The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on December 19, 1936 · Page 25
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 25

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Saturday, December 19, 1936
Page 25
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THE IXDIAXAPOLIS STAR, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1936. 25 I i News From Indiana Cities and Towns I CONDEMNED KILLER ADMITS 4TH DEATH Man Who Slew Family of 3 Says He Also Shot Detroit Traveler. MICHIGAN CITY, Ind., Dec. 13. (.D Harry Singer, 26-year-old farm hand who la to be executed in Indiana State Prison Dec. 26 for the triple murder of members of the John Wesley Kaufman family, confessed today to a fourth slaying. Sheriff Charles M. Stephenson of Wabash county said Singer had admitted killing Joseph Bryant, 20, of Detroit, Mich., in a. holdup at Wabash last July 3. It was only a few weeks later that Singer killed" Kaukman, his wife and their 12-year-old daughter Margaret, at their farm home near Wabash and buried their bodies beneath the . flooring of a cow barn. Murder Motive Indicated. Sheriff Stephenson also expressed the belief that Singer's confession today may have supplied the motive for the murder of the Kaufmans. Stephenson Baid Singer implicated Kaufman in the Bryant slaying and the sheriff said Singer probably thought Kaufman might tell of the shooting of Bryant. Sheriff Stephenson said Singer told him he and Kaufman jumped on the running board of Bryant's car when it stopped for a traffic light in Wabash, accompanied Bryant and his fiancee, Miss Marguerite Rankin, 19, also of Detroit, outside the city and then ordered them from the car. Singer told the sheriff Bryant was killed when he was slow in obeying a command to throw up his hands. Miss Rankin was wounded when she screamed. Mother of Irene Dunne Was Madison Resident Special fo The Indianopolis Siar. MADISON, Ind., Dec. 18. Mrs. Adelaide Henry Dunne, mother of Irene Dunne, motion picture actress, who died at the daughter's residence in Beverley Hills, Cal., was a resident of Madison for several years. Mrs. Dunne came here as a young woman. Irene Dunne was born in Louisville, Ky., but the family returned here where Irene attended school. Following their departure a -number of years ago, members of the family made several trips here to visit friends. A sister, Mrs. Mabel Peters of Madison, is among survivors. TORTURED BOY, CHARGE. NEW ALBANY, Ind., Dec. 18. Walter Stewart, 31-year-old Negro, was arrested today on an assault and battery charge for allegedly burning a 6-year-old son of Paul Ross, another Negro, in the Stewart home where Ross and the child lived. Tha victim was placed against a hot stove and burned about face, arms, hands after he had soiled a bed, officers were told. RESIGNS SCHOOL OFFICE. NOBLES VILLE, Ind.. Dec. 18. A. F. Mueller, principal of Noblesville High School thirteen years, today resigned, effective Jan. 1. Rebels Warned to Return Chiang Alive or Face Fury of Armed Forces NANKING, Dec. 19. (Saturday) I fPl The Chinese government today gave rebel Marshal Chang until 6 j o clock tonignt (4 a. m. sunaay, central standard time) to deliver Generalissimo Chiang-Kai-Shek alive or face the fury of Nanking's armed forces. Calling a few hours' halt in th drive on Sianfu to rescue its leader, the government notified rebel captor Chang Hsueh-Liang that its ultimatum demanding Chiang's release was final. Chinese officials said this action was taken after receipt of a letter signed by the generalissimo himself saying he might "be back in Nanking Saturday." The official (Chinese) Central News Agency published what it asserted was the text of the generalissimo's letter, in which he assured his colleagues he might return to Nanking today and asked cessation of infantry and air attacks on the Shensl rebels who hold him prisoner with several of his ranking generals. The letter, the agency said, was brought to Nanking by Gen. Chiang Ting-Wen, one of the generalissimos most trusted lieutenants, addressed to Gen. Ho Ying-Chin, minister of war. Chiang Ting-Wen, captured at Sianfu with his chief, was freed by Marshall Chang to permit him to communicate with the government leaders. According to the news agency uie lnttpr said: "Alarmed by Nanking airraids on i Wcman la town on tne .uungnai ran-: way thirty-five miles east of Sianfu), j I request to order cessation of the bombardment. So far as I can as-rtin T mav be back in Nanking by Saturday. iThe envoy left Sianfu , Thursday.) Theretore nosuiuies should not break out and the air raids should be discontinued." Believe Further Delay Futile. The date of the letter was not revealed. Despite their declaration of a truce, government leaders were represented as convinced that further delay In the military operations, in which sev. Irl ot test v,c. have been tightening a cordon around the rebel city, would be fu- tlle. Thev were naid to feel that aup-pressibn of the Shensi mutiny with all force at the government'g command teas imperative, notwithstanding the peril to the generalissimo'! life, if Nanking were to continue to command the respect and allegiance of the nation. Some men tninese micrpicicu ceneralissimo's reference! to possi-,and Dillty OI ni return w day. not as expressing Deiier or nope : that this would come true, but as 1 General Chianr s indirect method of ' telling his colleague, that unless the , NAMED AMONG LEGISLATURE LEADERS. . i i .m.nj.n..iii.ii.wki.iL u : ni.m.ii"u ' "wtiwwwmnwww'iiyil "Kv f - Sit I Hw it. A Democratic members of the 1037 General Assembly, holding organization murines at French Lick last night, chose the men pictured above among their leaders for the coming season. Left to right: Frank G. Thompson, niuffton, Democratic House leader; E. CnrtU White, Indianapolis, Democratic caucus chairman of the Senate, and Taul n. Stunn, Dana, Democratic caucus chairman of the House. Paroled Convict Is Back for Life Within 6 Days Special fo The Indianapolis Slar. MICHIGAN CITY, Ind., Dee. 18. Freed on parole from Indiana State Prison only last Saturday, Posey Winston, 87-year-old Nejro, was back at the institution today to serve a life term as an habitual criminal. The sentence followed his arrest at Gary after he attempted to rob a man and woman with a toy pistol. He was captured after a scuffle In which he lost two teeth. When arrested he still had tl of $5 given him by the state when he was paroled. Friend's Paper Booms McNutt for President BLOOMINGTON, Ind., Dec. 18. UP) The Bloomington Weekly Star urged today the candidacy of Governor Paul V. McNutt for President of the United States in the 1940 campaign. The newsDaoer claims to be the first to have suggested the candidacy of McNutt for commander ot tne Bloomineton post of the American Legion, state legion commander, na tional legion commander ana uover- nor of Indiana. Paul L. Feltus. Indiana University trustee and personal friend of Mc Nutt, edits the publication. Richmond Bookies Heed Edict Against Gambling Spcial fo Tha Indianapolis Slar. RICHMOND, Ind., Dec. 18. Seven places in which bets were received on horse races closed their doors at 6 o'clock tonight in compliance with a police order which gave then until then to remove fixtures and furniture. Last-minute efforts of bookies to obtain modification of the order were fruitless Slot machines, punch boards and similar gaming devices also are banned here. mutineers submitted by the time set he desired the government to resort to force, disregarding his personal danger. Mme. Chiang Kai-Shek met with high leaders of the Nanking regime to hear from Chiang Tien Wen the second emissary in two days from Sianfu the latest word on the generalissimo's plight and terms on which his captor proposed to free him and end the civil war. Complete secrecy wrapped the meeting, guarded by soldiers. Nothing Disclosed to Tubllc. The question arose whether the letter was written under duress, a point the emissary was expected to clarify. Nothing was disclosed to the public. From Inner Mongolia dispatches through Peiping reported developments which officials said proved China's solidarity in support of Generalissimo Chiang. The Mongol prince, Teh Wsgn, and me inanar province Kuernias re-1 cently at war with loyal Chinese troops on the Suiyuan frontier, cir- culated a telegram in which they an- nounced they had ceased participa- iL . . r lion in me auacxa on ouiyuan pro-1 vince and declared allegiance to the Nanking generalissimo. The telegram stated that the crisis in Shensi province demands that all IZVTt vvi, ' V' P With Madame' Chiang in the con- ference with Chiang Ting-Wen were her brother-in-law, H. H. Kung, emergency head of the Nanking gov- j ernment. I An earlier envoy from Sianfu, j James Elder, British adviser to i Marshal Chang, withdrew from the! negotiations over the captive gen- eralissimo's fate. Elder, arriving at Nanking by air yesterday, was be-' lieved to have brought Marshal Chang's terms for Gen. Chiang's re- m leaae Boards Train for Shanghai. Today he told the British embassy here he was withdrawing And Doaraea a train ior &nant.nai. i (On his arrival at Shanghai, Elder j ROCHESTER, Ind., Dec. 18 -Rob-declined to discusa the situation at ert Finkenbiner, 33 years old, of Wa-Sianfu, but told the Associated : hh ,jf(, ln Indiana State n . . f'Th nimm-a that T Vtav. r,.n ' asked, deputed or authorized to ne- Ktctt HZZl government and Chang Haueh-Kiang are without foundation. I now have direct connection with neither Chang Hsueh-Liang nor Nanking.") Chinese dispatches from Kwelsul In Suiyuan province appeared to contradict Peiping reports that the Cha-har guerillas had proclaimed allegiance to Generalissimo Chiang, and declared an end to their attacks on Suiyuan. The Kweisul dispatches said the ; ruerUlas. in aoite of subzero weather i a howling blizzard in inner , n,oiia. were pryM-r...; w new attacks on tne northern ana eastern borders of Suivuan. "seek- ing to take advantage of the Shensi crisSe' . s& J AciA CHILD BACK HOME JEANNETTE CORDKI.L. Special to The Indianapolis Slar. COLUMBUS, Ind., Dec. JS. Jpan-elte Cordell, 13-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cordell, who disappeared here the night of Dec. 5, was back home today. Orval Wheeler, 25, also was returned from Newport, Ky., where they were located last night, and Is being held in jail pending completion of a grand jury investigation. The girl, who, it was feared, had been kidnaped, told officers she and Wheeler were married in Lawrence-burg Tuesday. Her mother said that steps would be taken to annul the marriage and that Jcanette would resume her studies in the eighth grade of school Monday. Harry A. Sharp Firm Files Bankruptcy Plea A voluntary petition for bankruptcy was filed in Federal Court here yesterday by the Harry A. Sharp Company, 41.') Virginia avenue, dealers in automobiles and accessories. The petition, Bigned by Harry A. Sharp, president and treasurer, said that the company now is in receivership and because of that fact it was impossible to give an sccurate listing of assets and liabilities. A tentative list, nf accounts payable totaled $160,407.6!), nf which there was a note for $150,000. Then bankruptcy proceedings were voted by the board of directors at a meeting Thursday, the petition said. Award Star of Service to Bloomington Doctor Special to The Ind'anapolii Star. BLOOMINGTON. Ind.. Dec. IS. The Bloomington Kiwanis Club gave! ! its annual star of service award to- i night to Dr. W N. Culmor for his j work as president of the Monroe Count Anl.Tuberculoi Aasocia-! ' 1U , . . . , -i i tinn and In lh frosh air sf'tiool f or - ' children. I ..lmQn1 pev q g Swartz, of the selection committee, made the Marshall D. Abrams of Oreencaatle. UV"nor - elect of Indiana K, warns, ; VoM- , , ; 1-10-Year Term Imposed j . . j i Sheridan Arson UOJe tr . i l. j;,rn,'i Wor 1 uvi. , - 'Roy Sutton, 41 years old, was found guilty of second-degree arson today .... t..j. f.a,r H was JUUKB j. All. VJnv" aenteniH to nnn to ten years In prison. Sutton was accused of firing a residence on the farm of Ross Stephenson near Sheridan. LIFER GRANTED RETRIAL. Prison, wag granted a new trial thia afternoon bv Judee Robert .Miner ui , Court. ' Finkenbiner . ...... . i . rrfy lit I 1 $. J lit. v y h v jj '11 W t H ? ' was iouna guilty oy sju. ... : Smith George B.. age 4. beloved hue-Court here in Mav 1935 on charge of . band of Ella E. Smith, father of Everett court, nere in aiay, im, v a. clarence C. and Charlee K. Bmith having murdered Howard feter noi- j Jn4 Mr, Nora Barker, pssed away at .u . Tir.K..Vi hpn hoth men ! the residence, 714 E. 22d st., Friday comb of Wabash "n","" V. iromlng. Funeral at SHIRLEY BROS. were confined in county j" " " bash. MEANT SUICIDE THREAT. .. , , , .g :!fr INETW CASTLE, Ind., Dec. 1?. ai Lee Odell Thomas, 25 J pars oia, i bought vials nf noison at several ,.. ,... ,.,. tndav and said he " " -, .-v,on intended to commit suicide, n n .n police rushed to his home they louno: jhim dead. i 75 PASSING FIRE TRUCK PAUSES TO TURN IN ALARM FOR MEMBER Special fo The Indianapolis Jfor. KLKHART, Ind., Dec. lg The No. 4 Fire Company engine roared out of Its station on the way to a fire this morning with l.lout. Walter Tavernlrr on the seat, Tassing his own home, Tavern-ler gave, It a professional "once over." Smoke was curling from the roof. The huge truck screeched to a stop and Tavernler pulled an alarm box. Then the company continued Its run. Another company entlnguUhed the Tavernler blaze. WRECK CHARGE DROPPED WASHINGTON, Ind., Dec. 18. The last charge against James L. Bateman, former county commissioner and school bus driver, in connection with the deaths of two school girls as the result of a school bus collision two years ago, was dismissed today in Daviess Circuit Court, on motion of Prosecutor Theodore Meade. Bateman was tried three times for Involuntary manslaughter and in each case the jury failed to agree. Announcements. Death Notices. Bt'RKS Harold R., entered Into rest Friday, ags 41 years, hushand of Beulah O. Burks, son of Ross Burks, brother of Clvde W. Burke. Funeral Hundny. 1 p. m. HARRY W. MOORK funeral parlor. Burial CJreenr.astle, Ind. CHAITM5 Ila, aae SS years, beloved husband of Myrtle heona Chappls and falher of Paul, Kenneth, Helen, B".velyn, Jessie Mai and Donald Chappie; Irma Fuller and Dorotha Herschberger; brother of Mrs. W. J. Albrecht and Mrs. Myrtle Stewart, passed away at his residence, 8u3 N. Hamilton av., (i:30 p. m. Thursday. Funeral Sunday, 2 p. m., at the residence. Friends Invited. Burial Park cemetery, Greenfield. Ind 3:30 p. m. Friends may call at the residence any tlem. 8UIRLKY SERVICE. COOK Elizabeth Elma, of BtrauKhn, Ind., entered Into rest Friday, age 6 years, at tha horn ot her niece, Mrs. J. L. Brcedlove, 104S Hanna ave. ; mother of Ina Parsons. Funeral Monday, 10 a. m.. Christian Church, Btraunhn, Ind. Friends may call at her residence In SlrauKhn, Ind., after 6 p. m., HaluMay. (Newcastle and Richmond (Ind.) papers please copy. HAHRY W. MOOItK FUNERAL I'AKI,OR IN CHARC1K KKIKI.KMAN Klla H., at her residence, IIH Ruckle st., Kriuay, wile or Isidore, mother of Charles B. sod Itarhael, dauKhter of David Randolph, slsler of Ionia, Jnni'ph and Phillip Randolph. Kerv-icea will he conducted V p. m. Sunday at tha Indianapolis Hebrew Congregational Temple, Tenth and Delaware sis. Friends are invited. Interment InrllanHpolis Hebrew cemetery. Arrangements by AARON-Rl'BF.N FUNERAI, HOMK. (iOon Vsrnon. of west of Aclon, son of Jack Good, hrother of Igna Hmlth, Peoria, III.; F.thel MeWtlllams, Hammond, Ind., and Myrtle flood, passed away Thursday. Dec. 17. Funeral Sundsy, Dec. 20, 2 p. m., at the Center Church on Bluff rd. Burlsl Round Hill. Friends may call at the .1. C. WILSON FUNKRAL HOMB, 1230 Prospect si. HART John, beloved husbsnd of Lydla Hart and brother of Mrs. Fred Freund and Mrs, Fred B. Wilson, psssed awsy Friday, Dec. 1 Service st the family residence, 1007 Tshor, Mondsy, Dec. 21, 2 p. m. Friends Invlled. Interment Memorlsl Psrk. Friends may rail at the home after Saturday noon. Logan Lodge. F. and A. M., No. 675, In charge. OA DO SERVICE. HA ASK Kirs, entered Into rest Thursday, age 66 years, husband of Mary Haase, father of Celestle Boone. Anna Culver, Edith Hall, Walter, Harry, Charles and IrT'&'y j p Rnnllat fhiirrh UnrvinUmn In1 HARRY W. MOORE' funeral parlor in charge. hai ck Nettie, daunhter of the late John W.SWHfHw ''' Lu'h HSJY. , away Thursday afternoon ,:es Monday, Dec. 21. at the HOY8TKR A .SKIN MORTUARY. 1602 N. Meridian St., at 2 p. rn. Friends Invited. Friends may call at the mortuary any time. Burial Crown Hill. father of Norwell K. Jacobs, passed away Friday rooming. Services Saturday, 2 B m., at the. CLYDE V. MONTfJOMEHY FUNERAL HOME, 1122 N. Meridian st. Friends invlled. Interment Memorlsl Pa.-k. . : : . VerVl ''iioM'c.N ater""'1 away Friday. Fu- I.AV4 44 K- Emma C, of 1110 W. 30th St., belovel wlfs of Clsrence, moher of Robert and Wyant l.eycock, sister of Mrs. Kuena Bsliard. Mrs. Lou Clinton, Mrs. Cor F.nnls and Mrs. Grant Arbuckle of Hrownsourg, passed away at the home of Mrs. Clinton, Brownsourg, Thursday, Deo. 17 Friends may call at W. T. BLASKNOYM F'CNERAL PALLOR, 222S Bheibv, any time. Funeru from ht. Paul's M. C. Church, Kader and Kugene sts., Saturday, 1:S0 p. m Burial New Bethel. She was a mmor of North Psrk. Chapter No. 404, Kastern Slar; Kappa Sigma, Chi Bororfy and White Hhrlne. KII.F.V Bailey Monroe, of 3 miles south of New Palestine, passed away Thursday evening; bujOLOd of Mrs. Bailey KHey, father of John, Kandl, James, Mrs. Jack Uove. Mrs. Kaipn Berry, Mrs. Ted Hayes and Mrs. Cecil Kendall. Funeral Sunday, 1 30 p. m , at residence; 2 p. m., at New Bethel Baptist Churcn. Interment New Palestine cemetery. Masons of New p....tne Lodae No. 404 take notice, gov herr- ' cevtral chapel, m n. Illinois at Monday. 10 a. m. Friends Invited. Burial Crown Hill. Friends may call at the residence after 10 a. m. Sunday. THOMPSON Roy B.. passed awsy at the i Methodist Hospital Thursday evening all 1 O.c)ocll fatn t ,h, u residence. 328 n. . oray, Saturday at i p. m. uunai at Ruahvl.le. WET Frank G. , husbsnd of Maude O. i west. 43S2 Carroilton avenue, passed away Friday afternoon Bervlres at the, FUNNrR , BUCHANAN mortnarv "at- ( nMav. 7 30 p. m. mends invited. Burial i Elackvllle. . C. Monday sfternoon, Star Want Ads TAKEN EACH NIGHT UNTIL TEN O'CLOCK To Appear the Next Morning. Giving Opportunity for Besults Same Day! Phone Riley 7311 and an Ad Taker Will Gladly Assist You in Pre-paring Your Want Ad. STAR WANT AD RATES (Per agate lint per day.) On Insertion. Sunday $ .30 On Insertion, daily 20 Thre Insertions, including Sunday ... .17 Three Insertion, mil daily .16 Seven Insertions, Including Sunday . .15 Minimum charge lafor two line. Want Ads From Outside Indiana I Each Insertion. Sunday .35 j Each insertion, daily jo Count six average words to each line. Remittance must accompany each advertising order from points outside Indianapolis unleas credit lias been previously es. tabllahed. Those sending coins assume risk of loss In malls. Classification Index Apartments for Rent S0H1 Auction Sales , g; Automobiles for Sale 75 Automobile House Trailers 7fin Bulletins; Materials HI 24 Business OpportunlMcs Business Place for Rent M Business Property for Bale.., fi3 Business Servk'ea 11 Cards of Thanks 3 Cash. Coal Market 74 Cemeteries As Death Notices i Deak and Office Frees ss Dor. Cats, Birds 70 Doubles. Investments M Kmployment ......15-20 Exchange Real Estate Farm and Garden , Farms tor Rent Farms. Land for Sale .... Florists. Iota. Monuments Funeral Directors Horses, Cattle, Vehicles . . Household Goods IW 6Aa .U 64 5 4 11 Houses for Rent. -32 Houses for Sale 46-41) In Memurlam Instructions . . Instructions, Home Study..,. Jewelry Iosna Legal Notices Loans on Automobiles Loans. Personal Loans, on Real Eslale Lost and Found , Lodge, Club Notices Lota for Rale Machinery and Tools Miscellaneous Articles for Sals Motorcycles, Bicycles Moving, Trucking, storage ., Out-of-Ctty Property Painting. Repairing (Auto)... Parts. Tires, Accessories Personals Poultry, Kegs, Supplies Radio, Musical Instruments ., Resorts, Cottages for Rent 37 Resorts, Cottages for Bale , Rooms for Rent Securities Seeds. Plants, Trees Mpeclal Announcements Stamps and Coins Exchange. Suburban for Rent Suburban for Bale Swaps Travel Opportunities Trucks. Tractora and Trailers .... Wsntcd Automobiles Wanted Pets. Live Slock Wanted Real Batata Wanted Rooma Wanted To Borrow 611 "5-27 2.1 . 10 Sa 33 60 62 II 78 SO 73 68 : M Wanted To Buy es-iiu Wantort To Rent 3 Wearing Apparel 17 Wood for Sale '4a Call RI. 7311 FOR WANT AD RESULTS Announcements. Ileal h Notices. 1VHM.AN Inseph B.. see 31 years, snn of Mr. and Mr H. F. Wheian, nrolher nf Bernard, Mary and Mrs. (ferinirto Edison, died Friday. Funi-rsi Monday. Deo, 21, St.'IO a. m. at GEORGE W. UHHF.R FUNERAL HOME, 2H14 W. Washington St., 9 a. m., St. Anthony's Church. Burlsl Balnhrldge, Ind. Friends may call st Funeral Ho.ns after 2 p m., Saturday, WRIGHT Benjamin F., father of Mrs. Fred McCny. Miss Zola Wright of New Albany, Ind.; Mrs. Robert Hlucker, Mrs. Georgia Coburn of Oakland, ChI., passed away Thursday p. m. Services at tha home of Mrs. Hlucker In Msrs Hill Nfllur-dav, 2:.'tn p. m. Friends may call any time .ew Albany pHpers please copy. I HORTON SERVICE. YORK William I,, ags 76 yesrs. husband of Dora M York, falher of Mrs. Bessie Johnson, Mrs. Goldis Holland. Mrs. Nell Petranoff of Indianapolis, Mrs. Beatrice Wood of Princeton and Don York of Bur-nettavllle, Ind., passed away Friday after, noon st residence, 1716 North Alshama st. Funeral notice later. CONKI.E SERVICE, Funeral Directors. HA. 0581. JA.MEB F. BAILEY, HA. 0.162. Kregelo Ha Hoy. Hon'ellke Chapel, 22:i.'l N. Meridian. W. T. r.laspnp;ym MAIN OFFICE: 22? FMEI BY HT DR. 2.170 FINN BROS. FUNERAL HUM E. inns N. Meridian si ta. m:m. FLANNER & BUCHANAN 2.1 W. Fall Creea dr. TA. 440a GRINSTEINER'S 622 E. Market St. HI. 5374 HISEY & TITUS TUB FUNERAL HOMB S1 N. m LA WARE ST. LI. 32S. ciias. a. ITockensmTtjT LI. SS.1S 72S N. Ill R'S , TA. 3H92 TtAGRDALE & I'RICB 1219 N . Aisbama. LI. Shirley Bros. Co. 940. N Illinois St.. LI. M"9 J. C. Wilson Prompt Ambulance service 1230 Prospect St. DR. 0321. I.iR 0122. 0 lOtiffe, Cl'.il) N'llra. O E H Members of North Perk chapter No. 401. O. E. 8, ere requeued to attend the funeral of Biater Emma Laycock, Saturday, 1:30 p m. at K'. Paul's M. E Church, Radrr and EuK"oe ff. MHH. EfJHE M. BTEWAP.T, W. M. MIRH KATHERINE HAWK, ?,c. Ioat anrl l oun't. LOHT Black portfolio, mtiirh finish, containing flnaBce pajiers. eic , l.e'ween Heverln Hotel and Tradloo Teiminal Km-tlon, Thursday, p.eiurn to :iih K. of P. bldg. or call I.I. C024. P.errt. WHITE LEWELLYN bird doit. bl'H, with black left ear, lost In Marion township, Putnam county, Monday. Phone Ij, H. Robey, BE. 32:17-11-2, lndpls.hawr4. LOUT Keys at HANDY JONES, 541 Mas-sachuMtis ave. Lock and Cfs Expert. We open any lock. P.l. 2'M. FINDER of green siie'le rfir'e in telephone booth at Ayres, please call CH lo-ward. FnUND-BeautlfuI black Prrslsn ca; Broadway, near 22d. Owner I'leniify. charge. LI. 219. vr.t -x: r . t ,... -n iKit. r.,:r:fr doz. I Owner can have same by paying charges. WA. 307B. LOHT Black Persian cat. vicinity 42'i and College. fl24 College. Rew. HV. LosfCoin purse, w7 MchT bus or at Exeter and Mich. Reward. BE. 32. Personals. EUGENE permanents at the Approved University of B?au'y Culture, 1435 N. Meridian st. P.l. 02-M CANCER CLINIC. For Information, address T N. a;ker ecy., Bicknell, lni CARE for invalids, elderly or men'al cases. Private nursing noma. HA 1053. N. T nurse, formerly of Rm. 2'i0 Wimmer bldg., now at 709 Ft. Wayne ave., No. 6 HAIRCUT. ahamroT "wTve. all for 25c. Royal Beauty Acad., 401 Roosevelt bldg. Announcements. Personals. RHEUMATISM MUSCULAR LUMBAGO SIMPLE NEURALGIA?' i Thes torturing pains are quickly relieved j with KEENE'8 COMPOUND WINTER-OREEN TABLETS. Don't suffer longer! ! Consult your drugvist or writ direct. j The Keene Drug Co., Indpls. j IMPORTANT Anyone having Information ' whereabouts of man named PUPRE twas j cook In North Dakota 1SK8 to 189,')), wife j named "Rosa," communicate Immediately j wiih M. Howlsey, ill Insurance bldg., Seattle, Wash. PAVPyi; Chronic tuberculosis. ar-vnmuv,hr11 deformans, psoriasis and end-arteritls. Fee Is collected when patient Is healed. Address T. N. Walker, secretary, Ricknell, Ind. NATUHE'S MINERALS to clean up the cause" of disease and sickness; cost only 10c day; samp! and literatur free. Nature's Minerals, 14, It. Ohio or Hook's. ! SHAMPOO. Finger Wave and Manicure. 35a. ilVniAMA BEAUTY COI.I.KOK, ... m.i i(is E, VVAHH. ST. MISS TRUPtE, Calif, nurse; quick relief aches, palna. 3548 V. lth. BE. 3409, FREE FINDER WAVE. MARCEL. HAIRCUT. CENTRAL. I.I. 04112. Travel Opportunities. RENT a new sedan with OWNER-DRIVER, KCONOMYI SAFETY 1 CONVENIENCE! PAY'S n A r. 1, js a SERVICE sXyji 1 y J RI, 6634. BEST sedans, chartered or private, all pts If warning passengers c.T a ride, ses us, SPECIALS N. Y.. Fla . Tex. and WEST. Free Meals With Tickets NEW YORK, I12.2S: Los Angeles. I2S 60. Other low fares. For Information, phons LL S760. Depot. 22 N III. at. Al.L-AMICRICAN BUS LINKS. FLORIDA Punday morning, low rate. R. T. PR1VATK sedans lo N. Y. C, Miami. New Orleans. Denver, Krlsno and U A. Cooper's Tours, 1030 ImcHe bldR. LI. 2 1 ID. , . Bonus fo C I II I'Kll'ornla ij) J famlllea r Bonus for drivlns my car to . Married couples or preferred. 401 N. Cap- 1.KAV1NH Oec. 29 for West coast, new sedan, take 4. Address Box N 3.1S, Slar. 10 Special Announcement. Oul-off-Towini Readers . . . who wish to answer Star" Want Ads in which only phono numbers ore given can do so by writing a letter lo the "Tele-phono Department" of The Indianapolis Star. FREE Finger Wave, Marcell. Hair Cut and Eye Hrow Arch. Kalnbow Academy, Krcspe building. HjoTn" ouu naiLCPiiifn twatmmmsmmrmmmmi 2.UU .urulls kou Ind. Fur Co. 29 B. Ohio it. Business Services. liimtneasj Horvlcra. CALL m. 192S AUK ABOUT THE CROWN BARGAIN WAKH. Makes wash day a "Have Day." Crown Laundry and Dry Cleaning Co. Cleanln by ' WCjt Hcheefer, 6I T.. G102U&&' Mln HU. 6.100. THRIFTY ssrvlce. 7o per pound Wed., Thurs., Krl., Bat faul U. Krauss Laundry, nr. 4M1. Send It to M R. CO-OP. LAIINDRT. 933 El Market. Est. 2B Years. TilitlWY"w"asii, 14 lbs., Mo, Wed., Thill, rrl., Hat. (Mon., Tues., 13 lbs., Wlc. I PIUSRIM LAUNDRY HI 3 13. Carixnler. CARI'KNTKR WORK, window lllaas III- stalled Kuurnare Hardware. 1.1. utn. II A . 4Tfln. NYK metal weatheietrlp, larice or small Job; estimate free. Cll. 1263-M. Carpet and IJnoleum laying. HHAMPSY BROS1 , RIIO fLRANERl. CARPET and LINOLEUM LAYINd. 1912 N. Meridian. TA. B2tfl. Cleaning Rug. EXPERT eleaneis, rue", furniture, mitrf chenille msds from old rugs. W. N. ITIy Rug Co., 2.I2H Brookslde. CH. 2211. flSHJIflN BROS. ClXAHtM Ifl 049 11x12 DOMEBTIC' nn, oleaned for S3. Ex- elusive Oreggorifing process, urtn. un 60'.0. Floor Keflnlablng. KI-OOR sanded, rstlnished ; go everywhere; power lurn.; guar Woosier. Ta. 4SW). KI7f)Tt WkSllNT. editlnT refinlshlng ; renlals, maierlals. KournaS. LI. 724. ru6k sandedrellnished; go everywhere; power furn.; kuar. Woos'er. TA. 4H0O. rnrtiia IU pal ring NEW ALL-HTKEL EURNACEfl, Installed. Eay terms, 21 down. Foiimace. LI. 7241. Painting. PA LNTINCJ inside and out Work guaranteed. Estimate free Cll. 6.'M. PAINT, $lgL; 'nwf coating, 6-gnl. can, l.7r; shellac, 11. WJ. Kournace. 1.1. 724H. I'aiwr Hanging. PAINTING, papering. 12c; sample; re-moved steam, hauling guar. Hit. 1732-M. PAPERINOripaintlTgTcleaoing: work guar. Reduced ratea. Dehn. CH. OK.Vi-R. Roofing. HK8T POOPINCJ, gutter, tin work; reas. prices. Fournace Hardware. LI. 724. Employment. 15 hiiijiloyment for Men. JR. ACCOUNTANT; college; exp ...Open TIMEKEEPER, 22 2'.; exp 80 COLLEGE CRAD., 22-27; will train,. 110 O'Shea Employment System Lie. Emp. Agcy, 909 Fletcher Trust bldg Auditor Wsnted. public utility accountant. C. P. A ; permanent position. Address Box 324, Star. AUTOMOBILE salesman with a clientele or men who feel they have tha ability to sell new and used cars. We have an attractive permanent proposition. Address Box N 302, Star. BARBER for Ha'urday. 3020 E. Tenth st. BARBER wanted for Baturday. 22 W. Ohio. BARBER; good steady Job. Wallace Beagrsve, Hagerstown, Ind. niituvn HP.HT CLAHH 00. 50 E. WA8H. HT. BARBER extirienced. tiecker's Barber Hhop. 2123 E. 10th. v.nnvKV.KPKll uvyw - - - - - Ceneral office work. Retail lumber experience necssarv. Rtale former connections. Address Box N 342, Blar. BUTCH ER "end" grocery clerk. 1802 Columbia. COUNTER- MAN. OpTuLE COOK. PARAMOUNT 2.1S K. of P. bldg. IJc. Emp. Agcy. Financial. 22 Personal HONOR NO MORTGAGES- Just a plain note. Nothing else. No endorsers. No sscurlty ot any kind to "put up." No mortgage papers to file at the Courthouse. Household makes Honor Loana exclusively. We do not make mortgage or endorsed loans. Only place In city to get an Honor Loan. REDUCED COST ON ALL LOANS ABOV- ,100. Two Indianapolis Offices Third Floor Room 32 ILLINOIS BUILDING 17 West Market Street Corner Illinois and Market PHONE) RILEY 6404 HOUSEHOLD FINANCE ESTABLISHED 1S7S CORPORATION U- 8. OFFICES Household Finance aponsors EDQAR A. OUE8T, Tuesdays WLW. Copyright 193S Household Finance Corporation , . . . , Furniture, Diamond and Automobile LOANS Less Than Legal Rate Loans From $10 to $300 PUBLIC WELFARE LOAN stn nooldnnta.1 Washington and Illinoia Sta. Employment. 15 Kmployment for Men. rOMU artist Draftsman M.,.ltlni riitslener Open Open Open Nation Wide Business Bureau Fmp. Agoy., IS24 Merchants Rank hi. FURNlTURkl RKFINlbllltR, must own truck. . ,, TRUCK OWNER, lVi-ton panel; del y body. . 2rt VIROINU AVR. NO FEE CHARGED OHILLW cooks, 23-2H, loc. ref., nlles. .112 Counlerman, sleam table exp., 23-27 yra H2 V. . F. Lie. Bureau, 9011 Roosevelt bl. lYoTF.iTLrTRKTn transcript, A-X houss. Address Box N 33. Htar. SALK8MAN Durlns; Ihe holldaya. Permanent position for man who produces. Mr. flelner, -lfl:30 a. m. 39 W. Ohio St. TOOL and die makers. Ive Machine and Tool Corp., 717 W. 2lh it. Trucks to Haul Coal UNION ICK AND COAL CO. WANTED We have openlna for ons man In different communtlcs In Indiana, such as MuuclB, Anderson, (lreencaslle, Conners-vllle, Terrs Haule, Kokomo, Marlon, La-fayelle, Newcastle, HloonilnBton, Krank-lln, Lebanon, Columbus, Tipton, Frankfort and Bhelbyvllls. Also for smaller towns in between these places. About M per week to start, with excellent opportunity for advancement. We will consider vnur application If you are Intelligent and neat appearing, prefar men who are now unemployed and willing to work for a future. No part-time men. Wrlls fully lvln name, address, pnst experience, ana, If married or single end l( you have a rsr. Address Box N Ml, Blar. THnEH! partlea flnanclally abla to malt down paymnnt on 3 22-fl. cloned van snmltrallnrs. Htfuiy work. Chicago to Louisville.. Easy term. Kentucky Trailer Sales 332 W. Maryland LI. 8628 THE Truth Tool Company has sxcellent opportunity for salesman with car, to sell complele line guaranteed time-aavlng tools to enrage trade In Indiana. Call Mr. Mc-Oleery, Claypool Hulel, for appointment today. MARRIED men lo operate established coffee routes, sge 2fi to 38, neat eppear-anca and good references eassntlal. Hee . i, ....,, non u N.w Jersev St.. between 9 and ha. m. and S and 6 p. m. ri,t ru'ro V .....n.n.nrlnter. weekly news paper ana loo snop; " Apidy at once. Newcastle News-Republican, Newcastle, Ind. irCHJannjnce a semitrailer we will show you how to double your money in six months Regular runs guaranteed. IKN TltAILER CO,42U W HUU1H. WANTEfi Hheel "metal mechanics and those desiring to learn shset metal trade. Address Mux N ,W, Htur f MEN exprrlincrd In house to house so liciting for a conee company, ikh iu AO. R. V. Burnett, S20 H. New Jersey. WANTED, married dairyman Apply Hal. or Hun. afternoons only. Hill Jersey Karm, Hhelbyvllle, Ind. 1(1 Saleamrn Wanted. Glass and Taint Salesman for nnrth centrsl Indlsna; glvs full pi tlculars, experience and age In first letter. Hooker Olass Paint Mfg. Co,, n9 Waahlnglon, Chicago, Hi. WE require experienced, permanent, belter type paint brush salesman; Indiana and Michigan. Nominal drawing against proper commissions. Address Box D "04. Htar. 17 Employment for Women. BEAUTY OPERATOR; must have downtown following; guarantee and 70V Address Box T-793, mar. DICiA. OPEK. ; sii-uo. 2l-.', luluie. .W HTENOg (2): 20-2S; downtown To BTKNO., 22-2; exp. Ins. lines 75 E. Market st. Lie. Emp. Agcy. LL 3f!(l. Hosiery Repair Girl A perrnnncnt. position for an experienced hosiery mender. Answering, state age, experlunce and salary required. Address Box N 1144, Htar. HOUHEKEEPEK "(whllej. Call In person. lf0 H. East St. MA NaVikR: S-vJorreas shop exp 2 TALENT, Hingers, Dsncers, Musicians. Burns Employment Agency 207 Bankers Trust bldg. Lie. Emp. Agcy. PfI.iCfwmer2-3. "ess. exp $75 RATE clerk, 25-35, cas. exp 73 Nation Wide Business Bureau Lin. Emp. Agcy. 524 Merchants Bank bldg. HA LAD WOMAN, Waitresses. Housemaids, PARAMOUNT 238 K. of P. bldg. Lie. Emp. Agcy. iEOYiYpC; 20-28; sgle.; live at home; at once: manuf. exp $80 CASHIER, cas. Ins. exp., 25-35, good at. figures 80 BURHOUOHH bkkpr. ; steno: 24-30 ... AO STENO.: billing on type; 23-27 80 P. B. X. opr.; key board; It steno.; file: sgle 5 FILE CLERK; typist; mfg. exp.; sgle.; 21-28 TVPIHT; good at fig.; 21-24; sgle.... H5 HTENO. ; 23-28; sgle 80 HTENO. ; bill of lading; 28-30 60 LINEN room woman, hotel exp 23-3S 40 BROuuneffia-ncvBURfiu 806 Guaranty bldg. Licensed. 23d Year. 8EWINO machine operators, on leather goods. Nsnkervls Co., 21 Kentucky ave. iTENO..MCTAPH0NMKai. I 22-30. sele. Exd $20 HTENOH.; 22-30. Cas. Ins. exp. .. .$15-118 8TENOS., 22-28; exp., rspld $15-18 p B X-LT. STENO.; 22-28; exp $15 HTENO., comp. oper., exp $18-120 BTENO-8ECY.; 22-30; film exp $18-$23 O'Shea Employment System Lie. Emp Agcy. 909 Fletcher Trust bldg. HTENO., DICTAPHONE OPR $100 STENO., DOWN TO WIN HTENO., RAPID TYPIST 80 DICTAPHONE OPERATOR 65 BUBINE8S MEN'S SERVICE BUREAU. 725 ELECTRIC BLDO. LIC. EMP. AGCY. ITTSiP mnAm Hisn.. A dsVS. 10. mealS. Rest. COOKS, 0O-4O yrs., peer lav. ..-.. r. K. Lie. Emp. Bureau, 90S Roosevelt bl. Loans. LOANS NO ENDORSERS QUICK, SERVICE 4. Small, monthly payments. 114.75 first month and 110.30 last month repays 200 loan In 20 months. Pay faster and save costs. Other size loans In proportion. To apply, phone manager Tell him bow much money you want and when you want It Loan same day If you call before 10:00 a- m. No obligation. Sixth Floor Room 61S MERCHANTS BANK BUILDING Corner Washington and Meridian Entrancs on Meridian PHONB RILEY 1471 Bide.. S. E. Corner 3rd Floor. RI. 3587 Employment. 17 ICmploytnent for Women. OKNL. HOUSEWORK, WHITE AND COL. RKST. COOKS. WAITRKH8K8 POS. OPKM .NORTH SIDE EMP. AGENCY 27TH YR. I.IC. KM P. AOCY. 1HJ2 N. 1LU, KXPkRTENCErTshlrt press operator, also experienced hand finisher. Fleming Latin dry, 2.101) Plerson. Take Illinois car to 2nd st. WOMAN7whlts, Ren. housework, assist A-yr. Rirl. 21.'4 N. 1'snn., Apt. C, alios p. m. wTflTK young nurse maid, stay 10-mo. baby; no other work required; rm board, uniforms; permnt.; J2 start. HU. 7H17. EXPKKIRNCKD white stlrl, counter work; and cooklnR. a?7 8. Illinois at. N1CAT experienced wnllress. Call, 10 to It ' a. m, 1107 W, 34th at. EXPKR1KNCKD waitress for beer. RI. IMfl. KXPF.RIKNCKD waitress, Cranny's taurant, 122 8. Illinois. EXPERIENCED WAITRESS-S. 12 W. MARKET. 10 Situations Wanted Men. LARORER, handy wltti tools, reliable Address Box T-7II4, fetar. HOUHHIMAN porters and Janltora. Unity Christian Church Center, Inc. LI. 811)7. YOUNO col. "man, 10 yrs. exp. chauffeur, cook, hseman. Refs. RI. 3n4S. 9n4 B. lBth. SO Hltuatlona Wanted Women. BKAUTY OPERATOR: Hollywood experience; licensed operator 8 yeara. Write or phone Krmal Keller, Boswell, Ind. 8TENO., competent beijlnner; college grad. Moderate sal. Add. P. O. Box 477, Indpls. si wfwil hlanketa: 23C-330 pr. IUrUUIlS ,ugr, call-del. DR. 27. Wh MAIDS, cooka and laundress. Unity Chris tlan Church Csnter, Inc. LI. .1167. 21 Instruction, MEN WANTED to train for higher earnings; unprecedented demand expected. We have bean training; men for ten years. We teach: Metal finishing, torch soldering, are and acet,. welding and collision work. Yee Employment Service. Write or call Wolverine School of Trades Day (Branch ot Patrolt school) Night Connsrsvllle, Ind. 7th and Grand. Learn Beauty Culture BEND FOR OUR TREB CATALOGUE. UNIVERSITY OIC BEAUTY CULTURB, 143 N. MERIDIAN ST. RI. 0223. OPENING WEEK WINTER TERM, Deo. 2" to Jan. 4; strong, dependable courses; free placement eervloe: onportunltlea Increasing for those who are definitely trained. Central Business College, Architects and Builders bldg., LI, D337. HEMPHILL DIESEL SCHOOLS. THE snglnsa, laboratory and testing equip ment In Hemphill Schools are the moat ex-tanslvs In the world for training purposea J. B. Taylor, Pennsylvania Hotel, Indpls. KNOW YOUR OIIKOGI Take'or review wilh Teihune. No failures. All cornel, subjects. Indlv. hr. 7.1c, 4 lirs. dally S12 mo. It W. Mkt. The IS .MTERNATIONAL BARBER SCHOOL. Most modern. Reaaon- fee. Investigate. 342 E.wasOj "BEAUTY COURHB NOW, HALF PRICE. Royal Reality Acad., 401 Rooaevelt bldg. Financial. 22 Personal Loana. Diamond loans Diamond Diamond ESTATES LOAN CO. Over On Co., Rth Floor Majsslla Bldg. 47 g. Penn. Tour Diamond Kept In Bank. LOANS. AMERICAN LOAN COMPANY. 719 State Life Bldg. 347 Bankers Trust Bldg. 7.1. 40S. IX 17T71 asrsi if nsifn LOANS on Furniture, Aulos, Diamonds LIBERAL LOAN CO. 152 N. Delaware. LI. S05.. PERSONAL PROPERTY LOANS. CAPITAL EINANCE CORP. 207 Krenge bldg. RI. TflSU COMMONWEALTH LOAN CO. 203 Oild f ellow bldg. LI. S495H 200 Roosevelt bldg. U. 2491. AiANwheD you need It. Trustee Bys. tem Elnance Co. The Indianapolis Co., Room 240 Bankers Trust LL 4584. 23 Securities. BEST prices paid for Union National, Colo nial and ceuie a ana u. stock, enni stock to C. 8. Kldwell. (12 K. of P. bldg., and get tha money. H mil EST cash pries for Union Natl., Celtic, B. and L. stock, Fletcher Amerl. can Bank Beneficial Ctfs. W. E. Churchman Co., tos Indiana Trust. RI. 4203. 24 Huslness Opportunities. BEAUTY SHOP, lease or sell. Good loca tion east. 417 N. Colorado. CAKE Average $30. Rent only $10. Priced for quick sale. FARM HOME SALES CO. RI. 8767. 148 E. Market at., Room 502. CI.KANINO and pressing shop, complete. . Inquire 110 Monument Circle. Grocery and Meat Market . Oood, clean stock, $275 wkly. business. $800 half cash, balance $20 mo. Address Box N 398, Star. GROCERY-MEATS, east, doing $700 week business (good meat business), leaving city, bargain price. Burkhart's, LI. 2282. CROC., meats, north; elec. equip.; making money; leav. city; priced low; $900 handles. Hargrove, LI. 3888. wriTicr. mo ROOMS: EUROPEAN. V. 8. highways; real barg., $15,000 cash., Reliable Hotel Brokers, 333 N. Penn. at. LUNCH CAR, one among the beat equipped and located ln city; this car is doing-more business than tha average but clr-eumatancea force me to sell. Address ; Box T 7B5, Star. RESTAURANT; nice equip.; has wond. steady trade; this place is really making money; books open; must sell. HE. 4942. ' MriDERN shoe ahop. For quick sale, $150. 1843 S. East. Additional Ads on Next rage. 9 it n

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