Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 19, 1952 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 19, 1952
Page 9
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> * *» ^tattift, Jiftf ($»l. HKHRKHM ttfo brfffftj f>f in H»ld fflAter*, rplntlvc* in • jP.lWWWIWBi W Choice Given But Secret - Mr, ana field (he/r , , pnrtm or family reunion July 19 «t WAR _,-., „..,... A t>fl»k«t lunch <$m«i at now «« th» in Mtn, Tp4 .....-.,..„*<.., Mr*. R, W, flprlnjtn «rtd i, Mr. nnd Mr*, Monroe - and children, Fern nnd JJOfWy, Mr, nnd Mr*. T#d Rim- id dAti£hl#r, PflUy, Mr. and r; ,_, It R. Hunt flnd children, Mildred end Harold, Mr, nnd Mm Cliwflcft ffunt nnd children, By. •"•*- "urjorl* and IJlllle, Mr, Cnlvlrt Bprin«» nnd child _'d, Ralph, and * and Mr». Raymond Ivem ond ,.* 4 — «_^ Mr ^ Mr( y ^ r .., and children, Donnlo nnd Su«, Mr, nnd Mr». Ben Me- B»y nnd children, Billy, Shirley, nHurnwl **"» from J;.JOwlo, a»tollc, Hotly, HUO, MD, Donnlo D(?nn, urid Donnn Mr*. Jumna Todford .. — Jf«|cn, Mm, Vloltt _ rind KrnndrtuuKhtoi 1 , M«ry ; -... .lr«|ni», John Kcdmnn, Tom- lo, Ifond0r*on, Mi. nnd Mrn. Del- jn«i« Jtaridoraon mid children Bobby, Delia, Junior*, nnd Mtn, Jt'i'nh) ,Jai!obn arid , «/«rry, Snndrn. nnd Day ftftd Mrs, Coy Hondnmon, »r, T, A, Doyl*, who dlml Births ~— : : Mr, nnd MM, Ofofm Lockwood of Snn Detfo. Cnllf., wmouhei. thn nrrlvol O f n »on, CHnnn, on July 19, jpftj; j^ r ^ wl wn« the former K<-«lln« of thin city. Hospital Notes Julia ChetUr Admitted: A. P. Powell, Stnmng Phillip M, Ward. Toxnrkana A T Arlerrt Honey, Hope, W, R. Pink- prton, Houston, Fred Corver, of ^V* 3 ' - s - ! "y and President 8yn*' " "- Thomai ? ••"'»"' Smoking i.! Seoul, has! The train halted at the end of and the two men were' Dear Mist Dix: I h*vc run Into! very difficult problem wfth my •«jy frkod I arn 19 and I have known (l,n boy for over a yenr. When we began to Ro steady he asked me lo stop (tmoking and be- of - r in a group to solve thd i? I heard some time HRI an organization called Divor Anonymous, and wonder i know anything about it. a , month> Van , »l»charwd^Frcd Johnnon, Hope Branch Night In the Tropics' 1 tJnmblo, Konnoih Bemiottl nnd' MM, John Harvel nrtrt «ob, Mr, nnd Mra. T. O .—,,«y imd children, J«yc B , j 0 |l ly, ,nnd Jimmto. Arknn»n». Joiaphlne and bftby, rf: Mm. „, Texni'knnn, Clubs Liberty Hill iho Harris Texas, " flm « "cmon. enlertnln- of the Evpnliu Oznn-St. Pnul c b with n (en held in h homo or Mrs. W, II, Light v Praeodlntt the t,,,. Mrx. LJ«ht, vk. t ..pn,«ident. called the IU ' W l)u * wcfe rnndo to WRIALTD • LAST DAY • 2 - Big - Hits - 2 LOHITTA YOUNG ROItRT PRISTON IDWARD ARNOLD — In — "Lady From Cheyenne'' iBsnsslnnlion turned to Hhee nil right. I got . „,„, attemnff!"'" s "" )kinB behind his back, li attempt | kncw this wag n()t t[f(M ^ i . him what I had been doing. We hove been ar«trlng constantly now 1 ' nnd he says he will have to give 1 -•" hnd not with Onvin ond that he hni-w Trumnn had not seen Gavin! Ex-Premier's Men Riot in Iran Capital ,. E "" AN - (UP) Support '" teri Reds Take Hill, But GIs Strike Back . not scout around yourself ant see If you can't find enough women In similar positions to form such a group? By DON DIXON n «i (INS) ~ A1 " e(1 anrf Chi- nose troops on the West Korenn front today battled toe to Ue for hill which the Reds took F i" " PLUS Adventure! "-" 7 — STARHITT SMIUY IURNITT «-~- Ifl -Mm "Bonanza Town'' UST CHAPTER TODAY "Captain Vi«f«o" • Color Cortoon in tho Km,. p (u .k the second Tumlny in AuKUHt nt noon foV cm c. Euc-h member I* to (i UiiH'b or 1 1-ovttrod dl«h. Mr*. Uuhl invited tho ?r'± t "'jmbonr Into the di,,| nH loom for njfi'OKlmu'nt*. Aftorwni-d' « -noolnl hour wna enjoyed Centervllie The Centorvlllo Home Demon- •trullon Club entertnlnwl the Or<Z '-'Jftor Home Demonstrntlon Club r , ,S U '" Th »" < «lny afternoon, July 10. from 2 to 4 p.m. in the home of Mm. Vt-rnlo Coy,,,,, Ms Ooynes Mrs. P. R. cnmpbull, nnd Mr*. Dnvld Wnddk- wero in the ,»« line. The Hm-sts WOP P ii ' .'? th " Sid S)tlnru-r. . Mrs. G. A. Unnltor nnd Mrs. II 6 B , rov<? S " rvt ' (l nn « C!l n. MOVI1S FOR HOP! »h^ j i . "w«»p« HMKC.-I puncll nnd diHnty cnkt-8 from « tn-iiutirtil Jjiee coveri'd ttiblo to approximate ly AT club members ami Mrs. Hm 1 " ^ r ^ s a '^ Sim-voport. *" JJu- next club inoetlnK will be f»lcnle i at (he Cfntervlllo cliurc them with tear K u« mi bulls nnd clubH. In Tehran, where one clvilfun won reported killed and t wo „„. loudly wounded, troops fired over IHi- honcU of the demonstrators In on attempt to subdue them. Tiinkn nml troops were ordered out at the great refinery center of Abandftn where rioters shouted re pcntfdly. "We waht Mossadogh 0 we must die." osHOflegh was succeeded an pro mlcr ThurHduy by Ahmed Qavnm Police ond troop reinforcement were rushed to Abndan from Hi provincial capital of Ahwa/ n MonsndcKh backers tried to hur tlu-mselvos before the tanks. Tho demonstrntors In Tehran nt tucked rind broke Into the offices o IMliiliint and Ah Tesh. two news pnperji that were considered ' n- opposed MoNsadotfh. Jtoports snld that If, pro-Mossn <lofih inori had signed a resolutloi In their own blood swearing to kll - captured It first lraVn"i l »M r ?° rts • Sill " l ' lr ' c ' la "y morn- I'.g the UN troops had retaken the r"a p °- iti » n ° f th <- HIM whlu »'..t «el so upset over a mile thing*! I ™l?c' "uves In another" sin'te Since & nl , TU, GRETA| we're being married In her home Answrr: 7hl« may seem like U.wn. I wondered if it would be over'" H ,t m s ,eh y °"' I"'' " '* |pr , Ci} ? r to Sf> .» cl «nvltn onT"o mv O\<T just such .soemingly small relatives here nddino n nnto i, Items th.-U mnny mnrrin«es break the effect thnt we "reoll/e they •p. Since your friend feels so clef- won't be nblc to make the journey li.ite nn this point, it is up to you for tho wedding. The clisUnce Is *n in f. !• ,1 lU.. j.,^., „ „ i . . . . . - ° »»ii. ^.n^ttiiiLU 1J> 1,1 eat nnd I wouldn't want them to feel obligated to make it. Ihe new premier piirtunity." "at the first on ' The Ti-hrnn Bazaar wns closot n result of the clashes, and ion.fom curriers nnd trucklonds of holmetcd military rushed in t,, trouble apol.s. Meanwhile 12 pro-Mossndecb don ulies nuked Shah Mohammed Hezn Fnhlevi for n special audiuncc, and reliable sources said they would submit a petition doclarinjf thai wns chosen premier im. C'onstltutlunnily. New Seizure Continued From Pnjte One of o small part of the Industry under th». \ m Selective Sorvlc Act. • Tho IMons I have to pluc .,-. Htruck pUuvts. If U )e 8o"\vei'e lot filled within n specified time ho President cotua setnio ond mills ., s l i!!UI< « Provision ot tho Se ectlvc Service Act wns not do- .1 , i. U) / lonl , WJU| Deadlocked nuor disputes. Nor did the aov ohitiun consider it nt tho time the first • * « But the 8hoH«««? of d«.f«»nso steol s lMH'oml«H »« ftcute the govern, icut mny feel compelled, to use HI net In on effort to ««t nt least >mo cHtlcnl types of st«el back to production if this lon«est rlke in tho steal industry's his- ry continues much lonjior. C, M. White, president of Re- lulic Stoel, M»id In Cleveland he us mnKxod Jit tho report another «ur« Is being considtired. Willlnm J. Gredf. president of the National Assocltttion of Manufacturer*, Issued a statement in Cliica«Q thot "on the eve of the JX-inocrntic convention the President shows his determination to sehwj property --belonging to thou* snncU of stockholders in one way or another." "We have now been several monUvs without steel production because of the President's refusal to use «vo p»>ovislo»js ot the Taft- Berkley and •' Continued Irom Page on«' making considerable headway Unit 'he will hold n good lead over his nearest rival on "the fir«t : bnl lot nnd that he will rack lip substantial Increase on the second - Backers of Russell countered with the prediction that the Geoi Kin cimdldute—now openly bidding for Trumnn and labor suppor nftcn- having entored the race as the antl-nctinlnistratlon curulldnti if the South—Is Hiilnlnfi strength •upidly. * n<..'thwe s t siop c . l>nlrenchcd " n thu A "thi l ? h | t , h Al ' my brlofln K ""!cer mat it WIIH probable thnt nei- sitie held the actual top at thai nT« f -,"' nCU , " st '°- snw battle for that position had been ra/rinK j n JHicK mi'd, At the same time the Eighth Airny announced that in the woek roin July through July 14 Ai"I'd ground forces Inflicted '2 7in casuaHies „„ the Re.ls, inclucfi. 1.5BU killed, 1,171 wounded and Ji the previous "week." mcl '"" se fl '" nl Meanwhile the Air Force an nounoed that four UN week endin« v,uc lost dunnj. the clay as American aircraft shot I own two Communist jets, proba- destroyed two more and dam- Ono t-34 Thundorjot and ono Marino fire rigercnt were lost to' found- and two Sabrojots wore shot • . Mr. Truman want steel, eon- uo of the industry, or is HO u-ying u» buy votes?" PHea SUbilUer Kills AroaH told a news «alw«ue« yesterday tlw Very dettnitely'r«p M any otfay made to the steel! ntlustry of a price Increase higher han an average of $2.84 /n ton Mlmitos later, Arnnll called re- xirters back to his office to mod.- - „., fy his statement by sayimi he practical now nothing about tiny previous rice offer which might have been nadc to the industry to cornpen- He for wage boosts demanded by ho unions 050.000 basic steel orkers. A top government official, who '(.'fused to permit use of his name, old a reporter the facts concerning the price offer are these: 1. Stut'lmun and Roger Putnam, head of the Economic Stabilization Aguucy. committed the government to u pr,lct> Increase of slightly more than $5 a ton at a White House- meeting last Saturday with three executives of U, S. Steel. Arnall was in Connecticut for the week end. 2. Steelimm and Putnam made their price offer, which is more than $2 over the maximum allowed by stabilisation regulations, in the belief that the industry and the union actually had reached final agreement on u new contract. 8. The higher price offer was definitely contingent on suchi agreement and was not to be madi official until a new work con tract was signed. 4. Arnall wns informed by long distance telephone Saturday nigh ol the decision hin superiors had wade. wore sot auwn In aerial combat with Russian built MIGs. The Sabres tanked with the on four separate days. Thoy destroyed one MIG-15 and one ypc-15 Russian built jet, the S type- IS destroyed in Korea Ihe Hods took "Old Baldy," west •I Chorwon Friday after three on« buttalion-sixcd attack support•il by heavy mortar nnd artillery in'onn ChineSL< f 'red more than. (1,000 rounds of mortar and artil- ery durin« the 24 hours endini; at 1 p. rn. Friday. The Allies thon couiUer-altacked hrou « h n "UhtenlnR and huncler storm which flashed und roared over the rain-drenched lines. The UN forces withdrew at midnight in the face ot heavy Chinese fire and resumed their attack this morning. Action elsewhere ulon« the mountainous Korean battlefront was rei- aitve light. Land-based warplanes and night intruders continued their attacks against Communist targets despite inclement wonhter, but naval op- crntions were reduced to a mini-" mum by tho poor visibility. The city of Kano in Nigeria was once enclosed by a wall which delimited a space designed to be large enough to grow food for the inhabitants during a siege I to make the concession and break j Uic habit. It can be clone. To make n happy marrl.'iRo is worth the exercise at a little will power, don'l you think? Lonely Divorcee Dear Miss Dix: I am a school-' tuneher. 35 years old, and divorced. Since my religion precludes remarriage, I'm very lonely on week ends when other people an; (jointf places. Church work occupies quite a hit of my time, but there is still much left for loneliness. Wouldn't it be a good idea for wo- f.'n in my circumstances to band Career Man McGranery's Assistant WASHINGTON I/PI — Ally. Con McGranery has assigned a 33-year^ old .lu.xtieu Department c areor man as his executive assistant to take some of the work load off his i-wn shoulders. .I.'imcs fi. Browning was appointed to the post yesterday, succeed- in^' Mrs. Grace M. Stewart, who w-rved under Tom Clark and J Howard McOrnlh. President Tru- rsiiJii appointed her to a municipal court judfieship hero this week. A native of Belt, Mont., Brown- ir.K has been with tho department .since 1041 except for threV- years on military leave during World War II. He steps up from tho job of first assistant in the Claims Division. McGranery said his new assistant woilld screen all matters coming from various department divisions and would recommend action by the attorney general — and thus "put that job back where it used to be." f A. D. Answer: A note such ns you sue- EC-SI might also be taken to mean that you don't want them to make the trip. Better omit it. You will probably have a chance to discuss the problem with your relatives personally, in which case you can "*"'"'" *'"' their absence will not igs, though you if they can make me trip. It really isn't too long a journey in these days of rapid transportation and perhaps some of them will be glad to make the effort. Dear Miss Dix: A year and a hall ago my husband and I came to this country from Europe, i am now 22 and have been married five years; I have a daughter 4 My husband is quite a bit older than I. and I am not happy with him. He is a very sick person and. in the months he has been ill, I have found someone for whom I care more. Do I have a right to ask for a divorce now or should ... it *ffl 6* well for . tftai one does not httsband — w any other ber oC the family in trouble. Al Hollywood publicity to the conlrj one does rtrvt trride husbands ensunlly ns you nre planning. the mere fact that a husband ill does not provide adequate r sort for'divorce in any of th| United States — even the most oral. Released By The Bell Syndieji Inc. • CUB BARTON fop Attorney General * tl 39 "\? re experience tHan all his opponents combined. • Endorsed 100^ at Home by lawyers and judflesl Pol. Adv. Paid by Paul Johnson, Monticello. HOPE DRIVE-IN . THEATRE S. Main & Country Club rd. Saturday _ Double Feature "BLUE GRASS OF KENTUCKY" Bill Williams — Jane Nigh — PLUS — First Run "SHADOW ON THE WALL" . Ann Sothern — Zachary Scottl .SUNDAY> MONDAY WAIT A MOMENT LET ME FINISH READING 1*1 X . fe\ JUST MBSS6D UP WHAT SHOUIDI TRIPLE J6RRY IL> HA»B j/ tASY < PtAV, J V/..' J y^gy^l^y' : ;•'•'• ? • I /*& A «• M >fX. Sfv ^ »t^8 •ffl t • ^ ' *! tfU 1 i •?! • Illinois Incursion •f MlchMl O'Mtlliy iNd R«l HORIZONTAL 6 Tried 1 State flower of 7 S C ™?_£ Illinois Is bluebirds ^ ,8 Single (comb? State" ^Withstand IL HARJORIfMAIN FtRCYKILBRlOE i-.-l ~ m TUNE-INSAT. July 19- 8:30 P.M. RADIO \/ V A D STATION IV A AK H««r IKE HURRY for GOVERNOR Pint Bluff %* AbMrd the Winning W» MMWV U. S. Population Now 156,804,000 WASHINGTON Wl—The U S population totaled 150,804,000 ori June 1, the Census Bureau estimates. The figure included members nf the armed forces overseas. The May increase alone was 202.000. The increase since June 1 1051, wns 2,682,000. And since the lust formal census count in April 1950, tho population has grown 6,672,000. The Lamas of Tibet practice modified form of Buddhism. 19 Symbol for ]i 30 Far off (comb. 45Ceremony, illinium, .^tjjt > form) 46Onthe paths 21 Raver JgiL 31 God of love I sheltered side „!„ i A» 22A11 <•» 37 Redactor 47 Gull-like bird •mSinml* « 23 Capes'IBP 38 Mental 49 Bulgarian coin |18 Sesame ^ 2 4 Freely 1SB » 3e / faculties 50 City in The r -,' * 25 Little demons 40 Negative Netherlands las n«fv J"i g ™,i 26 Percolate ' £• 41 Deed s 52 Note of l9B Mnlr» Sl ° Wly -jaHl 42 B ° d y Of WatCr • Gllido's SCfllc 128 Make 2 7 Whip' jSK 43 Feminine »., . , , 29 Soon 32 Intended j 33 More rational 34 Plague (comb, form) ,|35 Slender, r branch |!36 Jurisdiction 38 Nets 39 Ruddiness 41Mimic J44 Electrified particle 85 Rodent 48 Ferrule 151 Infirm \ 54 Kind of sword , steel ;*5 Click beetle 56 Drivel ! 57 Cotton fabric VERTICAL i 1 Article of ^ i clothing 'f FOR GOVERNOR Qualified by HONESTY* MATURITY ABILITY* EXPERIENCE (Political ad paid for by JacX Holt, Jr.. Little Roe*) Th» law h»df ailed BhUe R«ndell, «nd hu gun was hu only friend. After ten year* in San Quentin, he returned to SPANISH RANGE to win back his property from tU« murder* ou» Leoai«, or die in the •ttenipt. Here is « Western novel with a nev twUt-^a dram* of action, steel, nerved men, and beautiful women, with all tfee to. tn*u#* and advetttur* of 0mcountry's greatest 4«y«^ BtflinsMondoyin Hope Star TUESDAY SPECIAL YARDS III FIRST QUALITY NYLON PIECE GOODS ~ • " —r-^ .. i , 1(1111 i|U*•)?•«*•«* Plain and fancy patterns you'll fun galore ond save yoMiseff money. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willlamt nswer to Previous Puzzl* IF WOMEM EVER (SET \ • iMTO TH' OUR GREAT MATIC>MAL OAN/>£ \ l ~? RuiMGC*/ i m .^- •• ' ,^_ THfiM l<3 TAKIM 1 I ^.' '^ •" .~-'^T-^-~^ f">/V d. I," lit » ' A^l* I tf^' * *" • • —• AIN'T THAT'tJUCKV, VIC? HB'&YOKAV. *WlU It NOW vou u»Ttsn» MI OKRIM PER A ROUND OP / fiA»T OK SCRAM/ rlRGHL M6 LIK6 A WBT MACKMiU, JU*T UP AT THB COONJTKV V^—i P^L. . AM' MAA AM BX-CONJ/^/ ^>>— PLA|»S HER CH8CKK50: Af.SOU ESTHETIC PANCIM' AM' f« 1 JA*'*i. t'v — I "" «-M>J*«- "N4 *^i^ f . -^Lj;pj-p»— •••^•^^••^^fc^ wlrfft^sssw-^^^^ .e^-n^^-^^fr^SM »• w' " WASH TUBES AH, HERB'S DA X N0 V °U p OM'Tl NOT T BUT, BACKUP, \BUrTHl5MJANOUTRftOBI 53 Burmese tj appellation ."* wood sprite ^ UDDEI? ONE! NOW \ TILL I YOUR tKEE-l . JUST SIT TH6R6, ILLJU&TTAKB 1 CREWNTIALel D65B TWO OVER I'LL PLUC5 DA PMMTGD OM IABUOW OLP THIS WILL BB A BLOW MLMNOKIWD1 AWOWB HAVBM'T, ^ CLUB-- TO PA MUSEUM FOR U& JUDGES TO SEE IF WE HMOG ' SHOW PLACE OUR BOARDING KOUSE Maior Hoopta ESAD,TV.!lGS6/ A GLORIOUS -«@^\ CJOST AS X WlAS A CHAMCe^C MiMG TO TRllOK X WAD' TO 60V A -SPEEDY FILLV, /^ MO FRiENJDS LEFT,HERE DAUGHTER OF MY OLD l-\ORSE/Y' ; l VOU COME VMlTH A < DREADNiAOeiAT/-*"TAklM© <f\ CORDIAL. HEi? AROLbMD THE TRACES, fe\TO BECOME YOUR. X COULD PURSUE MY I' I PARTNER/-*~X'A\ PRESIOEf^TIAU S \ TOUCHED/-^LET'56O CAMPAlSNi ONP\ \ LOOK THIS A MATIOMAL ALU\ \TELL I ' , PARTNER iKi z —\ ( HO\M '-lliAE PURCHASE HAk-KAFF/ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES 2 Preposition 1 S Smell 4 Persian race CARNIVAL •v Dick TIUBM < Oo|H, 1»H In NIA »ir/»». Ina.^TH uUGS SUNNY TO 5PREAU SOOD .'• TH'WEATHER .. l<& PISTUR0INQ ./f' HUH? AW NISHTi-V ^^ ' S1.UM0ER/ VA MEAN IT'« TOO HOT 6N BVBNINiSS/ MV DISCOURAGING PILEMAAA. FUNNY BUSINESS By Herahberger DR.T.M. ONTHEBEAM PSVC.HIATlST •"-*--Hg^ ,, /^W» teaaftss. ;<;» L/i? r M, «.J. g, •. -"^", >--m ^f ClLj ALLEY OOP NO DOUBT ABOUT / YEH , BUT LET'6 NOT V9 NO U3E, OOR IT, POOZV, OOOLA'5/MAsXE A FRONTAU I WE'RE OU1A / NAW SOMEWHERE IM J ATTACK/ BETTER / UUCK,.AQA)N6T/I WON { T THIS PALACE J j\ WE FIND U6 A ) BLANK. WAUL6, I BUV < V DOORINBACK,/WE'FJE6URELYATHAT/ 6TUCK/ 1 ''Daddy, can't you learn to just clear your throat Instead L, - vl of . ^ ellow L n £ 'yy^I'-SjCOING ON HERE? 1 " SIDI GLANCES By Golbralth He fights every child in the neighborhood— unsuccesafullyj" CHRIS WELKIN, Planeteer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS So A 6UY ROBBED THE' BANK OF NINE THOUSAND— WOULD 1 J. STILL SOTTA WORK / J HAVE HIM BOTH , PARREL^/ OUTSIDE- AND LET ME CLEANUP? FOR A NOEL, ] JUST CW3P W^W-^WHp 9H Ir llWi™ •W^wtPBw W WW 3fW*»wiWW

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