Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 11, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 11, 1937
Page 3
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, jtfoveffbgr 11,1087 fl Q$S STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THRI® Crete MRS. SID HENRY TELEPHONE 82T Armistice Dny—November 11 In France the swaying popples shed Their flnmc-likc petals where the dead Are sleeping tjuictly. Like drops of blood They mnrk the spot where young manhood Yielded its life that Truth might know ' Its fullest liberty . . . Poppies glow, But when distilled, give pain surcease— And souls of dead lads whisper "Peace."—Selected. Mrs. Horace Jewell and Miss Linda Jewell have as guesU for the Conference, Mrs. George Hughes of Benton and Mrs. John Hollis of Little Hock. _O- . Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Milam and Mrs. Garrctl Slory were Thursday visitors in Lilllc Rock. ** Rev. H. A. McGuirc of Mcna is lite house guest of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hill. Mrs. J. C. Pullen of Vivian, La., arrived Saturday for n week's visit wilh Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hoartie. Logs, Blocks and Bolts We nro In the market for White Oak, Overciip, Burr Oak, Red Onk and Sweet Gum Logs. Round Sweet Gum and Black <Jum Block.^, Onk, A<Ui ai*d Duo Bolts. For I'rlccs and Specifications Apply to Hope Heading Company PHONE 245 JACK and SECK SHORT ORDERS Clilll Mac—Ho| Pork Sandwiches 216 South Walnut Rev, R. C. Walsh of Stwrkrnttn, Ark. Rev. W. T. Bone of Richmond Circuit and Rev. C. H. Farmer of Star City arc guests in the home of Dr. and Mrs. Don Smith for Conference week. Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Slory have asConferencc guests, Rev. J. W. Nclli- ercutt of Hot Springs. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Perkins have as guest for this week, Mrs. J. C. Johnson of El Dorado. -O- Thc Paisley P. T. A. held its rcgu- Inr monthly meeting on Wednesday nflcrnoon at Paisley School. A very enthusiastic gathering of 50 mothers greeted the president when Die meeting WHS called to order. The program was featured by u splendid talk from Miss Beryl Henry, city school superintendent, on "What the Public School is Trying to Do." Mrs. Sccva Gibson reported on the recent P. T. A. Congress held in Pine Bluff. Mrs. Will's room received the dollar for having Ihe greatest number of mothers present. -O- Mrs. J. H. Arnold lias as Conference guests, Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Workman of Fordycc anil Mrs. Frank Simmons of Liltle Rock. -O- Miss Ellen Carrigan was a Thursday visitor in Arkadclphin. -O- Rev. J. W. Thomas of Huttlg. Ark., Call Harry Phone 148 Cull Hurry I'll pick up your liiundry. HARRY PHIPPS To Present Comedy at Laneburg Friday Night Miss Blue Bonnet, a three-net comedy, will bo presented in the auditorium of Control High School of Laneburg, Friday night, November 19, under the direction of Mrs. Mnry Knob- Inugh of Dnylona Beach, Florida. The cast includes fourteen characters and five choruses consisting of sixty people, nil home talon I, The cast of characters: Dr. Evans, Thomas Barksdalc; Mrs. Evans, Mrs. .Jcwcllc Callicott; Mng- nolia, Jamie Cocfield; Burton Hill, Couch Henley; Hickory Stout, John Lewis Saunders; Miss Blue Bonnolt, Miss Francylle Rilcy; Minerva, Jcan- ncltc SuUon. Janie Bell Brnnahan, Rebecca Daniell; Una, Brownie Andres; Kale, Marguerite Easterling; Susie, Edna Gann; Sally, Mildred Danicll; Triad, Norman Cofiold; Wes Evans, Mnlvin Calhoun. and Rev. J. L. Tucker of Hoi Springs are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hur- rcll for the Conference. —o~ Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Coop have returned from their wedding Irip and arc in residence at the Godboll apartments on West Second street. Mrs. Coop, before her marriage, was Miss Mary Helen Fiscus of Wynne, Ark. -O- 1'iie record of the contribution Arkansas made in men during the World war is found in the official files of the nation's fighting forces for Armistice day remembrance. The list shows that 455 Arkansas soldiers and marines died overseas. That <I39 Arkansas soldiers were killed in action or died of wound, eight of whom were officers. That 1,G.')7 Arkansas soldiers survived wounds. 'Hint 64,874 Arkansas men served in Ihe army, 452 in the Marines and 4.567 in the navy. That 119 Arkansas women served us army nurses. —Arkansas Guzulter. _O- Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Perkins have ns their guests Mr. Perkins' mother Mrs. C. I. Perkins of Walnut Ridfie, Ark., and John Bulger of Washington, Ind. The jimson weed gets its name from a corruption of "Jamestown"; the hungry Virginia colonists once dined on a mess of jimson weed greens and were lucky to escape wilh their lives, since the plant is poisonous. i LAY "AWAY" A GIFT A DAY Start making your gift down payment and we for you. Steerhide Zipper Billfold selections now. A small will put your gift away READING LAMPS With simp purse inside. Complete for 98c Men's Travel Kits In blond leather completely fitted wilh nil accessories. In beautiful ship designs. 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Phon We Give Eagle Stamps Betty Enrolls Lum 'n Abner that 1 they have made an Impression M a person. ftememtoefY too, the more that you ind out about a person the easier it will I* tot you to remember his name. Sven the smallest bits of information :ive you something on which to hang ito name. . . Fear is the w&rst foe of personality, fislde yoU afe .'friendly, anxious to ike others, and eager for them to like ton. But you are afraid to show that riendllncss- for' fear It will be mis- tnderstood and you will be snubbed. Only with, people that you feel are tow inferiors are you able to be yourself, •',:'• Most Are In Same Boat It sounds like a pretty hopeless sort f situation—but 'cheer up. At least alt of the people In the world are ike you. And psychologists say that 11 of us have some fears caused by eollng of inferiority along some lines. Take advantage of the psychol- glst's secr'et that all people feel In- erior at times, and set about putting ther people at ease. Don't stand silent when you meet another person. Start alking to him. Find out everything you can about that stranger, telling irri just as little as you can about yourself. And when you part com- lany, it's ten to one he will leave •ou saying, "My, what an interesting lerson." And more than that, he'll irobably bless you in his heart for 'Our friendliness. For underneath his ine clothes he probably was as ill-at- :aso and embarrassed as you were. (Copyright 1937, NEA, Service, Inc.) That's Lum on the Left. Lum and Abner, top-notch radio stars, have joined the Pine Ridge chapter of the American Red Cross. "Yeah, and I reckon them folks and icighhors o' our back there at Pine liclge air jest nbout th' smartest pco- anywhere around," chuckled Lum is he sikncd his name to a check. "Yes, sir!" agreed Abner. "Why, I'll ) ejiggered if I don't think they could talk Crosby into bcttin' on one of his >wn horses. Smart folks back there 11 Arkansas. Stead o 1 writiu us a Ictor, they jest got that cut little trick, Betty Grable, to com right up to see us, slick as a button, and tell us about the Rod Cross. "Heh-Heh," giggled Abner. "Lum, you shore war a fidgetin' thar when you was a try in' to tell Miss Grable low you knowcd what a wonderful iml worthy cause the Red Cross be. I 55,000 members. jest had to laugh. I knowed you jest couldn't resist a purty little gal like that." "Yeah," retorted Lum. "Well, purty gal or not, I sec you got yore membership in the Red Cross paid." Zjum and Abner, the two "old gentlemen," are in real life Chester Lauck and Norris Goff, formerly of Mena Ark. Miss Betty Grable, Paramount's newest star, was special represntative for the American Red Cross,in obtaining the two memberships from the former Arkansans. The Arkansas enrollment started Ihi; Thursday, Armistice Day under the leadership of Donald Murray of Jonesboro, state chairman. The goal is We, the Women By Ruth Millett Personality Is Interest in Others Hope Boy Is Taken (Continued from Page One) Niodtfalek, 17, New York Gity. Two hours later, after the trio had been turned over to Sheriff Tom Stew* ell, the fourth member of the party was captured by State Police Office* S. R. Copeland, who found Thoftias Byrd, 17, of West Virginia, hiding in a vacant store building where three of the four boys slept Monday night. He admitted, Sheriff Sewell said, that he and Womaek had taken the (far. After he fled the wreck scene the youth said he made his way back to the vacant store building 1 in the hope of eluding officers. Beastey's truck was damaged con- iderably. Attested by Copeland Stale Police Officer S. R. Copelahd if Hope, who figured in the investigation of the car theft at Texarkana, aid Thursday that he had arrested two ather youths in a separate case of automobile theft. Copeland said ho arrested two youths' who gave their names as Harold Rauch 9, and Richard Buster, 18, of New York and California, for the theft >f an automobile at Ventor, La. Arrest of the two youths and the Romantic Ties Undergradoates at Princeton and tale are spirting a new foulard tie that appears ,at first glance to be merely a very fine dot all-over pat- :ern. Closer inspection, however, jroves that the pattern is made up of iines of lettering that say "She would lave me, she' won't have me she would have, rne—" and "She would if she could bo she can't." Personality is not inherited. It is levcloped by Ihe trial and error methyl of gelling along wilh people. But incc the method is slow, and often -ostly, the wise person learns what 2tldie Canlor comes Sunday In his >est picture . . . sure . . . it's "All Balm Goes to Town" . . . nt the— NOW -He,- —of course. newest/ he can from the mistakes and* .successes of others. One thing that] he should not have! to find out for; himself is the importance of remembering the peoploj he meets. It is important to remember their names, their faces, and what they are doing in the world. ,| Don't go around saying to people,"I always remember faces, but I can't remember names to same my life." It isn't a thing to be proud of, and besides, you can remember names if you take a litlle trouble. Make Sure of Name When you are introduced to another person and the name is mumbled so Lhat you are not sure whether it is Simon or Simmons, ask to have it repeated. Then say it over to yourself a few times until you are sure that you know it. When you leave Mrs. Simmons—if it was Simmons, and not Simon—call her by name. People ike the sound of their own names. Ruth MiUett with FRANCHQT TONE ROBERT. YOUNQ ; )PIALTO CLARK GABLE & JOAN CRAWFORD "LOVE ON'THE RUN" FRl. & SAT. • I flAK GENE L V V IV AUTRY "Public Cowboy No. 1" —and— IRENE HERVEY -in- 'The Lady Fights Back' TODAY & FRIDAY The man they're all raving about. Robert Wilcox, Miss America's newest licnrt-llirob—in n drama of cold bullets mid warm love! THE MAN ,N BLUE with Robert Wilcox, Nan Grey Edward Ellis, Alma Kruger, Ralph Morgan, Billy Burrud, ALSO , ALSO "JIOU-VWOOD SCREEN TEST" "TELEVISION HIGHLIGHTS" FOR THE PRICE OF This Ad mid One Paid 20c Ticket Will Admit Two Adults. i Sleep Warm in VANITY FAIR BALBRIGAN NITIES Just Arrived LADIES' Specialty Shop $16.95 DRESSES • FOR $4.98 The Gift Shop PHONE 252 ol the stolen cai* near Pulton. Louisiana officers have been notified and the two youths Will face charges in Louisiana, Copeland said. Ownership of the car was tfaeed tfc the major of Ventof, La. John Adams and John Quincy Adams ate the only father and son «ver to become President of the United States. The <eld«r Adams lived fat more than one year after the inauguration of his son. Have ywif winter Suit dry cleaned In out I rtuxtefn plant—pressed' by exjterts —delivered ftfoftt fitly* PHONE 385 HALL BROS, Cleaners & Hatters JOIN THE CROWD CELEBRATE ARMISTICE NIGHT AT THE PAN AMERICAN SHOWS ALL WEEK-HOPE, ARK. Adjoining Toi-E-Tcx Oil Co., Highway 67. Sensational Rides, Shows and attractions. Kiddie Band, Concession Amusements, Entcrtaing to alL Don't Miss It. ^iiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmimiimiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmfiiiiimiiiifif H PROFIT SHARING COUPON £ = Clip This and Save Money. f = Special Ride Coupon § This Coupon and Service Charges of lOc Entitles Bearer to 3 Ridesf on any lOc Ride. VALUE 30c MM W*J» H*B^ A V^* »*»»» W« — iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin' Balmacaan Raglan Swagger Boxy SPORT COAT SALE There's frost in the air, but you won't mind it when you're wearing one of these luxuriously waritt sport coats in novelty woolens. $A98 9 Made, to Sell for $12.95 and $15 LINED AND INTERLINED Every wanted style, In sizes for women and misses, but a limited number in each size, E PH AN' DEPARTMENT STORE

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