The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on November 7, 1954 · Page 33
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 33

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 7, 1954
Page 33
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IIIK LNDUNAmi IS STAR blC. 3 rAGL J 1 1 VK1 J nu SrVDAT. NOVEMBER 7. First Federal Loan Firm Will Move Epan!on of 're ",.' Foi-f i Saving. i Loan A wwa-t.on of Ind.srapoLs. row io-cved on Mor .ment fVrie at !t Market St.-eet. into larger quai'ten on the g:-o .nd f.oor a' the noithea.j r t) of Purrs'. !-arid Vaii.refivi St tv'v va? airoiinH vefpi iiay h Vpi.l M H.cks. p;eiter.t of t:ie company. The move, whith more than triples l'irt r'ederai", floor spare, will he made Rome tiiqe after the firt of the vear follow in; extensive Interior and exterior remodeling of the PeiiiisvlvanU and Washington Street site. The Bite ha remained empty sime arated early lust summer by the. H.iag; Drug ompany. Organized as a stale chiter-t ed buildin? and loan association in 1915 and located on North Delaware Street. Fitt Federal moved to it Monument Circle location in 1916 -two years slier it was converted lo Federal savins and loan as-aociation. WITH ASSKTS now exceed-i-2 $10.')00,UOO, Hicks said, the lum has found it impossible to nerve its more than 7. fKMt cus-tomet in its present damped quarters. Saving accounts, he naid, have increased 37.7 per cent and moi-tRace loans have increased 3t per cent since the lust of the ear. First Federal now occupies l.ti'X) squaie feet of floor space and will gain an additional 1 900 square feet of ground Hoor epace and l.fiuO square feet of basement space through the move. The .savins and loan association president said that his present staff of 11 emploves will probably be increased after the expansion. THE FORMER Haac' location is a part of the Odd Fellows Building which is owned by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Negotiations for the lease were handled heie by Klein & Kuhn and Fieber A Reilly real estate agencies. George A. Kuhn Jr., vice-president of Klein & Kuhn, said yes-lerday that the present First Federal location on Monument Circle will be leased following the nwe but that negotiations have not been completed. Prices Of Week For Livestock lnliiuiol) HfKS-Compriil with Krldny Oct. J. i it lite run ovrcim H'lv deficit tun welt iwp! ibout In lln witli k tnd tr 8". Smll mid-week ruin trr .., hut V.,ddy Urge Sio lt moitljr 2550c lower, 240 ty Art W ui1I.iui ' ':; 1S 50$lt.73 Wef,k top. in ? f l? 'V".,0,-ttsi 120 to 11,1 V " rl,n , cr.ur to d(.ivrj ipi.ri on tai acripnuii r.nw to 2 000 held V" "-in i r,Vdm ".'.,c. i,.d .nj 1 lu. LuHl cos. Cumpxed P'f "; c o e .teen .nd Heiiev. .te.oj J"-,, V5k7eM d.e,Jpins on ler r uif hone; Price uplu.n on cuv.. l brought ut.l..J uid onirnemai J .del lo 25c '' i..a monif 5(h UP . Bull luny I iidy. Mocker uio feeder dull tew id.a .bout .te.d. S. load, prime 11U9-lbs ileer. lold U rre KS.0O-JJ8 r.0 lo.d h.fu cnoice to pi.m 6d0 lb. weiinu in regui.r tr.diug ;-fu-Cnoic. lie-. " tlie boujnt lo imn i.0i).SJ. ou liuer pact e.gnl nd ., to.di ,, It rt.Eh rnnice lo.S-lli l "ni'n'ii, lome toiulgiimeuU crmm end l- l'mt Ciood U low, cl.oM tee,. .21 UU-S24 -.:-), mo,tu $i i. uo. C'JBi-KCll to 10. good S17.UO-S20 SO UU -uv rid". Sl.V0u-.US "i0 To loads ut.l-!t 040 lb we.fliU J1J 50 U.d t,',0 lb mixea yc.rl.iis run..... an tHrVtourtm heiferi, $27 00 Couple losdi i)Uj choice MO-907 lb mrd yefc-llng. SJ3 "0-$25 33 Lod choice 9..0 tnce heifer.. J20.UO-S2.. .0 Ot.ier SVcii to ,ood 14 50-119 50. Cutter . id uliiny hel.efs. U00-Kuo tnutj md cnrmerciH coi from mid-weet on 19 00-J12.0O. Sc.ttering .tra.g iil-b.neied commercial cow. i3 30-$U.ui. tanneri na cutten lat. S7 00-S9 50. sneily cajinen, SA.30. down. fUUW and com-me'c: bu.ia Sia 00-114 50. Individual cjmmerciai. S15 00 uaiiner and cutter rdei, cmer,y S1050-J1J50 Medium .od t"oo lk leer calve, and l.giu a-'.inn Sl00$i9 00. few moaiiy tno.c lou to J21 50. l ALVt.4-i)ualuy ol veaier run tor mult (t. . unattractive inrougn tne eei jiaoe. fM aim below in me bu.a. Compweo niu.y Oct. a. vfaieri ciiox-. and bett.r (iuM-a ttrui.l to Si 00 higner in leipoiut li icarcity lower .od er cane, .bout .t. dj. tnune to prime veal-nr. JJ1 to a- Little e-igiuie to il .jcn S23. Inaiv.aual prime vea.ei, 14. commercial and gid, ti to 40. run ami util.iy. nuaiiy $ t J ' 4. tew ciioio. heivy vl t)p c.lve. to Most conimercial and good, S12 to S 14. Cull ai-d utility. $7 to Si I. I.:if SS up HI ir-Wffk traae featuid by i,-lii p.njion in leceipts Week to Nov. 4. .uppuei of t 200 aoout 2 500 previoui ee. Wooled limb predomniaied mooente ihowing iliorn l.mtt. Ye.rilngi .Si,ent .bout 1.1 per cent, of total eitei and tetden. Compared to Oct. 2. I'Pturru en rxled u.d .norn lamo. on Tueaoay completely erased in rloimg both cnu finiilung .te.dy to 50c lower Sl.unliter vn and feeder lamb, about iteidy Bii k ood to prime wooled limn, a' week . bt. n-lllng 120 to S2I. Ut ' torap.i.S' K-.iiei SU 50 to S20. Stixed utility .nd Iiod l.mtm on the clow. S14 50 to Sid f-i!.bll lot good to mntl choice liiirn Kerb, with No 1 pelt. Thurd.y. S31 IW4 choice to price No 1 ik:ni on tr ei,-e $20 Cull to choK H.ush'er ew i to $5. Few loud mouth breeding -e to ST. Odd choice yeir'ir-. ewe. to S10 Moat medium and good feeder Uirm, $13 o $14 few motl coo4 lot. to f Ay.. mi w . iniip i Optra I VUI Vffll IVUOIIIWJJ Enjoy $12,000 ti $25,000 Yiirly Incomi Territories Available rnlmipeHt mJ Strreirdlri Areit ()L okossimtion. i" msi-mi simost qi Asrfgt or t rrwTt'ir. strn ti riiss. nu.sinin bisimss. ihit wirwist A iHoir mine nr umi: hill give vol a bhiis TRAM AVIRI(, IXOMS is irviwsi. IIOSI: Is (.(Kin TIMFS OB BAD. HI RAVI I'M St A I, rSDOBl MISTS TSOM MAST toctcts, nil rnoiSAsns nr iatisftfd isfrs. r nif Tor compleii ruxn tiaisiso ni ivrsvr.r dis- TBIBTTni SFCOVFBS HI. INITIAL INVFSTtHFNT WI1HIS A rttinn or sis months, ir toc rFFt toi; r as Qt surT ros this orrorcfiTT asb hatr atailarif s: vi to si?.nno tor this isTtsTMTST. wr srnfr.r toc writ? fttvisj rs toi RACRr.Rni sn ash rnnsr sivbfr rni immfdiatk in. tfrtith. so f-uu, isntANArni.n star. II n "W m' '""' ' "' "LA """" OPENING SET FOR THURSDAY-Opening of this new Steak 'n Shake drive-in restaurant at 2660 Lafayette Road Thursday morning will mark the first appearance in Indiana of the five-state chain of restaurants. Four more ore planned in the CHI lnnllQljr , VAlgnOgJ AMERICAN ESTATES SAIE-Mr. ond Mrs. Melvin Hanson hove purchased this brick Colonial home at 7480 North Illinois Street from Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kelly. Mrs. Jane Steadman of the American Gadget 'E.vrs' feip SeH Houses, Palmer Construction Firm Finds A sprcial type of dnnr knork-fr or a clot Iips chute to Hip br-ispmcnt are only minor items w hfn a builder is constructing a house, hut either may be the deciding; factor which causes a 'customer to buy the house instead of one across the street. This is the theory of Fred Palmer and his son, Richaifl Palmer, who own 1he F. L. Palmer and Snn Construction Company, 212 North Delaware Street. After the main item of construction, location and financing have been discussed with a prospective customer, these Inexpensive little "Rad(-eU" ran be emphasized, Fred L, Palmer pointed out. "They can provide that, 'extra' it so often takes to cet your customer to the deciding point and on the dotted line," he added. TIIK KTKRAV home builder and designer, who will observe his 50th anniversary in the construction business next year, said his firm has found , this extra equipment a great asset in today's highly-competi-the market. An article on the Palmer company's use of these items is featured in the October issue of Practical Builder Magazine. In addition to the door knocker and the clothes chute, Palmer's firm installs metal lid holders and spice shelves inside kitchen cabinet doors, an exhaust fan near the kitchen stove, a milk and package receiver in the outside wall of the kitchen, a block of marble with sand-blasted house numbers which is set in the exterior wall just below the outside entrance lisht, attic cooling fans, marble window sills and other "extra" features. These Item ran be found In the 30 hnmps already built in Palmer's1 Kessler Rouleard Addition and in many nf the homes the rompany has built on contracts. Most of these houses are in the Slfi.OOO to .MX.OOO price range. Palmer and his wife recently returned from a seen-wcek tour of Europe which covered some 12,000 miles. Naturally, Palmer took a keen interest in building activity in the countries they visited. HE SAID HE WAS particularly impressed by the large number of modern apartment, buildings in Italy, England. Belgium, Germany and Holland. The Indianapolis builder said he saw very tew new single-family homes, and no large-scale developments such as those found on the outskirts of most American citiets. "Peonle in Europe just don't a... n. . iwn rviicinot: t wi All srrstso rtw tncits- SIVR IVDIVim SLS WITH k St C-nssni, SFLLINO RStROIOISD rot hk.hi.t sslsbli mom rr D SFIVlrt. WITH ItrMFS. noi s mmift. t sn s. Indianapolis area, however, leo DuClos will manage the modern new establishment which will accommodate 60 can. Hours will be from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. daily. (Star Photo) Estates Company Inc. completed the transection. The large house has four bedrooms, den, 2'i baths and a two-car garage. (Star Photo) - i , - i,r?s 'V x i p I o 'ffc 'hi ' r - -r f Jri ; . , S TeJ (' Ul - 'f ' rr-rb ' of VJ: WM'i'wnifW1. i SVa ' J MZy&ttim .inxr&Jil Fl fjA4lii ipy'f X'T" "V" f3 -i it ..." ..a-t " " -"--'-(f'l ndg i rf iA' nf "uJta Fred I. Palmer indicates one of the many "extras" that add distinction to a house. (Star Photo) have enough land available for this tjpe of housing," Palmer explained. "They have to build up. Many of the apartments were 10 or 12 stories high," he added. These apartments compare favorably with new apartment buildings here, the builder said. Most of them seemed to have been built by private capital, he remarked. Ill 'Slav-Down' Striker Removed From Coal Mine Abcrdare, Wales fAPt-One of the eight "stay down" strikers holed up in a coal mine here was taken to the surface yesterday after becoming rick. As soon as the sick striker. Kicnarti Lewis, was taken up the shaft, his fellow strikers re-s'.med their underground life in (he mine's engine room. By rnidafternoon they had been on strike for 70 hours. Three hundred other miners from the same pit arp on strike up top. All refuse to go back to work until the colliery man ager has been transferred. Indianapolis district sales sion, recently was honored 0 service with the Ford Motor Company. 1. W, Smead (left), Ford Division general tales manoger, and Paul Larson, tales manager for made a surpriie presentation bach at the 1955 Ford preview here for 900 dealert and talesmen. Bauerbach joined Ford in Kansas City, Mo., and terved at attntant district manoger in Cin cinnati and Detroit ot well Motor City before coming Palmer said he also was surprised to lind a large volume of commercial construction in uirope. Many of the cities which had been extensively bombed during World War II have now been almost complete ly lebuilt. he discovered. Light Company Plans Substation On West Raymond The Indianapolis Power and Light Company will build ? new 5530,000 transmission substation at 2700 West' Raymond Street, if the Marion County Plan Commission approves re- zoning of the site, it was lparned yesterday. Plans call for erection of the substation on a site ju?t. east of Alliston Division. General Motors Corporation, Plant 8. The proposed substation wi serve present as well as future needs for electricity in the West. Side industrial area, utility of ficials told the commission. The commission will consider reclassifying the substation site alreadv zoned for industrial use, at a hearing Nov. 18. JlTL manager for the Ford Divi for completion of 30 years of Ford's Great lakes region, of a 30-year pin to Bauer- at district monager in the- here. 1 1 ,fue t - I fZ rro j a (T 1 0 W7 bSs f n' m Ls L i L yl a - o -rr . 1 BL 'k ( (T i A " ffl-u ) 0q 1 La W 0 n S3 AN INFORMATION SERVICE TO HOME BUYERS 129 Open Houses from a parts of the city are shown on this map for your con. venience in selecting the one you wish to inspect. 2 Bedrooms I. nr; . Mnwnfid lick C. Cirr ( t J. Stit7 P.roiise Mi llr lni'lmenU 8. tt!'! W. Stth Kliherd l,iil 4. m:i sv. mh. gullllf Blll llamrl 5. 5H07 RoiUville Rd. rn Sleek 6. m MO Lducwoorl Rd. (4rpenvvnod) Hiirltl KelllF 7. 10.VS V l.nyman Indunapnlti Hnme 8. nr; v. Rl&kemftfl Reillr . rm v. KiK iid Vine A Jne, Realior 10. 4f-!7 rarvH R L Tanng (a II. 3254 Brouse Vine A Jnn'l, Reall A H M Orttei, Reallara 12. 1016 N. Llnwood Benrem Rem. 4)), 1?)0 r, JJth Mirion 1 anlrtetia , 13. 3301 K. 3Uh JB . t 1 Mmne, Biii t. 49. lfiiiA Manor 3500 S. Meridian 14. 6100 RlnrU . TarUer m m arhoen Mnrgin. R'lllirt 50. 3327 Rroiise Vin f. Jones, Reillar 15. 115 . Sheridan t 1 Mm.., Re.11, f. su v lirm 16. I6IH K. Minn. t. Km jehmien Re.n 51. ,11f Allisnnville Rd, It H King (owtfin, 17. 36 N. Oakland ,, .... . . , H.rr, Re.iti 53. 4318 IrvlnRton I embl Real little f . 18. 3751 hlnnear A1 403J v T,rM M.rgr... Real.. AMW.tM 19. 1131 . Kevtnn ,W 46th t. fust V. nf r..i v Arm.trong A.ene, shadcland ( Rronkhaven) 10. 3317 Prexel ABC Can tiuttia (onlH Real l:Hla Ca 56. 3113 Broadway sj fr (Qth HaroKI E Weight, Realtor Oatf Inteitment Ca 87. 545 . Tarker 22. 4716 r,. 561 h t. H M 58. 5151 BurjTM Biallllng Re.Hr 28. 1433 Cnnrnrd Jiak C. Ur In.. 59 6650-6660 Sprinrmlll R4. 24. 1729 V. RuraJ Bma m c Irhllllag RealtT Ca, 60. 1134 Cetle Row 8. Rd. 136 H ' Ml. rM uJL JSX?"S "I- M" Knrijht Drive Brae laragi Ca 26. 8639 V. Cheater Behllllng Re.ltr Ca. J7. 6828 E. 47th t A H H Oratee, Ine 28. 3009 Ral.lon Pial f.rtl.a ReaJlr Pa. 29. 6604 Fereiion Saem Ninniar Resilnri 84, 7910 T.. t. Joe trne Miller, RHar 81. 3339 Arthincton Blvd. t. I Mtnner Realtr Ca. Further details on these Star Open Houses will be found in the "Houses For Sale" classifications in today's Want Ad section. 2 Bedrooms 82. M0 B. 102d St. It. H King Itompen? 83. Mil Kosslvn Feilter A Reilly 81. 1 030 fmnernn tenniniton Relit? a.v IS.iO E. S8th St. UK. :m V. Rnart Loronatlo t off. 87. 3035 infield Hiaai4 ( hrulena Ca., Sealtnn 38. 7107 Steven I.iine Hill Allen Ca. 39. 3713 V. Temple Bill Allen (a. 303 Ada mi Intngla Rullr 41. 3 Bedrooms 47. 30lfl U infield 62. 418 Blue Ridge Rd. Bm larMa Ca. 63. 211 E. 50th t m. noA v. r.uiHi Bract ftarag C4. 65. 5 PninU Rd I, Ml. S. nf Rd. 421 6. 1126 . Allison F.wt ti. Realtr la. 67. 6100 Blk. Parker rhaHi Margia, Realtara n o I n J 111 D , ii A 3 Bedrooms an. V. IHavsnre M. ferrf Meek ( a. ... , Ken Mllchell, RealUr fifl. Tift Anion fr. ""'" 103. HIM V. 41st .,.,. .. . ... iihillmg ReaKf ta. 70. Morrison I'l. 0 w Kln 101. Shrlbyvllle , .... Sthllllng Itealtr Ca, 71. 3i:l Hciwvn ""r' 105. "It'.'ii S. Meridian ... , Hrhlllmg Really t a. 71. 3833 r.liglewond Dr. nil,, .ha.l. Brake, ,,,5 prnd,.,on pike 7.1. 37'5 V Audubon Rd. ,h Ham. Balldlng ara. ,07 ym Qak 7i. 1301 K. hessler H.rii 1. wnihi 4 (a. ,m m v, Mlti hener 75. tl.10 K.M lId H",,h""' "l" M A Hon.l.a-Uanfa 109, 0443 MirhlRen Rd. in. Um . Troy (.e. Re.iiF 1 1 0. 3751 V. tiladstone 77. 1001 V. ..rand ,..,., Vina t Jne., Reiltar ,)t finft N. TllXeMlo .0 ...... . j Hoir (hrl.Una la., tMlUra 78. 1007 N. firand V.n. I Janet. Heall.r J?. 4W0 s,t Audllbon Rd, ... n . Robert Wlrirhlng, Reillar 79. 5101 Rotiirt iba (anaon ta 113. 5803-5819 . Parker 80. 7073 W. Ua.h. Uu.lllr flll Hom'i 81. fif0 F.. 46th St. ARC I ntruiti"n Cr 82. I.lm St. and Rd. 431 Hireenwond) Simeon A ( o , Realtor 83. 333 Berkley Rd. Aft lerk, Rg i)t 81. ion w. ftlst t. Hufhee tonntrurti.n Ca 85. too Second Ave.-(Carmpl. Ind.) Mi.le Ream 86. "13 f linrr hman Beerh drove l g Mi-lfn Realter ST.. 87, 3731 Whlftler Plare C T. rrilr ft 88. 5153 Hihhen M Wolf. Reiltar 89. 4010 V. New f arania ( arg Jersey 90. 6833 V. 71 t t. Hargraee Realll 91. Tor. of Kessler and V. Meridian St. A m'rK-in litilri Ca 92. Lawrence A Eaton St. (Wanamaker) Warren A Nprlnier S. mltli'R alley Fimp.oa A Ca., RrHtorl 91. 4618 Bolton ComM Res! Lit.u O 95. 930 Poreat Blvd. . Dr. (Wlndcombe) Jwl C. Carr, Inr. 98. 4149 Ashbourne tomb. Real IitiU ta. 97. 63th and Parker Fill rirllna Raaltg Ca. 98. 4914 IndlannU Jack C. Carr, Inc. 98. 8309 V. Riley Leader Home. I a, 100. 912-21 P.. 11th tthtlling Reillr ( 101. 1813 . Uarntan A C Vloldihin, Realtor 129 HOMES OPEN FOR YOUR INSPECTION TODAY CARRY THIS MAP WITH YOU IN YOUR CAR 3 Bedrooms 102. 6001 ( dllUc Dr. (Speedway) Birret A Wtl'i. Ballrlen O. L. Prr Rrjltf 2416 V. 6flth Vilrnllne Rwltf 111. 115. 3H0I . Grant Hoir4 f hrlitrna Ca , Re.lUie. 116. 4618 V. Joih I Bolton Motru, ine. 117. 4V38 Mitch nee Lawrence, Inii U VV Kmc Companf 118. 102 E. Sumner P-nnlmlon Reiltr 119. 700 Shelby Don .Vhina Reaitart 110. 2116 W. 67th Minlna Aiw.iat4 121. 1ll R. 51d St. Minion AiMtutea 111. 5065 3V. 11th St (Speedway) Minton Aieauate 113. 3913 K. 39th St. Bill Allen Ca 111. 4350 Black Oak Dr. Bill Allan Co 125. 4230 Norroae MAS lontlrattlen Ca. 126. 4912 Kessler View Dr. BUI Allen Co 127. 3705 E. Keaaler Blvd. Hldft CsnitructtAa C. 128. 430 Sprlngmlll Lane Bill AUtai Co. 129. 707S W. Wvah. Qa.ltlr ftarift Boatea 4 Bedrooms 130. 5623 Carrollton ta W. hiug Conpanf 131. 4349 Wash. Blvd. HtrolA t. Mnghl, Realtor 132. 64th St. 1,000 Ft. W. of sprincmiil Kd. Bruca Mun Co 133. 1101 (.olden Hill Dr. Brait taenia Ca. 131. 1133 f astie Row Brute Ca,ew asa, esa a.i

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