The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 10, 1940
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VOLUiMR XXXVII—NO. 20. __!" E DOMINANT "SWSPAPBB O* NORTH^r AUKANSA3 AND som ,,, KABT „,„,*' ^ ^ AJ * ? O ,<, 'I: ••'•'. , Blythevlllc Daily News BlylhevllJe Courier Mississippi Valley Leader Blythovllle Herald LLR, ARKANSAS, Ip^MB ^^ _ _ _ — _ : ^...»»^ wiji-«5 riVK.t/iW T'S WAR 'TO THE HIU NOW IN EUROPE .^•^ ^^ * * * * ' v On Lone?, Sea^InAirFurigusStruggles Underwdv CJ1 !„ T_ IHCPorDiiiPirp r» i. T-X i. ;,..r~7r:~"* ^ Skagerrak Is Scene Of Big Sea Battle^ STOCKHOLM, April JO. (UP)—Telephoned mes.sagc.s- Irom Malmoe said today that a major naval battle now WHS m progress m the Skagerrak between at least 10 German warships and troop transports and an undisclosed mini tool British warships and Royal Air Force planes. II was reported that two German warships already lirul 11 y 1111 If 111 t \1 n U n t- i \ „ J been sunk hi the battle. LONDON, April 10. (UP) Radio Stockholm tonight ... --,'--. *«. V wi f itmiiu 1-ii^Ln.nuiHl lUm&Nl broadcast, dispatches from a section east of Oslo that heavy ighting W as raging between German and Norwegian iii- 'The Norwegians were reported to be advancing near Mversiiro, northeast of Hamar, (lie provisional capitol to winch the Norwegian government Clod veslerclav LONDON. April 10. (UP)-Prlme Minister Neville Chnmberlnin an- no, need today that two British destroyers had been lost and n third badly damaged in n battle with six German warships at Narvik where ,T«iUoS" S1>: mei ' c!lluu sl "l« and probably one Nazi destroyer. AMSTERDAM, April lo. tUPl- Holland was on lhe alert today for signs of nn invasion. Hoads and bridges on lhe German frontier were heavily barricaded. l ersons living near Die bridge spanning the river Mans between veiuo mid Blenk, Germany, were evacuated hurriedly nt 10 o'clock last night nnd the bridge was loaded with dynamite. Air raid protection authorities took up positions in (lie Venlo region for the first lime since the war started. WASHINGTON, April Id. <aP>—President Roosevelt, tnking charge of lhe American problems created by Germany's invasion of Scandinavia, wnitcd for Inter official reports from Europe today before ex- lending the provisions of thc neutrality net lo Norway and "the combat areas to northern Norwegian waters." He adopted, however, a policy of "stop, look and listen" on the Lquali/jng Funds Involved; Negligence Rather Than Padding Is Blamed LITTLE ROCK, Art:., Apr. 10 — Dlscreiiaiidcs in lhe equalizing Roosevelt, Dewey Continue to Obtain Strong Early Support SOLICITORS m ihu By • Tho 'T I' 1 ' Dmvny is lratlli »B SG11 - lary not by ll._ his rival in Wisconsin last week. Roosevelt, unopposed »— , ),e Iriumphocl over fund nccoiiiil.1 or nt least half of <" i"e Nebraska Democratic i>ref-f n,., n ,v,,.MM« nt ,.-.,.. .. c-renttol primary, was polling nl-' , have been extended to Scandinavian •' lhe 7ft participating schools Investigated by department of cdticn- tlon officials were reported vester- 'iy. Padding of records lo cutnin in- crensed allotments of equalizing funds ivas discovered In "some" instances. Discrepancies Included: One dlslrlcl reported ISO In average dally attendance when only 141) pupils actually attended classes. A district doctored Us reports lo claim 53,000 more state funds than thc amount lo which it v'fis cnlltlcd. A pupil who had been promoted from one grade to'nnolher wns found to have been reported present in both classes every dnv for a month, A girl had been reported in dally attendance two weeks alter she died. Five members of a nearby Civilian Conservation Corps cai reported present "Tor months al one school. camp were Severn I status or federal credits thnt countries. Lending Administrator Jesse Jones, who announced the 'deVisloti after-a-;la!k with the president, said this means "holding up everything 1 regarding the. credits, tor at. least a few days to study deyeJop- meiYts. • . /•-•:'• '• •-• •-• •- --j~».... ^ The decision nffecls an S18.000.OQfl credit lo Denmark, ?10,000,000 to Norway, $15,000,000 to Sweden and $1,000,000 to Iceland all granite! by the Export-Import Bank. 1[il; mcenuve to pnd records 11« i nnd DC BERLIN, April 10. (UP)-Oerm a ,iy's nlr force struck at British sea in tlie state allotment of SH for' Earlv power in a test of strength today after a series of sen 'engagements in| eacli child in nvera°e dailv attcii I 8330 which the Nazis admitted loss of two crack cruisers off Norway. .I-.™ —-, ... ." * "' ' A school that hacl'reported n slx- monllt. nvernge 'daily attendance of 35; jier cent or Us pupils could rmisferijjjml 82 per'cent the day V 'girl w'lio"' liven" )ii' nWHeY"stale" wns reported present for i months nl nn Arkansas school. ....... i'* Jiutti j , « n*, [lUlllllK 111" 1 most ns many voles ns Ueivcy null Vniidenbcig combined on Ihe' basis or those rclunis. , ; In Ihc Illinois preferential prt- innry, President Roosevelt wns rnn- iitnij better thnn 7 (o l ahead of Vice President Joint N. Gnrnef. Dewey wns unopposed on (he He- publtcnn side anil wns polling a heavy vole, though short or tlie Roosevelt total. 'l'hs>. returns lA this' stnlc were Incomplete, loo. i CHICAGO. April 10. (UP)—Illli nols Democrats Roosevelt almost ., v preference over Vice-President Joint N. Garner .In Tuesday's presidential primaries. Increasing returns showed tmlny. His vote was nearly twice thnt receiver! by Thomas E. Dewey, unopposed on the G.O.P. presidential preference ballot. Dewey, 38. New York district attorney who won a solid nominating delegation last, week In the Wisconsin primary, polled slightly better than 75 per cent of the G.O.P. primary vole, according lo these returns. gnvc President seven to one j-. Mr. Roosevelt, whose name (? r l>.er(v<;.ih x tiij>: nrlinnry although had not'- committed hinfself oY Truck Goes Off Bridge, Man Drowns IIAYTI, M;>., April 10.—R. E Ules. M, truck driver of Itayll, wns drowned late yeslcrdny afternoon when a duller truck he wns driving run off a narrow bridge nnd turned over In six feet of water hi n chute on lilnek Island four miles north- cast of here, Naval Losses Admitted By Belligerents •Scandinavia. , * * .......ii i<u ir ui ivgtunai- .spreading battle for domination ot oDoratioiw, wliidi the UHlisli said would be cm roBimlleH.s of .Norway's stand against . ...Jlcd losses on both sides, but the fight was WUiiijT i.mlonvny iilontr tlic Norwegian coast where nil) luitl iniiiwd .surprising annccl power and where Allies wen- conccnlrallnir tliclr Vaal forces ? i MO most .siiediiciihir naval engagement yet reported i, If £3T'ir 1 ()f Ni ''7 ik wllel '« B" : «»h dcsU-oy- George Turner, who arrived nl „ ,,.„ ,„ ,,„„ ttie scene n few minutes later told r ° r vlolallon ot the ordinance. 'Hie Recently elected ' diy officials were inducted I mo otllci! and nn ordinance having (or its purpose lhe prohibiting of solicitation ol orders by book nnd inngnzlitc siiles- men was enacted uf | night's meeting of the clly conndl. Officials swovn In wore; s o Owens, l.oy n. Wold, nm i |j R .Iflfkson, iildenncn; Doyle llciulcr- .1011. mimldpnl judge.; R 0 y Nelson S^iy-ruc ri >r^^ ^ -nance wilh cme,,ency, E^t KW ™i,^ ft^ ^'- « mngnaliic orders lo | ]c i-iilsnnces Dunning Ibem nnd providing lines ffll- (Plrilnl !n,\ ~t 11... ,, in mirnurm M ,„, ill ' ' ' l " e "riusn at Narvnc. "!!rNn,,f 0 |o7 Nm-vlT nnWl VC ™ |S """ '"° re ^..600 «,en. uie scene n tew minutes later told 1OT vlolallon ot the ordinance. The Al Narvik, the Norwerlun'iron ow ,Wt ,«i, i i ^ Coroner Jack Kclley he dived into ordinance wns lhe re.sull or « v "? llrltlsh dcslroye B^engaged six 0^11,^%^ , , X , m ', W1 ' y ' " VC the stream nnd nulled Lllcs from «nl atlemnt |, v [he ,,»V m n,,. man ,l™irm.ri ..,. S" f. ....... . B8 . cst "L 1 " » lost mod m Ger r tiic stream nnd pulled Llles from Ihc submerged cnb, but he wits already dcnd. lie wns the son ot Kinesl Lllcs, operator of a Illling station nnd grocery stove here, lie had iiecti married but wns divorced several years ngo. cent attempt, torce Us o)t! was rifs:. Post Makes Plan For Activities j ol * cl . cl1 by I lie city', to en- inilsniK'c ordinance against solicitors which resulted In failure. A possible conlrovcrsy over location of a billboard on \vcst Main street ended amlcnbly when Uic owner nf the signboard agreed lo move H. Alilivninii 13. Ii. .Inckson , said Ihe proprietor n! n barber ;^?j' . C '™ c f« lh« «l««lx«r«| I,H<| lo ll s location. " '»" '».^.VL«tirt SI;11OU1. Lllilll Llie Cu The incentive to pnd records lies j and Dcwey. third lenri, polled over 200,000 more than the cuinblncd voles of Onrner ••Birtff'-Pinns win be worked, om tor „. Price Fixinc Fnr mnrn conlcst (o t>p liplf] n,.,n,'« n,,, '*,.....' c •' IA1I1 B V«" The Nazis claimed, however, thnt they were successfully opposing dance nnri $12 for each pupil transported more thnn two miles to today 5,'18G ot thc stale's precincts gave: tlie Allied air and naval forces in a broad struggle along the Nor we- school, it was explained gian const; that German forces were pressing northward from Oslo '" " «._... _. nnd Hamar, and that 11 British naval vessels had been sunk or put out of commission. Mrs. Baall Massey Succumbs At Denver Mrs. Wanda Estes Massey, wife of Bcall Mnssey. died yesterday noon nl the Swedish Sanatorium iu Denver, Colo., nfli>r an Illness of more Uian II years. Pnnernl services will be held Thursday afternoon in Corning, Ark., home of Mrs. Massey's parents, following arrival of the remains, accompanied by Mr. Massey, who had been making his home in Denver, aiid her sister, Mrs. Alvis Hancock of Pnrngonld, who went there ten days ago when her condition became critical. Mrs. Massey wns widely known in this seclion. having come here 22 years ago lo become a leacher In Ihe Blytheville city schools, n position she held lor five years until making her her marriage. While lion Lions Sponsor New Bicycle Club Here Organization or n bicycle club and reports on the -new Boy Scout (roop being organized were among Ihp business which came before the Lions club at Its weekly luncheon meeting nt the Hole! Noble yeslcrdny when a moving picture was also shown. The bicycle club Is in line with n safety drive being put on by the Arkansas Stale Highway department. Johnny Faulkner of that department, discussed the club which is being orgnnlzed by the stale police nnd under the sponsorship of lhe Lions club. irnnnnii Taylor announced thnt 14 boys were enrolled In the new Lange school Boy Scout troop which the club is sponsoring. The New- East Arkansas Council, Troop 36, net marriage, vvnue making ner ^"-^ /IW.«HDU.I ^uum;]i, rroop ab, home in Blytheville she resided | m< = Gts c a cl > Monday night at seven with Mr. nnd Mrs. J, Nick Thomas t o'clock nt Lange school. Mr. Tay- and Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Stevens. | ' or - Oscar Bailey and Fanner Bng- Follon'iiig her marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Massey lived at Caruthersvillc and also In this cily until Mrs. Massey became ill of tuberculosis. Since that time she had spent most of. her lime in Denver bul ivenl to Corning for a time until she wns compelled to return (o Denver last year. During thc years Mr. Massey had been with her except during the fnll season when he bought cotton In Blythevilte nnd surrounding section but had spent his entire time there in the past several years when It became apparent thnt Mrs. Massey would never regain her health. The many Ulythcville Mends of .Mrs. Mnssey have often discussed her coiirnge during the illness nnd would read her cheerful letlers to olher long-time friends as a means of keeping in contact with her. Besides her husband, parents nnd one sister, Mrs. Massey is survived by one brothe, Aubry Estes, who lives al Corning. Mr. nnd Mrs. Thomas and a number of other Blytheville people plan lo altend Ihc riles. Water Heater Explodes But Damage Is Slight Explosion of a wnter heater stove at the Langslon-Wroten Motor Company caused a fire alarm nt 10:55 o'clock this morning. ' land are troop masters of the club. Max B. Reid, who was recently a guest of one of the Girl Scout troops ror n meeting at the Little House, commer.tcd on the nice work being done by the girls. "ThR New Oregon Trail," a moving picture, prepared by the highway department of thai stale, was shown the 42 members present Guests were: Mr. Faulkner, Joe Evrarrt W. O. Blue, ami A. E Mayor ami ix:e Bearden Mr. Roosevelt, 810,876. Garner, 128,2ai •_ _ _, - —•- Dewey received 448,390 in 4.9C9 G. c. Floyd, Education Depart- precincts, mcnt finance director, and Craw-, Lieut. Gov. John Stclle. self- ford Greene, information rlir«-to^.' styled .rebel, who had" crcateiT a ica ed that || 1(; s ( a(c Bmi .,, ot fl , ror( , Momlil} , by clec | nrllls ,,| m . riir"^nr 0 " * i S ' VC , nIfectfr " ; >-'--'i<»J, sclf governor because of the Illness ' of Gov. Henry Horner. nppiirently was defeated for Ihc Democratic gubernatorial nomination by his Horner-sponsored opponent, "Harry. directors and superintendents nn opportunity to correct the sitim- lion. They said (he board had no inclination (o invoke criminal ,lnws governing such situations Department officials, following Instructions of Governor Bailey Inst month nfter several school leaders turned lo the administration for financial relief, delegated 10 members of the staff to conduct the In- , B. Hcrshey, n country lawyer. OAf/MlA. Neb.. April 10. (UP)— Nebraska Republicans prefer Thorn- is E. Dewey lo Sen. Arthur H. Vandcnberg ns n presidential candidate, returns from yesterday's yestigatlon. The school leaders had preferential primary indicated to- informed the governor many day. was apparently . schools would be forced to shorten i Mr. Hooscvcll „„ „„,„„,„„. tcims unless additional moneys assured ol lhe state's 14 delegates "er provided from the cmiallzlng to lhe Domoerallc national convcn conlcst (o ;;c held iimong the , : 5bns of the American Legion for Ihe best essay, speccli or examination i i , "• •" — * »'•!- "'fisviJ^ iiiiu IJJUol IJIOUCITI UtT— •telroycrs. supporled by Innd balteries. One Brlllsh Sestioyer, ek .'.',, W '!Lf";;, k: lh ° I 10 ' 1 ",? ' CailC1 ' IIftr ^' <«» ™» »««unu and n±^i "v "°n" Si 8 ±™ V J5 P .A am "'r Cl1 : «« « 0st ^ *™» ««*ny THe outgunned Urlllsh destroyers, however, reported they hud torpedoed and probably sunk n 1,000-lon German destroyer, n J had sunk based on RupeD liughc.s* nppcarfng in n current n It WfUf ticcftfcij at (ho innnM "' "" «<V. llkllllll£ iJI 1'UllL.k.-) the Diiil Cnson post of the Amerl- vide foi cnn Legion lust night nl (lie Hut. of lOOT ™J,i"n N '"T ! i' tol , ul V™ s tlle w ««f»' opernllon yet disclosed and Indi- cnmn-mpUII '" ™"" 1 l ire l>"™ l '<""'. ""!• other war developments TROMSOS-Nonveslan forces were reported lighting 'p'erjiirins north . _ .. ....... in-Milw''?- 0 '! '""''"a >.>t°<%tt lhe .highway lo TromspeWerUs still Barbers Held Invalid tSf'' T*."" 1 ^<^^ : ^^-^f^^^ 20(1 Norwegian troops were reported killed,or article I LflTLI-J ROCK, April 10.-The »l«lc legislature exceeded its police price fixlnu Ii Iu Act . ,, •-- -j- •ihalrnmn terdny In « suit bronchi l>v p p of lhe Sons of lhe Legion commit- Davis, Lllllc Rock barber. ' ' tec. lo work out plans. Pinnl arrangements were fund. pleled for the O)d Car Derby lo be held Sunday. Commander Don Edwards announced that n lour'is being made Into Southeast Missouri nnd lhe south end of Mississippi comity lo publlcl/c the race nnd sell (Ickets. O. R. Carter and Floyd A, White were appointed n committee lo conlnct owners of a skating rink to see II nny deal can be made whereby Hits posl cnn sponsor the rink nnd obtain n percentage of lhe proceeds. A book, "American Armies and Battlefields In Europe" has been | The chancellor granted Mr. Davis com- nn injunction restraining lhe stale - ' Hoard of Barber Examiners from interfering with opernllon , i ii, ••—••• -"•• '««»>.-isiiin iiuups were reported Killed,or wounded in lighting against, Ocriiwn-forces•marching-northward from ps o lhe Germans occupied Hainnr, temporary Norwcglnc, capital, bul t wns Indicated thai the Norwegians were going to resist despite TOrmaiis 1 ' 151101 ' 18 ' llnl "^ B °" 8hl '° ° Vm PWC ° nceot ! !lUons - wll LONIJON-Forelgn Secretary Viscount Halifax nnnounccd that the Allies would nglit Gerninn control of Norway, rrom which the Nazis could launch submarine nnd nit- nttncks across the North Sea, regardless of the attitude ol thc Norwegian government leaders. PARIS—Allied atr-navnl operations reported under way against G«r- •"""" ~i Norwegian const; French (leet joins British In campaign; «hoj) nt 2202 Street. • ••—••-t, v^,.i.ii, ui:i:u juins ijriiisn m campal of his llejmuid Kovcrnmcnl In trouble lor letting Germans gel to Norway K'rnni^im: M_C,,,^^I,.., ,.„,! . .-_ , ... .... J . i lion, and ir lhe uncounted voles K'ven to Ihc posl By Congressman ing To meet the situation, the stito' c " rrv oul (ilc trend of lhe counted board March 9 increased allotments Oll -s. Dewey had the H Republican from tlie fund nboiit $220.000. At delegaUa' The primary results arc ...".. ... t *,,.n, iiuuiit t^zu.ouo. At ^'^'^o*"^- 1 ' ' "t i/iuimry results arc that time tlie board found there " ot binding on the delegates, but had bren irregularities in lhe re- tlle y USUI<I1 y "re followed, porling of attendance records bv Nebraska had been ballyhooed as six districts. Governor Bailey said *" lncl(?x of fftr »i bell sentiment, this might have resulted from "an Dewcy's campaign tours had led honest misinterpretation of tne Illm ^ tfm ^ Nebraska twice ntid lie equalizing fund regulations" | lln<1 stated 'n fnrm program here. — ' ': Vandenbcrg did not cnnipnlgn in 117'll' SI ^ 1C Sl**^William 0. Warren, 22 i Relurrs tl °'» 955 or 2.052 nic- C i i ii • l.clncts gave: OUCCUmbs At Hospital r\>r president (Rcpublicani — i Dewey 35.05S; Vnndenberg 35,511; William Oliver Warren of West IDnnorrallc)— Honsevelt -tl 292 Ridge, 'died yesterday afternoon nt ' Walls Hospital n short time arter ..o,.., ..U^.M,, „ 5Mon . llmc nftcr he had been admitted. He was 22. . Mrs. William Adams ly went to Memphis for Dies Tuesday — IJ/tllu bhane, Lynch Head ' i dlcci - • -~i V> •-(\VllttlkLi before entering the hospital here where an emergency operation was ........ . na - performed a few minutes before he Wllll!> "> L - Adams, died sudden- jdicd. ly yeslerdny afternoon al the lam Mrs. Mory Jennings Adnms. Funeral services \vill be held Ihk "?' rcsl(1 " lcc ' --- —«••• • —•• afternoon at the Garden Point ^ M - fM<>r •**?"« bccn strictau Cemetcrv where bnriM ".,„ L ' " fcv m " n " ds bcf0l ' c of »' h;U Dc WAS apparently a heart atlacrfc. Masons Will Meet At Lodge Hall Tonight Chlcknsavvb/i Lodge No. I.'H R nnd A. M, will meet In rcjjiilnr stntcd coiumunlcntlon Wednesday sight nt T-.HO o'clock. L. E. Ilaker. Worshipful Master, rmimi-ra thnt there will lie work In the E. A. degree ntid that vlsil- nre Invited to attend. •! r ii I a ""i.jwu.-j mi. JIIVILLU l(J JlttLCld i« i ,°, a , U !' n2S nntl wns I'fracntcd Refreshments will be served follow-' msl nlglil by Commander Edwards. Ing the meeting. Memplvians Predict Success For Cotton Picking Contest Following the cnterlaliuncnt of Memphis representatives of thc Cotton Carnival, several members of thc Nntlonnl Cotton Picking Association visited leaders ot the coiton Industry in Memphis Tuesday, urging support ror the Nn- tlonnl Cotton Picking Contest which will be singed in Blylhevllle, Scpl. 23 nnd 24. Reports from the Committee members were extremely fnvornble nnd cooperation wns pledged from every source. It. wns Cemetery where burial made. Paralysis Group Cecil Shane v,ns appointed chairman and B. A. Lynch secretary and treasurer of the North Mississippi county chapter of lhe Nn- tfonai Foundation for Inlantilc Paralysis yesterday afternoon when thc chapter was organized nt the J~lOlCl NOolP, •-•- •" - *-« «,» ivur urOlUCJVj v»iu*u ^tujti-i;!/. C. A. Cunningham, w. J. \Vun-i5' Sl Roy ^ Hftr<lill K and Ewlng Iior " ln Lexington, Teiin.. Jrrs. ClCrlfCh Dr J? "" "• " ' Wnrr^H flTin l\r\f> Clctni* \n~- »-,ii_ .\rl<ii,iu \^ml 1Urn^ *.„..-. t ^ stated. Albert Mnllory, cotton executive, p ,. : S!>I( ' """ "le Coiton Carnival Com- fir - u niltlce and others In Hie Industry of Blylhevllle citizens and place (heir cnlfre support behind the National Cotton Picking Contest. Reprcsentntlvcs of cotton seed r ^ ^ - --• L--- 11 <>• vutiui^ iui iyum^ vjut 1111111:9 gui' m JNUCwuy. HTOOKIIOLM—Sweden calls up reserves lo defend neutrality fUri- ous srn-nlr llglitlii(> reporled between Allies and Germans along' Nor- wcginn coast, UEKLIN-aermnns rorliry NorwDglnn ports wllh cosier to Britain mid Worth Atlantic ship lanes. AMSTERDAM—Ilollnnd slrenglhens aerman frontier, fearing InVa- AnfSKO, Swedish border— Germans Invading Narvik torpedoed two Norwegian worships with loss of 5-12 lives. REYKJAVIK.—Icelnmi severed virtually nil connection with Denmark, transferring the pcrogntlves or King Christian to thc Icelandic government. . . • '• News of lhe naval operations—In which the French licet was put under British command, still wns Inr from complete nnd It wns emplm- jstecd In London dispatches that the Allied forces were carrying out a vast opernllon designed lo bottle up Germnns on the Norwegian coast and presumably to Inml expeditionary forces. Whether Hint gonl — vitnl lo thc Allied cause — could be achieved against the elaborate German preparations Tor occupation of Denmark and Norway was highly uncertain, bul British Foreign Secretary Viscount Hnllfnx declared In n speech In London that nothing would prevent Hie British nml French from righting to drive the Nazis out ot Scandinavia. The Germans, long reluctant to open n now wnr front, obviously had considered every possibility ol the risk Ihcy ran In throwing out long lines on lhe Norwegian coast and rejiorls of lhe first results of fighting Indicated the elfcclivcness of their preparation to light off the Allied .ilr nnd naval forces. The Urllish, lioivcvcr, iverc counting on thc ability of the .Alfred floats had been __ , lul IM , past four months until he bccann ^ He is survived by four brothers. Grove Cemetery She was 42. Count" 1 ° f Soulluvcsl Funeral services were lo be held m?if^ C ?,',"" s for the Rc * J L ' w °°1™», C p«toro V f ili'c mil,* ,„„„ „. „ First c , |Ureh of t|]e Nazarcn| , f|| church, with burial i-i Maple and Mrs. James' B. „„,„ „„, named on the executive committee. In the absence or James Hill '"•'"' ""'s 1 'Jr., county chairman of the'Fight! Holt F>u " cral ""me is In charge. Ilnrnntile Paralysis 1640, b. S. Benish yesterday's meeltiig. Announcement was Adams had lived here ror a 'mim- 1 husband, she 'is sur- crs, fertilizing companies, cotton bagging concerns and others arc planning to meet with members or thc locnl committee soon lo discuss plans for planting nm! Inking care of the crop from now imlll the cotton Is picked on Sept. '24. It Is hoped thnt an all-time record will be marked up at thc contest lor yield. The site for (he contest was definitely selected Tuesday. One ., lumdrcd ncrcs of Inml belonging lo would do everything within their ^ D - Hughes about a mile from power lo help make a success ol thc cllv limits has been chosen by tllO rrmtncl nll,IT,m,illn />J\n1>.»ll in.* tile CGPllTllMpft 'T'hflc c\1n \t-nr. ,-n i*u\\i:i 10 iipjp mnKe a success 01 L 1 -' V J' i 1 ""^ nas »mi cnosen oy the contest. Blytheville committee lllc committee. This site was se- lu.'ijivM'niniivcs 01 coiton seed '"<• "ruisn, jioivevcr, were counting on thc ability of the Anted floats companies, implement manufacliir- to cul o lr German forces which occupied such points ns Bergen, strav- crs, fcrllllzhiR coninanles. rotlnn niiEcr nnd Narvik before Ntizl pxnctlltlannrv fni-cnc noinhiuiio,! ii,»« «r "" —-'•"",, "". \-t.j l.t.jvd ULLUH' 1 -^! allCII {JVIIIlj, 1(5 UCI'gtrll otnlV- -.-„-. and Narvik before Nazi expeditionary forces established lines of communication by line. The superior Allied fleets would normally seem lo be In a position ot advantage In such operations, but they were forced 10 go against German ncrial nnd U-uont power in nddlllon to the nat- mnl defenses of (he Norwegian coast. Thc rnct that Norwegian government lenders were reported preparing for negotiations with the Germnns for a settlement was highly discouraging to Ihe Allied capitals but Lord Halifax emphasized that such peace negotiations would have no cllect on the British-French campaign ngainsl the Germans in Scandinavia. Inquiry Into Death Of Willie Harris Ends (iustry, national Schlrnicr"! W<lrr " 1 ' ail<1 oni: slslcr ' Miss Eliza- Adams had live lark were, I 10 " 1 Warr ™' al1 of whom reside her ol years, 'nnimiiipn '"' tllc vicinity of Lepanlo anrl Besides her husband, she is sin- ••"•""'"" i'" u '"-"-y wmtn me couon f vived by one daughter Mrs Ruby lmlustrv "'111 receive from the Nn- .. Lyles: two sisters, Mrs Jeisl'c Bay- ," orial Col 'o» Picking contest will , singer and Mrs. Betty Yales. .inrt be ln "tlmable and should help n!'"! one brother, Isaac Lvles »'ll or 8rftal <Icnl ln accomplishing Ihc I" 1 incmbers also called al the olllces las the bieecst idei " s " re B01 "B lor «'ard lor the to ll« S hi" " g fCSt ', Va l 5C , pt ' 23 ' OI1C day bcfo " •»«„>,<*« ^(j ..TI,» "'» contest. Committees nre bclnc who were questioned yesterday, being No arrests linvc been made and ipnlan said Tlic "",,...,^^10 mu UHILB .'« uiic^^ nuve uteu innae nna which the cotton ," , ° !lantll < ; 0« ™st crowds ' thc case U apparently closed, nc- of people who will visit Blytheville cording lo thc sheriffs office nt $214.91 due from Harvey "Pointing a Fur ,, The phrase, "to point n f ur ," sed in the fur garment. Industry L means lo add while hairs to n pel't one brolhcr, Isaac Lyles all ol 8rftal <Icnl ln accomplishing Cedar Grove, Tenn ' .Purposes set down by the National Cotton Council." Cobb Funeral Home was in! hear thc many , Cnruthersvllle. [high school bands which will be : The men. questioned by Deputy ;kcd to participate for cash Constable Viars, were released after prizes. The- evening's entertainment a short time, will include thc singing of a giant A meeting of executives of the Cotton Council was planned for — ••»>.. *ia*vu> \j, ^UUUM, means lo nan whsi*. iiair,. * i, ,> wvu.. v^k/u.i^.i vvraa uitnuiuii iur acting trustee, which will be Inn,- 0 g ve I llw: Iroiu oL I ° f ,r S , UP ?"S f " consllmcd "' lllc TUM ^1' bul due to the absence n,,. „-:•.--•: - - *• cd over lo the chapter in the near ™m,im. *in TI>. " ° n Unltc(i stntcs ttr « imported prln- from the city of several of thc *S?nA n " lneC V ™ S " One ' ' L ^"""won M the ch t"r is ™- I tbete <''M*% %"* ^ ?! P ," V ; ^\ Brltlsh Ma1a > 8 ' UlC Cttulw11 'Ambers the me ting "as «Micported. ' celvert from natfona) hcafl ^ B fiablc dealers f ° X " y rc ' , " n ' lc<1 Klll ^ om . ""<' Netherlands, not held. It Is believed, however, ' • I lliUm . • . , )flinflllA^ n< ir.nlt...l1ll 1- .V -..!_.. . , , I that the council will back the plan show wilh some nationally pvoml- bcing thc big hit of lhe rtny. (Ulronomtcal Fireworks Ends time.a comet comes near- the sun It loses a portion of its Kiwanians Mapping Convention Plans The Klwanfs Club made plans for the one-day district convention of Klwanls clubs here April 22 at Its meeting at the Hotel Noble today. A directors' meeting was held Immediately following the club's luncheon session. Jimmy Smotliermnn was a guest of Ihe club today. of the Cotton Boll" will be recovered. Whenever clirran win l» m.A, Vn i ,. '"""emi. wnenevei- tlle earth and warmer «: Sa^ i ^^.m^^^^ i ssi.'«.«s UK, tommiucc. -1 In the Mellon of oiu- atmosphere, I Thursday afWnMXX! WEATHER Arkansas — Showers, warmer Iri extreme east, colder In northwest portion tonight; Thursday cloudy^ showers In east *nd south portions, colder. , • *.. ..a| Memphis and vicinity T-cloudy the ^arth and warmer with showers tonight J ~ ' ' ' »armor tonight

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