Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 11, 1935 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 11, 1935
Page 6
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>5f v$ •4-> 7££ ' < > !&i'" mm STAR* HOm ARKANSAS Friday. October ireece Restores SJf George to Throne II p ttar<*hists 0 v e rthrow 'KepubHc-Plebiscite Call* * ed for November 3 • AfttfefrS. Greece.-(^p)fOreece kick- etl her 11-year-old republic %to the iteaji heap Thursday night in a swift tojfamf coup d'etat, capped by a vote &£ the National Assembly restoring the ifionarchy. Amjfd scenes of wild repoicing in the National Assembly building—once the froyai palace—the nation's lawmaker* Decreed the return of dapper, mon- ocletTKJng George II from his exile 1ft England. ' Then, despite their approval of res-, inflation, the asscmblytnen decided to go on with the nation-Wide plebiscite on the question November 3 in order t& give the people a chance to express their opinion. Gen. George Kondylis, who seized the government in a swift, bloodless ftrbke Thursday, was named regent Until George comes back, and will perform the duties of the throne pending his return. In approving the ,new government's hotel \Vlth Ms aide-de-camp, M*j6f Lcvitfcs, and awaited official' news of the restoration. Lcvldes said: "We ahve made no plans for the immedi* ate future; his majesty has not yet been invited to return to Greece." . (George 1 always has contended his people Would call him back, "sooner of latef.") Crowds in the packed Assembly galleries joined in wild applause for the vote of restoration. The Archbishop of Athens, who previously had blessed the proceedings, led the rejoicing. Kondylis, former minister of war, ended the controversy over restoration of the monarchy with dramatic suddenness. He forced resignation of the government of Premier Tsaldaris, proclaimed martial law and threw troops about public buildings. But not a shot was fired. PWA Threatened (Continued from page one) Henderson State Teachers College, a new city hall here, a waterworks project at Amity and other jobs in the county. Local insurance agents put in hurried calls to their state agencies, but were told no more business of that nature would be written in Clark All «£J}J1UVU1£; lilt: ^UCW 6 uvtl JmllTIIl 3 . rrf, . * , 1 t. 1. decree abolishing the republican con- c ? unt J r ' Thursday night the chamber dilution, the Assembly formallv re -j of commerce board met and decided to established the constitution of 1911. i sen ^ a committee to. Little Rock to ' <In London the king denied at his ««£« w . ith the statc «f n «f who sell ' liability insurance to ask their advice COMMON OLD ITCH > Is Still With Us Prescription No. 200,000 will cure it, It kills the parasites in the skin. 50c JOHNS, GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL' Store" Phone 63 llope, Ark. Established 1885 'as to how to proceed in getting the restrictions removed. For several years liability companies have been withdrawing from business in Clark county clue to many damage suits being filed here, many having" been brought from other counties. Almost every form of business has complained at the large judgments obtained before Clark county juries. It has been said that industrial firms have hesitated to operate in the county. I When an American mission visited I Ethiopia in 1903, a commercial treaty (between the United States and Ethio- I pia was signed. Sun-Glass Gives New Heat Record 10,000-Degree Average of Sun's Surface May Be Attained on Earth WASHINGTON.-(/P)-Taking a tip from small boys who burn their initials in wood with ji magnifying glass, science has invcmed a furnace of terific heat. Experts believe the principle may produce temperatures approaching the heat on the surface of the sun, about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Two mirrors are used in the device, invented by R. Straubel of Jena, Germany. A plane mirror, wihch follows Accused Revives Old Army Scandal .Carter Asserts He Was "Railroaded" in Political Deal in 1898 „- - , , , CHICAGO-(/P)-ObertIn M. Carter, young Cubs should be in the thick 79, Thursday seized the first oppor- of National League derbies for several • (unity given him in 37 years to prcs- campaSgns. . . . Rickey also sees tho cn t officially his charge that he was HARRY, P.AYSON CHICAGO — World Series pickups and jot downs: Branch Rickey turns from Judge] Landis long enough ti say that Tne Reds as future trouble-makers. railroaded out of n promising army the sun's motion, reflects its rays into Rickey He formerly was in charge a concave mirror which concentrates | of the Cardinals' Columbus farm. . . . tho n;to a fine point in a holder con- ; Rickey admits that replacing the rap" " ' idly fading Frank Frisch at second The director of the far-flung Cardinal j cn rcer by n corrupt court-martial system points to the Reds' improve- Before United States Senator Ryan ment this year and to their efficient Duffy of Wisconsin, chairman of a chain store arrangement fashioned af' subcommittee of the senate's commit- ter that of the St. Louis club. . . . Lnr< , ( CC on military affairs, Carter gave ry^MacPhail, active head of the Cin- nn American version of a "Dreyfus case" seeking vindication of his soldier's honor. He charged his military conviction of illegally sharing in the construction funds for improving the harbor at cinnati Baseball Co., is a disciple of Uiining material to be melted. . ._ , „ ... Dr. W. M. Cohn of Berkeley, Cal., | base is his most pressing challenge at • Savannah, Oa., in 1898, was engineered Hinton Many people fo this community arc; suffering with bad colds. Maxlne Smith and Catherine Hamilton called on La France Simmons Sunday morning. Encree Wheelington's brother and family of Tcxarkaha were visiting here Sunday and attended the singing Sunday night. Everyone cnjoy- tho (tcavtcts and ducts they sang. 20 Bobcats Leave (Continued from pnge one) tackle, \B the outstanding star. Stone played his first football lust ycor but Mammons has developed him into an aggressive offensive and defensive star. Line (jonch Hays has been giving his linemen special instructions this week in a move to stop the hard o nvnviois and nuns mey S;UIK. ... ., ,;...,, . i ...m i,« Miss Pauline Smith and children driving Cnrgile Wildcn ,-mlw,II te have moved into our community and {«««» with the task of blocking Stone, are living with Mr. and Mrs. T. E. the 220 pound wonder - • B With Chadwlcks return to tho back- fleld, the local scoring drive will move Hollis. Tonimlc Gibson called at the home of Jchn L-mith Saturday afternoon. The Thursday quilting club will meet this Thursday at the home of T. into the position it occupied before the Magnolia and Hayncsvillc games. SaltonsUill will -start at his signal catling position with Whiddon and described use of Thursday before the the sun furnace present. . . . Burgess Whitehead lacks sixty - eighth meeting of the Electrochemical Society, intcrnalional organization of chemists and electrical engineers. tho power demanded of a guardian of the keystone sack by the most exacting management in the business. . . , Lyle Judy, who came up from Employed by him in the preparation Springfield cf the Western Associati-->n of zirconia. a clear yellowish "glnss" j with tho phenomenal record of somc- r used as a lining for kilns and furn- thing like 100 stolen bases, is a year or aces whic hoperate at moderately high two away. . . . Rickey suspects that it temperature?, the sun furnace enables J may require some time to rebuild the the extension of the "upper limiils of i Giants, with several veterans unmis- high-temperature research by more j takably on the decline. . . . The Cubs tha none or two magnitudes over the; celebrated the winning of Ihc pennant older limits." Zirconium dioxide, a salt of the me- by cutting off each other's knickers. The Cardinals were treated like tallic earthy clement zjfconlum used n u beaten champions. . . . Only 4827 in tha manufacture of zirocnia, melts p 0r sons saw their Sunday game in at 4,850 degrees Fahrenheit. When a j,t. Louis and half of them would not rod of this compound was placed in have Dcen present had they not pur- the focus of the mirror it was reduc- J chased pasteboards in advance, think- ed to a boiling mass within 30 sec- ing that the contest might have some- onds. The result when cooled proved t hing to do w j tn the race. Jacobs Digs 'Em Up; Joe Louis , Buries 'Em Mike Jacobs remarKs that he intends to keep Joe Louis busy, and someone asks where ho will find cp- to be clear like glass, was harder than carborumdum and highly resistant to attack by acids and slags, Dr. Cohn declared. ponents. W System Store • • J -•'••..;•'•/: •;••. ...'.Quality Groceries and Low Price; SUGAR APPLES Fancy Jonathan Nice Size—Doz 15c CABBAGE 2 5c ONIONS v 2 , 5c BA1ANS Pound 5c PURE CANE 10 Ib Paper. 10 Ib Cloth 52c 54c LARD Cream O' Cotton 100% Cotton Seed Oil 8lb Carton.... CATSUP Scott Co. 14 oz Bottle 10c POTTED MEAT 3 Cans PEANUT BUTTER 16 oz Jar 18c 32 oz Jar 32c CRACKERS Quakerettes 2 B L t 19c SALMON Tall Can lOc TOHATOES3 25c PORK & BEANS Campbell's 19c RICE Whole Grain 4 ii 25c COFFEE Red & Gold Farm Issue Vital in 1936 Campaign Clean-Cut Battle Between record of East and West Is Foreseen by Byron Price "I'll dig 'em up,", replies the promoter. . . . "That's right, Mr. Jacobs," interposes John Roxborough, "you dig em up and Joo'll bury 'cm." . . . In all the excitement stirred up by the Cubs, Van Mungo equalling Dazzy Vance's nine-inning strikeout 10 years by whiffing 15 Phillies in their finale with the Dodgers generally was overlooked. . . . The Phillies couldn't believe that even a Mungo could put so much on the ball, and each inning asked for an examination. . . . Illinois' defeat by Ohia University was bad enough, but the loss of Les Dindberg for several weeks is worse. ... An opponent's cleat p6n- etrated the shoe of the triple threat back's kicking foot while he WES throwing a pass, breaking a bone. ', by powerful politicians of the timo. He intimated that the old "Ohio gang" led by the late Mark Hanna over- ame President McKincly's reluctoncc o approve the court-martial findings iy asserting to him: "If you don't drop Carter you lose Ohio and Admiral Dewey will be the icxt president." Since 1898 Carter has sought a rc- iew of his court-martial. The senate iroup was instructed to hear his story iy virtue of a resolution introduced Eist session by United States Senator '. Hamilton Lewis of Illinois. Carter, who began a promising army areer after graduating, he said, with he second highest average of any :aclet in West Point's history—Robert 3. Lee'had the highest—presented his iwn defense and called several wit- icsses to testify as to his good repute. Tho Savannah harbor scandal involved an alleged "graft" to conlract- and othtrs of almost 5500,000 and caused newspapers of tho day to urge President McKinley to punish severely all involved. Carter attributed the animus of cer- :ain politicals of the day to him in :he Savannah case to the fact that he iad, as a member of American Canal Commission, favored the Panama rother than the Nicaraguan route which was urged by the Maritime Canal Co. of New York. The company was headed by then United states Senator Warner Miller. By BYRON PRICE Chief Of Bureau, The Associated Press, Washington Possibilities of an extraordinary scope are seen by the practical politicians in the developing debate over th<» Roosevelt farm program. • For one thing, the issue has a geo- ..„_.. graphical aspect which is certain to Hank Greenberg's failure to hit safely play a major, if not a determining, j in 15 trips in the last four games with part in party strategy next year. No j the White Sox cost him the batting ether factor contributes quite so much ; leadership among the Tigers. . . . The to the growing conviction that the honor again went to Charley Gehrin- Demccrats will make their principal j ger, the strong silent man. . . . Green- appeal to the West, the Republicans ' berg explains the attitude of the Deto the East. \ troit club and himself. . . . "We win Secondly, there is the constitutional ; 'em when we have to. Why waste en- question. It so happens that public | crgy trying to work up a 20-game Icac speculation about the forthcoming t when a one-game lead at the finish session of the supreme court centers ; dees the same thing?" . . . Which wil largely around the cases contesting. be quite all right until the Tigers the validity of AAA. If the court draw the line a bit too fine. throws out the processing tax, then what? Administration officials will not an- Colgatc Deploys Its Best Team Since '29 Frank Frisch, star halfback at Ford- swer that question categorically. But i ham during his college days, is there are signs that they can see no | rabid Colgate fan. . . . Johnny Lucej way to patch up AAA under an ad- | freshman guard at Hamilton, is a J. Gibson and quilt some quilts for i ««»"« P«*"°" w »» J* "in £ Mrs. Velma Cagle and Mrs. Grace I Mcllvecno at halves. Shelby will^bc Ellor. Next Thursday the club will nt ccnlcr meet at the home of Mrs. Atha Black. Our P. T. A. met last Friday nifitit. Mrs. Morgan Smith, our president, having moved away Mrs. Vclma Jones vice president, became president and took charge of the meeting, took charge of the meeting. Mrs. Oliver Rider was elected vice president and Mrs. Oscar Rider, reporter. Several interesting subjects were discussed. The most important project resolved to be carried out is to buy and Raborn or Rny Reese at guards, nnd Martindalo and Green at tackles. who underwent o serious operation at Josephine hopsital n few days ago, is reported doing nicely nnd is able to sit in a chair. She Is still in the hospital, but relatives nnd friends ox- pcct her home in a few days. We have Sunday school cnch Sunday at 10 o'clock at Hinton church and singing each Silndny night. Ev- some seats for the auditorium. . ••„,.,., A pie supper will be held at the oryonc ls mvltodjo attend. Patmos high school auditorium Fri- | •»•«•• day night, October 11, proceeds will | Ethiopian horses are numerous, o'g to the athletic fund. j strong nnd only about 14 hands high. We welcome Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ellctlge who moved into this vicinity recently. Miss Murlinc Rogers fo this place, Still Coughing? No matter how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial Irritation, you can § ct relief now with Creomulsion., erious trouble may be brewing and you cannot afford to take a chance with anything less than Creomul- sion, which goes right to the seat of the? trouble to aid nature to soothe and heal the inflamed membranes as the germ-laden phlegm is loosened and expelled. Even If other remedies have failed, don't be discouraged, your druggist is authorized to guarantee Creomulsion and to refund your money if you are not satisfied with results from the very first bottle. Get Creomulsion right now. (Adv.) WANTED PINK HEADING BOLTS AND ROUND BLOCKS 23-ln. LONG. For prices aiul specifications Apply to HOPE HEADING COMPANY Hope, Ark. Phone 215 The golfer had lost his ball, and.v not unnaturally, was inclined to b*l|| nnnoycd with his caddie. Atf-lii "Why the duco didn't you waJfllO?*. where it wont?" he asked artjfrliy.J "Well, sir," said the boy, "it usually go anywhere, nnd so it loo! me unprepared like." — Pearson'*! Weekly (London). 666 Liquid - Tablets Solve - Nose Drop* Checks MALARL In 3 days COLD tint clay Tonic nnd LltXfttli OLD SiroES MADE NEW Expert Shoe Repairing; and Rebuilding While-lMVnU or Delivery Scrvlcf,'*] ; Keen & Bailey 103 W. front St. Phone $50 to $500- AUTO LOANS On Cars and Trucks Highest Prices Paid for COTTON TOM KINSER tict the World on n CROSLEY AH-Wnvc RADIO Tubes Tested Free Houston Electric Shoi Misplaced Mi\ Bernard Shaw is a paslmnster at tho ready retort. A young woman sitting next to him at dinner remarked: "What a wonderful thing is youth!" 'Yes—And what a crime to waste it on children," G. B. S. replied sagely. Montreal Daily Star. Let us make an estimate on yourj PRINTING Johnson Printing Co. Cecil Johnson Phone 311 LOOK! Walgreen's ONE CENT SALE Thurs. Fri and Sat Hundreds of Mighty Bargains during this great Semi- A.nnual Event. DON'T MISS IT. John P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stam! verse court decision except by a con- nephew of Mrs. Frisch. . . • "Even stituticnal amendment. Andy Kcrr says that Colgate has the Whether they would feel the pulling finest-looking team physically since power of the farm benefits grrat 1929," beams Frisch, "and Marty Mc!enough to warran 1 advrcacy of con- ' Donough, who fractured an ankle j.s-tituticna! change must await the ' Blinding into second base last summer, j j event; but all logic indicates at this w ill bo back in the backficld by mid- ' \ stage that if an amendment is to be ( November." ... It is unnecessary for proposed at all, the farm issue will be the old Fordhom Flash to add that DEL MONTE Lb. 26c PET MILK 3 Tall Cans or 6 Small Cans 20c K.C. Baking Powder 25 oz Can 17c SOUP Campbell's Tomtato Cans SEMINOLE TOILET TISSUE 4, 25c SOAP O.K. or Peets White—6 Bars 25c its vehicle. An Established Policy The unique character of the issue Iowa, Holy Cross, Tulane, Syracuse, and Brown will find out what Kcrr can do with an outfit like that. ,-] ww „«..--— .- — — becomes apparent only when the' Frisch would have liked to have land- present situation is compared with that eel McDonald, a second baseman, for cf other campaign years. - the Cardinals but the spectacular In past times farm relief has come senior is haeded for tne Yankees. in for much political discussion, but the interest has centered largely in tho farm states, and much of the debate has teen academic. Now the voters will be considering an established policy, not a theory, and the interest is nation-wido. On the one hand is the exceptional Because he elected to stand on a three-point lead and failed to start in either end of the Indians' closing double-header with the Browns, the consensus is that Joe Voswik did not deserve the American League batting crown, out of which he was edged by Buddy Mycr, whoso four out of five \Jl\ IIIU UIlu ituuu in m'- *,«*,<-f ••*«••«"» ] -" _,"',-.. ... ,i . *i, circumstance that the farm belt is I m the Senators finale with the All- . I 1 J>_.._1 A 4!nr>r<«imll 1 frt nn l1Ilf'fFlf>IH H V O t*fl C?P Quality Meats SLICED BACON Wilson's —Lb 34c BABY BEEF ROAST CHUCK Pound lie BUFFALO FISH Dressed—Lb 12ic MIXED SAUSAGE Pound lie MACKEREL Each 12c VEALCHOPS Pound BABY BEEF LIVER Pound lOc STEW MEAT BEEF Lb 9c FULL CREAM CHEESE u. 19c FRESH GROUND MEAT He receiving its payments regularly from AAA; a factor which no one would undertake to discount in any election. On the other hand is the exceptionally bitter resentment which these payments have aroused among some consumers, and among many manufacturers who have to pay the processing tax. The whole situation has such a compelling element about it that it is no wonder politicians are asking: Can cither party hope to carry the agricultural west without being for AAA, and can either party hope to carry tho industrial east without being against AAA? Internal AAA Worries The cause for Republican worry is plain, since concededly that party must have some western states if it is to win the election. It should not be supposed, however, that, all of the anxiety is on the Re- Electoral votes do not letics gave him an unofficial average of .3496. . . That's the lowest championship figure in the junior loop since the immortal Tyrus Raymond Cobb "slumped" lo .324 'way back in 1908, when the hall was deader than Max Baer's comeback aspirations. . . . Lynn Waldorf has the same problem at Northwestern which he solved so successfully at Kansas State last autumn . . . Most cf his backs can do only one thing. ... So they shift from a '1-4-3 formation, calculated to conceal their positions in the line-up and to avoid revealing what they are going to do. . . . which seems to be the main idea. -««&&. Emmet Emory Ballue and family of Cleveland, Ohio, arc visiting his father John Ballue. Miss Madge Roscberry of Malvern visited relatives and friends here last First Showing OF THE BIG Manny • Smiinj DODGE BEAUTY WINNER OF publican side. grow thickly over the west; simple wce k. mathematics demonstrates the hazards] M r . and Mrs. Riddic and son, Rheu- of trying to reeled Mr. Roosevelt | dolph visited Mrs. Tom Matthews last without any eastern help at all. More- week. over, some of the large eastern cities been Democratic strong- Miss Winfred Price and Miss Mar- lang have been Democratic strong- g re t Magness who is attending Hen- hclds. Is this advantage simply to be derson State college spent the week end visiting home folks. abandoned? Internally, too, the AAA has many worries. The increase in food imports is not calculated to stir enthusiasm in the farm country, and ad, ministration offciialskiaETAO T T T i ministration officials just now are nursing several separate headaches Miss Dortha Mae Ward of Little Rock spent the week end here. Mrs. Dora Heard has returned to her home in DcLeon, Texas, ufter spending three week:, here visiting her sister, Mrs. Mack McFarland. Mrs. Lonnic Galloway, Mrs, Eldrec arising over wheat, hogs, cotton and I and Miss Mirtle Hood of Arkadclphia visited Tom Hood Friday. Jack Beaty who is teaching at Bismark spent the week end with his father, Barnes Bcaty. Irie Baptist association potatoes. The biggest worry, of course, is the supreme court. What might happen on the farms if AAA were held unconstitutional, and the Republicans countered with some sort of export bounty proposal. The problem is too heavily laden with alternatives to permit the politicians to agree on any definite conclusions. It is safe to say, however, that no other issue is receiving more can fill study in either camp. will meet here the 15 and 16 of this month. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Homer Sullivan on October 2, a daughter. She has been named Ellen Irene. Celery grows w'ld in England by | the sides of ditches and in marshv i places. You Are Cordially Invited To Come In And Get Complete Information On The New Dodge ON DISPLAY SATURDAY(OcU2) AND ALL NEXT WEEK B. R. HAMM MOTOR CO. Phone 58 3rd and Walnut Hope, Ark,

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