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The Indianapolis Star from , · Page 17

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Tuesday, January 19, 1937
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THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR, TUESDAY, JANUARY 19, 1937. 17 Indiana Central Five Turns Back Sycamores, 49 to 28 STATE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE SETS RECORD, 54,9X4 PLACED LOCAL DRIVER TIME OUT! By Chet Smith KEEPING FIT. PHYSICAL CULTURE HINTS. BY ARTIE McGOYERX. VINES SQUARES PRO NET SERIES STAGES RALLY IN LAST HALF Jobs with private employers were obtained for 54,984 persons In 1936 through the Indiana State Employment Service, a new high mark, Calvin F. Davis, state statistician for the service, has announced. The new record is an Increase of 8.797 jobs over 1935, It was said, nnd an increase of 17,210 over 1934. The service also made 44,553 placements on public works projects last year, as compared with 20,130 in 1935. RAISED NOTCH BOSTON. Mass., Jan. 18. (IV) IEW ORK, Jan. IS. UP) The Greyhounds Pull Away After contest board of the American Automobile Association officially awarded "Wild Bill" Cummings of "Tho number of new applications taken last year was 118,071, as compared with 119,684 in 1935," Mr. Davis said. "This decline was anticipated, for during 1935 more than Being Tied at Intermission, 17-17. Indianapolis seventh place in the Vanderbilt cup race, held at the forty thousand new applications Roosevelt Raceway Columbus day, Indiana Central College netmen instead of eighth. ine decision, announced at the conclusion of a two-day meeting, reversed the decision of the race stewards, who had given the place Ellsworth Vines squared his professional exhibition tennis accounts with Fred Perry by defeating the British star, 0-4. 2-6, 6-3. 5-7, 7-5, before a paid crowd of 9.753 tonight at the Boston Garden. It was the American's third straight victory in his six pro starts against the Briton. Perry was much the steadier throughout the five sets, making ninety-seven errors against Vines's total of 110 but the lanky Califor-nian, who appeared in perfect health, piled up the impressive total of fifty-nine earned points, against thirty-nine, most of them with booming backhanders that went for placements. His terrific delivery which he had under control in all but four of his service games, provided him with thirteen aces during the match, which he gained by the scant margin of 153 points to 149. Sporting Gesture Costly. Perry, who had match point against him in the tenth game of the fourth There was a time when the fun gained from hobbies was their only recognized excuse for being. We now discover that most successful hard working people recognize that hobbles provide a sura balance that con iu fliauri nose ot Dayton, O. The decision gave Cummings the distinction of bolng the first American to finish the 400-mile race, won by Tazlo Nuvolari of Italy, and about $700 in prize money. The board ruled in favor of Cummings. who had tiled a protest immediately after the race, on the grounds that Rose had not remained In man hours, a contra-seasonal trend, for seasonal losses in manufacturing employment from November to December have averaged .3 per cent. Of the fourteen .major groups of manufacturing industries studied all but one showed pay roll gains and nine showed gains in employment from November to December. Tay Rolls Gain 33.8 Per Cent. , Composite indexes for all manufacturing groups, prepared by the) service, show factory employment 18.8 per cent above a year ago and factory pay rolls 33.8 per cent above. Indiana nonmanufacturing industries increased employment 6.2 per cent, pay rolls 5 per cent and man hours 4.6 per cent from November to December. Retail trade establishments, it was said, -ere largely responsible for the nonmanufacturing1 gains, with increases of 19.7 per cent in employment and 13.4 per cent in pay rolls. Reports from thirty-four department and general merchandising stores showed an increase of 49.6 per cer.t in employment from November to December. An Increase of 4.2 per cent In pep capita weekly earnings of Indiana factory workers from November to December brought earnings to $29.62 a week in December, an increase of 12.1 per cent over December, 1935. POLICE SEEK THREE in the pit a full minute during tributes to good health. Most "big" men have hobbies that balance their activities as well a stimulate their interest. This is because they rec compulsory one-minute inspection stop during the late stages of the race. The records showed Rose, who ognize that the montai rest that comes from daily recreation proper were those of WPA workers. While more than seventy thousand five hundred persons certified for WPA employment were reinterviewed during 1936, these were not counted among the new applicants." 10 Pet. Seek Better Jobs. Application cards on file now total 183,501, It was said, and approximately 10 per cent of the applicants are employed, but are seeking better positions through the service. Employment, pay rolls and man hours worked increased in Indiana in December, a preliminary tabulation of reports received by the employment service in co-operation with the Bureau of Labor Statistics in Washington showed. Reports were received from 2,263 manufacturing and nonmanufactur-Ing establishments with a total December employment of 255,069 persons. Show Gains In Month, Tay rolls gained 6.1 per cent, employment 2,6 per cent and man hours 2.5 per cent from November to December. Pay roll advances wero indicated ten times In 1036 and employment increased nine of tho twelve months. During December information on bonus and Christmas gift payments was collected, showing that 270 firms mado such payments to 59,5'JO employes with total paymonts exceeding $1,750,000. Reports from 865 manufacturing turned in a brilliant second-half performance at University Heights last night to register a 49-to-28 victory over Indiana State. The triumph was the seventh of the 1936-37 campaign for the Greyhounds, who have lost only one game. Kenneth Dorton and John Byers fired long shots soon after the opening of the hostilities to send Central away to a 4-to-0 lead. Robert Burton, Sycamore forward, broke away for a pair of under-basket attempts, however, and tied the score. Neither team was able to obtain much of an advantage during the remainder of the half. The lead changed hands four times and at the intermission the count was tied, 17 to 17. Greyhound Move Ahead. Indiana Central launched a fast passing game as the second half started and Everett Swank, Raymond Crowe and Joe Bohr hit from the field in rapid-fire order to put the Greyhounds in front. Central retained a commanding lead throughout the rest of the tilt. Bohr, who entered the game late In the first half, made six field goals to pace the second-period drive, most of his baskets being of the one-handed variety from near the foul circle. Burton led the Sycamore attack. Summary : Ind. Central (49). Ind. State (28). ly taken is far more important than nnisnea 7. HI seconds ahead of Cummings, had stopped only forty-eight seconds. Ho was penalized the other twelve seconds. The ruling did not deprive Rose of "My dear, you're so light on your feet I'd hardly know you're with me!" set, put on a brilliant rally to break through Vines for 5-all. He then won the next two to square the match and was able to hold his own until the eleventh game of the final set, when a sporting gesture snapped his concentration and forced his downfall for the third time in a row. The Britisher had a 30-0 lead on tne National Point championship, as the change left him ten points ahead or. louis Meyer, Sport Receives Roost. International auto racing in this country received considerable im THE SPORTLIGHTN BY GRANTLAND RICE (Copyright, 1938, by toe North American Newepaper Alliance, Inc.) petus when tho board adopted the international specifications for cars entered in major events. Tho A. A, A.'s action, an imnor tant development in tho automotive the physical. They have learned long ago that "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." So they are learning to play. If your work keeps you indoors develop an outside hobby that gives you the beneltt of plenty of fresh air, sunshino and exorcise. There is a limitless choice of hobbies You may choose one because it contributes to your pleasure, stimulates your interest or increases your knowledge. . . . However, the most important thing it does for you is to relax your mind and mako you "get away from it all." RACE RESULTS FAIROKOl'M) KEHU.TS. FIKST KACE 4-year-olds and up, milt: Sky Lad. 109 (Duffy)... j9.1!0 R.I'll Boo Wlllnn, 109 (Hyan). .. 13.41) 8. HO My Hlase. 114 (Morgan) 4.2U Time. l:12i. Cumberland, Bklppy tic Gee, Many Moons, Down In Front, Miih Torque, Marie Jean, 11a Wulel anil UKt ot Koscs ran. Field. SECOND KACE S and 4-year-olria, mile: Seoul Azure, 120 (Kellv) 24 40 10 20 (l oo Main Guy, 120 (G.Kose) 4.20 3.40 Little Hem, 110 (W.Grnr) 4.20 LOS ANGELES, Cal., Jan. 18. Tommy Thevenow, recently obtained by the Giants from the Reds, has been kicked upstairs, a fate which, happily, Is not uncommon among ball players. his own service in that game before he blasted over a hairline shot that was ruled an ace. Perry, however, thought it landed outside and deliberately double-faulted to go 40-15. This incident so upset Perry that Vines was able to put together five consecutive points to gain the service break, which put him into a 6-5 lead, and then he ran out the match on his own servico in the twelfth game. Tost Breaks; Net Collapses. As he changed courts after the fatal eleventh game Perry whispered as he passed the press row, "That's what happens when you throw a point. It breaks your FQ FT PF FO FT PF 3 0 HBurton.f . .. 5 The way Tommy must have looked, He wasn't one to build for the years. plants In the state Bhowed increases of 1.9 per cent in employment, 6.2 He always felt that the Giants had 0 o uary.i.. z HEaatabrk.c. 0 3 Hoffman, g. 2 Diner Killed by Knife Thrusts in Midst of 700 Gay, Noisy Guests. at it, he would have been lucky if he could have remained with the per cent In pay rolls and i.i per cent lWey.g l Crowe, f. , Dorton, f. Byers.c. . Swank, g. Eaton, g. . Bohr.f. .. Bharpe.g. Hlse.g. .. God win. c industry, removes the handicaps such as American riders and cars experienced in tho Vanderbilt cup race. By agreeing to the federation's specifications, the A. A. A. hopes to encourage American racers to In-vado foreign countries and, at the same time, attract foreign entries for the 500-milo Indianapolis grind and road races which will be held at Roosevelt raceway and in Los Angeles. An omelnl of the A. A. A. said that American drivers, when their cars have been adjured, mechanically will be on a par with foreign en 1 Milan, f.... 0 to have a pennant every year. They didn't, of course. But that was no fault of McGraw's. Mac would put his team together as best he could in the spring, but if it started to bulge at the seams he would begin tearing it apart and DUtting it together again. Sometimes 0' Wood, I.... 0 HBall.I 0 ODelsassor.g 0 MARCHING SEAMEN 01 2 Reds next season, the chances being that before the training season opened he would be shipped to the minor leagues. And now he is with the Giants, who may win the National League pennant again next season, thus giving Tommy an opportunity to cut into a world series gate again for the first time since Mlllhouse.f 0 Bastlan.f. 0 Potter, g. . 0 1 Vines and Bruce Barnes captured he needed only one new player to I the doubles match, which ended Totals.... 10 8 11 Total!... 20 9 11 RAP SHIPPING LAW Score at Half Indiana Central, 17; In get the effect he wanted. Sometimes he needd three or four. But, however many he needed, he reached out and grabbed them whether it after the eleventh game when one of the posts snapped and collapsed the net. Vines and Barnes won the first set, 6-4, but were trailing Perry and George Lott, 1-0, when the mishap ended the match. In the opening singles match, scheduled to last but thirty minutes, regardless of the score at that point, Lott defeated Barnes 6-4 and 2-1. Assured by Perkins That diana 8tate. 17. Referee Porter. Umpire Chandler. YOUNG TOPS P1NMEN WITH TOTAL OF 671 lime, l:14i. KoKulan Wnvii, "Copper Mine, "Guatemala, Eispan, "Celtic Lady. Waterman. Honored Ml, Brown Maiden and Moltso ran. Field. THIKD RACK 4-year-olds and up, 1i mile: Dedication, 109 (McCoy) 14.80 8 10 4.60 Kddle Helnk, 104 (K.Kcd) 8.40 ft. 20 Julia Grant. 107 (Mtcnl) 3.M Time, 1:12. Whltharral, 'Love l,oat. Berceuse, Brlaht Don, tarly Dawn, Silver Tlrilnga, Peter Pumpkin, Hpltlcn Imago and Kocky Prince ran. 'Field. FOURTH RACK 2-year-olrta, mile: Fredalou 112 (Cowley) . 9.20 4 BO 3.40 Bunny Baby, 112 (Trnri 8.20 4 20 he left the Cardinals. Even if the Giants do not win, they must be figured to finish higher than the Reds, so that Tommy is in a better spot to collect some prize money than he would have been had he escaped deportation to the sticks and held to his job in Cincinnati. Such Instances Are Common. As I have said, instances like this tries in roaa races, and that foreigners should be able to compete effectively at Indianapolis. Illinois Shades Purdue, 3S to 37 Concluded From rage 16. Suspension of Act Will Be Sought. was June or September, 'mat is, in the old days. They put up the bars on trading or buying after June 15 mainly to stop McGraw. And, in so doing, they kept many an aspiring youngster or hopeful veteran out of a world series. Always Knew Where to Look. When he had a free hand under the rules and a sizeable bank roll behind him McGraw always knew where to look for the players he needed in any crisis that threatened NEW YORK. Jan. 18.-UP-The sensational knife slaying of a dinar in the presence of 700 gay and noisy guests in the old Manhattan Opera House gave detectives real life mystery as baffling as any In fiction to solve today. Three men who fled in dinner clothes were hunted tonight. One of them, authorities said, probably Is the man who struck two fatal blows to the heart of Frank Cicero, 33 years old, of Stamford, Conn., last night while bottles and dishes (low In a brief fight around the slain man's table. Not until dawn six hours after the crime were the 700 guests, including many of New York's notables, allowed to leave the sceno. They wore forced to resume their places at tables in the ballroom and , they could leave only by twos and threes as dotectlves finished questioning them. Labor Leader Honor Guest. The dinner was held in honor of Barney Shapiro, executive diroctop of the Affiliated Ladies Apparel Car-! WASHINGTON, Jan. 18. are pretty common among ball play 49 REMAIN ELIGIBLE FOR HARNESS EVENT Hundreds of seamen tramped the capital's strcots today in protest against a now law which they said might enable ship owners to "blacklist" union sailors. ers. A talented player or a worn old-timer with just enough left to make him valuable in a pinch struggles along with a second division club and out of nowhere comes a summons to join a club that is Before tho lng-wonry marchers de unakslsled, 122 (Bryant) 2 HO Time, 1:35. Only Ron, Domlwnrth, Mr. Mickey, Mlas l'lttypat and Double llruan ran. FIFTH RACK 4-ycar-old and up, 1 mile 70 yards: I 1'iu, 112 (Marrero)., 23.20 9.0(1 It. 40 Mr. Joe, 117 (Mllla)..., 11.20 8. so Gay Dog, 114 (Urlwarda) II. 00 Time, 1:43, Larry M, Neaaus, Lotia Aim, Lucky F'Wt, Tambov, 'Erebus and Red Rogue ran. Field. SIXTH RACK 4-year-olds and up, 1 1-16 mllca: Mannerly, 111 (Slmpinn) 6.60 3.S0 3.20 Laro Keya, 108 (Marrero) B.0U 3.80 Wee KniiM, 108 (Barnet) " ft. NO Time, 1:15 ft. Ghryamute, Persuader, Blackthorns and Snoueedo ran. SEVENTH RACE 4 -year-ol.1s and up, 1 mllea: Ultra Vote, 108 (Marero) 20.40 7.40 B OO Myna, 106 (Lowe) , 7.20 4.80 parted for New York and Baltimore In government trucks tonight, leadors said they had accomplished "everything we came for." Games of 217, 246 and 208 enabled Young to post a total of 671 in the Evangelical League at the Pritchett alleys for individual honors in local bowling circles last night. Selmier hit 234-212-220-366 In the Indianapolis Automotive loop at the Hotel Antlers, Pritchett 225-235-203-663 In the Optimist circuit at the Pritchett alleys and Wischmeyer 222-224-212658 in the Fountain Square Merchants League. Other league leaders follow Hotel Antlers Alleys Lions Club, CooK, B74 Fountain Square Alleys Indianapolis Church, H. Krause, 566. Indiana Alleys Indiana Bell Telephone, Frank Lelbtag, 637. Prltchett's Alleys Indianapolis Star. Lee lcrmakors who wero fighting desper-atoly to stave off tho spurt of tho invaders. Honry was given a free shot and mado good, Klegcl was fouled under the basket giving him a chance to knot tho score as his teammates callod for time out. Hle-gol tossed tho important point to knot the count and It was 2ti-all, Henry slipped up under the basket to take a rebound shot which put the Suckers Into tho lead, after which Illinois called for time out. Itlogol Intercepted a pass and raced down tho field, dribbling all the way, and Secretary Perkins assured a dele ciurcning at me pennant or is just an arm's length from it. The knowledge that this can happen keeps many an athlete going, no matter how dreary his surroundings may be. There always is the chance that a club up front will need help and that he'll be just the man the manager of that club ihinks will help the most. I suppose the late John Joseph McGraw kicked more ball players up gation of tho seamnn that sho would recommend Immediate passage of a congressional resolution to suspend operation of tho Copnland-Bland law for six months. That law roqulros the pennant hopes or the Giants. Maybe the player ho wanted was nearing the end of the string and would be no good to him after that season. Well, that was all right with McGraw. He needed him right then and he got him, even if to get him he might have to give up a youngster of rare promise. A lot of good young ball players got away from McGraw in circumstances like that. But he won a lot of pennants and he very often got the promising youngsters back later on when they were more valuable than before because of the added experience. When McGraw wanted a player in a hurry, nothing stopped him. Maybe he didn't like the player or maybe the player had caused trouble for other managers. McGraw reached out and grabbed him just the same. Some of the best players he ever had players who jumped into the breach and won pennants for him were men for whom he had no use personally. As for the others, the sailors to carry comploto records of their cmploymont. With a total of forty-nine cligiblcs after the last payment to dale, the Frank Fox Stake for 2-year-old pacers to bo raced at the Indiana state fair next September appears likely to make a purse even larger than that of 1936. when nearly $10,-000 was paid out to the lucky owners of the money-winning youngsters In it. The next payment is duo Feb. 1, and as such payments usually are put up on all eligibles at that date, the spring training season is pretty sure to open with the largest field of eligibles the famous juvenile event ever has brought at that stage. Has 20 Youngsters Listed. The owner with the highest representation in the stake at present is missed fairly trying to lay tho ball Countess Bye, 101 (Dufv) 3.20 Time, 1:55. Indian Red. Kd B. Moaa, Tribunal, Ben Machree, Vollear, All Hall, Boston Common, 'Tiger Claw and La Maacota ran 'Field. stairs than any other manager the game ever has known. This was because McGraw was an opportunist. Carmln, 644; Reformed unurcn, u. i-oru hold, 637; Transportation, Connelly, 692 State Highway, Dunlap, 675; Fulton Hos Central Alleys Holy Cross, P. Sylvester, HIAI.KAII PARK REHl'I.TS. FIRHT RACK 2-year-olda, S mile: Mlaa Aprhd, 117 (JRnk) 8.90 4.40 4.00 Blue Grolto, 117 (Wrm) 10.60 7.60 Tall Prncaa. 117 (Pardia) 12.10 into the basket, Young scored from closo up, tying tho score again, but it was short lived when Klcgel, on a follow-up shot, batted another through tho draperies for Illinois, with eight minutes remaining to he played. He-ward received a pass from Young on a lightning play under the bosket and dropped It through the hoop from closo up and (hen Downey connected immediately to take one off tho backboard and fire a two-pointed through the mashes to give Purdue a two-point lend, after which time was Hers' Association and president of the Garment Truckmen's Benevolent Association of New Jersey. A noisy crowd In one corner of tho huge room, Cicero among them, refused to be Bllenced as the toast-master poundod for order. A fight flared but the orchestra leader started music and order was restored by special police and waiters. Unknown to most of those present, Cicero, who had slumped under hl table, was carried out. Tonight Detective Louis Paganl said "nobody is being detained." Detectives expressed the convlc tion that liquor had caused the fatal argument, discounting the theory that labor trouble was Involved. AVIATOR ARRESTED 16; Wheeler's Luncn, unoDen, ou. Illinois Alleys Fraternal, Werner 611, Federal, Bottorfr, B55; Gibson, Bright, 618. Parkway Alleys Service Club, Mize, 602; North Side Business Men, Kolllnger, 88i'.nvivni Allevs Real Silk. Nelson. 105 TEAMS TO VIE IN VALLEY TOURNEY Time, :34. Mlnaco, Brown Chick, Mae- vlx, Rlpplca, Dolly F, Witch Hazel, Lady Might ltur Future Jobs. One of Secretary Perkins's callors told her those records would show whether a seaman had joined a strike and might mako it difficult for him to get another Job. Joseph Curran, chairman of the joint striko committee In New York and leader of today's demonstration, contended also that provision of tho law permitting revocation of certificates of competence was phrased so badly as to he open to abuse. Nelson Potter Is Sent to St. Louis Cardinals Pen, Pull Cord, 'Fickle Fnlry, 'Rich Gage Ellis, whose noted Village Cream and 'HlnRlow ran. 'Field. S7- Courthouse. Murphy, 633; Kroger farm at Lanehorne. Pa., has twenty HKCOND RACE 3-year-olda and up, 814 furlonna: record is that McGraw got more out youngsters listed for the rich purse, of the so-called bad actors than any Indiana owners of eligibles, with other manager under whom they had i tne nurnDers credited to each, fol-played. Most of them blew up under how . Seattle & Covalt, Arcadia, him, too, finally. But not before one; Fred A. Kimble, Anderson, one; they had done their part to make j Wai't(jr McCord, Oaklandon, one; Leo COLUMBUS, O., Jan. 18,-f C. McNamara, Indianapolis, one; L. A. Smallwood, Oolitic, one; Claude B. Wright, Fountain City, one. G. M. G. pennants ny on tne nagsian at. ine Polo Grounds. Dramatic Incident Recalled. One of the most dramatic in railed out by the llollermnkerH because of the terrific pare which had been set throughout the session. Kennrd Leave (iamt, Seward went out of tho game for his fourth foul and Sines went to a forward position and Anderson moved over to center. Vopicka mado good on Ms one freo toss and then Shi. Known, 104 (Hchmd) 4 00 3 20 2 80 Mllllmelcr, 106 (OWtan) 9.60 7.00 Introductory, 111 IHeho) 5.00 Time. 1:171. Boro Poker, His Nlba, Mttdonna, Hcolch Queen, Laat Romance, Muntadoa, Peaceful and Loloma ran. THIRD RACK 4-yenr-olda and up, mile : Hhno, 115 CH(out) 14.80 5 90 3.90 Character, lift (Morna). 3.80 .1.50 Bro. Newt, lit (Htffrd) 15.50 Time, 1:24 '. Hpeed, Good Dame, Over Yonder, Comrnimlat, Royal Tread, Torna-dlc, Milk, Htcelhcad and Deaertcr ran. FOURTH RACK 3-year-olda, y, mile: Proph, 110 (Wall) 8 30 5.40 4.20 Gala SUr, 111 (Hlermn) 27.40 12 80 Lucky Jean, 105 (JKnfk) 6.80 Time. 1:24.. FenclnK. Debate, Uneasy. TERRE HAUTE, Ind., Jan. 18. UP) Attention of many Indiana basketball fans will turn to the Wabash Valley district this week end for the state's second largest high school tournament of the season. Preliminaries will open in seven of the fourteen centers Thursday night, with the other sectional meets opening Friday. A total of 105 teams ninety-seven from Indiana and eight from Illinois will compete in the sectional tournaments. Sixteen teams will be selected by preliminary play for the finals to be held here the following week end. stances wherein a player was kicked J The Columbus Red Birds today optioned Pitcher Nelson Potter to the St. Louis Cardinals, the parent organization. Potter, who appeared in thirty-seven games for Columbus last year, was credited with eight victories against four defeats. Ho upstairs by McGraw occurred in BILLIARDS Lou Splvcy won his fourth straight Guy frawkes and Flew Karpis, Henchmen South After Ohio Holdup, He Admits. match in the state three-cushion bil-1 -'m'rt hard tournament at Cooler n panor RACK 3-year-olds and up, 1 FIFTH Sectionals at Mecca and Vincennes when he defeated Cleve Kepner, 50 mile Columbiana, 110 (LeHIC) 22.00 11.10 6 80 will send two teams each to the nnal was used mainly as a relief hurler. In fifty-five times at bat he amassed a .309 average. He was assigned to Toronto, Aug. 7. but lied Bird officials said It had been expected that he would be returned here for 1937. A right-hander, Potter is 24 years old and broke into organized baseball In 1930 with Peoria In the Three-I League. His home Is in Mt. Morris, III. to 45, last night. Both players had runs of four in the cighty-nino-ln-ning match. Neal Jones will meet Joe Murphy In tonight's tournament contest. 1922, when Mac was driving the Giants to another pennant they had won in 1921 but needed another pitcher badly. Big Jack Scott had been released by the Reds because his pitching arm had developed a kink. A tobacco war, resulting in price slashing, had ruined his hopes of making money out of his tobacco crop down in North Carolina. His barn had burned, destroying the wheat that had been cut in his fields. He was jobless, broke and desperate. He went to New York and asked McGraw for a chance, and McGraw gave it to him. He staked him, told him to work out for a few days and let him know when he was ready. Scott worked out, got his arm in tournament. Oblong, III., Defending Champ. The defending champion is Oblong, Grocery, Bourne, S94. Uptown Alleys Uptown Ladies, Bryant, 511; St. Joan of Arc, Fred Schmltt, 645. MEET OPENS SUNDAY. The annual tournament of the Indianapolis Women's Bowling Association will start at the Pennsylvania alleys Saturday night. Competition will be resumed Sunday and will be concluded with sessions Jan. 30 and 31. Sixty teams are entered in the event with two squads slated to take the drives Saturday starting at 6:30 o'clock. Another squad of teams will roll Sunday at 3 o'clock and two more shifts will be in action Jan. 30. Singles and doubles will be rolled Jan. 31. JOE LOUIS LEAVES FOR TRAINING CAMP NEW YORK, Jan. 18. UP) Joe Louis and Julian Black, his man- - eger, arrived in New York today and started at once for Pompton Lakes, N. J., where Louis will train for his New York fight against Bob Pastor Jan- 29- , . Black said Louis weighs 206, four pounds over his fighting weight. EQUIPMENT CAR WRECKED. BUTLER, Pa., Jan. 18.-(U.F.)-William Saunders of Chicago, half-brolher of Joe Louis, heavyweight fighter, and three others escaped today when their car plunged over an embankment three miles east of here. The car was demolished, but the occupants escaped with only slight bruises. With Saunders in the car were Henry arched a long one through tho hoop from far out on tho court to give Illinois a one-point lead. Boudreau on a follow-up shot registered a field goal for Illinois and then after Downey mlnsed a free throw Boudreau mado good from tho free throw line. Increasing Illinols's lead to four points. Sines came back Immediately afterward to make two field goals and put It at Wl-all with less than two minutes to play. Vopicka was fouled but missed. Scores As fiun Fire. Rlegel fouled Downey. It was Rle-gol's fourth personal and he was replaced by Swanson. Downey made good the ono point and only a half minute remained In the exciting CLEVELAND, 0 Jan. 18. CP) United States District Attorney Em-erich B. Freed announced late today the arrest of John Zetzcr, 36 years old, named in a secret Federal grand jury Indictment relating to a $46,000 Erie mail train robbery which the 111., which is undefeated this season. Oblong also won the Wabash valley football championship last fall. Play will open Thursday night in sectionals at Mecca, Vincennes, Dana. Greencastle, North Terre Bulwark, 108 (Stout)... 4.9U 4.10 Jk. Patchea, 112 (Roaen) 6 40 Time, 1:36. Clocka, Kearaarne, Mora Newa, Conte, Brown Feathers and Kuril bcr ran. BIXTH RACK 3-year-olds, 1 mile; More Polae, 107 (Wall). 15.30 10.00 6.60 Bcotch Boy, J07 (Hloul) 21.60 11.30 tipotlcss, 87 (Hchmidl). 9.70 Time, 1:39 V,.. Hllpper Jim, Royal Flight, Never Yet, 'Kthel's Choice, Uhald CI, Lockatcp, Dlckery Dock, 'Bred In Blue and Touch ran. Jacobs entry. HKVKNTH HACK 4-year-olds and up. 1 3-16 mllea: Am. Belle, 112 (Couccl) 6 60 4.40 3.80 Mya, Flyer. Ill (Wboly) 35.40 20.20 Btealth. Ill (WGJackan) ' 7.80 U. S. TIRES DEFEAT COSHOCTON SQUAD Special 1o The Indianapolit Star. COSHOCTON, O., Jan. 18. The U. S. Tires of Indianapolis tri Haute, Staunton and Robinson, 111. Other sectional centers at Glenn, 2 Star Pole Vaulters Vie in Millrose Games NEW YORK, Jan. 38. Ml America's two greatest pole vaulters of 1936, George Varoff, world record-holder from the University of Ore Sullivan. Shoals, Bloomfteld, Spencer, Switz City and Hymera will see melee. As Boudreau was fouled the game appeared to hang In the balance. There was a question on the play as to whether It was Young's Time, l:59',i- Wes'V IMlcness, shape, did some relief pitching that helped the Giants to clinch the pennantand then shut out the Yankees with four hits in the world series. The big fellow never was of much use to the Giants after that. But McGraw had gambled on him and once, anyway, he came through. gon, and Karlo Meadows,. Southern A u conneii, roio rii, ....... Strophe and Kiltnce III ran. California a Olympic champion, will meet in tho Millroso games at Madi government claimed was engineered by the notorious Alvin Karpis gang. Zetzcr, aviator, marine mechanic and garage operator, said he unwittingly flew Karpis and two henchmen from Ohio to Hot Springs, Ark., and Tulsa, Okla., a short time after the train robbery at Garretsville, 0., Nov. 7, 3935. He was taken into custody at Port Clinton, O., his home, by Deputy United States Marshal Rueben Spiess. Freed refused to comment on the arrest. He said the indictment would be opened when Zetzer play open Tiaay. The tournament will be completed just before the Feb. 1 deadline on tourneys held prior to the big I. H. S. A. A. tournament in March. PARK AND KIRKLIN TO CLASH FRIDAY A week of intensive practice is on tap for the Park School basketball ALAMO DOWNS RKHJXTH. FIRST RACK 3-year-olds and up, 1 Ctan7V"',Ii4'8ndgr., 34.40 8 50 4.60 Jeu m Bar, 114 (Grill) 3.0 2.8 BKEaKe Mitr, 114'Admai 8.90 Time 1:51. Baby Hie, UHalu, Bhady Wood and Chllhce ran. son Square Garden Keb. 6. Varoff hung up a new intornatlonal mark of 14 feet 6i Inches in winning the national championship, but failed to make the Olympic loam. He came hack later to clear the bar at 14 umphed over the Coshocton Buckeyes, 34 to 29, in a professional basketball game here tonight, "Sally" Suddith and Roscon Batts were outstanding for the Hoosier netmen. OFFICIALS NAMED FOR PRO CONTESTS Two former stars of Hoosier collegiate basketball circles, Homer Stonebreaker and Dutch Rlcheson, will officiate In the double feature program at Butler fieldhouse tomorrow night. fourth foul, and after a delay Dickinson went In for Young, tho Purduo star. Boudreau missed his first charily and his second as well, but Swanson tipped It In for a field goal ss the gun fired, ending the game, Immediately after, although L. Downey had a long ono bounce off the rim of the basket as tho gun terminated play. Summary: Purdue (37), Illinois (38). wnn RA( K- 3-year-oioa, -i nine feet 41 Inches In tho Labor Day meet at Randall's Island for the two best ;to 8 20 3.10 squad, which will meet Kirklin Fri oerformanccs of the year. Alma Mae, )()5(fionsia) M.htt Blazing Torch, 108(Vn) Panlflo, 105 (Tlce) . 2.B0 7.90 Meadows won the Olympic title Yuldurum, Time. 1:20. n FO FT PF F1 FT PF 6 7 4 1 Bond rest), f. 4 2 I with a leap of 14 feet 31 inches. Toney's (joeen. Young, f Hustle Away, Derby f.v. Ford Roacworth, That Wins and Maaaea May ran. "Held. Dlrknsn.f., 0 Andrsn,f-c 3 Hlnea.f ... 2 Australia to Challenge The twin bill will bring the two local pro aggregations into action against a pair of the country's out 0 0 Combes.f ,. 3 0 iilRleifel e ... 3 0 liBwHnaon.c, 1 1 Hnry.r. . . 3 0 2 Vopicka, g.. 0 4 3INiabet.g. .. 0 7 18 Totals... 14 1 3 0 3 1 0 10 SCHMELING'S TOUR TO START MARCH 1 NEW YORK, Jan. 18. (U.P.) Max Schmeling will start an exhibition tour of twenty-two American cities with an eight-round bout In Philadelphia on March 1, his manager, Joe Jacobs, announced today. The No. 1 heavyweight challenger will arrive from Germany in mid-February and the tour should be completed by mid-April, Jacobs said. Schmeling will enter a training camp about May 1 to train for his scheduled June title fight with Champion James J. Braddock. "As far as we're concerned," Jacobs added, "we don't know anything about the anti-Nazi boycott against the title fight. We're going right ahead with our plans for the bout." standing Negro quintets. The Kaut- Heward.c . 1 Malaaka.K. 1 Downey, g. 2 Totals.. IS sky A. C. will play the New York is arraigned. Karpis Named In Warrants. United States postal inspectors obtained warrants after investigation of the robbery, naming Karpis, Harry Campbell, his closest henchman; John Brock, Fred Hunter, and one "John Doe." Brock, an Oklahoman, has been held in jail here since last April 30. Karpis and Campbell, captured by G-men, were sentenced to life imprisonment in Federal court at St. Paul, Minn., for the William Hamm Jr. kidnaping. Hunter was sentenced to serve two years in Atlanta, Ga., Federal penitentiary for harboring Karpis. Rennaissance and the United States Tires will clash with the Chicago Crusaders. The first game will Score at. Half-Purdue, 23: Illinois, 11. Free Throws MHaed Malaaka, Downey, for Purdue; Boudreau (5), Rlegel (3), Henry, Vopicka, for Illinois. Ofllclala Referee, Feezle flndlanapolla) ; umpire, Craig (Illinois Wesleyan). start at 8 o'clock. in North American Zone MELBOURNE, Australia, Jan. 18. UPl-The Australian Lawn Tennis Association announced today it would make its first challenge in pursuit of tho Davis cup this year in the North American zone. The Aussies, Jack Crawford and Adrian Quist, met and defeated the United States at Germantown, Pa., last June, three matches to two. Thpv flnallv were beaten in the THIRD KACK-3-year-olds 81, f irlonsja. Think Fast. W (Vina;) 61.50 20.50 1 Tetraahera, 11 1 (Ml'- n) 5.00 2 VI NTir0S1.F,'d, ', Me, oJnZ cona Kid, Angellt and Counteaa Mario ran, FOURTH RACE-4-year-olds and up, FarVa SteHa. lor, N t.tQ J 50 3 20 Leadin Bet. 105 V.r.h, "0 Steplnanna, 107(MLMIn ? Time I 18". J"" ""Sinners Bait, Persian Step and Dizzy B ran. FIFTH RACE 3-year-olda and up, 1 Su'r5 Budyar,08: Mrhe, 12.80 4 70 3 40 Ace of Bpadca. ll.VLdi) 4.70 4 10 Ldy Cnfca. )05(WLJnan ' Time. 1:50V f-' P'jm- n(1 Leonard Wiiaon ran. SIXTH RACK 4 -year-old a and up, 114 FLYWEIGHT TITLE AT STAKE TONIGHT LONDON, Jan. 18. (JP) Hard BUDGE RAPS GRANT IN EXHIBITION TILT ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Jan. 18. (JP) Donald Eudge of Oakland, Cal., the nation's No. 1 tennis player, defeated Bryan fBitsy) Grant, Atlanta, in straight sets in an exhi C ' l f challenge round by the cup-defending Jack Wright and Don Oliver, sparring partners of Louis, and Alonzo Brooks, Detroit, driver. They were enroute to Pompton Lakes, N. J., with equipment for Louis's training camp. The quartet continued the trip by train. 2,000 PAY TRIBUTE TO JOE HUMPHREYS NEW YORK, Jan. 18. UP) Approximately two thousand followers of the fight game crowded into Madison Square Garden tonight for a dinner in memory of Joe Humphreys, the shrill-voiced man who announced the winners, quieted the crowds and made the wheels turn smoothly at every Important boxing show for many years before his death last UlTwaa Just the kind of party "Joe the Beaut" would have liked. Boxers, managers, promoters and the "Broadway crowd" that had occupied ringside chairs and heeded Humphreys's demands for "quiet pleez" turned out in force. The proceeds, estimated at about 11,000. were to be devoted to placing a plaque in his memory in the Garden and placing a tombstone over his grave. Former Mayor James J. Walker served as toastmaster and Postmaster General James A. Farley, former chairman of the New York State Athletic Commission, was one of the notables who attended. i Fintrlinh team. day night at tne ram gym. Earlier in the season Kirklin gave the Reichelmen a 45-to-28 drubbing, and the locals hope to avenge that defeat. Coach Lou Reichel is expected to be back with his team today, after having recovered from a sinus operation. Arkansas Team Joins Browns Chain System ST. LOUIS, Mo., Jan. 18. OP) Another link In their growing chain system was added by the St. Lanis Browns today through a working agreement with Siloam Springs, Ark., champions of the Arkansas-Missouri League last season. The Browns will give the Class D team financial aid in 1937 in return for the privilege of selecting players from its roster at the end of the season. In addition to Siloam Springs, the Browns now have working agreements with Terre Haute of the Three-I League and Des Moines of the Western League. The team owns San Antonio of the Texas League. GUMBERT, YOUNG SIGN. NEW YORK. Jan. 18. VP) The New York Giants today signed Pitcher Harry Gumbert and Norman Young, rookie first baseman, to 1937 contracts. hitting Benny Lynch of Scotland tonight ruled a favorite over Small Montana of Manila on the eve of Michael Sexton, Noted Baseball Figure, Dies P.OCK ISLAND, III., Jan. IS. VP) Michael H. Sexton, honorary president of the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues, died 30 4 40 4.60 miles: Erech, 109 (Neal) ...... Reverberate, 104(Melorh) 3.20 3.00 3.30 MI'S World Over, lMiThrntn) Tim. 2:01 vt. r;olden Knight, their fifteen-round bout to determine which is entitled to undisputed recognition as world flyweight champion. The broad - shouldered Scottish Petrina. and Chatterly ran. BEVE.VTH RACE-3-year-olds and up, Urged on Junior League CITY OF MEXICO, Jan. 18. UP) Delegates from the eighth region of the Association of Junior Leagues of America, Inc., were urged to develop "social consciousness in your membership" at the opening session of their three-day convention here tonight. Calling for "the long view" in league work, Mrs. Peter L. Harvie of Troy, N. Y., president of the association, said: "Besides clinics, hospitals, factory laws and slum clearance, there ia 1 mile 70 yards Vnlu-ftch 102 102 This year the association had given serious thought to challenging in the European zone. DEFEATS JOEY CREB. CHICAGO, Jan. 18. UP) Milt Aron, hard-hitting welterweight from Dubuque, la., won an easy decision tonigt over Joey Greb of New York in their ten-round bout at Marigold Gardens arena Ol'TPOINTS RAYMOND. WASHINGTON, Jan. 1S.-UP) Jackie Buike, 1464, Ogden, Utah, nut nninfpH Ravmond. 1423. Bal (Me!o"He) 12 00 S w 3.00 holder of the British title will enter today at his home here. Death was caused by a heart attack while he was recovering from influenza. Ijma Brleht. 112 (Ticel 3 10 2 .10 Widely known in baseball circles, Caleb and bition match today. The scores were 6-4, 6-3. It was Budge's first victory over the diminutive Atlantan, No. 3 on the ranking list, in Florida play. Grant defeated Budge in the finals of the Miami Biltmore and repeated in Tampa's Dixie tournament. SIGNS WITH PALE HOSE. CHICAGO. Jan. 18. UP) The signed contract of Thornton Lee, southpaw pitcher, was received today by the Chicago White Sox. Lee, obtained from Cleveland by trade last month, is wintering at Oceano, Cal. Exchng Clb. 112".'h.tnO Time, 1:5114. Credit BjMem Kavalry Jack ran Sexton was instrumental in the formation of the National Association of Minor Leagues. He was known as the father of the Missisippi Val under the class limit of 312 pounds, his trainer said today. The shifty Filipino probably will tip the scales at 110 pounds. Most of Lynch's supporters concede Montana is the more clever boxer and faster, but they doubt his ability to stay fifteen rounds against the durable Scot. Lynch will have an edge in height, weight and reach. JEFFRA SCORES KNOCKOUT. BALTIMORE, Jan. 18.-W-Harry Jeffra, 121, knocked out Jackie Cor- j a r ley League which became defunct in 1932 and he also was instrumental also needed 'a new community mind, a new citizenship mind to guide this in organizing the Three-I League. timore, in a ten-round fight here to coran, 1261. in tne seconu ivui.u ul a scheduled ten-round bout here Sexton was born in Rock Island new way of living'." - night. in 1863. i

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