Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 11, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 11, 1935
Page 3
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,' October 11,1986 , HOPE, ARKANSAS Mr*. Sid Henry Three Tiring* ' "'Three tilings abide," one Rood ninn i wrote In times far worse than those; and down , ^ TJio crirs-cross raids of centuries His words have marched; mid in my town Thcso things abide: £UH in the dnwn long romto ure filled With eager men who round (ho shore to tho city's din; each (lu.sk oy movo unconqurrnd, past, my .• door— W[lu) wiilk by FAITH, {.'till Ip the noon (ho younK men meet Bciiciith shnde trees to think and say, "The times must change"; each dnwn they lift Etrnni! eyes to scan the better day— Wlio live by HOPE. SU11 in the filocm .small children reach For fathers' hands when prayers are Kiicl, And women -smile invl ihcer men forth Once more into the march for bread— McNaught Draws With Jed Berry i The "Black Dragon" Wins i From George Ligosky Sixth street. Circle No. 2 at the home j ,/* jn Straight Falls 01' Mrs. A. J. Neighbors, North Pine | __„ street. Circle No. 3 at the home of ; virtually all the tricks of thc game Mrs. died Hall, West Avenue B. tir- j wcro ox |,jbitc<l here Thursday night clc No. 4 at the home cf Mrs. Will Or- | by ScoUy McNaught, clever Canadian, Telephone 821 ton, South Pine street. Circle No. 5 will meet at 7:30 Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. George Ilosmcr. Mrs, Carrie Anderson Marshall, who bos been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. who wrestled Ralph (Wild Red) Berry to a draw in the 45-minute preliminary rt the American Legion arena on East Second street. The match was McNaughl's all the way. Only twice did Berry come close D. H. Lipscomb and other relatives j ([ , ',,„„,),„, ,) lc skillful «rappler. Ber- niul old friends in Hope, Nashville , y was jn sevt , ra i tJRht S ,, O | S hut and Ashdown for the past two months j imlintn j ntc i his never Rive-up spirit, left Friday for her home in Kansas j an( , pullc(1 through to a lucky draw City, Mo. i , 1S t| 10 gong ended the battle. "• j Tlie "Black Dragon" won the final Friends will be Kind to know that , cvcn(i inking two straight falls from the condition of Mrs. Ray Cumbie. | Gl!01 . g( , Ljgnsky, Russian matman. Tho who recently underwent an operation | vie , n ,. y f . jr u lc Dragon was his sec- ill the Josephine hospital is reported as being satisfactory. ond here in the past two weeks. He wc;n over Barney Cosncck last week. , , Ted Woods of Little Hock acted as As a surprise celebration of her I offida i ln bolll mn t c hcs. His work in mother's birthday anniversary, Miss , t]w ving W . XK ,,i cus j ng to the .spectators. Harriet St iry entertained at a very : __*,»,•. delightful dinner Wednesday evening Who save by LOVE. nl the family home on West Scuoivl < These three words of the Master's |i trcet. Beautiful fall flowers added: rhyme i Ihcir beauty and fragrance. 1 to the liv- | Heal worlds hurt in troubled times. ! ing room and the damask laid dlnini! —Selected. ! lahli.- -/its centered with a pink ..... . . -...~<t»«a. i crystal bowl of pink roses, flanked by , Mr. and. Mrs. V. S. Hciirne, and ' pink candles in silver holders. Tin: j dau^'htci, Mary Janes, Mrs. Jas. L. chosen col >r ncte of pink was charm- ; Jamison and Mrs. J. M. Harbin were j ingly carried out in the table service I Friday visit >rs in ihrcvcport. La. ! and place cards bearing the following , o ' i.iimey, Mrs. Garrett Story, Gnrrctt The different circles of thc Womans j Story, Mrs. Katie Hanson. Mrs. Claude Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian I Smart, Mrs. B. N. Fikc, Mrs. J. O. ; church will meet at 3 o'clock Monday ! Milam, Mrs. Burns of Idabcl, Okla . afternoon as follows: Circle No. 1 ot j nml Miss Eva Jean Milam. Following Weekly Sunday School Lesson UP Tfi£fi/LLS OF By-Helen Welsh i.mer WO ftiiist go to Heaven. There's no single lane To the splendid kingdom, But no wind, or rain Can restrain the pilgrims Coming hand in hand Up th« hills of Eden To the borderland. H OW could anybody. Then, be almost there, Watching towers gleaming When the day was fair? Standing at the outskirts, Confident and gay- How could two sight Heaven, Dear, then lose thc wav? The Story of Jeremiah Ttxt: Jeremiah l:r.-10; 2(i:8-15 The International Uniform Sunday Kscluiol Lesson for October 13. By \VM. E. GIUIOY. I). D. Editor of Advance Pereinifih. one of thc major prophets HES CHURCH OP THE NAZARENE 511 South .Elm St. Nome Clubs the home of Mrs. John Outline, West | the dinner; the honoree was presented : ()f i Krac \ t h vw ] \ n c l m -k an d untimely 1 j with lovely gifts. \ rlnys. He was a prophet of realism ~" • —== -— =. I o w iio would not meet the plight of the Mrs. H. J. Roebuck and Miss Marian j n ., t j on w j t h smooth or honeyed words; , noebuck of Texarkana are guests of j )jul | lt , wtls ;1 j so ., prophet, of God who i i Mrs. Hot-buck's sister, Mrs. Chccl Hall lovc(1 j u!; |j t . c nnt j t ,. u th, and a patriot and Mr. Hall. > S J who was too loyal to Isrcal to betray o ; thc nation with pretentious platitudes. | The Junior-Senior High P. T. A I j| c s |,. uc | { ,.j g ht at tlie root of the | hold a most interesting meeting at 3 , things that had brought ruin and de- j ('clock, Thursday afternoon at lh? | ..(ruction, and, like all prophets who high school. Following a brief busi- j.,,.,, lo emphasize unpleasant truth, he | ness period conducted by the prc.si- ( wrts Iln p 0 pul»r and persecuted, dent, Mrs. Edwin Dossett. the program j Here in our lesson we have Jerc- chairman, Mrs. C. D. Lester presented | m jah jn a scene that sets him beside most interesting program on "Un- i MOSCS in the hour of his call to a great dcrstanding thc Adolescent." Mrs. j tas |< O f leadership. "I am a child," Charles Hayncs discussing, "Keeping i nc s .,, ys; "i knew not how lo speak." the Adolescent's Confidence." and. But (hcrc comus to him thc same Mrs. S. L. Padgett's theme was "Tak- | ,-| S .vuranc« that thc Lord had given to ing Adolescence on thc Stride." The j Moses, that he is not standing in his nntinn;:! president's message was told own s t ix . ng th, o r speaking out of his by Mrs. Eugene White. Miss Marian cwn feebleness, but that strength and Roebuck of Texarkana favored the wo ,. t | s s h ; ,n bc g i vcn him in the hour meeting with beautiful vocal sclec- of nc( , ( | lions, with Mrs. John Wellborn r.l ••Behond, I have put words in thy (Coprr\t\-'* IMIt'bjr fJEA Serrlee, Inc. All reorlnt Md tonic rlghti reserve*.* SHOE SALE Navy and .liliick Kid Blnrk and Brown Suede Pair Ladies Specialty Shop NOW SATURDAY Here's a double program that has EVERYTHING your heart craves for .action, thrills and romance! JOHN WAYNE —in — '"NEATH THE ARIZONA SKIES" TARZAN' HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP Thomas INTIMATE OLIMPSES AND INSIDE STUFF ON THE MOVIE COLONY , the piano. The program closed with , mol ,, n . Mrs. Lester giving thc Ten Command- I incuts for Parents. Circle No. 2 of the Woman's Missionary society of the First Metludist church wil Ispqnsor a runimafie sale Saturday, October 12'/ The sale is to bc held in front of the old Stewart u'ewelrv store on Second street. lrue pl . op j, c ts of God have not Mrs. E. A, Grant of Ruckhill. S. C.. j ca ,. s BY DAN THOMAS- HOLLYWOOD. — Motion picture screens will bc liberally splashed with color during the coming 12 months.' t _ L That is the promise being given by r.hxays fared better with thc religious film producers who arc planning the people in the community that with the 'most ambitious color campaign in populace at large. The priests and movie hislory for their winter proj- other leaders of the people in this case ductions. ',-...t-V encouraged thc hatred of Jeremiah j Leading the,•^dicity,-.' of 'course,' and thc violence against him. | ho youthful John' Hay "Jock" Whil?i "This man is worthy of death," they ncy, producer of "Bocky Sharp," firsl said, "for he hath prophesied against'feature length picture to be filmcc this city, as ye have heard with your'with the current Technicolor three- imd Mrs. M. D. Bittick of Charlotte, N. C., wlrj have spent the past tv.'o weeks visiting with their brothers. F. N. Porter and Will Porter and families, left Monday for their homes. | The early Portuguese missions into ! Ethiopia began about thc end of the fifteenth century. NO. Oh-h-h-h— AT LAST! Starts SUN. See O»ir Selected Line of New FALL DKESSKS Silks and Woolens in (he Newest Fashions THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs, C. P. Holland color process. WEMTMi By — Helen Wolsliimcr To thi.s Jeremiah replied that his Whitney, who owns a considerable mission and his words of prophecy . interest in the Technicolor corporation have been from God, that if the na- , nnd j, s definitely committed to the pro- lion would be loyal to its own ideals duction of color films, plans to turn ond best interests the people must O ut few such pictures during the com- amend their ways and doings,^ and ing season. obey the voice of God. Actual boss of the filming activities, Jeremiah appears as a magnificent )low , vt ,,. wil i bc Merian C. Cooper, figure, strong, uncompromising, cour- ' formcl . R KO production head, who rc- ngeous, as he stands forth, thc true 1 ccnl | v joined forces with the multi- patriot, denouncing the sins and evils' m il]j onu ir e playboy and producer, that have trailed his nation in the , s 0 f., r t h c only picture definitely dust, utterly regardless of his own fate sel | jy Whitney and Cooper is "Encore." and original musical by G'iivcr H. P. Garrett and Billy Wilder. Sev, plication of this lesson in the present ' en ,i other stories, however, are under [crisis of our own nation? consideration and an announcement Kecuilly a woman passed from ourl o f their entire program may be cx- and gloriously without fear. Can we fail to make adequate REECE & GENTRY'S Specials for Sat. & Sun. midst greatly honored in every land ... | and loved and admired by all who .saw deeply into her character and service; yet this woman, Jane Acldams, II) 15c 17'ac I'crk Shoulder Knir ?.'|n:rc Itibs, 11). fork Chops, Hi. Stirling Suprar Cured Hum \vhole or half, lb. Sterling Ham, sliced, II). Mi rrclt's 1'iriili- Ham, whole, lb. Slab Hai'im, lb. Holc^ua. by the slick, Hi. Itib Slew Meal, lb. Brisket Slew Meat, 11). REECE & GENTRY'S Meat Market Front Street '.!8c i'.at 1c Sc who loved her country and who was, .. true U, its ideals, though she wasi" bl - v wl11 peeled any day. Children's Classic First under the gun with a color film actually before the cameras prob- . . „ . . . - ... Dyv ' cl °- Solznlck wlll> .strong always in rebuking ils evils, wa.s almost to the day of her death denounced and vilified by certain "Litllo Lord Fauntleroy." Freddie Bartholomew already has been set for title role of this film, which will aeiv.mncco ami vi. ncu oy cc, .,„ SL ., /niL . k . ;; {jrst „„ „„ ^dependent ,n-i;,,lu m our country as if she had | , ,. f|J| . Uniu , ( , Artisls shooting 1*01. a cnmmal and a 'nutor | ' NowmbL ,, !to\v c.m we c bun tie- such attitudes: , , . How can we put true patriotism and' Walter Wanger also is rushing prc- Ihe rule of tile true lover of his coun- •p"''alic,ns on "Irail of the Lonesome |,-v on the side of everything that P»«-'- N " cast or sturlins ^ date J.as makes f«,r peace and order and wel- b'-cn .set for this ii ,n but H will IK, _., done in color. And Ann Harding is '"lli.w can we bring both great and i f " vorptl for thu sl'»l'»«? role. lcj\\ ly lo sec that thc real treason against society is found in agnorant Upon completion of that film. Wnng- ^ __ _ er will hop to London to make "Ara- and"solfihh and "prejudiced i'.Ttitude.s bian Nights," with Charles Boyer in llial defend the things that sap mid Mho top spot. This also will utilize lie.-Hoy the life of the nation'.' j color film. 'Ihe r.'le that Peremiuh phyed was j And Warner Brothers arc planning unlovely, but it was necessary. We , to shoot "Green Pastures" ;:s a gigan- (jughl to have a higher regard for the , tic color special. social physician who dares to diagnose ' Much to i cried social diseases and apply the remedy. | _,\ s ;1 group, these films should prel- dcfinitely indicate thc future of There was another Elaine, too, who went after her lover. It was back in the days of good King Arthur, and Ihe 'knight's name was Launcelot. We lave read the story, all of us, and seen now futile it is to float down a waterway—or board a Chicago plane—in purusit of a man who frankly has let us know our kisses are numbered. Thc second Elaine, who did her Lily-Maid-of-Astolat stunt on an airplane the other day, in quite the modern manner, wasn't any more suc- .cessful than her famous predecessor. Not so far, anyhow. The twentieth century lover wouldn't even see her while Launcelot did shed a tear at the bier of the Camclot maiden. All of which would seem to say that .when a man has said his bagful of Tii-elty" words to' a girl, .when he has Iriadc her feel that she is the reason for the barren years which he lived before she came and when he decides that possibly another reason waits ahead, she might as well let him go. A Don Juan can't bc retained after hours. If his Elaine, be she Camclot or New York, won't let him leave in dignity and order with a poetic dirge for lost love on his sensitive lips, he'll leave any way that he can get away. Pursuit Is Man's Phivilcgc H is a man's place to pursue a fleeing maiden. Any man win wants a girl will pursue her until his arches fall and his breath comes in wheezes, unless she makes it plainer than most women do, that he is wearing out his soles for nothing. That few women receive such pursuit might be credited to two facts. First, thc men may not want them badly enough. Secondly, most women take pity on their pursuers and let them catch up fairly easily. There is nothing which a man so despises as thc realization that he is cbout lo be bagged—that a woman is chasing him up a tree and won't call off thc dops until lie comes down. There is nothing which a man so loves as thc belief that he, and he alone, may win a girl who is unattainable and desirable. , Putting Pvii-e on 1'rizc Those princesses who set their knights to task.s may n;>t have been so dumb after all. They knew nothing of economic independence and professional parity, but they knew men! The story books tell us of no daughters of the kinds who followed knights thrcugh moor and briar and fen until they caught them, and received seven i kisses and a golden anklet beciiu.se the j captured knights were so pleased with Sunday school 9:45 preaching at 11 o'clock. Rev J. F. White will bring the message at both morning and evening. Evening services begin at 7:45. Prayer services Thursday evening 7:30. Everybody welcome. ST. MARK'S EPISCOPAL Rev. Chns. C. Jones Priest-ln-Charge Sunday October 13th. Holy Eucharist 7\30 a. m. Holy Eucharist and sermon 11 a. m. FIRST CirRISTlAN Guy D. Holt, Pastor Bible school 9:45 a. m. will you come and be with us in this study hour? Morning worship at 11 a. m. Eermon subject "The Preacher and thc Lamb of God." Evening worship 7:30 p. m. Subject of the message, "Behond thc Lamb of God." Christian Endeavor 6:45 p. m. in the church bungalow. Wt are starting again our prayer mseting on next Wednesday night and we are very anxious to have a good attendance, so come into our prayer worship service. We extend a cordial invitation to everyone to come and worship 1 with us at any one or all our services. GAKRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST Hollls Purtlc, Pastor Regular services Sunday and Sunday night. . Sunday School 10 a. m. Preaching 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. B. Y. P. T. C. 6:45 p. m. Thc Ladies Auxiliary will serve a 25c chicken dinner in the old theater building by Gibson's Drug store, from 11 a. m. to 2 p. m. Come and eat a chicken dinner. Ladies Auxiliary meets each Mon- j day afternoon at 3 p. m. ' Prayer meeting Wednesday 7:30 p.m. FIRST METHODIST Fred R. Harrison, Pastor Services at thc regular hours of worship will bo held Sunday. The Pastor will bring a message at the morning congregational worship at 10:55 on the subject, "Responsibility of Leadership." All the stewards are especially urged to be present for this service. At the night service at 7:30 o'clock, thc Rev. L. E. N. Hundley, Presiding Slder of the Prescott District, will preach and conduct the fourth and last nuarlerly conference of the year. This will be Brother Hundley's last The Melrosc HOttte Demonstration club met Tuesday October 8 at 9 a, m. at the home of Mrs. McAdams. tne meeting was opened by our president, Mrs. Perriman and Mrs. T. H. Roberts Visit with the church here, as he finishes his quadrennium as presiding elder at conference, which meets November 7, at El Dorado. The membership and visitors are urged to be present to hear him at this service. read the 1st Psalm. We wefe pfayw by Mfs._Perriffla«. • , Eight niembets answered to tneV; call. We had as our demonsflrt Miss Alford, due to Miss ttrlfWJl ness. Mrs. C. P. 2intfnerly gave a < stration on the making ot Cheese. Miss Alford judged ou* fruits, meats and vegetables attd.n was decided that Mrs. Fred Ye&i should represent our club in th6 B canning contest. The meeting adjouriied to again in November at thc Mrs. Perretnan. Me enjoyed Miss Allord with us and hope 6 visit us often; FLASH 150 New Fresh Cotton Frocks GO ON SALE Saturday, Oct. 12 PENNEY'S the performance. The chase is a man's game. If a woman is subtle enough to let him think she is in flight even when she is standing still, she profits the more. Every man appreciates a peach foi which he has had to scale a tree, far more than the one that is handed to him on a silver platter with a sugar bowl and pitcher of cream. No, the twa Elaincs never had a chance. If their two Don Juans hac changed their minds, it would have been because they wanted to, not because they were directed to do so. True, the man who plays thc modern version of the famous role still may rc- If he does, it won't be because Grand Bargains ! Carefully Made! / Popular Styles! You can't afford to be witb- out a lot of these! Save /i i laundry worries and money! Because we give you an-,] other if one fades! Interesting style details and good fit! Missy styles, 14 to 20. Women's, 38 to 44. PENNEY' If. C. PENNBY COMPANY, Incorporated ACROSS STREET FROM PO^TQFFICE PAGE'S MARKET Phone 348 WE DELIVER 112 East Third Street Hope, Ark. 25c 15c lOc Beef Chuck ROAST—3 Ibs STEW RIB MEAT—2 Ibs Fore Quarter STEAKS—lb. Home Made Bologna—lb Streaked SALT MEAT—lb fresh Dressed HENS—lb Lunch Tongue Spiced Ham Cheese—Jb A Complete Line of Fancy K. C. LAMB 19c 19c 20c Fresh River FISH—lb LARD lb Best Compound CHEESE Full Cream—lb Pure 100% lb Pork SAUSAGE TRY OUR BAR-B-Q MEATS Pork Shoulder ROAST—lb Home Baked 8ic 12c 19c 19c HAM K.C. STEAKS Pound 17c ,,530 23c LEWIS GROCERY AND MARKET On Broadway of America We Have That Good MENU FLOUR Vour Money Goes Further Hero. Tree Delivery Service. RINTING That Makes An Impression We turn out Fast Jobs That Don't Look Like "Rush" Jobs. Our ri'prcst'iiiilivc will bc glail to call and furnish free ci-limuU's on your work. STAR Publishing Co. PHONE 70S I i ly in the celluloid industry. It no J longer will be a novelty, as it was in j "Becky Sharp," but an established feature in screen entertainment. | Whether color will have a sufficient pc,pular appeal to warrant the addi- i tional expense involved is something' yet to be determined. Opinions of /Hollywood producers are pretty well .divided on this point. All agree that there will have lo bo :i considerable improvement over the j photographic quality of "Becky SharpV j however. And that improvement will have to cnmc from the objects photographed, rather tlinn from the camera itself. Mechanically the Technicolor process is perfectly satisfactory, its only drawback being its high cost. But the artists and technicians in.ik- ing pictures haven't yet learned how to use color. They either use too much, too little, or fail to achieve a satisfactory blend. In other winds, the final result isn't natural. Unlil that naturalness is acheviod. color will never be able to supplant the present black and while film for general motion picture use. Back to Nature Jean Hurlow is all through being queen of Hollywood's platinum blonds. After she finishes "Riff Raff." in which she's wearing a reddish blond wis for the firsl time since "Red Headed Woman." she will appear as her own natural blond self—minus the platinum hue. Qui Mademoiselle" It's Mighty GOOD am! mighty fe'ood lor you. French Bread For A Delicious Change Try our French Bread the next time you want something a little different. It's especially nice for special party dinner.-,. And of Ci uic We Have Those Tempting ••HOME RECIPE" PIES and CAKES in Vour Faveritc Flavor CITY Home of BLl'E RIBBON Bread A HOPE INSTITUTION Announcement We are pleased to announce the appointment of Wayne H. England as DISTRICT MANAGER for this company at HOPE, ARKANSAS Mr. England has had several years Life Insurance experience and we feel that he will serve both the Company and its policyholders well. The Mutual Life began business on February !Lst., 1843. It has been operating in Arkansas since 1865. Careful consideration of its attractive policy contracts is invited, J.T. THOMPSON, Manager The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York

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