Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 10, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 10, 1935
Page 4
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Famous Jurist Judge. gem. 13 Form of "be. 14 To elude, UftHKIIl HUB -. HHMIfcM H -EHHlliBI- BH3HBH 11 2ft Light brown.- etrtittttotl fabric 82 Snaky fish. 2$ Form of "a." 24 Cots, 25 Musical not?. 26 Sand hilt. &1 Preposition. 28 To tub out. 29 Fro»et» water. 30 Mother. 31 To Scold. 33 Chaos. 35 Glazed clay block. 3? To subsist. 38 Sun god. 40 Window screen 43 Ijiva. 44 Remorse. 46 Mutilates. 47 Hodgepodge. 49 Trees, fil Afternoon meal, 52 Eagle's nest. 53 He was appointed to the Court by President Adams. 54 He was chief 34 years. VERTICAL 1 Javanese. 2 Foretoken. 3 Fowl. 4 Nay. 5 Public walks, ft Region. 7 To stale aga.in. 8 Laughter sound. 11 Vessel. 12 Whale. IB Representative. 17 To lose color. IS Pronoun. 21 Opposite of specific. ^ 24 To besiege. 20 Flatfish. • 27 War flyer. 29 To repeat. 33 Astringent. 34 Vulture. 3t> Indian society 37 Fundamental, 39 On top of. 41 Cravat. 42 Exists. 43 Pertaining to air. 44 Thing. 45 Pronoun. 47 Encountered. 48 To observe. 50 Southeast. 52 Like. THE NEW DEAL IN WASHINGTON ,BY RODNEY DUTCHER, ' , ivWASHlNGTON.— Gen. Hugh S. Johnson, according to a tip which had mflcUy purtubed certain insiders, has written an article for an anti-admin- visfiStion national magazine in which he excoriates liberal brain- trusters in New Deal. . " Grapevine reports say the Johnson blast is to be published with considerable ballyhoo and that the general L" undertake to prove that Roose- vetUthough a',iine fe%w himself, has befen deluded by' reformers of the Tiigwell and Frankfurter types, who are nientioned by name. Tus3ar no one has followed the ex- am:p3ie|*iOJ; the, once t powerfuU Donald Hichberg, who wrote to the Saturday Evening Post warning of consequences if,; it published a Johnson article as derogatory to himself, as he had heard it was going'to do. Birt-more than one brain-truster who n '•" "Sell It! Find It! Bent It! Buy III -, in the Hope Star MARKETPLACE lEemernber, the more 'you tell, the ,S-," quicker you golL, v* •. 1 time,-!lQc'line, tnbfc.SQe. For consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one acj 3 limes, 6c line, min. 50< 6 times, Sc line, min. 90c 26 times, 3%c line, min. J2.76 (Average 5& words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with; tjie 'understanding that the HUl lislpajia.ble* 09'presentation of statement, before the first publication, Phone 76ft NOTICE 150.00 REWARD Stolen from our pasture, one mile East of Hope, near John Cornelius , home, the last week in September 1935. One big Jersey cow. Branded X on left hip. $50.00 reward for arrest and conviction of theft. Brian & Company. ' 8-6tp f - ' •" - ------- -has befriended Johnson in the past admits considerable interest. Experts Guess on War j War in Ethiopia found most diplo- I mats here admitting they were having an unusually difficult time forecasting the fast moves on the European chessboard. They figure iwusouni himself has experienced some surprises, as they're sure he felt he had reason to believe h could proceed without interference rom either England or France. Anglo-German and Franco-Italian understandings of early summer seem o have been unscrambled into an Anglo-French front against Mussolini and, potentially, against Hitler. But the belief among some well-in- 'ormed close observers— which may be blown sky-high overnight— is, briefly: England, France, and Italy have agreed that there is to be no European war at this time. League of Nations sanctions will be applied gradually against Italy, allowing Mussolini to mop up Ethiopia to a point where he can claim victory and save his face. The league will then enginsr a peace agreement .terms yet to be arranged, but will make enough concessions to enable Mussolini to boast of them at home. Fall of Duce Foreseen Such a theory is, at least, no more fantastic than the idea of a general European war. It includes the belief ;hat Mussolini dares not court war with England. It proceeds to the conclusion that neither Britain nor many other league members will concede peace terms to Italy which would be much more advantageous than the league offer which Mussolini already has turned down. You can even hear predictions here that eventually this outcome will mean, as the Italian people come to realize they were handed a lemon, the downfall of Mussolini. (The prophets TAKEN UP—Medium size Jersey cow, Yellow color, in poor shape. Owner may get details by coming to this office and paying for this ad. 9-3t dh NOTICE—fS.OO Reward for one dark horse mule weight 1000 Ibs. 6 years old. Long legs. Strayed from jny farm ( roiles tast of Hope, October 4, 1935. R. M. Briant. 10 ' 3t P LOST kOST:. Tarpaulin on South Main street Tuesday afternoon. Reward for return to Byers Bros. Curb Market or store. 9 ' 3tp "LOST—Male, bob tail Boston Bull. Eight months old. Answers to Buddy. All stocking feet. Partial white collar. Reward for return. A. H. Spears, White Way Barber Shop or 996 W. 5th street. l°- 3tc FOR SM.E SALE—Have your Chmtmas Riotos made now while the October Special is on. This offer closes on October 30th. THE SHIPLEY STUDIO HOPE, Ark. 10-3tc WANTHI WANTED—Wanted to buy kitchen cabinet, wood range cook stove, and rugs. Must be in good eo»- Bp» 265, Buckner, Aik. 4-«c . are willing to bet as much as a dollar on it.) Some diplomats profess to see an informal alignment of the world's democracies shaping against the tv/o great dictators, Mussolini and Hitler, and deduce that Fascism rather than democracy is headed toward the twilight. The Russian dictatorship doesn't figure in these calculations, as Stalin hasn't become bellicose. Reds ''Boring In" Russian Communist agents are nowhere near as busy in this country as some viewers-with-alarm would have you believe. Chief centers of secret Communist preparations for revolutionary effort are Germany and Japan. Russians believe those two nations are likely to attack her in concert and hope to be able to foment uprisings at home which will weaken their military effort at the front. The "Tigress" Claws A certain woman cabinet members, who shall be nameless, has been nicknamed "the wounded tigress" among the more facetious officials of the National Labor Relations Board. The big fight over the Wagner labor disputes bill was as to whether the new National Labor Relations Board should be under supervision of the Labor Department. Hardly had the act passed— completely divorcing the board from the department— tahn NLRB was advised that the space it occupied in the big new Labor building would be needed lor the Social Security Board. Since the latter board had no money and needed little space for quiet awhile, NLRB took its time. But recently it praiumed into a small uptown office building, Thursday, October - —-"'i i i.mi«iiiii»»intmnFi/*'iTi' l ' m "" "^•^ AKfcAHSAS By AHERN OUT OUR WAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE TM' THINGS WV UM&eST A&OUt IS TW TUIM&$ 1 GWOTOV TW HOST- rWAt PROWS? * THANKS, DOM'T KNOW WEENIES, PER S^fL WANTfct) A % WE'5 OOIM'TO INSTANCE -1 LOVE to you AND £ACV\ 'EM BUT 1 WANT TO SEE MAOE-~t Mto NOT LIKE 'EM MORE/ OF AND, TOR pifccfc L^AP NAME \6 MOCaUL,, AND HE START TO C^OAK AT K>UNt> THAT VOU CAM BY ASOUNt) , UKE tt\CCQU(brA\K<b f N -PLENTY OF v3-.QwiLl.WlSj JQ-IO ANDREW/ By MARTIN S'Too Bad, Boots BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES DO66.0WE \T OO TO K C3 GO\\^G TO TRVt-O TO '<D 60 O9 OKJt 936 BY NEA 8EBVICE, INC. T. M. BEO. U. 9. By HAMLI Express to the Ground Fioor—Going Down ALLEY OOP POOR ALLEV WE SIMPLY MUST FIND ^_ A WAY TO I'LL CLIMB UPON ) S HEAD / AMD. HAVE A LOOK AROUWD OlMWV, WHILE V s . INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. By CRAN Asleep at the Post WASH TUBES II TAKS THt F IRS.T THE. SECOND, ruses, OLD GUINEA PIG. IF THERE'S ANV MONKEY BUSINESS/ "VEIL An, WV f WENDS, NU^ERWUU VIOfT > fOUTtt\^>i,. SO IT GRI£VeS ME TO OUR. TRENSURE'S \N N Eft TENT/ THINKTHKTVOU /Bl66£e, ViE'Rt CsUMNER VJAtCH \T/ PO NOT TRUST M , :© 1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. \LU'S WE.LU UNTIL FOUR /X.W. TH&N POOR ' X CKN HOLD mS EYES OPEN NO LONGER. By BLOSSE On the Q-T FRECKLES ANP HIS FRIENDS GOSH, IF THE SCHOOL j /\WP, IF YOU /SK ME, KKJEW THAT, YOU'D j IT'S A BRAWP NEW BE HOOTED OFF J REASON FOR LYIN6 THE TEAM// /I /AWAKE NIGHTS/ I STILL WOULDN'T SUPPOSE I TOLD YOU GEE, FRECK, SOMETHING'S SURE EATING OM ' WHAT'S GOT INTO YOU, AWYV/AY ? YOU LIKE TWO OTHER PEOPLE .'/ PUT YOU DOWN WELL, LISTEN I HAD A JOB, AND ON MY LIST OF SUPPOSE I WAS KIND PEOPLE TO HATE / 1 THEN OF ASHAMED OF DOING SHOOT .'TELL ME IT....WOULD YOU WHAT IT IS // KINDA LOSE RESPECT ICE CREAM , SODA ^eV^:^ l/£ Tl T. M. ftee. U. S. PAT. OFf.HSBEY . / ffi 1935 BY KtA SERVICE. INC. ••••L By COW A Catfish Found a Cure THE NEWFANGLES (Mora v n Pop} YOU BOr AH SUO HUSHEP AH KETCHED MAHSELP JOB f VAS,SAW. AW GOT IX IDEA. JES WIFE DONE ME WOW VO FEEL.NMSTAU V/INDX ) KNOW ANY mrsivr- ^r\ K^^<lcl ic TIH.AI-MKI* / r\M« ct c.c DAT WAY TO YEARS HER UPiVAS.SAH I JUtAPtN' OH YOU BOOT YD WSSUS JUNAPIN M-L 0/AW VOU.TO NOT 'N' YEARS -N\AN, SUE. AH GOT DE BEST OB WOtV\AN KER BEiN 1 UA2.Y.' DONE V/EAR N\E DOT WIPF WER NAQGIN'. iaa5»y NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. V- *• W —A, ,

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