Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 11, 1937 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 11, 1937
Page 6
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{} '"• 1 *"' f. 1 .„,*•-> **•* ^ ' ' !-•' I ' "- < >' •' '' HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday. November 11, Explorer Captures Panda ^ .^ M jfe One of the Most Intelli" gent Animals in the , • Chicago Zoo ftt a lone woman explorer, Mrs. William tt. Harkness, Jr.. goes the credit for, the capture of the only live giant panda in captivity. Although innumerable expeditions had gone after pandas; less than a dozen persons had suc- Cetded in seeing one alive and only four skins had been obtained. '„, Mrs. Harkness succeeded not only in Capturing the animal alive but in transporting it half way across the Vtatld without a mishap. When the - animal was found in a hollow log in the bamboo forests of southwestern China on November 9, 1936 it weighed only three pounds and still had its dyes closed. Today, thanks to the careful supervision of Mrs. Harkness (he panda weighs more than fifty pounds and is one of the most inter- esting, lively and apparently intelligent animals in the Chicago Zoological Park. Mrs. Harkness named the panda •Su-lta," which means "a little bit of something precious." The name Is very appropriate, considering that the animal is regarded as the most valuable animal in captivity. A hot Quaker Oats breakfast with plenty of sugar and cream is the choice of many who have to guard their nerves and digestion. Mrs. Harkness, who is regarded as one of the country's greatest explorers, says, "I consider Quaker Oats a splendid breakfast for active people." Had It in Writing GREEN BAY—Averill Daniell was sent to Brooklyn by Green Bay in place of Zud Schammel. The Packers traded Schammel for Bill Lee, but when they notified Schammell to report he produced a contract which con tained a clause precluding everything but an dutright release. There's No Place, Etac. HOUSTON—George Snlvadorc, welterweight boxer, is home with his family for the first time in five months. GREEN YOLK EGGS? Yes Sill We have some of the most interesting experiments you ever saw. *, ' It will pay you to visit us often. To get the full explanation about these J I eggs pay us a visit, ^ •! We List Below Some of Our Attractive Prices -| OATS BOLOGNA SOAP SLb. Bag SAUSAGE Crystal White *. u, 14c 19c Mrs. Tuckers 4 Pound 45c ; 8 Pound 83c FEEDERS SPECIAL COFFEE—1 Ib. 19c, 3 Ib. 55c $ Bars KANSAS BEST FLOUR? Guaranteed to Please J 48 Ib. Sack $1.69'J 48 Ib. Sack Giltedge..$1.25 ^ SHORTS 17%'% Protein $1.35 , HULLS 45c MAIZE 100 jib. $1.50 43% Protein C. S. MEAL $1.30 FEED For quick and dheaper gain on £ hogs feed Pig & Hog Chow. Only—40 Ib Pig & Hog Chow • with 6 bu. corn to produce 100 Ibs. Pork. Total cost of Corn and $M.\5 Pig and Hog Chow ..... TT — For Run Down or Old Mules and Horses Feed Omolene, 4 bu. bag..$2.05 New Gadgets Used (Continued from Page One) munitles have passed "anti-smudge" ordinances. The new laws decrc that no heater —or "smudge pot"—shall emit more than one gram of smoke a minute. Portable laboratory equipment that accurately measures the smoke in the Pep Rallies Hit by Baylor Coach Midnight Rally Injured Team Instead of Helping It WACO Texas—(/P)—Until Saturday atmosphere already has been ordered , {j nivers!ty t^ted the na- by Sheriff Eugene Biscailuz of Los tio £ g fourlh . ranking football team- Eittergency Gone (Continued from Page One) siclerntion at the special session of Congress next week. Morgenlhau advocated broadening (lie base of the income tax structure, so that more persons would p«y such levies, and suggested abolition of some A COMPLETE LINE OF STAPLE GROCERIES AND PURINA CHOWS F±a\ t FEEDERS'SUPPLY CO. | "THE HOPE STAR IS ACROSS THE STREET" "J Angeles county. Now growers are seeking means to protect the state's $100,000,000-a-year citrus crop without beginning the general public. C, C. Teaguc, president of the giant Sunkist co-operative, has offeree! a $5,000 prize for the best improvement in frost protection. Suggestions Numerous The offer has borught some unusual ideas. Arthur Seymour Martin has devised a giant atomizer to create an artificial fog over orange or lemon groves. This, he thinks, would reflect the earth's radiating heat back to the surface. At Escondido, Ralph Cook has devised an "overcoat," on the same principle as the human overcoat, for trees. Col. Charles H. Rutherford of Phoenix, Ariz., says to let the fruit go ahead and freeze, since a spray he has compounded will preserve its juiciness and edibility anyway. Of proved value, according to Dr. Irving Krick of California Tech. are the lofty wind machines already in operation in many orchards. Propellers driven by 100-horsepower engines churn the air in the citrus groves to mix up the strata of warm and cold and thus equalize temperature. An improved type has a heater in con-1 nection, and produces something like a' warm, desert wind. Rubber Smudges The new activity follows the disastrous freeze of January, 1937, when, the growers' organization estimates I more than ?5,000,000 was spent smudg- j ing in a few clays. Oil and transportation ran short. Frantic orchardistsj bid against each other for fuel. Many, had to turn to any fuel at hand- notably old rubber tires—and the resulting smoke pall was immediate cause of the new anti-smudge ordinances. I When smudging started in 1896, it was thought it was the smoke itself that saved oranges and lemons from frostbite. University of California scientists now have demonstrated that heat is the effective agent—hence an efficient and not-too-costly "smokeless heater" would be an Aladdin's lamp to the rich west coast orange empire. _»••» j ICC Recommends Increase WASHINGTON —(/I 1 )— An interstate commerce commission examiner recommended Wednesday rail freight rates of 20 cents instead of 18.5 cunts a 100 pounds on gasoline and kerosene shipped in tank cars from the New Orleans, Baton Rouge, La., area. ] A platinum wire has been made wit ha diameter of only onc-thirty- thousandth of an inch. then underrated Texas University beat the Bears,, 9 to 6. Morley Jennings, 25 years a football coach, told the student body: "Your midnight pep meetings hurt the team instead of help. Football has no place for hysteria such as has been demonstrated here. Football is a game and must be taken as a game. These boys are here first to go to school. That is the kind of athlcs we want at Baylor. Thomns Gets 12V4 CHICAGO—Harry Thomns has contracted for 12Vi> per cent of the receipts for his bout with Max Schmeling at Madison Square Garden, December 3. A Good Skalc ST. PAUL—Leo Frcisinger, Chicago speed skating star who now is a freshman at St. Thomas' College here, has been chosen to represent the United States in international races at Oslo next month. He leaves December 1. A live lobster is green; due to the chemical change in boiling, the color turns to red. consumer tnxcs, nuisance levies. sometimes called Opposed lo Comparing present conditions with those of four ycnrs ago, tho administrations' spokesman said: "We deliberately used an unbal-' anced federal budget during the past four years to meet a great emergency. That policy has succeeded. The emergency that we faced in 1933 no longer exists." We dispute the contentions of some persons "that another great spending program is desirable to ward off the risk of another business depression." "I claim," he said, "no prophetic Insight into the future. But I have racched the firm conviction that the domestic problems which face us today sire essentially different from those which faced us four ypnrs ago. Many measures arc. 1 required for their solution. One of these measures, but only one. in the present juncture, is a determined movement toward a balanced budfiel." Asserting that 19.'t7's business activity has been of "a healthy chnrnclcr" and unmarrcd by the usual symptoms of "an unhealthy boom," he said "we have not reached the state of full em- ployment of our productive resources." "On the contrary," he said, "from all these standpoints, conditions are favorable for a continued increase In the level of business activity." At another point, Mongenthau asserted that "the basic need today is to foster the full application of the driving force of private capital." Smaller Outlays on Roads He said the administration could not "prudently" expect any more revenues in the next fiscal year than the >6,650,000,000 predicted for this year and I hat Instead of Imposing higher taxes 'we would plan to bring next year's expenditures within this year's income." The reductions should be made, he explained, In classes of expenditures which have been mainly responsible for past deficits. He said highway expenditures should bo slashed from this years' outlay of $253,000,000 to the pre-depression level of less than $100,000,000. No specific figures were given to indicate how deeply he believes reductions should be made In spending for agriculture, relief and public works. He continued that "no agricultural program cnn long endure which makes excessive demands upon the federal Treasury, or is unfair lo consumers." More People-to Pay Morgcnthnu introduced his discussion of methods of equalizing the tax burden with the statement thnt "our tax revenues come largely from individual earnings and business profits. We do riot wish to impose levies which tend to dry up these sources of lax revenue." "The laws should be so written find administered that the taxpayers can continue to make a reasonable profit with a minimum of Interference from his' own federal government," he continued. "Hie amount of our Income tax revenue is only nbout half our Internal revenue. Less than 3,000,000 people out of our total population pay Individual federal income taxes. "Wo would be applying the principle of capacity to pay more justly if we were to reduce the number of consumer taxes and at the same time Increase the number of Incomew taxpayers. Taxpayers who are squarely confronted with their own tax burdens are bound lo be keenly alive to the way the money is being spent by their government." In speaking of curing tax defects, he did not refer by name to the undistributed profits tax or the capital gains and losses tax, levies which business interests are especially anxious to modify. Treasury exports have been discussing changes in these taxes in secret meetings with n subcommltB of tho house ways and means commj] tee. The Best In Motor Ota Gold Seal 100% Penn., «jt 25c The New Sterling Oil, qt Me Tol-E-Tex Oil Co. East 3rd, HoK-Opcn Day & Nile A Three Days' Cpiigl Is Your Danger Sign; M6 matter how many meaic'-- yau have tried fof your cough, e cold, 6r bronchlnl Irritation, you i t relief now with Oreomulslofl _jtlous trouble may be brewing nttf you cannot afford to take a chanc With any remedy less potent tha Creomulslon. which goes right 1 the seat of tho trouble and aids nfl ture to soothe and heal the Inflame mucous membranes and to loosa and expel tho germ-laden phlegfl Even If other remedies have f alleL don't bo discouraged, try Crcotnutt slon. Your druggist Is authorized tf refund your money if you are no. thoroughly satisfied with the benS* fits obtained, from the very fir bottle. Creomulslon Is one word—r two, and It has no hyphen In Ask for It plainly, sec that the nati on tho bottle Is Creomulslon, -you'll get tho genuine product the relief you want. (Adv.) FOR SALE Choice Building Lotn on New Improved street to high school. Easy Terms. Day Phono 158 and Night 194-W See A. C. ERWIN ana TRUSSES We onrry n complete stock of it Trusses, We arc careful to correct-? ly fit these trusses, ami our prices! aro the lowest that can bo matle.i No charge made for fitting. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company The Rcxnll Store Phono 03 Dellvc NOVEMBER VALUE MONTH AT ROBISON'S $55,000 (Retail Value in Prizes) In 12 Weekly Contests Ask 'Your A&P Manager for Full Details. A & SOFT TWIST Regular WHITE SALT RISING BREAD Loaf OC Loaf 1C Loaf IOC VISIT OUR MARKET FOR LOW PRICES K. C. BABY BEEF STEAK ROUND, LOIN or T-B O N E—Pound 25c SEVENSTEAK Pound BEEF ROAST SEVEN Pound 15c SLICED BACON TALL KORN 30c Lb. 2 BEEF STEW Pounds Fo, 25c SLICED BACON SUNNYFIELD 35c Lb. PORK CHOPS 25c Lb. PURE PORK SAUSAGE Lb. 21c MIXED SAUSAGE Lb. 15c DRY SALT Fresh Pound JOWLS 15c FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLES RECEIVED DAILY *•< EMPEROR GRAPES Lb. EATMORE CRANBERRIES Lb. LARGE CELERY Stalk FIRM LETTUCE Head 7c TEXAS ORANGES RED POTATOES 10 Doz. Lbs, For 25c 19c Piece Goods We have assembled a large selection of Corticelli pure threat! silk, ABC Clipper Crepe, that is guaranteed washable; and a number of wool and rayon chal- iies at— ABC Sanva prints in plaids, stripes, solids; floral and prints. Crown tested and every yard guaranteed not to fade and non slip. 69c November is truly a month of value at Hobison's. With our slock at its very peak, selections greater than ever before, and every clerk in our big slorc on his toes to serve you—we are ready to go! Ladies Dress Shoes One large group of ladies dress shoes from our regular stock. Values up to $5.00. This falls styles in suede, kid, and patent leather. $1.98 Beautiful woolens that drape easily and lend themselves to tho dictates <if fashion. New fall colors in all weaves, 54 inches wide. These 54 inch wollons are 100% pure wool and arc guaranteed not to shrink if properly cleaned. Rich fall colors in all weaves Wash Frocks Our stock of ladies wash frocks and house coats is always fresh and new. Dozens of lovely new dresses for you to select from. 98c & $1.98 ABC Prints A good selection of A B C prints regularly priced at 25c. New fall patterns and colors. Buy now at— 19c Fairy Prints Fairy prints in patterns of endless variation. Guaranteed fii.st colors. And look lovely after many washings. 15c . 80 Sq. Prints Finest quality 80 square print in a large selection of colors and every pattern you could wish tor. Full Fashioned Hose Ladies full fashioned silk base in new fall shades. Every pair is first quality and Ihcy look twice the money. 49c Complete Clothing Stock 19c Fast Color Prints One lar«e table of new fall prints. All guaranteed fast colors. Solids or patterns. Buy now while we have a full stock. lOc Exciting Neiu Styles in Ladies Reacly-to-Wear Dresses 12c TEXAS GRAPEFRUIT CARROTS 3 For IOC Bunc'h DC GROCERY DEPARTMENT (lei Monte or A&P Pineapple JUICE I_%J 25c Campbei r—»*^ i, 4tuc lOc eutix. twVE SUGAR 10 Campbells Tomato Juice g Paper Bag Lbs, A&P COFFEE Bokar Pound 23c EIGHT O'CLOCK Lb, I9c LlL.S§0 RED CIRCLE Pound 21c PORK & BEANS 5c OATS 5 23c PRINCE ALBERT Can 10c PEERLESS SULTANA Broken Sliced Pineapple 19c No. g i/ 2 Can gjmpmML - — ENGLISH WALNUTS Lb. 15c Mrs. Tucker Shortening Our Ready-to-VVear Department i.s packed with breath-taking, exciting ML'W styles. Silks, woolens, salin.s und many other lovely fabrics in the fashion picture. The new fall shades lire glorious this season. Sco the newest tit Robison's. up Coats Styles yulore in sport or dross coals. Never huvo the tweeds been so rich, the fluc'cos so soft, and Ihe Irimmcd touts so luxuriant. Even the less expensive coals are lovelier ihiin ever before and are made up in Ihe very best fall colors. Outings Good heavy outings in solid colors or fancy plaids. Buy your needs now and save. IQc Ladies Dress Shoes One large table of ladies dress shoes from our regular stock. Values in this group to $3.00. 98c Men's Winter Unions Men's heavy weight ribbed unions. Full cut, well made in white or ecru. Don't let "Ole Man Winter" catch you—Buy now. 69c Overalls Men's 8 oz, sanforized overalls. Kull made, vest back, well fitting. While they last—specially priced at Our Mil's clothing stock is still complete in every price range, young men's models with sport backs or conservative styles in every new full color and pattern. Buy now while Hie selection is large. Curlee Clothes For men who like quality and style in a suil that is made for hard wear, we suggest a Curlcc. Tnilord from the finesl hard finished woolens, styled to perfection, and constructed to hold its shape for life. $32-50 2 Pants Sewell Clothes Scwell clothing is known for its long wearing qualities. The woolen fabrics are handsome, and the patterns are colors that are the season's smartest. Sport models or plain backs. 77c Men's Work Shirts Red Cap vvork shirts for men. Blue or gray chambroy and blue, gray and brown covert. Well made and good weight. 69c Men's Jackets Men's suede cloth Jackets. Full lined and full length zipper. Weatherized to resist moisture. $2,98 $ 14 85 TO 19 .85 Men's Dress Shirts Our stock of men's dress shirts has never before been so complete, endless sclctions ot patterns in prints and woven fabrics. Every one tailored lo fit with no-wilt collars. Men's Hats A fresh shipment of men's felt ha Us hus just iirrived. Browns, blues, pearls, grays, oxfords and many other colors in shapes lo suil every man. $1,98 Men's Work Shoes Friedman - Shelby all leather work shoes for men. Composition sole, roUm leather, plain toe. lieavy or medium weight. AH sizes. $1.98 We Give Eagle Stamps The Leading Department Store Gee W. Robison 6- Co. HOPE PRESCOTT NASHVILLE

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