The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on September 13, 1952 · Page 25
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 25

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 13, 1952
Page 25
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p. rrjh'''1rffiii,rJ''i'i r t All:..- i -,,,, mpiorminr tftitt at 4700 W 10ft. SJSsr.'ffi" P.B.X.-TYPIST P!eiing personality 'with acuity to rrset public Intereitlng ind rrstwn. . gible peettion. Mint be accurate tyrlit Position open Oct, lit. Wo phone cill. 0. BIRR MOTOR. yjLME R1DIA N PBX-BILLING office. h di wk. No ii. limit. BALKE & KRAUSS CO. 437 w. Market POLICY WRITER Excellent opportunity for food tvpist Msy week. Group MEUnnre INDIANA INSURANCE CO. . Consolidated Bid 115 N PENN. ST. POLICY WRITES Experienced: accurate. Typing essen-til. 5-Day week SMITH BROS IN-iliRANCE AGENCY, INC.. 74$ Con-, so'.ldatcd RMg,. DRAPERY SALESWOMEN Excellent opportunity Permment. MILL END SHOP 12T E. With, BRANCH SALESLADY FOUNTAIN SQUARE STORE Age under 45: permanent position: tuny employe benefits; prefer selling experience. VONNEGUT HARDWARE u 405 VV.f Marvtd SALESLADIES Millinery or Jewelry, hiotfbugs, lineerle Permanent or part time , lo Ml. nfl comm.: 6-diy wk. - imsrt .uburban ihcp " fllYn ShCP' 11 E' 88,11 SALESLADY, with furniture ot iprjiTT M!.'1SMITH.rl'I1C1, Tb0at FL- 8"7' Personnel Sec. Good typirt. Perionnel record and elerlcal exp. preferred. Ate 23-30 yn. Permanent poiltion InvoMnc. work of m'oMnr. work of available Oct. I, cjiiiiuciiLiBi iniure, o-i conreniai atmosphere,; lna salary. Position i Call FR. 3581. at. 42. SHELL OIL CO. SECRETARY Two-url office: tnfm.' ifenti. ruc- tation Share yeneral office work. Pleisint lurroundints; 5-day week. Salary open. Call IM. '591. Irelner Co., Inc.. 3030 Southeastern Ave. SECRETARY W hsv an ocnlnir for n nr mm. ecr, Perm, poi. with above V ulary: s-day werk and other bene. Armour Co.. 503 w. Riy St, Secretarial-General Oltioi Afe 35-35, Looking, for a permanent position with ood sslary. short hours, ! lr-rond off,, rnnjeniillly, nr , North Side? Better Inquire. LI 5311, SECRETARY One girt office, five-day wk. Book-kerpmj. Ipvrr.cmg. typing. WA. 53.33 di.,:,HU.S2flS after office hours. ., , SECREfARY-BOOKkEEPER With old est. comoann. Take full ehi'-ge of office. Top selary; paid vara-tion; hospitalization. P.O. Box 5025. Engineering Secretarial training in 20 weeks. See Section 54-LAINJDRAFTING COLLEGE, LI. 2391 SHIRT OPERATORS Experienced tutor ooerators for tltror nn!t ironing 1,000 shlrti per day. Piece work rife. STERLING LAUNDRY 735 LEXINGTON. SILK FINISHERS Good rate of pay for experienced eoerator: 5-day week, Insurance plan, paid vacation, rest periods, employe discount. EXCELSIOR LAUNDRY 840 N, NEW JERSEY SILK FINISHER Expd,, good working cond , good pay. Apply 3107 8. 25th St. STEAM TABLE OR WAFFLE DEPT. WHEELER'S 139 N. Penn. STENOGRAPHER Light dictation, gen. office work, imsll downtown oflice. Permanent. Must be good typist. Sty Dsys. 40 houn. Paid holiday and vacation, life apd hosoital Insurance; other benefits. Annly Room 301, 3$ N, Pennsylvania STATIONERS INCORPORATED STENbGRAPHER We havt in opwitng fir toting lady in a imall office UfM dictation. No Saturdnys, Grouo iniuranre and h'fspstilUatfon available it tow ratM. Would eonsldftf bfitnncr. Phona Mr. C--:.ctt, LI 722- WANTED STENCL Central Branch, Y,M,C,A, 10 N. 111. Mr. Williams PL. 1331 STENOGRAPHER Under 35. Shorthand essential. Alr-eond. office- 5-rj-v week, GULF REFINING CO. 114 West St. Clair LI, 150S STENOGRAPHER tight dlctetlon; general office srergi 40-hour week: imiU office. W, C, BRASS & ASSOCIATES 511 S. MERIDIAN STENO-TYPIST 40 Hrg. 5-Diy week. . . Columbia Pictures Corp, , 432 t. Illinois St. ' . STENOGRAPHER , Light dictation: 6-day week. Free Insurance, free movies. ' WARNER BROS. PICTURES , 130 West Mlchllgan , STENOGRAPHER 8-Diy week: hr. im -4 30 p.m. COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 50 Mass. Ave. " STENOGRAPHER Permanent nosltlon. Excellent starting salary. Cost of living and insurance .Pl-.ns 5 dir. 40 hour week. MA. 5331 Ext 25 CHEVROLET.NDIANAPOLIS STENb.SECREfARY MUST BE GOOD TYPIST. SOME SHORTHAND GOOD WORKING CON-tlTIONS. SMALL OFftCE. DOWN-TOlVN LOCATION. 95 HR. WK. JENN AIR PpODS CO. LI. UTjL STENOGRAPHER S-Diy week, 37 hr. Pleasant office. FIDELITY A CASALTY CO. 105 3 Meridian. AT. $393. Mr. F. W. Kellman, STENO, -SECRETARY Permment isttion requiring typing. horttiand and general oince. o-aay eek. Group in... profit sharing plan. vongeniai personnel, rnone at. ioti. STENOGRAPHER - Air line purchasing, and revenue accounting dept. 6-day, 40-hr. wk. Age 18-3. B. J433. Lake Central Air Lines. Welf Cook Airport, STENOGRAPHER For wholesale carpet distributor, fowntown location, Shorthind reouired. Inquire. Small A Schelosky Co.. 33 WTST5E0RG1A. STENOGRAPHIC" TRAINING .For quick e!.ceraent. See Section jnJBuslriis College U. 3,391, EXP, LEGAL STENOGRAPHER tl. 408. ETXNO.; to preaident, fee paid i".$260 , UNITED PERSONNEL Bm 6Q3, loa r wish. St. Lie. A gey. STENOGRArHFR nd general office work, g pay wk. AT. 14 ALSO TYPISTS STENO-CLEM Mght Dictation Good Starting; Salary 40-Hour Week AMERICAN BEARING CORP. 429 S. Harding STENOGRAPHER n.?,?..ul,r'- s!.Md Plefment. Opportunity for dvtncement. Excellent orkini eondmona. Hospital and insurance program Vacation end retire. pi., con or. living allowancg. CHEVROLET Henry ind Drover sta, sjenTgraphTr Dictaphone. No shorthand. Per. msnent position. VONNEGUT HARDWARE 402 WestMsrvlind COMMERCIAL TEACHER-" Shorthind, typing ind lerretsrlil suhlerts in busines, college. Excellent opportunity. Good Mi.rT LI. 2391 WANTED IMMEDIATELY TYPISTS To train for maklne nip charts. Interntlnit work. Va-i canon with pay. Pension plan. Good ftarting- salary. Branch of large national organization. experience not necessary. ADDRESSOGRAPH SALES AGENCY 1234 X. PENNSYLVANIA tm m Due To Expansion i r Wi hivi ipininet In iiviril dtpirtmintt. BOOKKEEPER STENO.-SECRETARY with truck line ernerlenc. CLERK-TYPIST PilcitiniiB iiAPtMiiiaM I . I . ' ". "" " Bay, 40-hoUr Wftlt. Alk far I."1. " " wr, itrntr, COMMERCIAL MOTOR FREIGHT, INC. lit E. MeCarty TEMPORARY TYPIST Expirimoid . 1-Day week, Apply Monday, Mrs. Reynold!, Circulation ; Dept., Indianapolis Star-Newt.' 4th Floor 307 N. Penn, St. BILLING TYPIST SHIPPING DEPT. Mr, Bettcher, MA. 8ISS J. I. Holcomb Mfg. Co. TYPIST Accurate typist wining to relieve on P B X, board and reception desk. Will trim. 5-Day week; Co. cifeteria; group Insurance. For appt call LI. $512. Mr. Hamerin. LILLY VARNISH COMPANY S. Cillfnrnli St. NORBEN, INC. 1300 W. 2TH ST, TYPIST-CLERK Young lidy for billing ind general office work. Excel, opportunity: 5-day wk. 8 e m. -5 p.m. Pleasant surrouno-ms. Permanent. Good pay. Call Mr. Rosensteln, HI. 5414, for further details. TYPIST Permanent poiltion with future: varstion with psy: pleaiint working conditions. Experience unnecessary. Apply in person. Buokaye Union Casualty Co, 129 E. Market St . Room 715. BILLING TYPIST Must be good typist. 8-diy week. Exoerience breferred but not reouired. Employe discount, group insurance and pension plans. Apply In person General Electric Supply Co, 338 WEST GEORGIA TYPIST Immediate openlni for good typltt, Must be fast and accurate. No experience necessary. Good starting salary. 40-Hour, 5-diy week, Addressograph Sales Agency 1234 N Pennsylvania St, POLICY TYPIST Must be accurate with figures, H.S. grid. Permanent, Pild vacation. Air cond office. Grain Dealers Mutual Ins, Co, 1733 N. Meridian TYPIST Permanent position. To trim en IBM Electromltlc. VONNEGUT HARDWARE - 402 W, Mirylind TYPIST FIRE INSURANCE OFFICE Policv writing and genera! office work Permanent position, 5-day week. Good downtown location. Good working conditions. Call et 1504 Fletcher Trust Bldg. TYPIST to learn dlctipnone work, -riiy week. Good working conditions. Hospitalization and life benefits. MA. $403. 744 Consolidated Bldg TYPIST 8 -Day week, 37 hr. Pleasant office. FIDELITY A CASUALTY CO 10S South Meridian. AT, (392. Mr. F. W. Kellman. O TYPIST 0 Good working conditions. MOULDINGS DIVISION 2601 S. Holt Id, l-TYPISTS-2 1 Edlphone 1 Accounting Downtown location, Permanent LI 7391 for appointment. TYPIST OR BILLING CLERK Must be experienced. $33 week. Hours. 13 noon to 8:30: 5-diy week. CI.EMANS TRUCK LINES. INC. 601 . WEST ST. TYPIST GENERAL OFFICE Above avenge poiltion with eirei. Stirling MUry Ins. $ di. week. The Kramer Crp 335 i. LaSslle. Phone Mr Kelleher for ippt FR, 4838 TYPIST White, IR. 73JS, EVEN IF YOU'VE NEVER HAD A JOB BEFORE! ... you'll find it easy to get started in telephone work. Mony girls now making good money with the Telephone Company came to their job with no previous experience. They have found telephone work both pleasant and profitable from the moment training smarted. ' We have a number of openings right now for girls with high school training. WOMEN'S EMPLOYMENT OFFICE INDIANA BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY 240 N. MERIDIAN STREET Monday through Friday 8 to 5 Saturday 9 to 1 . TYPIST tmmwiifttf opninf fon expiipncrt trpi&t nd bookkeepinj-marhlne epr-tmGwd wM. PL, 7441. WAITRESSES Neat, dependable; 7 a.m. -3 in: S pm.-U pm or 11 pm -7 am. Apply in person. (No phone calls, plaeiet FENDRICK'S Jl N. ILLINOIS WAITRESSES (2) Must be neat appearlni. its II- JS, AbOl THE PARKMOOR J'-h aid Cojesium . , WAITRESSES O Lunch and Dinner ATTRACTIVE EARNING Hawthorn Restaurant 1U N. Meridian WAITRESSES , NIGHTS Apply T u -11 a m. or J p m.-4 pm WHEELERS 139 N. Penn. WAITRESS Apply Miss Hamilton after 10 a.m " 'SEVILLE RESTAURANT t N. MERIDIAN. NIGHT WAITRESSES White, full and part time: tavern exp. Outstanding, entertainment Wah'l'. Good wakes and tins. Anpli In person between 5-7 p.m. Brown Ker Tavern, 3735 t. Sflth. WAITRESSES Experienced hotel wiltressei. Breik-fast and lunch hours. Applv m person between 10 and 13 a.m. Miss Smith. HOTEL ANTLERS WAITRESS i P.M.-U MIDNIGHT Wan-Ten Reitaurant A Bar 110 S, Penn. WAITRESS $S0 TO START FOR 4 HRS. CHILIBURGER 1440 West Morrli WAITRESSES Apply" In person to Mrs GrtbW. . HOTEL -WARREN WAITRESS Dayi, 11-S:30. off en Suns. BR. 009 Wally' Grill, 931 Broad Ripple Ave WAITRESSES 4-1 a.m. fcntMenrfi 1nrA rA ! prinks, !r eonditinrifd dinintr room, ! VrjrVT. .W'TSS-CURB GIRL unite noma, ivi n, none WAITRESSES Day or night work. Morgan Reslau-Mnt. 3830 Madison Ave. WAITRESS EAST-SIDE NEIGHBORHOOD TAV- ERN. NIGHTS, FR. 0616. WAITRESSES-WHITE 10:30 t.m.-7 n.m.. 6 gm-1 Ira. Wheeler'i, 6S0 1 I. 38th. CH. 8571, WAITRESS CLUB LaSALLE. 3224 E. Michigan. I WAITRESS WHITE ... oV.7. - .7.... Btatlon inn Tavern LI. 0448 WAITRESSES Neat, dependable. No Sundai. Apply 143 East Market. WAITRESS, experienced In food and cocktalU. Terrace Lounge, .308 Guilford. BR. 7463. WAITRESS. Must be experienced. No Sundays. Apply In person, 444 N. Capitol Ave. WAITRESS. Exper. for fine cocktail lounge. 3502 . Wash. WAITRESS wanted. Jolly Chef Cafe. 123 S. Illinois St. WOOL PRESSER Experienced or willing to learn. Apply e m. -13 noon. Scottle Cleaners. 5549 W Washington St WOOL INSPECTOR Experienced or willing to kirn, FASHION DRY CLEANERS 1901 Central Ave. GIRL to work In small office. Interesting variety of thingi to do. Liking of figures important. Opportunity to advance in a stable business. Saliry. Cook Coffee Co., 3311 Shelby St, Remington Rand, Inc. . Ideal opportunity for CLERK. TYPIST and CLERK - STENOGRAPHER. Permanent assignment, with all bene-fltl. See MB, MCKEEVIR. 1335 N. Meridian. NEED 30 GIRLS Interetted In traveling entire U.S. Work on horseback. Horses furn. Average earnings $60 per wee. Drawing acct. See Mr. Marshall. Barton Hotel, un,. Monday, Tues. Don't phone, j INTERVIEWERS. 35-45. for pleasant, interesting, oursme work in indianap-Mil irea. not gelling, no experience required, good pay, 8-day week, hours 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Car helpful. Give telephone number In answer tc Box 636, Slir-News. CIVIL SERVICE NEEDS Slenoa., typtit. and file clerks Short course, offered to pa,, exams. Coniolldated BurtneM College PL. .636 33 N. Pa , over Loew'. Evei PL 9337 FOX'S STEAK HOUSE 1308 FAST WASH. NEEDS wllTttrcin Over 1-pleaant working condlHons. LADY, experienced In direct lelllng for , special assignment In local ares. Average income win he $70 to $90 weekly. 340 E, Mm-ket. Room 311. YOUNG LADY Carmel Crisp Shop, j N . Illinois PRACTICAL Nursee, Indiana State Sanatorium. $100 monthly. p!u room, boird, laundry. Telephone Mits Barnes. Director Nurses, Rockvllle 173, PART TIME Sikery clerk. Prl.. Sit. Good wag-t. Boyden's, 6004 B, loth, IR. 966. O'Shta Employment 909 Fletcher Trust. Lie. Imp. Agcy. WOMEN for packing food . Foods Prod. C( 133 S. Capitol. Boettoher Employment Service 30 w. wash., Rm. S04 Lie, Agcy. WH. lady to cart for 3 children while mother works. Lt. houiework. Stay. m we. ib.u -mwqway, Apr. j STATE office position available for young lady who can type and file, Phone Mr. Knox. PL. 3346. WOMAN who need, home more than wige. to care for children while mother work!. BR, 7986. Life Employment Service 139 t. Market. Rm. 514 Lie. Agcy. WOMAN to care for yr.-old halve "tn VpY. wh.. car for children myhome '"u mi., rn,.. do, nit,, ins yVHrTE, woman: tay. Nine mile, in country. Good home. GA. 511. MIDDLE-AGED depend, wemin. Sti or go. Lt. Hiewk, Saliry, CA, 8133, ) Clerical Opportunitits CLAIM CLERK CLERICAL WORK, AVERAGE TYPING FILING CLERK AGS 17-35 NO TYPING. STENCIL TYPIST Typing. Ooerate Duplicitmi Machlni POLICY TYPIST Copy typini from applications. TRANSCRIPTION TYPIST Typtm from machine dictation, fctperlence not neceiiar-we will train you. Only those wantlni permanent employment need apply. CALL MISS FLANAGAN. HI 9I. FARMERS MUTUAL LIABILITY CO. 3955 H MERIDIAN ST HOUSEWIVES INTERESTED IN WORKING ON-CALL FOR SALE DAYS Apply EMPLOYMENT OFFICE 7th FLOOR THE WM. H. BLOCK CO. CROWN LAUNDRY NEEDS RECEPTIONIST TYPIST ANO - PRICING CLERK Good Working Condition Apply 01 EAST WASH. GIRLS! CREDIT CLERK CLERK-TYPIST Local downtown finance office hn openings for above positions. 5 dsys. 40 nr. week, no exn. necessary. We will trsin. Anolv in sennn LINCOLN LOAN CORP. 723 Firm Bur, Ins. Blrlg. 130 p, wish. Insley Mfg. Corp. NEEDS Fill Clark and General Office ! 371. ,k ld T. : " tno """' "u"nce. 101 N, OLNEY ST. APPLY TODAY Steno. He lee .$200 UO TYPISTS to $190 Comn. Onrs,: fees od. on same. $4 5-50 Nit'f. Cish Bkkpr. No fee ...,$190 up Idiphone Opr . dntown $47,50 Hundreds Positions Open. 507 Odd Fellow Bldg. Lie. Agcy, nttiunuj Local distributor of phonognph rec- nnii hn ooenlnt for iilei girl to handle over-the-counter aales. Pu diversified otiice work, some ei- perirnce in selling, puis aoil ry to ryoe. required Apply by letter In your own handwriting, to Mr. Squires, P 0. Box 1295 GIRL WANTED Oeneral office work, light typing: 8l'3-diy week: hospitaltritlon, pud vg. nation, smsll office. Apoly Mr. Cmldell. HOOSIER. OUTFITTING CO. 219 E. Washington St: LADY White or colored, to cook In excellent home, full or part time: stay or live out. light duties. Must like chll-dr-n. Ref. HU. 7ii9 ii sporting (goods, ftunt SHOTGUN SHELLS All glutei, 31,93 box of 25 AI.SXANDER FURNITURE APPL. 3113 W. Wash. BE. 0346 NEW and used guns, terms or lay-away. Musky'i Live Bait, 431 W, Washington, LI. 7171, LADY S howling ball and bag, new, $15. 1 used 16-16. ball, 110. BO. 7410. 16-GAUGE Winchester, Model 13 pump gun, used twice, $90. AT, 41 74 OHt$ end Toys VACUUM CLEANERS, $12.18 Electrolux, Hoover, G-E, elc. $3 do., 3-yr, guar. 318 I. Ohio. MA. 8353. 8-PC. LIONEL elec. train wllh track? trans., $17.95. Layawiy now, Ooen SiSmmmmmSiiimlm filMSl 1 13 Misceiianeuus Mnicies 2 ARMY-NAVY STORES 2 TARPS-TENTS -COTS-SHOE? Bunk beds, Jackrts, ft. lockers, corn-bit boots, wk. clothes, raincoats, 203 N, CAPITOL TA. 6124 120 E. WASH. IM. 3'87 ARMY-NAVY SURPLUS - Sho. coti. mitdonr eoutpmant Com- clothing' 1 iHfti una mmtarT and wen 34 W. Ohio w.. .... i HIGHEST PRICES paid for used bath. room or kitchen fixtures. FR, 0294. BATHTUBS tturf hut o iknuvl Wn ehMe. it onlv $?V o nrmrT1as gut. a aoout our liy- Amerloan Plumbing Supply Co.! "'Lewis" Beat and Motor Co. I 12LSLJJ1: 'r.:Ml04,",b.n7Bee?h Vaw PUe.l Bwlh T..l. sissy, vvivs.H wain i UV4 $53,50 Each, Limited Amer. Hdw. 11.1 Vlrgtall. PR. f2?4 ROI1.FR.S and 4 "team generators, high pressure. Sire, up to 100 Hi. car. rled IN STOCK Also used boilers. STOVALL A ASSOCIATES. INC. 820 E. Market. FR. 2S6T. BOILERS Used and new-Special prices Bu.chm.nn Co,, 545 W. Wash. BUILT-IN CABINETS JAVE 35 UP. ANY SIZE KITCHEN NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS Open 7 Days (.36 Mos. to Piyi 6769 E. Wash. BL. 8646. IR. 397 CASH register scales ronnteri, de.k.7 hosrcMi. adding machine! We buy u 11, a UniOTL .71. 7 i5'9' walk-in cooler, complete'wlth prl"ceU,foe 553? ,.T,m br"m FROST AIR CO., INC. '14 N Deliware LI. 14 33 Tki CLE anfrr niricaS".k ....... ..CLEANERS EQUIPMENT CO 3437 g. State. GA. 60 6 5 . rF-i"! "H fM heullni away. 3109 g. state Ave. ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Pluor, circllne future, iper. $ 68 EVERYTHING FOR HOUSt WIRING Prankhouge. 103. T, Wim., ft. 6030 HEARING lid. food mike. Hire . hlf price, AT 3612 ' ..cC2-' w'tji wtK4t l-PT. tt mm. coeiolere. C." o wen 7P t43d. Prtred re. HU. Has. k-l rTpN'ACE wi'h ml ratroU mi lpre (letter. BR. 707. DUO-THERM OIL HEATERS Owp'trely inifAlled-Eisy term WILLS riFD AMD SL'PPLT '30 W, WASH BE 1 nr rui -Plenty of PfHir.e ipuce tTFAM unit uctrrat Ploor mounted 1-300,00 TV i. cmeitrierwA 3?nt. OIL ttove and 375-t.l tint. 114 ' Wiiconim St. Cell liter 5 pm a PXH.NACB. wes s BoTTike nti:i Bn!n. Wt !MtII. AT. fSM. i-r; tt:.. j i nuKUi lill, risnu, s-"in. rip. T5 BTC; d. cond. Cheep. BR. 003' SUPER FLAME OIL HEATER . WA. 4493 OIL 1URNERS Tied end new-oecui price Co.. bAS w, Wuh. DEVOE PAINTS W0NTER 1-COAT HOI-PE PAWT White only, at til. Ten he t1nt. Prankhouie. 103 r. -nh rk 1 . r Sand Finish Paint, $2.95 Oil. rnia.l frmr m twwu. .Mmmb Prtnkriouie. 103 E- Wa'ih.. CA. 33JT CHURCH pewa. Prt Xvanielml United Prethren Church. Pnrtiind. tndiam Per Information call 1019-3, P'rtlend. Indiana. PlumbingSupplies WM P. STECK CO 4933 COLLwriE BR. 4$t PLUMBING SUPPLIES pita nit . rmn . mm IM. .401 BIIIMRIUR CIIBDIICC wooa Plump. 3439 W PR. 17it PLUMBING SUPPLIES Economy Plot, SO. N. Ala. m l.o. PUBLIC addrtu antem, romolctl." like n A.m. WW OAAtt DAYTON Cub shiUow'well pump' cLT 3087, HOFFMAN preaslnf machine and boiler, real. 221 N. Illinois. 1 33-FT. L-shaped rest, counter nd stools, soda fountain and back bar. Ohean. CA. 2433 or GA. 3339 DAYTON elec. comp. meat acales, ISO. HU. 1739. 8TOKOL stoker, hydraulic dr. Warm Morning htf. stove. Chambers ranje: Thor elect, ironer: set of trap drums. Li winch: punching bag-rack; 1 pr, boxing shoes, 1 pr. football shoes. IR. 7S39. STOKERS I'sed and rew-Soecial price Buichmann Co., 54 W. Waah, STOKER. Hall-Neal. A-l, cheap. Oianged tooll. 313SN. Merldnn. ic COMBINATION -Ar Rtoirood itorm winrlnwji trrj rrcni, I to 1ft ivernt indfwi ai low u $149.50. No down payment, monthly MiMMt "yii; night. BL 0729. STOKER, Schwltrer-Cummlns: 300 lb. hopper. Excellent cond. CL. 305 SEPTIC TANKS Pre-cast. reinforced concrete. 500 ion. l.oon. gal, Nationally known locally owned iiui. ..... serf " hMUh A v' L S H",lh SITTON SEPTIC TANK rORF, BL 7321 Prompt Delivery. 1,000-GALLON USED UNDERGKOUND STORAGE TANK. J. J. HOFFMAN, CH. 1494. 330 USED theater earj. Ger-Bar, Inc. 442 N. ILL ST. LI. 1727 KJTCHEN remodeling, plastic wal! tile, rubber and uphalt floor tilt. FR. 1495 Or FR 1415. TIRES, battery charger, cash register. miic, fining nation equip, ca. 785. used TOILETS $14,95 Amer. Hdw . 1019 Virginia. FR. 0294 TYPEWRITER, TOOL CHEST. VACUUM CLEANER. FAN. CLOCK. RA-DIO, RUG, BUCKETS. PI6 79,3 . HOT WATER HEATER White auto, gas hot water heater, new, 20 gals,, $39 95. DIRECT TO YOU STORE JI04S. Meridian J-'- "'J" NEW "OAS i WATER" HEATERS And elec., 135 up No money 4. etnmoetAT.733.VWe tn.tsill OAS WATER HEATERS $29,7! 30-gll. auto, gas water heitere-Caih and carry, Guaranteed. PL. 1431, HOT WATER HEATER, connection!, PR. 751. H. Welntnut, 221 N. Bellevlew PI, AUTOMATIC hot water heitlng plint. overhead ridistors with motor! for large hid;. IR, 5431, RHF.EM 53-gal. electric hot water heater, used l year. BR. 4130. MAAS WATER SOFTENER All purpose cleaners for floors, wills, woodwork, etc. Albert G. Mils, 155 E. Maryland. MA. 5.315. METAL sash windows, glared, different Uses; also benches, counter tablet; cheap. 103 Lawrence Ave, NOW WRECKING BEAUTIFUL BRICK HOUSE AT 1305 FAST 53RD T. ALL MATE RIB.,nfn-tndo, ir, -French doorshardwood floortng-caa ing - baseboard - furnace - lumber and many other Items, See salesman on Job at 130$ Bast 83rd. St, CLEVELAND WRECKING CO. 961 W. Morril FR. 1441 CLOSING OUT Space Heaters-Cai or Oil Fired (with or without burnera) 26 Gauge Gutters 34 Gauge Furnace Plpeg 28 ga. 8-16 In. pipe Gas .Pipe and Fittings Gis Controls HOME ROOFING CO. ' 11 1. EAST ST. MA 375 CH.' 8783 Cut Rate Paint and Linoleum Genuine Inlaid Linoleum, . .sq. ft. 14c Linoleum, 13 ft. wlde..,.aq. yd, 49c Roof Cement, stops leiks; 3 gal. $3,95 Rubber Cove Base. ..... .per ft. 19c Congowill closeouti ......sq. ft. 8c Hall Runners 3 ft. wide, per yd. 19c 345 W, Wash, 205 E, Wash. KIMtVS CnMPI FTP Fl ITU R Ft I For Restaurants. Taverns, Homes, etc. KING'S, INC. Formerly King's Ind, Blllard r., Inc. 1631 Southeastern Ave. MA. 3491 DODGE MTR., Ilk new. transmission and omp. rear housing In good cond, med. DeLaval elec, cream separator, reasonible. One boat with Inboard mtr., make offer. Corner Hanni Ave, and High School td. Cill eve nings after 6. FOR SALE, med. sire meat caae complete with unit. Only $200 If sold soon. See at Flying Saucer Cafe, Arcadia, Indiana. For details call Dile Beck. 49203. Noblesvllle, FRIG., white enamel kit. link, mix. faucet, dbl. drain bed. wall cab., 7-inch. 24-inch base cab. Like new. Reas, BE, 9944. Sat, p.m. and Sunday BUNK beds-wardrobe trunk, chest, full bedstead, wash stand, handing lamp, pictures, mirror, PL. 843. 83-FT. windmill tower; young man I utt lite 36. 4 6.70x15 tires. Sun-Bfim Shavemsster. IR. 3077. 76 Full 01 SEXSON BROS. COAL t QIL r1 ?V iTT, 77 BicyCfgS MATTHEWS BICYCLE MART 4913 COLLEGE, HU, 6645 Special sale used and rebuilt bicycles, $14,95 to $29.50. Good se-lecllnn. All guiranteed. Boys, girls' Jilkes. Open Sunday. 1 BOY'S, 1 glri-gd. coiML Htm Ore. 1161 Perry. BOY'S 26-IN, BICYCI.E. EXCEL COND. 3-y3. BR. 04 33 78 Boots, Equipment w in u e siei r swanw m a FOR 1153 New modsls are here. Buv him in Vvin.,,.. Klv.k.. "L""T. . .. -. " aviniivosj by afft BOATS-STEEL. FIBERGLASS. ALU- vinum ano i h m- Birr m TORS AND BOAT KITS FROM 349 , CAWiafcVera-i4"2. : AND C-t APPUANCFS. WE TRADE ijvu'.ArJAri'uii gun tx.r , INC 1050-54 E. 49th HU 3630 CHRIS-CRAFT BOATS, BOAT KITS renn-Yan. Biggins, century Boats IOHNSON OUTBOARD MOTORS Boat Trailers: Marine Pilnt; VarnUh Lifetime Steel Piers . MANNIX MARINE CO. WA. 3856 US W. 34th Johnson Outboard Motors LARSON WOOD BOATS. PETTIT AND INTERLUX PAINTS FRED KOKEMILLER CA. 778 ! WIS E, WASHINGTON MERCURY MOTORS WOOD AND METAL BOATS Indiana Marine C.iJ2JJ, HI. I UZ&ljti OUTBOARD MOTOR RENTAIjS j 8KDROOM. din. rm., gultei. planoT Live bait, tackle, open till 11:30 pm. L",h "em, ID. 4443. 737 Cottage. Crest Hdw 3336 Madlion. CA. 7069. 3-PC, Bdrm. set,"-compl. $30. G t." lev,. rr. Aero-craft aluminum cruller 1 - with 33 H P. Evlnrude motor and trailer. 3330 Prospect St. 17-FT. CRISCRAFT runibout; cm he een at Yacht Club. For appt, call GL. 039 14-FT. MAHOG, Century dlx 12V H P. tvinrude, fully eoutpped. 1611 t 0'i.nge after 3 Sit., ill di Sun JOHNSON outboard motor, 10 HP. in. .MITAL BOAT CHtAP H14 t. ST. CLAIR. IM. 1363 STAR-NEWS Quick-Acthn WANT ADS, Saturday, September it 1952 7o boots. Eatnemtftt Mrmt'i. fer 1953 Evinrudit wxpin trie wek or 10 dtt 't fe letting in traded hmti All" piinaini rn miiiT new butt S.-Tn we U htve ch'na rf.ui Ben In neei nd iam t"ir Tbe ttircUej will he h,.r We rinse Pent, n We will eon Sept. We -e fft,n e'e- the S;if Wmt ind Buy fmirt CMriie Ktfkluf'l 1801 W. 18 IM.3211 It ielOTninO, JtWtlrV w A . FALL WARDROBE , ,7 . ""IIMIIWWb tncludlnr Perin-tnmmed brrwd- ; ,WK ta.n. Tl r ' I ..... . BEAt'TIPL'L hand carved ccral rvti E. Norm. PL. It3. HONORARLY diKharted. V S porce clothtnf. compl. 41 med . rip ne 7 sxrei rona. Keaa. hi 33" LADY S diamond entatement rm. n m ia kit .iif, ,m mAimt .35 cent, 14 kt. yellow iid mount int. Sacrifice T5. C.L. OT40 GIR1S' clothlns. Hie H to 14 yt., '" s- x i '"4 7. I COU.IGE irl has suits. drees coais, skirts and sweater?, sire 10 m 14, good quality. Cheap. PR ?7 PRIVATE Pree. blouse, ccits. 14 nfl s Hita arm moei. ph. kwa LADY S dresses, sise 13 little firls, sue .3-5-9 J pr. mens shoes, sire ' 'O-P TA, ?3I. jBIAND wolf lur coat. iTu 13-14. , lenttn. Reaionaoie. im jhoo LADIES' SUITS, dress'!, etc 9-14. Cheap. AT. opm SUea i LAD'S elothin. and ihoei, like new CA. 1931. i WA 4170. LADY S 3-DC. suits coa ,t,e 13. 14. IS. Pert cond Fl'R coat, certified Ruaaian pony brown, . Uth , pert rood ti PR 33?i... i tl ComtrOS, iUDDltS 1 Zl ' : FOR SALS-.1 SalO Century No Studio camera with stand: 1 810 bark and divider. 1 MI bark and di vlder. 1 4i5 back: 1 SxlO snd 13 5x7 holders: 1 13' F4 Wallensirk lens in Betai shutter with cable release, also. 1 No. 3 flood with stand: 3 No 1 Tiooa wirn nana; 1 voioie spot witn ! i? "."S. "TerrutVn SPECIAL OFFER Used protection equipment and recorders. Indiana V:iual Aids Co, T3. W.imnols. LI. 731 3t WE BtrY-SELtPFRADE INDIANAPOLIS CAMERA CO. 303 E. Washington MA, 7 33. WANTED 5x7 Knlarger. FR, 5990." 82 Offict Equipment TYPEWRITER. Royal magic margin. Standard office machine, Priced to ell. PL. 1993 after 5 em. 1 .'iD'P. n;7; ir.f. -.;r.Ti"iw hmn student!; sertionil ind e's.s door bookcises. S15 Mass FLAT TOF-TYFK WRITER-DESK CHAIRS-FILES-SAFES. USED. DILLON, 143 E. MARYLAND ST. DESKS. CHAIRS. TABLES TYPEWRITER DESKS, NEARLY NEW SIDMAN. 33.3 N ALABAMA ". i"?"?! 3 neeiiie usi.s. ma. Kaza 19H" CHALLENGE paper cutter with" stana. jm. sbaei. a ?. cel., rrm a.) TYPEWRITER: excel, cond.. $35. PL. 843. 317 N. Penn., n-l p m DICTAPHONE AND TRANSCRIBER. S39 50 yACH. HV. 57?4 , B-y a .,-4; c-i. i 03 AUCtlOtt SOI$ ANTIQUE AUCTION Sat., Sept. 13th, 8:43 pm. Broad Ripple Bam, 2941 E. 56th It Lampi. china, pattern glass, clwrry chest, marble-top tible. chilrs, Cameo bedrm. suite, antique cradle, wal. icc-retary, many other Items. If you hive antiques to aell, consign to our auction. Open Friday night, 7 p m. to 9 30 pm, Open Sit. morning, 8 . 10 a.m. to 13 30. Call FR. 353, 2 BIG SALES Sunday. Sept. 14. J 02 p.m . truck load nursery stock, evergreens, flowers, shrubs, etc. PLUS Community sale of used merchandise. New merchandise every Prldsv, Sat-urdsy. Sunday nights. 7 37 p m, R4ROIN BOB' AI'CTION 5080 Pendleton Pike COME TO OUR AUCTION MON., SEPT. 15, 1952 SEE OUR AD IN The SUNDAY STAR Classification 3 GENERAL AUCTION CO. 94 7 MASS. ' IM 369 Big Consignment Auction USED FURNITURE. RUGS. MISC. EVERY SUNDAY. 1 P.M. MARION CO. SALES BARN. ID 3310 BE. 834. 1404 S. Morlanrt. BP, 15S1 THICKER A LUCAS, AUCTIONEERS LUNCH SERVED ALL DAY Auction Every Wednesday OPEN EVERY DAY for inspection end sales furniture. apoHmees. tools, eoulpment. new and used. We buv or sell on cofi-ienment BROAD RIPPLE AUCTION CO. 831 E 64th St GL. 4383 AUCTION, 936 Virginia, Sun,, Sept. 14, 1 p m. Will aell lite model restaurant futures, all A-l. as a lot or by piece, Everything must go! If In need of this merchandise don't mm this sale. Cel. Art Carroll, auct. AUCTION. 2.313 Harlan 13000 F Raymond! Sat., Sept. IS, 1 p.m. 5 rms. finest quality turn, that has ever been auctioned. If you want the best-don't miss this. Cel. Art Carroll, Auct. BLACK'S AUCTION, 903 Virginia, Sat., 7:30 p.m. Lota of good fum. Few dishes. Col. Art Carroll, auctioneer, MERCHANDISE FOR AUCTION MEN. INI.AND CITY JOBBERS 503 W. WASHINGTON, U 133. 84 Housthofd Goods PHILCO air conditioner, 8149.95. Block s Warehouse itore. .434 N. Illinois St. ANTIQUES 16th to 19th Century and Americano; English, French. Dresden china; Bohemlsn gliss; collector pitchers and ooxes; copper, brass, pewter, bronie; rope-leg banouet tables. chilrs. been '".!"? 100 years: rugs, -etc. Sale conducted by Louise Brooks. 4133 N. npiini, oarn, in i:m. to p.m., sat., Sundyand Monday. ilNGER portihie; "FEATHERWEIGHT, like new, $13.50 down. Attachment!. New guarantee, Singer Sewing Center, 13 w. Wash. PL, 327. o?kUpr,n quer boxee. Chines brocide and linen, .' uiim irn ri nim t-hbi"B. lie- oriental tables, other art eieces. in tloue table, icttee and chair. Leaving city, will sell reasonible. BR. 1763. ANTIQUES; cherry cheat, 7 walnut high-poster bed; walnut cupboard, lge for china or bedding, shelves ill original, 6249 Central, Apt. 1. ANTIQUE walnut chest and wash find: hinging lamp.: Carmel Cur-stid pitcher and tumblers: chma and bric-a-brac: antique Oriental rugs. 4225 College. BEAUTI., unusual antique all-carved walnut vanity with mirror; perfect cond. 9x12 brown Alexander Smith rug. Round wicker table. Living rm. turn., mlscel, CA, 9290. ANTIQUES, Welnbrecht Shop. 3447-4 W. 16th. Closing out sale of an- rique. and gift.. ANTIQUE furniture in the rough-See us for reflnlshlng. Brown., 313 5th St., Zionsville. ANTIQUE turn., reflnlshlng, repairing. 716 E. 17th, J, M. Allen, AT, 9287 ANTIQUE cherry cheat, 1844. CH, 1490. purchased BABY buggy; Taylor Tot .troller, $35. HI chsir, $7: apt. lire gas stove. $25. WirmMornlng jtove. CH. 4237. BABY bed. pliv pen. Very" "res,sonabIe7 LI. 6920. CHILD'S high chair, Simmon, gofa hed, A-l cond. CH.6369. "pAPY bed. while enatfi'l, FesTitnette, Shoo-yiyHlL 8565 MAPLE BABY BED. INNERSFRTnG" MATTRESS.LIKK NEW. BL4942 BABY bed, good" condition" $15,' ID. 3200. .l.V BP. M ,. M, A '"'I' iviv fire Ave, j . Tfr''M T.i cw"' E' SINGLE Hollywood bed, complete chest "i qnwers. .vanity, jtooi. mitcning ..tie rtr.n. h,,,n,.,, .-,.. eof'ee' tM,. 'ca! 3.' Tls'IN "mVoiehed"i"nt" fn1trit.lir ,r -. tovn: bunk beds: liv,, din., bedim., kit. furn. Reae. 518 Mill, TWIN BEDS, COMPLETE, $50 51 N. EAST LIKE NEW Hollywood" bed. Simmons, firm, rone plaatlc patent button heidhMl 5N. Ala., Apt. 4 "Bedroom wt, -pc,, period, nw springs, mattress, dble. poster bed, Hke new. 6111. Central Ave. BEDRM. SUITE, compl.; add. bedrm. iurn.; misc. pes, .334 park Ave. BED HOLLYWOOD 1 e nliT i:-BibJL!i.Ed,o.rM.' nr.vRM.. .pc. mah., $35; wal, din. rm,, beaut, china cab,, $65. BE, 2856, .w,.!ri'..?. - i .a,',H' Uhla.i.lia Jl. Tl a 1 1 ... ' . ----- - - .-. . , r , www, I BEnnM. 'stiiTit .i,",. iT.T.i.:. "i Usll china. IR. A100 "SfDS. twin; rug.; diveno, old rnbrcTT jpleafblePL 3857. H0ffT- bed clean mattrefinaF ONI NFAVtVHTTEHANri 0"cHETn . BEDSPREAD, $35 1L. 2343 E BED. springs, mittreii. aood ennd. $36. BR. 9143, 84 Hou,old Goods ' sl?M . c Pr. orru enttiw 3-pr. 1 i".'e irTint. nice y-pc dtn. nme. 13 n.i. mh. u'ee. ritrhmt limw 11 nie trp lit nine, ! Mjit let) t once. 243 S Ar'!r;fn PPDRM si'ITF. ir'-nij "irid "V:TVr prmi msttrco. f5. J pc. trwn neie liv. rm lui'e, bunk brite cvpiete. J5, ter!ll ch-.t of o'air,, e .np fnrome dinette. 3" Carlind nu slnve, J40 oik bookraie J-dvr ertt tble, irpoM suite. 3-pc'. witn dJe?er7 1100. 3-pc liv nn. luite. 0 -r nri'i. Dum-in Phte dm rm tuite. isf, Tappan ( ranye. A-l vi 15; nice 7-pr chrrme et. SoS refre 1:1 . . .t . : mirtlne 314 E 30th ' 'r i iTir ttv" phit" .rsL.1.4 ."."" i 7T ' ",rw-K t wtrennjM itere. 424 n. lIMP'ttl M TbT n afi vTrTii' "kT... " .'r : 1 '.' LL VET . Ms cabinet. H 95 Rlork 1 Wirehonte itnre 431 N Illmol! St CARPETS r)icontmied pst'erps ot lari sue nt at pilt prtre, U Sir 1 3 nirl 171 i3.15 run : on )?J' rust 1130 a-,. . .171 no , ..i ni ! j Urse selecuon n( pattenu and colon, UNITED RUG CO. 139 WEST WASHINGTON OPPOSITE INDIANA THEATER i CARPETING, turn . inn). H. 0. RICHARDSON, BROKE! ! WArNTEd m.p-1. chair and dkT ! POLDwTwheel "chair like -..'liV' FOLDING wheel chair like new $35 i Ux31 rod rut. $40. BL 0373 1 CHIPFEROBE child sile: occaslo'nil mtht table. I.e. chsir, uph. BR. 3il DAPORfrirpllioThT-" i ...t.' :l,uZ.,'?'ll. m'f" - ;-JLi,-i""- ,,."' I DAVENPORT and chair with rpvenv ton con4AT 354.1 i DAVENPORT and chafr, 145 1 pn. 3291,b : Z.k "51-!"!L L .PJ" S MO. old. lovely limed oak dining rm table. 4 chilrs. 1115 comolete trsiler davenport, 16. tri'ler loupse chitr, 155; blond step tible. 112, ktchn, ribinet with formica top. S10. PR 313 DINING rm. suite, wal , $40. High rhlln 55. 7-DC. silver fox dinette aet 1 2ft, GE elect Ironer, late model $40 Blvin Transfer Co., 11 15 Central, "ARVIN 5"-pc, dinette set Reg. $54 9.V now $69.00. Blork'i Warehouse lore, 434 N. Illlnoii SI, DIN. room suite, $45, Wme rug. $55. twin Jd.15.BL. 095L DINING rm, suite, wilmit. "9nr-3" n. iotn St., weecn Grove. ; pining rm auitj' BiirkerAtGav I i . aS i ij. ! ..-.V a.PTFCTr nab .l. .O ,.h if onn ' "" cash. BE. 5900 -rSSriiSrSS riOTirrs tipvt-ow 1 r... . .1...... w . I 303 E WASH FR. 3019 LATEST rm Klrh with flm. ml "; "' 1 "l hum- FREEZERS See the Pimotis WEBBER FREEZER Before To. Buy 2T40 MADISON ID. 04S3 Webber Appliance Co. WoFusIFTreezerT ALL GUARANTEED OPEN EVES TILL Webber Appliances 1740 .mml, mMa 6 ROOMS turn, comolete, tnrl. 4 hedrms,, TV , gas range, lite mod. eiec. refng. Privilege of renting 6 rm. 3-rnth house AT. 9854. $ ROOMS NEW PUPNITURE. $199.50 MERIDIAN FURNITURE CO. 1713 N, MERIDIAN ST. TA 3324 LEAVNG CITY-MUST SELL 5 ROOMS OF FURNITURE, GOOD CONDI-?51FiC HI. 3993 WILl"seLL rms7 of" furniture for $1,300 WITH PRIVILEGE OF RENTING HOUSE. C-6.'3Mi HICKORY'fiirniture, " pcM ptyfch or' play room: glider, 101 in. IR. 1333. n'RTlTTtRiAndTw,"A."i' "cond, CH. 611 liter 5 p.m. FURNITURE and stoves 3 blcyclei. Come, see prlrei. 3306 Roosevelt TcfiMP.' RMS" of turn. wlth'p'rfvilToT renting int.. TA, 9431 for appt. GAS RANGE. Brand-new floor iimnle ranges, full sire with oven control. Artusl vilue $1 19 50 Reduced to $6 Only four to see at this price, so hurryl Cish or termj. I Will rnnvert to bottle gas If desired,) HOME OUTFITTING CO.. 4J4 Massachusetts. PL, 8303 Open Monday and Friday nighta till . pm., other week days 3:30, . GAS RANGE. GOOD COND. , . S'llTSo" .K. KKr HK.,,, SMALL SIZE , . $89 50 3343 N. Illinois l. LtH ts-ts Gas Range, exel, oen, ID. 0252 GAS RANGE, APT SIZE, $25, DRAKE'S, 337 HIGHLAND MA. 7368 HOSTKSS gaa range, $34.50. Block'. Wirehouie store. 424 N. Hllnoii St. ROPER in range, dble. oven, good cond, $70. N. Side. BR. 4836. STOVE, white table-top Magic Chef, $25, CH. 026. DUO-THERM di) Heaters. Complete ae-lection now on display. Place your order today: priced from $69. Roadside Furniture. TB50 Pendleton Pike. Open noon till 9. COLEMAN oil heater: heats 4 rms , $.35. 8 chrome chairs. $4 , 3 round mica top tables, $30 ea- HI, 3007. GET READY for cold weather with a DUO-THERM oil heiter. All lires; immediate delivery S9 up. Alien'. Furniture. 23.3 36 si Slitlon St OIL HEATER, with Mower, 4-rm., cheap. Call 609 N, Berwick after 6 p.m. 5-RM. Duo-Therm oil heiter with blower. A-l cond. 4334 Norwaldo, HU. 4335. DUO THERM HEATERS. 537 UP Save $S at Jones', 2403 E. 10 KENMOFE OIL HEATER-Beautlful fin-Ish, used 3 moi. Will heat small gar., or cottage. $45. CO. 2701. BLOND DUO-THERM CONSOLE on, HEATER, WILL HEAT 5 RMS. BE. 985. PR AC, NEW Duo-Therm oil heater with blower, tanks. AT. 6666 CIRCULATING heitlllg stove and 1A-trm Virginia coal. $50, FR, 123 COAL Estate Heitrola, large 4125 Elmhurst Dr. SPACE HEATEH-Heal. 6 nn... food cond. BE. 5781, after 5, DUO-THERM oil stove, 1 yr. old, cel. cond. ID 1603. FOR ssle. 2 burner ell heater. 3330 after S. OIL burner K-7 Williams auto, like new. Ress. CA. 0528. IRONRITE iron, wal. cib., model 88, never used, sac. Bleached mah. frepl. mantle, deep-freeze, liv.- rm , kltch, furn,, etc. 8031 JJ. Wash, St., BL, 076, THOR GLADIRON, $30, double hed, complete, matching vanity. $40; davenport, chair $60. CA. 1 895. iRONER Universal. IR, 5639. HANGING lamp with prisons, clock., vases, plate. ndmte. IM. 8677. 556 TRADE-IN .re giving P t tra.-iB llnwinces on LIVING ROOM SUITES EAST SIDE FURNITURE $319 E. MICHIGAN AT OSS. i OP'n Till Tue.. Through FfL $ 1 00 TRADE on your old living room suite, regard-les. of condition, on a new one, 100 suites ind patterns to cheose from Open f to 9. DUKE BROS. 1411 S, Meridian CA S1SS6 $100 TRADE-IN For tour o!d ilvine rm mite reM. tesi of condition, en a new one Over ' iuu ae.ixnj era patterns to cnooie from Essy term. No cish down. with rV7-THE MAYTAG STORE i 9 " Meridian TA.64 $50 TO $100 TRADE-IN On your living room, bedroom snltei and refrigerator. ALEXANDER FURN. I APPL. 3413 W. Wash. St. FR. 0346 LIVING ROOM auite, mitchlng coffee table and end tablei, desk, buffet. Biidwin upright piano, bed, oiattresi and springs. '51 Gibson refrig.. ga. RI..,ln--..J'".'r 4I; "H a-PlECE mrpie living m. .ulte, .lip" ,rovJL,. "itched .et t.ble lamps, WA. 3033 after 8 S-PC liv. ulte7"$'ioo'f a niti and" rarjV 9x18. 330: A .3.10 Sin up ,eiT T3c, Kroehler liv. rm. suite: tilt" - - 'h Vn. "o cond. CO, eeoo IVIIJO . room " .uite! Good""condltTon. w. rooo, , I.1V1NI. PM, HlTITF:. 13n: ervtrf psnit : WA. 2744, ifter 4 pm Mattreises and Bex Spring w, w, h Rebuilt or trade-In on new, my feathe'-s 1005 s, west PL '" " " " ,rL "'',' TERRtFtC BUY in this electric 13450 Singer Jewing Center, 13$ w sin, 55?t 84 Housthold Goags LIVING room suirr 3 PIECE?. $40 .'M W EAST MOO TRADE-IN f ir old rffrtrerator rerrile- of I condition on a new Phiico. rro.Oe. ' i Ki "ih" rk! THE MAYTAQ STORE 334 n Meridian TA 6434! r,'n w'o T rm tlftft TDAPlC IU ", For mur old refnieri'or. reaard'tu of rond'tion on 1 new Phi)o, Crev Hotpomt, Gioion, etc. East teraii Open 9 to . DUKE BROS. Mil S. Meridian CA, 9858 S 1 1 5 TRADE-IN for your old refrilentor on . we hae mojt in nitioniur advertued mike, No down payent-20 nmihi to oy. Duki'i Maytag Ston 3!0 P Nw Yrk IB 00 J Open 9 a m. to 9pm .un . 10 to CLOSE-OUT SALE 43 t servel tas refrle.itor Demon... formerly J9 l now reduced t S'4 50 -iTH trade ri-e!-lent for ao- and imsll unit! Trsde. in mine- nown payment Esse terraa c u. m . : j CHAMBERS RANGE STORE 30' N Delaware !M 4S91 $100 TRADE-IN On your old refrirevator. Most lead- tna maki and models. No down cav- .Ti nnJ'tm'f i!'4'. ".".7. ,,M t. w.ton W" ,r" 30,9' !JLL2ZB lad! ovir paymintt en li eu, ft. telf-d.troitinj Norga ..1 1 . 1 ' !''. . WOmi, FR. 13TI pgrw-?-c wV-r'A, ... r.- UP I ,"SX,"-LV'"' Acu ... . un flrw. firpife ! duoosil, new sink and cibmet. new wither, few mite itema. 1519 pim- ! t JK. W mentl. Sews rncn.r k.i.,,,.. . 1 his hlnte foot, kin 4nwn j f your budiet. Sinier Sewing Cinter. 125 W. Wish. PL 5537, FRIGIDAIRE refrigerator $59,95. RT conditioned. suiranteed terms. Stork s Warehouse store, 424 N. Illinois st j HOT POINT rcfrtg , ft.. UkPiewT 911c, nit rrinr ce luxe range, double oyen, push button, like new. Call flif imraing, rL. 1.10. REFRIG. K'lvinitor ft., table too stoi-e. divided too Both good end Both $100. Mi.tag wisher $30. Moving HU. 394 5. 51 CROPt.FY 9' refrls , livinc rm suite, gis range and other household goods. 1131 S Chester. BL. 5445 ' WFSTiNGHOrsp. refrlgeritnr. Stork Ine VOltth bed w.rrimha .,..) - -' ". . -J J? pnurriennarn, ricip. 7233 1 CROSIFY Shelvidnr. ..... sinsle ..4w:,-.." ,rM!" Prtmei. HU. 47.3 ' FRIGIDAIRE GUARANTEED $49 CU. FT CLEAN, $49 95 DRAKE S 237 HIGHLAND MA. 7 3M REFRIGERATOR, new 7-ft de luxe 5-YEAR WARRANTY. $196 Frankhcuse. 1036 E. Wash FR 8030 UP TO $100 TRADE-IN on Westing-house frost-free refrigerator. Jar-retts, 3417 station CH 1411, FRIGIDAIRE refrig.. 7 cu, ft ; exrel cond : $100, Norge gas range, nearly new $110. 1539 E. 53nd St G-E REFRIG., A-l cond. $75 BR. 6739. 8301 Hiverstlrk Rd-KELV1NATOR '3lT 11 CU. ft . used 1 wk. CA. 3233. AMC refrtg.. 714 cu. ft,, $100. CA. 3543. Ilka new, 3 SERVEL refrigerators $35. $80, $90, Bivln Transfer Co.. 1116 Central '51 FRIGIDAIRE refrig., 8 cu. ft Excel, cond, MA, 5261 after S pm Rigid., Tl; a-i cond, $ss. ir" 2300, SFRVEL refrigerator; A-l condition. AT. 3!13. G E, REFRIG.. excel, cond., $70. Hoover sweeper: attich; $30 'BR. 3394 WARDROBE f R"iHK,'$2: JeTSy" DnT non, springs, io. Bird cage. CA 7135. Maw & Used S10 & Up TUNDREDB OP UNCLAtVlrrj WHO RUNNER AND SCATTER RUOi ALL Cleaned and Shampooed .KAINO FOR CLEANING tTORAOB CLAYYON CARPET STORES 13. WEPT WA8HINOTON T Oppoalte State Roues on Waahlnfton CARPET-RUGS MILL ENDS !3 heavy Asmii'sfer. reg. 379. (9 NOW JUST $49,83 CARPET A RUG OUTLET, INC. 33 w Wish Blk W St'ehoue Rt-'CS- Amer. Orientals, one 9x15 with rnnrw rugi to marcn. one 8x10; 8x10 Axmtn. and 1 rnne-weii norch IxirleTtTnder sSrhwTlSr"r'u? Jy-iL?!i: ROPE LOOP TWIST 9x13 rug; psd ndh.ll runner. $30. BL 2301 , X BLUE AXM1NSTEB RUO . l23Certrsu. RUG. 12xT2, gray,' i mo. old, $75. BR. 113, 100 SINGERS, NECCKIS, ETC, SOME PRACTICALLY1 NEW TRADE-INS ON NEW SEWMOR, VIKING, ZIG-ZAG THAT REQUIRES NO ATTACHMENTS Rentals, Repeirs, Electrifying OPEN THURSDAYS TILL 9 P.M. 325 E. Washington. CH. 1571 Thmiih ycur Old 8wfn Murhtn 100 YEARS OLD We can make It Into A NICE ELECTRIC PORTABLE Phone-wnte-st(ip In for comp laftv SERVICE ON ALL MAKES IndiiniDOlts Sewing Mich tica 418 Man. Ave. LI .911 SINGER SEWING MACHINE Pirtv with good credit to pay bal- snce nue on siigntiy useq macmne. mill price T so Terms SINGER SEWING CENTER 128 W. Wash FL 8537 SEWING MACHINES Earn a new electric sewing machine. by sewing in your extra time at home. AT 2583 SINGER in-ms machine Pay balance due on beautiful Singer coneole We trade. Term to suit your budget. SINGER SEWING CENTER 136 W. Wash. PL. 8537 SINGER SEWING CENTER B610 W. WASH. BL. 2434. Domastie Sew. Maoh. 25 Off Jirrett's, 3417 Station CH 1411 SEWING MACHINE, cabinet model with new 30 yt. warranty. Take over imall payments. AT, 0034. SINGER PORT-, tike over unpaid balance, E-Z termi. Singer Sclng Center. 128 W. With, PL. 8327, DOUBLE SINK with cabinets; Frigid-aire electric stove; Hot Point wisher. GA. 27.36, CURVED SOFA, 78-in, arav matelasie metal webhlng, new. $300. Lav-son sofa nd chair, 61ue frieze, new. $150. Complete. Heeler's 2233 N. Merldlm. Sweeper Rentals, PL. 3843' REBUttT vecuum cieanerT. Best buy In town. $10 up. Phone Service Depigment. HI. 5387. FILTER Queen vie. clemer, like new, $65. BE. 3046 after 8. WARM MORNING stove, $35. GA. 9418. SWIVEL-TOP tank sweeper uied 1 mo. Sacrifice. CH. 6380. "REBUILT MAYTAGSr$49.50 One Yeir Gusrmtee QUICK APPLIANCE SERVICE 221 T 10JK- CPf'" EVES. IM, 9771 MAYTAG auto, waiher. Will accept rmger type or eiecrne stove as part (! ft,,.. iaj..i. ri I. I,, BUSr, WOSh, Repair, IM. 378 1 ilH - ?0 -'-".ilS'iJ'H JSS. USED WASHERS, $18 30,3 E WASHINGTON. FR, 2039 EASY .pin dry washer, berg. Mike offer alum, umbrella clotheg dryer. BR. 4801. APEX washer $44.93': Reconditioned, guiranteed. terms. Block'i Ware house itore, 424 N. Illinois St. WASHING machine, practically new, "j, i'j. stirrer, hy. U297. THOR washer with pump. Reasonable. ucr o p.m. iudo iv, Beueview, APT. Use waahing machine, $36. Call after 3 p.m. WA. 934 3 WASHER, Maytag: sq. tub. yn. old. eic. cond.. tub .et, $110. HI. 3473, IpeY Washer, $25," IR. 1032 THOR WASHER. iikenew. Verr'r'"-sonable. FR. 3113. MAYTAG wisher. 6 yrs.. $30; dble. ,k. IK an , u.....: ' . V. . isViV- , BS. 3447 washer, perfect ,-unnin$"""eoii'diT tlon. Bargain, IR. 8337. lENDIX WARREPi. leS-automaTicTT yrs. old. CH. 9J64 "MAYTAG "waiher gquare tub. Twin luos. j yt. o'lj, Jirin, WI. 3024, MAYTAG Washer. ej"5S. old, condition. $109, MA. 3614, A-l 84 Hflu.fc0)eTfeT J50 TRADE-IN far poor old wilier (refrd'.ti if condition i cn a new auto, wiiner w hue met mikei and modeu. Immt-dure d.'r.w t-7 t-ci THE MAYTAQ STORE Orn S 11. to T p a. 324? N Merjdia a TA. 644 e P A M K B i.a ' 1 3. IMAUt-IN tor yrur dd washer reirdlea wl eon- l"" .,.a" utrnatic waaa. Im- mer deUvtry. No dowa oaymenl. t-Z termi. Duke's Maytaj Ston S19 t New York IR 062 Open n to 9 p m. Sum . 10 m 8 WASHERS $50 TRADE-IN PGR YOUR OLD WASHER MOST LEADING MAKIS-MODEUS NO DOWN PAVMPMT PAY TERMS. IMMED, DELTVERT ART DUKE FURN iPPL . "u"6 fUrill, Am,. 3803 E. WASHINGTON ST. PR 303. iraen i.i 9 pa. WASHERS $50 Trade In ycjr old washer on a ne Maytti. 1129 95 Also GE. ABC. Thor, Easy ec Easy terms. No dew payment Immediately deliver Tl'KE BROS.. 141.1 g MERIDIAN Open 9 to 9 CA 9S5S $50 TRADE-IN Por your old wisher on a Maytaf. ARC Nr F-nd" into VQQEL'S MAYTAQ STORE 1314 w. ivii,:nrton MA 35l WESTIN6H0USE LAUNDROMATS REDUCED '53 models few drrt. open an'eA PEARSON iLEC, 4730 1 10 TH IR. I3SS MAYTAG wisher, food cond,, 139.8 55 Down-S5 Month THE MAYTAQ STORE 3349 N Meridian TA. 6494 Open 9 a m. to 7 p rg. WASHER REPAIRING ' " VOGEL'S MAYTAG STORE 1914 V' washrefton MA giil FOR BEST DEAL CN 5-ROOM OIL HEATERS CALL BERNIE MA, 8332 and Gat A S-Room Heater with Tank Many Brands to Choose From REDUCED TO w Only $1.50 Weekly COME TO OUR AUCTION MON., SEPT. 18, 1S52 SEE OUR AD IN ,-'The SUNDAY STAR CliMtfleatlOB SS GENERAL AUCTION CO. 947 MASS IM 559 TRADE-IN ALLOWANCES ON OLD APPLIANCES B I H, ELECTRIC CO. 1355 Windsor St. IM. 36J Free estiaites on wiring or lnjiallation CALL BERNIE, MA, 8332 FOR BEST TRADE-IN DEAL ON' ABC AUTOMATIC WASHERS DIRTY GARBAGE CANS If you use a Majestic incineratog your troublM will be aver. On ule, $46 93 plus Installation, C A H Ap-pllince. 536.3 College. BR.' 5416 TRUCKS FOR RENT COLUMBIA TRANSPORTATION 333 E, South FR. 3586 By Hour, Day or Week Pickup. Panel, Stake or Van REXAIR SALES, SERVICE 1313 N, MERIDIAN WA. 3353. FACTORY To You! 5-plece Formic top chrome dinettes. $48 88. Ha-tlonil Chrome Co., 3 N, New Jersey-i Hew rum. innl nm ftmlrer.' .. Nicholson, Broker HI. 0087 NEW! MODERN! DRIVE-INI HUons Furniture Co 1610 Lafayette Road MA. 833S fSOINO out of busmen sale now In progress at Capitol Furniture Co., 89 W, 16th St. U, 3441. HOUSEHOLD goods. Jersey, 3816 N. New CEDAR. CHEST, walnut. Phllco cab. rsio B"h like new. CH. 7181, 85 Plonos, Musical Ins'fs. USED STEIN WAY GRAND i 8 ' 0 L0I,8' "8flYl 'Mf eughly re . conditioned ind , ,!, llOOkS like HSW. Real Value WILKING MUSIC CO. 120 XPena. CLOSING OUT Storey & Clarke Spinet, Xew, to Be Sold CLOSE TO WHOLESALE PRICE Com in While Thfy Uit Cflrh rr Terms PIANOS, INC. Meridian at lth St. PL. 2471' CHICKERING Spinet, like new, $35 delivers. Finest .election of used spinets and grands, Including name, like Aerasonlc, Kimball, Stelnway, Wurlllier, Lester, Betsy Ross. EaaT terms. RIODICK PIANO CO. 1440 N. Meridian St. Indroductory Piano Silo See these unheard of values ta brand-new fimoui make spinet planoe. All carry lo-year factory guarantee. Any musical instrument accepted la trsde. Terms to suit. INDIANA MUSIC CO. 113 E OHIO UNRFnFFMFn Mlltlft lUtTDII w,,,, - ,,,b im i wi ineiiiv, Buffet Tenor Sax,..., Harmony Alto Sax Students Metal Clarinet. Slide Trombone $89.30 !49 50 19 SO 3 in Trumpet 327. SO DOCK BROS LOAN CO. 218 Ind. A-e ORGAN at half the price if you have a piano! The Lowery Electronic Organo use. your piano keyboard instead of an expensive cabinet to print you beautiful organ music. Ixcluaivi at RIDDICK PIANO CO., 1440 N. Merldlm St. USED SPINETS Like new, Can be purchased reasonable for caih or termi. SIGHT MUSIC LESSONS, PIANOS, INC. '."-.'!;n L ! '-h St. PL 3471 ACCORDION 120 BASS $89,80 INDIANA MUSIC CO. 113 E OHIO IM. 446 TRUMPET, Blessing Super Artlat, , "Blessing', finest." Good condH luggite type ease with til eatra., $90. i.'r'-. ' ''cr o p m. tOOK! Lester Spinet, $379; Jen. rr,n.SP.b,b' """"o. $425; like oesr. Bl" y.-..'"'"- OP" 9-9 and SundM. SAVE MOVFV OB DIAUOc Culbransen SplirH Planoa $465-$7i. Splnet.-Stuairja-Grandi-lTprlghti GmPiano Shop, 3930 1 10th St, STirrwii'iv e.., i.i.. ...... .,J- STEINWAY grand, like new, amtabl ..j, wiiv.jn tn- teacner. scudio Piano beautilul ityie. Cade Plana ZiIi!l?ii"'ij"')j.H. Meridian. PIANOS WANTED " HIGHEST CASH PRICES WI. 0833 J20 bass princtttl accordion. Uk . n- J7. Phone 8rown$6urf 252 V. , HAMMOND ORGAN - Like New, 82,300. TA. 3789 : STSINWAY "M" grand. Can not br! told from new. Excel ent buy Rid-dlck Piano Co.. 1440 v. Meridian Por Best Piano Value. Se Ir MARION. Miisrr rn , i 343, N. Penn. Opp Post Ofc NFW B-FLAT tenor .axophon. HAT f 37ef ter4p ra. WURLITZER SPINET, t yr.. old:'i-f ia. pirgiin. lermg. u. 3001. BAST"FIDDLE. K. like BL. 401 KIMBALL Piano, tudlo eitceU. md.,' $3 50. 2954 Wish, Blvd. ' BALDWIN PIANO, upright, excellent' HOWARD GRAND; excel ' ilnlah.' re. sonable. No dealers, BL. 0733 HOWARD spinet piano, beautiful Prench -10n FR, 3376, PIANO UPRIGHT. .350 GOOD 665? 8S.4 Radio, Television Used Television, $39.95 Up tANPv RADIO CO AT 143 FAU Tf lERVICE7S2,8i All aes-lny tjnWB Hfl, S Prompt TV Service. HY.OSSf . CBJ COLUMBIATElinsON. JO IxT ., POR BALANCE. DUE. IM it. .

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