The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on September 26, 1936 · Page 10
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 10

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1936
Page 10
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THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1930. ROOM AND BOARD BY GENE A HERN Here Is a Comic for Every Member of the Family (Bf. V. Pal. Office.) BUT .JUDGE r I WAS SO YOUR DAD IS A. FOOTBALL LOOKING OVER TH HENRY PNTULISI AST. TOO. EH 9 WELL, BY CARL ANDERSON RECORD BOOK AN' WE'LL RECALL THE GREAT GRIDIRON EXPLOITS OF "TORNADO PL)FFlE"!-- r THERE ISNT A f YOUR FAT FRiFwn Cam (- WILI MAKE NICE PORK CHOPS NEXT whisper n rr ABOUT YOU MENTION IN YOUR NEKT LETTER. TO THE PATEPi THAT YOU ARE ROONMNG AT fAY HOSTELKYr VESr-AND ILL AUTOGRAPH THE LETTER HE?LL TELL YOU HOW I USED TO FORWARD WEEK, HENRY ' THAT HARNED PASS TO MYSELF ! HOW THE TACKLERS BEFORE IT WAS USED TO DRIP OFF ME ON O-YAFVD WRITTEN, KTDl .RUNS- HOW IN FOUR YEARS OF YOU'LL HAVE- , PLAYING ,TIME -OUT TO REFER FOR ME WAS JUST ONCE PUT MY 9-ac DREAM-TiOOKSJ LEG IN SPLINTS DIXIE DUGAN WHERE'S THE LOCK? BY J. P. McEVOY AND J. H. STRIEBEL IT AINT MUCH OM ldok-c; VeLl VA KIN PARK YER CAR UP IN BEHIND UT INTW'EMPTEE I KNOWS YE'LL BE COMFORTABLE -IF YER NOT I DON'T LIVE FAR 7 BUT IT'S A SAVIN' IDEE IF j I DONT KNOW WHAT HI'S IDEA OF "COMFORT IS BUT. MINE IS TAKE LOT THAR'S WHAR T'OTHERS IT OfF COME OVER AN SEE ME ER TRAVELIN ONLY RFTEE CENTS A NIGHT PROTECTION ?o- PARK THEIR'N AN I'LL DO WHAT I KIN rtK THE TWO OF VA -GOODNIGHT 300 IS VLL FOR PXJE 0l 1TN I 111 T-l It JlcNii(rht .Syn.lii, Inc.. X. VI CITY DIRECTORY f-zt tilM ' King Mturu SynWfat. Inc., World right reatrwd j I JOE PALOOKA SAVING MONEY. BY HAM FISHER V BESIDES I OH DEAR ME , i said We'll DEV GUESS HE'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT Mr, Kiplej trill furnish prool of anything pictured bj blm on raaacct accompanied bj itsmpcd, MiIf-adi1rMrl enrelop. USTA GIVE 111 ARE VA -vyESSIR. I SAID READY TGO Y G'BVE TANN )-WE'RE J AN" SHE SENT DUE IN 3. LCTVE TYOUSE. J t CARRV 'EM .( 0URSELVES.JI JIST GOT STAV HERE. flH STAV HERE. FIVE riCXT ENOUGH TMEET I 1 TCH TCH . I TCH TTH DOLLAH i :o- v r i MR. HOWE WANTID XVA SAP TKNOWIF WE NEEDED Y WE NEED ANYTHING. HE SAVS JL-l GUESS f HE'S DOIN' SWELL. Jf VFR RIGHT, ) I SAID NO WE r I'M CLAD DINT. yyrtM ) YA DIDN'T ) I I I U StAL-ONS . y EXPENSES. -r--- VWVl TIPS f 1 WW TELLIN hME, Mi f II "ZHEMi. v tu JUST KIDS AN EYE TO BUSINESS. BY AD CARTER MOTHEB DEACJ - COULDN'T) P I'M A hksh-falutin; hootinv HEY- 'FIFTEEN SODIES AW TWENTY) ejL CENTS' WOETH OP 6UM- i A, ST DO YUM KNOW WHAT I POUND OUTr MU5M HAD PIPTEEM SODIES . SON-OF-A-SUN FROM iWB PLEASE , S J ' ARIZONA! PAS -TIME FAT50! LCOW-BCTV .JOB! AN' TWEWTV CEMTS' WORTH OP SUM-DBOPS JOT' - tea BOARDERS? PER DOIM' ERRANDS n FEB THEIR TWO BOARDERS AWREADV irr i r w i i Y C TSK! THIS WEEK! in I, IP aw. fij- W m s " create wJw, dfiE ,! M. &&0Z0 , 4 v walking ' W HE IS lffflSSS? - "HIS FOUNTAIN $f T?', Fit PEN-CARDCA5E ff ''?,! III ill &F fcZ 111 EXPLODED , lXy m Whr w n his pocket -p- i Ii ' OPTICAL ILLUSION IMln 42 iy JLt by ROECRT BOSTON P' ' Mont,cc,,0'Atk- . Ix, World fihti rwrwd. THE BUNGLE FAMILY RIVALS. BY HARRY J. TUTHILL ) HV )This goose-necked guy 1 By the by. Probably stepped in to talk where nas rrT-"v r parKea on inat; sory so. i to Doodle, a rnena mu Rosu i f r ? or mine. L?rc L Clse to Kosyr wen we u i r .mw !. p h rf i nui jp jv vm v:w,i rn liiis J GeorgO Dominackar! Mogul of- Ah, if you don't mind, we'll just skid ) A mu dearS vMexia3 who came oack over all that tomorrow stuff. Jsrir t old palsy r that rocket with Right now I'm 100T TMS?7r J i. I J I I LC v I lULU v v "vu vAkF (T''c OVER 10 FEET TALL BY E. C. SEGAR Today "The Ghosts Talk." Monday "Insulting Popeye's Intelligence." POPEYE 5TILL GROWING t76C0VERED BY L .BRAPLEY in SUMTER COUNTY. FLORIDA O Kit. Hint riituttl SynditiM. Ina. Woild rlh tt4 ""f ' ..JPlllllUllliP! 1 Kmnovj yam f GHOSK RlDHNi' ON THE.) -WELL IT' GO'NER HAVE f 1 BrNCK OF A GRLLA LITTLE TALK WTH J I 1 RIPLEY'S EXPLANATION OF YESTERDAY'S CARTOON WN HOT SWVV THFM S ALL- ''THOT 8EASK UErXRV-V TORE ME CLOTHES OFF, BOT I LICKED WM-GORSH, IT WAS ARVUL UNDER THAT SHEET- ' NOT .K-nzk? Si h-TrtE PEEP 6UCHf GOT LI I it troruii u" i THE HIGHEST COASTAL ELKVATION SOUTH NEXT VJEEK I I APOREVE WS THE. York and at tho same time the highest point on the Atjantlc coast, south of Maine. The hill rises from tho Richmond roa-i and overlooks New Dorp and the Moravian cemetery whore the Vanderbtlts are buried. - (ME EITHER1. VOOVULLSEE g nnnrvL'C i OF MAINE. Toad hill in Slaten Island, 430 feet high, is the highest natural elevation of land in the city of New ..... k t V LUHrXT 6ETV V BLASTED CREW C BEHND Vw& OrA OOR f OTl THEM V i7JfeNECKS POPPA ft LOVABLE. OLD FEU.OW- ing the hounds and one person pleaded guilty of giving bribes. The DEBUNKER Br JOHN HARVEV FURBAY, PhD Enthusiasts over touring trailers In Argentina have had their ardor dampened by the report that most or the roads are not in condition for such adventures. ML-A 1,182 CANARJ ES Freight tonnage on Japanese railways is 5 per cent higher than in 1935. UO NOT NEED TO BY NORMAN MARSH SECRET OPERATIVE 48. DAN DUNN RS- TAU6HT 'HuMM Government receipts in Sweden are exceeding estimates. The Rev. Cecil Boulton, the "flying curate," landed 'his plane on the beach at Littlestone-by-the-Sea, England, and held a service which was attended by bathing girls. Russia Is contributing 45 per cent of the Armenian budget. THEIR Vii PLANS OP HIS OWN NO DAKE MAKES EVEDVTWIWG IS WORKING PERFECTLY DAKE HAS THE SONS ONC& TWE JEWEL Si w 1, IN MY POSSESSION. PRINTING PLANT ALL READV TO 'hi ! Japan Is the leading purchaser of ' American motor trucks this year. ! Butter production tops all records in South Africa this year. I Argentina's cotton acreage is In I WILL DISPATCH DAKE TURK) OUT THE COUNTERFEIT THE JEWEL IS WORTH A FORTUNE I'D LIKE TO PULL THE JOB ALONE - -BUT IT'LL TAKE HELP -AND I CAN'T MOVE INTO WITW THE SAME S SOON AS WE GET THIS JEWEL. I'M GOING TO PUT BANKOK OKI THE SPOT -AND 6RAB HIS GANG--NO SENSE tuc nni iu t'M r;fiNA TO MONEY AND WE ARE PROMPTNESS I WOULD PROGRESS1NO ON. OU PLANS Japan is trying to tnlto China's soap trade from Britain. France is spending $55,500,000 on publio works this year. British factories are bujy making goods for the coronation. i ! IM GIVING HIM A SHARE IN tF-S ("' A bank-uk's tiANa iucj suuin.'.m IM GIVING HIM A SHARE IN BANKOK'S GANG TOO SOON, A 5NAKE-- TO STEAL THAT GEM , THE creasing. J MAKE J II'', ,' Government employment agencies have been opened in Cuba. Greyhound racing scandals in Glasgow, Scotland, came to light when attendants were found guilty of dop Coal mines nr being opened in , ' WlVdM (MZM M '4 TO ("AW M9mM'- Sorsogon, southern Luzon, P. I. J ifitfL r4H0W$w I I J " X A ''$ f? Turkey is exTTTng rich chrome CM) iFlM jfigf J . I W ('F ' It is the common belief among canary breeders that these birds must be taught their songs. An experiment on twelve roller canaries, conducted by Prof. M. Metfessel, showed that these birds, when reared In sound-proof cages apart trom all other canaries, so that they never heard the song of any other bird, all developed the usual song of the roller canaries. The songs were recorded on discs. This would indicate that the songs of these canaries may be instinctive, contrary to the situation with most birds. q Finland has already sold a large l TT) A A K - V ' 2 ''" A I I W-ULJ Q AJ IT'S I cubeCaiUSd " li0neS-3 gave Yirth to Lm-M v k It, r.Ki.n i III , .,1 J- 8 I i.-tmaoLtJMf . V J. , 1 1 " H f 5fSRErcE&H,MQ ganyika, Africa, all road traffic was RRINHINfl IIP FATHFR - BY GEORGE McMANUS r$ rtlpP-::V- r diverted. wh"e the proud moUier 5"''J'J Jr r M I flLA i ' ( MXk)P'T f" roared defiance. i r 1 .i i I . ' I 1 1 " ( , . w'vLm Jzr2" c 1U - f TmDwiN'ccx-iNTs ah' dukes r O !J rn(ri . -rvior-wvl !jsttook I'V- - ' fsJW A' Germany is losing the leather trade . i .'K Tllc''v Trt'H C , ;?v--- iJJUC U built up in Costa Rica. faAL-Jg fwsfc -J ? (Copyright, 1936.) LION KILLS ATTACKING TIGER. When a connecting door between two cages was left open at Agartala, Bengal, by a forgetful zoo attendant, a tiger charged its neighbor, a lion. The fight was ferocious, but did not last long, the lion literally tearing the tierer to nieces. ' Peckham police station in. England has the best police garden for the third year in succession and has won the cud presented bv Lady Byne. wife of the former commissioner of police. Itfanchukuo has created twenty-four offices to improve forestry. Japan may bid for the International urt congress of 1940.

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