Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 12, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1934
Page 3
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Friday, October 12, 1934 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS; S Mrs. Sir) Henry 321 Autumn With whnt n glory comes nnd goes the year; The buds of spring, those beautiful harbingers Of sunny skies .nnd cloudless times, enjoy Life's newness, and earth's garniture spread out; And when the silver habit of the clouds Comes down upon (he nutumn sun, nnd with A sober Kindness the old year takes Ills bright inheritance of golden frjiits, A pomp and pngcant fill the splendid MEMO* As gay . . . ns tuneful and a? rweet a romance as one would .•ore to see— LORETTA YOUNG and 10 favorites in "CARAVAN" ENDING SATURDAY Doublf: Program WAKNEK BAXTER "Grand Canary" Chapter No. 1 The best of nil Serial thrillers •'iUYSTEUY SQUADRON" BUCK JONES 'Fighting Ranger up scene. . There Is n beautiful spirit breathing now Its mellow richness on the clustered trees, And from n breaker full of richest dies, Pouring new glory on the autumn woods, And dipping in warm light the pillared clouds. The gentle wind, a sweet and passionate wooer, Kisses the blushing leaf, nnd stirs up life Within the solemn woods of silver beech, and maple yellow-leaved, Where Autumn, like n faint old man sits Down by the wayside a-weary. H. W. L. Their Love Sot the World Afire! Greater Show Season's ailfjhllest Spectacle —Comes— SUNDAY , DeMILLE'S WARREN WHUAM The members of the Oglcsby P. T. A. arc reminded to bring their articles for the rummage sale sponsored by thp Association on Saturday, early to. Keith's old stand on East Second street. Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Barr hnvc ns hou.sc guest. Mrs, E. J. Pohlman of Louisville, Ky. HIP October meeting of the Claw Lowthorp chapter Children of thc Confederacy was held on Thursday afternoon at the home of Miss Martha Houston on North Pine street. The meeting was conducted by the president Miss Frances Snydcr and following the reading of thc minutes of previous meeting by the secretary, MU-s Claudia Whitworth, thc constitution was read by Miss Daisy Dorothy Heard.--The program chairman for the nfternoon was Miss Mary Cornelia Holloway. During thc business hour certificates were given each member present. At the conclusion of the meeting, the hostess served delightful fruit punch with cakes. Mrs. John P. Cox has returned from a week's visit with relatives and friends in Oklahoma City, Okla, Mrs. O. A. Graves. Mrs. Johnnie Mc- Cnbs, Mrs. Don Smith. Mrs. L. J. Gillcspic. Mrs. G. Frank Miles, Mrs. Kenneth Hamilton, Mrs. E. C. Rule and Miss Mollie Hatch motored to Gurdon Thursday to attend an all day session of tbc District meeting of the Womaas Missionary Society of thc Methodist church. Miss Margaret Kinscr was hostcs; to thc members of thc Thursday night bridge club at her home on South Main street with Mrs. Donald Moore a recent bride as special guest. The rooms were bright with fall flower; and bridge was played from two tables with Miss Alice Mac Waddle scoring ] .'high Mrs. Moore was showered with [a number of lovely gifts. Following ! ''he game, the hostess assisted by her vJmother, Mrs. Thos. Kinscr served ;\ most tempting salad course. - The Rev. C. W. Jones will conduct J-erviccs at St. Marks Episcopal church "Sunday morning at U o'clock and ! 'Cunday evening at 7:30. Caution Urged in Cotton Transfers Tax-Exemption Certificates Can Be Traded Only Within County Cotton producers nrc Again urged lo be cnreful about the transfer of tax-exemption certificates under the regulations, says Frank J. Hill, assistant in cotton adjustment. They con be transferred only from producer to producer within the county. The person offering for sale must htivo ginned all cotton on thc farm covered by such certificates nnd make a statement that the certificates offered for sale arc surplus and are not needed to procure bale tags for cotton grown by or for himself during the crop year 1934. These regulations must be strictly carried out, The following telegram has been received by thc county agent from E. D. White, chairman of the state allot- ncnt board: "Thc following wire has been received from Mr. Cobb: 'Please advise at once all county officials In charge cotton program and otherwise give us wide publicity as prfsiblc to following. Regulations especially scc- :ions 101 to IOC provide only ways in which cotton tax exemption certificates may be lawfully transferred or assigned. Any transfer or assignment not in accordance with regulations is illegal and in such case both the person disposing of certificate and parly acquiring it are subject to penalty in section 14 E of Act for violation of regulations for each certificate involved and such certificate is subject lo cancellation. No one is entitled to possession of certificates except cotton producers and transfer is legal only us above stated to enable growers to use certificates in ginning and marketing this years crop—E. D. While, Chairman." Widowed Mrs. J. O. Milam hns returned from n visit with relatives and friends in fjMuskogec, Okla. I ; A very attractive parly of this week A-a.i the" bridge party, given by Mrs 1 JJ. W. Strickland on Thursday after! Moon at her home on South Elir ij.trect. A color scheme of blue anc rried out in thc ntity of ycl- .. l.ivcllow was prettily carri {'decorations, with a qua j 'low cosmos and blue butterfly in an j (attractive arrangement in the care I j ooniM where bridge was played froir llfour tables. Dainty prizes went It JjMrs. W. Q. Warren, Mrs. J. M. Guth- AAA COTTON PLAN (Continued from Page One) Mr. White favors a long time adjust* mcnt program based on the theory that farmers not be allowed to plant more than 25 per cent of any one Held to any crops they may be growing, bnsed on their 10-year average acreage and production. He reported business about normal. "We would all be broke, had we not had the cotton adjustment program, S. H. Briant, manager of Briant & Co., declared when questioned regarding his attitude on the program. Mr. Briant declared the program a fine piece of legislation and thinks it should be continued for another year. He snid, "I am for the present admin- istrntion 100 per cent and you can't mnkc it too strong." Mr. Briant reported business much better than 1932, and stated that this year and last also were much better, with respect to increased business than the low year of Widowed by an assassin's bullet, Queen Marie of Yugo-Slavia is shown here,in regal robes. In 1922, n year after he ascended the throne, she married King Alexander I, slain by an assassin in Marseilles, France. The Yugo-Slavian queen is n daughter of Queen Marie of Rumania. (TORCHES CHURCH OF CHRIST West Fifth ami Grady Streets Glenn A. Parks, Minister Each week we arc having a very interesting prayer meeting. We meet each Wednesday evening at 7:30. Services for week end: Bible study _ at 10 o'clock; preaching services 11 o'clock nnd 7:30 o'clock. Subject for morning sermon, "Thc Coming Meeting." Sub-' „. , „ - ,,..,_ - AAA programs at this Missljcct for evening sermon "Thc Beauty ; jj mCi A. C. Monts, seed merchant dc- of thc Gospel." (clarcd. He explained that it would We would be glad that all who are; bc f oo i; srt no t to go on with the pro- net attending the Bible study would t g ram , because business men are reap- nnmn nnfl be with us in that service. :„„ ffnnf i nrnfjts as a result of incrcas- Sheppard Misses Lucille and Chrislcen Cornelius spent Sunday with Miss Ophelia Cunningham. We are glad to have Mr. and Mrs. William Cunningham move in our community. They moved here from Ashdown. Walter Cornelius left Saturday for Nashville, Ark., where he will spend few days with friends and relatives. Mrs. Pearl Cornelius spent Sunday with Mrs. Julia Chandler. Mr and Mrs. Johnston called on: i. u ,_„,- - ---Mr and Mrs. Clayton Sunday after-! attend this meeting. Each evening we (shall use an interesting subject from Sr., Misses the pages of inspiration. Plan now to 1932. Aufo Sales Improve "There is no way of telling what would have happened, if the government had not stepped into the picture with a cotton control program and stabilized cotton prices," Thomas F, McLarty, manager of Hope Auto Co., said. "Our car sales have not reached what they were in 1929, but business is much belter with us than it was in 1932," he said. He asserted that business had been improved as a result of thc program and voiced thc opinion (hat thc program should be continued, C. Barentinc, of the Briant Drug Store is of the opinion that thc AAA programs, and thc cotton adjustment program in particular, has brought about improved business conditions in general. He expressed a desire to see the program go forward and accomplish still more than has already been achieved. K. G. MeRae, of thc McRae hardware store believes that farmers know whether the program has been beneficial or not, however, he pointed out that his business picked-up considerably following the plow-up of 1933. "Personally, I am for the program, for I believe it has helped to increase business," he said. H would be a disastrous move to Rotarians Inspect Indian Collection Lemley Collection of Relics Is Entirely Arkansan Hope Rotary club, following its Friday noon luncheon at Hotel Barlow, was taken through the Lemley brothers' Indian relic museum, Edge- , wood street, by Harry J. Lemley. i Mr. Lemley explained that thc collection, one of the finest private groups In America, had been gathered entirely in Arkansas. Comprising thousands of arrow-heads, stone axes, articles of pottery and household implements, the collection is arranged according to river valleys, each river tribe having distinctive craftsmanship. The collection ranges from thc White and Arkansas rivers, in the eastern part of the slate, across to thc Ouachita and Red river valleys, thc last-named comprising the area around Hope. The earliest specimens run back to 3,500 years ago, and there is a noticeable improvement in craft skill between those earliest arrow-heads and axes, and the ones of only a few centuries ago. The Rotary club was entertained on a similar visit to the museum four years ago, by thc Lemley brothers. Dr. R. E. Schirmcr, of Chicago, was a Rotary guest Friday. An automatic com picker and husker does the work of 16 men and has made its appearance in middle»western corn fields. For months now the American public has been waiting for Farley to explain why he caused the army pilots to be sent to their deaths. The stigma, the shame is his. Yet not once has ho confessed his grcvious error. —Justus L. Johnson, chairman Illinois Republican State Central Committee. AVOID A Jttfte* MENT. Have to pfo- vide COMPLETE Public Liability fr* surance for you? car. ROY ANDERSON LCD COMPim IKSUROKCl SFPVICf PHONE BIO HOPT, ARK Peg Pardon A news report in Thursday's Star stating that Joe Thbmason had been struck and killed by lightning and that his estate was sucing for damages against Hope Basket factory, was very much exaggerated. Mr. Thomason was injured—not killed. He is alive and walking around—and not in the cemetery. I The mistake was made by The Star in a telephone conversation with the Washington courthouse concerning circuit court proceedings. come and be with us in that service. Last Lord's Day we bad thc greatest attendance that we have ever had. Will you not come and bring your children so that they may receive this needed infi good profits as a result of increased purchasing power, which has been placed in thc hands of farmers. "I am sure," Mr. Monts said, "that HAMMONS' SQUAD (Continued from Page One) Ouachita. Hcadlincman — Herman Boozcman, U. of A. Advance tickets are on sale at More* n,,. .,«!.., ..*.. , - land's drugstore, Hope Confectionery, trc Triple-A program, with its bcnc-1 Jack . s ncws &{an ^ Grccn - s Confcc- fil payments and increased prices, has. . training? - fit payments and increased prices, has. |io and Wc bb's news stand. The fall meeting begins October M- improved business, as everyone has. * arc d ^ hasc iWc extend to all a cordial welcome to profitcd dircc tlv o r indirectly because afternoon in order to sav them a ftornoo°n in order to save con con Mrs G W Gilbert, ., Gurtie and Rebecca Gilbert, called on fill your place. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Gilbert, Jr., Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Fannie Blackwood started on her journey home last Thursday, she will spend a few days with her sister in Silver City, N. M., and then go to her home in California. Mrs. Ethel Cornelius nnd son GARRETT MEMORIAL Hollis Purtcll, Pastor D. W. Bailey, S. S. Siipt Sunday school 10 a. m. Prayer mcet- I inc Wednesday 7:30. j inc Wednesday 7:30. ' '• Mrs Ktnci uorncnus mm MM,, Wcs- The Rev. Gene Moore of Texnvkana ley, went to Nashville, Ark., where she , will preach at the 11 o'clock hour and Jf, ,pcnd a few weeks with her ngain . ? y :30 p m m* • * "»«% sister, Mrs. Obe Lamb. Roy Cornelius spent the week end with Mr. Grant and family of Guern- se. , William- Chandler spent Saturday night with Raymond Cornelius. Mr. and Mrs. William Cunningham tl^tllll 4J 1,1 • I .«i» f -f— - 7~ . song 'service proceeding church. You are invited to come and worship with us. FIRST CHRISTIAN Buy D. Holt, Pastor Our Bible School is growing, we spcnV Sunday'with'her'sister at >ul-| ), at i a good increase in attendance ' "„ ' I last Sunday and we want you to be George Gilbert, Frank Williams and ( j n your place this Sunday at 9:4.), linton Chandler, Raymond Cornelius bringing someone .wtih you. . . , i * A r~i .. i. * !,„, iv. ff\y t\\r\ rn Arm nil ton. and William Cunningham motored to McNab Sunday morning. ric anil Mrs. L. W. Young. At the , , a ornoon n orer o save con- of its accomplishments.. Somcth '"« g cstion at the gate. Thc price is 50 had to be done at the tune the gov- eminent announced Its Intentions of h had dccidcd at nono lor retention of the Bankhcad cotton. p . - ,,.„, control Bet, provided some features of Hobbs (180) . ... Fittman (176) , the act are modified to minimize the the act are moe , 1Bl hardships that some have suffered. He Anderson (180) . (149) ilaincd "tnVt"the" majority who are - Left Guard with thc program, arc .Holly (150) Trussell (156) Moore U80) DUh croon (180, mccl WHh morc W. A. ofcnncdy Greene 0» (13, ' Madison ply and demand be the controlling i iiiKius .ju.i.v."...- - -•— - - -- , j 5 |y ana aemmiu i^. "»c *.unv.v»*...e» Our worship hour for thc morning J tors in price o { cotton. Mr. Foote Turner (153) arts at 10:50 and the subject for tins ) '.,;.. tba , busin css conditions ,. Longinotti (151) ( Right Half ...... Left Half Chappcll (172) siuiw) tii. iv.ou n»»v. v.*~ v— --- maintamea inai uusmcaa vuin*»v*v,...> ,,„„* message will be "Walking With God ' ^'"""tter when large crops of cot- Spears (155) Lovell (172) m,..i<:tinn Kndpnvor mcctincs at 5:15 . _ ..._ _..,„ _,, ( i,__ »i,or> »lir> nv- i Fullback Christian Endeavor meetings at i:30,Intcrmcdiatcs at thc (firs riu .mi. »•••.>. ~- ••• =• . i ami G:30,lntcrmcaiaics at conclusion of the game, a most.tempt, j «£^ ; ing salad course was served with hot * „ . . , ing tea. Mrs. J. R. Johnson has returned from a vi.'it with relatives and friends in Muskoficc, Okla. H Vandivicr, Field Service representative for the Mid-South Cotton Growers Association, Memphis, was a business visitor to Hope Friday. Meats HARRY HAWTHORNE Groceries SLICK!) Bacon La 24c BEEF Tenders La 25c •CREAMERY Butter LB 30c GROUND Meat FOK LOAF round Sc 15c Ll DKY SALT Meat For Boiling IB 16c WHITE—For linking APPLES AND ORANGES p Fine for School Lunch ~" Doz. Yl'-.LLOW RU'E— DO/EN LARGE SI/E— DOXEN APPLES CREAM MEAL-20 Ib, bag HAWTHORNE'S SUNRISE, Lb 22c SUPERIOR, Lb 19c 10 ,„, 19c 35c 20c 19c 52c ONIONS :i Pounds CRAN BERRIES Quart PEACHES, Dry 2 Pounds PRUNES Dry-Lb. FOTTED MEAT 3 Cans VIENNA SAUSAGE All Meat-3 Cans SOAP, Large White •I Bars tor SUNBRIGHT CLEANSER. Can BACON, in the slab, Ib. 10c 15c 10c 25c 5c CELERY. Jumbo Stalik LETTUCE Head PINK SALMON 2 Cans MACKERAL Can TOMATO'ES No. 2 Can CORN, No. 2 Can 2 For £ODA. Arm&Hammer G For K. C. BAKING POWDER—25 07. Pork Shoulder "i Ap ROAST. Ib '^ U 10c 5c 25c 10c 9c 25c Cheese FULL CREAM LB 16c NECK Bones 2 LB 15c ton was the rule rather thnn the ex- ccption and asserted that farmers are not belter off now than they were be- i t'orc controlled production was in siyle." A. W. Davis, manager of thc Hope Building Material company re nor- HlV-t^ Vll l<», tl*H-» *J" V "'*» i"~ ~ I ~ meeting. Come bring your friends with you. Thc young people's society arc looking forward to their coming R Building Material compan election of officers for the year Tiicy ( »^ that busincss wag about have two tickets, the Red and the j » gnd that thc cotton adjustment 1 White, three candidates on each ticket ( m had not caused any apprecia- , Evening worship hour beginmg at b , c6 in in lhe i um bcr busincss. I 7:30, my subject, "What Language ^ Barlow Hotel rcpor ted a sub- Docs God Speak?" Let us keep up increase in business during the good Sunday evening attendance.' svammi Mid-week service 7:15 Wednesday HUSKY THROATS We invite everyone who cnn to August and September over the same months a year ago. • Numerous other business men who but who refused to come, and with us enter into Uic j w £'^ ;^ dv 'Vc,iccd''favorablo""sup 1 >ort joy of true fellowship with the Christ, j ^ ^ l)rogram an d pr jduccd figures ™« ST r^s^Y^N c.njKcn jy^S^^^xc^d 11 * — ,. . wholesome affect on business condi- There will be no preaching services )i()ns at the church Sunday as Dr. Drowsier Gc ' ncfill i )e ]j n f among those inter- Old Shoes Made New —at— Parson's Shoe Shop 111 South Main Phone 667 We call for and deliver. is out of (own, attending a meeting of the Synod in El Dorado. Sunday school 'will be held at 9:45 a. m. Mr. L. E. Quinn of Texarkana, will deliver an address to the Men's Bible class. e viewed was that with modifications, thc Bankhcad act would be more generally accepted by a majority of farmers than is true at present. While the purpose of thc survey PUKSBYTERIAN CIIUUCH u E E r Roast 3 LD 25c 19c Weiners a: SIZE 10c LARGE SIZE LB. BUFFALO Fish FKESH Shrimp WE DELIVER FREE --. AT THESE CASH PRICES cr an address 10 me men ^ ui^,^ v...—. \viule tne purpose 01 iuv ow»>^j All members are urged to be present. • conc ] uc t c d Wednesday, was to deter- - - j mine 1he sentiment of business men in particular toward thc 3-A programs, 'it was impossible to call on business! Sunday .school 9:45 a. m. next Lord s j mcn ,,]] ( |., y anc i llo t nm into a farm- j day morning. ! c r, Mr. Highfall stated after complet- ' i L. E. Quin.se of Texarknna will ad- : il)p . tlle sur vey. However, he explain- , dress the Men's class. The men are p( |- ,;,.,, somL , dozen or more farmers therefore urged to mancfcss their in- . wr .,- 0 questioned as to their views and liirest by their presence. n ]i nu t one were enthusiastic in their. The Rally Day offering of the ] r;iihc fo ,. ( | 1C CQ u on program, includ- , Men's class will also be taken the com- , jn} , , hc rj iin uhcad act. : ing Sunday, every man ought to make ^ i)ny farmers stated that even, with a liberal contribution for Sunday , )le Baukhcad act as it now stands school Extension. : they would rather have it in its No preaching service Sunday " s ,, veKC nt form as to go back to pro- Synod will continue over the week ; ducin) , C0 u 0 n under unrestricted basis, L . m l. . ', for 4 and 5 cents per pound, which Young peoples meeting Sunday 6:.'JO thcy oxr ,i n j nL , c i would surely have UN'E'CbNT SAi.li Permanents 2 tor $4.51 Call 287 for Appointment Mary's Beauty Shop p. m. Mid-week service Wednesday topic "The Prophecy of Joel. ' been the results, had it not been for the cotton acreage reduction program I and the Banklieiid cotton control act. Dress Sale 100 New Silk and Wool Dresses $6.95 Ladies Specialty Shop "Eicu&ive But Not Expensive" NEW BUILDING HOME* ACCIDNT CO. r (Continued from (Continued from Page One) i-liiws rooms fur all classes except the cradle roll and beginners, winch will b- housed in department rooms. According to figures provided by the architectural department of the bun- day School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, the buiUliny will provide adequate space for u school cf 7.30 enrollment. The committee on temporary quarters lias procured the lite of the garage building formerly occupied by ^the Young Chevrolet Company on Sec- onl street near Walnut. Work is already going forward to building suitable fo cupaney by the You claimants, either in c;ish or ssets, of §1,337.108.65. In addition, a cash reserve ol SG.100 has been set up to cover a contested claim uf the federal government for income taxes. Mr. Walker, also receiver for the Home Fire Insurance company, an affiliated concern. wa:i authorized October 2 to make a payment of $69,150.00 or 5 per cent, to common creditors ol that company. . Mr. Walker was appointed reccii\ti . i tor both companies November ^1, 1»^ °'' k l!i i 1 . : and he filed with the court a deUiii.il make this • reviL , w of his wyrk frojn that date .o u-inporaiy oc People, Inter- Wednesday. cupaney by the Young Peope, mediate, and Junior Departments. The regular places on this c » "'"? newly .•rgani/.cd Young Business day and will receive >'^'-' lo £ ^ Men's Bible class will also meet there to plan.-: for the weeks to follow, bun ilcr this week. I day will be the last ctay that the old All departments will meet in ^eir building will be used. DANCE Tonight Elk's Club Admission 50c THE MARKET PLACE Complete Line of K. C. AND NATIVE MEATS Sell For Cash Phone 412 We Deliver Wilson's Laurel Sliced BACON—Lb. 26c Decker's Smoked PORK SAUSAGE—Lb. 27c PICNIS HAMS—Armour's—Lb - 14c ROAST, Choice Baby Beef—Lb lOc CHEESE—No. I Full Cream—Lb. I7c BROOKFIELD SAUSAGE, Links—Lb* 29c SPARE RIBS—Pound 12^c NECK BONES—Pound 7c BOLOGNA SAUSAGE—Pound 10c SLICED LIVER—Pound Sc BEF STEW—Pound -- Sc OYSTERS, Extra Select Baltimore—Pint 35c CONINUING OUR 75th Anniversary Sale At a time when food costs arc on the way up these remarkably low food costs become doubly important They offer you an opportunity to stoCK up at a great saving. You can depend on the quality of the foM even at these low prices when you are dealing with a company that nas grown with and served America for three quarters of a century. GROWING WITH AMERICA EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE-3Lbs. 55c 1 Pound Package 19c Bokar Coffee—Lb. -27c Red Circle Coffee—Lb 23c THE GREAT AT lANT'lC frlPACIFICTEA CD* Apricots PEAS IONA BRAND 2 No. 2% Cans 33c 12c GOOD QUALITY No. 2 CAN Toilet Tissue-Pacific 6 rolls 19c Encore Macaroni and Spaghetti—8 oz. pkg 6c Prepared SPAGHETTI—2 Med. Cans 13c PRESERVES £ u Te?S 16 0 / ar 17c FLOUR 'a 24 Lfc 85c 4S Lb ' $1 -» 5 "PURE 10 Lb. Paper Bag....Slc PURE 10 Lb. Cloth Bag....54c Marshmallow Bud Cookie Premium Flake Crackers- PRODUCE Fancy Red POTATOES ORANGES, Fancy Calli TOMATOES, Fancy, Pi LETTUCE, Fresh, Crisp GRAPE FRUIT, Nice Si APPLES, Fancy Jonothe CAULIFLOWR— "Sno- POST TOASTIES— Larg CALUMET BAKING PC Post Bran FlakesS—mall j INSTANT POSTUM— Si Grape Nuts....l8c Swan GRANDMOTHER'S BRI GRANDMOTHER'S DEI White House Milk — 6 Sm PILLSBURY'S CAKE FL BISQUICK— Small pkg.. Raisin Bran . ...13c Cocomalt, 1 Lb, 45c !S __NBC Special, lb...,18c 8 3-4 oz pkg 9c SPECIALS — 10 Lbs 22c fornia — Doz 25c nk Firm — Lb. . 9c — 2 Heads 9c ze — 2 For 9c in — Doz. I5c Ball" — Lb 9c e Package 10c )WDER— 1 Lb. 23c >kg...9c Larke pkg.-13c nail Can 25c sdown Flour, pkg 31c £AD — Loaf 8c ^ICIOUS CAKES 23c all or 6 Large Cans... .17c .OUR — Pkf 29c ...20c Large pkg 37c Puffed Wheat lie Cigarettes, 2 pkgs 3Sc Candy&Gum, 3 pkg. lOc -MARKET SPECIALS- Decker's Tall Korn Sliced Bacon 26c Sunnyfield 34C Sliced Bacon, Ib. **"»*» K. C. P fhnns Ib 19c Shoulder Roast, Ib...l7c I r»in RnFmt IK 19c Neck Bones, Ib 6c Sugar Cured PICNIC 1 7|» HAMS, Lb ' ' v K. C. BEEF ROAST Chuck, Ib 8c Seven Ib 12c- Prime Rib Strip, Ib...l5c Stew Meat, Ib 7c ORK Hearts, Ib. lOc Eears Ib. ------- 8c Tails, Ib 12c Sliced Liver, Ib. lOc , K. C. BEEF STEAK SHOULDER, ROUND 4 CM I Pound I***" 1 IUND QUARTER, -j QM 1 ROI'N1>. Pound 1 **V Dry Salt Meat No . . *« ****+**. 1 8c Play Safe, Eat U S. Inspected Meat Watch Our Windows For Added Specials j i _^i

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