Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 10, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 10, 1937
Page 4
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HOPS mil,. HOHfc "fhe More You Tell, the Quicker KATES Uttfr tfiae-Zc word, minimum 3te TlWw ttmw— 3We won}, mln. 5te Sbe times— As word, minimum Me On* month (2S ttafett— U« word, minimum $2.71 Sates aw to* continuous huer- tteas only. £i dttkitijr word count, disregard classification name such aa "For Rent," "Pot Sale," etc.-thls b tec. Sat each initial or name, or complete telephone number, counts as a full word. For example: FOR RENT— Three-room modern futnished apartment, with garage> dos* 111. Bargain. J. V. Rlank, phoa« 9999. Total, 15 words, at 2c word, 3*e to one time; at 3fcc word, S3c for three times, etc. NOTE; All -friers placed by telephone are due and payable upon presentation of. bill. PHONE 768 Services Offered Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing Thirty years experience itL B. Segnar 120 S. Hervey Phone 171W 5-4-tf Today'* Aniw«ri t« CRANIUM CRACKIII5 QueMfom on Pnge One 1. James Buchanan, the 15th President, was a bachelor. 2. Henry -Pu-Yi is now Emperor Rank Teh, puppet ruler of Man- chtifcuo. 3. The Apocalypse is the last book in the Bible; also known as the book of Revelations. 4. The right bank of a river is that bank to the right of a person looking downstream—that is, in the direction of the current. 5. The highway distance between Detroit and New York is 724 miles. Houston, Texas, it is T92 miles. Between El Paso, Texas, and WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Wilimu fctontJ-Aad You'll Jump Out of Bed ia the Morning Raria' to Go The liver should pour out tsro pounds o{ liquid bite into your bowels daily. If this bile f» not flowing freely,your food doesn't digest. It just decays in the bowels. GAS bloats u» four stomach. You get constipnted. Your whole system is poisoned and you feel sour, sunk and the world looks punk. Laxatives arc only makeshifts. A mere bowel movement doesn't get at the causa. If. takes those good, old Carter's LttUu ij«i Pilla to get these two pounds of bile fletrtio freely nmimakeyou feel "up and up". Harmless, uentie, yet amnzinst in making bile flow freely. Ask for Carter's Liitlc Liver Pills by name. Stubbornly refuse anything else, 25c. „ SERVICES OFFERED—New or renewal subscriptions to any magazines. Special for Christmas gifts. See Charles Beynerson at the City Hall, Hope. 4-6tc Hempstead County Mattress Shop builds new cotton mattresses and rebuilds old ones. Work and material guaranteed. 712 West Fourth street. Phone Paul Cobb, 853-J. 2-tfc , Male Help Wanted 1 WANTED— Tenant to farm on crop i !l sharing basis. See George at. George's i ! Hamburger Place. S-^tp I For Rent COTTON LOANS • QUICK SERVICE tt UVIMEDlfVTE PAYMENT A TOM KINSER J Hope, Arkansas ™ k ^9 JUljBOARDINQHQtlSfi. . , > . with V. . . Major Hoopie OUT OUR WAY Wednesday, HAVE: •MOW THAT 1 ^EC'OVErteD MY SUDDEW ATTACK OF SPOTTED KSVER, 1 AM FREE to PURSUE PROBLEMS '%\ JW ~THE FIELD OP :;-'/ SCIENTIFIC: EMDSAVOR'/ KAf^P-KA^P >AA. I MUST ^^ r ,i_,,>4n J READ UP AMD LEARM /f? "eiveTs" VOlj'^' "l ""fLJC: x-rav/i*. i>^ t ir*f~+—. I t3 AO ^ "V^-M/r- By WILLIAMS HEA-D-HUT MA'S BEEM CLOSelD SO LOSJG , VOU'D BETTEP, OIL UP TH' RU-STY HlkhSE } SO THEY WON'T SQUEAK WHEN \ OPPORTUNITY OF THE HOUR SO X CAW APPLY MY o WHY POM'T VOU , /—=/ " INVENT A RUe l'fe==/« " THAT ALSO C'ASJ BE USEP AS BLANKET? WHILE YC?fi SAVIN<3 OM COAL / WOMT CHATTER OUR TU-5KS LOOSE WHEN WE CRAWL, -f INTO TH' tri ( HAY/ > Q ^Q & BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES FIX TH' DOORS « TH6V WON'T SWIMG OPfeKl /" t DO •»*• WITH NOtHlW' TO DO IT WITH...OMLY MV BtfAIWS AM' WHUT DO I GET ? •HOLLERED AT SHRIEKED VOU'LL 66T SWUNG) IF VOU DOW'Y THAT OFF IN A HUEI2V/ WHV MOTHERS 6ET INSURE NOW ROY ANDERSON and Company Fire, Tornado, Accident Insurance FOR RENT—Three-room apartment, unfurnished; one 4-room house, $10 each, Magnolia Addition. Mrs. J. E Schooley. Phone 138-11. 8-6tc FOR RENT— Four-room furnished apartment, electric refrigerator, bath. private entrance, garage. Phone 132. 10-3tc For Sale FOR SALE—%-ton GMC Truck or 1% ton Dodge Truck, almost new. C. B. Russell, Russell Grocery Store, Hope, Route 2. 10-3p Lost STRAYED—From my place One Brown horse, star on face, weight 1000 pounds, 8 years old, festula on right shoulder. Re^tawS if returned to O. L< Jeanes, Columbus, Ark., or call 371 Hope- 9-3tc. LOST — Four H Club Pin, somewhere in Hope. Return to 507 South Pine St. Josephine Simmons. 8-3tp LOST—Boys brown leather jacket. Notify Albert Morsani. Phone 666-J 10-3tc. Wanted WANTED—Christian woman or man for four months local uplift work (inter-denominational). Xaberal income. Also traveling position open. Write W % Hope Star. Give location and Phone. 10-ltp ROPER "America's Finest Gas Range" EASY TERMS Harry W. Shiver Plumbing-Electrical PHONE 259 •jS^ik E>ow£ I 1 .'.'. 1 . 1 . 1 . 1 . \ Orville W. Erringer Hope, Ark. Bepresentlnf Hamilton Trust Fund Sponsored by Hamilton Depositors Corp. Notice It is against the law to leave logs, etc., on the right-of-ways of State Highways. I am asking for your cooperation to rid the State Highways of dangerous and unsightly logs. CHAS. O. THOMAS, District Engineer, State Highway Dept. District No. 3, Hope, Arkansas. 9-3t ALLEY OOP Enough Is Enough By MARTIN' Famous Surgeon HORIZONTAL .1, 7 Famous American ' surgevn pictured feere. 11 The sun god. 12 Maple tree. 13 God oi war. 14 Negative. (6 College official. 17 Note in scale. 18 One who frosts cakes. 20 Sun god. 21 Striped fabric. Answer to Previous Puzzle America. <!3 Possesses. 22 Type standard 44 Sun. 24 Waists. 27 Arranged in threes. 31 Arrearage. ' 32 Dream. 33 Twice. . 34 Portuguese title. •36 To help. '37 Negative word. 38 Musical no?e, 39 Looks alike, 42 North 45 Mineral spring. 47 Sorrowful. 43 Fek troubled. 50 Turi;i,;h thief oftkfT. 52 To chastise. 5-i Hot v/tpt OvX-r. 57 He and his brother are the best- known team. 58 He is co of a huge clinic. VERTICAL 1 He. has donated largo f.ums for 'J. At thi.;' pl.ir-' '•'• Buer. 5 Behold. 6 Domestic slave. 1 Enrages. 8 War liyer. 9 52 weeks. 10 Beautifying: 15 Eyes. 19 Inclines used in training horses. 21 Melodies. 23 Principal. 25'Opera air. 26 God of love. 28 Bad. 29 Drives. 30 Indian mahogany. 35 Tableland. 36 Capable. 39 .Semi-diameters. 40 Greater in number;;. 41 Eggs- of fishes. 43 Manas. •H; Oi eiv old. •17 '{'•> woo. l.iT.M. •Y.> Uuet. .'j! Mosihf.v. :>2 Al'trrnoon. r>.'i Soul f i Ca,oimn. SOCh.-.os. ofi Transposed. T /MORNING AGAINAHE MU5T BEOUTLOOKIN'fi^ A SOLLY,! HADPA ) p OR THAT5TUFFW& feT' fe:WGOOD-SLEEP' //WERE HUNTIM SOMEHOW, I WISH I COULD ABOUT THOSE BLUE BLOTCHES THAT COME WITH THE Spots Before His Eyes 1W $0 V^OCH ,e.OT ow H^ \^ TOO .-3 f r\w \>j xi .,"mW£> r CiiO r—* ' V ^« r _T^, WASH TUBES By MARTIN MEB8& H JUST FELL OFF OE---SAV. WHAT'Sl THIS? TH 1 BLOO 60OFU5 ) "7s NOW, MiS5 KELTON,VOU PONT THINK FOR. A ENOUGH DIRTY MINUTE WPP HURT A /WORK, VOU HAIR. OF YOUR PRETTy/POUBLE CROSS HEAD, ^ 7/ -^ INS SNEAK' NOW GET ' OUT FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ' T0 B£ SURE, MI5S KELTON,C6RTAINLV Jesse Is Perfectly Willing to Leave 1. M. RtO. U. S. PAT OFF COPR. 1937 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. By CRANE ILL FIX THAT GUY! HE'LL WISH HE'D LAID^OFF ME ! I'LL HIM SIGHT OFF THAT FOOTBALL I'LL DISGRACE HIM ,' WHAT VA GOWWA DO, CRASH Crash Rants On T PUT WE'LL TAKE VOU WITH US, 6IRLIE! VOU BET WE : -S^-______ WILLf , -V 7"^ f - ^*» ^-1 "TX. . 1937 BY NEA SERVICE,JNC. T. M. REp. U. S. PAT. OFF I'LL SIT W THE QRAMD- STAMD ~IWE DAY SHADYSIDE Pt^XYS KIKIGSTOW / "THETkl JUST LET FRECKLES MAkE ONE Ml STAKE ...JUST owe/ By BLOSSER MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE I'LL STAPrr TO HOLLER ABOUT HIM SELLIMG OUT SHADYS-IDE: BECAUSE HES C300FY ABOUT THE DAUGHTER OF KIWGSTOM'S COACH ' OKIE LITTLE F3UMCR PICKS UP MOMEWTUM IW A GRAMDSTAWD FILLED WITH PEOPLE .' BED1ER MOT TRY IT, CRASH J JA FEW MORE STUsnrS LIKE "THAT, AMD YOU'RE QOMWA RUW OUT OF EYES .'/ ^ jt, PB. 1937 BY HEA SEBVICt. IM Trapped ri , M. Kit -sMslO HI5 CROWO Of CUT- StERS BEACH 1MB CELL BLOCK, THEf ARE GREETED BV BULL fi>ARPOW WHO STILL HOLD;; QUEEWIE IW HIS BRUTAL THIS C(^AZV DAME CRACKED OUT OF HE-RCELL? SHE TRIED TO PUT ME THE SPOT' BULL' WHAT'S UP-" By THOMPSON AND COLL . _ _ . .. OOC,' ( THE CORRIDOR V COOC. i CLOSIM' 'TfHERE IS A TERRl&LE IMPACT OF U BODIES OW THE. IWSIDE OF THE GREAT STEEL DOOR, AS AAVEA GETS IT SHUT JUST IM THE NICK OF TIM&. / THE SAM6 \ IS TRAPPED? ) AT LAS! / / (r-

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