Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 11, 1935 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 11, 1935
Page 5
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y, October 11. Ifi HOPE, SfAR, flOPE, ARKANSAS Louisiana Income Tax Probe Opened ;/', , Long Lieutenant, Accused of Dodging Income Tax of $53,000 NEW ORLEANS.-(XJ')— The defense revealed Thurttiay nt (he (rial of Abl-ahnhi L. Shtislum for alleged in- cbtnc tnx evasions, that it will sock to show thnt certain funds the government charges flowed into the defendant's )IH mis as "rebut* or graft" from Orleans Loveo Board contracts, • actually were "political contributions," The defense, however, was blocked by Judge William H. Barrett from attempting to establish through cross- examlhalton 6f a government witness that the Standard Dredging Company of New York, the concern the government charfea paid Shushan n rebate on New Orleans lake front improvements, Was viUdly interested in the outcome of the gubernatorial election In Louisiana in 1932. The government objected to an effort by defense lawyer Hugh M. Wilkinson to introduce two telegrams purporting to show the company's interest in the election. ''! believe there exist," sakl Wilkinson in answer to the objection, "iind will endeavor to produce from the files of this company numerous communications of this kind. I will show that the $10,000 this witness testified SEEDS TULIPS, NARCISUS HYAClNTiriS and WINTER LAWN SEERS. MONTS SEED STORE he paid to the defendant was received by Mr. Shushan and dispensed by him In the campaign." ghilshim was a close political associate of the late Huey P. Long and wns active in the late senator's political campaigns. "We will propose to show." Wilkinson continued, "through this witness, the government's own witness, that money paid Shushan by this company wits in the nature of » political contribution. "I'll show that the company and Mr. Shushan both knew Ihnt this rebate was not Shushnn's money but wns political contribution. Documents of this kind. I have reason to believe, not only existed in this election but in every election in Louisiana during tho period covered In the indictment. Col. Amos W. W. Woodcock, chief government attorney, asked Wilkinson if he desired to admit that Shushan received the sums of money charged in the indictment "I am not called upon to disclose my plans for the defense," Wilkinson snapped, "and I prefer not to hare my ruder of proof." Judge Biirrclt ruled thnt tho loln- grams wore not admissible, bus-ing his decision on the ground thut the defense was attempting to' cross-examine the witness on a sxibjecl not touched on in direct examination. The government contended thnt •Ehuthan, president of the Orleans Levee Board under the rule of Long, failed to pay more than $53,000 in income tux charged up to him nnd thnt ho reaped about S129.000 in "rebate" from the Standard Dredging Company utiiltr which he received two cents per ruble yord for dredging at the Shushan airport, named for him. Wings of Death That Whirl Over Ethiopia . ..^-^^ . T ... --.-'-^^-^-fT-iiT y-rit iM H i l~-"~-|fTnni~-fr ir-itr-inT rr-i—•" • 'i '- nr (inir-- r-im • r -T in SonriiiK In perfect fltRlit formation, Ihis »au»i'<'"i> " f Mussolini's nlr Heet gives an Indication of Italy's might in i he sky, herald of doom as Italian armies artvuix-c into llalle RelasnlfH empire. First thrust of the war wns inoile from the nlr 03 bombern swept over the Adiiwa sector, ralnlnft death on villages tar below (liem. League Declares (Continued f»*m page one) f >. Black-Draught and Good Health Year After Year "I have never had a bad sick spell and for years I have taken Black- Draught, for the least symptom of upset stomach or sluggish feeling," writes Mr. W. F. Pulliam, of Gatewood, Mo. "I am n very hearty enter and sometimes I eat too much. If I feel uncomfortable, 1 just take a small dose of Black-Draught and soon fell all right. I feel I owt' my good health to use of this reliable vegetable medicine, Black-Draught." Where constipation is at the bottom of such troubles as Mr. Pulliam mentions, take a good laxative. Thousands of men and women have given Black-Draught credit for having helped them to avoid serious development of constipation troubles, —adv. Bodcaw Tho student body elected the following officers for tho year 1935 and 36. President, Ermon Allen; vice president, Alvin Butler; secretary nnd treasurer, Velma Lee Russell. The president nnd his cabinet are now working on the constitution and by-laws. The Pep squad wns reorgani/cd with Bobby Nell Martin, Hattie Louise Douthit, and Ermon Allen as leaders. Central will play our senior team on the Bobcuw court Friday, October 11. Every one is invited to attend the box supper at the Bodcnw high school auditorium Friday night October 18. The prosperity of tht eastern Sudan and Egypt is largely dependent on the Ethiopian rainfall. TRY THE Sea Food Market at Home Ice Company Fresh Sea Foods direct from the original French Market at New Orleans. I then killed her! W EALTHY WIDOWER with $150,000 seeks wife. Promises to provide for suitable person and offers true love, devotion and faithfulness ... Address Harry F. Powers. i _^__^__—————_______^__^_-_—«_______ This Bluebeard plied his trade with the greatest .cunning . . . lured his victims with great promises —then they disappeared. What did he do with them? It's an astounding true story . .. Read the Amazing "HONEYMOON MURDERS' 7 The 2nd of the REAL CRIME MYSTERIES SERIES In Thl. Sunday's CHICAGO SUNDAY TRIBUNE -ALSO IN THIS ISSUE John T. McCutcheon's Immortal Picture "Injun Summer" Full Page in Full Colors — Suitable for Framing Don't mlaa those features fn QTritwne TH| WORLD'S ORIATIJT NSWJPAPER JACKS NEWSSTAND ROBINS BROS. DISTRIBUTORS CHICAGO TRIBUNE pian posta of Taffurikntama nnd .Tnil- mo, killing mnny. (The lot\el' two towns are not shown on maps.) (A delayed dispatch from Hai-rnr, limed al 9:15 p. in., Wednesday, said the governor of Unit key city in Die FOiitheHst htul ordered wide breaches cut in the wiills lo facilitate evacuation, in the belief nn Italian drive from the north is imminent.) (Tho di.sp.itch said 10,000 Harraritos, mostly women, hiid fled to the hills. The Ethiopians there believed on Italian drive, employing tanks, airplanes and heavy bombs, would come from the north when sufficient enemy forces h;id been concentrated in the vicinity of Jijiga.) ! The Ethiopian communique also I said nn Italian plane bad crashed at IGabanltti, in the north, with two fliers [killed and two dying. Italian infantrymen were reported advancing in the Webbe and Sbibeli I region, but it was claimed a thousand i native Kritrean soldiers had deserted to Ethiopia and were Hearing Makale i with Italian planes in pursuit. 50.000 Troops I Fifty thousand Ethiopian troops, I equipped with modern arms, were marching to tht defense of Addis Ababa under Has Guetatcho, governor l/enerul of Kaffa province. Twenty thousand more were on their way under the command of Dodjuzmalch Aptc Mariam, another provincial chief. Forty thousand soldiers under one of Selassie's relatives, Makonnen Demissi, governor of Wallega province, likewise were moving on tho capital. Dedjasniiich Mechacha, of Kambuta province is encamped here j with his 15,000 troops. Selassie, who has pledged his fortune in foreign banks to the defense 1 of bis land, informed the United States that Ethiopia will adhere to the Washington treaty outlawing poison | pas. This treaty was signed by Great I Britain, Italy, Japan and the United States. jTho government denied reports that the Negus' son-in-law, Dedpasmatch K'tiile Selassie, had been killed. It was: said he is stationed at Makale, 80 miles from Eritrea. Obey Traffic Signals Hauptmann Will Take Last Appeal Lindbergh Kidnaper-Slayer to.Take Fight to U.S. Supreme Court NEW YORK-(/p)-Bruno Richard Hauptmnnn branded his conviction on charges of murdering the Lindbergh baby as "a fr|meup from start to finish," his wife, Anna, said Friday. She said her husband still feels he Will go free as an innocent man. Appeals to U. S. TRENTON, N. J.-(/p)-Brun 0 Richard Hauptmann and his wife, Anna, marked the tenth anniversary of their wedding Thursday in the death house while his lawyers mapped the preliminary strategy for the Supreme Court of the United States fight they will wage in an attempt to save him from the electrict chair. Unless he wins this fight or the Court of Pardons commutes his sentence to life imprisonment, the later a question of grave doubt, he probably j will go to his death, one of his law- j yers. Egbert Rosecranz, said. No ap- i plication for clemency will be made, Rcsecranz said, until all legal moves are exhausted. firown Sugar "Liza, you rtsmind me ft>' all de world of t#o*m sug&h.*, "How come, Sam?" "You am so sweet and so unrefined." Commissioner in Chandsry. Oct 11, 18, & Legal COMMiSSIONeR'S SALE Given under my hand this lt& tW? of October, A. t), iSSS, All This Week OUR BIG NYAL 2 for 1 SALE See Our Windows for Prices and Merchandise. BRIANT'S Drug Store Statement of the Ownership, Mnnnue mcnt, Circulation, Etc., Required by the Act of Congress of March :t, 1935. Of Hope Star, published daily ex- j cept Sunday, at Hope, Arkansas, for j October 1, 1935. State of Arkansas, County of Hempstead, SS. Before me, a Notary futile in and for the State and county aforesaid, personally appeared Alex. H. Washburn, who, having been duly sworn according to law, deposes and says that he is the Publisher of the Hope Star and that the following is, to the best of his knowledge and belief, a true statement of the ownership, management, circulation, etc., of the aforesaid publication for the date shown in the above caption, required by the Act of August 24, 1912, embodied in section 411, Postal Laws and Regulations, printed on the reverse o: this form, to wit: 1. That the names and addresses of the publisher, editor, managing editor, and business managers are: Publisher Alex. H. Washburn, Hope, Arkansas. Editor Alex H. Washburn, Hope, Arkansas. Managing Editor Leonard Ellis, Hope;, Arkansas. Business manager, Alex. H, Washburn, Hope Arkansas. 2. That the owners are: Star Publishing Co., Inc., Hope, Arkansas. C, E. Palmer, Texarkana, Texas. Alex. H. Washburn, Hope, Arkansas. 3. That the known bondholders, mortgagees, and other security holders owning or holding 1 per cent or j more of total amount of bonds, mort- i gages, or other securities are: NONE. 4. That the two paragraphs next above, giving the namet of the owners, stockholders, end security holders, contain not only the list of stockholders and securit> holders as they appear upon the books of the company but also, in case where the stockhold- j er or security holder appears upon ; the books of the company as trustee | or in any other fiduciary relation, the j name of the person or corporation for ! whom such trustee is acting, is given; ! also that the said two paragraphs con! tain statements embracing affiant's full knowledge and belief as to the circumstances and conditions under which stockholders and security holders who do not appear upon the ! books of the company as trustees, hold stock mid securities in a capacity other than tfiat of a bona fide owner; and this affiant has no reason to believe that any other person, association, or corporation has any interest direct or indirect in the said stock, bonds, or oilier securities than as *o stated by him. 5. That the average number of copies of each issue of this publication sold or distiibuted, through the mails or otherwise', to paid subscribers during the six months preceding the Year by year the deadly traffic toll reaches new peaks. In the thick of the battle to reduce this loss of life are state Motor .Vehicle Administrators. Twelve of them, officers «nd;rrtsmbers of.the American Asso- ' elation of Motor Vehicle Administrators, have contributed a series of , articles describing the major cause* of automobile accidents. Number i Eight in the series: "Obey Traffic SlgnaU" follows: j By RUSSELL,BEVANS i Deputy Director of Motor-Vehicles, California. ) Vice-Presldent, American Association "of'Motor Vehicle Administrator!,, i NASAL IRRITATION, | Relieve the dryness and\ irritation by applying Montholalum night and morning. Gives COMFORT Daily If you prefer, nose drops, or throat spray, call for the NEW MEHTHOLATUW LIQUID in handy bottle with dropper CIGNAL lighta and other traffic signs and signals are Installed to aid and protect the driver .and the occupants of his vehicle. Warning of an intersection' la usually given by a traffic light or a stop ; or slow sign. Yet intersections continue to be most dangerous places for motorists and pedestrians alike. Statistics collected by a member company of the National Bureau of Casualty and Surety Underwriters show that there were 364,260 accidents at street and rural intersections last year, more than two- flfths of the total of all accidents. In these more than 7,770 persons were killed, or one in five of all fatalities, and 408,310 persons In* jureil. There are drivers who take advantage of the automatic signal light, which makes possible a safe and orderly flow of heavy traffic, by racing against the red light. These drivers are usually racing against another car proceeding date shown above is 3,508. ALEX H. WASHBURN. Sworn to and subscribed before me this llth day of October, 1935. EMMA GREEN, Notary Public, My commission expires March 28, 1937. Daughter-Slayer Commits Suicide Ferrin Rowland, 36, Hangs Himself in His Michigan Jail-Cell FC'NTIAC, Mich.—(/P)—Ferrin Rowland, 36, farmer - woodsman, who drowned his two young stepdaughters because lie "just wanted to get rid of them," hanged himself Friday with a rope made of pillow-cases in the Oakland county jail. "Overhead" Takes (Continued from page: one) meeting of the Executive Committee of the State Public Welfare Commission. Gustavo Jones of Newport, chairman of the newly-formed association of County Welfare Board, who has announced his intention of demanding that the state board increase the October allotment to counties from $75,000,000 to $100,000, with 20 per cent to be allowed for local administrative expense, is chairman of the Jackson county board. Mr. Jones said in a statement Thursday that the state assocation is preparing to file suit to restrain the state comptroller and treasurer from transferring funds from the welfare fund to the charities fund to supplement the maintenance fund of the> State Hospital and Tuberculosis Sanatorium. The comptroller issued a certificate of necessity Monday, directing the treasurer to transfer $50,000 from the welfare fund to the charities fund in accordance with a provision of Act 321 of 1935, which authorizes transfer of $300,000 during the present fiscal year. Governor Futrell made the comptroller's letter public a few hours after the governor hud said at his office that he believed the State Welfare Commission, or its executive committee, should reduce the personnel of the State Welfare Department. The governor conferred with Henry Armstrong of Fort Smith, chairman of the executive committee; James L. Bland of Walnut Ridge andi Claude Mann of Malvern Thursday night con- properly across their path with the green light. No one can understand the value gained by squeezing past a light measured against the possibilities of death, injury, and destruction which every such act of I chehtlnc invites. Nor can one find any]more reason, even Hellish, for! to observe the' 'warnings rby "Curve," "Stop," "School i Zone," "Intersection," and similar ! Bi$ns. Traffic lights nnd other signals are cooperative rules. They are established so that the greatest number of motorists may proceed with the best possible speed. Observance of them is a mutual necessity. No driver has the right to race a . llghjt or ignore a signal. No matter ' how careless he may choose to be of his own self, he still cannot divest himself of his obligation to his felloe human beings on the road. Motorists: Obey-traffic signals, and help reduce accidents. .. .• . NCISON-HUCKINS tvA u : fi D; & Y;>V£ o M p A:N y NOTICE IS HERESY OWEN, That in pursuance of the authority and directions contained in the decretal order of (he Chancery Court of Hernpi stead County, made and entered on the 3rd day of October, A. D. 193$ in a certain cause (No. 2970) then pending therein between National Savings it Loan Association, complainant, and M. W. Cruzen, Et al, defendant*, the undersigned, as Commissioner of said Court, will offer for sale at public vendue to the highest bidder, at the front door or entrance of' the CoUrt House in the Town of Washington, Arkansas, in the County of Hemp- stcad, within the hours prescribed by law for judicial sales, on Saturday, the 9th day of November, A. D. 1935, the following described real estate, to-wlt: Part of the NWV 4 of the NE% of Sec 2«, Twp. .11 S. Range 2S West, Hempstead County, Arkansas, described as beginning at a stake at the Nfi corner of D tract of land sold by Charles B. Mitchell to A. M. Crouch, lying on the road from Washington io Fulton, thence North 52'A 'degrees', East 10 chains to a stake, thence Sotith 37% degrees East 10 chains to a stake; thence South 52% degrees West 10 chains to a stake, thence Nofcth 37% degrees .Wefet ,10 chains to the point ot beginning, containing 10 acrfes, more or less. Also, the following, tract ..Commencing at the NW corner of the land formerly owned by B. P. Hempstead and adjoining, the town of .Washington, thence South 37% degrees East 10 chains; thence North 52% degrees East 2 chains; thence North 37% degrees West 10 chains; thence /South'. 52% degrees West 2 chains to point of beginning, containing 2 acres, more or less. Said lands also being'described as follows: According to the survey of Giles H. Gibson, on June 25,-1928: Commencing at the SW corner of the NW"/4 of the North East quarter NE% of Section 28, Twp. 11 South, Range Twenty-five (25) West; thence North 3 chains thence East 1.36 chains to Bois D'Arc stake ori the South side of Washington and Pulton road, the point of beginning (this point if also the NE corner of, the A. M. Crouch tract of land), thence North 52% degrees East along said road 10 chains to a point which was .the NW corner of the B, F. Hempstead; tract of land, thence continuing, on the •sme course 52% degrees East 2 chains; thence South 37% degrees East 10 chains; thence South 52% degrees West 12 chains thence North 37.% degrees West 10 chains to the point of beginning, containing 12 acres, more or less, in Hempstead County, Arkansas. TERMS. OF SALE: On a credit of three months, the purchaser being required to execute a bond as required by law and the order and decree of said Court in said cause,'-with approved secuiity, bearing interest at the rate of 8 per cent per annum from <late of sale until paid, and a lien being retained on the premises sold to secure the payment of the purchase money. COMMISSIONER'S SALfe NOTICE IS HEREBY fctVEff, — in pursuance of the authority alia UK rections contained in the decretal order of the Chancery Court of Hem$« stead County, made and entered ton U* 3rd day of October, A, ». 183S fir 6 certain cause (No. 2653) then pending therein between The Federal Land Bank of St. Louis, Missouri, A «rf* poration, complainant, and T. J> Fambrough, et al, defendants, the undersigned, as Commissioner of i ' Court, will offer for sale at ptil vendue to the highest bidder, At the front door or entrance of the CoUrt House in the town of Washington, Arkansas, in the County of Hemp-' stead, within the hours prescribed ,By law for judicial sales, on Saturday, the 9th day of November, A. D. 1935, the following described real estate, to-wit! The East Half (E%) of the Soiling west Quarter (SEW of Section Five (5), the North two-thirds (N" 2/3) »f the Northwest Quarter (NWVi) of the Northwest Quarter (NW%) of Sec* tkm Nine (9), the East one->thlfd (E 1/3) of the Southeast Quarter (SEV4) of the Northwest Quarter (NWW of Section Nine (9); all in Township Fourteen (14) South, Of,, Range Twenty-four (24) West of, the Fitih Principal Meridian, containing n all one hundred and twenty (Iffl) acres, more or less, in Hfempstead- County, Arkansas, ' TERMS OF SALB: On a credit of three months, the purchaser being \ required to execute a bond as reqUijr->4 ed by law and th'e order and decree.of < s said Court in said cause, with ap-^ proved security, bearing interest at the rate of 8 per cent per annum from" date of sale until paid, artd a liett being retained on the premises sold.' to secure the payment of the purchase money. '? « Given Under my hand this llth day^ of October, A, D. 1935. ' " 1 DALE JONES Commissioner in Chancery Oct. 11, 18, 25 ! -V {$• !V • >1 ) ' I'-i 1 AJ r •r wrae For All Kinds of INSURANCE: See Roy Anderson and Company ' GENERAL Vacuum $f7'$£f Cleaners 11 «$ Harry W, Shiver^ Plumbing-Electrical^ Phone 259 :<•' l\ cerning finances of- the department and the manner in which various county boards have handled their allotments. Members of the board who conferred with the governor would not make uny statement last night as to what action the executive committee may take at its meeting today regarding the high "administrative Jackson county. costs" in Cold Storage For (Continued from page one) cold storage plant management and was used by Mr. Warner in demonstrating the different cuts made in properly cutting up a hog carcass. After the carcass was cut into the different cuts, he discussed the proper curing ingredients recommended for curing pork. Mr. Muldrow stated that the meeting here Thursday was the third of three such meetings held in the state to stress the importance of employing told storage facilities for curing the home meat supply in sections where the temperature is too warm for successful curing without spoilage. Similar meetings were held at Hughes and Pine Bluff. Delegations from the following counties interested in providing cold storage facilities for curing pork for farmers attended the all-day meeting: Howard, Hempstead, Columbia, Ouachita, Nevada, Miller and Hot Spring. Social Note Thf dancing-masters deplore a deterioration in American manners. It seems our youngest blades no longer bow when asking, "Is the next crawl mine, baby?"—Tacoma Ledger. ULLBROS ODORLESS Pry Cleaning SeuU your next cleaning order to us. Try our special Odo»less pr<K«*g of cleaning. U cleans IhoroutflUy, (rvuhetis the colors and strengthens the fabric. You'll Find U Better. Phone 385 a There's lots of them. One is the day when you first realize that good printing is an aid to your business. ' were going to win Your confidence and patronage with your order, for you will have learned that you can place an order with us and then forget about it, knowing it will be completed to your entire satisfaction. Our Commercial Department is at your service, equipped to fill your needs in the printing line, Experience, accuracy, promptness and careful attention to details—an earnest effort to please and satisfy every customer—assure a printed product of quality and effect. Phone 768 and a representative will call and cheerfully furnish estimates. • Star Publishing Co. "Printing that Makes an Impression," South Walnut Hope, Arkansas We Print- Admission Tickets Announcements Auction Bills Blanks ' Billheads; Briefs Blotters Business Cards Calling Cards Catalogs Coupons Checks Circulars Dodgers Envelopes Env. Enclosures Folders Gin Forms Hand Bills Invitations Letter Heads Labels Leaflets Meal Tickets Menu Cards Milk Tickets Notes Noteheads Notices Office Forms Pamphlets Posters Programs Receipts Stationery Sale Bills Placards Price Lists Post Cards Statements Shipping Tags •-'. .S- 1 IV

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