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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 17
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 17

Indianapolis, Indiana
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TUiliUAY, MARCH 23, 1S65- TiIE lADiAAPJLlS SIAR PAGE 17 Action lit Tho Hull King IAS Itl then 7 disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say if." Voltaire to Helvetius COMMENTARY Streets Must Be Safe At Nioht For Men. Too 55 By RUSSELL BAKER Nr Yark Times News Service Washington It is becoming dangerous for a man to walk the streets alone at night. A solitary male night-walker tells of a harrowing experience on a lonely street within three blocks of his home recently, and his story illustrates the refinements of peril that result from the national crime-mindedness. He was strolling the sidewalk of his upper-middle a P'Pe whlIe PassinS nerv-class residential neighborhood ous woman Wlth a dirk can at approximately 10 p.m. and an Sg mental lapse, musint? ahsentlv.

as i. his The Problem facing society is Out-Of-State Student Thinks Hoosier Freedom Taxed Away on the transience of how ive our women a feel ing of security on the streets without impeding the lives of men who also like a nightly stroll. life and the onset of gray at the tempi es. Absorbed in his hts, he failed to notice that he was being approached by a short at woman when within perhaps 20 feet of her, he IX AN EFFORT to solve this problem, American industry has come up with the Protect-U aerosol spray cans. Basically, it works like spray-on deodorant.

The lady lifts her can, squeezes the cap and aims for the man's eyes. The SDrav is said to stun the man Baker To the Editor of The Star: As an out-of-state student attending Purdue University, I have several observations on the current fiscal strength of Indiana. This will be done on a rather offhand comparison with my own home area, Chap-paqua, New York (Westchester County). A general comment on living expenses is that the cost of living appears to be about 20 per cent higher here. This includes food, clothing, rental and so on.

This seems rather somewhat higher at home. The second point that I must comment on (or gripe about) is the subject of Indiana's amoebic tax structure. In short, it is fantastic. Since I have no income in this state, I may say very little on the State Income tax but it would appear to be substantial. The personal property tax is way out of order.

Let me examine this in qualitative detail. First, a person buys something. This initial payment has already seen the income taxes. Probably, he must finance his purchase through a bank or a similar institution. Well, bank profits are taxed and hence the borrower is taxed.

Fine, whatever he has bought, he now is in possession of. The following year, he is assessed on this piece of property so that he is privileged to pay taxes on it. So, what do we have? First, he is taxed on the money he earns to pay for a product. Secondly, although not applicable in all cases, he is taxed on money used to finance the product. Lastly, he is taxed annually on the cash value of what he has bought.

Wait! Wasn't he taxed initially on the cash value of what he buys? One could consider State Income tax. I leave this thought to your readers. Now comes the sales tax. This particular piece of legislative (I am not able to think of a word strong enough which could be printed) is reached absent-mindedly for momentarily, "permitting the his pipe. woman to escape." At this gesture, he heard it also bathes the victim in woman cry, "get him, a peculiar odor which marks Killer!" and saw her unleash him for easy arrest and iden- an enormous hound whose tification.

It is hard to see jaws dripped blue fire. The how Protect-U can be anything the capping blow. Now we have introduced another tax in the chain mentioned above. Oh, it's only 2 cents on a dollar and really shouldn't hurt anybody they say. Nevertheless, it is the most odious tax of all.

One may conceivably avoid the above taxes by having no income, buying no taxable merchandise and so on, but the human animal has one taxable frailty. He needs to eat. It would appear that the former legislatures are missing something in this regard also. All people need air. My, my, my, what a brainstorm.

People who don't pay their tax may be deprived of this function. Another captive tax. It was mentioned in a recent editorial somewhere, that a people are no longer free or even salvagable if they are taxed more than one third of their income. This article also went on to mention that taxes are now far above this mark. I will not attempt to either support or negate this statement, but in passing I would offer the suggestion that the people of Indiana are taxed, perhaps not directly, by a factor of better than 50 per cent of their income.

LOCKE BOGART West Lafayette. (Philadelphia Bulletin) beast caught him before he but a social disaster. Consider made four strides of panicked the nervous woman who sees retreat, hurled him to the a hulking silhouette reaching sidewalk and expertly seized for its pipe. If armed only with his pipe wrist in poisonous conventional military hard- Middle East Bedlam i teeth. 'Total Accuracy' Fine Ideal But Hard To Attain (Washington Post) by Moslem Pakistan in President Habib Bourguiba United Nations debates on snnke wise and soherins Kashmir.

West Germany, IN A TRICE the woman was upon him. She wielded a words at a press conference though she has been covertly baseball bat. in Jerusalem (Jordan sector) sellin8 arms to Israel, has ThouPht vnnM trv snmp. To the Editor of The Star: Midnight Heading wiimmi uuudi, me oiar nas the other day. wunneia recognition oui oi been deluged with letters from sai that "mankind has ear Arab counter recog- many people coming to the become like small children nition of Eas' Germany ware, she will think twice before acting.

With her harmless but effective aerosol spray, how ever, she will have the easy option of spraying first and asking questions afterwards. By momenta rily stunning every male pedestrian who makes a nervous gesture, she may have time to check the bodies for weapons and, if she finds one, to make her escape without having to answer to the police. The men, on the other hand, thing funny against a defenseless woman, eh? she crowed. "Come across with that pistol." Solitary male nightwalker defence of Dr. Crane after the playing and quarreling.

But Greece also does not enjoy chastisement given him by tneir qUarreiing is not like u'l relations with Israel, in Miss Sue Shook and printed tna 0 ma children be Part because of concern over in The Star on Feb. 17. if MnnA possible EevDtian reprisals surrendered his pipe and sub- This is not the reason for anH tear anH rhan In the against the dwindling Greek nutted to a humilatmg frisk ii. t. a i i my writing this letter.

It extinction of mankind if any community in Alexandria ing before the woman agreed to listen to his explanation that he was merely an inno- distresses me tnat I leel com- 0 tne leaders of this world At one level, the game is pelled to speak up, but I fear commits an error, miscalcu- childish. At another it is that the real point of the issue jateSi or magines he can fraught with peril. Ordinar- mav be neglected in the cross- AsrtmA Vita anamtf immArli. cf aK1 icVimnnf ff full fO cent neighbor out for a though suffering only a mo- stroll, and to escort him to mentary stunnning, are going fire between the pro-Cranes ateI The whole world could jaVions between Bonn and Is- his house to be identified by to have to go around for sev-and the anti-Cranes. int frno.

raPi wmiH whniiv wpI. his wife. eral days exuding a peculiar This man was a victim of and easily identifiable odor. Miss Shook attacked Dr. edv." corned.

But in the present Crane and The Star in the As if to demonstrate the interest of clear thinking and truth of hjs assertioni the bedlam of threats and coun- tne general conviction among jne problems or explaining terthreats, this step toward tne women of America that it this peculiar and easily identi- normal relations could unite 's no longer safe for a woman fiable odor to a wife upon re- the Arab world behind Mr. t0 wa'k tne streets alone at turning from a nocturnal walk ugiim umgn, wniie uw ast a pointless uoroar over the oolitics of ft Bro 1 "Hit criticism seems subject to debate. In her letter she stated that diplomatic recognition. West Nasser and heighten the ten-Germany is seeking full dip- S10ns the Middle East-lnmatie relations with Israel. That, it can be presumed, is night.

Hereafter, if he ever need not be dwelt upon, (well, walks the streets alone at you see, I was passing this night again, he will give woman with a momentary-women pedestrians a wide stunning can when I reached TVio Star sVinnlH nrint rinlw uhv the IlnitpH States cau- items which are accurate, the Arab states wh0 jn turn tioned Bonn against establish- berth, for he knows the for my pipe reliable and informative, unon ine relations with Israel. chances are excellent that Something has to be i done to which people could rely. To Germanv a dinlomatie re- Eve" so. be better they will be armed to the make those streets just as safe accomplish this end. it would nri, 'intaABA in ifriat.

to lance the boil. If Arab teetn ana quicK on tne trig- tor men at nignt as tney art for women. 4X1 1 1U Alii 144 1U VV be necessary that all editorials tll(, i Bnnn states did in fact recognize ger. I and personal columns be Tnere much to be East Germany, the West Ger- NQW JT dropped because they are for the once-established prac mans might be impelled to re- tQ a woman whQ opinionated and thus cannot tjce of extendi diplomatic consider the Hal stein Doc- j1 baU bgt and be all fact. Then, a gigantic reations tQ de fact0 trine, which calls for reprisals monstrous hound news clearing-house would if East Germany is recog- rrnc (Atlanta Conjtltutlon) 1 L.

I. .1... nitaA In foot M. Mcoii ia nave iu uc cswuusmcu uj gicau intprnat nnal rnmm tments. the street or running up an alley.

The difficulty for men arises from women who are not leading a unified Arab bloc Mr. Bourguiba, for one, The Wonder Five To the Editor of The Star: Indiana is known to have the best basketball in the country. It has turned out many winning coaches and many stars. Having followed basketball and been associated with it for many years, there is one team that stands out above the rest, and that is the Franklin "Wonder Five." This group of boys started out as a class in the Methodist Sunday School at Franklin under the coaching of their teacher Ernest B. "Griz" Wagner.

For three years, 1916, 1917, and 1918, they won the Sunday School title without a loss. Then this same group of boys went into Franklin High School where again their teacher Griz Wagner was their coach, and became the first and only team to win the State High School title three years in a row, in 1920-21-22. Then they entered Franklin college, taking their coach Wagner with them where for two years, 1923-24, they won the National College Title. Who ever will forget White, Vandiver, the Friddle Brothers, Hicks, Keeling, Comer, Ross, Gant, Ballard, Borden, Davis, King, and Williams, and their immortal choach, Wagner? Certainly no one group of boys has ever, or perhaps wiil ever be able to even du-plicate their feat, three Sunday School titles, three State high school titles, and two national college titles, without ever losing a chamiponship. They will go down in my book as the greatest team of all time.

CLAYTON CRAFT Plainfield. From The Top To the Editor of The Star: In Mr. Johnson's "U.S. War on Crime" message to the House and Senate he said, "Crime will not wait while wa pull it up by the roots." Did his statement mean that he will eliminate crime from tha top (executive branch) first? HELEN CARNS 2811 North Illinois Street. carrying only small arms such wisdom of severing relations as the dirks, snub-nosed out personal opinions and Once any government, in a unproven accounts of news- seizure of moral indignation, worthy happenings.

Eyewit- severs diplomatic relations ness reports would have to be J0' masons it shat- ters a channel of contact that withheld until proven factual can be grievously missed and by some very wise judges who not easily repaired. Our own could not be swayed by their nonrelations with Communist own opinions. In the process. China have compounded our and gas guns with which the with Bonn. And if West Germany recognizes Israel, it munitions lobby is arming the A.k luul m- fair sex for self-defense.

iciuiiine uiuuiacivca iu iu fact that Israel does exist. Thoughtlessly reaching for of course, we would lose a few of our basic rights. We could no longer enjoy our free- perplexities in Asia witnout jt giving much more than emo- -tional satisfaction. The nuances of the Arab- I 111 IX CSIAWFOIKII WEATHER OR NOT dom of speech, of the press or Israel conflict on questions of even of our thoughts. This diplomatic recognition can be does not seem logical.

bafflingly complex. India, for RfiRFRT wintfrs examPle. des not recognize ROBERT L. WINTERS srael( jn part because ghe Carthage. does not want to be isolated Yesterday I enjoyed looking back over the national weather for 1964.

In Indiana we had a deep snow on March 10, 1964. The Ohio River flooded from West Virginia to Illinois during last March. Iowa, Oregon and the Sierra Nevada Mountains all re- Carolina during late September. Mississippi and Alabama had a very cold winter with deep snow Jan. 1, 1964.

New England had a summer drought even though it was cool. Last but not least St. Louis had a severe hailstorm April 2 causing $10,000,000 inches of snow Jan. 16, 1964. Hurricane Abbey flooded the coast of Texas Aug.

8. HILDA CREATED havoc from Louisiana to Florida in October. Dora did her worst in Northern Florida Sept. 8. Isbell hit Southern Florida Sept.

14 and curved back into North Carolina Sept. 16. Cleo ran the length of Florida, South Carolina and North China In U.N. Is Like Killer On Police Force To the Editor of The Star: One of the most important topics of our times is that of the admission of Communist China to the United Nations. Many people reason that Red China should be admitted because you cannot ignore or turn your back on any large power or country.

A fine argument if used to support its literal meaning. It has nothing to do with admission to the U.N. The United Nations never was intended to be an organization of all countries. In the U.N.'s own charter it refers to itself as an organization "of peace seeking" nations, Joined to maintain peace in the world. Now, the "peace" referred to is a peace with freedom our kind of hoped-for peace.

Communism defines peace as a state of Utopia which will exist only after all the world is ruled by their brand of Socialism. So, if freedom is right, and slavery is wrong, then no Communist nation belongs in the United Nations. The U.S. lis currently holding confer-'ences and negotiations with Red China. We have not "turned our backs on her." But she should not be allowed in the United Nations, anymore than a notorious, dope peddling, murderer should be put on our police force! DONALD F.

SMITH 3802 N. Kinnear ported dry win ters a snow drought. South IT Data from U.S. WMWM IUHMU Dakota had a warm winter. WE HAD A Cold Line Gets Hotter (Shreveport Journal) dragging their feet far more It is n6t true that every- than the Americans.

Partly body talks about the weather. this is due to the fact the The Soviets, in fact, have Soviet officials directly in-been so reticent that the volved are abysmally suspic- United States is threatening ious and cautious, to close the Washington-Mos- Exchange of conventional cow "cold line" set up many weather data over the cold months ago for quick ex- line began last year. But the change of compr i real purpose of the agreement weather data. is to exchange satellite weath- The Soviets, it seems "agreement provides the haven been as good information exchange will end I as they are getting. weather Such information can have becomes mutually available strategic military value, so within a reasonable time." neither nation wants to be Thus Washington has every great Arctic outbreak into Wa i gton, Idaho, and Montana during Decern-ber.

Yet when Extreme Right' To the Editor of The Star: Do you have any real doubts concerning the information put out by the so-called "extreme right?" Many people simply will not hear the warnings. This letter is to tell these people of a recent event which took place right here in Indiana in Terre Haute. A citizen and small business man had a sign placed in his yard (private property) calling for the Impeachment of Earl Warren. He was harassed by telephone calls and threats to his business and of bodily harm. Yes, the sign came down! Many people do not understand the issues facing us and thus would not understand the impeachment plea.

But is there anyone with the slightest concern for the genuine welfare and safety of himself and his loved ones who can not see the very real danger in this situation? All of the "extreme rights' concern for the loss of Godfearing, moral, and courageous individuals who will take a stand for Constitutional, moral, and financially sound government is pointed up in the above instance. Yes, we are learning about mob rule! The so called Liberal and Socialist element has gained so much control that this type of incident is becoming commonplace. Americans, we are finished if we allow these very real threats and intimidation to continue unanswered. Already many parts of the United States remind us too much of conditions in Cuba and the Congo. Will you take a stand by action or by default? ROBERT W.

MORRIS Terre Haute. Sour Note? To the Editor of The Star: This is to thank our State Legislature for not passing a law making it a crime to sing a song out of tune! With enthusiasm, my neighbors all join me in their expression of profound gratitude. HIRAM LACKEY Martinsville. Crawford more helpful than the other, justification for freezing the But the Soviets have been cold line. the totals were in, Eastern Montana had a warm winter.

Arizona had a dry winter, I even for them. New Mexico I was very dry last spring. I Texas reported a cold win-1 ter. Forth Worth recorded 12 Figurtl Show High Ttmperoturti fapefted For Doytimt Tutidoy it slated Frcrpifaiin Net Ind Incident At Selma Weather Dala Rain, showers and thundershowers are expected today from the southern Plains to the lower Ohio valley. Snow and flurries are forecast over the Rockies and from the central Plains to the lower Lakes.

It will be warmer from the lower Mississippi to the Atlantic coast, but colder from the northern Rockies to the upper Lakes. (AP Wirephoto Map) United Stales Weather Bureau Special Report lor The Indianapolii Star Sun rises 4:44 a.m. i Sun sets 7:00 p.m. AIRPORT DATA YESTERDAY Precipitation, 24 hours, to 7 p.m. None Total amount since Jan.

1 9.52 Hazard To he Editor of The Star: I wish to bring to your attention something which I consider a safety hazard. On Ind. 100, North, between U.S. 52 and just west of U.S. 31, the posted speed limit is 65 miles per hour.

For a road which is in such poor condition as this one, this limit is excessive. It is a two lane highway, a truck route and a city by-pass. There are soft shoulders on either side and the road is full of cracks and holes as a result of bad weather and heavy travel. Besides the condition of the highway, another consideration is the number of secondary roads which cross it. The limit of 65 is a severe hazard for them.

It is true that one does not have to drive the speed limit; however, it is also a consideration that with the amount of vehicles traveling and the fact that there are only two lanes, it is necessary to keep pace with the flow of traffic or be a safety menace. With all of the facts weighed, I feel that a traffic expert should re-examine the posted speed limit and then lower it to one which is more in line with the condition of the highway. LINDA SCHWEITZER 4346 Carrollton Avenue. (New York Times The scene in Selma resem-The "bloody Sunday" in bled that in a police state. Selma, brings the moral Heavily armed men attacked and legal issues in that state the marchers.

"The first ten once again to a point of crisis, or twenty Negroes were swept The right of citizens to as- to the ground screaming, arms semble peacefully and to peti- and legs flying." Tear gas was tion their elected officials, for used. "Fifteen or 20 night-redress of their grievances is sticks could be seen through as old as free government and the gas, flailing at the heads as plain as the Declaration of of the marchers." The hurried Accumulated departure from nor- I mal since Jan. 1 Excess 1.9 Te :A.nn tmnrntur 40 n.i 55 70 ta 54 tc Chicaoo, III Degree days Cincinnati, O. Snow Accumulated degre days sine i i aa'n Denver. Coio.

I Normal occumuiatlon fir this 'date 4851 ff ich iS Duluth, Minn. DRRUmEIER ncHuinvi Evansville, Ind Cloudy 26 23 27 01 iiiucfrcuucnic. mc jiaic ui iuui wciu uii. ruui ui live pm 7)25 7 p.m, 55 Springfield. Ill Cloudy 13 Tampa, Fla PtCldy 23 Tucson, Ariz Clear 27 Washington, D.C Clear CANADA .5 Montreal Snow 35 Ottawa Snow 19 Toronto PtCldy 44 Winnipeg Clear 67 FOREIGN CITIES Weather ct I p.m.

EST Berlin Clear London Rain f' Paris Cloudy Rome PtCldy Stockholm Clear Tokyo Clear 11 p.m 29.07 AiaDama nas tne responsiDin- women lay on tne grass strip RELATIVE HUMIDITY Temp. ty to protect its citizens, both where tne troopers had Negro and white, in the ex- knocked them down." Wit- 29.10 Fort Wayne, Ind, Cloudy Fort Worth, Tex Cloudy Honolulu, Hawaii PtCldy Jacksonville, Fla Clear 34 Juneou, Alaska PtCldy Kansas City, Mo. Cloudy Little Rock, Ark. Cloudy it Los Angeles, Cat Clear il Louisville, Ky Cloudy Maximum 66 I Minimum i TEMPERATURES 'it Rights Violated? To the Editor of The Star: I note with interest the Feb. 22 letter of Ross R.

Dilley in which he declares mandatory drunkenness tests to be a violation of rights. To me, it would be just as logical to say a man's rights were violated If a man had been shot and when the police arrived on the scene three men were standing nearby, each holding a .38 revolver in his hand, and police demanded the surrender of the weapons to see which one had done the shooting. D. YOUNG Bedford. 1 m.

3 p.m. 5 pm. ercise oi mai ngni. nesses saia tney saw posse- i a.m. 26 Governor George C.

Wal- men using whips on the flee- lace has instead chosen to ing Negroes as they recrossed 7 m- meet peaceful protest with the bridge." ll o.m. a Miami, Flo Rain 7 p.m. i Milwaukee, Wis. Snow A Minneapolis, Minn. ij SHIPPERS' FORECAST 30 For 200 mile radius Indianapolis, 23 valid until 7 p.m.

Tuesday: Prote-t 28 10 northwest end north, norlhsaiti armed force. By authorizing If this is described as law 15" Vow oTY'iiesB) New Orleans, La Cloudy New York, N.Y.' Clear Norfolk, Va Clear Omaha, Net). Snow state troopers, snerin aepu- eniorcement, it is misnamed, for the same date last year iv ana a an otner directions. ties, and members of a volun- It is nothing more nor less i Maximum 4 i Minimum 27 r't ECHO I Today a.m., north tf city, 7( deorett bove herlion, mevlni norfhtist. 5:52 a north ol city, 96 degrMf obevt rtortien, movint southeast.

Tomorrow 4:33 o.m., north of city, de-ri ahove h-riion, moving nsrth teer posse to attack a group than race-conscious official- I eastern standard time Portland, Me. of private citizens, he has dom run amuck. It disgraces SSUtZ aHtL Mi. written another shameful page not only the State of Alabama I Amarl110' 34 son Antonio, Te. ooudy In his own record and in the but every citizen of the coun- it history of Alabama.

try in which it can happen..

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