witn Mrs. Thco Bonds, Illegal park her son. IMllonl Berry, and fain-|i n( i % Forfeited $1 cash bond. LeHoy McGlll, Ira Young, Speed ing. Forfeited $o cash bom?. Luther Jnco, Joseph Logan, Gco Mimes. Red Brantlcy, Clifton .Kast Drunkenness, Forfeited $10 cosh bond. LeRoy McGlll. Ira Younti, Sam Scott, No driver's lincense, Forfeited $5 cash bond. Ncaly Gi'ccn Hazardous driving. Forfeited $10 cash bond. Harold Jordan, Illegal parking, Forfeited $1 cash bond. F. Anderson, No brakes on car, Harrison Man Heads Carriers UTTl.F. ROCK UK — netoRntcs nttonrliuR Ui^ Arkansas Utirnl l.ol- tor Carriers' Association corvvciv the Ociuocrnttc presidential noinl- iiiitinn. It may be dlffcft'iil next week, I but ludiiy either i>i\o prulia- l-.ly \voulil Klvc n million dollar!) | not U> bo linnairc. pointed to us n mil- Mrs. .1. I-J. MfCabc had us weekend i;uosts, her son. Jack McCabc of Little Kock. and her sister, Forfeited $5 cash bond. Mrs. John C.reeno o( Little Kock. _ Bornord Conwny DrivlnR with Mrs. M. Purvis IcTt this 4 in front seat. Forfeited 5. r > cash bond. morniiiM for lier home in Gun town, Miss., after a visit with MO I sc id Mrs. Thomas M. Purvis. Mrs. Kate Shiver left Friday r a visit with her son, Frank Pre-1 nventory WEEK JDNE TABLE I Values to $6.95 and Our $3.00 Group . . . NOW ... 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DOROTHY DIX AIR-CONDITIONED • LAST DAY • Running stop sign, Forfeited $5 cash bond. STATE DOCKET The following forfeited S25 cash bond on a charge ot OVERLOAD: Leslie Cannon, Jack Williams, George McCoy, Mack Turner, J. W. Rhinehnrt, William Levens, E. Kcmble, J. I.., Turnoy, A. D. Davis, W. F. Sellers. E/.etiuien Cuercca. Speeding, Forfeited $5 cash bond. Paul R. Harper, Petit larceny, Forfeited $25 cash bond and or dered to serve 1 day in jail. Aubrey Smith, DrunKenness Plea suilty, fined ?10. Frank Charles, Driving while CONAID ^/ O'CONNOR ton) NEISON Aiict xmir Shiver, in Texas City, Texas. Hesitant Lover Dear Miss I)ix: I am n widow nt 47, nnd have been keeping company with a widower of M for some time. Each (if us lias one child. His daughter is married, mine is in high school. My husband died six years ago and 1 hnve known Charles tur three years. Charles is in business witl^n cousin who is 4'.! and single. For the past two years she has made it a point to |x> in our company as much as possible. My apartment is small and having her around so much is beginning to be a nuisance. When she is at a mixed gathering she drinks loo much and Sidelights at Democratic Convention By ED CREAOH H:\rriman was one of the lust candidates to come down with piesldenllnl fever but it hit him hard. He's even sporting a cam- palun hut —- n bruad-brlmmed straw Klven to him by Joe Juilno Ari/.nna Democratic slate chairman. Not finite the sort of bead- Hear he'd have worn to Rimttm parlies when he wns ambassador to the court of St. .lames. Trend-spotters take note, for any Knificanco it way have; Illinois Gov. AdliU Stevenson — till not ;\ candidate but still the ubjcci of much draft talk — i •ncleil the same church, and sat \ the same pew, yesterday us i. PwlKhl D. Eisenhower did on lie Sunday before, the Republicans unlimited" him for 1'resldenl. Mike DlSallc, who used to be rice administrator and now wants In he senator from Ohio, is herewith his stale's doU-Kalion. DiKallo wns lau«hinil about n reminder of his mcellnu severa' years ago with a namesake, ex KiiiK Michael of Romania. Michael who'd been relieved t>( his Ihroni' commented on DlSalle's constan use of tin- nickname "Mike." "If ynur people hud called yoi Mike," (lie. Oh loan replied, "yoi mii(hl still bo King." tioti here elected J. A. HudSott <bt .'•'•jfj Harrison' ns their new president. Other officers elected JSatufrfiy were: John R. May of R>O80 tfttd f- nnd Victor Morgan of Settrcy, VHiS presidents; Wylle J. Robetts <H Conwny, secretary; J, 6> Fowtcr, ot Sherrlll, treasurer, nhd W. A, Drown of Damascus, chnplnlh. Mrs. Luther Reid ot Cortwny Wfl« , .elected president of the tndlo* Auxiliary. Other officers «re; Mrs, , V. M. Morgan of Scarcy* Vice president; Mrs. W. W. Adams ot Onssvllle, secretary • treasurer* Mrs. Fred Flnney of Rentonvltla, , chaplain, and Mrs. CJlen Ward Ot Rudy, junior sponsor. HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 3. Main A. Country Club rd. • CUB BARTON for , . Attorney General • Has more experience than all hla opponent! combined. • Endorsed 100% at Homo by lawyers nnd Judo««l Pol, Adv. ftdld by Pi^wi Johnson, MoriUoaUo,.. Cartoon • News • Short • Tuesday Only Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Tippitt and children, Penny, Vicki, and Howard, Jr., spent Saturday in Clarks- villc, Texas, visiting friends. CONVKNT10N HALU, Chicago, July 2\ UVI — Well, here we go again. Same hall — all 255,000 square feet of floor space. Same occasional w'liifts from the surrounding Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Williams and son, Mitchell Conway, of Tahoka, Texas, aitivcH Thursday for a visit with their parents, Mrs. A. K. Hollaway and Mt. and Mrs. Jett Williams. makes love to every man present. I have fallen deeply in love with (thai Charles and know he intends to • ings in 1'our tcetn. marry again. I know he isn't in in love with his cousin, but 1 be- .Hove he thinks shr cures for him nnd, under the impression that he is saving her feelings, is keeping me dangling. For some reason he stockyards. Same mighty roars until it rattles the fill- FOSTER'S FAMILY SHOE STORE "Where Good Shoes ore Fitted Correctly" 101 E. 2nd St. Corbin Foster Phone 7-6700 JAPANESE Mrs. Jctt Williams has returned from Bridewell, Ark., where sho visited her daughter, Mrs. G. O. Colcman and Mr, Colcnuui. SriiRLEYi-VAMAGUCHI-DON TAYLOR WRIALTD ® Now Showing • MITZI GAYNOR DENNIS DAY Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Gregory and twin daughters, Arlenc and Arlicc, of Tampa, Florida, were the guests last week of Mry? Gregory's sister, Mrs. E. C. Slor ling and Mr. Sterling. After Icav ing Hope the Gregory's will spent 2 weeks in Hot Springs. Mr. am Mrs, Sterling visited them in Ho Springs Sunday. Hospital Notes Josephine 1 Admitted: Mrs. Trudio E. Ta lor, Hope, Ark. Color Cartoon Branch Admitted: Mrs. Elmer Hamn crick, Texarkana, Tcjias, M Walter Hawthorn, Fulton. Discharged: Mrs. Robert Ro ers, Patmos. REDUCED Besides this group there are still hundreds of good cottons and summer dresses that have been reduced Hurry. TUESDAY SPECIALS Just like the Republicans two weeks ago, the Democrats are liachsiago practicing . - • speechmakers clenrinK their throats, polishing their t'iuo phrases . . . Lady delegates, and some of t-hc mugging ""d M'uirklng '" mmvihe^ '''""i of" uiirVors. .seeing how they'll ,t'l. look best on television. This is where we came in two week:; ago today —with ono bl« ditterence. They've taken down Abrnhan Lincoln's picture and liung Harry greatly under the icr and several other : his family, lie is very ujarted and deeply concerned a jout hurling people's feelings. Ilo ins told me that eventually he lopes he will see* things in a clif- erent light. Would you advise me lo «ive,' il . ll|IliUl . H ln i ls place, him mp now, or stick il out'.' Alter all,.. I'm not too young and, while am' considered 'attractive now, who knows what will happen in a few years'.' S. S. Answer: To pin matrimonial inpe.s on a man as unstable as Charles is a very precarious undertaking. Watch Out For Cousin Souvenirs, anyone? They're nil over the place, bi not selling very briskly. Nol many delegates want to she out :i dollar or more for un awl tray bearing the picture of a cai didate who may be only a din n.emory before, thc.wueii Is ovc About the mi'-st popular gadgc on sale is a big but light wooden ALSO ON SALE Coats 6* Suits 400 YARDS SHEER COTTONS Tissue permanent crinkle. Fast to washing 50c yd, SMALL LOT BOYS SPORT SHIRTS Values to $2.95. Close Out Sizes 4 to 18. $1.00 Kefuuver has his coonskln cap, jo, but It's Sen, Robert Kerr of Oklahoma who has the log cabin— full-si/e model of the ono in vhich Kerr was born. You can see il in u corner ot ,he .'-enator's big, bustling head- iuatiers on the mezzanine of tho Conrad Hilton Hotel. Added attraction: free coffee and doughnuts. Kerr and A v e r e 1 1 Horrlmnn spend a lot of their time trying to we down their wealth. Both regard money as a distinct handicap when il conies to gelling their neighbors. A person exhibiting this particular habit would have nolhing to offer you in the way of friendship if he did talk to you, so let him go his lonesome way withoul worrying aboul him. Jleleased By The Bell Syndicate, Inc. ALL SUMMER STRAW BAGS To Close Out. Now Only $1.00 GOOD ASSORTMINT COSTUME JEWELRY Priced to sell. Now only V* price ALL WOOL TOPPERS Reduced 33!/3% to 60% SAVE BUY NOW WEAR LATER Year-A-Round and Ail Wool Reduced 331/3% to 60% Trw«»o is biding his Uuw, g un i>r*isure i» K «t tb« Of "Pair Set)" U«lform •Mt PMtMaK fttf tUKktu S Air Conditioned For Your Comfort 98c to $1.95 Men's T-SHIRTS Novelty patterns and all sizes 50c ALL SUMMER MILLINERY Has been marked down for clearance. From 50% to 75% o« Air Conditioned For Ypur Comfort $1.95 ALL NYLON HANSEN GLOVES In white and colors. All sizes . . . Close out $1.00 CARTER'S FIRST QUALITY NYLON HALF SLIPS Regular $4.95 half slips in sizes 24 to 32. Colors Platinum grey, cornflower blue and red poppy... $2.99 AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR H**'i fwwt Ofpcrtnieat Stem Even though his cousin is not j s i oc iye.-hammer. H bears the slo- desirous of marrying him herself, j,.,,, 0 £ s un , Esles Kefauver: "Boat she . apparently has some reason ^.,-jnn. down." vhy she doesn't want any other v.-oman to get him. Being shrewd, she is perfectly well aware of her influence over Charles and is very unlikely to relincjuish any of it in the near future. She is a predatory female of the first water — a most dangerous opponent. You describe Charles us soft-hearted; 1 take exception to the description and appraise him rather as a week-willed blockhead oversusceptible lo flat tery. You should put up a fight for him, if you love him, but you'll hiive to fight fire with fire. Meek acquiescence will accomplish nothing. A struight-from-lhe-shoudei talk may have some effect or Charlie-boy; the blunt aiiiunntce nienl that you don't like Cousin ant would prefer that she .spend more. lime away from your apartment might accomplish more. A litlk competition may also bu good fo: Charles. A definite stand must be taken however. Don't just wait arouni iTtil developments force the issue Take a hand yourself. Dear Miss Dix: Last Sunday nifc M, when my young man brought me home at 9:30, he stayed for about an hour. When he left, 1 walked to the car with him. My mother said this was the wrong thing to do. I can't see anything wrong in it- '•'•'• Answer: While there is nothing basically wrong in your walking down the path to the boy's car, it is more proper to walk him to tl e dopr and let him «o the rest of the way alone. Since you arc i.ily iC, your mother is trying to teach you the most dignified way to do things, and you will do wcl to heed her adivse. Dear Miss Dix: In my neighbor hood there is a person who get moody once in a while and doesn' talk to the other folks on .th block. Since February he hasn spoken to me, though I've never done a thing to him. Why doe* he act so cold? A - * • Answer: You must try to understand that each person has his own whims and foibles and, though they stem strange to you at times, perhaps you. also, have traits that are queer to people. This trick of suddenly not speaking to others is a characteristic o£ anti-social people and one which must be endured by JULY CLEAR Shop Now and Save Cotton and Rayon HOUSE FROCKS REDUCED TO $2.00^ AND 00 Other Dresses Reduced Also ONE GROUP BLOUSES Hurry, Quantity limited I .00 Shop in Air Conditioned Comfort Vogue 2nd and Main THE WHITE ELEPHANT QUITS ONLY A FEW DAYS LE THIS IS THE WIND-Uf SAVE AS MUCH AS BUY NOW AT— x- : AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFQ8T drunk, Plea guilty, toed »25 and) ong day to iaU. Carl Morgan, Alvis Kin*. Drivl ing while drunk, Forfeited 0

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