Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 9, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1935
Page 3
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.j? s WY>'s;:Mi mm STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS ^2*^^ vj/ v*^ L^d-^ ^^L "' fifti Sid Henry Telephone 321 v,*^ *.«*ii n( i. irrnmii'iin n ••ui .1 n n f .••- -ir—. - ... . i i" . . — The First Red Rose Llfep the gold stillness of nn afterglow, Tire pnst Rleams radian .... "They wore bolter dnys, With gentleness nnd grace of long ngo, like childhood's gladness and its innocent wnys. So grieve wo for the haunting times of yore, When life seemed lovelier nnd the heart more warm, Thinking, thnt Beauty's sun wil Ishine no more, Since now we fnce the clnrkncss nnd the storm. Yet nil the joy thnt cnrth hns ever known Is with us now to make existence sweet: The nightingale of Keats hns never flown, And Shelley's lark still sings above the whont; When Eve in Eden worn it in her hair— Hint first red rose—than ours '(WHS not more fair!—Selected, The Womans Missionary Society of the First Christian Church, met in regular monthly session on Monday afternoon nt the home of Mrs. Thos. Kinscr on South Main street, with SHOE SALE Navy and Black Kid Black nnd Brown Suede Pair S2.99 Ladies Specialty Shop It was n long time r.ominp . . . but it Rets here Sunday . . . yep. Its "China Seas" with Clark Gable. Jean Hnrlow and Wallace Beery. TONITE—ONLY THURSDAY & FRIDAY Matinee 2:30 Thursday 15c • THE CIRCUS TO TOWN! Together again! Mrs. J. F. Porlcrfioltl as joint hostess. The meeting opened with the Lords Prayer in concert, followed by prayer by Mrs. Guy Holt. Following the roll call and n short business period conducted by the president, Mrs. J. F. Oorin. Mrs. W. F. Snner gave a most helpful devotional using as her theme the fourteenth chapter of Luke, Mrs. Snner also presented an unusually Interesting program on American Rural Life; those taking part were Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp, Mrs. W. W. Duckett nnd Mrs. Lilo Moore. Immediately after the meeting of the W. M. S. Mrs. George Dodd conducted n short meetin" of the Ladies Aid, r.fter which, the hostesses served delicious refreshments with hot chocolate. The October meeting of the Oglesby P. T. A. was hold on Wednesday afternoon ut the Oglesby school, wilh Mrs, Ruffin White, president, presiding. A most interesting program on "The Method of Teaching the Three R's" was in charge of Mrs. Clyde Monls. Mrs. Henry Haynes. and Miss Momic Brian! and Mable Ethridge gave splendid assistance on the program. The president's message was given by Mrs. E. A. Morsanl. During the business period, the association voted to send the president to the slate convention. In the count of mothers, Miss Holt's room was in the lead. v C. C. Russell of Dallas, Texas, is the guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Isiiiah Russell. Mr. and Mrs. Mac Duffie are now domiciled in their new home, they recently purchased from Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Anderson on South Elm street. Circle No. 3 of the W. M. S. of the First Methodist church held its regular monthly meeting at the home of Mrs. James R. Henry, with Mrs. Fred R. Harrison as joint hostess. The meeting was presided over by Mrs. Enrlc O'Neal. Mrs. E. P. Young opened her inspiring devotional with prayer. The singing of the Doxology followed the devotional. An interesting program was given as follows: Cuban Conference of the Womans Missionary Society, by Mrs. M. M. McCloughan. The Workers Conference in Korea by Mrs. Fay James and Training for Christian Service in Korea by Mrs. W. G. Allison. A short business period was followed by prayer by Mrs. R. M. LaGrone, after which the hostesses served delightful refreshments. The Junior-Senior High P. T. A. will meet Thursday afternoon at 3:30 nt the high school. A splendid program on "the Adolescent" is being prepared and all mothers arc urged to be present, All members of the other units are cordially invited. Oakland Pic Supper There will be a pic supper at the Oakland school-house Saturday night, October 19, it was announced Wednesday. Music School A music school is in progress at the Church of Christ, being conducted each night by Earl Womack. The school is open to the public without cost. The class begins at 7:30 p. m. Lions abound in the low countries of Ethiopia nnd in Somaliland. Wallace Beery at Saenger Thursday With Jackie Cooper in "O'Shaugnessy's Roy" Here Through Friday •" The circus is coining to town! Lendinjf the bit? nnrncle uro Wollncc Beery nnd Jackie Cooper, together again in the picture of circus life, "O'Slmughncssy's Boy," whicli comes Thursday nnd Friday to the Sncnger. For their brlllinnt pcrformnnces in "The Champ" nnd "Treasure Island," Wnlly nntl Jnckio hnve been rewarded with their greatest film. They score n new drnmnUc triumph under the Bi(? Top—Wally ns "Windy," fmnous unininl trainer, und Jnckie, as his son. As "Wimly," huppy-go-!ucky, swng- erinK animal trainer, who faced n ferocious tiger nnd frantic elephant for the love of his son, "Stubby," Beery has one of the finest roles of his long and illustrious screen cnwer. Jackie, as his son, will be Die envy of every boy who has dremnocl of trnvelinp with the circus. The co-slurs arc surrounded by a splendid cast, which includes Spanky MeFnrlnnd, us ''Stubby" when n child: Leono Maricle. os Cora. "Windy's" wife; Sarah linden, as Mnrthn, her .••piteful sister; Willarcl Robertson, as tlie circus boss; Henry Stephenson. BS Valkenburg; Clarence Muse, as Jeff, the colored roustabout, and Ben Hcn- dricks, a.s Fran/, circus ringmaster. Name Logan (Continued from page one) WANTED PINE HEADING BOLTS AND ROUND BLOCKS 23-ln. LONG. For prices nnd specifications Apply to HOPE HEADING COMPANY Hope, Ark. Phone 2.15 Mrs. L. S. Thomas of the Ladies Specialty Shop has just returned from the DALLAS MARKETS where she purchased a sparkling array of the very newest in fluttering fall DRESSES—COATS—SUITS including stunning afternoon and evening dresses, classic for- miils, smart swagger suits und luxurious coals. You Are Urged to Come in and Inspect This New Showing. Circuit Court, beg to report a.s follow?: We have inquired into all law violations that have come into our knowledge and have returned indictments in all cases where the evidence was sufficient and in so doing, we have examined 5'1 witnesses and have returned into open court 1G true bills. We have through our .Committee inspected the County Jail and we are pleased to report that we find the ysimc in n good clean and sanitary condition. However, practically all of the windows are broken out and we would like to recommend that those broken windows bo replaced immediately as it would be an economy move to replace these windows at this lime and we should al lents protect the prisoners confined in the jail from the cold weather this winter. We find the Court House and the diferent offices therein in as good condition as possible with the County Officials performing their respective duties in a courteous and business like manner. We want lo commend the County Judge for his efofrts to economize and to keep the County out of debt. However, we would like to recommend that the County Judge attempt to work out some plan whereby he will either work the County Prisoners on the County Roads or arrange with some other county in the state to work these prisoners as there is a great deal of dissatisfaction at the present time in regard to the handling of mis- dcamenor cases and the laying out of fines in the County Jail and we think that some plan should bo worked out by the County Judge for the handling of misdemeanor cases where fines are imposed without allowing these prisoners to be turned loose on the public. • We are in thorough sympathy with the untiring efforts of Sheriff Jim Bearden lo enforce the law in Hemp- stond County and we want to commend him for his stand on rigid enforcement of the law in this county. We would like to recommend that the different officers of the county pay more attention to the laws with reference to reckless driving in as much as there are now more people killed with automobiles on the highways than with guns or otherwise. Driving without lights and such other law violations as would possibly lead to the killing or injury of the public on our highways should be rigidly enforced and cuttle and other livestock should not be permitted to range on the public highways as this is a menace to public safety and we recommend that the law enforcement officers of the county USD their very best efforts to enforce this law. We would like to express our pleasure for having served in your Honor's Court in our respective capacities and now having completed our labors, we most respectively ask to be discharged. ROY ANDERSON, Foreman. MONROE SAMUELS COY CUMMINGS. Clerks. Test Your Brakes Regularly Vear by year the deadly traffic toll reaches new peaks. In. the thick of the battle to reduce this loss of life are state Motor Vehicle Administrators. Twelve of them, officers and members of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, have contributed a series of articles describing the major causes of automobile accidents. Number Six In the series: "Test Your Brakes Regularly" follows: By JOHN F. GRIFFIN Commissioner of Motor Vehicles of New Hampshire, Regional Vice-President, American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators t> Al) brakes mean that a motorist cannot stop when he must. The foolhardy motorist who does not keep his brakes at standard eflici- ency places himself and everybody ol«e on the road in real peril. More thiin 20,000 vehicles involved in mi- tomobilo accidents in this country last, year were found to hnvo <!e- foctlvo brakes, according to statistics collected by a member com- pnny of the. National flurpiw of Casualty nnd Surety Underwriters. Had brakes are the principal all- yenr round defect in poorly conditioned cars. Probably no factor, except the steering mechanism is so important te automobile safety. No motorist has to be reminded of the coiiiitieua tittieH it is necessary to stop or reduce speed quickly. They may occur at tiny moment for almost any reason. They put a premium on the efficiency of your brakes. Your brakes can prevent tin accident. They can likewise Im the cause of one. Braking has been greatly Iraprov- ml in recent years. The intvoihic lion of four-wheel brakes has done much lo increase the mechanical safety of motor vehicles. Two-wheel brake cars are comparatively few now, but there are still enough to create a road menace. Last year the rate of two-wheel brake cars involved in fatal accidents was 59 per cent greater than for four- wheel brake cars. The fundamental cause of accidents due to defective brakes is failure of proper maintenance. Brakes need to be adjusted regularly and finally replaced. Inspectors in cities and states having compulsory vehicle inspection found last year thnt two out of every seven cars examined needed brake adjustments or replacements. •• Motorists, your own experience tells you the significance of these figures. You want brakes that will stop your car when you want it to stop. Be sure your car is equipped with good brakes, and keep them in good condition. IWusical Program C. M. E/Thursday Jubilees and Spirituals to Be Sung by Chorus of 76 Negroes A musical program will be given Thursday night in the basement of the new Beobe Memorial C. M. E. temple, ait 8 o'clock. The singing will consist of jubilees and spirituals, with a chorus of 15 voices, Special reservations will be made for white patrons wishing to attend. bllcey Douglas is the program sponsor. Diplomatic Lines (Continued fr*m page one) the committee suggested: A ban by member nations on the opening of credits in favor of the country to be punished; a ban on the public issue of loans abroad: and short term credit operations. The "general staff," or Co-ordination Committee, to be created by the assembly, was not expected to report back with a definite plan of sanctions before next Monday. Even after its plan of campaign hag bft*n approved flnU .U League staff will have to ; natWns-tJ»i$ '&tts &" Ih ,fl -to 'caff* $iit .the ifchehie. command them. But once it 3t\ frjsrf, the gen«ai sfeff will duty for duration of the war. Sec Our Selected Lin* 6l Nlt> v PAtt DRESSBS \ ^ Silks and Woolens ' in the Newest Fashion* THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs. C. P. Holland , , Noe Heals Breach With Long Group Meanwhile Dear and Sandlin Complete Opposition Slate in Louisiana A colored country preacher, who was strong on visiting the female members of hi.s flock, was traveling along the road to the home of one of hi.s flock when he met the small son of the lady member. "Where's you' maw'.'" "She's home.' 1 "Whores you' paw?" "He's home." "Tell 'ein 'hosvdy' fuh me.' NEW ORLEANS—(/P)-The shattered ranks of the political administration left by the late Senator Huey P. Long were rallied Monday night by Lieut. Gov. James A. Noe's announcement of his withdrawal as a candidate for governor in the January primary. Noo had bolted the party, headed by Gov. O. K. Allen, and made his own announcement several days before the Allen caucus picked a slate of candidates and ignored him. Noe said he would run. with administration support, for re-election to his seat in the slate senate from Ouachitn and Jackson parishes. Only n few hours before Noe made his announcement, Representative Cleveland Dear, anti-Long condidate for governor, had almost completed a list of men to oppose the administration candidates. The Dear anti-Long ticket: Representative Clenveland Dear of Alexandria, for governor. Representative John N. Sandlin of Minden, for United States senator. State Senator Clement Moss of Lake Charles, for lieutenant governor. Francis Williams of New Orleans, former member of the Louisiana Public Service Commission, for secretary of state. Philo Coco of Marksville, attorney, for attorney general. K. H. Fisher of Shrevcport, for superintendent of education. W. T. Mayor, former utilities commissioner of Shrevcport, for state trtiisurer. Accident Claims i»> ••• -(Continued from page one) Centerville Mr. and Mrs. James Olcn Lnngslon of Antioch spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Jones. • Miss Glen Andrews and Ruvel Bright were quietly married Sunday night there many friends wish them a long and happy life together. j Mr. and Mrs. Britt of Hope called on ! Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Erwin a while i Sunday afternoon. The dance given by Mr. and Mrs. Carl Richard Saturday night was well attended and everyone reported a nice time. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Piercy and family and Miss Carrie Reyenga of New ' Liberty called on Mr. and Mrs. T. L. ' Gleghorn and family Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Luther Bright and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ruvel Bright and Mr. and Mrs. Archie Summers and family left early Wednesday morning for Texas to pick cotton. Mr. and Mrs. Summers will make their horn home there. Mr. and Mrs. Clare Givens and family Miss Addie McElroy and brother -ecil and Vernie Andrews have been picking cotton in Bradley county this week. There will be singing here Sunday night, come and bringe some one. A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal No matter how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial Irritation, you can § et relief now with Creomulsion. erlous trouble may be brewing and you cannot afford to take a chance with anything less than Creomul- sion, which goes right to the seat of the trouble to aid nature to soothe and heal the inflamed membranes as the germ-laden phlegm, is loosened and expelled. Even if other remedies have failed, don't be discouraged, your druggist is authorized to guarantee Creomulsion and to refund your money if you are not satisfied with results from the very first bottle. Get Creomulsion right now. (Adv.) from poor condition of roads or bridges. The claims were disallowed on the ground thnt the state is not an insurer of the safety of its highways and bridges. The claim of A. P. Stevens of Pres- eott for damage to a crop from dust from tho highway was disallowed on tho ground that the state is not an insurer of crops against such damage. The commission deferred action on claims of Mrs. Connie Akin and eight other Hcmpstead county residents for damages totaling $14,000 for injuries alleged to have resulted from a collision with a highway truck, pending examination of the claimants by a physician and further investigation by the state comptroller. Passed A. football player in a small college was extraordinarily dumb, but to the surprise of everyone, he passed all of his work, including a special examination in chemistry. The chemistry professor was asked about it, and he said, "I decided I would let him pass if he answered 50 per cent of the questions correctly. "I asked him two questions—one he answered wrong—one right. Therefore, I let him pass. The wirst was 'What color is blue vitrol?' He an- COMMON OLD ITCH Is Still With Us Prescription No. 200,000 will cure it. It kills the parasites in the skin. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Phone CS Hope, Ark. Established 1885 It's Odorless It's Better Our Special Odorless Process of Cleaning takes out ALL of the dirt and gives the fabric its original feel and lustre. PHONE 385 Hall Brothers Hope's Super CLEANERS place for Fall,' ,,,, A BROWN^LT DEMI-SUEDE WITH PATENT HITT'S Shoe Store The coffee produced in Costa Rica is virtually al Isold in London for special blends. WRESTLING THURSDAY NIGHT 8 P. M. American Legion Arena East Second Street Main Event Wild Red Berry vs. Scotty McNaught ALSO The Black Dragon vs, Geo, Ligosky It Will Be A Gvcal Show Adm. 25c and 40c To Users Of The Facilities Of The Hope Water And Light Plant Collections of each month's bills for water and electricity will be rigidly enforced by the 10th of the following month, and also some payment on any old balance outstanding, will be required or service will be discontinued. The above notice has been published under several dates, as ordered by the Water and Light Committee, under approval of the City Council, who by such action are endeavoring to look after the best interests of the citizens. I have been appointed by the City Council to attend to the affairs of the Light Plant and this I intend to do to the best of my ability. In August, after the 10th, I made a list of the delinquent accounts—I notified each delinquent before cutting off service to them—I did the same in September but this month, October, I don't intend to do this for the customer knows the rule— that their bill must be paid by the 10th at the Water and Light Plant office, in order to get further service from the Plant. My duties are many and 1 do not have the time to permit of my seeing each customer in person. Respectfully Arch Moore Superintendent 10 DAY SPECIAL Shampoo and Wave Set plug Lash and Brow Dye with Arch $2,50 Permanent Waves $1.00 LEWIS BE AUTYSALOH Experience Counts Phone 39 MJ !S LOOK! Walgreen's ONE CENT SALE Thurs. Fit and Sat Hundreds of Mighty Bargains during this great Serai- Annual Event. DON'T MISS IT. John P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps' Robison's Offer A Select Group of Fashi Firsts New Showing of Silks I for Fall Wear This group of new fall dresses contains a most choice selection of soft feminine fashions in a thrilling array of colors and patterns. They display all of the new trims and flares . . . and look easily w o r t h twice their actual cost. Half-Sizes far those who find it difficult to get a proper fit. -h $ 5 Styes Up to 48 •W This is a special group of unusually attractive new fall dresses in half - sizes for those who are difficult to fit. They are the newest of new ... and such a marvelous value at this low price. THE LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE G§o. W, Robison 6* Co, HOPE PREgCOTT NASHVJLLJS

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