Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 12, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1934
Page 4
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS^ Friday. October .12, Child Prodigy f OUR BOARDING HOUSE I . n -r ByAHERN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS Answer to Previous Puzel* t Who ts the child star In , the picture* ? i garment. IS Burden. 19 Negative. 21 Oceans. 32 Class ot vertebrates. 23 Half an em. 2<tMarehed on.- 88 Tatter. 3? Pieced out. 31 Command. n WU&erea. pointed roof. 44 Musical note. 45 Laughter sound. •16 Sun god. 4$ Neuter pronoun. 39 Fainter. 44 tooth of joint. 4$ Conjunction. 43 Covering for the apex ot a thread. 56 What is the child's profession? 57 She worfcs '.n motion e. VERTICAL 1 Therefor. 2 To buzz. 3 Cow-headed goddess. 4 To change a gem setting. 6-"<&rson GP- pointed to serve a writ, C Still. V Toward. 5 Having a mane 9 An added 0 quantity. 10 Circular in- closure. 11 Each. 12 She la an expert tap . 15 And a good 17 Card game. IS Above. 20 Tree bearing acorns. 22 Monkey. 23 Organ ot hearing. 25 To gaze upon. 27 Alleged force. 28 To complain. 30Gift of charity 32 Identical. 34 Cotton fabric. 35 Caustic. 36 Lunatic. 38 Transcriber. 39 Turkish title. 41 Sugar sand. 45 Feminine pronoun. 47 Social insect. 50 Right. 61 Exists. 52 Postscript. 63 Spain. ,54 Jumbled type. 65 Chaos. .»„„ "Green Capital" is an appro- • priate name for Berlin, with its road- itt. -ways lined with more t'han 465,000 » trees,-'excluding those in its parks and J* gardens. &• ' Japan's earthquake zone seldom '*• pqsses a day without feeling two or t three, plight tremors. V^^t-- i;. : • Sill It! Find It! Rent Itl Buy tti •~~~ in the Hope Star Market Place , the more yon ten, UM quicker you sell. lOc line, min. Mo For consecutive insertions, mini- pnim of 3 lines in one ad. 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min, 90c •JBJ- tupes, 3V4c line, min. ?2.7t (Average 5% words to the line) NOTE— Want ads will be accepted , with. /the understanding that the ' bill !• payable on presentation of Statement, beforu tha first publi- Phone 768 doors—Hope Bldg. Mat Co. FOR RENT FOB BENT: South bed room, with pr without bath, phone 321. FOR BENT — 3 room furnished apartment, adjoining bath, outside entrance both front and rear. Phone 315, Mrs. D. T. Chamberlain, 717 South Main. 6-3tc FOB BENT— Bedrooms convenient to bath, close in. Mrs. Bob Chamberlain, 41!g East Second Street. 5-3tp FOB BEN T—Three-room nicely- furnished apartment, private bath, private entrance. Garage if desired. Phpne 66 or 284. ll-3tc FOR SALE Best Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat Co. 5ABGAINS IN USED CARS. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. PABTS FOB ALL CARS. P. £ Lewis Motor Co. FOB SALE—Pears 75c bushel or 40c half bushel delivered. Phon 166. 26-3t Cabbage Plants, Onion Sets, Vetch Winter Grass, Bulbs. Monts Seed Store. 3 - 6tc FOB SALE: Nice home with $880.0C Home Owners Loan payable $9.41 per month. Equity $220.00 cash. See Floyd Porterfield. 9 WANTED WANTED TO RENT—From one to five years Six room house with bath and place for cow. Leon Call 214-W. After Tm. FOB TRADE— Good work horse fo good cow or second hand car. L. J HHjHpaJfd. Sprudell, Ark. ll-6-3tt WANTED—Furnished house. Wejrm, New Capital Hotel. R. L 8-3t ""BOYS WANTED: To do pleosan educational work afternoons and Sat Wt£yi Good pay. Ages preferred 12 to 15- Apply by letter to J. 1-^ HopeSter. LOST—White liver spotted femal pointer, eight or nine months. Small Hx butlt. J. H. or J. C. Porter field. 9 " 3tc COURT ORDER Lafayette County Couit July Term Fifth Day September 3rd, 1934 in Regard to Calling in County Warrants: The Court deems it necessary and expedient at this time, for the purpose of ascertaining the actual finan- :ial condition of the County; that the Court and the Citizens of the County, may be fully advised in the premises, that all outstanding Script, Warrants and other evidence of indebtedness of said County issued or drawn upon the Treasurer of said County prior to the First day of January 1934, should be called in for examination, cancellation and reissue, as provided by Section 1994 of Crawford & Moses Digest of the Laws of Arkansas. It is therefore considered, ordered and adjudged by the Court, that all outstanding Script, Warrants and other evidence of indebtedness of Lafayette County, Arkansas, issued or drawn upon the Treasurer of said Lafayette County, Arkansas, prior to the 1st day of January 1934, be and the same is hereby called in, for the pur- pcse of examination, cancellation and reissuance. And that all outstanding Script Varrarits and other evidence of in- ebtedness, shall be presented to the Hourt in the Town of Lewisville ..afayette County, Arkansas at office f the County Clerk, on the 10th day f December, 1934, for the purpose o' xamina : tion, cancellation and reis uance, and all persons who may hold uch Script, Warrants and other evi- ence of indebtedness aforesaid, and vho shall fail, neglect or refuse to resent the same according to the equirements of this order and notice iven, shall after said 10th day of De- ember 1934 be forever debarred and •secluded from deriving any benefit rom their claim, as provided by sec- ion 1996, Crawford & Moses Digest of he Laws of Arkansas. It is further ordered that the Clerk of this Court shall furnish the Sherff of said County of Lafayette, State of Arkansas, with duly certified copies of this order, to the end that he may make due publication as the law requires, by posting a copy of .said order at the Court House door and at the several election precincts n each Township in said County of Lafayette, State of Arkansas. And that •said Sheriff be and he is hereby required to give notice as the law directs and that he make due returns on a copy or copies of this order, showing his entire proceedure in connection herewith. It is further ordered that due notice be given by publishing this order in two News Papers printed and published in the State of Arkansas, one of which said News Papers shall be printed and publish*;! in Lafayette County, Arkansas, and by printec hand bills posted up in public anc conspicuous places in said Lafayette County, Arkansas. Signed this the 3rd day cf September 1934. A. M. Shirey County Judge STATE OF ARKANSAS COUNTY OF LAFAYETTE ss I P. T. Landes, Clerk of the County and State aforesaid, do hereby cer tify that the annexed and foregoin! instrument in writing, is a true and correct copy of a COURT ORDER, as appears of record in record book Vol. R, Page 632, records of Lafayette County Court, Lafayette County, Arkansas. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF I have- hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of Lafayetle County, this the 3rd day of September, 1934. P. T. Landes (SEAL) County Clerk Oct. 3, 10 Holland, only some 12,000 square miles in area itself, possesses a colonial empire 70 limes as large. THEY CWA-Ett YOU IN TO 6>ET YOUR /| ON TH X CFZ.OVYM JEWEL'S / WHY, YOU COUUDNT TEV-V. SAYS A TMAMOND, TE.U-YOU/ T KNOWTHt SOUTH APRICAN SECTION, LIKE I TO KNOW BUT I SAV MANY AN AUTO u/w-v;J\^F-KAFP uA/\w-HOW I KNOW THE OF EXPERT* 1934 BY HE* StfWICE. UtC 7~iU- ADMIT TTOOK A FEW PUFFS ON A CIGAR BUTT, AND I E.T SOME GREEN APPLES AKJ 1 TWO ICE CREAM CONES, AKJ'I FOUNP SOME WCEKIIES »N TH ICE BOX , AM 1 ..t SWALLHRED SOME HAVE MEDICINE POP BRAINS. -THE WORRY VVART BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES So-'-oooooo Neglected O'.ff.^'LLKSM T. M. RtO. U. » PAT. Off. )O- By MARTIK •^..^^ ^ ^^^^^; 0 %^r ^ 1 fS^v^M%o^o^o^oS«, •^ WN6VW "• ^ am"i , w\VA-Yft ? " " ~" OU&HTTfS FAU. A6\-tfc ntree I x woo\.o /TOO ALLEY OOP The Old One-Two Punch! By HAMLJN YOU BI&, HAIRY LO6STEC/ WHAT MEAM,8eATIN' UPON ' 6OOY-GUAGD 'THEN.HOW'CUA G/T r / ow, i DIP HAVE A^ VEG WEODIM6 DUOS/LITTLE SC<?AP-Y5££, ALLTOI2E UP^-^l HADOA GO R£SCU{ LIKE THAT, IF/,MY BOPY-&OARD PCOM Y'lVASN'T I SOME. MUGS THAT JUMPED F1GHTIM 1 ?MEM/ I HAPPA LICK. BOY, YER AVJTWELVE OF 'EM/ SI6-HT/ LAYIW'OUT HERE, ALL 1 PIECES WHAT'LL WE PO WITH 'EM? WASH TUBES WELL^ELLj WELL.' IP V, •*.-,. <, D nn. i r»tr-«J.v»- T ISN'T OUR WEALTHV V MISTER \ TO 00 ANOTHER RIEMD, WASHIM 1 DISHES iBOARDMAM-l DISH !" IN/i, RESTRUMT. -^^ ^A^, BAH!iREFUSE fy ^t*. ;Vl <=5 m & HECK I WILL.' At |iM A MILLIOMAIP^EJ I OWN RAILROADS, VAC.HTS, CASTLES, AMD The Downfall of China! EITHER *IV PERS< CHECK FOR THE MEAL By CRANE &*1 ,c*# v\! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS • •' •' ~i._ »•- a a Mathematics and Football! 3y COWAN REMEMBER, FRECKLES...THIS IF FRECKLES PUTS GOOD LUCK X FRECKLES... THE GAME OH ICE FOR US,I MAY GET IN COACH •2. PUT YOU IN, IN THE FOURTH PERIOD'. V/ITH MY STUDIES, |N ORDER TO PLAY- SO I'M CRAMMING, PLENTY ! DEADEST (I MATHEMATICS WILL SERVE YOU IN THE GAME OF LIFE.... THAT'S IMPORTANT, YoO KNOW. 1 IN FOOTBALL? .) WELL,FOOTBALL IS LlkE I DON'T ) MATHEMATICS, PROFESSOR... UNDERSTAND / TWO HALVES MAKE A |f ^4 HOLE...AND THE FULLBACK PLUNGES THROUGH f •\ ^ see YOU LATER : I- WHISTLE BLOWS, AKID SHADY6IDE FACES MILFORD, THE FIRST FOE OF THE SEASON !? THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) The Weasel Lands a Job! ^•^ By BLOSSER /:V'I CADlMO HICK KRAFT'S VENGEANCE. MOPE THAN 6TPETCH IN THC PEH, THE WEASE.L FOLLOWS NICK'S \S,OU V-1WU STREET, >N TOMPKIN5' COBNEQ5 HELLO, GOT A HUNGR THAT'S Me BEST BET-IT SEE.MS T'EE DE VILLAGE HANGOUT-, DE BOSS-MOW'S CHAHCE THE HEW \ HC5 SOME HlTCH-HiVCER CUCLEY'S I THET BLEW \N HERE WOPK\N' FOP /THIS . . HIT CUPLEY FOfi A JOB "SOME. PL WOE, B'FORE. ME MUG TOWED AWAY FROMH

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