Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 7, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 7, 1935
Page 4
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£'#'*«* ' " itf t Swimming Mammal Sffiftil Wl UMMM 13 jV -i •» *«-»«CT'/» A" 13 Vegetable. ^ f ft CoftstellaUon. .) Scatters. 'SI Alleged force. 22 Giving cre- t &nce. ;2-l You and me. ,'2Sfo accomplish :27 Corpse. 30 Wasted as t tlflie. ;33 Excuse. 36 Ctednser 3? Dry, f 3S Egret. ,40 New Jersey ( 41 Toward. Uafrohoun. 45 Knock. 46 Male sheep. '40 Poem. "61 To Imitate. !$4 Kiln. HJHH ' 56 Snare. 6S Lawyers' charge. 59 Nothing more than. 60 Angry Cl Greek god. S3 United States breeding place is the —=Islands. ' 63 It Is a mammal. VERTICAL 2 Single penrl. 3 Peel. 4 Turf. 5 Half an em, 6 Tardy. 7 Respiratory sound. 8 Either 0 Arabian shrub. 10 Wren. 11 Frees. 12 Affirmative. U> Wand. 1 SVatch pocket. IS Senior. iSPortn of "o." 23 JMsh.. 23 Beverage. 2S.lt feeds on 26 Station. 2S Roofing material. 29 it is Killed for fur s and oil. 31 Female deer. 32 Gibbon. 34 God of war. 35 Morsel. 39 Neither 40 Pronoun. 43 To play 44 To affirm. 45 Fairy 47 Source of indlpo. 48 Finch. 40 Hops kiln. 50 To opine. 51 Pertaining to air. 52 Hammer head 53 Existence. 55 The tip. 57 Simpleton. 58 Distant. K^ sr JO S ^ 32 a ,- &'-'• sr ^ P ?5^ 3o~ 55 Black-Draught Long-Established 1* f-J t U *•«•' . ^ . ^ Reliable Laxative >'~ A clean system for health! And a «- v good, purely vegetable laxative to Y, l lveJp l cleanse the digestive tract when it gets sluggish! For this, thousands 6f men and women recommend Black, Draught , , Mr. O. F. Ansley, of Dallas, Texas, Writes that he has used BJack- JDiaught, when needed, for more than 1 fifty years. "It gives me quicker relief _than anything 1 can take," he de- claws. "I consider it the best medi- | 'dne for certain ailments." Mr. Ansley has enjoyed remarkably good health. He has lived in Texas for more than seventy years! His former home was . Cuthbert Ga., which he frequently » visits. He served -in. a Georgia regiment during the War Between the States.. . —adv. A petition signed'by a number'of persons in a circular form is called a "round robin." $50 to $500 AUTO LOANS On Cars and Trucks Highest Prices Paid for COTTON TOM KINSER Let us make an estimate on your] PRINTING Johnson Printing Co. Cecil Johnson Phone 3l| | Sell I« ' Find It! Bent It!. Buy ItJ in the Hope Star MARKETPLACE Remember, the more you tell, the quicker you sell 1 time, lOc line, min. 30t For consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one arf 3 times, 6c line, min, 50< 6 times, Jc Une, min; 90c Z8 times, 3«. c Une, min. $2.76 (Average 51^ words to the Une) NOTE— Want ads will te accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication Phone 76& BETTER—TASTIER SANDWICHES In all favorite combinations LUCK'S TOURIST COURT See Our Selected Line of New FALL DRESSES Silks and Woolens in the Newest Fashions THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs. C. P. Holland BECAUSE It's Odorless It's Better Our Special Odorless Process of Cleaning takes out ALL of the dirt and gives the fabric its original feel and lustre. PHONE 385 Hall Brothers Hope's Super CLKANERS FOR RENT FOR RENT— Four room apartment in. Mrs. T. A. Turner 122 North St. Phone 447. 7-3tc FOB RENT-To ladies. Furnished bedroom adjoining bath. Kitchen fa- pilities if desired. Phone 642. 7-3tp "'FOR RENT— Ladies Only—Nicely furnished, front bedroom, adjoining bath, price reasonable. Call 455 after 6 p. m- 7-.'itc WANTED -^ to buy kitchen t, wood range cook stove, and , liflpleum rugs. Must be in good con- jUaort. Box 265, Buqkner, Ark. 4-6t c ouse work or tending children. Experienced. Of good fain- jjy. Phone W. J. Hartsfield, 1625 PI 7-lt,, SEEDS TULIPS, NARCISUS IIYACJNTIijS and WINTER LAWN :;EEDS. MONTS SEED STORE (jet the World on n f CROSLEY All-Wave RADIO Tubes Tested Free ^ Houston Electric •=s |? f' *• Shop TRV THK Sea Food Market at Home Ice Company Fresh Sea Foods direct from the original French Market at Now Orleans. tp sell Pu, i Products. Pleasant work. See B. 1'. i BJintyn at 400 South Elm. Between 12 ' 1:30 p. m. 7- Up j LOST—Weekly time bonk of accounts. Reward for return to Loul*. t Community Ice Company. GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Vacuum $4 «y .95 Cleaners § f up Harry W. Shiver Plumbing-Electrical Phone 259 _1 ttoPi OUft BOARDING HOUSE October 7. Jj8 By WILLIAMS OUt OUft WAY By AMERN VTWER6 IT AM-W-w \/t-l~GULP fl IfT.eii* / l'v/f- Mf-urT STOP TEASING M&R LIKE TMAT/ THINGS TUIMK TMAT JUST -AS PLAIN I'VE NEVER SAT IM A MAW'S 10 WOULt) ^-^. UAA SITTING ON A LAP -i -NEVER AREN'T ALWAVS MAM'S LAP, AMD WILL. — GULP- T&U&- MINE UE'S CHUCKING I'D SMACK j SNOWED TMAT us —THE. t)O *3 ^ TO BATTL&V MIS HANDS, I HAD POTt AND . TRUTM WILL CWWsl/ WE MAS IF HE EVER BAGS OF GOLD/ MIS MAT ON, 50 1 THINK THeV WEflfc , IT MUST BE OUT CMIN-1-1- IN A PARK —TMAT OM, TMOSE BAGS AND WASH TUBS 4-OOKS LIKE A TEA LEAVES » i —i ^»» •^rf' i ^ - r 11 WE T3ONT 7 © 19JS BY «A SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES \K> ~ "\_\\<E _BORM TMlRTr X&ARS TQQ 5OOM. Both Barrels :. INC. \< A<.< — \M\i GKY/b fcV^ tO STKViO OP FOtt OO<R I THt MOWt Wt 00, THE KOQ.'E Wt'SE. tWtCJEO TO 00 AWO ^ V.OT OF ALLEY OOP By HAMLIN What Would You Do? TO ' ^woK>'T e>t o\cTA,"xto TO/VOO- •Voo ©N AMD ON, CLUTCHING THE HAPLESS ALLEY OOP IN ITS TALONS ,STP?EAKS THE HUGE FLY/MG LIZARD, WITH DINNY, KING GUZZLE AND THE , ENTIRE MOOV/IAN MALE POPULATIONJ .; ^. IN HOT PURSUIT WASH TUBES ; V '©193VDYNEA SERVJCE, INcT T. M^K. U. S. f n ,. „, r . by MARTIN -^OH • I WISH I KNEW JUST WHAT MADE THAT NOISE - IT SOUNDED SOMETHING LIKE OINNV . BUT V OH, DEAR - i DONT WHAT re Buried Treasure i/: POT. OFF. mx. IT'S A \ HEY' COMA QUEEK! SWOOSIE FIN DA BURIED TREASURE! ~lf BfCRANE. VELL, SIR, you CAW IMAGINE THE SURPRISE lj OF THOSE ON CALAMITY ISLE. A PIRPfTE) MY GOSH! MAYBE FRECKLES ANP HIS FRIENDS A~\CHI5T//THERE'S ANOTHER : TT-IOSE SCRUBS ARE ; SHOWIWQ THE RIGHT SPIRIT.' PLEKTTY OF FIRE AMD DASH '.! Nuttv Can Take It f HOT ZIGGETX DOG! ^ LOOK! GOLD.' IW6OTS /" AMD SPANISH DOUBLOOWS AMD PIECES OF EIGHT.' Rv BLOSSER L^OKATTHAT KID GO.' ITS NUTTY COOK// HE LOOKS LIKE A SECOND COUSIN TO A WHIRLWIND // • •"-»—*.. THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop7 YEAH..OWCE !BU>A/ V/HISTLE.. V/E BETTER SEE IF HE'S OKAY ! 1TBAH...IM j ALL RIGHT.. JUST A f LfTRE WUMB AROUNP THE EDGES/ OK I'M FIRMLY ODN- ) VIKICEP YOU CAN (TAKE IT, w BOY, f BUT I'M WOT SURE tXJ KNOW WHAT TO Do WITH rr !! WORK?YOU BST YOO'RE GOIN' TV/OPK^FIU^VE T POT THE UWV ON YOU! COIN 1 DOWN T'TWiX VT OVEI? WITH JUDGE OUM7TON, J IN RIGHT NOW, AN 1 VOO^E >\ GOIN' WITM ^ NO DENYIN'THET, E^^^AY. BUT . THE JUDGE /!>JNT OFFICE T«i JUDGE ALWAYS IS ON Y BUT, NNY DEAR TUE JOB-TWATS WHY I-IE'S ) UTTLE WOtMN, WUBJE HE IS- UE DOESN'T GO/ YOIJRE WRONG! LCAFIN' AROUND^ OUT GAMBUN'/UKE SOME PEOP1-E I KNONN,' YOU OUGUTA SEE THE JUDGE BET 'EN., IN A HOT GAME OF RUWAY/ 7V. TheJ*aw Takes a Holiday APTEF? , BOT NOT-DURING HOURS -AND I KNOW , WHAT JIA TALKING ABODT/j By COWAN Q 19)8 8^ NtA Sf RVICe. INC. T. M. REO. W. S. PAT. QFF.

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