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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 10
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 10

Indianapolis, Indiana
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I i 10 TIIE IXDIAXAPOLTS STAR, FRIDAY, AUGUST 14, 193G. THREE- NEW SHOWS, ONE HOLD-OVER ON THEATER BILL Garbo Reaction To Dancing Tune Astounds Studio Film Stars First Impressions. Apollo Present Tunney fight and Lindbergh's tri- Directed by John Cromwell, the pio umphant return to New York. Their ture was produced under the per clever use in the film is said to give sonal supervision of Daryl F. the romance a flavor of authenticity.

Zanuck. Baxter, Loy Film For Second Week MOTION' PICTCKE THEATERS. I'M NOT MUCH ON WORDS, BUT 1 ''A YOU KNOW WHAT BY HENRT 8CTHKRLAND HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 12. I'M THINKING! A love-letter romance that is also a -panorama of the last exciting decade is said to describe the Twentieth Century-Fox picture, "To Mary (U.P.) Dead-panned Greta Garbo, principal export of Sweden, as With Love," starring the popular tonished Hollywood aborigines by 'Xtt dancing the rhumba sitting down, She accomplished the feat after Band Leader Mickey Whalen dared to violate deathly silence prevalent team of Warner Baxter and Myrna Loy, which will continue on the screen of the Apollo Theater for a second and final week, starting today.

An adaptation of Richard Sherman's successful novel, the picture is said to present its two stars in sincere portrayals that surpass their triumphs in "Broadway Bill" and "Penthouse." Ian Hunter, famous stage star, and Claire Trevor head the supporting cast, which also includes Jean Dixon. Opening with the wedding of Baxter and Miss Loy, the film reveals the pair ready to embark on a life of marital happiness. Best man at tit A 'A A. VTiVl -Mi- z-, kt'V1 jt'T t', JZ A YES. AND I on UarDo seis wun me noi iann strains of "Negra Consentida." For two days Whalen's musickers had tootled muted music incidental to filming a theater scene for "Ca-mille," and between takes they sat silent, twiddling their' thumbs, while stage hands pussyfooted about their tasks, fearful of offending the Godawful goddess Garbo.

Meanwhile, Garbo sat long-jawed and vacant-eyed beside sweating Rnhert Tavlor in a second-tier box. OUGHT TO SLAP YOUR FACE!" their wedding is Miss Loy chim to travel with you hood sweetheart. Ian Hunter, who hides his regret with a grin. Plunges Into Market. fj waiting for electricians to relight the set, and the musicians grow more restive by the minute.

Making love lightly, yet loving Barton MacLann louche up a boat model between scenes on the set. 3 ROMANTIC STARS AND 4 FUNNY MEN IN EXACTLY THE KIND OF A STORY INDIANAPOLIS GOES FOR! HV HI BHARI) KKAVV. HOLLYWOOD. Aug. 13.

First impressions; He had the most assurance I ever saw in an actor during his first day us, who thought that the then great lover of the screen should be well over six feet tall, A slender, dapper little guy with too-tight clothes and too-slick hair was twirling a. coin in his fingers. Somolwly said his name was Raft, that he was a dancer and not a regular actor. I wondered how he got the role in "Scarfacc," and even the di Great Garbo Laugh. Here a horn tooted, there a string twanged and Whalen shifted from one foot to the other.

Finally, unable to stand it longes, he faced about, flicked his baton, and filled the stage with thunderous "Cuba Libre." Garbo bounced to her feet like the opening of a folding ruler, and her jaw dropped as if she were about to speak. Then a husky, rasping noise impinged upon the music. The "SwediHh Sphinx" was laughing. She subsided in her seat, and mar deeply, they move through their honeymoon and then return to New York. Baxter plunges into the stock market, intent on accumulating a fortune.

Hurt, but proud, Miss Loy pretends not to notice his increasing neglect. Their baby is born and dies and Myrna turns to a life of superficial excitement to occupy her mind. Just as it appears that their marriage must break up, the market crashes and Miss Loy finds that Baxter needs her more than ever. Gladly, she reacts to the situation, but Baxter finds it difficult to adjust himself to changing conditions. How these two typical lovers, hiding their hurts and holding back their tears, rise to a new and greater love, brings the story to a conclusion.

Smart New Yorkers all carry these Beauty Kits, shaped like Parisienne's jewel cases, with them wherever they go and value them precious as jewels on the theory that their face is their fortune. Office girls keep them in their desks and freshen up just before the boss dictates a letter just to give him a fresh viewpoint! And coup de grace of coups they're the perfect gift to dazzle your week-end hostess! A complete little case, handsomely covered in black leatherette, compactly containing the six essential ways to beauty by Frances Denney (and room for a coin purse, cigarettes and hanky, Champagne Poudre No. 42 (unbeatable), Velvet Cream and Creme-Masque (makes you gorgeous), Herbal Skin Tonic (to make you stay young), Cream Rouge Champagne and a Lipstick (smooth as satin). A six-point plan for your big recovery act. For a short time only at this $1 price.

Toilet Goods Shop, Strttf Floor. Georqo VMi Dolores Costello veling "grips" observed her head be before a camera. Barton MacLane wasn't nervous, as are most first-timers, nor did he ask questions. He seemed to know, without asking, what it was all about. But his cock-surcness left him when the director (the picture was "Black Fury" and he was the heavy) told Bart to ride a horse through the narrow confines of the set.

He said he'd never been on a horse, but that he'd try anything once. MacLane didn't look comfortable on that horse, but somehow he got through the scene without falling off. Since then he's learned to be very fond of some horses. DARRVM Ida Lupino Reginald Owen rector wasn't sure. "Maybe he'll be all right," he said.

"If he isn't, I can 'cut' him out." But George Raft must have been all right. RICHMAN PLEASED BY TEST FLIGHTS LOS ANGELES, Aug. 13-(sP) Harry Richman, singer and actor, said he was pleased with test flights today in his $10,000 Vultee airplane, in which he expects to fly to London next week. The plane will be flown to New Sunday. James Gleason lynne Overman Edgar Ki tnneav i i One of the novel features of "To Mary With Love" is the inclusion in the picture of actual "shots" of recent history, notably the Dempsey- MOTIOX PICTCKE THEATERS.

gin to bob, her feet to stamp, ana her body to squirm rhythmically in time to the music. When the number ended the great Garbo applauded noisily, and relayed two requests to Whalen by way of her maid Clara. The orchestra played "Siboney" and "La Campancita," while Garbo "danced" some more. Director Gets Badge. And speaking of Garbo, Rouben Mamoulian has just been presented with a state traffic officer's star by Arizona Traffic Superintendent C.

R. McDowell, who arrested the director for speeding in February, 1934, during Mamoulian's famous motor trip Solitude Hollywood Style. A luncheon-interview was arranged with Marion Davies. Then I was told that there might be one or two others there, since it was a Davies custom never to eat luncheon alone. Safe devices for use in case of a forced landing in the ocean include one which casts loose the NOW THROUGH SATURDAY SKIM When I entered the dining room of motor her huge dressing room, thpre which in thirty seconds; another i makes possible the dumping HQ! seemed to be hundreds of people.

There were members of the cast, in cluding the late Marie Dressier, and of all gasoline from the fuel tanks and seals them airtight within ninety seconds. A two--ay radio with extra bat- I teries and a six-pound kite which 1 will fly to a height of 200 feet with four streamers that can be seen for i 100 miles at sea also are part of the equipment. mi 11 At. wmn with Garbo, which caused an overnight sprouting of romance rumors. June Travis.

brunette actress-daughter ot Hnrry Orablner. executive of Chicago's White Sox, has gone on a date strike, "for the good of my career." "Whenever I go out In public with a man all sorts of romantic reports start," she explained, "even though a pair ot titled hnglishwomen. a director, three publicity men, countless secretaries. hangers-on and others I never did Identify. It wasn't an interview.

Marion sat at one end of the very long table, I at the other. I talked with one of filWmm 1 1 in I ZOMEDY, ROMANCE AT CIRCLE STARS GEORGE RAFT, DOLORES BARRYMORE H. O. HELIOS' "THINGS TO COME" the countesses, but 1 didn't interview AMUSEMENTS. 1 the star.

I have had no serious attachments during my eighteen months in Holly wood. It's bad for my career to be known as a Hollywood playgirl, and hereafter I II go only to private par actor out of a job, to keep it. open for the one prospective pupil. Fraw-ley's plan is to star Eleanore in a "school show," invite her father, and land Hollywood contracts for himself and his whole troupe. The vaudeville performers go Into action; chorus girls pose as students, actors pose as professors.

Eleanore, arrived at the school, proceeds to George Raft and Dolores Costelln Barrymore are costarred in "Yours for the Asking," comedy-romance of a gambler who decides to learn the ays of society, coming today to the Circle Theater. The picture boaHta a supporting cast of such screen favorites as Ida Lupino, Reginald James Gleason, Lynne Over ties." Odds and Ends. Cutting room scraps; Fred Mac-Murray will go whiskery rather than The picture was "Moby Dick" and the star, we were told, was John Barrymore. We looked in vain for him, because a guide said he was in the scene we were witnessing from some distance away. George Comes Through.

Then we saw a little fellow, in a costume and wearing a wooden leg, walk toward us. He seemed to be about five feet tall. He was John Barrymore. Actually, he Is about 5 feet 7., But he didn't impress any of TO OUR REGULAR PATRONS TODAY IS INDIANAPOLIS MILK COUNCIL MILK DAY FOR COLORED PEOPLE BROAD RIPPLE PARK I Korn, If ants fall in love with Cummings, a song writer who Is "Professor of Music" in the plot. Cummings, Miss Whitney, Miss Bradna and DaPron introduce several new dances in the musical, among them the sensational ballroom "Swing-Along." shave twice daily hereafter.

His doctor told him it caused a recent skin infection. Mary Pickford and Antia Louise autographed polo balls at a recent hoss-croquet game. A new one Carole Lombard has traded in two old cameras on a high-powered miniature that can practically see in the dark. George Raft wants to do the rough heavy in Gary Cooper's next, "Souls of the Sea" the robust little man, Richard (Skeets) uanagner and Edgar Kennedy. Gleason, Overman and Kennedy as the right-hand men of in his gambling operations.

The ftar meets Miss Barrymore, a society girl, decideiJo make his gambling place "an upper-crust layout" and gets her assistance. The trio of henchmen begins to fear that their boss Is falling for Miss Barrymore. firlW 'PICCADILLY JIM' IS TOP FEATURE IN LOEWS SHOW (CnpyrlRht, IMfl, by United Press.) TOLD Yy 8 NOW we're telling you again!) We said "Watch for San Francisco'-ifi; sensational came you saw it gave you the thrill of a We said "Don't miss Suzy'-it's a'swelf And our patrons en and he loses his job on the paper. In an idle moment he sketches some pictures of the Pett family, Mr. and Mrs.

Pett and their son, Ogden. Bayless (played by Eric Blore the "Top Hat" butler) Jim's valet, laughs so uproariously at the pictures that Jim decides to start a comic strip using the Petts as characters. He calls them the Richswitch family. The comic strip is an instantaneous success and soon all England is laughing at their antics. The Petts return from the Riviera to find themselves the laughing stock of London.

They decide to leave for New York at once. Jim sees a newspaper picture of the Pett's return to London, and for the first time learns that Ann is one of the family. The manner In which Jim persuades Ann to forgive him for putting her and her family in the funny papers is filled with laughs and from this point of the story the film builds to its climax. Heading the program of attractions at Loew's Theater, starting today and lasting for a week, is the P. G.

Wodehouse Saturday Evening Post story, "Piccadilly Jim," starring Robert Montgomery, with a supporting list of stars including Madge Evans, Frank Morgan, Eric Blore and Billie Burke. Next on the new program comes "Legong; Dance of the Virgins," filmed entirely in technicolor on the tropical island of Bali. It is one hour long and is heralded as a thrilling South sea romance with an all-native cast. Then comes the toast of the screen, Mickey Mouse, in a new Walt Disney cartoon entirely in color entitled "Thru the Mirror." Robert Montgomery has the role of Jim, an American oartoonist living To prevent such an eventuality they arrange to have Ida Lupino, beautiful adventuress, try to win him. She succeeds, for a time; so well that Raft, who believes her a member of the Four Hundred, begins taking Emily Post lessons from Miss Harry more.

Aid In Comedy. Comedy situations are built up by the three aids, Miss Lupino and a wandering salesman of 10-cent gadgets, Owen, who poses as Miss Lupino's aristocratic uncle for purposes of the plot. The second feature on the Circle's double bill is a romantic musical. "Three Cheers for Love" is the title and Eleanore Whitney and Robert Cummings have the leading roles. Miss Whitney and Cummings are aided by a cast of talented performers, including Louis DaPron and Olympe Bradna, ace dancers; William Frawley and Roscoe Karns, in comedy roles; Veda Ann Borg, John Hnlliday, EliznhRth Patterson, Grace Bindley and Billy Lee.

Eleanore Is the pep-filled, tap-dancing daughter of Halliday. a Hollywood movie producer. Miss Kord. her stepmother, sends her to finishing school which she believes Jiltracorrect. put on "School Show." I The school, however, has been about to close.

Miss Patterson, headmistress and a former vaudeville star Is persuaded by Frawley, an I in London, who becomes ouite fa AM rSF.MENTS. joyed it thoroughly! We said "Here comes'His Brother's Wife it's got sock!" And what a kick you got out of it when you saw this romantic film NOW we promise you that "PICCADILLY1 JIM" is one of the funniest pictures of this, or any season! It's really uproarious .7 Take our tip I Treat yourself to TUN I SWIM DANCE WESTLAKE IIKAt ll TKUKACK Dance Kvrry Nlicht Htrept Mnn. TAIL COIJ.INS ORCIIK.STRA mous for his remarkable caricatures which he signs "Piccadilly Jim." His father, a former actor (played by Frank Morgan), Is in love with Eugenia Willis (Billie Burke), an American woman who Is stopping in London. Eugenia's wealthy sister, Mrs. Pelt, looks upon Jim's father as a fortune hunter and doesn't want her to marry him.

He Falls In Love. One night Jim meets Ann Chester, an attractive American girl, and falls madly in love with her, never dreaming that she is Eugenia's niece. To save her sister from Jim's father, Mrs. Pett takes the whole family to the Riviera. Not knowing that Ann has left London, Jim spends his time trying to locate her.

As a result, his work is neglected -GRAHAM'S OLD INN End of Beech Grove Carllne Dance to DENNY DCTTON'S BOYS Friday Saturday HE SERVE BRICK'S BEER on tap exclusive ciMCE "WHEW it 5 I V4 i.n i SANTA CLAUS is coming to ELAINE 'NERVOUS' AS HER ROMANCE ENDS HOLLYWOOD: Aug. 13 UP) Actress Elaine Barrie is "highly nervous" because her oft-interrupted "Ariel-Caliban" romance with Actor John Barrymore is definitely ended, her mother said today. Miss Barrie is recovering at home from an injury suffered in an automobile accident Friday. "She is in a highly nervous state," said her mother, Mrs. Edna Jacobs.

"Then there is this other matter to make her nervous." "This other matter," Mrs. Jacobs explained, is the ending of Barry-more engagement to Miss Barrie. "The break is final," said Mrs. Jacobs. "And there is no one else in the life of Elaine." MOTION riCTCRE THEATERS.

I i-Bn mi girl umily in th VTCVyr- I II fun r2? 90M 20WIE, VftoXdvYn-07 I WODEHOUSE'S I Merriest I i SUNDAY AFTERNOON AND NITE QJUU an 25c to 6 MADGE EVANS and all-star cast CHEWB0H.B.7 DAY Sponsored by Local and Central Indiana Dealers WILL BE GIVEN AWAY MANY OTHER VALUABLE AWARDS "COME OUT AND HANG UP YOUR STOCKING" ROBERT Z. LEONARD Watch for M-G-M'i xt Triumph! Joan Crawford Bobert Taylor Lionel Barrymore la "THE GORGEOUS HCSSY" GREAT ZIEGFELD" KITZ S4th and IIHnoia Irene Hervey, "Absolute Quirt" Blchard Arlen, "The Mine With the Iron Moor" tPTOWN 4Zd and College William Powell, "Rendezvous" Uonel Barrymore, "Voice of Boale Ann" ORIENTAL 1108 8. Meridian Margaret Sullavan, "Next Time He Love" Preston Foster, "People'i Enemy" STRAND 1832 E. Wash. Richard llx, "Devtl'a Squadron" Oeo.

O'Brien, "O'Malley of the Mounted" KT. XAJ fit. Clair A Ft. Wayne lane Wlthera, "ijtlle Miss Nobody" Lew Ayrea, "Panic on the Air" I iTT who mad "THE "SF 1 r. I tOHD.T STARTS ADDED JOY MICKEY MOUSE Cartoon in Color TODAY UCAR COOL tD 1 HI II B.


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