Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 11, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1934
Page 4
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if r & V ** r ^^ -WW i MOT TOtJR BflW, A Tournament Star 8 Who Is the ftthteie fa the , pfctttrc? •tf Verbal. i* 8*116*8. ISftttthll*. Attttm- (o Pit tele 1$ Diagonal. 29 Soft fmxl. • 32 To perch. 83 Snaky fish. 24 Structural unit. 28 TO hasten. 481*0 rove. 29 Giant king o£ Bashan. 30 N«t«tirc. 32 Owhanglng. 34 Pood cotitaltief 3$ tfgty monster. $1! Chaos. 3$ Intense aversion. 39 Bach. 4<f 6c<«ntrtc wheel. 41 Always. 43 Fragments. 45 Wayside hotel, 46 Principal commodity. 47 Brother. 4S Upright shaft. 49 Large d««r. 51 Money changing. 53 Pertaining to the ear. 55 To apportion. 56 He is a world- famous ^ (pl.). 57 And a at the game. VKUTlCAIi 1 Most difficult shot In his Sport. 2 Stinging Insect. 3 Pulpit block, 4 To make a lace. 5 God of love. 0 Trusted. 7 To stop. ' S Onager. 9 Receded. 10 Spike. 11 He is a of cluba and courses (pl.). 13 Sun Rod. 16 Musical note. Si Young dog. 23 To devour. 25 Hound. 27 Compass point 28 African antelope. 29 Oraln. 51 Typ: of wooden peg. 33 Finale. 34 Camel driver. 36 To merit. 35 Musical Instrument. 40 To gossip. 42 Sixth sign of the zodiac. 43 Not fresh. 44 Alluvial deposit in a river mouth. 46 Slovak. 47 To drudge* 50 Cognizance. 52 Preposition. 53 Measure of area. 54 You and ma. 55 MyseU. This Modern _ LAXATIVE TASTES FINE ., CWMt«S and finicky huibindj talc* it fflaoJy. for Feen.a-mint, the delicious mint chewing gum laxinVe, tastes just like their favorite gum. There is no taste but the mint. But most important, Feen-j-mint is chewed, **, r Imtin, like your food, is mixed With helpful Mliva juices. Thus no mail of nxagtte hiti your system suddenly to upset '**, "*?,"'.• balance. The gentle, more naoi- v ral fefiaft <rf F*eh.»-mint is Ideal for chil- «b«n, yet it u .equally positive and thorough ftc frowfhups.- Doctors prescribe the laxative at nen-fubir forming Feen-*-mint. It It for pl«ai«nt correction without upset to stomich tt.diet. Delay is dangerous. Today, get back g»l *d»dalt and stay there. Get delicious F«en-a-mint at druggists, 15c and 25e. Sell it! find It! Rent It! Buy It! in the Hope Star Market Place the more yon ten, dw quicker you sell. 1 time, lOc line, min. 34o for consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad. 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min. 90c 26 times, 3^c line, min. $2.VI (Average 5% words to the line) NOTE— Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, befor* the first publication , Phone 768 WARM and SNUG as a Mother's / Hug! SOFT, little bodies keep warm and pink—snuggled into the fleecy fabric of HANES MERRICHILD Waist- Suits! Figures "A" and "B" for ages 2 to 12. Full-width drop-seat makes a big; opening. Easy for "Little Buttoners"! Chest and •waist reinforced in four places! Strong garter-loops. Waist buttons firmly sewed with a tab of tape. Flat, scratchless seams and downy inside—gentle to tender skin. Honest, accurate sizes. Long or short sleeves with trunk, knee, or ankle- length legs. HANES MERRICHILD is rayon trimmed! Only 7Sc. Stoeen doors— Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. FOR RENT .. ._. . . FOR RENT: South bed room, with or Without bath, phone 321. FOR RENT — 3 room furnished apartment, adjoining bath, outside entrance both front and rear. Phone 315. Mrs. D. T. Chamberlain, 717 South Main. 6-3tc FOR RENT— Bedrooms convenient to bath, close in. Mrs. Bob Chamberlain, 418 East Second Street. 5-3tp FOR R E N T— Three-room nicely- furnished apartment, private bath, private entrance. Garage if desired. Hume CC or 284. ll-3tc If your regular store doesn't have HANES Underwear for children and men, please write P. H. Hants Knitting Co., Win- ston-Salcm. N. C. 'Hey!—Ifs my tarn to play!" FOR SALE Beat Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat Co. BARGAINS IN USED CARS. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. USED PARTS FOR ALL CARS. P, A. Lewis Motor Co. FOR SALE—Pears 75c bushel or 40c half bushel delivered. Phon 166. 26-3t Cabbage Plants, Onion Sets, Vetch, Winter Grass, Bulbs. Monts Seed Store. 3-6tc FOR SALE: Nice home with 1880.00 Home Owners Loan payable 59-41 per month. Equity f220.00 cash. See Floyd Porterfield. 9-6tc WANTED FOR TRADE—Good work horse for good cow or second hand car. L. J. Hubbard, Sprudell, Ark. ll-6-3tp WANTED—Furnished house. Merrill, New Capital Hotel. R. L. 8-3tc Offspring of HANES Men's Underwear. (Pig. "C" for hoya 6 to 16...with a drop- scat for boys 2 to 4.) Just like in Daddy — with strong buttonholes, double- strength shoul- ^ • ders, elastic cuffs ^f that are stitched \ and re-stitched. " Warm and wind* resistant. Short or long sleeves with ankle or knee- length leei. Un- uaual value, 75c, ron MEN AND BOYS roR EVERY SEASON BOYS WANTED: To do pleasant, educational work afternoons and Saturdays. Good pay- Ages preferred: 12 to 15. Apply by letter to J. T. care Hope Star. H-ltp LOST LOST—White liver spotted female pointer, eight or nine months. Small, stoutly built. J. H. or J. C. Porterfield. 9-3tc My to $e*ve large stocks HANES Wm. R, Moore's A meteorite picked up in New Mexico was found to contain minute amounts of gold. OUR BOARDING HOUSE WANt&T) #iso tl^f rfi i ^R IT.1KIT I HAULED H;sT ^Tw ^ WOW SAILS t>OWM T0.#q 0 / § -reL^'owK: OIT> V ^f^C t ITS IT'S "DOKt YOU MUGS QTA'ftt OUT IN 'BROKEN / HEADU6HT6 TO MOLt> Hrv\-6ET TUACT fly AHElWi OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS BCRM THIRTV VEARS TOO SOON BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Watta Life! By MARTIN V OUNN>0 --» GE.E. . THKTS rUM^YHl ISKJ'T LAKE 'IK T'BR£W< A BAIL N'S^hf WOTH.\t>5 Ytl£ ABOUT IT I'UX. . MtRV 600O, MAM v . t'U. PHONt -TKE OKiClc. , AT ALLEY OOP VOYYU tAt R\<oHT AFTER LUbicH ./\W VT^ JUS' YO^OOTTElsS .THAT'S ALL Hf»Mt fA 1 ^ VLrXVi't: "5^.006^ ' VCiNVV < VOV> =» 1 \V\\tO\^ V\ •* OO t* UT:\.t C\.OW . . . . O'r *>ON\tXtt\N>' TO OO Royalty Gets a Surprise! By HAMLIN 1 / OH.vyoOTIETOOT/ ,^- AWRIOHT \A/E'P2E dOMIN WASH TUBES Once Too Often! DIOJA WANTA BOUT SUMP/N «' • I I I (.•"•-•IV'^J.'B'.S' BY NEA snVICE. INC. I:w3';?;^ I. REG. U. S. TAT. OFF. J'ZViiffm ' ^ ''-^Wlfi "" ( HUMPH! \P A COUPLE OF SAPS LIKE WAst-T v =1 AMD EASY CAM 6ET AWAY WITH IT, SO CAKJ I. 'w^LLTworTAY SOUP ; STBf)R,Cr«O^EM, RDAStN /THEREIlHAT'LL YOU WANT?/ B£EF, ROAST PORK, LAMB — "•- -" ' CM OPS-DOUBLE ORDERS, PLEAb'E —AWD FOR .DESSERT I'LL HAVE STEAK. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS AKJD IP vou |lihHi-K«* || | r i | p**v ^r»iii ^r ^^» l^*/ '^ •-•»-•. - ->^h^ • i ^ f TO GIVE ME A CHECK FOR IT, LIKE THOSE OTHER BIRDS, YOU HO^O, I'LL PUT VOL) TO WASHING DISHES, N \ Shoulder to Shoulder! JBy_CRANE ||^ -., ."..r^ \ sifesi I034 J BY MCA SERVICE .neo' u o. PA" of'i".• ALL RIG^ BOYS ...LlMff UP TWO TEAMS.... FIRST AMD SECOND, AND WE'LL SCRIMMAGE.' "FRECKLES, SKIPPER THE FIRST!STRING// OKAY, COACH.' DID BIFF C4MEROW TELL You WHAT I SAID \ FPR6ET ABOUT YOUR NOT ) IT, DODO. CHASING AROUND / WE ' RE V/I7H BETTY Jf^^f. MORT.MHR? /*£2^ I^hY NOW? THE NEWFANGLES CMora'n Pop) ^ST/ SOD.OIILETS 1 MEANT WHAT I SAID.'.' / ~W £ FOOTBALL FIELD, 1 WE'LL TALK ABOUT IT LATER •' By BLOSSER , _ LISTEN, DODO) EVEfiJY WE LL. "^ COMPLAINT I GET, I TALK JwRITE OKI A SLIP OF ABOUT IT /RARER AND PUT IT INTO HOW /A HAT...AT THE? END OF THE MONTH, i DRAW ONE OUT AMD AKSWER. IT. 1 SEE? ITH THCIP COMPLETE, MEMBER Or NICK'S GANG SUPS OUT OF IN THE MOCNING, ON ORDEOSJ WE'LL THE. TOMPK1N5' «" 2 fiffi).,WEASEL V Not Much Choice! so WELL, IF YOU WHAT D ° MT P|PE DO<A " sJ |? /HOW, 1 WON'T EVEN PUT YoiJRS IN THE HAT! MOW,GET IN YOUR POSITION \I WHKT A SPOT I'M IN.' IF 1 DON'T GO THROUGH WIT DIS, NICK'LL PUT DE FINGER OH ME.— AND, IF WC SUATCH PUNK. LONG, AND DE BULL'S GET WISE DAT T WAS IN OlS BURG, THEY'LL RSJ DE FINGER OtS ME By COWAN WELL,I'D . ME CHOICES W(D D(T ~J ;

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