The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 8, 1940
Page 5
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MONDAY, APRIL'8,''-1940 America's 1940 Big Top Season Officially Launched As Ringlings' Open In New York "" "" BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS The biggest show on earth conies to' the biggest low,, nm | Ihis wns OT)C of (!w bl , jol) Brolhott-Barnum ami Bailey circus opened in Now vork. Unto ll,e elephant ec.s ., sww ,,i ll( , «,« Thc HlngJing-imion row took up right wliere it left off last year. This was one of pickets advertising A. p. of L. strike. Imlo top a mean leopard, had a , In circus lauuuagc thev cull this hig flay, first killing i( s co-actor, a ihe "Kola Rob," but most of the :iberian leopard, then clan-ilia trainer Court, lower. funs in Madison Square Garden termed il trick of week. Self-SlyJed 'Nalural' Ecouojnisl Visits Cily GJJ Naiioii-Wide Tour Roland C. 0'a.sad,,vlcrt "niitiii-nl" reoiicniisl of Covitia. Calif., visited Blythcvillc Salurday on a nution-wide tour in bcVmlt of his plan lor "permanent -recovery." He sai'l lie had visited tlic gov- nrnnra of -II states, including Arkansas, and lind acquainted Uiein with his plan: He declared he was rnroutc to Fiaton Ronje. La., lo seek an interview with the yovcr- nnr of Loui.siana. Mr. Cajad hails frciu the stain thai has had il.s sharr <;f economists and "depression .solvers." including Dr. Francis E. Townscnd. author of the Townseud plan, still protafcly the onlslandlnj; iiopnlar nicivcrncnt of its tyt'.e. In fact Mr. Casad seems to itu-orporale .sonjr of Mr. To\vu.synd',s idea in his own phut. Mr. Casad's idt-a crtilt'rs pviniar- ily nroiitul a proposal lor "dated money" .-:ome\vlKi1 similar to the "dated" idea in perishables atui C LCI-cries. He proposes Mial Hie govern- [I mrnt retire all nalir.nal bonds with II new currency. "Since ii is only'l money in circub.tiou tluil can doj Ihe country any good, this new ' oirroncy .*:lioul<l be dated and pro- i virte Dial il. shall depreciate al| the rate ot one per cent a wockj 0:1 ils face value for a period oti £0 weeks." !Ur. Cn.=ad says. "The! incney at this timr should be re- j railed by (lie goi'miinent and rr-; isMied at its Ilirn value and pill: throiigJi the same process lor un- i other 50 \vrel:s. etc. Tills amonnl Of money placed into rorccil circulation u-otild ])i-ocluce the best limes ever known in the world and in doing so would DIH| out national debt nnd the Interest on same." Mr. Cnsixd lurthcr suggests: "The government should issue in IIPK- money (o nil ihe citizens of dip U. S. A. 50 years of ngo. and over, jaop a month as long as Ihey live. This money should be dated and 6(J (lays after date starl to do- piT.ctaling out ol the picture at the rnlc of one per cent a day on i its fiicc value. Sunday and err-' tain holidays c.xcciiteri. When Hie, money is dcprcciatetl to one-hall! of ils face value, it should then lie recalled and reissued hy the government at its then value and put through the same process for another 50 clays, elc." Read Gcurier News want nd5 .KTi; 'All Ready toRelievfT Freshest Stock Guaranteed 1 Best P Kirby Drug Stores J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Graduate Optometrist in niylhcvJUe. Glasses Filled CorrecllJ Wcrt Optometrist "HE MAKER 'KM SUE' Over Joe Isaacs' Store I'hone fvIO Cotton Seed STONEV5LLE 2 :rot SlatijTi T^il^ Prove II To Value Coltnn r»r M I s s I 3 M r. >, Wo have A limVlerl slljiply ol Ihosr^ ?ced Be Wo have A limVlerl slljiply ol Ihosc ?ced 'xliich arr fltsl ~rir tror'i I' grctrl Blor.cvilln a B lionshl direct Iroin the hrocJot H was crown lowl turns and its jinrllj Is Insured h? special soricrrlsion a,,d sM< 5C|)»r,1tlon 111 pl.-inling. |itcXln| and ginning. Gel fresher and purer teerl no\t—\re vtlll be glad | 0 i ra de for vour or you may ohiiiln Iftcio dclintcti seed for S2.60 per tmndrcrl. EE0 TOP GIN Ail Spark Plugs Cleaned Free NATIONAL SPARK PLUG Tliis »nrr u-ill l«t ,,, lc v.rrh nnl.v Itrginnui^ .Sunday, April 7lli throuKh Salurclay, April Kitli. Mil vV Wnliiut I'lionc SKI Tourisls From Memphis Visit In City Today (Continued Prom rage l) ville, Monello nnd Joncsboro. jiTcllitKs wri-c r.xtendctl by A, 8. RoBors, former muyov ot Oscc- clu. and lien l'. iiutli-r, newly clcckxl mti.vor of llic city. 3sccol« high school senior girls plniied rest ciiriwtlous on the men mid i-or.saues on Die women of Ihe piirly. Among those desijjimted n» » special recciitlou eonimlUec lo meet and introduce the ciirnlviil Ijoasleis nnd show them (he clly two Clmrles R sullcngcr, Nnthaii WolnberB. J. 1(. liunii, C. W. Wiltson. W. W. 1'rewllt, Hoy E. I3»\v- son, Mrs. K. 11. Jones nnd iiiein- Ijcrs ol the Oscroln high school fueiilly. Vl*« «l l.aximi LUXOEA. Ark.. April 8. - The Memphis Collon c.-irnh-ai Ciocnl vVnl Tour visitors were welcomed here this moniluj; wilh music by Ihc Luxora school blind whose members wore their new uniforms for llio first time. Albert Military, of Memphis, presented Aliiyor !i. C, l.niigsloti with u silver col ton boll, anil Introduced Ihc Maids of Cotton to the croml of 500 which giilhcri'd lo welcome the; visitors. Jesse rollx spoke briefly of die' cntcrtKliuncnt lo be provldixl for Ihe Collon Cimilvnl IhlK yenv imil Invited the pcojrtc ot lAi\orn to nttend. American Gills Ease Hardships I'or Alsace's Evicted TJioiisands PAGE FIVE IIY miry 1'iilleil 1'ii'ss Stair LIMOGES, I'Ynncc'. (UI'J—The| ) lanco-Aincrlciui Committee for Als:i«-I.oiTiill>e, M.],),,), js dlrrdril by Dr. Kilmuwl i,. orus, ha» lor- minnled here Us ,(lr|li illimitable ''xpullltou nmon gclvlllrms who «'rrp eviic'iiiilcd fi-oin die most duiiitrroii.s /ones on tile J'"MUICO- Gortimn frontier at die oiilbrwij: 1 of war. After four diiys of insprclloii' ami dtstvibutlnn hi this depart- ! ""••Hi «f Haute-VliMiue, Hie eom- mllU'o IIH.S cmidiidcrt dint except I" some speclnl CDM'.S Ihr- Alsii-, linns uoed no more American, gifts mid ihai their living conditions are Milislaclory, lhanta lo lUTnnge- nient.s iiuKlii |,y ( | U , j-vencli i;ov- rrnmcm. mil Mini people I'.rcil social work which only poi-- sunal rather than official 'attention can provide. The commute!) will report us u ri'.siili of diis |icncliii(Ion of Amer- Imn Hospital nmlMilHiicra idled with clothing and household (jooils lino remotest hill towns of the Limousin (lint In future; the work f.lmiikl consist In developing i:cnn- munlly cenlcrs, itluygroimris mid small vncallonal schools. Of course, I'Xpcclnnl molliers. new-born Iju- tiles, unit pcuple who nre still 111 or needy will receive- help as liere- tofore. The I'Vuiico-Ainericiin Commil- I'tTMiiiiil Tuiirh Iw IHIS Kiii)|)U>nionlcil the cure Bivcii (o eviu'iiiitcil poiiulnllon by Die FioiK'li ituvrrnmcnt wllli llw limoiM) loiidj (iiid jiccdcd glfls, i^lii'dnlly of clothing, uinoi>g 200,000 pcopli'. Wllli tlio towns of Poitiers, Iji Koclirltr, Ant'oiileiuc mill Uinoges, us ccHim-, (ho coininltlcci Ims pro- vlili'd 5ii|)|)!ciin'i)inry relief lo DCO- |iln who, wlmi work WHS bceun, .were In n plllful coiKUtjun. Toiliiy iho Alsiitluns .ire well fed. well imiirlshod mid clollinl, Some ol limn mt> quite )wi)|)}' )» lliclv new MiiiomiilliiBs u i,f, s been found. The Frtmco-Auicrlcim Oominlt- Iw 0]ii<i-nli\s In (llrcul co(i|ii<mUon wllli Ilic prcfcctorlnl gorvnimant. pt inch dejMirimcDl. 'I'lils com- IJi'lscs work hi the Held In coii- nrctlan with (he Auxlllnry Pns- sliT Hcfcpse A.'wonlulloii whoso im'mtavi \oliinleci- 'for socliil' work iiiHong the Aliiitloiis. One of Ihe pUusi's of the com- inlUce's relntluiiK, which w'lll bo continual unchiinECcI, Is dli'coloil prcflldriil of (lie coiniiiKlce, nntl provides lev InfiinlK nnd IJiclr niothif.K. Already more limn, 100 Imbli'.s liuve been adopted by "iniir- iiuiiu-s" who IhroiiKli Ihe coinmlt- Iw provide n lnyiille nnd ci'lh mid Kive mi Annnnient Uuml lor 100 fumes to Ihc bul>y, The Presfilrnl. ol' the Rejmbllc. Alfred Lehruu, Is pri'sldcnl, of (ills oi-K»i)l/iU(j>n. Hue to illirciriiee in Ilic e.\- el|iingp, It eosls only nboul 416 to s)ionsor « ncii- babj'. One of (lie cominlllco, Mrs, Spencer Eddy, who wns Lurllnc Sprtcklcs of Ban Frnnclsco. lius adopted inoro than SO bnblcs. , 'J'Jic Piencli aiitlioritles /unilsli Ihe Alsullftns wllh Jrce henl, light nnd loclaliies, Besides Ihc families receive approximately Ihc same olkm'ntice for living exirenses ns do Ihu liiinliics OJ nioljlllMd soldiers, whether nny of (heir men kin are moblltecl. It Is nol much In American money, but It Is sufficient, especially In small vll- ln«i'.s. In Die depnrlincnt of Hmilc- Vlonnc iiloiio, 2,000,000 fmnes have been nin'iu lo dale by tlio slate. Nevei-thclcss, these |wopl ulian- (loned (lielr homes without complaint when wni- wns declared, tuklnt- with Ihem few of Ihe things they were to need, especially for winter. They were .allowed ii mu.vlmiim of VO pounds bneijnEe anil they rocclvcd only from one lo Ihi'ee hours nollee lo leiive their homes lor safety. SIlOllilRI- of Btiis I'llMll ' On liboi'l nollee Ihe departmental prefects had difficulty In flnd- Inii plncra lo' lioiise them, nnd ivbove all, beds for them. The hnrrl- slilps ot people iiceimlomcd lo n higher .iliunliud of living Ihan the region they ciune ' lo, wns severe, c.spccliilly In the coldest pnrl of wlnlw, The personal help of tho Frnnco-Ainericnn Coimnlllcc en me just In lime. The cratltiidc of the cvnctintc'il pt-oplo Ims been deiiion.'ilniled Hi ninny wnys tlicsc |)nst few tlnys. Nothing wns more convincing llinn nt the village of Isle, where two lltle ulrls with white rlbboiiK In their hah, p,-ese»te(i DI, am Countess Tolstoi »Kh bouaueU, wJiUe one of ttwm, tat 8. maXe «, prepared .peech w pirfeet B^ch i»ark«l by a quaint Alsttian accent. 8be said: i "Dear benefactors, dear friends iron America: The poor refuges of the -jnodcjt vJllige r or Leiifen- helm In Alsace have asked us children to wish you warm welcome. We feel great Joy in expressing to you the respectful end grateful thoughts with which our hearts we overflowing. Thanks, thanks. We feel relieved by the fine gesture made by our American friends. Vive In .France, vive our dear American friends." . : Human chain Fawts Gifts i When the doors of the American Hospltsl ambulances'were opened In some villages, children formed n chain nnd i»ssed along the p»ck- nscs tnken from them for distribution. The gifts were mnde, 'following lists of needs prepared! by Auxiliary Passive Defense workers and the departmental prefecture. In the village of Jamallhac'dis- (rlbulion was made In the scttool liinied over lo evacuees. The girls, Ihen the boys, each sang n song, and then the "Marseillaise," after which one of them made a little siKCdi to Dr. Grog, who kissed ihor on both cheeks. Then the packages were distributed. .•! Unwrapping Ihc combination-, crib-baby carriages was always a (lirllllnj; moment. Young mothers niul jnoHicrs-to-bc could not kVep (ho IMI-S 'buck when tliey • saw w)iat wns inside. During. Ihe -year 1900, 4192-motor 'cars were' What Every Metropolitan Policyholder Should Know about his Company Metropolitan presents its Business Kcport for ,l,c r car ending I>c-cml>cr 3J, 1WJ. (l n accordance with the Annual Statement filed with the New York Suite Insurance Department.) ASSETS WHICH ASSURE FUIFIILMENT OF OBLIGATIONS National Gov.rnmcM S.curlli.s . S1,015,W8,9M CO U. S. Government $918,082,803.04 Canailiui] Government ...... 57,850 0-H.76 Other Bonds , ';.•; U. S. Smle 6t Miniicipnl 110,OS5 727 B7 Canadian Provincinl & Municipal . . . l03,B23|o5g.75 1,882,379,020.85 . 689,740,11.1.C5 . 405,003,316.15 Public Utilities Industrial 6s Miscellaneous. . . Srocki All bul 522,561.13 nrc Piufeired or Gunrantood, MoMgqge Loons oif'fltoI.Eitare .... Farms . -,.- ? .. ... , l.-. ... .. 76,890,988.22 Other property 876,767,661.85 Loans on Policies Real Estate Owned Includes ronl estate for Comimtiy use, nnd liousij:;; projects. Cosh Premiums Outstanding and Deferred Interest Due and Accrued, «k. ... TOTAL 85,02-1,833.01 953,658,650,07 5I5,'I55,<159.26 107,215, 132,667,027.52 87,666,3.13.58 60,340,337..|(i $5,141,986,181.09 OBLIGATIONS TO POLICVHOLDEHS, IEHEF1CIARIES, AND OTHE*J Policy R.j.rvet riqulnd by law $•1,193,833,205.00 Amount wlilcli, with iiitciMl 11:11! future iiroinluim. will nssuro imymont of policy cluims, Dlvldtnd« to Policyhold«n Kot nsitia for iinymcnl iluriny ilio yunr 1940. Rinrvt lor Fuhir* Paymtnti on Suppltmonlary Contrail . Hold lor Ctolmi Inclmlitii; clnims nwniline cumiilutioii of proof nnil.cstraiolod ilmount of unrcportod cluims. Othtr Policy Obllgotloni Including rujurvos for Accidonl anil Hcnllli Imurniico, (Jivi- denils left with Company, prcnmimj (raid in odvnnce, etc. MlictllancoMi Llablllrlei . . . . . . . I/LillnlUies not inclutlad jibuv-o, such os IUNCS duo or nccnietl, spocinl rojorvoj, olc. 112,399,638.00 112,986,146.83 22,931,579.79 42,377,943,67 47,140,101.00 TOTAL OBLIGATIONS Surplus .... This servos 01 a inntgin of snfoly, ficncios whicii cunuot bo foreaeon. TOTAL cuillion ncaimt contin- 54,832,268,6.H.29 309,717,566.80 $5,141,986,18i:o9 NOTE-tels carric,! «t $221,390.535.99 in ilia nhavo nlnlcmcnl mo ,lopm\ltA with viiriom public olficiiils under rammcments ol low or regulatory authority. Co.wdian business cmbruceel in Hits slnlemoiil ii reported on basis of par of cxchuiitja. TEN YEARS OF PROGRESS Highlights of Metropolitan's growth and stability ov«r th« po»t decade Insurance in Force .152? 1931 l?39 . Policy Reserves l.ffc Insurance 1929 . . $17,933,000,000 1»3? . . 523,173,000,000 AccidentMlcnllli ImilMiitc Weekly Indemnity im . . . . su,«s,ooo m?. 1939 . 52.659.000,000 54,473,000,000 s held. M rei|iiif«l liy lo nsnirc payments to Payments IS29 . . . . SJ35.000.000 1W9 .... $604,000,000 limits p.ncj rit rtcilifcj to pnlirylinldcrjand Ihdr l)Crt- 192? After fulfilling ;ill its coiiinicunil obligations (incliicJing pjiymcnt of over S<f,260,()(10,0(l(l to policylmldcrs tincl lieiioficiarics) over tlic 10-year period of ndvcrse economic conditions from 1929 iluoiigli 1939, Mctroiioliiaii I.... added to its contingency reserve, or surplus, as an extra safety factor, more than . $132,000,000 2... .strengthened the hnsis of its policy reserves to the extent of 45,000,000 3.... made expenditures to improve properties acquired through foreclosure, without increasing their valuation • . . 25,000,000 4.... reduced (lie valuation of securities and real estate as curried on its hooks, hy more (linn 2U,000,000 5....expended on health and welfare work lor policyholders more ihan 58.000,000 6. visr, orer ibis Mine IH-yciir /icrioil, mid in nilililiuii lo the abort, !\\clffi[in\iliin nhii {mill or credited In ils l>nlicybaltlm itlnioil one billion ifnlliirs iii'ilit'iileiuls- TOTAL ......... . ~ Jl,4«,OOD,o6o 474,000,000 992,000,000 Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (A UTUA L C OM A r 1') FREDERICK H. ECKKR, Chairman of the Board r Lenov A, LINCOLN, President I Mndison Avenue, New York, .J^, Y. DIRECTORS WIU.UM L. I)K BOST, N? IVctitl'-nt, Unioa Dime Sa YotV. N. Y. ing* Bank FREDERICK U ECKER, Now Yoth. N. Y. Otnini.Trt of t!;<- Ho.iM McUopolilar. Life Iiwurancc Company JO>tN AMDEHSON. No-*- Yotlc, N. Y. Chairman. Kvrm'ivc Committee Charlw Pfi/PT U Co., Inc. MlTCHEtl-n. FOI.LANSBEK. Ctiir!,Er>. 111, Member. Fol'inOicc, Slioicy atnl SchtirP Atlornfy* al Law JOSEPH P. PAY, NVw York, N. Y. I'/csident, jMcjili P. Day, Inc., Kcal H\tala I.ANGDON P. MARVIN, N RW Yftk, N, Y. Member, Emm^i, Maiuio nod Mad in Attorneys al La-" JERKMMir MM.KANK, Nc* York, N. Y. MitljjuV flr, Co, U'Ar.TON CORRY COI.EMAN Mnntront, Cnnmiii, Scmot Vicc-l*ttii(J l 'n1, Cima^iai; T.iaiic Railuay Nr/.l'COMnCARLTON. NcwYorJr N Y. Onirnvin n( (l,r n«trd V/cucrn Vnhn TrlcRrnph Company I.KROY A. LINCOLN. Now York, N. Y, President, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company HARRY W. CROFT, Greenwich, Conn. Former Chairman HaibisonAValkei Rcftettoiiei Compaoy THOMAS U. BKCK. New York, N. Y Pr«i<len(. The Ciowcll-CoUici Publiih Company WALTER EWING HOPE, Now YorV. Atemb?r, Milbarrk, Tweed «nd Hope Attorney at Law SAMUEL W. FORDYCE, St. Umii. Mo. MflmtKf. Fordjptf, White, Maj-nc, Wt(liam.i ' and HatUnan, Attorney al Law GKORGK MCANENY, New York, N. Y. Oiaifmatjtif l!tc' Bonrrt . Tillc Guatatilco etid Tiuit N. Y. ROBERT V. FLEMING, Washington, D. C, Prriident flnJ Chairman of tlie Board KigGi National Bank FREDERIC W. ECllER, New York, N, Y. Vice- President * Metiopolit^Q Life Iniuranro Ompaoy WtNTHROP W. ALDRICH. Ns* York. N.T, Chairman of tho Bosrd Chaw National 8*nV of Miw York EDWARD R. 5TF,TT]N»;S, Jr., N. Y, C. Chairman of Ihc Board United State* SlccI C^rpofflUon Wff.UAM \V. CROCKER.S*n KrtaetK» r Ckl. TrMtdent Croclcr Fiut National BaaV AMORY HOUGHTOV. Corninr. N. Y, President, Corning G)a» Work* LOUIS S. ST. LAURENT, Ou*b«, C«n*J* ^tcmb«T, St. Lnurent, Gapie, Devlin & Taicheteau, AttorocjT ttXaw ER.VEST E. NORRIS, WMKiagfoo, O. C. •President,

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