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Indianapolis, Indiana
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until 1587 N. and THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR, MONDAY, MAY 4, 1936. 21 BANKERS ARRANGE PROGRAM Committee Chairmen Tell of Progress in Many Lines. The year's activities of the Indiana Bankers' Association will be reby various committees functioning throughout the state in behalf of the banking industry when the Hoosier bankers convene in annual convention Indianapolis on May 21 and 22. Arrangements announced yesterday D.

Mitchell, president Union Bank and Trust Company, Kokomo, and president of the organization, provide for the appearance on the program of the two-day meeting of the chairman of each of the four committees that have guided the bankers' association activities during the current year in such fields as education of bank employes, legal affairs and legislation, organization of county associations, membership in the state association and similar affairs. Assisting Mr. Mitchell in preparations for the fortieth annual meeting that will bring together almost six hundred bankers and their wives are C. B. Enlow, president National City Bank, Evansville, and vice-president of the Indiana Bankers' Association: E.

B. Long, cashier Clark County State Bank, Jeffersonville, treasurer the organization, and Warrick Indianapolis, secretary, Active Program. One of the most active committees has been that of education, the chairman of which is M. J. Kreisle, cashier Tell City National Bank and past president of the associaontate tion.

This committee has endeavored to bring about bank employe conferences throughout the state for the purpose of educating members of the bank staff as to the fundamentals involved in banking and sound banking practices. A report on the extent of county organization and of some of the problems confronting the county associations will be presented by James M. Givens, cashier First State Bank, Porter, chairman of the county organization committee. The extent and percentage of bank membership in the Indiana Bankers' Association classified into state, national and branch banks be given by Albert J. Wedeking, cashier, Dale State Bank, Dale, as chairman of the Report of membership the work affairs committee will bey given by Donald B.

Smith, First Trust and Savings Bank, Mishawaka. REACTION LEVELS MOST CURB ISSUES NEW YORK, May influences controlled the curb market most of week. Influenced by the set of cirlante cumstances that. kept the trend pointing lower on the big board most of the time, traders took advantage of every bulge to lighten commitmenta, thereby restricting advancing periods and discouraging those who thought the market had not reached an oversold condition. One Bright Spot.

On the week, such issues as Aluminum Company, American Cyanamid Sherwin Williams, Gulf Oil, Pan-American Airways and Pittsburgh Plate Glass were heavy losers. The one bright spot was the gold mining group, which enjoyed a firm market. Lake Shore Mines, Newmont, Bunker Hill Sullivan, Pioneer Gold and Sunshine were among other active in demand. Various reasons were assigned for the stability these stocks, including reports that European investors were hedging against possible currency devaluation abroad. Trading activity showed some improvement over the previous week, sales averaging around 400,000 daily.

Ask Johnstown Mayor Retract Radio Charges Retraction of charges made by Mayor Daniel J. Shields of Johnstown, that Gerald D. Coleman, Johnstown radio amateur had broadcast false reports of the flood there March 20, has been asked by the American Radio Relay League, it la learned here. Coleman, in communication with Albert W. Randall, 4444 Carrollton avenue, operator of amateur station W95YJ, broadcast accounts of the flood in Johnstown until Mayor Shields ordered his arrest.

Robert Dixon, another Johnstown amateur, also arrested. In letter to Mayor Shields, B. Warner of West Hartford, secretary of the league, wrote, "In the public press there appeared statements attributed to you assertColeman had not only deliberately, transmitted false reports concerning the bursting of the Quemahoning dam the destruction of Johnstown, but that he had done 80 with intentional malice in order that news-reel cameramen might secure panic scenes and also that A number of deaths ware attributed to All the charges were carefully investigated and found to be without the slightest basis in fact, Mr. Warner declared. TONIGHT 7 P.M.

Central Standard Time WFBM LUX RADIO THEATRE a famous star in a famous play hour of humor and pathos in radio's outstanding dramatic program. THE MICROPHONE BROADCAST -GOSSIP PROGRAMS OST successful of the anniversary in radio To mark the fourth brought back Frank Don Bestor, who made spats lar style of comedy has been ated the fact that it is all joshes everybody. He never or anybody seriously, For about a month, Benny was mirroring a certain smugness. In recent weeks he has gone back to the broad Benny style of humor and is more successful. If a history is ever written.

Benny may lead the band as a satirist rather than 8 comedian. It was he who, singlehanded, blazed the trail for cerebral comedy as against the old slapstick, he-and-she joke stuff of the variety halls. It was he who made possible such mental types of funny fellows as Fred Allen and Phil Baker. Benny alone of the funnymen with Fred Allen, when the former was Allen's guest star, did not overdo the guesting business. This sudden popping up on various programs as guest stars is risky business for comics.

They are jeopardizing their own careers and cutting down their lives in the public eye by so doing. Charles Frohman had the right idea when he urged his stage stars not to be seen in public too often. Such a practice has had much to do with the fame of Greta Garbo and Jessica Dragonette. A comedian builds up his own following. Dashing about as Ben Bernie has been doing and the recent interchange between Rudy Vallee and Eddie Cantor has not done any of them much good.

George M. Cohan also had the right idea when he insisted that part of his technique was always to leave 'em wanting more. Yet it is the boys from the stage who have been the biggest sinners in this "guest star" plague. A variety show may need weekly changes of talent, but it is risky for comics to appear on each other's programs. Jack Benny knows it and Fred Allen knows it.

They have the sagacity to limit such fiestas to once a year, A fourth anniversary does not seem unusual, yet it is a long time in radio for anyone to stay on top of the heap. One weekly appearance has much to do with holding the audience. Twice a week, even a Benny or an Allen would prove fatal in a COLUMBIA SYSTEM. Parade, WHAS. Maxwell.

Hendrie. News. Slim. Samter Winslow. Mowrer.

Melodies, WFBM. Goldbergs," WFBM, WHAS. of Helen Trent. Just Plain Bill," WBBM. Man's WBBM.

of Experience, WFBM, WHAS, WBBM. Reveries (WBBM on WFBM. Dramatic Sketch, WFBM, WHAS, WBBM. Dramatic Sketch, WFBM, WBBM. Memories.

-Between the Bookends, WFBM. -The Goldbergs (Repeat), WFBM. Dramatic Sketch, Matinee, WHAS. Charles, WFBM. Hop, WFBM.

Miniatures, Variety Hour, WFBM. Shannon, WBBM. Gordon, WFBM. by WFBM. 3:45 "Wilderness Road," WFBM.

Rogers in the 25th Century." WBBM, WHAS. 4:15 Bobby Benson and Sunny Jim." News. Thames. 4:45 of the WFBM. Four Barbers with Ann Leaf.

Kellem's Orchestra. Musing's Charioteers, WBBM, WFAM. Carter, WHAS, WBBM. Road." 6:30 and Pat in Pipe Smoking Time." Radio Theater, Richard Barthelmess and Sally Ellers in WFBM, WBBM. King's Orchestra, WFBM, WBBM.

of Time, WFBM, WBBM. Opinion. Denny's WFBM. Lyman's WBBM. Orchestra, 10:00 -Henry Halstead's Orchestra.

Calls. WEAF-NBC. WEAF-NBC. o--Inspirational Music; J. Harrison Director, WLW.

Doctor and Hall. -Press-Radio News, Cassel, WIRE. Sweet Home, Sketch. WRC, WLW. of the Cooking Air.

Alone, National Club. Concert Orchestra. 10:008 Gene Arnold and the WIRE. and Sassafras, Madcaps. -News, Market and ports.

WFBM. Wagon. Early Birds. News. Place (CBS).

(CBS). Election Melodies (CBB). Hollywood Highlights. Farrell's Rees Pogue, Kitchen of the Air. of Experience (CB8), Musical Reveries (CBS).

Mary of lin (CBS). Star Jones (CBS), Baker's Album. -Matinee Memories (CBS). The Goldbergs (CBS). Farm Charles Circle.

(CBS). -News. Hop (CBS). Miniatures Back (CBB). Varieties Shannon, Tenor (CBS), Gordon I CBS).

3:30 -Virginia Verrill (CBS). Road Chicagoans Tunes. Tea (CBS), the Mounted Ted Husing and Charioteers (CBS). News. C.

E. Manion. Ensemble (CB8). Jr. Talk.

A. Beveridge Speaker. Fancy. Revue. Radio Theatre (CB8).

(CBS). King Orches. tra March Time (CBB), -Musical Riley's Moments, Melodies and Pat (CBS). Prohibition Association. Calls (CBS), Sturman.

(CBS). Xavier Curat chestra (CB8). 11:45 -Nocturne (CBS). Sign off. WIRE.

Devotions. Flashes. TOMORROW'S CHILD Concluded From Page 19. conscious of her burning cheeks, "never take these things seriously. A kiss is just a polite gesture." She saw Hugh's eyes slanting toward her and she wrinkled up her nose at him.

After a moment she told him: "Kate says she has a job for me as soon as you release me from my contract, Hugh." "Oh, yeah Hugh grinned. "Well, get this, young woman: our agreement still has five months to run, and by that time I hope, to have your legal signature on long-term contract." Kate said with pleasant sarcasm: "How perfectly sweet. And what about 'Tomorrow's "I'll have the first act ready by Christmas," Hugh replied, enjoying surprise. "I've accomplished more in the last three days than in the whole four weeks preceding, Which means that from now on Val works for me and draws her salary, but I'll see her only one day a week -if I can stay away the other six." A Surprise Caller. Only Kate had heard the muffled bell, the sound of Violet's shuffling feet as she went to the door.

But the next moment the three of them were looking at one another confusedly as the voices of two men came to them from the foyer. "I met you at the Tercentenary committee's smoker last night, Mr. Gallishaw." "Yes, of course. I remember you now. Rather odd our turning up at the same place at the same time here in New York.

Drive "No, I came on the train. Just arrived." "That's too bad. I could have brought you along. Well shall 211 we go in Hugh said, "Sounds like a delegation. Were you expecting some one?" "Bret," Kate whispered, quickly, "But who and then she happened to glance at Val and instantly knew the answer to her half uttered question.

(CONTINUED TOMORROW.) ACTIVITIES IN GENERAL. NEW YORK, May Grundy estimated today that Canadian government, provincial and municipal financing during the month of April totaled 891, of which $55,059,000 was for refunding purposes and $741,891 to provide new capital. J. Cheever Cowdin, president of Standard Capital Company, has announced that Lawrence W. Fox Jr.

has resigned as a vice-president and voting trustee of Standard to devote his time to the National Film Company, which will engage in various activities in the motion picture field not presently handled by Standard. Graham-Paige Motors Corporation revealed today that April sales advanced 44 per cent over the same month of last year. The Graham factory received orders in April for more re than 4,000 cars, the largest number of orders for any month during the last year, it was stated. Union Bag and Paper Company today reported net profit in the twelve months ended March 31 totaled $273,068, equal to approximately $1.03 a share on the capital stock, 20 per cent greater than it was for the twelve months ended Dec. 31, 1935.

Mack. Jesters, and Bob, dramatic sketch, WENR. Wife, NBC Service Chicago Studios to Blue Network, WIRE. to Be Charming, WIRE. Magic Voice.

Talk It Over, Singing Lady, WLW. Orphan Annie, childhood playlet, Band, WMAQ. 4.24-Stage Relief, News. Singing Lady, WGN. Thomas, WLW.

Orphan Annie, W8M. Goodelle. Russell. and Abner, comedy sketch, WENR, WLW. Kirbery, McGee and Molly, comedy sketch, WIRE.

in Paris Pickens Bisters, vocal trio; Morton Downey, tenor: Mark Warnow's Orchestra, WLA. Minstrels Minstrel show with Gus Van, Interlocutor: Jot Parsons, base; Billy White, tenor; Bill Childs, Fritz Clark and CHit ford Soubler, end men: Malcolm Claire. comedian: band director, Harry Kogen, WLW, WLA. Tale of Today--Drama, KDKA, WENR. 8:00 -Carnival.

Prize of 1935. Rodrigo's Orchestra. 'n' Abner, Service Program, Gray's Orchestra, WENR. Violinist. Busse's Orchestra.

Ohman': Orchestra. Beatrice, WIRE. ANNOUNCEMENTS. Death Notices. BARNHILL-Ethel, age 28, wife of Law.

rence Barnhill, passed away at the dint Hospital Sunday p. m. Hervices Wednesday, 10:30 R. at the residence, mile west of Fishers Station. Burial Noblesville cemetery.

Friends mAy call at the home any time after 3 p. m. Monday, Under direction of EVANS GODBY, Noblesville. COOM ISH -Anna mother of Albert H. Coombs of Cincinnati, 0..

passed away Sunday, May 3. Funeral Tuesday, May 2 p. at the home, 230 8. Walcott and 2:30 at Calvary B. Church, corner Hoyt and State sta.

Burial Crown Hill. DENNING Morrison Eastman, Age 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. Posey B. Denning, passed away Friday p.

m. Service FLANNER BUCHANAN MORTUARY, Monday, 2 p. m. Friends invited. GULLEFER Lillie Jane, wife of Charles and mother of Mrs.

Carrie Thompson of Bloomington, and Mrs. Hazel Thompson of Beach, parked away at her residence, 3126 N. Capitol Thursday morning, Services at THE FLANNER BUCHANAN MORTUARY. Monday, 3:30 m. Friends invited.

Burial Crown HOBART -Nettle May, beloved wife Harry P. Hobart, mother of Nettie May, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John R. MeClintock, passed away Sunday, May Services at the BERT GADD AL.

HOME, Churchman ave. at Prospect Tuesday, May 5, 2 p. m. Friends Invited. Interment Memorial Park.

Friends may call at the funeral home any time, KAISER Rev, Francis J. beloved band of Emilie Kaiser, father of Huida, Olga and Karl and Mrs. Ralph Klare of mour, Rev. Paul F. Kaiser of Iowa Indianapolis; Mrs.

Mart Burbrink of Park, and Otto C. Kaiser of Baltimore, departed this life Sunday, age 81 years. Funeral Wednesday, May 6, the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church at 10 m. and at At. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church at Jonesville, at 2 p.

m. Friends Invited. Friends may call at the residence, 1115 E. Ohio street after noon Tuesday, Funeral under the direction of MOORE KIRK. and bus papers please copy.

KRUGER- Wilhelmina 8., beloved mother of Wm. P. Kruger and sister of Frank A. Engelking and Mrs. Emma Tansel, passed away at her son's residence, 335 Graham Sunday afternoon, May Funeral services will be held at the non' residence Wednesday afternoon, May 6.

al 2 o'clock. Burial Crown Hill cemetery. Friends invited. WALD FUNERAL DI RECTORS. LAUCK -Muriel (Mickey), age 24 years, beloved daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. John Lauck and sister of Vincent and Martha Jane Lauck, passed away Sunday, 2 m. Friends are invited to attend morial funeral service at SHIRLEY BROB. CENTRAL CHAPEL. 946 N.

IlL. Tuesday, at 8 p. m. Burial Crown KIll. STAR WANT AD RATES (Per agate line per day) One insertion, Sunday .30 One insertion, daily .20 Three insertions, including Sunday .17 Three insertions, all daily .16 Seven including Sunday ..15 WANT ADS FROM OUTSIDE INDIANA Each insertion.

Sunday Each insertion, daily Minimum charge is for two Count six average words to Remittance should accompany points outside Indianapolis unless established. Those sending coins 35 .30 lines. each line. each advertising from credit has been previously order. assume risk of loss in mails.

CLASSIFICATION INDEX Apartments for Rent. Auction Sales 87 Automobiles for Sale. 75 Building Materials 61 Opportunities 22 Business Places for 34 Business Property for Sale 52 Business Services 11 Cards of Thanks (Cash Coal Market 74 Cemeteries 58 Death Notices and Office Space 35 Dogs, Cats, Birds 70 Doubles, Investments 51 Employment Exchange Real 57 Farm and Garden 668 Farms for Rent. 36 Farms, Land for Sale 54 Florists, Lots, Monuments. Funeral Directors Horses, Cattle, Vehicles.

71 Household Goods 63 Houses for Rent. Houses for In Memoriam 3 Instructions 21 Instructions, Home Study, 158 Jewelry Loans 84 Legal Notices Loans, Personal Loans Loans, on on Real Automobiles. Estate 8283 Lost and Found Lodge, Club Notices Lots for Sale 53 Machinery and Tools 64 Miscellaneous Articles for 60 Motorcycles, Bicycles 79 Moving. Trucking, Storage 29 Out-of-City Property 55 Painting, Repairing (Auto). Parts, Tires, Accessories Personals Poultry, Eggs, Supplies Radio, Musical Instruments Resorts, Cottages for 37 Resorts, Cottages for Sale.

56 Rooms for Rent 25-27 Securities 23 Seeds, Plants, Trees, 66 Special Announcements 10 Stamps and Coin Exchange 8a Suburban for Rent. 33 Suburban for Sale 50 Swaps 62 Travel Opportunities Trucks for Sale 76 Wanted -Automobiles Wanted--Pets. Live Stock, 73 Wanted Real Estate 58 Wanted- -Rooms 28 Wanted- -To Borrow 86 Wanted- -To Buy 68-69 Wanted--To Rent 38 Wearing Apparel 67 Wood for Sale 748 TO PHONE A STAR WANT AD RI. 7311 ANNOUNCEMENTS. Death Notices.

LAMBERT- -Jesse, age 90, passed away Saturday evening, May 2, at the home of Arthur Lambert in Mooresville. Funeral services Mag, 4 at 2:30 p. m. at the Mooresville Christian Church. Friends invited.

Burial in Mooresville cemetery. LONG-Patrick, age 62 son of Bridget, brother of Thomas, Michael, Edward and John, passed away Saturday, Friends may call at the residence en of his brother, Edward Long, 951 Parker ave. Funeral Tuesday, May 5, 8:30 a. At the above address, 9 a. m.

at St. John's Church. Burial Holy Cross cemetery. Friends invited. GEO W.

USHER ICE. MATLOCK- Harry age 50, beloved husband of Goldie Mattock, father of Mabel Freeman and son of Olive J. Matlock, passed away Sunday a. m. Friends may call at the home, 356 8.

Ritter after 4 p. m. Monday. Funeral Tuesday, 3 p. at the above address.

DORSEY SERVICE. MoNKELY Eva Los age 67, wife of Charles 0., mother of Edgar T. Crouch, Mra. Noreen Watkins, Mrs. Herman MeGuire, Mrs.

Ruth Scheel, Mrs. Deborah Adams, Mrs. Mildred Adams, George and Charles W. McNeely passed away at her home, 1024 Blaine Sunday morning. Private funeral services Wednesday, 2 p.

at the residence. Friends may call until Wednesday noon. Burial Floral Park. FARLEY FUNERAL SERVICE. MENDENHALL -Claude Irvin, husband of Christine and brother of Dr.

C. D. Mendenhall, passed away at his home, Dickson Sunday afternoon. Funeral at THE FUNERAL HOME, HISEY TITUS, 951 N. Delaware st.

Time given later. MITCHELL. -William beloved husband Emma E. Mitchell, father of William Raymond R. and Frank F.

Mitchell, brother of George W. and Everett Mitchell of Indianapolis, Mrs. Charles Dean of Hartford City and Mra. Roy Denny and Mrs. John Lucas of Freetown.

passed away at his home, 6123 Bellefontaine May 3. Funeral Tuesday, May 5, at 2 p. at him home. Burial Concordia cemetery, Friends invited. Seymour papers please copy.

0. W. NUTT in charge. Todd, son of Mr. and Mra.

William Allen Moore, 1 E. 36th passed AWAy Friday, May 1, Private services at THE FUNERAL HOME, HISEY TITUS, 951 N. Delaware Monday morning. Burial at Crown HIll. MOYIAN--William passed away at residence, 1532 N.

Dearborn beloved husband Margaret of Moyian Maria, of father of James brother and of Mra. Mary Melvin of Chicago, Ill. Funeral notice later. For further information call FEENEY FEENEY, -Peter, age 68 years, beloved band of Bertha Kuhn Nutz, brother of Mre. Mary Alimeroth, passed away Saturday, May 2, at 11:50 p.

m. Funeral at the late residence, 4210 N. Illinois Tuesday, May 5, at 1:30 p. m. Friends invited.

Burial Crown HIll. Friends may call at the residence after 1 p. m. Monday, SHIRLEY SERVICE. PIERCE Connell, 74 years, beloved wife of William T.

Pierce, and mother of Mrs. Charles Stiles, Dr. Franklin Pierce, Chicago; Edward Harlan Detroit, and Cecil, died Saturday, May 2, 1936 at her home, 842 Eugene st. Funeral Monday, 2 p. m.

at the HOCKENSMITH CHAPEL, 726 N. Illinois st. Friends invited. Interment Crown Friends may call at the chapel any time. -Benjamin Franklin, beloved father of Horace H.

and Raymond R. Plummer, brother of Mra. Flora Wimmer, departed this life Friday, May age 60 years, Funeral Monday, May at the MOORE KIRK FUNERAL HOME, 2530 Station 2 D. m. Burial Washington Park cemetery, Friends Invited.

-Robert beloved husband of Olive Gates Stewart, father of Fenton and Ernest Stewart, Cather Willama and stepfather of Virgil Winkle, departed thin life May 1, age 57 yearn. Funeral Monday, May 4, at the residence, 42 N. Holmes, 10 and at the M. E. Church, Oxford, 2 p.

m. Burial Oxford cemetery. Friends invited. Funeral under direction of MOORE KIRK. TICE -William age 84 years, passed away Friday noon at the residence of him daughter, Mrs.

Horace G. Casady, 912 East drive, Woodruff Place. He is survived by the daughter, Mrs. Horace G. Casady, granddaughter, Frances Elizabeth Canady; one stater, Mrs.

P. M. Koenig of Cal. Funeral service Monday, 2 at the ROYHTER ABKIN FUNERAL. HOME, 1902 North Meridian street.

Friends invited. Burial Crown HIlL. Friends may call at the funeral home any time, WILSON- Captain John Gardner, 4546 N. Pennsylvania beloved husband of Mildred Wilson, and father of Jacquelin Wilson Ulbrich, passed away at the VeterAng Hospital Saturday. Frienda may call at SHIRLEY BROS, CENTRAL CHAPEL after Sunday noon 10 m.

m. Monday, Funeral at All Saints Cathedral, 16th and Central, Monday, 11 a. m. Burial In Athens, 0. Funeral Directors.


0552. W. T. Blasengym MAIN OFFICE. 2226 SHELBY AT.


Meridian TA. 1835 FLANNER BUCHANAN 25 W. Fall Creek dr. TA. 4400.


LI. 3828. CHAS. A. HOCKENSMITH 6858.

726 TA. 3692 RAGSDALE PRICE 1219 N. Alabama. LL. 3608 Shirley Bros.

Co. 946 N. Illinois st. LI. 5409.

Wilson Prompt Ambulance Service 1230 Prospect st. DR. 0321. DR. 0322 Lodge.

Club Notices. MAHONIA No. Spectal 35, F. and called A. meet- Marion Lodge Tuesday, May 5, 2:15 p.

m. to attend the funeral of Brother Harry C. Matlock: services 356 8. Ritter. Master Masons invited.

Brethren bring autos. SAMUEL E. REEVEH, W. M. HARRY J.

STOMBAUGH, Sec. SPRING HOME DIRECTORY ether funnymen celebrated his fourth last night. His name: Jack Benny. milestone in his laugh getting, he Parker, his original "O'Hare" tenor and a household word. Benny's particumost successful because he has radidone with his tongue in his cheek.

He lets it be known that he takes anything BEST THE NETWORKS. 8:15 -Edward MacHugh, WIRE. network. 10:00 Arnold and Ranch Ar. Boys, WIRE-WEAF network.

10:15 A. M. Musical Reveries, WFBM-CBS. 12:00 N. Goldbergs, WFBM-CBS.

1:00 P. Sears Orchestra, WIRE-WEAF network. 2:00 P. M. Concert Miniatures, WFBM-CBS.

8:00 P. Hatters' Orchestra, WIRE-WEAF network. 5:30 P. Husing and Charioteers, WFBM-CBS. 6:00 P.

M. Fibber McGee and Molly, WIRE-WJZ network. 6:30 P. Crooks and Orchestra, WIRE-WEAF network, 7:00 P. Theater, WFBMCBS.

8:00 P. Hour, WIREWEAF network. 8:30 P. M. of Time, WFBMCBS.

9:30 P. and Pat, WFBMCBS 10:00 P. M. -Russ Morgan's Orchestra, WIRE-WEAF network. 10:30 P.


Pittsburgh, 19.7 15.21 meg. Also W3XAL, New York, 16.8 17.78 meg. P. M-Ukranian Folk Songs, RNE, 50 6 meg. P.

Japanese Music, JVM, Nazaki, 27.9 10.74 meg. P.M. and opera, 2RO, 31.1 9.63 1 me. P. Radio Play, GSD, 25.5 11.75 GSC, 31.3 9.58 or GSA, 49.5 6.05 meg.

P.M. Early English Music, GSD, 25.5 11.75 GSC, 31.3 9.58 or GSA, 49.5 6.05 meg. P. M. DJC, 49.8 6.02 meg.

Emerson Parade. Gilla's Orchestra. -American Education Forum. Leopold Spitainy's Orchestra. Young, WMAQ.

Perkins, WLW. 1:30 Vie and Sade, WLW. O'Neills, dramatic sketch, WLW, WMAQ. Radio Review, WMAQ, WIRE. Lord Calling on You, Alone.

Burton, WIRE. Hatters, WIRE. Logan's Musicale, WIRE. Top Hatters, WIRE. Time--Adventures in tion, WENR.

Davies, WIRE. News, WENR. Resume. Billy and Betty. 'n' Andy, WLW, WTAM.

Ezra's Radio Station, WTAM, WMAQ, WIRE. Gates, WIRE, in the News. Music Hall, WTAM, WWJ, WMAQ. 6:30 -The Voice of Firestone, Richard Crooks, Tenor; Margaret Speaks, Soprano, and William Daly's Symphonic String Orchestra, W8M, WLW, WIRE, WTAM, WMAQ. WWJ.

Horlick'8 Gypsies, WMAQ, WGY, WWJ, WTAM, WIRE, WSAI. Romberg, Lionel Barrymore, WWJ, WTAM, WLW, WMAQ. Lullaby Lady: Male Quartet; Orchestra, Direction Morgan L. Eastman, WMAQ, WTAM, WIRE. Forum.

'n' Andy, WTAM. 9:00 Dick Mansfield's Orchestra, WIRE. Blossoms, WIRE. Vallee': Orchestra, WIRE. Spitainy'8 Orchestra, WIRE.

Hines's Orchestra, WIRE. WIZ--NBC. Club. News. Vic and Sade.

-Edward MacHugh, the Gospel Singer, WIRE. Children, Dramatic Sketch. WL8. Harum, WIRE, WLS. 9:008 Jack and Loretta Clemens, WMAQ.

Charles Sears. 9:308 Walter Blaufuse's Orchestra. Hour of Memories. Wendell Hall. 11:158 Dot and Will, WMAQ.

Farm and Home Hour (WLW on WMAQ. -Music Guild. Sears's Orchestra. Musical Clock. Cub Reporters.

-Edward MacHugh (NBC). -Child Health Talk. of the Pioneers, WIRE. -David Harum (NBC). Long.

Reel. -Howard Meyer. -Tuneful Toples. Gene Arnold and the Ranch Boys (NBC). Honeyboy and Sas.

safras (NBC), -Merry Madcaps (NBC), 11:008 Joe White (NBC). of Life. Farm and Home Hour. News Flashes. Reporter.

12:45 The Inlaws. 1:00 -Jerry Sears' tra (NBC), Varieties. Radio Review (NBC). Stage Wife (NBC). to Be Charming (NBC), Burton (NBC).

City Baseball Game, Logan's Musicale (NBC). Time (NBC). Davies (NBC), Radio News (NBC), 4:35 Answer Me This (NBC). Band Revue. 5:00 -Lois Ravel (NBC).

5:15 Uncle Radio Station (NBC), Magic. Slants with Andre Carlon. McGee and Molly (NBC). Voice of Firestone (NBC). and Gypsies (NBC), Frosch's Rhythmania Retreat.

Contented Hour (NBC). -Rhythm Revue. -Jimmie Mattern. 9:00 -News Flashes. Interlude.

9:25 Howard Meyer. Blossoms (NBC). 10:00 -Russ Morgan Orches-1 tra (NBC). (NBC), Orches. tra (NBC), 11:30 -Douglas Beattie, Baritone (NBC), Bien off.

WLW. o' the Morning Period (MBS). Devotions. Cheerio- Inspirational Talk and Music (NBC). Business Services, Carpenter, A-1 CARPENTERING.

roofing; job work, all kinds; screens, new, rep. CH. 1263-M. Contracting--Remodeling, STUCCO repairs, painting, brick, cement; roof repairs. CH, 6750-J.

CONTRACTING, roofing, plastering, painting, screens, free est. SIENER, DR. 3959. Cleaning W. N.

FLY RUG CO. Specialists in rug and furn. cleaning 28 years. It costs no more, Completely ins. Fluff and chenille rugs from old rugs.

2328 Brookside. CH. 2211. 1 wk. only, 9x12 domestic rug $1.75 DEARBORN RUG CLEANERS.

1 Orientals and overstuffed a specialty. Work guaranteed; fully insured. CH. 0411. FRENCH STEAM DYE WORKS.

Garment LI. 6494. Carpets, rugs, drapes cleaned, dyed. Uphol, furniture. SPECIAL Rugs cleaned and sized.

$2 HE. 4965-Work Guaranteed. ASHUIAN BROS- TA-0490 CLEANERS RUG shampooing, 9x12 domestic, ineluding sizing; soft water. Crown dry and Dry Cleaning Co. CH.

1923. FOR cleaning and repairing your rugs Call TA. 4163 Deranian Bros. Northwestern RUGS CLEANED, 3-pc. suites, complete house cleaning service; A-1 work by expert men.

LI. 6617, Thomas. Superior Cleaners HE. 4462 9x12 DOMESTIC rug, cleaned for $8. elusive Greggorizing process.

Gregg. DR. 5050. CHAMPAY INC. CIENTIFIC RUG CLEANERS, 9x12 rugs, $3.

TA. 6240. RUGS, 3-pe. furniture, work guar, Julian Rug Cleaners. LI.

9384. RELIABLE rug cleaners, 9x12 domestic, overstuffed; work guar. CH. 3532. CALL S.

S. RUG CLEANERS for good work. LI. 5894. 9x12 $2 Contracting.

DOUGHTY- -Paving. construction; brick work a geni. contractor. CH. 6662.

Crushed Stone. WE build and repair driveways; cinders and crushed stone, sodding, grading and yard work. DR. '0230. WE build and repair driveways; cinders and crushed stone, sodding.


3119. REFINISH your floors. Floor machines. edgers, rented. Free del.

-pickup. CH. 2971. FLOORS sanded, refinished; go everywhere. Power guar Wooster.

TA. 4600. FLOOR sanded, refinished; no dust; wall paper steamed off. HU. 2327, TA.

6799. Hauling. HAULING. transfer, moving. cinders, ashes, rubbish or what.

Eubanks. LI. 0228. HAULING trash: basement cleaning; stone, cinders. BIC.

3594. Mattress Repairs, MATTRESSES renovated, box and innersprings repaired, upholstering. CH. 0937. MATTRESSES renovated: made into innersprings: expert workmanship.

RI. 2347. EMPLOYMENT 15 Employment for Men, 207 Bankers Trust bldg. Lic, Emp, Agey. SALESMEN with stoker sales experience.

Exceptional opportunity for experieneed in closing sales. Must have car. METER ELECTRIC AND MACHINE co. 3525 IC. Washington.

1R. 1151. SALESMAN with following. Hell boys garments, Libera: comm. Rare opportunity, Garment 305 W.

Adame Chicago. TRUCK operator, with tractor and semitrailer; steady work. Call RI. 6351. SALES; specialty; attr.

car. Burns Employment Agency FIELD REPRESENTATIVES. National finance company requires Ices of two men. capable of developing positiona of responsibility: age 25-28, at least 2 yrs, college training and 2 yrs. general business experience; previous experience in credits or collections desirable, but not necessary.

In reply give (1) age, height and welwht; (2) education and schools attended; (3) all former employers: (4) references; (5) business perience and salaries received: (6) married or mingle and dependents: (7) inclose recent snap whot or photograph. if photo to be returned, inclose stamped addressed envelope. Reply held In dence. Reasonable starting salary, car furnished. Address Box 768, Star.

WE require the services of few high-type men to represent nationally known product, Only men who can mensure up to the following, need apply: Are you of good character? In your appearance neat? Can you present facts Intelligently and truthfully? Have you self -confidence? MEIER ELECTRIC AND MACHINE CO. 3525 E. WASHINGTON ST. See Mr. Roth, 9-5, Mon.

-Tues. AN opportunity comes once in a lifetime, If you have a car and are willing to work and don't stop in at 39 W. Ohio st. you are parming up an opportunity that will not come your way again in a long time. This opportunity for the right man and can only be filled once.

We informed you and the rest 18 up to you. YOUNG MAN, mechanically inclined, 21-30 years of age; must be industrious, content with small salary to start and interested in permanent position, where future may be established by applying himself. Address Box 795, Star. WITH car, no house-to-house canvassing: experience unnecessary; your Income will exceed 870 weekly, Our Geld manager trains you at our expense. Phone Mr.

Griggs, Claypool Hotel. CAN use 2 more wideawake men who can work 8 hours a day, Gond pay from start to those who qualify. Apply between 9 and 11 m. in person at 14 W. 22d.

TWO young men to assist manager Ing established routes in city and BUr rounding towns. Mr. Dolan, 136 I. Mar. ket.

PARTIES to purchase 3 22-ft, steady work hauling meat: contract with each unit: $720 Assured for 8 trips per month. 315 W. Maryland. Open Sun. with cars: between come mission pay every night; apply a.

m. and 4-5 p. m. 427 W. Pearl.

ONE 22-ft. closed van semitrailer. Work assured, Dock to dock. No pickups or deliveries, Trade or terms. 315 W.

Maryland. 2 NEAT APPEARING men. steady work for those who qualify, Bonus, Call at 214 Kresce bide. MEN, 10 experienced solt itora: advertis. ing campaign: $2 day or comm.

conditional. Apply 433 N. Illinois. EXPERIENCED house-to-house salesman; travel with expenses advanced, Van Ogden, 47 8. Rm.

613. BOY, with bicycle, in drug store. 1402 E. Wash. SINGLE, white man, team and farm work.

WA. 3024-Ring 1. EXPERIENCED paper hanger and painter; steady work Bun Realty. LI. 3164.

16 Salesmen Wanted. MEN WANTED for Rawleigh routes of 800 families; reliable hustler should start earning $25 weekly and increase rapidly; write today. Rawleigh, Dept. INK-214-8. Freeport, Ill.

TWO industrial stock salesmen, $50,000 Issue; must give reference, have car and give full time. Suilivan Stove Foundry, Lyons, Ind. NEW proposition; higher commission pay starts at once: position permanent. Apply employment manager, 507 Peoples Bank. MEN; must have good care: free to travel: $10 to $20 daily.

Bee E. F. Agee, Lincoln Hotel. 17 Employment for Women. BEAUTY operator, experienced.

3367 Illinois. TA. 0515. COUNTRY girl; good home; reference. Address Box 262, Star.

WHITE woman, age 30 to 45: general housework on farm; small family, dress Box 781, Star. WHITE girl, general housework, part time. 35 Hendricks Place. 1028-R. 11 Business Services.

Painting. PAINTING -Inside and outside; general contracting. 3324 N. Capitol. HOUSE PAINTING, nothing down; 5-yr, guar.

CONDIFF, IR. 4071. PAINTING, inside, outside; wall washing; work estimates free. HE. 5604.

INTERIOR, exterior painting; mo. pay; compensation insurance. DR. 5443. Paper Cleaning.

EXPERT paper cleaning, wall washing, prompt service. References. Keller. 4042. PAPER CLEANED Experienced; work guaranteed: 65c HE.

4965. Per rm. PAPER CLEANING -Exp. Reas, prices. Guar, wurk, E.

A. Green. CH. 3698. PAPER cleaning by expert; 50c per rm.

up; satisfaction guaranteed. IR. 2112-3. PAPER cleaning, wall washing, floor waxing, excellent service. O' Donald, TA.

1790. ORIGINAL Gadberry paper cleaners; work guaranteed; estimates free. DR. 0615-R. PAPER cleaning, A-1; work guar.

Served Indpls. 12 yrs. CALLENDER, CH. 5788. EXPERT paper cleaning, wall washing.

floors; 15 yrs. exp. TA. 2645. PAPER CLEANING; A-1; WORK GUAR.

YRS. EXP. LI. 4906. cleaning, immediate service; work guaranteed.

DR. 1130-M. PAPER cleaned; painting; 20 walls washed: reas. Jackson. LI.

8765. PAPER cleaning, work done properly; guar, Call day or night. LI. 3269. PAPER wall exp.

cleanera. Percy Shields, 304 Eastern. CH. 7356. WALL paper cleaned, up; work guar.

Quick service. CH. 6693. LOST- Keys at HANDY JONES, 543 Massachusetts ave. Lock and Safe Expert.

We open any lock. RI. 2646. LOST Red chow, male: vie. Riverside: child's pet.

Rew. HA, 4608-W. LOST Small black leather cosmetic case in Red cab, Friday; $5 rew. RI. 1852.

LOST in the City Market -Bank book and money. Big reward. LI. 5788. Personals.

ANNOUNCEMENTS. Lost and Found. LIVER BILE deficiency and certain forms of gall bladder and bile duet irritations, dyspepsia and constipation are quickly relieved with BILEZYME TABLETS or they cost you nothing, Absolutely -back guarantee. Consult your druggist or write direct for free literature. THEE KEENE DRUG CO.

INDPLA. FREE HAIR CUTTING Tuesday morning only. INDIANA BEAUTY COLLEGE. 908 Railway Exchange bldg. WILL, treat neuritis, arthritis, rheumatism, lumbago.

Mass. RI. 3759. Marcela, 20e; Permanents, 85c- $3. Royal Beauty 401 Roosevelt bide.

Travel Opportunities, Private Cars- Anywhere, Anytime, CODPERS TRAVEL AND SERVICE 1030 Lemeke bides. Li, 2118. CH. 2967 All-American Bus 149 8. Ill.

STANDARD regular or chartered busses and BEST sedans, all points; low rates. EXCEL. Cara NOW. N. Y.

soon; Cal. today- Wed. Many more. RELIABLE TRAVEL DAY'S SERVICE AGENCY. 105 8.

111. RT. 5634. TA. 4177.

10 Special Announcementa. Out-of-Town Readers who wish to answer Star Want Ads in which only phone numbers are given can do so by writing a letter to the "Telephone Department" of The Indianapolis Star. Call MOTH CLEARING Your Monite Moth- Proof Cleaner FREE: hair finger marcel cut. wave, and Ank About This Week 350 Special RAINBOW BEAUTY ACADEMY Kresge bldg. -JOIN OURFUR CLUB $2.00 Enrolls You.

Ind. Fur Co. 29 E. Ohio st, ENTRAL GIVES 209 FREE 0. 0.

Finger F. Bidg Wave Grandfather Clocks, KELSO Snies and Ill. Hervice. nt. DR.

CRUM, formerly of Virginia now located at 1025 Prospect tain Square, Phone DR. 6233. WILL equip beauty shop. no down payment, for good licensed operator. Write Approved 1435 N.

Meridian ASK for Bant-Clean. Germ Free, Moth. Treated sanitary dry cleaning at your neighborhood cleaner. ALTERATIONS, Indies' men's garments: clean, repair, press, reline: reas. Meyer 0.

Jacobe, 212-214 E. 16th. TA. 6667. NORTH side home where children may he left day or evening.

Address Box 811, Star, FOR CLEANERS NAPTHA SNIDERS BOAP phone TA 2376, 2170 Talbott. EMPLOYMENT 15 Employment for Men. GOOD barber, with South side following. 1317 Wright. DR.

5939. 590; office 19-25, 812. BUSINESS MEN'S SERVICE BUREAU. 725 Electric bide. Lie.

Emp. Agey, P. COUNTERMEN; Lic. Emp. Bureau, cooks; dishwashers, Roosevelt bi.

FURNITURE salesmen, large store, eastern Indiana, State experience, full particulars. Address Box 50. GROCERY clerk, fruit and vegetable man, butcher, all must be thoroughly ages 25 to 35. Address Box 8 786, Star, METAL worker for body and fender repairing. Call Service Manager, LI.

8305. Paper Hangers FIRST CLASS. MUST HAVE TOOLS AND CAR. Huber Contracting Co. 2050 Northwestern TA.

2580, PRESSER on Hoffman press machine. Paris Cleaners, 236 N. Ills. RADIO repairman, thoro, Open 23-28; exp. $22 O'Shea Employment System.

Lic. Emp. 909 Fletcher Trust bldg. REFRIGERATION service man, commercial and domestic. Excellent opportunity for good man.

Apply in person. Dillingham Electric, 324 N. Del. LI. 6644.

-Bell fast moving line of venfans. Lends furnished. If you tilating can really sell and want to make big money see MEIER ELECTRIC AND MACHINE CO. 3525 E. Washington.

IR. 1151, Paper Hanging. DR. Paper removed 1789-J. by Hanging- steam.

RI. WA. -Paper 4131, 2066. PAPER HANGING, painting, steaming wall paper, general repairing. Prompt service.

Reasonable. ELMER SHANER, CH. 1465. PAPERING, 120; samples; cleaning, 75c: painting, interior, exterior: guar, LI. 5112.

PAPER cleaned, 75c per hanging, $4 paper wall wash. and reas. Wm. Cherry. BE.

4686-4. PAPER HANGING and painting. For timates, call Ellis Moore. BE. 2114.

PAPER HANGING, cleaning, house painting, work guar, J. A. Glover. TA. 5721.

PAPER furnished and hung. $4.50 up: personal service. Glenn Frew. BE. 0838-R.

PAPER furnished and hung. $3.50 per room and up, LI. 5018, PAPER hanging, 1st class work guaranteed. L. J.


DR. 0338-J. PAPER furnished and hung. $3 paper 50c. Hilbert, 2122 Bosart.

$2 PER ROOM. IMMEDIATE SURVICE. LI. 1698. PAPERING, paining, plastering, steam work: guar, F.

Grant. CH. 0512. PAPER hanging, expert work; also painting. Del Cunningham.

LI. 4290. PAPER CLEAN wall wash; exp. cleaners. Percy Shields, 304 Eastern.

CH. 7356. PAPER hanging, painting, steaming, first class. Best refs. Leslie Cordell.

CH. 5362. Remodeling. GENERAL REMODELING, cement, brick and block work: patch plastering. DR.


MP. AUCY. DOMESTICS, $8 PARAMOUNT 22-26, $85 STENO. 23-28, down town 75 PLANT SUPERVISOR, 28-40, laundry exp. 150 CR.

INTERVIEWER, 24-26: retail exp. 75 23-28, rapid typist, 75 8 E. Market. Lie. Emp.

Agcy. y. LI. 6366. CREW managers, saleswomen; sell knit aporta wear; excl.

Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Write for appointment. State age, experience, education, ete. Addreras Box 37, Star, DOMESTIC openings, white and colored. NORTH SIDE AGENCY 238 K. of P.

bide. Lie. Emp. Agcy. MANICURIST -Must be FAST and ATTRACTIVE.

Good job for right party. Eddie Mister's Barber Shop, 4th door Consolidated bldg. MANICURIST, A-1. 1130 8. MERIDIAN.

PORTING CLERK: P. B. typing: add. 22-28; agle. $75 NATIONAL cash reg.

cashier: B. 22-27; agle, $75 STENO. 23-28; exp. $75 rapid; 22-26; agle; exp $16.50 credit 23-26; personality $18 23-28; opportunity $90 HOUSEKEEPER: hotel; some Talk and Isles, Musical WMAQ. Dramatic Air, School of the Republican Ranch Boys, WIRE.

Weather Re- 28-40 $65 BROWN EFFICIENCY BUREAU 804 Guaranty bide. Licensed, 23d Year, SALERLADY: sincere, courteous lady past 30; exp. pref. but not 9 to perm. work: future.

Apply 10 to 12 Suite 703 Kahn bldg. SALESLADY for furniture store; married preferred; will teach you business. Small salary and commission. 430 K. Wash.

st. 9-10 a. m. SPOTTER AND SILK FINISHER; EXP. 124 N.

PENN. Indiana EMPLOYMENT Employment Flashes. Chandler Organ. Rhythm. Organ (MB8).

Show. Sweet Home Down East. (NBC). Bag. Men.

Jacob Tarshish (MB8). Jane Emerson (MB8). Live News Stock Flashes. Reports, On the Mall, Fashioned Girl, Stumpus. Clinic (MB8).

announced. Tom. Dick and National Farm Harry (MBS). and Home Merrill. (NBC).

Barnes and of Larson. the Movies (MB8). Perkins (NBC). The O' and. Nellis Sade (NBC).

(NBC), 2:00 -Gene Perazzo. and Financial Notes. Young Edith Karen. (NBC) and Bob. of Mary (MB8), Singing Lady (NBC).

Orphan Annie (NBC). Kyser's Or. chestra. Boys. 4:30 Bob Nolan's Toy Band.

Thomas 5:00 -The Johnson (NBC). Family, of Jimmy Mattern. and Abner (NBC), 5:45 "'Lilac Time." 6:00 -Jack Randolph and His Music. -Crusaders (MBB). Daly's Bymphonic Orchestra, Nelson Eddy, baritone (NBC).

Minstrels (NBC) Romberg and Lionel Barrymore (NBC). -House of One Thousand Eyes. -Crostey Follies (MBS). 'n' Andy (NBC), Sullivan, Hylton's chestra (MB8), Fashioned Girl. Girl.

Knapp'8 or. chestra MB8), Eddy's Orches. tra. 11:30 Orchestra. Riverand Poems.

off. STENO, BILLER, 20-25; $15 2nd Floor Chamber of Commerce Bldg. SALAD MAKER, white, under 35; Indus, cafeteria. (Apply before 9 a. m.

Mon.) SILK SPOTTER finisher, under 40; $12. GEN, DOMESTICS; white, 20-35; stay nights; North side 60 W. New York st, NO FEE CHARGED. STENO. 25-30; single; appearance, personality; exp.

POLICY WRITER, fire ins. Open STENOS. (2); cas. ins. exp $15-818 P.

B. 22-27: some acete $18 BKKPR. -CASHIER; 22-28; exp. typist $18 some comp. $70 O'Shea Employment System Lie, Emp.

Agey, 909 Fletcher Trust bide. TEACHERS and nurses, wishing summer employment with national presenting a sensational, educational program. "Not books;" sales exp. helpful but not necessary. 621 Lemeke bldg.

VOCATIONAL, Home, -Phy. $1,500 Art Supervisor 1,350 Music Supervisor 1,350 Physical 1,000 5th grade, single, 1,000 Home Ed. 1,125 Commerce and Physteal 1,125 EBLE TEACHERS AGENCY. 725 Electrie bidg. Lie, Teachers Agcy.

WANTED Experienced lady driver, for man and wife; must be unincumbered; leave city 6 refs. required; bondable. Address Box 288, Star. GERMAN of coutry girl; white; must cook and care for good wages. Address Box 782, Star, WHITE or colored cook, Age 30 to Priv.

home; must have North side refs. HOUSE EMP. AGCY. Lie. RI.

6876. EXPERIENCED housekeeper, white; cooking, no laundry; stay 4 nights small family: $5. Ref. Add. Box 794, Star.

EXPERIENCED women to sew awnings. Apply 2404 E. Washington st. WHITE girl for general housework; experienced, DR. 2732.

WANT housekeeper; full time. J. Robert Gray, 136 W. 1st Greensburg, Ind. FIVE girls at once; small sal.

to start. 47 8. Rm. 613. 6 EXP, arm and tray waitresses.

F. F. Lic. Emp. Bureau, 905 Roosevelt bi.

18 Employment--Men Women. Indiana EMPLOYMENT perspective drawing 22-33; $15 up. 2nd Floor Chamber Commerce Bldg. NO FEE CHARGED. 19 Situations Wanted -Men.

PLACE in country on farm. Neal H. Modfin, R. 10, Box 41, Indianapolis. FILIPINO; butler, valet, chauf.

or chef: priv. A-1 refs, Add Box 271, Star. Additional Ads on Next Page.

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