Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 8, 1937 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, November 8, 1937
Page 5
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Monday, November 8,103? HOPE STAK, HOPE, ARKANSAS THE Annual Pine Biuff-Little Rock Game Tops Conference Card Arkansas Colleges Meet Tough Foes Razorbacks to Meet Olc Miss Team in Memphis Saturday LITTLE ROCK — (/Pi - Oul-of-stntc fcRnis furnish nil the competition this wcck-etitl fur Arkansas college foot- bnll innrhiiies. Only two Kamrs will be plnvcil in tl:e state and only four games — in chiding the University of Arkansas' clash with flip University of MLv-issip |ii — nre scheduled. Thn Rn/orbarks meet Ole Miss nt Memphis in one of the .south s b in ner gainos thnt will Rive many eastern Arkansas funs their best opportunity to see the Fayelteville eleven in ;ic lion. Arknnsus £lalu Tetiehers Collide top candidate's to repeat as .state champions. lire idle but Arkansas Tech. the runners-up, entertain Southwe.stcrt Colle«e from Winfielcl. Kns., at Rus scllvillu. Hcndrix College of Conwny. which won't play State Teachers this sea fan and thereby may leave anolhei good topic for dispute around the hoi .stove leaHue this winter, travels to Hncone. Okln., for a tilt with the famous Indians. Ounchilu's Tigers piny another ol their infrequent home names at Ai kiulelptna against Louisiana Collt |>i (rom Pinevill Henderson State Teachers, Arkansas State of Jone.sboro and Monlicello A nml'M. Colleges all have open ditcs LATEST CHICAGO FIRE Football Leaders of Nation Reduced Alabama Only Unbeaten, Untied Team in the South NEW YORK-(/l')--Here'.s the status of college football leaders, as n result of latest returns: Far West: California, unbeaten but tied, in lead for Pacific Coast Conference title and Rose Bowl nomination; Santa Clara, Sugar Bowl aspirant. unbeaten and untied; Colorado, Rocky Mountain leader, and Montana, both unbeaten and untied. Knst: £ix teams unbeaten but tied, including Pittsburgh, Fordham. Yale, Dartmouth, Villanove and Holy Cross; Lafayette, neither beaten nor lied. .Middle West: Minnesota in big ten lead; Nebraska, unbeaten but tied twice in big six race. South: Alabama, unbeaten and untied, in lead for Southeastern championship; Duke, unbeaten but tied once, at top in Southern Conference. Rice in Southwest Conference lead, following first setback for Baylor. — —«»»«j. Heal Punishment The Devil: "What are you laughing at?" Mi.-: Assistant: "Oh, I just had a woman locked up in a room with a thousand hats and no mirrors." Call Harry Phone 148 Cull Hurry I'll pick up your laundry. HARRY PHIPPS Bill DeCorrovonl, shown breaking with the Dall, perhaps is the most besieged high school football player in the country Playing with Austin High, DuCorrovonl has broken nil Chicago high school scoring records nntl is a remarkable punter and passer. He is 17 years old, weighs 172 pounds, and stands just under six feet. Bill Holland is his third high school coach, and the third to call him the greatest high school player he's ever seen. The youngster also is considered an •excellent major league baseball prospect. Rosston Wins Over to 13 Logs, Blocks and Bolts Wo are in (he market for White Onk, Ovcrt-iip, Burr Oak, Red Oak and Sweet Gum Logs. Hound Sweat Gum and Uluck Gum Blocks, Oak, AsJi and I'ine Bolls, For ri-it-t-s and Spiflficiitions Apply to Hope Headin Company I'HONK 215 RosstorTTeam Overcomes Badger Lead to Triumph BODCAW, Ark.— The senior boys jasketbnll team of Rosston defeated 5odcaw here last Friday night, 23 to 13, in a hard fought gnmc. It was the third game of the season for Boclcaw and its first defeat. The Boclcaw boys led, 7 to fi. at the end of the first period. Rosston overtook the Badgers near the end of the second quarter and when the whistle blew for the half, Rosslon was leading, 12 to 9. The Rosston team displayed an airtight defense in the second half, allowing Bodcaw to tally only one point. J. Butler of the Badgers and L. Jarvis of Rosston tied for scoring honors, each making eight points, The Bodcnw junior boys defeated the Rosston juniors, 15 to 10, and the Bodcaw girls dropped a one-sided game to the Rosston girls. Sugar Bowl Seats Are Now Ready for Sale NEW ORLEANS—No one knows who the participants will be in the Sugar Bowl game here on-New Year's Day, but the 22,950 tickets for the contest already have been put on sale. Emergency boxes will be erected if the ticket demand warrants additional seating space. Baylor Defeated Rice Now on Top Razprbacks Drop Contest in Las 30 Seconds of Play DALLAS, Texas—</P)—Burly, 212- pmmd Ernie Lniti, gentleman scholar of Rice Institute's class of 19-10 Sunday headed n group of fellow students who had converted wolf howls into cheers. Sophomore Lain, aided here and (here by the required (en helpers, hntl Rice's early season scoreless wonders, alop the Southwest conference Sunday—a step ahead of .stunned Baylor. Thirty-three seconds remained Saturday when Lain stood 35 yards from touchdown soil and planted n perfect pitch square into the arms of his sophomore companion. OHic Cordill. for a fadeoul score that whipped dazed Arkansas, 2B-20. ll was his third aerial touchdown of the day and with it went the last hope of Arkansas to retain its title. Even as Lain kept Rice's league record intact, n great Baylor team was dropped from the nation's list of un- defcnted teams by n University of Texas crew that charged out of the cellar for n few hours and played Baylor dizzy with a power game that brought a 9-fi triumph. At College Station the Texas Ag- gies' great Dick Todd put on his hula- hip net to submerge Southern Methodist M-fl. Once the speedster went 74 yards for a score. The Aggies draw Rice in the standout battle next week, while SMU has Baylor, ruffled only once, to contend with at Dallas. Texas, will try to find its third win of the season at Austin against a Texas Christian team thtit was unexpectedly upset by Centenary, 10-9 at Shreve-. port. ; Arkansas travels to Memphis for n Same with Mississippi Saturday, having completed its league schedule. Southwest Standings \V L T 20 3 Rice Institute Baylor University U. of Arkansas Texas A. and M Sou. Methodist U Texas Christian U. U. of Texas Pet. 1.000 .750 .583 .375 .333 .333- Handley and Schulte Leaders in Contest llunl (o Believe Conductor: "How old is your little boy?" Mother: "Four." Conductor: "How old nre you, little „ Boy: "Four." Conductor: "Well, madnin, I'll let him ride this time, but when he grows up he'll be either o liar or n giant." FEORIA—Lee Handley and Fred Schulte. roommates with the Pittsburgh Pirates, are reported first in line for a $100 cash prize offered by a national publication to the person or persons hauling in the season's largest muskie. They landed one weighing 50 pounds. Schulte resides at Belvidere. 111. Worse Yet Hubby (looking at bills): "You're driving me to the poorhouse-" Wife: "No, you'll have to walk. The finance company took the car this morning." Winning Plays of 1937 Yes, Sir, Anything Can Happen ^ CLEARING- UP WE MOST O/SCUSSED PLAY OP W£ SeASOM,,... HoU> -ft/CK VANDZRBILT MANEUVER, WTH LINEtMH CAKRVJN& BALL, SCORED TOUCHDOWN WAT UPSET STATE, 7-6 TAKES BALL PLACES IT OH GROMD B£T\HEEM HAYS' i£GS... REIHSCHMIDT FAKfS OUT To LfPT AS If HE MAO BALL DROPS BACK AfJb ffU.t.$ ON GROUND AS IP DOWN .. RICKETSON &ETS UP, PlC/fS UP -• BALL, AND FOLLOWS INTK^fSKEHCE SCAMPERING, 5b YARDS To TOUCHDOWN.'. Lou Little Finds Grid Defense Is Now Stressed as Much as Offense Attack Is Meeting Different Setup on"Nearly Every Play—Rules Changes Have Resulted in Higher Scores NO PROPHET-ALL LOSS Orville W. Erringer Hope, Ark. Representing Hamilton Trust Fund Sponsored dy Hamilton Depositors Corp. ROpER "America's Finest Gas Range" KASy TERMS Harry W, Shiver Plumbing-Electrical PHONE 259 !•' OR SALE Choice Building Lots on New lilt- proved street to high school. Easy Terms. Dsy Phone 158 and .Niglit 191-W See A. C. ERWIN £NGINEERS SEE BUT IT'S AN ELEPHANT... By LOU LITTLE Head Conch, Columbia University NEW YORK—Football's unending history has been the battle for supremacy between the offense and the defense and if any proof were needed that the battle has not yet been decided, it would be provided by the glittering array of varying defensive formations which have blossomed out this season. A few years ago, experts were worried because the defense had caught up with and overhauled the attack. Scores were not running high. There were too many low-score tie games; too many games decided by a single point. Something had to be done to strengthen the offense. Rules were liberalized on the forward pass. The sideline zone was established. The lateral pass was given some measure of protection. Scores mounted. The offensive took the upper hand. Games were more exciting. Flayers and spectators had more fun. But the coaches whose duty it is to consider ways and means of keeping the opponent from scoring, as well as to devise means of scoring on the opponent, couldn't let things go at that. Eastern Coaches Get Wise In Texas, where the forward pass is and has been for some time the offensive staff of life, they had been playing five-man defensive lines. The idea was primarily defense against the pass. Occasionally n Texas team came cast or north, tried out the five-man line, and we ran their ends for long gains and touchdowns. Thus the five- man line was in disrepute in the east, where the running attack is still the basis of football. Here and there, however, an eastern coach began to experiment with the five-man line in practice with the idea of getting a maximum protection against the pass without sacrificing strength against the running game. Suddenly, within a few months, the idea look root and this fall, almost without warning, the game has been breaking out in a rash of unorthodox defenses that improve tremendously on the original Texas version. Chiefly the advance has come in the varying of defenses on virtually every play—the variations being made as the offensive team conies out of the huddle and into formation. If the team goes into one formation, two ends may drop back, with a backer-up going up into the line. On another formation one end may drop back. The backer-up who goes into the line in the first instance may vary according whether the strength of the formation is right or left. Mixing of Assignments Result is a mixing of assignments that is confusing lo running linemen arid blocking backs. The 'attack is meeting a different defense on practically every play. In other words, the defense is taking on almost us much pit-determined strategy as the offense. What's the answer? Maybe it will lie in speeding up the attack, getting the play under way before the defense •an make these changes. We've grown a little slow earning out of the huddle and getting the ball into play. Maybe we'U even have to go back to calling signals; perhaps to more shifting. It's certain that the attack c'rom now on must be better balanced than ever, with that balance well ed between passing ability, speed and deception, and power. The day is certainly gone now in which a team which possessed only power, or passing ability, or even good speed and deception, cain get by. You're going to need all three from now on. All of which makes it look like better, more entertaining-football. (Copyright 1937, NEA, Service, Inc.) Bobby Dodd Told He's a Proud Papa, Faints ATLANTA—Bobby Docld, Tennessee's great quarterback and All-America, never was fazed by charging linemen but when he was informed that his wife had given birth to a 9-pound baby girl, Bobby, now assistant coach at Georgia Tech, fainted dead away. His doctor ordered him to bed for three or four days to recover from nervousness. Holding Out? Wife: "What is this thing, dear?" Hubby: "Only a pawn ticket." Wile: "Why don't you get two so we can both go?" Socking Wysocki ArtistJExplains Painting With a Puzzling Poem PITTSBURGH.— (/P)— The world will know what happened to Narcissus — if it can figure out the poem artist Salvador Dali has written to explain his painting "Metamorphosis of Narcissus" in the 1937 Carnegie International Art exhibit. But it won't be esay, because this is the way the poem goes: J 'Narcissus loses his being in the cosmic vertigo "In the deepest depths of which is singing "The cold and dyonisiac siren of his own image." Dali, a No. 1 surrealist, has painted a plaster-like figure of Narcissus and a big hand holding an egg. The guide book to the exhibit says the way to appreciate the painting Is to stare at the figure of Narcissus until it isn't a figure any more but only a hand holding an egg. There you have it: that's just what happened to Narcissus. He stared at himself until he turned into a hand holding an egg. Then the egg hatched. From there on you are on your own, Field House Will Be Dedicated to Rockne SOUTH BEND, Ind.-Notre Dame's $550,000 field house, to be constructed and dedicated to the memory of Knute Rockne, will be completed and ready for use for the opening of the 1938-39 school year. The huge building will be devoted entirely to the physical traininpg and athletic needs of the student body. Nine Wildcats Apply for Police Force Job John Wysocki, 180-pound junior from Wilkes-Barre, lias just taken a long pass similar to one ho caught for ;i Villanova touchdown against Manhattan. Wysocki, left end, scored all tliree of the Wildcats' touchdowns against the Jaspers, and added another point with his 22nd consecutive successful place* kick: after one of them. Defensively, he spent a good share of the time in the Green and EVANSTON — Nine Northwestern athletes are seeking to fill a single vacancy on the Evanston police force. Boys who would like to become a limb of the law are Don Heap, Fred Vanzo, Mike Calvuna, John Wegner, Ed Klamm, Ed Kovatch, and Bob Swisher of the football team; Fred Renkle, basketball captain, and Bob Carter uf the track team. A lady noticed that her colored maid was carrying home the grapefruit rinds each evening. When ques- lioned regarding Ihe unusual proceeding, Ihe maid replied: " Hake 'em home because they make our garbage look so stylish." COTTON LOANS QUICK SERVICE IMMEDIATE PAYMENT TOM KINSER Hope, Arkansas * • Hope Plays Host to Russellville Bobcats to Meet Fifth Conference Opponent Here Friday Night LITTLE ROCK—(/P)— The mighty Pine Bluff and Little Rock Tigers-) titans of state high school football—( meet Saturday at Pine Bluff in their 21st annual classic with the victor cdn» ceded a good claim at the Arkansas Championship. The Zebras will be after their eighth consecutive win within the Arkansas high school conference, a record that could not be duplicated because othelf members did not schedule that many 1 league games. The classic pits two hard-running elevens against each other, with the Tigers having a slight edge in power and Pine Bluff more deceptive. Blytheville, only other undefeated conference club, scheduled only five games this season. The Chicks take on Searcy, non-league member, this week. Camden, getting warmer as the season progresses, is favored over Fordyce. The El Dorado-Hot Springs and Hope-Russellville' clashes are tossujis. Benton, Fort Smith and Forrest City go outside the conference. Benton takes on the Prescott Curly Wolves, Fort Smith entertains Fayetteville, and Stuttgart goes to Forrest City. The North Little Rock Wildcats, stopped last week by Pine Bluff, invade Newport. Conference Standings: Teams— Won Lost Pet. Fine Bluff 7 o 1.000 Little Rock 4 0 1.000 Blytheville § 0 1.000 Russellville 2 1 .667 N. Little Rock 3 2 ,600 Forrest City 3 2 .600 E. Dorado 2 2 .500 Hope 2 2 .500 Comden , 2 2 ,500 Jonesboro 2.2 ,500' Hot Springs 2 5 .286 Clarksville 1 3 ; ,250 Fordyce o 3 .000 Fort Smith 0 4 .000 Benton 0 5 .000 Police, Short of Funds, Make Own Ammunition GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.—(#)—The pioneers who made their own bullets' and measured out their own powder haven't a thing on the Grand Rapids police department. • Confronted with budget limitations which hindered pistol practice for the department, Superintendent Frank .3, O'Malley ordered Patrolman Walter F. Weber to see what could be done about it. Weber, recently reported that more than 39,000 cartridges had ibeen made from reclaimed cases, lead and tin since August 1, 1936, at a cost of $160 as compared with the $800 the ammunition would have cost new. Monts Sugar Cure For Pork and Beef Our Sugar Cure is a formula that cures meat quickly, costs no more titan the old salt method and is' much less trouble. Making all cuts tasty and delicious. The fine flavor with attractive brown cured color makes a more ready sale for those who butcher for market. Electrically Mixed Printed Directions With Each Purchase MONTS SEED STORE 110 East Second Have your winter Suit dry cleaned in otir i modem plant—pressed ' by experts — delivered promptly. PHONE 385 HALL BROS, Cleaners & Hatters The Best in Motor Oils Gold Seal 100% Pern., at- 25c The New Sterling Oil, qt 30? Tol'E'Tex Oil Co, East 3rd, Hojfc-Cpeu Day & Nite 9c GOVERNMENT COTTON LOAN FORMS RECEIVED Forms for effecting government 9-cent loans are here, and we are now prepared to arrange loans with the same prompt and careful consideration that we have extended the producer for over 30 years. The evidence of this constructive and gratifying service is the retention of the valuable patronage of some of the largest and most influential planters in the Hope territory for that unusual length of time; and those wlw anticipate placing their cotton in 9-cent government loans can. be assured of this most satisfactory attention. Furthermore, they will find it to their decided advantage to arrange their loans through our firm. Respectfully, E. C. BROWN & CO. Cotvon Merchants 8 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas — T

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