Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 10, 1935 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 10, 1935
Page 6
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, HOPfeJ, ARKANSAS f_lt .b...^U.» . ^*^-^. -.-JLJLt «-,J—.,-a ^-, . October _. . in Baseball Pay * A . v I ' * «£•' W • Jfettttil! tt An&gfer Sets Mark 148,000 for Earnings ' ' , in -VMUldlT. Mleh.-Out of the World Series In. the history (tf the gr*ae fictional classic, has come t;A^W«idJia«*ri(il pOtcnfate. Mis flame ifr Cfecdoft' Stanley" Cochrftne, Who is Mint gufaini spkU.'of the Tigers, and fitoW, baskS Itt the financial sunlight tJttr new-white halted boy of the , leagues. £\ when Frank Navin, president of the Oetroit club, boUght Cochrane from Ihe. Athletics. for $100,000 in «.sh, the Jflgets were habitual second division * tteettpSnts, and the fans had become Addicted to the idea of staying away ^jtjrarft Navin Field in droves. But with ' the coming of Cochrane, the Midas Get the World on a CROSLEY Alt-Wive, RADIO Tubes tested Free Houston Electric Shop toft transfetted to Navin and the ti$ew. ¥ht 'figcrs topped the ,00(1 fftflMc this season. ochMnfe pull** the Tigers first m- to A ps«ftant and then into a world charfifrioftship. In 1934 Mickey got $48,000 in salary, and a bonus of $10,000. For 1935 he received $30.000 in salary arid it is reported that he will draw an additional $15,000. With $45.000 as his return for the year, Coch- tane will top all the managers of baseball. Vice-President To (Continued from page one) BECAUSE ' It's Odorless It's Better Our Special Odorless Process of 'Cleaning takes out ALL of the dirt and gives the fabric Its original Ice! and histrc. PttONE 385 Hall Brothers Ho'pe's Super CLEANERS men of the congressional committees associated with Philippine affairs. The party will continue to Manila on the same liner, making possible a stay of only one day in Tokyo. Aware of Vice President Garner's wish to see something of Japan while Wearing easier habiliments than the silk hat, cutaway and striped trousers of his official status, the foreign office has suggested that if he wil Istop for a week or more on his-return voyage from Manila, the government will arrange for him to enjoy Japanese hospitality in an informal way. When the Vice President and his party arrive at Kokohama the morning of October 25 the program calls for an immediate motor journey of 18 miles to Tokyo. The imperial audiertcc probably wil Hake place before noon. In the afternoon there will be a reception at the American embassy and in the evening a state dinner, at which Admiral Keisuke Okada, premier, probably will preside. Mr. Garner will go by train to Kobe on October 26. re- Show Boat Starts ^ on Voyage Down Mississippi j,; ,-t- i*' ^* '•- ' - "•^ififci -^? •^f^MJ ,-.,•*•• Barrymore Splits Riches in Divorce Dolores Costello Gets $163,000, and $850 Monthly, and Children LCTS ANGELES. Calif.- (/PI -John Barrymore, who made a fortune making love, was divorced and separated from a good share of his weallh Wednesday by beauteous Dolores Costello. Miss Costello said Barrymore "made no effort to see me" after his recent playing opposite his prolcfic. brunette Elaine Barrio, in a cross-country race. The 35-year-old nctor merely clashed in and out of Los Angeles—after eluding Miss Barric at Kansas City— his wife, herself a former screen star. testified. She said, however, arrangements had been made for him to see their children, Dolores, five, and John, three, whose custody she won. The 19-year-old Miss Barrio said in New York she was "not particularly interested" in the divorce. "You just must ask Mr. Barrymore if this makes any difference in our j relations," she said. "Any answers The Rice-Stix Dry Goods company, of St. Louis, will send a "Show Boat"! must come-froir.him." joining port. the President Grant at that Given Life Term (Continued from page one) down the Mississippi River, stopping at the principal river towns, according! to an announcement by Ernest W. Stix, president. The glass-enclosed Steamer Capitol'- 1 has been chartered for the 1200-mile run and plans are now being completed to transform it into a great floating display cf all lines manufactured and distributed by Rice-Stix —believed to be the first of its kind ply the Mississippi, and certainly a Balanced Budget (Continued from page one) far cry from the little trading scows cd away from home. The sheriff said there was other.evi- , dehce that Martin had tried to make his wife sign an agreement to divorce him. which used to journey up and down j the river in the middle of the last ; century. I The trip will take about three weeks | to complete. Merchants from cities visited, as well as from sur rounding territories, \ aboard to select merchandise from tho sample lines shown; just as.thty would ir. the company's St. Louis headquart- than 511,000.000.000 decpm into debt. Presumably this deb! will be still further increased before the depression ends.' Presumably also the pres- tnt tax rates, which Mr. Roosevelt! e | says are sufficient, will yield consid- j ,^ 1 erobly more in a ycnr of full pros-! A property settlement pave Miss i Costcllp 5850 a month nnd $1C.3.000 in j securities. She must pay premiums Jon her $200.000 life insurance policies i for the children's benefit. j Barrymore kept $100.000 in securities, ! three parcels of real estate including j their Beverly Hills mansion, and the I yacht Infanta, on which the actor now i is reported at sen off Miami. Fla. Italy May Move 'Continued fV*vrtt page onet Italy in a strange twilight session of nn j helped us ting. I Sundny with little ChnHes Led Altd : Quite H few from this commAmlV I have gone to TeJfns to pick .cotton. " . a , J Mr. nnd Mrs. Cnro Gilbert spu We hnd a good sinning here Sunclns , , n , ht nft{ , gundny w |, h hi night. Mr. Brown nncl his family nnd j M) . ^ ^ - - Jmiwle Loc of Union Or-ivc attended HickoryShade the League Assembly which suddenly was adjourned without definite action. League observers, however, expected an overwhelming majority of the 56 assembled members to support sanctions at. the session Thursday. Misses Virginia Gall<>w;».v nnd Mnr- joric Mnlonc spent Sundiiy with Miss Alta Bruce-. Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Wilson anil Mr. nnd Mrs. Jcr.se Sinclair spent Sunday . Daron night with Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Wilson Sundnv"wlVh"h P "r daughter Mrs. J. L. For Ethiopians « P»8«;» m «jg Willet and family at Emmet. rusalcm « a religious duty nnd Eugene and T. J. Winpfield spent many sins, Bobcats to Meet (Continued from page one) . The first speaker will be Pompco Aloisi, head of the Italian and family. delegation, who is expected to dc- 1 .. Mrs. C. Rogers and little son spcni nouncc the action of the League Council in indicting Italy as an aggressor against Ethiopia and violator of the covenant. Shortly after the historic meeting of the Assembly which had been celled into urgent session was opened, Baron Eincric Plfugl of Austria announced: "Austria cannot forget that in a fateful moment of her history Italy contributed to safeguard her integrity. The links that bind the Austrian people to the people of Italy are strong. Austria will not fail in a friendship that is destined to last through time to come." He referred to the Nazi putsch of July, 193'!, when Chancellor Dollfuss was assassinated. Italy's army was. moved to the frontier, ready to march j into Austria should Nazi Germany attempt to taku over the Vienna gov- | eminent. Hungary took a similar position. Said LasV.lo Develics. her delegate: "Hungary hears with grief of measures about to he applied against Italy. which so frequently and effectively has shown its friendship toward Hungary." A unanimous vote of the Assembly j is not required. Any nation which re- i fused to approve the Council's in! dictment of Italy, however, is not compelled to join in application of sane- lions. from this community' nlterwl cd the party at Gsenr Fenchcr's Snf urdiiy nitfht. Mr. Sum Terry nnd Miss Annio Ter-J ry called on Mrs. Snrnh Brndford Sat* urday afternoon. There will bt« prenchlng nt this placa Siiturdny Every one come aru bring soim- one with you. LOOK! Walgrcen's ONE CENT SALE Thurs. FrL and Sat Hundreds of Mighty Bar gains during this great Annual Event. DON'T MISS IT, John P. Cox Drug Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps; HEADQUARTERS for MEN'S SHOES We not only have one of the finest line of men's shoes in -Hopcy. but. 'we believe that we have one of the largest and most complete. If you want long-wearing, good looking, comfortable shoes .'that FIT .... Come to HEADQUARTERS. Fine Dress Shoes We have, a splendid stock of -Wglr grade shoes in every style and shape . . . and in the color you want . . . and at prices that save you real money. .95 To '4 Sturdy Work Shoes Thorogoods, Red Wings and Wolverines . . . each an outstanding- make of work shoe. Those Wolverines are made from SHELL HORSEHIDE, the toughest and finest obtainable. If you want SERVICE, these have it. . ers. A sales force of 40 will make the tour, augmented at each stop by the general and special salesmen %vho regularly cover the district. Long ago a Mississippi steamboat played a part in a crucial period of the firm's history and, in a sense, the October cruise will be in the natvirc of a "return trip," although under greatly altered circumstances. The tentative schedule of stops is as follows: Cairo. October W; Caruthersvillc, October 11; Memphis, October 12, 13, | 14, 15; Helena, Ark., October 16; I Greenville, Miss., October 18, 19; ' Vicksburg. October 20, 21; Natchez, October 22, 23; Baton Rouge, October 24, 25, and New Orleans, October 26, 27, 28 and 29. i All runs will be made at night so that the daytime hours may be dc- invitcd ! P crity lhan thc 51.470.000,000 estimated; ilt , 0 for thc current year. Presumably,! '"Beware cf thc Wildcats. They have likewise, interest rates will go up with j., mighty good team down there." prcsperity, so that the carrying charge j T| 10 . se were thc words to Coach Hamon thc debt will be appreciably mire : n , ons f rom nis former assistant coach, than the $745,000,000 of this year. ; E! Dorado has tested its pow ( er only Making allowance for a favorable i nnce tnis year against Arkansas teams. turn in all three of these undeter-! Early in the season the Wildcats ran minable factors, and assuming that ex-; ovcr Magnolia, 80 to 0. Thc next t penditures can be reduced to the pre- i garnes took El Dorado into Louisiana depression level of about $3,500,000,000 anc ] tnc fourth game into Texas, a year, it still seems certain that Mr. Th 0 H opc High School team will be Roosevelt must have in mind spread- ; in lop s hape for thc battle at El Dora- ing the payment of the accumulated I $ 0 t hj s Friday night, with the excep- debt over a very considerable period {\ on o f Ramsey, an end. Coach Ham- of years. j rnons predicted a hard battle, and said Other Points Raised | that Hope would do its best. Although he did not allude directly j A number of Hope fans plan to wit- to Mr. Roosevelt's proposal to pay out ncss u lc battle between thc two teams, under present tax rates, it is obvious j The Bobcats won over El Dorado last Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Mitkllcbrooks nncl | family. Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Holly spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. W. W." Wright. Misses Rulh and Betty Jane Suggs spent Sunday afternoon with Miss Ruby Hubbard. Mr. and Mrs. John Ridgclill of Hopc wore Sunday afternoon visitors in this | community. i Mrs. Vnnnie Richards and Mrs. J. L. Bcckh;,m and daughter, Mary Glenn j and Misses Dovic Hendrix and Gerlene Taylor spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. R. L, Aslin. Miss Josic Mae Wright called on Miss Gerlene Taylor a while Sunday afternoon. that Mr. Hoover's speech was based on a premise that this would not be pos- season for the first time in many years. Center Point ny company s According Complete to friends in thc East, 1932. sible. Even beyond this, the former Prcsi- | dent raises points of which much I I mere undoubtedly will be heard clur- j ing thc campaign. He declares that | • I much of the money dispensed by this I Mrs. Carl Mauldin called cm Mrs. ', administration has been spent uh- Albert Chamblcss a while Wednesday '• wisely, wastefully and in violation of ' afternoon. I the Democratic campaign promises of Mrs. Carlos Roberts spent Tuesday i Sclly Violinsky, now on the Coast, has received a vaudc offer from Germany. t Salary quoted at ?1,250 weekly, and I funeral expenses.—Variety. $1 To $A.95 Wolverine and $j Red Wing $3.98 to ( LACE BOOTS BOSWEU&HIGGASO THE MAN'S STORE LOO $50 to $500 So it appears that tho spending issue, as it now shapes up for 1936, will embrace something more than a charge of unsound financing. Altogether, it promises to rate alongside the many-sided farm dispute as an issue of thc very first rank. On Cars and Trucks Highest Prices Paid for COTTON TOM KINSER Columbus © SEEDS TULIPS, NARCISUS HYACINTIHS and WINTER LAWN SEEDS, MONTS SEED STORE High School Notes The 5th and Gth grades entertained night with her father Mr. J. W. Jones nt Patmos. Mi. r s Gerlene Taylor spent Friday night with Miss Azlinc Wilson and they attended the P. T. A. at Patmos. Mr. and Mrs. Autra Wilson spent a while Friday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Lee England near Shover. Mr. Jim Doclson and Cannon Aslin, both of this place, attended the pie supper at Spring Hill Tuesday nisht. BuddJc Garrett spent Wednesday night with Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dukes. Mrs. R. H. Tunstall and Mrs. Walter PHONE WE DELIVER SUGAR Lb Cloth Bag PILLSBURY'S PANCAKE FLOUR Package TOMATOES Full Pack 3 No.,2 Cans PRODUCE OLD SHOES MADE NEW Expert Shoe Repairing and Rebuilding Whilc-U-Walt or Delivery Service. Keen & Bailey 1U5 \V. Front St. Phone '.18S Assembly Tuesday morning. A Abbott spent Friday afternoon with radio program was given. Song, "On- j^ rs L onn Rklcr near Fatmos. ward Christian Soldiers." Song, MJ SS Dovie Hcndrix spent Saturday "Tranm! Tramp! Tramp!" Bible read- afternoon with Mrs. R. L. Aslin ing, Owa Lee Blackwoocl. Lord's | M rs . s. V. Abbott spent Saturday proyer, Assembly. Song. "Six Little j n j g hi with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ab- Ducks," dedicated to Mrs. Reed. ' bott and children. Talk, "Inventions," announcer, Edgar R O y Preston Taylor spent Saturday Neal. Jokes, Oma Lee Blackwoocl. Tap ! nipht with Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Aslin dance, Dale Blackwoad. Dialogue, a nd Cannon Aslin. "~ " Several from this place attended the P. T. A. meeting at Patmos schoo' house Friday night. Miss Delilah Galloway accompaniec by Mr. Minor May of Evening Shade attended a party Saturday night givci by Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Tyler of Brigh Thruston Couch and Dale Caldwell. Announcements. Students with perfect atcnclancc for month of September are: 1st grade: John Bagley, Freddy Boycc, Billy Johnson, Henry Jones, Doyle Thompson, Martha Ann Ellen. The honor students are John Baglcy, Freddy Bcycc, Martha Ann Ellen. 2nd grade: Frank Martin, Kenneth £>t 1U K 1 WVlVt i* «»»*»*'»»'••••»•( -- — ••" — ; - . Thompson, Anita Jean Abbott, Lillie ; bert Stuckcy near Rocky Mound. FUP Couch Virginia Edwards, Willie Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hodnetl retur •vi.,", r-^iffnr, : cc l home Friday afternoon after Star. Elrodgc Boston spent Saturday nigh and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Her y nciir Rocky Moi return WANTED PINE HEADING BOLTS AND ROUND BLOCKS 23-in. LONG. For prices ami specifications Auply to HOPE HEADING COMPANY Hope, Ark. Phone 245 APPLES, Fancy Delicious—Dozen 25c C A R R O T S—Large Bunch 5c C E L E R Y—Jumbo Stalk 9c FANCY TOMATOES—3 Pounds 25c B A N A N A S—Pound 5c I DECKER'S TALL KORN SLICED BACON Pound 32c BEEF ROAST DRY SALT 23c [for Boiling FANCY SELECTS OYSTERS PINT Z9C Fancy No, 7 STEAK Home Owned HOBBS Gro, & Market "IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER" on FRISCO AIR-CONDITIONED TRAINS . . . On Frisco air • conditioned trains the climate is exactly right every day in the year. All principal Frisco Trains are now air-conditioned including chair cars, coaches, sleeping cars, diners and lounge cars. No other form of transportation provides air-conditioned comfort . • . no othet form of transportation is so economical, to dependable, to safe. Tra/cl by train for speed— comfort — safety. Travel via Frisco where "It's Always Fair Weather" . . Far itliiilriilcd leaflet ASK THE FRISCO AGENT Mae Griffen. 3rd and 4th grades: Minnie Jo Boycc, Helen Delaney, Morris Edwards, Lelia Griffen, Vivian Jones, Mary Ruth ! Livingston, Lula Woolsoy, Sula Wooli soy, Thomas Lee Hamilton, Elizabeth | Shepperson. | Honor students: Elizabeth Shopper- ( i <-on, Thomas Lee Hamilton,. I i 5ith and Gth grades: Tommy Hick;;, \ Chance Boyce, Dale Caldwell, Ken- j ncth Thompson, Mildred Couch, j Louise Hicks, Elizabeth Thompson. | Hazel Griffen, Louise Calhoon, Earl | Womblc. Billy Hamilton, Thurston . Couch, Francis Hicks. j Honor students: Tommy Hicks, . i Clarice Boyce, D;ile Caldwell, Hazel 1 Griffen. Louise Griffen, Francis | Hicks. Francis Hicks deserves special j mention. i 7th and 8lh grades: Clyde Parclue, Edwin Parclue, Mack Roberts. Lee Womblc, Marjorie Downs, Pansy Livingston, Eurie Calhoon, Howard Thompson, Rebecca Gilbert, Lucy Martin. . . Honor roll students: Pansy Livingston. Lucy Martin. Freshmen: Allcnc Walker. Sophmore: Dorothy Sipes, Isabel! Boycc Seniors: Kathleen Downs. Willie Marlgc Calhoon. The 7th grade class has organized as: President, Dale Blackwoocl; vice president, Pansy Livingston; secretary- treasurer. Dora Ella Reed; reporter, Lee Womblc. Pansy Livingston and I | Dickie Boyce; committee sponsor. Mrs. i Graham. i A carnival will be given by the Co- j lumbus High School Friday October \ 23th at the high .scho-jl. Come and help us share the fun. | As Go<:U as Any | Billy's mother looked at him accus- ; ingly. i -What have you dene with all your 1 money, son?" she asked. "Your little j bank is empty." | "Well, mother," answered the boy, ) "yesterday was a rainy day, so I spent it." COMMON OLD ITCH Is Still With Us Prescription No. 200,000 will cure it. It kills the parasites in the skin. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Phone B3 Hope, Ark. Established 1885 HOT SHOTS FOR FRIDAY & SATURDAY Facny JONOTHAN KROGER QUALITY Found NICE, FRESH RED RIPE RED TOKAY ISclOO SEE THIS SPECIAL Any- -I I Thing I' weeks' visit with relatives in Ho Springs. Mr. D. B. Hall and Charles Smith called at the- Wright home Sunday morning. Lem Porterfiekl spent Sunday with MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES ThU Old Treatment Often Bring* Happy Relief Of Pun Many sufferers relieve nagging backache quickly, once, they discovel that the reai cause of their troubU may be tired kidneys. The kidneys are ono of Nature'! chief ways of taking the acids and waste- out of the blood. If they don't pass 3 pinta a day and so get rid ol more than 3 pounds of waste matter, your 15 miles of kidney tubes may need (lushing. If you have trouble with frequent bladder passages with scanty amount which often smart and. burn, tho 15 miles of kidney tubes may need Hushing out. This danger signal may bo the, beginning of nagging backache, leg pains, loss of pep and energy, getting up nights, swelling, pufflnesa under the. eyes and dlxzlncss. Don't wait for serious trouble. Ask your druggist for DOAN'S PILLS— which have been used successfully, for over 40 years by millions of people. They give happy relief and will help nush out tho 15 miles of Kidney tubes. Get DOAN'S PILLS. GRAPE FRUIT, Country Club—Can MARSHMALLOW S—Pound PICKLES, Sour or Dill—Quart CATSUP, Standard 14 oz Bottle POTTED MEA T—3 Cans I MACARONI Or SPAGHETTI—3 Packages.J GRANULATED Cloth Bag Lbs 5 ••^—' Specials For Friday and Saturday i&c CHERRIES, Red Pitted—Can SALT, 5c Size—3 Packages for PINEAPPLE, No. 2 Can Broken Slices TOMATOTES, No. 2 Can—2 Cans for PORK AND BEANS—Large Can M ATC H E S—6 Boxes Seminole Rolls SUGAR 10 Pounds COFFEE Folgers lib. 2lb. .29c .58c Bulk COFFEE We Grind It, Ib TOMATOES No. 2 Can .. KRAUT No. 2 Can PET MILK SMALL—2 for 7'/ 2 c LARGE—Each 7!/ 2 c SWEET POTATOES, Ib. MEAL Sack 44c PRUNES, Fresh Dried—4 Pounds PEANUT BUTTER—23 oz Jar MILK, Country Club Large 6s CORN, Fancy Sweet—Can MEAL— 10 Lb 30c 5 Lb 18c BULK CAKES, Fresh—Pound .... Streaked With Lean Pound Small 2'/ 2 Lb Bulk Compound SNO-WHITE Pound LETTUCE Head 7c CRANBERRIES Quart 17* ORANGES Dozen 28c TISSUE—1000 Sheet Roll—4 for 25c| [HAMBURGER Pound |S AUS AGE Pound | STEW MEAT Pound Tie BEEF ROAST Pound CHEESE Pound BOLOGNA Pound .... PHONE 601 STEPHENSON'S FREE DELIVERY | Baltimore Select Pint Nice Tender ROUND Lb BULKPORK Pound S.C. LINK Pound MIXED Pound.... 1! Fancy THICK RIB Lb 121 HOPS Pound m •*n 1 2! Fresh Bulk Branded Added, Lb m ROLLED ROAST BABY BEEF Prime Rib—Lb m j v* V* • *lt«t

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