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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 70

Indianapolis, Indiana
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THE INDIANAPOLIS SUNDAY STAR, MARCH 7, 1M. MYSTERY IN PEARL BRYAN MURDER STILL UNSOLVED I of epilepsy fits, during which, he claimed, he waa unaccountable for his actions. He told how, when he was a small boy living in Indianap- I oils, ha had spells of epilepsy that Forty Years Ago Two Depraved Dental Students Paid Supreme Penalty on Kentucky Callows for Crime Concealing Forever Disposal of Indiana Girl's Head leit nun unaccountable for what he did for hours at a time. Police mere ly took his stories as an effort on his part to build up an insanity defense. At one tune, prior to nis going to just several hours before he and Walling reached the scaffold on tha morning of Saturday, March 20, 1S97, made his final "confession." Kentucky's Governor, W.

O. Bradley, re. fused executive clemency,, and both Jackson and Walling went to their deaths together in the New port jail yard denying guilt of Pearl Bryan's murder to the end. Crim related one of the many trigic phases of 'he case when he recalled a scene just prior to the removal of Pearl Bryan's body to Greencastle. Pearl's parents, her two sisters, Mrs.

Maud Stanley and Mrs. E. S. Kellar, and her two brothers, Fred and Franit Bryan, were standing mournfully around the body in a Cincinnati funeral par Cincinnati, Jackson was a student Afterwards, the Miami Erie canal, running through Cincinnati, was drained at several points in the search for the head and. like all I at the Indiana dental college.

Indianapolis, during which time he lived at 133 New York street. Indian the other places inspected, yielded apolis. During September, 1895, FBy FRANK ROLANDELLI JR. ORTY years ago this month two men paid with their Uvea for having murdered Pearl Bryan, Sunday school teacher and member of a prominent Greencastle (Ind.) family Forty years ago, at the time the two men dropped from a scaffold to Ignominious deaths at the end of ropes, police and the citiz. nry In general were searching for Pearl Bryan's missing head although even then a year had gone by since the young woman had been mur I Jackson worked for a dentist in Indianapolis.

Jackson's mother, Mrs. notning. As officials arrived on the scene of the murder they managed to find on or nearby the body a number of clues which proved of sufficient Sarah P. Jackson, lived in Green castle, and it was on his visits to her that he went out with Pearl iMIL Bryan. lor, to where it had been removed following autopsies.

The funeral Victim of Hypnotism. dered Just as Jackson pleaded being the parlor waa across the street from Cincinnati police headquarters. the gruesome find. Awakened from their customary slow-paced routine of life, men, women and children victim of epilepsy in an effort to where at the time Jackson and Walling still were beine held. Crim and Today, more than four decades later, and with the search for the head long since discontinued, the mystery of Us whereabouts still re soon found their way to the scene, This veritable stampede to reach the avoid paying the penalty for the crime, so did Walling concoct an alibi.

He claimed that he waa the victim of hypnotism, alleging that McDermott went to the jail and brought the two dental students over to the funeral parlor. scene to catch a glimpse of the body was later blamed with having ham mains as puzzling as it did the day it was severed from Pearl Bryan's body. Tomorrow, and for all the years to come, the question will remain un Mystery Unsolved. In tears members of tha Bryan pered nollce officials in their investigations. Sheriff Jule Plummer of Campbell Jackaon had a strange influence over him.

When Jackson a trial got under county, Kentucky, together with the coroner of that county, were the first family pleaded with Jackson and Walling to please tell them where Pearl's head waa "so we can at least way at Newport ln tha Campbell County Circuit Court before Judge officials to reach the scene. It was of Its WMi-r jm 1 bury her as she looked when she left answered for future generations to debate over. To be sure, there have been, there are and there always will be suggested places where the head may possibly have come to rest. But for knowledge as to the abse-lute and definite manner and place in which It was disposed of the world Charlea T. Helm on April 22, 1806, it waa before a jury which, according to newspaper records of that day, was, with the exception of one man, firmly convinced that Jackson home." only a matter of a few hours, however, before Cal Crim and his partner, McDermott, also a detective with the Cincinnati police department, were there.

Many persona The plea was directed principally at Jackson, whom the entire Bryan was guilty. "All but one of the jurors said I I II Li'm LfS ire -i isi s. Sinn I family knew, but neither he nor that their minds had been made up about the case and would have to Walling heeded the pleadings of the family and so the headless bodv of I have their fixed opinions changed by overwhelming evidence," the papers will fovever have to wait. The mystery of who killed Pearl Bryan was solved within a short period of time, and Scott Jackson, 27, and Alonzo Walling, 21, were apprehended, tried, convicted and executed within fourteen months after the murder which. In the large and long annals of crime, will always retain its position aa one of the most grue of tnat day related.

It was on May 11, after the jury OjK li'V (1) Scott Jackson, who, de. JUSZltz ilf 'V P't various confessions, paid lit jr i tor prt ia i a fil Bryan murder. (8) Pearl 1 rrr "fTI lyl I Bryan, as she appeared before I I lx I had deliberated the case but two hours and eleven minutes, that the twelve men returned tbir verdict of guilty of murder in the first degree against Jackson. Jackson was sentenced to hang on June 30, but a motion for a new trial and appeals to higher courts kept the sentence from being carried out until almost a year later. tne wayward daughter was taken to the vault in the Forest Hill cemetery at Greencastle.

It remained in tha vault- until March 27, 1896, on which date (a Friday, and Just eight weeks to the day from the date of the murder) the body was buried in the Bryan family lot in the Forest Hill cemetery. Her funeral services wera presided over by Dr. H. A. Gobin, president of DePauw University.

And so today, in March. 1937, forty years after Jackson and Walling dangling at the end of ropes too taut for comfort were swmng into eternity, leaving behind them the mystery of "where is Pearl Bryan's head?" that question still remains unanswered. And while we ponder and debate, must, those two men trodding the paths of the world that follows this one and that has no end forever hurry their steps to evade the hands of Pearl Bryan, the hands that ever grope toward them in plaintive pleading for a head that in thia world could not be found? '1 I (3) Walling, youngeat li tr 'A 1 Iff A Vthe two men hanged in re. I Jf Jury Quick With Verdict Waiting's trial started May 28, and during his trial Jackson waa re If UHation for the murder. (4) I I moved to the Covington (Ky.) jail KH JM f.

Map showing where body was II I fT 1 fVI some and sensational. Carry Secret to Brave. "In the Ohio river." "Buried in a sandbar at Dayton, Ky." In a furnace." Those were some of the answers given by Jackson and Walling themselves when efforts were made to have them reveal the whereabouts of the head before they paid the supreme penalty in a small courtyard at Newport, Ky. The river was dragged, the sandbar dug up, a reservoir drained, and other means resorted to in attempts to check up on the stories of the two men. But all efforts were futile.

But the man who was so Instrumental in bringing Jackson and Walling to trial, the man who was given much credit for being particularly active in solving the "crime of the century," is firmly convinced today that Pearl Bryan's head was reduced to ashes XJ1K (5 eduction of YI I'KPh taken Just as the I Vw7 I men dropped through the I I for safekeeping. Silas P. Hays, Greencastle attorney, aided in the prosecution of Walling, whose fate was decided June 18. In Waiting's case, too, the jury took but little time to deliberate, the jurors return ing their verdict after being out two hours and twenty minutes, Just nine viAA -i8 Yt Photographa reproduced J3t FSSv Vf through courtesy of Cal Crim, I "'if'1 detective, who owns originals.) K) GET RID OF YOUR FAT Fre Trial Trestmwit minutes longer than It took the first jury to decide against Jackson. Like Jackson, Walling asked for a new trial and appealed to higher courts, but in both cases the motions and appeals were overruled.

Relatives of both the defendants and the victim attended the two trials. After his trial Walling: also was taken to the Covington jail, both being returned later to the Newport jail. While the men were confined at Newport seven other prisoners escaped one day. Walling and Jackson were given the opportunity to lent on request. ARREN TABLETS have helped to reduce thoueanrti of persom without tarvatlon diet or burdeniom exercise, often at a rapid rate.

Let ui send you proof at our expense. ARREN PRODUCTS INC. 4(1 Journal Jeriey City, N. J. value to not only lead to the identification of the victim, but also to the apprehension nf the slayers.

The findings included a suit of of the efTects of this drug and she threw up her hands toward the back of her head, causing her fingers to be cut severely. This also gave basis to the contention that the dissecting knife used was sharp on both sides. Doctors Convinced, "The doctors who examined the -(zy -s 1 Her Pimply Face In a furnace In a Cincinnati denial college. That man Is Cal Crim, now head of a private detective agency bearing his name in Cincinnati, but at the time of the crime a detective with the Cincinnati police department. "I am firmly convinced to this day that Pearl Bryan's head was cremated in the dental college furnace," Crim, who later rose to the oflice of chief of detectives st Cincinnati before resigning to open his own agency, related the other day while discusaing the crime in which Indiana played so prominent a part.

His reasons for auch belief will be related here after something has been written about the crime itself and the principals. Member of Prominent Family. Pearl Bryan, 20 years old, considered pretty, and a member of a fam have wondered just how the two Cincinnati detectives happened to be assigned to the case, as it was not In Cincinnati that the body was found but. in northern Kentucky. Crim, in explaining the situation just recently, said that he and McDermott, who is now associated with Crim In the latter's private detective agency, were assigned, as members of the Cincinnati police department, to the task of investigating and keepinjf under control the "houses of ill repute" that operated rather freely In those days.

It was not an unusual occurrence for girls from these houses to disappear. When the headless body was first, found across the river Crim and McDermott immediately went there in the hope of settling the mystery quickly by identifying: the bodv as that nf nnn vainly for the cabman ln whose vehicle Jackson, Walling and the Bryan girl had made the journey from Cincinnati to the scene of the murder. After investigating many false clews without success the police finally received a visit from George Jackson, Negro, who told them he had driven the trio across the Ohio river on the night of Jan. 31. Because of threats of death, George Jackson said, he had been afraid to tell police of his information in connection with the crime.

For a long time many police officials were skeptical of George Jackson's confession that he had driven the cab. Eventually, however, the confession was accepted and it and George Jackson's positive identification of Scott Jackson and Walling were prominent parts of the trials of the two men. While Jackson was awaiting trial he tried repeatedly to convince police that he frequently was the victim knitted union underwear; a thin ki-mona; a pair of shoes and rubber overshoes; a "Mother Hubbard" type of dress In light blue calico material; black stockings; a new white cores), and a pair of yellowish-brown kid gloves. The shoes, together with some of the other articles of wearing apparel, were not on the body when it was discovered but were found lying scattered around nearby. The shoes, while the smallest of all the items, were to prove the most valuable in solving the crime.

On Tuesday, Feb. the Cincinnati representative of the Drew, Selby Com There he talked with the sister and with Pearl's brother, Fred Bryan. The brother and sister, together with the parents sorrowfully admitted that they were beginning to believe the body of the murdered girl was that of Pearl, although they had been under the Impression that when she left Greencastle she had gone to visit a friend of the family living on Central avenue In Indianapolis. Clothes Identified. Crim, conducting investigations in Pearl's home town, learned from body also weer firmly convinced that Pearl Bryan was murdered at the spot where she was found on the Locke farm.

They based their belief in this matter on the fact that all the blood was pumped out of her system at the scene and that for this to be possible It would be necessary for the hesrt to be beating when she was beheaded. "Again going back to Friday, Jan. 31, it was nearing midnight when Jackson and Walling walekd Into the saloon of John Legner, on Ninth Cost Her Job She was efficient but made a poor impression when employers saw her face, disfigured with itchy pimples. Why tolerate itching pimples, eczema, and other red blotches duo to external causes? Get quick relief with Peterson's Ointment. Makes skin look, feel better.

Monev hrk escape with their fellow prisoners, but they refused, preferring instead the safety of prison walls to the threatening violence of a mob that ever hovered near the jail. Deny Guilt to End. When officials at Newport began to grow wary of the attitude of the citizens following reports and rumors of lynching the men, Jackson and Walling were removed to the jail at Alexandria, several miles distant, where they remained until Friday, March 19, 1897. Just prior to their hanging both men made alleged "confessions," and Jackson, pany, shoe manufacturers, Ports if not delighted. Peterson's Oint ment 35c all druggists.

of the "girls of shame" who had dls- a local telegrapher of communications between Scott Jackson and Pearl's cousin, William Wood, son of the Rev. D. M. Wood, of Greencastle and Danville, regarding Pearl's condition. After obtaining sufficient evidence to satisfy himself mouth, identified the pair of shoes as having been made by his company.

The shoes bore the numbers "22-1 1-U24R8," which represented the French system of numbering. The About Hay Fever ily tnai neiongea to vrreenuasuB best social set, went to Cincinnati in January, 1896, to forestall the shame and disgrace that she feared she soon would cast upon her family's hori-son. Instead, she found the end of life and in as tragic ft way as possible death came to her. According to autopsies, testimony by Jackson, Walling and others, and according to evidence unearthed after her death. Pearl Bryan went to Cincinnati because she was ap appeared from one of the Cincinnati resorts.

When this clew fell through the two detectives remained on the job to aid Plummer, who was at that time the only Investigating officer in Campbell county. It was that trio, Crim, Plummer and McDermott, that traced down all the innumerable clews snd brought shout the arrest of both Jackson and street near Plum street, just across the street from where the two roomed. When they entered the saloon they carried a brown grip which they gave to the bartender to place behind the bar for them. The bartender, in his testimony later, related that when he took the grip from the two something inside of it 'rolled back and forth like a bowling ball." "On Saturday night, Feb. 1, the 22-11 denoted that the shoes were size .1, with a last.

The "62468" was tho stock number. There is an unknown condition DUCK WINS FAMILY ESTEEM AND NOW CONTROLS FISH POND Tri cp Shipment. was learned almost immediately hy Crim, McDermott and Plummer that a consignment, of shoes had been sent, Sopt. 3, by the Drew, day ou which the then unidentified 1 1 ii ii I body had been found at Fort about Hay Fever which causes many people to believe that nothing can be done for it. Mr.

R. O. Murphy, Box 612, Stillwater, who relieved himself from the sufferings of Hay Fever, will explain this condition without charge to anyone who writes him. Just send your name and address at once, because strange as it may seem this is the time of the year to treat Hay Fever Thomas, Walling and Jackson again entered Legner's salon. This time they asked for the grip, and the bar- Crim, late on the night of Feb.

4, sent the following telegram to his department at Cincinnati: "Arrest Scott Jackson and charge him with murder. Clothes fully Identified." From then on events moved swiftly, with first Jackson and then his room-mnte, Walling, being taken Into custody. Jackson was arrested Feb. 5 at 10 p. m.

as he was about to enter his rooming houso at 222 West Ninth street, Cincinnati. At 2 a. m. the following day Walling was taken into custody, principally because he was Jackson's room-mate. Several blood spots were found on Jackson's shirt and a three-Inch scratch was found on his right wrist.

Jackson attempted to explain the blood spots by saying they re- tenner, in aescnoing how he re Bloodhounds Put to Work, Almost before steps toward identifying the body could bs taken those familiar assistants in police investigations of the last century-bloodhounds were pushed into service In 'an effort to trace the killers and possibly find a trace of the head. The hounds first made their way to a cistern near the scene of the proaching motherhood and believing that she was to be married. It was Jan. 28, 1896, that Pearl left her Greencastle home for Cincinnati, although her parents and other relatives in Greencastle believed she was on her way to visit a friend in Indianapolis. Pearl's father, Alexander Bryan, was a stock raiser and dairyman, and with his wife lived on the outskirts of GreencaHtle.

The young- woman's first action turned to the two men the grip they naa given mm the nitrht before. Selby Company, to the shoe store of Lewis Hays in Greencastle. Among the consignment were a dozen pairs of the stock number "62'tr)R," but there was but one pair in the group of the size The detectives went to Greencastle to interview the proprietors of Iewls Hays as to the purchasers of tho various shoes. The pair 'of shoes found with the body were identified by Lewis and Hays as having been purchased at their store, as were the overshoes. Tho proprietors of the store said that again told how something inside of it 'rolled like a bowling ball," just as It had when first he received the grip.

Bartender Gives More Facts. "Leaving the saloon with the grip T--1 A II. Mi 1 crime. Stains resembling blood when she arrived In Cincinnati was to find Scott Jackson, with whom she had had a romance for several were found on a rock near the unused cistern, but nothing further was discovered to indicate that the suuea trom his killing bedbugs, wnue nis Kill Kidney Acid Stop Getting Up Nights If your Kidneys and Bladder art funs-Cloning poorly, making you suffer from Getting Up Nights. Backache, Burning, Stinging Flow.

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Crowds assembled when the water had nearly run out and excitement and could be accounted for. After tracing the ownership of two of the three remaining pairs that were sold it. became apparent that the shoes found by the body were those of Pearl Bryan. The shoes had been bought by her Nov. 18, for The shops were of cloth top with patent button fasteners.

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Advertisement manced with Pearl Bryan during nothing In the grip that rolled back the previous Christmas holidays and and forth and it was so light that prior to that during the preceding he believed that It must have been summer convinced authorities that empty. I and others who worked they were on the right trail. 0n the case are convinced that there Accuse Each Other. was Pibl or logical dis- posal of the head: That is, that It was not long after Walling was jackaon and Walling, taking the grip arrested that he started to talk. He from the saloon while it had the head told police that Jackson had left ln had Just enough time in those months and whom she had last seen during the preceding Christmas holidays.

Unable to find Jackson immediately at the Ohio College of Dental Surgery, Court street and Central avenue, Cincinnati, where he and Alonzo Walling were fellow students, Pearl took a room In the Indiana House in downtown Cincinnati. When she registered at the hotel, however, it was not under her own name, but that of her sister, Mrs. Maud Stanley, Greencastle. Locates Jackson. Pearl soon communicated with Jackson by messenger and almost Immediately was introduced to Walling.

When she arrived in Cincinnati Pearl Bryan undoubtedly had the idea that Jackson was going to marry her, for when learned that he intended to prevent the birth of her coming child she tried io leave. Employes of a music publishing company in downtown Cincinnati told Crim that on Jan. 30. 1896. they shoes belonged to Pearl Bryan, dim anxiety were at, a high pitch as the last of the water left the reservoir I went to the millinery store operated but there was no head anywhere.

at Greencastle by Pearl's sister. their room early 'on the night of tW, Jan. 31. and had not returned until ntlnll ihf co1; midnight. When Jackson heard that wthJ e.rt tnTo fhf Walling had started to say things th.

SnnJVi JUF that would incriminate him Jackson 'd t0 thVUK started talking too, and from then WJ nd "eJ i on until death stilled their voices f.tudnf" ai he ln 8 i II NEEDLECRAFT PATTERN PATCHWORK QUILT BY LAURA WHEELER RIOTOUS WITH COLORFUL TULIPS! saw a girl, later identified as Pearl Jackson and Walling made every ef- i-q fort to "pin the murder" on the jBam.e other. Each one readily admitted 8 amhfr'5' he knew something of the crime, but human hslpmi i blood snd also each steadfastly refused to admit lay."d'rt wh.ich' he had anything to do with the ac- bn A tual killinir from the spot where the body was Jackson Admitted from the start The. riP that he knew Pearl Bryan. He de- 8 th? on whJh nied, however, anv wrongdoing nad "f1 the girl and explained, apparently to friend Indi" sstisfnrtorilv hi movements from the time when tne girl was believed to have been murdered to after the STOMACH DISCOMFORT? Many adults who think thev save some digestive disorder actunlly have WORMS I Hound or Stomach Worms Infect both children and adults, entering the systeiu on raw cEetable sod fruits.

Many sign point to Worms, such a Nausea, tscken Sleep. Irregular Bowels, Belly Psins. Loh of Appetite and Weight! Rectal Itcliing. Vpet Javxe's niint flnvoicd VisMirter tx4 pels Round Worms promptly. 49 nllliooj bottles sold.

sUrf hss ilft.iWtoM im mini liufcm Ji Jack Gary and His Pet Duck. Bryan, walking with two men, later identified as Jackson and Walling. When at a spot near the employes, who were sitting in a shipping room ating their noonday lunch, the girl was heard to exclaim: "I am going back to my home and Scott you will have to answer to my brother Fred for this." Just what happened on Jan. 30 and the following day will never be definitely known, but one thing the physicians of that day were agreed upon and that was that Pearl Bryan never underwent an illegal operation. Both Jackson and Walling, from the time of their arrest until they stood Upon the scaffold, insisted that the girl had undergone such an operation, but both men had accused the other of performing it When the date of their execution approached the two changed their story to say that a northern Kentucky physician had performed" tho operation, but this was disproved when it was laimail fttaf hA 1 1 you want to buy a duck, don't Tim's next foray was directed at Mr.

Gary'a buttons. Three or four disappeared a day and it keeps Mrs. make inquiries at the home of Walling Admits Knowledge. While the evidence continued to become stronger and stronger against Jackson it was several days before Walling, under steady examination, admitted that he knew that Pearl Bryan had been brought to Cincinnati so that an Illegal operation could be performed. A pair of mud-covered trousers were found in Jackson's locker at the dental college, but he tried desperately to convince police that Walling, who he said had a key to the locker, had placed the trousers there.

After the arrest of Jackson and Walling. Crim went to South Bend, where he arrested Pearl's cousin, William Wood, who Jackson had accused of betraying Pearl. Brought to Cincinnati Wood was released on bond, later placed in jail and subsequently freed on bond again until after the trials of Jackson and Walling, when he was released. When Jaokaon and Walling were arrested they were placed in jail at Cincinnati. Although both were Indicted by the Campbell county (Kentucky) grand Jury on murder charges, Feb.

13, 1898, they continued to remain in the Cincinnati jail until re Gary busy sewing them on. The ash can ranks next to the buttons for Tim's favorite pastime of foraging. The prisoner eats a hearty breakfast consisting of the coarser ingredients of the ashes practically every day. A Great Personality. Tim was a cute little thing weighing three pounds when he moved into his new home last Aug.

1. He's up to five pounds now and going strong and eating more and more. Rut Tim's nersonalitv ia rnallv time the body was found. But Crim snd McDermott uncovered evidence that proved extremely damaging to both Jackson and Walling. Perhaps It would be best to let Crim relate the ensuing incidents since he, having discovered the evidence and confronted the two men with it, should know more about it than anyone else: Detective Relates Story.

Here is the way Crim related it: "On Friday, Jan. 31, 1896. Scott Jackson, Alonzo Walling and Pearl Bryan were in Dave Wallingford's saloon at the northeast corner of George and Plum streets. They were in the Bitting room there, with Jackson and Walling drinking whiskey and Pearl Bryan sarsapa-rilla. Allen Johnson, a Negro waiter at the saloon, saw Jackson put something in the girl's sarsaparilla without her knowing it.

Later on Jackson and. Walling were identified by a Sixth street druggist as the two men who had purchased cocaine from him, and I and other officers Investigating the case were convinced that what Johnson saw Jackson put into the girl's drink was the cocaine. A MONEY-BACK GLAND TONIC Restores Vigorous Health Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gary.

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A dealer agreed to part with one and the duckling seemed pleased with the arrangement. The fish unmethinp He stretches himself to restore your pep, vigor, sometning. sireicnes nimseir or wt tund t' rigid and prone on his under surface bov lr tt, and permits Mr. Gary to lift him gland remedy known. Thousands of test) nave proved this to our full satisfaction skyward.

He stands outside and quacks to be let in and he stands inside and quacks to be let out. He gets pin feathers all over the house. Not until did Tim reveal Now WITHOUT RISK you can prove It tt yours. Glendace ts the last word rn tnodert science. In convenient tablet form Glen-dare contains extracts from tee glands ot healthy animals and stimulates ALL THI TULIP GARDEN PATTERN 920 uint tuts puj.oii.iai 11 inn i.iuy ill, was in a sanitarium at the time.

Stay In Cincinnati Short. Pearl Bryan's stay in Cincinnati did hot last long, for it was on the morning of Saturday, Feb. 1, 1896, that hs headless body unidentified until several days later was found lying in a clump of hedge on a far corner of a farm near Fort Thomas, about six miles across the Ohio river from Cincinnati. It was young Johnny Hewling, 17-year-old farmhand employed by James Locke, on whose farm the decapitated body was found, who made the ghastly discovery. Young Hewling was perched in an apple tree pruning out dead branches when his gaze fell upon the sight of a woman's body.

Even in those days, before radio programs could be interrupted to allow time for "spot" news-flash announcements, word quickly spread throughout the hilly countryside -of didn't care for it, refusing to come to the surface and associate with the pseudo amph'bian. The duckling won this social cHsh. Mr. and Mrs. Gary tka tm avtant nt his niialirieiT however Mr Garv went GLANDS to activity.

The effeo quautles, noweer. mr astonishing, almost magical Too fee quisition papers for their removal to Kentucky were obtained March 17 of oui uno iiiuming im mm ana loo years younger! you return to ttu Tim's nest and lo and behold there I full vigor of manhood or womanhood. Ynui lav two duck eggs. Interest In life returns. Vigorous healU Not even the deception thus badly I tor 18 exposed has failed to uproot the! do not confuse Glendage wits other hold he has on the household.

Mr. called gland remedies, a is entirely unlikt Colorful tulips, the delight of all gardeners, will be an Inspiration to the quiltmaker who pieces together the gay patches of this quilt, Tulip Garden! Easy to make, you can use scraps and have each block different which makes a gay and economical quilt. It's a seven-inch block. Pattern 920 contains complete, simple instructions for cutting, sewing and finishing, together with yardage chart, diagram of quilt to help arrange the blocks for single and double bed size, and a diagram of block which serves as a guide for placing the patches and suggests contrasting materials. i'rrdT12 UrnP" or rl" preferred! for thia pattern New TS Ne'dlwaft Department.

S2 Eighth avenue. ADDRESS plMy TATTrBt fl'MBER, your NAME and the same year. They were then taken to the Newport jail. When the grand jury had returned the indlctmenta it had stated In an accompanying report that Walling had held Pearl Bryan while Jackson committed the crime. Both men pleaded not guilty when arraigned on the murder charges March 23.

chemist's analysis of Pearl Bryan's stomach showed that there was a quantity of cocaine in that organ. "The testimony of various physicians and surgeons who were in the rase waa to the effect that Pearl Bryan waa under the Innuence ot cocaine when she was taken to Fort Thomas. They explained their belief by saying that her head had been severed with a dissecting knife and that when she was stabbed In the back ot the neck it brought her out removing the fish. It appears the duckling had a way about him from the start, for he soon was named Tim. After elbowing the fish out of the picture he started in on the water lilies and other plants in t'ne vicinity.

"They were beautiful water lilies," Mrs. Gary said, "but Tim seemed to have so much fun devouring them just decided to let him and Mrs. Gary merely announced others is a seal gland produci and carries an fNUMITED GUARANTY they would change Tim's name to UF BA11SI OR MONEY BACK You ow it to yourself and family to trj thia new day glM remedy. 30-day treat ment. 12.

89 at 9 Dependable Prut tores. Advertisement. "Mrs. Tim." But tney forget to use It and continue to refer to the wad-dler as "he." Meanwhile mora and mora eggs are arriving. For many weeks artep the arrest Of Walling andJaekBon pollca sought go.

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