Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 11, 1934 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1934
Page 5
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flOPE STAft, HOPE, ARKANSAS tL S. Incorporation Law Is Next Move Senate Probers Flay Holding Firms and Corporate Trusts WASHINGTON _(/p)_ The «>nate banking committee, in fi sixth report on its long Wall Street investigation, Wednesday hit tit investment trusts nnd holding companies as instruments for concentrating control ef wealth in the hands of u few. As n remedy, It proposed strict federal regulation—extending the control of the government still further over the money centers. Citing some activities of J. P. Morgan & Company; Dillon, Read and Company; the Insulls; the Van Swer- ingens and others in substantiation of Its criticism, the conimittoe said the proper corrective might be on act requiring ull such corporations to have n federal charter. "The cure for our corporate ailments circumvention of the law, investment- trust and holding companies abuses, and interlocking directorates, may lie in u national incorporation act," said . the report, written under the direc- NOTICE!! All Members of A. O. U. W. of Kansas FIRST MEETING To Reorganize Place ELKS HALL Date OCTOBER llth Time 7:30 P.M. 3e There—Be on Time Let's Go Refreshments City Where Ruler Met Death Just after ho left the waterfront of .Marseilles, France's, second largest oily,, shown hero, King Alexander I of Yugo-Slavia was shun by an assassin's bullets. This picture shows the Port Viex as seen from the Transporter bridge, with fishing and pleasure craft lining the quays, and tjie imposing buildings that face Iho Mediterranean sea. Foreign Minister Louis. Barthou of France and a French and a Yugo-Slavian general also were killed by the lion of Ferdinand Peeora. Such legislation, expected by some to be put forward by the administration next session, would require corporations doing an interstate business to incorporate under government control.. The committee Jield that both in- vestmtnt trusts and holding companies were equally liable for accelerating the concentration of the control of wealth. The vast resources of Morgan and Company were cited. Approximately 44,000 thunderstorms occur throughout the world daily, according to estimates. Home Clubs Sardis The Sardis Home Demonstration club mot October' k at the home of Mrs. John Green with nine members present. Miss Griffin gave.a demonstration on making hot rolls,. floor wax anc stains. The next meeting will',be November 5, at .the home of Mrs. Leon Hines, The subject being Christmas cakes and candies. Philanthropists' Peril Old Lady—"Here's a penny, my pooi man. How did you. become so 'destitute?" Beggar—"I was like you, mum—a giving away vast sums to the poor and needy."—Pearson's (London). * m * m> More than a thousand diferent materials were used in a pat^iwork quilt which a 70-year-old woman exhibited at Chadlinglon, England, a sample of her handiwork. ''Youll Learn, Bub" "You're going to grow up like me some of these days and then you'll know all these things without asking so many questions. But if you really want to know what makes them cars run so quiet, its Lion Knix-Knox gas in 'em. Knix-Knox and any automobile—that's a swell combination. Remember that Bub, because you'll be paying the bills one of these days." Lion Oil to Begin Advertising Drive Arkansas Company Opens 60-Day C;imnaign in 60 Cities ' Tile Lion Oil Sales company, one <:f Arkansas' major oil mankc-ling organizations, will start nn extensive newspaper campaign in the early P ill-t of October, advertising Lion Kni.x- Knox gasoline. The campaign is scheduled for fit! days and will run in fiO newspapers throughout the territory served by Lien. Papers in Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi mid Louisiana will bo used. The theme of the campaign is novel and interesting in that a. series of photographs are being used to illustrate the advertisements, all of which were modeled by Arkansas, college students. These illicit-ills made excellent model.'! and their adaptability and cooperation provided interesting, icalistic photographs portraying some of the trivial worries cf youth. 1 he Lion Oil Sales iompciny owns and operates over 500 service stations in Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Lcuis'iann and Tennessee. During the past year, considerable modernizing has. been done at the Lien plant in Order tc- manofactore a greater variety of petroleum products, thereby greatly increasing the Lion market, "Lion's program of expansion is adding materially tc the wealth <>f the state," said Colonel T. II. Barton. (.resident of the Lion Oil Sales company and the Lion Oil Refining company. "From a few service .stations and dealers in 1S30, Lion has grown so that it now markets its products through over 500 bulk plants and service stations in a large part of five of the southern states. The lank cares of the Lion Oil Refining company are daily moving from the refinery serving Lion petroleum products to cii-stomers and dealers in 29 states of the Union and in Canada, and to the seaboards where much if; exported to foreign countries. Most Crown Prince Expert at Oars Guernsey ! ak; ;i 'H.:,-I T. r.nysi (.•:!> An!(-i\" ;.»•! U-j;!h yi.=ii" Kn,'.:'l:=h A; y;,t! i<-i..:dl. o -!ir;:.1 ; t i.;. tixj a:; <•< nlr; promptly at 8 ;-.,.! cf a piny inwnorlal "En- -rJUcn by 1h<! come to Guernsey this Saturday ftlj and gel his or her money'* WWllf. rag with Fevw An all-around athlete is Crown Prince Peter, who succeeds to the Yugo- iho\vn here rowing on the lake at Bled, famous mountain resott in his shwtn here rowing on the lake at Bled, famous mountain resort in His homeland. i;f the money derived from the sale cf Lion products finds its way back to Arkansas to aid in building and maintaining roads and schools, and cr.ntributing to the general economic cc million shrdlu shrdlu cmfwyp E fjood of Arkansas." "From these facts, it will be evident that the Lion organization is playing an important part in keeping busi- NOTICE Proposed Initiative Act Submitted to the People of tfampslvud County, Arkansas, by Initiative I'elitirms. Petitions have been filed in I he office of the County Clerk, proposing Initiative Act No. 1 of IJempstead County, Arkansas, as follows: "INITIATIVE ACT NO. 1 OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS "An Act to Fix the Compensations arid Expenses of County Officers and to Fix the Manner in Which Such Compensations and Salaries Shall be Paid and to Reduce the Cost of County Government, and for Other Purposes." . Be it enacted by the people of Homji- stead County, Arkansas: Section 1, From and after January 1935, tlie officers of Hempstcad County, Arkansas, hereinafter named, shall receive and be paid out of the revenues of the County as hereinafter provided, the compensations and salaries herein provided, and nothing more. Section 2. The county and probate judge, for his services and expenses as such judge and as ex-officio roaii commissioner, shall receive a salary of Twenty-seven Hundred and no/100 Dollars ($2700.00) per year, and nothing more, payable out of the County General Fund, provided, however, that the Levying Court may authorize a part of said salary to be paid out of the Highway or Road Fund as now or hereafter allowed by law. Section 3. The county judge shall do and perform all the duties now or hereafter imposed upon the county judge as ex-officio road commissioner. Section 4. The Clerk of the Circuit Court shall receive us compensation and salary the sum of Twenty-seven Hundred and no/100 Dollars ($2700.00) per year for performing all the duties of said office, either as Clerk of the Circuit Court, Ex-Officio Clerk of the Chancery Court, Ex-Officio Recorder or Commissioner in Chancery, as well as all other acts and duties, and shull receive no other or further compensation, perquisites, emoluments or fees, either directly or indirectly, for services rendered by reason of or as the result of holding the office. Said clerk may employ one deputy at a salary of no more than Oni: Hundred Dollars ($100.00) per month, as herein provided. If the work increases, the clerk may, with the approval of the Circuit Judge and a majority of the members of the Levying Court, employ an extra deputy at a salary .of Eighteen and no/100 Dollars ($18.00) per week for not more than sixteen weeks i\ year; provided such extra deputy may not be worked more than four weeks on any one approval; and, provided further, that the approval of said Judge and a majority of the members of the Levying Court may be uhtaiiv-1 by mail or petition without tbo expense of assembling the; Levying -ourt. Section 5. The County Clerk shall eceive as compensation and salary ,lte sum of Twenty-seven Hundred dollars ($2700.00) per year fur pcr- 'orming all duties of said office, either as Clark of the County Court, Clerk stead County, Arkansas, shall be ex- officio Tax Collector as now provided by law, and said Sheriff and ex- officio Tax Collector is not placed on a salary, but shall continue to render services and perrorm duties on a fee basis as hereinafter fixed, The fees for services to be performed by said Sheriff and ex-officio .Tax Collector shall be only those hereinafter mentioned and set forth, and shall not, in any instance or in any wise, exceed the fees hereinafter mentioned and set forth. Section 7. The Sheriff shall be allowed fees as follows: For serving every capias, summons, scire facias, or attachment, for each defendant and garnishee ..................... ...... '. .............. 50 j^or taking and entering every bail or delivery bond ....... . ........... 50 For serving every writ of garnishment on every garnishee .50 For serving a writ of injunction on each defendant ...................... 1.00 For attending each Circuit or ' Chancery Court, per' day ........ For attending each County, Probate, Municipal, or Justice of the Peace Court, per day ........ For calling each action at each 3.00 1.00 .50 .75 time W For calling each party at each time 10 For calling each jury 25 For calling each witness 05 For committing a criminal or other person to jail For furnishing a prisoner, per day, when paid by the prisoner For serving habere facias pos- sessionem, or attachment 1.00 For serving every writ of execution 75 For making, executing and subscribing a sheriff's deed, to be paid by the purchaser 2.00 For executing a certificate of purchase for real estate under execution 50 For every relurn of non est on a writ, original or judicial 25 For return of nulla bona 25 For executing a writ of inquiry 1.00 For summoning a grand jury 7.50 For summoning a petit jury, regular panel, selected by jury commissioners 10.00 For summoning a special jury to ness; turning in the territory in which it operates, increasing as it. docs the purchasing power and prosperity (if Arkansas, for practically all the ea.sn received from operations is in turn upenl in Arkansas on labor, materials and property." A. F. Reed, Executive Vicr: President and General Manager of the Lion Oil Sales company, said, "Newspaper To;:nys.o:i'r; ftoi-y ii'irjnt "theme-" of fr'kl'.'iUss (.f busted to tho c-on- /i!h Ibis in mill:!, 'In: yoiin^ piny,-.-;-;-;!)!.:; chow as n title lor tlv. i" pl.-'y, "C:-.n a J : 'eisrm Love T \vk-o?" '/'-iie dram:;, as: it tlundv, end with n ()-;,]••;!•-•)%". nivi is highly romnn- Hr. p'jyj.v, up 'c \\,i; inn-i (hat friendship miulH h«.' ftronficr than l..,ve.. c:r.'-'!ially iiivilc.d to Sure Relief for Mtiturfat 3 '„ Don't try homemade treatments iff newfangled i-emcdic'il Take that %$&& old Grove's Tasteless Chill Tdmj. Soon you will be yourself again, tot Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic, not tally relieves the symptoms of Malaria, blit destroys the infection itself. » The tasteless quinine in Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic kills the^Malo- rial infection in the blood while the iron it contains builds up the blood ( \j to overcome the effects of (he dise&SS and fortify against further attaclt. The twofold effect is absolutely necessary to the overcoming of 'Malaria. Besides being' a dependable reme'dy for Malaria, Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic is also nn excellent tonic of: gen," cr::l use. P'easant to take and absolutely harmless. Safe to give children* Got a bottle today a* any drug store. Now two sizes—50c and ?1. The $1 size contains 2% limes as much as the 50c .size and gives you 25% more fol yotir money. . " t Am swer Sec Tomorrow's Paper or' 3 E FURNITURE CO. for-DETAILS Moses' Digest of the Law.s of Arkansas published in 1921, but without any amendment thereto. Provided, In criminal cases where the costs are paid by the county, no sheriff, cororner, constable or other person serving subpoenas for witnesses shall be allowed to receive from the county pay for making more than two returns on subpoenas in any given case, and in no case shall cither of said officers or other persons charge or receive pay on mileage in serving any writ, process or subpoena in a criminal case for more than the actual number of miles traveled. The Sheriff shall have charge of the county jail and may appoint a jailor who shall also be ex-oflicio deputy sheriff and for whose conduct: the Sheriff shall be responsible as now provided by law. The County shall furnish the jail and equipment and keep the same in repair and shall also furnish all bedding, clothing, medicine and medical attention necessary for the proper care of prisoners, but nothing more. For feeding and keeping prisoners .-•alary the. cum of twenty-seven his office for the preceding month as Hundred Dollar.'; ($2700.00) per year ; defined in this act shall .fail-orsrefuse for porforniinR all dutie.-, of said office, to do so, it shall be the duty of the :-n-l^out of said :mm said Treasurer j Treasurer,, within five days, to report " such fact in \yritjng to Jhe County i hall pay .-'.!! deputies anil assistants. 2:1 it I Tro.-isnrcT .shall receive no other '.. ;• .further ci::;ipiin.'"ilion, perquisites, emoluments, fee:; commissions, cither directly or indirectly, for vices rendered by reason of, or as the result of. hoYi'uv; the office. The Treasurer ITIE.V execute a •'surety bond" to cover the first Fifty Thousand Dclb.rs (S50.000.00) of liability for and on account of his or her official acts with. some qualified surety or bonding company as surely thereon and, in, that event, said Treasurer may file claim for premiums paid on such bond and Ihe same diall be allowed and paid as an Section 11. Sections 12, 13, 14, and 15 of (bin Sheriff ct have no reference to the and o>:-off.icio Taj: Collector, flnce this act doc:; not place him on a salary. in All salaries provided for iis Act, unless otherwise confined in Ihe jail, said Sheriff shall j viiled. arc Minual salaries and assess venire damages on special 2.50 .50 .10 Liun if an Ai- kansaf Com- piny. Keep yo«r gtioline dollar* »t horn*. Buy LION KNIX-KNOX GASOLINE ARKANSAS MADE FOR ARKANSAS RADE of the Probate Court. Ex-Officio Clerk of the Juvenile Court, a.s well as other acts and duties, and .shall receive no other or further c(im|x>nsalions, perquisite;;, emoluments or fees, either directly or indirectly, fur .services rendered by reason of or a.s the result of holding the office. Said Clerk may employ one deputy at a salary of no more than One Hundred Dollars ($101.1.00) per month as herein provided. Jf the work increase:-', the clerk may, with the approval of the County Judge and a majority of tiu> members of the Levying Court, employ an extra deputy at a salary of Eighteen and no/100 Dollars ($18!t!0l per \vcck for not more than sixteen wci-ks a year; provided such extra deputy may not be worked more than t'uui \vceks on any one approval; mid. piovided further, that the approval of said Judge and a majority of the ir.enihers of the Levying Court may Ix' ubluiaed by mail or petition without I ho expense of assembling Ihe U-vying Court. Section B. The Sheriff of Hcinp- For summoning each witness For each non est on subpoena.... For serving each notice or rule of court, notice to take deposition. 1 ;, or citations to executors, administrators or guardians For every trial of a civil or criminal case, or confession in open court For every trial in a capital case 2.00 For executing each death war- receive seventy-five cents each per day, payable as now provided by law. Section 8. The Sheriff as cx-officio Tax Collector shall receive commission for collecting the revenue as follows: For the first ten thousand dollars collected, five per cent, in kind; for all sums over ten thousand dollars and under twenty thousand dollars, three per cent, in kind; for all sums over twenty thousand dollars collected, two per cent, in kind. For any and all other services as ex-officio Tax Collector, where the fees for such services are not fixed by this act, he shall receive the fees for such services as fixed and found in Crawford & Moses' Digest of the laws of Arkansas published in 1921, but without any amendment thereto. Section 9. The Tax Assessor shall receive as compensation and salary b«j pcid in monthly installments by county warrants, the name of the issued officer to and in deputy enlitlod to sr.mo, and based upon a verified claim filed with Ihe County Cleric, but no .such claim shall be r.llcwcd or warrant issued until sufficient fees; for such office have been jarued and collected and paid to the county treasurer lo pay ti.e same; and thereupon v.'r-rrr.nls for r.ny months in —— fiscal year, f;> be paid out of said fees j Judge, Circuit Judge Attorney. Prosecuting Section 15. Each County 'officer whoso salnry is fixed by this Act, sxcept those receiving no fees, shall keep in a well-bound book an itemized :laily statement of all sums earned liy ':hc office-for services rendered, showing therein the nature of the respective services rendered anil the ;ums accruing .therefor. At the end af each month said officer shall make •and add-to sdid' statement the ( %als •>f each page'and of the whole sums 50 earned during said month, and shall attach to the said statement his -•ertificate under oath that the said totals represent the full, true and correct amounts. : ,of,.all commissions, perquisites and compensation or, other revenues earned by his office from all sources what* soever during the said month. The system of keeping such boo}cs> ^the books to be kept and the form! of statements to be made, shall first be approved by the State Auditorial ite- partmcnt or officer whose duty It will be to audit the books and Tepfltrts of such officers. Said -statements shall be open at all times to public inspection. The said officers shall, at the expiration of their terms of office, deliver the said books to the County Clerk, who shall preserve the same as a public record. Section 16. Any and all purchases , - , , . , , i or contracts for supplies or equip- ••.u-r.ed. collected and paid to the j ment nece£sary for the conduct of treasurer. ,f tho fee.s and', (hc severa i coun t y offices and instt- and collected - - Khali bo issued arrears in said so county compensation earned lutions shall hereafter 'be made i. by i during any fiscal yearly any officer ] tho County Court( in 11ia open marfet, " '"' f^ 1 ..I" . rcc!U ,; l '° io ... .^ I upon invited bids and m each instance from the lowest responsible bidder. In case of emergency or immediate and collect, ictr, or other compensation for services rendered, shall be insufficient to pay in full the compensation and salary provided by this r.ct, then and in. thai event the of such officer and deputy .50 .30 rant 25.00 For mileage in serving each writ, process, notice, subpoena or rule, except county matters, for each mile circular 05 For advertising goods or land for sale _ .15 For returning each execution or attachment 75 For advertising elections for each township 2.00 For delivering poll books for .75 each township 2.00 For serving each order or rule of county court (but no mileage) For collecting and paying over all fines, penalties and forfeitures, 3 per cent. For commission for receiving and paying money on execution or process when lands or goods have oeen taken in custody, advertised, or sold 2 per cent. For posting each notice required by order of county court of letting of all public contracts to build bridges For services in attending upon the grand jury each day it is attended by sheriff or deputy For attending on Circuit Court for each day the court is attended by a deputy sheriff and for all traveling expenses tho sum of Twenty-seven hundred nnd no/100 Dollars ($2700.00) per nothing more, for performing the ; pvoiicvticn to th'-' earned and collected duties of said office, in lieu of the i revenues of said office. fees, commissions, and other com- | Section 1.". AH county officers pensations allowed by law, nnd .shall - whos:. 1 salaries .-ire fixed by this Act, receive no other fees, commissions, j cxcepi those iv:.cv.-i;i:; no fee.s, shall emoluments, expenses or perquisites,; c! either directly or indirectly, for scr- j |, ; vices rendered as such assessor or as [ ci the result of holding said office. j c-r Said Assessor may employ one deputy at a salary of not more than One Hundred and no. 100 Dollars scrv ($100.00) per month as herein pro ;M:'I! vided. C.'.n Should the present law, roquiriu'.! •'. -.i! the County Clerk to make the t:!x:e,-u; books, be changed so a.s lo put this;.,;,,.work on the Tax Assessor, then the ;,- < Tax Assessor may, with the approval , .- t and collect, for the use and t of the. County, the .«ame fees, cootj, commissions., perquisite.'; and compensation i\:; ;;re now or here- M'.or require.--' or perii'.htod by law to be eh,-H7;cd by such officer for ;;uch service.':. All sun: I'o'ilie func:.-:. the t f.V ; i'ity. and the co • • •- i S recc:iv C'lin''.-. Tl; .-;<> orinu-d .shall be •o'crty of the •i !in-; officer s:inie as tiustee for the : "iil fee.-; and (-llit-r com- H bo cc:!o;-led in each need, supplies or equipment may. be purchased or contracted for in amounts not exceeding ?25.00 in the aggregate in any one month without first ^inviting bids therefor. The County Court, upon requisition- of each county officer, working for a salary es herein provided, shall furnish all stationery, books, records, stamps, furniture and equipment, and other supplies and facilities requisite for tho "proper conduct of the respective offices and institutions, except '.» otherwise herein provided. Section 17. After all salaries pnd expense claims have been paid, as provided in this Act, the surplus, i* :ny, r.t tho end of the fiscal year, shall he transferred to the County General Fin-.d. Section 18. The various provisions | and parts of this Act are hereby <te- of the County Judge a majority .-.h: .25 2.00 2.00 For any and a!l other services where the fee for such service is not fixed by this act, the Sheriff shall receive the fees for such services as fixed and found in Crawford it of the members of the Levying C'n.-.rl.i employ an extra deputy at a salary of Eighteen and no/100 Dollars (SIS.Oi.iij per week for not more lhan sixteen.! weeks a year; provided .such extra! deputy may not be worked mure thMij four weeks on any one approval; aod/ provided further, that the approval of said Judge and a majority of t!:o members of the Levying Com i i:i.;. be obtained by mail or pctil'on without the expense of a:-.semblin'; the Levying Court; provided further t:::i f this extra deputy is al!e,\ved t.> c'.o Tax Assessor by the County Judi;o ,nd a majority of the members "f the Levying Courl on account of th law being changed a.s referred to, then Ihe County Clerk may nol have an extra deputy as provided in. Section 5 of this act. I Such portion of the Assessor's salary and deputy's salary and expense as. may be due from the State and other ; state agencies .shall be paid into th" County Treasury, to the credit of the County General Fund, and .-h.il! be used only for the pun.vise inVn-uM-, and if such portion ever bo ;-,:id di-. reel to the Assessor or deputy, the. same shall be deducted from ih.-- compensalion as herein fixed, so (::.;!; the entire amount paid to the Ass-.-.:.-x-v shall not in any event exceed lh.-| sum of $2700.00 per year and the n adv.-ina; ot t::,: ron< [turn I ^ ^ bc severab j ef and if ^ ny d ssrv.c;,:, a,W each ofOcrr | ;,:„„ or part sho uld be dedared -a ,-n h.-.s s.-ttleuients, ulK , onstitutional by a oour t of Jast resort, the same shall not invalidate or affecl the remainder of the Act. Section 11). All laws and parts of laws in conflict herewith shall be «nd they arc hereby repealed and this Act "shall be and become effective on January 1, 1935. Said petitions appear to be in form r. quiiod by law and are signed _by t!'." requisite number of qualified , i'nicd by or ac- I v.'Ix ihor collected jv.-ever. thai when tendered and ac( cash deposit is ' f-.ir cost:; in any :>-li..'ii. in any <-f '-. ;.:..y cnrry the c. 'loctcd fees un-n :\ conol;ided tiuin sixty ion of said :.i:.-h officer ,i.d fiftii of|'! h; ".. ,iii|..licatc a :.H sums re- the i tire amount paid to the deputy not in any event exceed $100.00 i'.f all In the uv herein I!:-,.-(! a" i ]'.:;• the/ turn'ill .I'i.-e.il j event any i.-fficer v.hose duty it is to Section 10. The County Treasure) . fii i; such n-iu.>n and pay into the shall receive as compensation ;trul i treasury tho recc-i|>L-: and reyeiiues of Therefore, notice is hereby given question of adopting' or rer .icc-tin;; said proposed Initiative. A,ct v.-ill hi.- rcforred to the people in the tno pro- , i)!i:nner provided by law, at the next l"t:--il "the j (ioneral Election to be held on. No,.,mines, vo'.-..lK-i- G. I'JIi-i, and will appear on the Vic 1 vitli j official ba'»l:il!j in the following term: >thcr "irilTIATlVE ACT NO. 1 OF HEMtSTEAD COUNTY "An Ao; to fix the Compensations.and t'xiu'n c.- of County Officers and' to iii; the muiu'.er in which such Com* ;-..'ns::iu us, ;.nd Salaries shall be paid .-is! in ie;in.'C the cost of County f". Acvnn-..:;-,-,. an,' fiir other purp.os^S." of KOK INITIATIVE ACT NO 1 to AGAINST INITIATIVE ACT NO. 1 id iv.'.eh e!i.'L'i'.M- of the County may vote thereto fur or a;,ain.-/i adopting said propos- i the an- c-d at'i. aivi his \Y1TNESS our hands and the seal xuen-ses. of said County, in the Town of WttSh* uihorized ingion. Hempsiead Couijlv. Ai-kansas, month. en this 5vh day of Se-pler II. M. STEPHENS C A. C. ANDERSON, t (Seal of County Court)

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