Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 12, 1934 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1934
Page 5
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FHday, October 12, 1034 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS A.&P. Reviews 75 Years hi Groceries October Is Diamond Anniversary of National Store System A housewives' revolution would be caused by n return to the good old days, declares the A&P Kitchen, reviewing iho.se "good old dnys" on tho r.ccnsion of the 75th anniversary of llip Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, celebrated during the month of October. Throwing the spotlight of interest on the progress in feeding u notion during the lust 75 years, the A&P Kitchen found these to be some of (he difficulties our ffranimaothers had to face in feeding their fnmilics. If Grandmother wonted to be sure cf .serving Grandfather a steaming •hot cup of freshly roasted coffee for brraltfa.st in the ISStVs nnd- ISSft's, she IKK' lo roast it aiul grind it herself. That's what everyone had to do then. 'For breakfast cereals, all Grnndmoth- .er had to do was to buy a basket of • \vhent, and cook a quart or so on the back of the slove for two days until it was soft enough tq chew. In those days, away from the sea•const the only seafood obtainable was saltod. It came in two forms, dried salt fish und pickled salt fish. The dried salt fish were just darkly it you had" en6tigh Hrhc to soak thetn lor a day, nnd if you had enough time to change the water often. Soap was not something thtit Grandmother could just order half a dozen bars of at the local store. She saved her wood ashes nnd grease drippings for months and rendered them into a soft jelly-like mass then known as, soap. Flavoring extracts did not come in ncnt bottles in the IflGfl's. Grandmother had to buy a vinella bean, or carefully save h»r orange nnd lemon peel for months nnd soak them in brandy, and In the fhcH time of a month she had vanilla extinct or orange or lemon extract. Hominy was another fiiVoritp of the Into 1800's. For hominy a bottle cf strong lye was kept on the pantry shelf. Tliis bottle of \ye, plus an iron kettle full of water, plus some shelled corn, plus n dny's soaking, plus repeated washings, plus cooking, produced hominy. Simple, wasn't it? Mont, however, was different. If Grandmother bought fresh meat she got it fresh. Very fresh. It wos not aged in a refrigerator as good as meat is now. It was alive in, the morning nnd Grandmother bought It thnt day, or the next, because there were mighty few refrigerators even after the packers in Chicago learned Farmall Showboat Here Monday Pictured nhove-fe the FarmnU Showboat which will cruise Into the Vert of Hupc promptly »t I o'clock Monday afternoon to dock in front of the South Arkansas Implement Company store. In addition to being a traveling display of form machinery, tilt Showboat is rapidly cruising its way to a non-Mop tractor endurance record. Although Hope has long been known after the packers in Chicago learned , Aitnougn nope nas icng seen Know- how to ship refrigerated cars of meat as a railway termmal, several miles in the 70's. The only ice machines of broad and fertile acres between the they had were ponds and a prayer, c.ty • \im\s and Red Rwer have always, (or cold weathen and that didn't work robbed it of the distinction of being so will iu the South. Though it is a port of call for the packets winch followed the channel of the Red up- HOT SPRINGS, ARK HOWE HOTEL RATES—$1.50 to #3.00 PER DAY New — Fireproof 100 Rooms European Plan Centrally Located Corner o{ Central ana Canyon streets—only one block from bath house row, shopping district, doctors' offices and theatres. All highways and street cars pass our doors. All outside rooms with bath toilet—lavatory—phones—fan* —bed lamps. Fine furnishing* and equipment. Reasonably Prictd CAFE Roof-Garden. G*x»f *i . Beauty Parlor, Barber Shop, Clear and New* Stand. Golt and Country Club J.WILL HOWE President and General Manager "If I Had a home and a wife to cook for me, I'd use nothing but Highest Patent Flour I eat at lots of back doors and you can tell the houses that use MENJ Flour every time." To appreciate MENU Flour you have to use it in your own kitchen^ After you've made your favorite cake, a pie, or som* biscuits with it, then you'll know why so many ladies use A«k Your Grocer RITCHIE GROCER COMPANY Wholesale Distributors for 28 Years slroiim back in the '80s. However, when the Farmall Show- beat cruises into the city Monday afternoon, all that will be changed and the Hcmpstead county metropolis will become, for at least one day, the Port of Hope. Lailinj; along smoothly at a speed of 10 knots per hour, pennants flying and hand music throbbing, the Showboat •will steum into the city promptly at 1 o'clock to dock in front of the South Arkansas Implement Company, across the street from the offices of the Hope Star. Heralded by the deep-throated sobbing cf a.river packet whistle und the mellow lolling of a ship's bell and ;,hicuded by the smoke from its tall twin slacks, the strangest vessel ever to cast anchor in the county will parade through the business urea before throwing a landing line and dropping the gangplank for the afternoon. Thu Showboat: comes lo Hope as a goodwill ship for the tcntertainment and education of the farmers of the Hope :le territory and carries a display cf seasonable and modern farm machines on its decks. The craft is a vepliciv of the boats which plied the river trade years ago and is so complete in detail that spectators can even hear "steam" escaping from the valves. It will be brought here under the sponsorship of the Central Arkansas Implement Dealers' Association, of which -organization Ladd Miller, local McCormick-Deering dealer, is a charter member. During the boat's slay here, Captain Monroe Rooks of. Little Rock will provide an interesting program through the loud speaker for farmers and their families. In speaking of the Showboat, Mr. Miller cautioned a reporter not to expect too much of the vessel in cruising a water route. If it were run into the river it would sink just as quickly as any other piece of steel. It is built, he said, around an all-steel 2t-toc.t wagon gear which is powered by a Farmall-12 tractor mounted on Goodyear 'Airwheel tires to permit of travel on, the highways. The display Food Prices Show Drop Since April Meat Makes Largest Decline From Peak of Last Spring WASHINGTON—(/P)-nie first drop since April in tho cost of stocking the family larder was reported Friday by the Labor Department for the two weeks ended September 2H. The same amount of food that cost $1 at retail in 1913 cost $1.16 during those two weeks, compared with $1.07 a year ago and ?1 two years ago. In September, 1929, the same amount cost $1.60. Meats showed the greatest decline —l.fi per cent—of any of the food groups when compared with the previous two weeks. Dairy products also dropped. Cereals went up. The group including coffee, tea, sugar and the like dropped slightly. When prices in individual cities were compared with those of two years ago, increases ranged from 8.3 per cent in Chicago to 25.5 per cent in Detroit. More than 7,000 road accidents which resulted in 7,202 deaths were analyzed by British police, who found that only 219 of the dead were drivers of motor cars, while 3,517 were 1,324 bicyclists and. J.308 Saratoga The seniors under the direction of their sponsor, Mr. Peebles gave travel on.tne mgnways. me uisi>iay their sponsor, Mr. Peebles gave a of machinery is grouped around the I cnu p e ) program Friday morning. The nilnt tirnlKp nn thp deck: bv means of ,,,:*~ forivll Pnrmnn nnH Jno Rnsen- pilot house on the deck; by means of concealed belts" each piece of equipment is,operated from, the tractor's power takeoff, giving the farmer an opportunity to see the machinery under actual powered conditions. In addition to being the means for making a unique educational lour, the Showboat's cruise has been planned as atetmpt to establish a world's non- wits, Carrcll Cannon and Joe Rosenbaum, gave a black face minstrel skit which was very interesting. The Bible was read by Marguerite Mobley, and i> talk "The Value of the Quantity System," by Mr. Peebles concluded the program. The juniors and seniors surprised Mr. and Mrs. Peebles with a shower Friday night. After the surprise, an utcimpi ,iu L-MUUJIMI u .wutiu »«•"•• t'riday mgnt. mier me surprise, step tractor endurance record. Thej.g &mes wero p i a y e d and a regular tractor motor was started on August | parly was had. Mr. and Mrs. Peebles IIO and according to Mr. Miller, it has | rtc cived many nice and useful gifts. been running, continuously since that | date. If the cruise is successful, tho meter will have been operating steadily Cor 1079 hours when the Showboat docks in Hope. Mr. Miller pointed out that in operating a tractor for 1608 hours, the time- estimated to be required for covering a course charted over most of Arkansas, a farmer could make two full crops and still have many hours An impromptu weiner roast was given Monday night by the juniors and seniors. It was given in honor of the birthday of Louie and Louis Manning, and for Kelsie Holland who is visiting from Overton, Texas. Misses. Louise and Lucille Walkup and Jane Spates, R. T. Dodson, Louis Manning and Kelsie Holland were Sunday night visitors in Hope. Plans are being made for a Junior- till 1 Cl'tlPS iilllt 511II JIUV57 * i lot i jr j !««.«•— i idi j..i "» *- w»-•.•«(;, ... — ~— left over lo spare. Using for work | Senior Halloween carnival, to be giv the extra hours n which the Show-Jen at the high school auditorium. beat will operate, a farmer could ™— :«« i™»Vn+hMl eit-ls had pump water for 44 days, at 15 minutes per day. could cut and bale - The serion basketball girls had a meeting in Mr. Peebles room Tuesday - - morning. , 40-acre hap' crop, could grind 1501) A weiner roast was given Wcdnes- Lushcls of corn and GO tons of rough- day night by the sophomores. •im> ecu Id ditch and grade his farm, The freshmen are planning to be "fe 1 -. *• . , _,. . . ... . TT /->~*~U«>. 1fi and run a wood saw for 50 hours. A man working with a team would require 4032 hours to take care of two similar 100-acre row crops and with mules or horses it would be impos- 4ble for him to dc the work which is accomplished through the tractor's belt power. The thowboat comes here from 1'ort Smith and it will leave on Tuesday morning for Texarkana. Mr. Miller stated that every farmer in the Hope trade territory is invited to see it while it is here. ' rumored that in 1871 an ice plant was built in New Orleans, from which ice- was even imported into the North. The great change in the food buying habits of the nation came in the 1890's. Cities were growing. The tempo of life quickened. Housewives no longer wanted to spend hours and even in .some cases days preparing a single dish or a meal. In response to this demand changes in food .selling habits appeared rapidly. Fully automatic can-making machinery first appeared in 1885. Thereafter canned foods became an important part of the grocery business. Breakfast cereals were invented that came ready to serve. Oats for oatmeal first, then gradually th:- myriad wheat and corn cereals that one .sees today. Rector's restaurant which opened in Chicago in the 1880's proved to a disbelieving 1 world that oysters packed in ice could survive a trip to Chicago. Home soap- making disappeared overnight before a superior manufactured product. Every one of the 200-odd A&P stores began lo curry extracts in response to demands of the customers. By 1901 the changes progressed far enough for the Ladies' Home Journal to write, "In these days you can buy almost everything partly or wholly cooked." However, the development ul' ready-to-eat foods, that so excited the ladies of 1901 was hardly the beginning. Growth, since that time, of food preparing technique plus growth cf well organized distribution systems not only made prepared foods available to everyone, but also fresh fruits and vegetables and good meats available the year round at low cost, and made the modern meal a matter of minutes not hours. HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP INTIMATE GLIMPSES AND INSIDE STUFF ON THE MOVIE COLONY Tlioiuus —BY DAN THOMAS— Three Women in Town and Here's I'retlitsl HOLLYWOOD—It may not mean a great deal to be considered the most Ixautiful of the three women in your . city—but it iiiuunt enough in the lit- 1 j of Antoinette Lees that shu now i.s lh-> I pOfct.c-h.soi- cf ;i long-term contrjcl | with the Fox studio, i When this 21-ycar-okl newcomer I speaks of home she is referring lo ' CicncguilUv:, Duimiyo, Mexico, a Ismail miniiifc town boasting a population of 1 Americans, among whcni she was cue of the Uu'cc women. Naturally, the- distinction of beiny I the inosl beautiful of those three didn't mean a \vhule lot. But when her striking beauty continued to draw comment during a visit to Her aunt here, that was simething else At least, so thiught the Fox testing director, who happened to s?c her. He arranged for a screen tent. And that was followed by a contract. Miss Lees, still a bit bewildered by her good fortune, already has phvwl roles in two pictures. Of course, they haven't been big roles. But they have been important enough to show that she has natural acting ability to visitors in Hope, October 16. The Saratoga basketball boys will play Mineral Springs Friday at Mineral Springs. We are very sorry Miss Thompson is ill and cannot be in school. The seventh grade planned a game in Georgaphy for making "A's". The cne getting more "A's" by Christmas receives a gift. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hargis, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Smith and Miss Chloe Ozbian were Sunday night visitors in Hope.. Clark Walkup will attend Harding college in Searcy this winter. Copeland Mabley is visiting Mr. and Mrs Roy Allen in Camden. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Milner and children o£ Little Rock spent the past week end with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. L. Spates and son of Hope, spent the past week end with relatives here. Misses Mary Louis, and Sadie bpates and Mildred Layton visited in Columbus, Sunday. Don't Trifle With Coughs Don't let them get a strangle hold. back up her brunet beauty. Come- i Fjght t hem quickly. Creomulsion com- quently, you probably will hear more bines 7 helps in one. Powerful but of her in the future. At Sea, at Home! If Warren William keeps on guests won't be able to discriminate betwee-i be;ng at his home and on board shi;:. Warren has his den where he does mcst of his informal entertaining fixed iij) exactly like a ship's cabin — even to portholes instead of windows. And now he has fitted pictures of ships at sea into the portholes to add to the illusion. Stars in Clusters Dropping in at the Brown Derby: Pola Negri lunching with Ernst Lubitsch . . . maybe she'll do a picture while she's here. . . . Anna May I Wcng with a friend. . . . Patsy Ruth i Miller Colleen Moore and Bessie. Love talking over old times. . . . Ann | Sothern with Roger Pryor. . . . Jimmy; Cagney and his wife . . . and in the next booth Lee Tracy reading part of a script to Isabel Jewel. . . . Leslie Fenton and Ann Dvorak pointing out celebrities to Ann's father. What Country Wants Having returned only recently from a four-week tour of the country, Ce- I til B. DeMille feels himself quite qualified to speak on the subject of | what the public wants in the way uf .•-crecm entertainment. "That question which has baffled producers for years veally is the iimplest thing in the world to answer," he says. "The ukl demand is fur good pictures, regardless of type- It doesn't make a bit of difference cc- whether a film is a comedy, backstage musical, an outdoor epic, or u costume picture. As long^ as its good, it will do good business." Now It's Tougher Fight Once he earned ?2:V600 for 45 minutes' work in a single evening. That; was in 1929 when he fought Jimmy McLarnin. But today Joe Click iS j a lad to get $7.50 for 10 hours' work. That's what the former lightweight boxer has been receiviny as un extra i in "Limehouse Nights." I Still in Love j Gurry Cooper is insisting upon doing all his own riding and shooting in "Lives of a Dengal Lancer." But he moved from the company location to Malibu Lodge, about three miles distant, because he saw a rattlesnake near his tent. At Itast, that was his excuse. Investigation proved, however, llwt hi: wife also is a new i esideiH of Malibu. Guess the honeymoon isn't [ ever yet. Gypsum from Nova Sfutia is used, in large quantities as a fortilim 1 atid moisture retainer on peanut faniis ui Wirginia. --!-— harmless. Pleasant to take. No narcotics. Your own druggist is authorized to refund your money on the snot if your cough or cold is not re- 1 .. _ 1 • . . I nA\1 \ iadv.) Just Received Henderson Corsets and Brassieres THE GIFT SHOP Phone 252 Guaranteed Typewriter Repair Service O. W. MILLS 2J8 So. Walnut Phone 36 DON'T SCRATCH Use Prescription 200,000 Destroys all germs of scabies or parasitic ITCH. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The. REXALL Store," Phone 63 Hope, Ark. Established 1885 Wanted! ASH BOLTS and GUM BLOCKS For Prices and Specifications Apply HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 It Will Be Here MONDAY, OCTOBER 15 THE FARMALL SHOWBOAT WILL DOCK At OUR STORE At 1:00 P. M. Bring , •f i Your 3 Family ,, Next >\ Monday**,* Afternoon 1:QQP.M* With whistle blowing anil smoke billowing ftorn the stacks, the Farmall Showboat—pow*r«t by a Farmall-12 Tractor on Airwhecls—is the most amazing craft ever to have dropped anchor iu Hope. . . . And it is truly a Showboat for the farmer—on the decks will be displayed a, ' complete line of seasonable farm equipment. Bring your family lit to see the Showboat! ' EVERY FARMER IS INVITED SOUTH ARKANSAS IMPLEMENT CO. McCORMICK-DEERING DEALER M : GIVEN AWAY THIS IS A SEAL. »\\\\vl SATISFACTION GUARANTEED • fti\\\\Y* OR YOUR MONEV BACK ~ O WHiinSMiCKEYS ANSWER? v Enter This Easy/ Amusing Contest. Here's a contest that's really Jan! What did Mickey say to Minnie? You'll enjoy thinking up a clever answer. And what do you get for it, besides the fun? You get a marvelous opportunity to win a colorful Congoleum Gold Seal Rug—your own choice of color and pattern—in our store contest! Our prizes are getwiti* Congoleum Gold Seal Rugs—the favorite floor-covering of millions of women because of their beauty and labor-saving quality. Water-proof, you know—so no scrubbing. Clean with iust a mpp! 1st Prize—a 9x12 ifoot Congoleum Gold Seal Rug. Winner's choice of pattern. Designs suitable for any room. 2nd Pr/ze—a 6x9 Congoleum Gold Seal Rug. Winner's choice of pattern. Many beautiful new Fall designs. 3rd Prize—a. 3x6 foot Congolemn Gold Seai Rug. Winner's choice of pattern. Remember, these prize rugs are the famous, nationally advertised Congoleum Rugs backed with the Gold Seal Guarantee. In case ofties, duplicate prizes will be awarded; We will enter in the National Mickey Mouse Contest the "Mickey Mouse Answer" which wins First Prize in our Store Contest. This gives you an opportunity to win one of the five new Ford V-8's offered as Grand National Prizes! Come in for on Official Entry Blank Free at our store. Contest ends OCTOBER 31 HOPE FURNITURE CO. PHONI 5

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