Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 11, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 11, 1935
Page 4
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TffE-NEW DEAL i IN .WASHINGTON , RODNEY DUfCHER. . iRjeseUlertieiit ^ministration, of which Tugwell^is the administrator, has been _not quite so much a triumph lAjoeEteatt,,Liberty League;.as. the principles of simple arith-' iStuchuthe same thing has hap-, fid toj Tugfcrell, tKough wi thou t any 1 /publicity, as happened, to -Secretary |S Ickes, wbe-thought-he- would be-hav- ' ing a huge'FWA program. , Nearly; ,all^the..,five billion, dollar Jtv/ork-reljef appropriation is to be £used for* Harry Hopkins' relief, work | 'p/ojects,' v and fulfillment of Roose- 'jVelt's promise to put 3,500,000 persons K at work.'-, ':_>.. 1 Now the position of Resettlement is SeD Itl Find It! Rent It! Buy It! in the Hope Star MARKET PUCE Remember, the more you tell, the . quicker you sell. I time, lOc line, min. 30e For consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad S times, 6c line, min. 50« . 8 ^imes, Sc line, min. 90c ' 1} j» times, ?%p;line. min. J2.76 ?} <jrerarf $Q JWOT^S to t NOTE— Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the fill is payable on presentation of itaiement, before the first publication, ' Phone 76& ^, WASHINGTON.— Dr. Rexford G. Tugwell, the New Deal's National Plan- «-"r;No. a, has quietly dissolved his own planning division. Bie' spff 3 of about 40 persons'Iea-CtE" '•'' , _—. in planning the program of the . , . . " - just another denouement m the incredible planlessness.. of the whole program at the top! "As one brain- truster explains it: „ i"We• all went. Ahead .^independently aftd. planned to niake five billions do .the work of 20 billions. The president finally discovered this couldn't be done."' Millions Less to Spend Anyway, instead of an anticipated ?600,000,000 or more, Resettlement probably will have something less than 5250,000,000 to spend. Since Tugwell has about 525,000 farm families on his hands this year, all in need of some degree of relief or rehabilitation, little money will be left for resettlement, .subsistence homesteads, and other experimental projects. Such planning as seems required will be done under Dr. Thomas C. Blaisdell, functioning as economic adviser to RA. Many Farmers Need Aid RA figures about 325,000 of its distressed farm families will need straight relief this winter and about 200,000 will need some helping hand, such as being given a cow or a couple of horses or a plow. Many other rural persons, considered hopeless as rehabilitation prospects, will have to have work or relief from Harry Hopkins. Through his own organizations, Tugwell hopes to have rehabilitated 100,000 farm families off relief rolls by next summer. RA expects to pick up about 10,000,000 acres of land, 80 per cent of it submarginal enough to be retired to forests, park, grazing, and other nonproductive use. Instead of moving 50,000 farmers off such land and onto good land by July, as previously planned, it now hopes to resettle 15,000, which will be enough Tugwell figures, to make a convincing demonstration of what might be done on a large scale. Woop Uses Soft Pedal The daily sheaf of WPA's announcements of project allotments has become much more discreet. Frankly and unblushingly the Hopkins organization for weeks detailed its most bizarre methods of making work for the white-collored unemployed and ethers. This brought' many sarcastic comments in the Republican press. Now PWA doesn't do that any more except where construction of physical improvement is involved. Neither does it cover the amusing or unique phases of its work under the head of "boondoggling." It just charges the money up to "Community Project." The orders carne from the Phite House. (Most of the boys and girls who work for WPA refer to their organization as "Woopa.") You needn't toke William Green's remarks against formation of an independent labor party, voiced at Atlantic City, as final. Relatively conservative labor leaders all summer have been reporting a growth of sentiment among their ranks for labor political organization. Some of the demand, they say, comes from even such traditionally conservative areas at New England and Pennsylvania. Certain leaders, though believing a abor party both desirable and inevitable, have urged their fellowers to soft-pedal the idea at this time, lest hey make it easier for Republicans to defeat Roosevelt. Green himself has indicated recognition of the possibility that labor ventually may demand a party of its own. FOR RENT FOR RENT—Bedroom, adjoining bajth, private entrance. Mrs. W. R. Chandler, 402 South Pine. Phone 906 H-6tc FOR RENT—Three or four room furnished apartment. Private bath ant garage, street. Phone 291. 220 North Elm ll-3tc NOTICE $50.00 REWARD Stolen from our pasture, one mile jf? t gast of Hope, near John Cornelius r; home, the last week in September I J93§. One big Jersey cow. Branded [I. X OT» left hip. $50.00 reward for ar- sst and'conviction of theft. Brian 1 ; Company. 8-6tp fAKEN- UP—Medium size Jersey #}W, Yellow color, in poor shape Owner may get details by coming to this office, and paying for this ad. 9-3t dh JWynCB—$5.00 Reward for one dark 'i"~ hone mule weight 1000 Ibs. 6 years »" oJ4, Long legs. Strayed from my farm * g l»iles last of Hope, October 4, 1935. & if. 9riant 10-3tp LOST ':. .Tarpaulin on South Main 'Tuesday afternoon. Reward for return to Byers Bros. Curb Market stow, 9-3tp SALE S4LE—Have your Christmas made now while the October Special is' on. This offer closes on October 30th. STUDIO HOPiE, Ark. 10-3tc OtJK BOARDING HOUSE 'By AHEfcN OUT OUR WAY tfe WHY, THEY \N A 'EM AT VfS W\\T UNTI 1 SEE N A'ROUNt) u i r i ii '" t fs ! run \ \ \m ,* \\ i, (01935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T, M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF.) VOU TOLD MG TO \ aiG HIM A LITTLE WITH TM'SPURS — ME WAS HALF A-SLEEP AM'VOU SAID WE'D BE . LATS PER SCHOOL/ MOW DIDM' VOU I SAID,"A LITTLE' WOf TO PUKJCM MC .. THfi»OU6M HIM. I'LL WEAR TM' SPLIP-5 MILES PCOM -SCHOOL. AMD VOL) MAVE TO I BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Burning Up By MARTIN V\tY\ VXtVN. SO WOOLO I '. V/\^>T TV^AE 1 <&C?t TO06W, © 1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OTF. ALLEY OOP They Must Have Hit Bottom—Hard By HAMLIN By BLOSSER fgOMES THE PAWM, AMP LULU BELLE'S RAUCOUS BELLOW^ /WELL, V FOR THE PAST 3 YOU BETCHER PlMK PAWTIES ^ .HOURS, YOU ..„. .., WPOM6 WB'S S'POSBD TO OF COULDA STOLEW WITH A 6iM QUARDIW' OUR ffM935 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. (i. 3. PAT. OFF FRECKLES ANT HIS FRIENDS Who Said Rumors Were Idle? By CRANE I'VE HEARD RUMORS WALLY IOLD ME MAZIE TOLD DON'T TELL ANYONE.... fT'S A SECRET .' BUT IF "itiU DO, PLEASE TELL ANYONE TELL, NOT ID TELL ANYONE THEY TELL, THAT I TOLD YOU /' "TDLD ME THAT THAT FRECKLES SNEAKS FRECKLES BEAT UP A FRECKLES WAS THAT FRECKLES AWAY FROM PRACTICE /- TEWCED FDR RECK JUDGE, IN AURORA, STRUCK A POOR BECAUSE HE GOT ED FOR SPEEDING IN JIMTOV/W, AND SERVES HIS SENTENCE AT NIGHT .' OLD PROBATION LESS DRIVING, IN LEESBURG/ HE HAS ID REPORT OFFICER WITH A TO A PROBATION OFF- CLUB, IN GOSHEN ICER, EVERY AFTERNOON .' THE NEWFANGLES (Mora'n Pool Right This Way VES.WORK; i INTEND TO HAVE HIN\ PUNCHIN' CLOCK BEFORE SNOW FL\ES>.' YOU SEE /.' WELL,I GOT YOU A JOB / \ / 8UTTHE.RE ARENT ft-A COIN' TO BUY TODDY I' MANY TOURISTS PITTS' TOURIST HOME •• AND YOU RE GOW TO WORK WHAT AN OPTIMIST TOU W?E SAY-HERE'S YOUR CMA.NCE--I WEA.RDTHAT TODDY PITTS,UP THE STREET, WANTS TO SELL UER-TOW\ST HOME,BE-CAUSEOF HEALTH. I KNOW—BUT THE r, CIRCUS GOES INTO WINTER QUW7TERS NEXT WEEK.AND LILUE S GOING T'GET TUE WHOLE TROUPE T'COME AND BO&PD -— THE. TATTOOED rVSAM AND THE BEARDED LADY AND THE FOUR MIDGETS SAY, WHST IS THE PLAN-A TOURIST HOME, OR A StOE SHOW ? THIS TIME O YEA.R /

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