Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 11, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1934
Page 2
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PAOD TWO HOPfc SfAfc, _ ,.jo. ,• Star O /ttrtwse, Deliver Thy Herald From False Report! rUMlOKa ***** ***lMfty «ftern6on by Star Publishing Co., ttS. B. falmer & Alex, H. Washburn), irt The Star building, 212-214 South VTftbrat rtrett, Hope, Arkansas, C E. PftLMEB. President ALEX. H. WASHBUBN, EflJtor and Publish** IntendW' ifcond-6U»$S matter at the postoffice at Hop*. ArtcansM TJijder the Act of March 3. 1897. ,^_., "the «*#*£!#« is in institution developed by modern dvll- _, to p**«Wnt ihe fteWs Of the *y. to foster commerce and Industry, Vttotifh Widel* circulated advertisements, and to furnish that check upon gbwmjnent Which no constitution has ever been able to provide."—CoL B. R MeCottnlek. «w« wn|n . TO ftetci (Always Payable in Advanced By city carrier, per W*tfc 10c; six ittorA?;j3.?5; orie year $5.00. By mail, In Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and LaFayette counties, ?3.50 per year; elsewhere *«- ttt IQ« of TKe. Alsdclated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively mitten to ,th» tase for repubHcatlon of all news dispatches credited to it or 9t otherwise-credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. ttonal Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., Memphis, *enn, Sterlcfe Bldg.; New York City, Graybar Bldg.; Chicago, 111., 75 E. Wack- t/tj BrfteJ Detroit; Mich., f338 Woodward Ave.j St. Louis, Mo., Star Bldg. Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charges will be made for all tributes, cards Of thanks, -resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to .this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a delpge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility for the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Your Health By DR. MORRIS FISHBEIN Editor, Journal of the American Medical Association, and of Hygcla, the Health Magazine Suspect Sore Tonsils in Chili) Rheumatism YOUR CHILDREN By Olive Roberts Barton Although the specific, cause of the type 6f rheumatism thai attacks chil- 'dren is not known, physicians have long been convinced that infected tonsils have much to do with it. The basis for this belief is such discovery as the fact that the death rate in children sufering from rheumatism is nearly 50 per cent less where the tonsils have been removed at the time Giving Boy a Gun Teaches Him Destructive Habits "Should a Boy Have a Gun"? The editors of the "Parents Magazine" have invited my comment on the have invited my comment on the question. soldier who was As the wife of a through the thickest fighting in the tonsils navo oeen removea ai me »•..= , World War, seeing, knowing, living o£ the first attack. Furthermore, 59 I enduring war and the inevitable aft- per cent of the rheumatic children ermath, it would seem my personal had suffered from tonsilitis or sore ] prejudice must color any statement I throat previous to their first attacks ofrthe rheumatic condition. make today. But I speak objectively when I give :• ine nieiumuii: LVUMIUUJI. l * — * . ... Recurrent attacks, however, were j reasons for boy snot playing with , , not less frequent in those children who had had their tonsils removed. Some of -the most common signs of guns. It has, except very remotely, little to do with war at all. Briefly I believe that a gun, a cap OOIuc Of 'tile jiiuat tutiiiituii ^15110 VA ^ - ; -• rheumatism in children are extreme pistol, an air-rifle, a toy shot gun, or 1) palor, susceptibility to fatigue,/loss of ~ appetite, nose bleed and vague • pains ~ throughout the body. This does not m. mean, that every child who has one of a junior fire-arm of any official type associate "habit" with destruction, and the very danger of their gripping interest undermines construction and these symptoms is rheumatic, but it} accents ruin. ,L,= ™an that these svmotoms are Destroying Manliness does mean, that these symptoms are suspicious and should bring about a study of the child to determine their -cause. ' The onset of rheumatic disease is insidious. le begins with the minor symptoms that have been mentioned, but comes eventually to the serious inflammation of the joints and of the heart, that sometimes results fatally. The worst result of rheumatic inflammation in o child is a complete involvement of the heart, described by .doctors as pancarditis, because it affei-ts the whole heart. f^heumatism in a child is usually accompanied also by fever and by painful joints. Some of the cases have the type of twitching known as St. Vitus' dance, or chorea. The pains that used to be called growing pains frequently "represent an inflammation of the muscles, so that a better name for the condition is muscular rheuma- Rheumatic fever rarely occurs in very young children, but is fairly frequent in the period between 5 and 15 years of age. The most common ages are 7 for boys, and 10 for girls. As an example of the fatal character of this condition, one specialist reports the records of 564 children who were watched over a period of ten years. The first three years after the initial attack is the period of greatest hazard for rheumatic children. In this period 49 per cent of the .children had'one or more reappearances o f the symptoms, and by the , end of ten years'.8.2 per cent had died. Clew oS the BEGIN HERB TODAY CH.ini,ES MOlturc.V, reporter tor Thi- lllmlr, telephone* bli nnvKpnptr nn vxelnnlvr nturj mliout FRAMC n. CATIIAV <>' Hlvctvlfw, tvenlllir «nfl proml- nrnt. brvnithl lo imllre hpndqtinr- tcfru on «ii»i>lelp'i <>' drltlnp ivhll* Intoxlcntetl nnd nroonipnnleit hf n E rc(«y ronnR tvomnn who Mil* rricK MARY tllUUaS. hllrh- hlker. Mi-vt dny M I* lenrned llml Ib* Hum wn» nn I nip a* lor, The toil I'ntliny ttuiunnd* (Immiffr* nnrt n folrnctlnn. DAN limiOKUIt, Jlin- lit imlill.tluT nf The Itlmle. eon- tllivfd (hut "«oMieililh|{ l« lUliy." ««tul'« Murden t<i Illvvrvlvt* lo Itlirn nil he eiin nlinut Ciilliny. M1IS. OATH A V enlln on lllefkct nHll Infcivi him In the Toliiee biilfl for n conference vrttti her nu«« luiud'* iHvrm. CHAIU.BS (••isiiiort. flshrr MID-II fntliny will force! nl» Krli'VUftec If Thr Illnde pulillnhrfl n retrnvili»). Illeeker ngresii l" 0" tliln. (JVCI- the telephone next nn» MDrili'ti him livi'H niiirJi'rt'J. A'/»vv i:l> ON WH'II TUB STOltt d them In three dtvi's." i tj" Kenney.friinmHtetl, "flflrf can tell uj thp.r> ; i»h<Snl', )t. ••H*'* SOOdt-^hp b$st cfl*ff|dJrf)jj*(. in ihft couhlfy ipdpy. , Wileh jrotl'f> rtilf- In8 Wj(h him, try flhd Ret iufn* Iti fortnatlot) opt of..him hbout rt >tMn by th« ftfttt*. 0>.,Tho'rhfti Uglier. Decker, wa» « *l((i6»fl t«> thfc «tuf- der ot EdWard ^hllllnghy. ft. p'Hf flle detective. Philip t,nmp«6fi ,*•' |he eangster ifa} c«Ji rcin(slhrmjl^ji«d' -Is held under, rirrent, ,tJH| diorf «o«« that Cocker ^cis ff|i(Mifi«<< •!*• cause he whs B»(neK tie rteht to drift and Drift ha* buMeiJ him somewhere. He'shya h*''tj'6f(iijiir« Decker-iit the t1h)e o( tM«»i ,biu that's nil he'll say. There's a niiitjf In it it we could get Griff to tftlk." "H« -won't," pleeMr <«l)rfi-« "There'* flo hat-in Iti lr|l>j,'' rt«n. ney Imfsted. . . .; , He Mt the- rootn wltii qUtcfc 1m- patient *trid>i. ^ i' ' ' *-' deiik, gpi^.HiV ; .V^»*[;< ephone ap" 3rlff.' tha that I-want to'a ter: ot ttifiJpt 1 -lApoi'i >bly \von't i hftT0.&ir < mry to makci a pr^,.. T ,,,... :ase until after dlnnep^pnli ,ike to see : hlm :* KU '•'•«»'«'f» "/." said Sleeker, "sent f/ia. toy lo !:is dc'Jlli." 7TDZS BY BRUCE CATJON I think that instead of fostering manliness they destroy it. Manliness never seeks to destroy the unprotected, to snipe at birds or pot at cats. The excuse of becoming expert Lhots, of perfecting aim and competitive sportsmanship is a good one, but it doesn't wear. The first thing a boy tries after he has mastered a fixed target is to try for a moving one Most things that move are alive. Then eventually comes 1he association of personal affront with the handy proxy. That is all a gun is, a "proxy" to do the dirty work a man would be afraid to tackle himself either by his wits or his fists. Guns Are Made Panacea Of course, it would be silly to say that this is the inevitable end of all gun practice, because thousands of excellent shots would never think of hurting any one deliberately. But the point remains that thousands will and many hundreds do. The gun has become the male panacea, the cure-all, th«> great last word. As a means of defense either on the ! read or in the home it is a joke. For ' every shot fired in a month in self- defense there are literally thousands fired in vendetta, reprisal, law defiance and planned murder and banditry. We don't give boys matches or razors and send them out to play. ^Because they would hurt themselves. We give them guns because it's only something else that, is to be hurt. Gun Inhibition Is Best Let the boy admire the soldier, as he admires the fireman, or the trouble-shooter who climbs up among deadly currents and wires. Some day he ma yeven be a soldier himself. All riyht. But he won't hafe grown i u pto think a gun is sport made for ihis own fun or a pal to sweep away obstacles, or a protector to make otn- keep his rules. His habits and his CHAPTEIl VII n~iHERE was no answer from •*• I.ileeker. publisher of The Blade but nn abrupt, negative nod of HIP bead. Kenney, the city editor, pressed the receiver support down tnto place, titan raised it again"Miss West," he went on, "this Is Dick Kenney. Will you set me Dill Osborne on the lino right av/ayV Yea. I'll holtl the line . . . hello, Ulll. this la Kenney. Nixon has just tel •phoned In from headquarters. He's picked up a radio call. The police have found a body out on the oiit- iliirts of town. Sanboyne and 102d •treets. It's a subdivision that's JflApped ^ha^rticelrtp. ffoin ;.itl'rest uid - beard VEtnsl' \Veii-'-sf{kyj.''t'!?V i 3ria/wlll/se8'you" at 8:80-,toVtgtit "Quite," JJleekWf ma •; the editor S ot 3br r iintcle, In sail;".-'- '- - -:- ••• HeV dropped :• tht • rtctf nto position • but h«ld-'hli ?hon» BY BKUt-C WM.I*./!^ j ers Keep IIIK iuic.->. »".o ,...«.— -••Sees Presidents as 'Just Average Men' ; psychology will be straight, or should . _ . _» . i f\ 1 i • f t_ :.. '„,, ;,-«'*• fi-ii* tnn mnTT\Clll. —Here's Amazing Book by One Who Served Nine of Them | be, if his aim isn't, for the moment. ! As a private citizen he won't carry , ! authority in his pocket or go and buy Away back in the Harrison admin- | it if someone makes him mad. He istration, Irwin H. Hoover went lo the • will have an inhibition against a gun White House to selp install electric j and it is better so. lights. He stayed on as a sort of re- : •»••»•• pair man, joined the White House i , staff, .and became, finally, chief usher j ^ OK10 —a poistion he held until his death . in the spring of 1933. , • Thus Mr. Hoover got an extraordin- • Mr. and Mrs. Sam Huddleston vis- arily intimate view of every president ited relatives at Prescott the first o . from Harrison to Franklin Roosevelt; the week. . and in "Forty-two Years in the White Mr . „.. and Mrs. Glair Nance of WU- .House" he has told what he saw. It lew, Okla., are visiting here, maftes a namazingly interesting book, i Howard Cooley and Claud Stewar He got over being awed by prc-si- wtre in Nnshv.lle on business W*d- dentaa long time ago. Of all the; •icsday. grarK kbugh „,„ . presidents he sa w-Harr,son. Cleve-, ^ C'«e Match a g ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ .land, McKinley, Roosevelt, Taft. Wil-1'f - JW'-s ranme. . ^ Tlle refore. wa iumo at the (one sour. There are only a fe> houses out there. The police think the body Is that of Charles Morden. "Take Sarn Lane with you. Go Sown to Headquarters and get on th« Job. Contact the homicide iquad. Tell them that Morden was working on an important matter »nd that we're going to move heaven and earth to get the thing cleaned up. You can pass the word iround that The Blade is going to ixpect results, You find out all the facts and then report back, and I'll give you a line on the stuff Morden was working on. You pick up Fred MUou »nd the three of you drop werythlng »lse to get this thing rieaned up. Understand?" He nodded bis bead and dropped 19 receiver back into place. "foor devil," he said. Sleeker made a Oat. pounded It slowly on the desk. "I," he said slowly, "sent that boy to his death. I didn't know it : and ho didn't know it, but that's what It amounted to." "Can we get any clews from what ha was working on?" Kenney asked, "The body was found 20 minutes ago. He'd been dead 24 hours. Tho ba'ck of his head was smashed. He'll been taken out there and dumped.' •telephoned yesterday." Blee _...'.. "that lie was working on f l^'-'lfifli'l- He bad to play around wit|(«/wme woman to cultivate it mention names. You go and handle this thing, Ken nsjvi^.iit as many men on the Job .is ; 1}itp> necessary. Morden was one of'oiir'boys. lie was bumped off We're going to avenge bis murder iloro than that, It's an insult to the paper, We're going to clean this thing up, if wa have to move heaven and eavth. I'm going to see Sidney Griff, (he criminologlst," • « * T/-ENNE? whistled. *-»• "There's more to this case,' Bleeker went on, "than appears on the surface." "Of course there is," Kenney said "You know what It Is and so do I Morden was getting dope on Frank Cathay." Illeeker shook his head slowly "Men are killed, Kenney," he said "for gain, for vengeance, for fear for jealousy. We can't figure where !»n, Harding, Coolidge and H lei , iTiisa *• ***•••»—* '•— — iVashville to make their home for DVJ he says that only two wi.-re unusual •. winter. ( jnen: Roosevelt (the firsts and Wils< 'The re#t were "just averagu men." Coolidge didn't mean it, according to this writer, when he didn't choose to run. He expected to be drafted Mr. and Mrs. John K. McLarty of Nashville visited Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Wrods here Sunday. Mrs. J. P. Hutson and son, Coy Lee, cf Doyle, vitited Mr. and Mrs. M, »-... -— —f -- -• - • R arnc y Hutson here Sunday. and was violently disappointed when i M[ Jawl Mrs R A Sanford and the draft failed to come. Incidental- ; f j LUg h ter Miss Evelyn, spent Sunday ]y, Coolidge is given credit for having : . jttel . ncf . n w i ln Mr. and Mrs. Gecrge the most virulent temper of any pros- McLarlv ousy. Tlierefore. we jump at the conclusion it's fear and Immediate ly llgure Cathay was mixed up In It. Hut Cathay ta a prominent citl zon. If there are any skeletons in his closet they'd be buried su deeply a casual investigation wouldn't have s, minute and a hili, thr tel« rang, he (mapped . tnV'reojsJt tils ear with n quick tootjoK "Hello," l"» *n!/t <'!« Vhlii.Rc 'si The Is Dan ... .. sent a man:up to clippings on,' **""' chap named' him any i ' Bleek$r. then nodded.his "Now/ do apmethlnn/Yi be A I)Jg story to rtnd out for Cathay wa.s -y$s the rooriitnp! >f ^. ; ^,,. v afternoon for, pprta)n.j knqw every can go to i...., . and sepd the pill.' . . .? Are yqtj efct that, will you?' i'"You roll me^K" as you/find- put.' you con leave,jjfcS? •••—1«— V '- Kthel West. m>/Becretary.";, •.::,';-•;. Dl.EEKEfl .drbpBo4 : '!ihfi:;r|ii;«tyer .' *^ bnrlrlnto noM.tfon.Jeft hls"pf v l» rate nft>ft anf!!''p'«i|'D(3j<j"f'!tfo)Wlii .the , outer office with • "syflf't. 1 nert*6^iji j trtdofi. . He turnpd to.th*."rlK^t '".n he rorridor. \ynlksd down i'loipi, ' musty pjissafiowfly; 'with, a ,^£qfpk ; eft, ft photocra^iier'a rppjn^wltn';! cries of <lnrl< fnome on"/fh"« rl^tjj •le pnsRfid n room fronV whltfh i'Jliji^ he clack nf pounding .typc^rtf|jri Iriven at. hlgli 'spffrt, iintV piislRw ila way Into Dlqk Kejihey's prl.voti "fire. . ••••'-". '',:'•'-'•..•'.;•• -: •'.-•'.•':"i'-> "I telephoned. .Be'plj'iey.":jif -Tt'f llvervlew Ohronlcle/' n*',*fl.l«?f, Vfhf i report on Cnttvay; fie teili-»'« hat Cntbqy was' takerf.,;vary.'htii- lenly and serlouBly, U.l'y--'-'' mornlne and hna he«n In- since, I told him/tq vsrU^.fK',.,, "You think Cotlisiy .ondi.Mbrderi iad n conference . somewheret" isked Kenney. .''.-•/, •..' i .i.v l ..'.-.',./ ; "I'm not UilDKJfliCSnyiljlpjS'.'lji^ yet.", mocker .toia hli?)."' "JM 'igjtt> ting facts. 1 hRVe.nji aipp;o)n)jtipAt for'3;SO (onlght wlth/P 1 ' 1 "' 1 " "***' What have yon headquarters? A .. . "It's Morden all right;" iid grimly. , .;'.-.:•:•"" The telephone W.Kej ihrlllet) Inlo soiina. . 'rowped and pullacl.the. ils ear. ' . "Knnney speaklpa;," Ije •hanically, then nodded to' 'It's for you," ho gald. Rleeker tooU the receiver, 'Hello, this fa pleeker." nnd nodded to Kepoey, "This U long distance," be .„,_- •Rlyervlew calling. Tliey'r* «pmlp| m now, , . . Hello. fleekUy , ..-•;' yea . . . you'ra certain , . . tb»r»'« no chance of a mistake > . « I *e* . . okay, Thank? ever so mucfe. It makes a good «torj for you «t that end anyway. Huh . '. . yvj, we'll run something OB U dqw» tjere. Telephone u« » complete r»- port." He handed the telephone back t* Kenney, Kenney replaced tb» ttr :etver, dropped the telephone lnt« position on the.desk, and rat** ils eyebrows dt Bleetwt. "What did you find o«tt" feif isked. ident Ike Hoover ever saw. Wilson never recovered appreciably after his stroke, says Hoover. During his last year in office he was just , jran the country. I could go on for columns, citing similar revelations. Some of them are momentous afld some of them are unimportant, but all lier&'s a book you Published by the Co., it sails tor $3.50. are interesting. Mrs. Candace McLarty of Nashville visited relatives here Sunday. J. H. Cok^-r and J. S. Harris were bu:.ine£« visitors to Nashville Satur- Mis:; Kathryn Holt spont the last week end w Jeis Hood -,,r , m i=. xa UCU , B .» and Marie Steuart, were shopping in Nashville, Satur-j the man. I I JfiTi L Couldn't Sf ar c ilim A small boy stood in the entrance to (he cobbler's shop watching the man at work. "What do you repair biots with, mistpr?" he suddenly SIDE GLANCES By George Clark ^:yvT\ • W^ : ;'v.;:; : -^.-:v / . \ • \ \s • "'^ - 1 - * -JB _. -_.._j .. .. _ _'.. ±. »i* . Kansas A. O.U.W. Meets Thursday Local LodgTwill Hold Session at 7:30 at Eyks Hall There will bo a reorganization meeting of the Hope Lodge A-34. A. O. U. W. of Kansas, Thursday a( 7:.10 p. "«, at the Elks Unll. The A. O. U. W. of Kansas, a fra- tcrnnl insvirance society. doing business on n legal reserve basis, is one of the oldest cf its kind. This organization bus been in business for belter than 57 yours and is known throughout its territory for its safely as an insurance organization and its lair und quick dealing with its mem.-, bcrs. Thursday night ihe locnl organization will have its first meeting and nl that time ihp policies of the lodge will be explained, along with the election of officers of 'committees. The A. O. U, W. of,l Ing In Arkansas, hna ( tst&fe series ot district offlcsi over t This has been done ifl[ 6rd«r membership might ha.Vp c i os , with, the home office, th^, „.,_ this district is in TexarkOna;jgjj ili charge of FiUshiigh^LW" * v manager. The work in Hop handled at Ihls tlm eby Joe „,.,„,.,,,, who Is n local deputy lor the order, The A. O. U. W. of Kansas has j: never hnd any connection with the former A O U. W. of Arkansas, 'VllzluiRh Lee. district manager, will be present to outline plans of operation for the local organization. THTeTt Colds Don't let Ibpni «et n strangle hold. Fight them quickly. Cn.-omulsion coin^ bines-? helps in one. Powerful, but harmless. Pleasant lo t»ke. No nar- colics Your own druggist is aujhor- ijied to refund your money on tha spot if your cou«h or cold is not relieved bv Crcomulsion. i^HV.J '.''•.'He's got it worse than any of them. He's beginning to • - 'look like a J - i - 11 —" 12 Government Loans Cotton and Options Botjght TOM KINSER : Burr-neiTl-up Specials! 5 ftposevelt Thinks Prices Should Rise Still .Higher Level Needed to 'Balance Assets Liabilities ..,„„,.„..,. ... -,.(£>)•— Presid&nt RobSeyejt iniiide it plqin Wednesday lhatjiie- feels prices should go'.'higher and"''(niriiedia.tely there was- speculation'.'^ to. whether further, currency fxp^fIndentation was planned to bring this jjbbut.'/ . Th^i-Jonly word . forthcoming - from :he : .Vfh)te House was that price deyelr opmtntij prpbabiy would be a 'defer-. -'-'•'"- factor; in' future monetary /hy price range. aimed at by. Mr* Rcps4velt,.was ,not specifically defined. The ^president was represented as tfieling.f however, .that a further ad- vance-'wiis'.necessary to bring the.as- 6«ti»;^V il)t>:nntjon's balance sheet welt jhead of'its' Jiabilities. : ' On'ce reasonably satisfactory prices ar,e •.OMainedi' Mr.' floosevelt .hopes to jtabjji^e, to eliminate violent fluctuation^ , ; ;bf the past. Petermined to have,the'price increase, he is also'op- pose'jl -.to a f runaway uphill. Ttij', president feels that while • as- sets now somewhat overbalance the debt burden—where Hi years ago the reverse was true—that even this is admittedly n matter for argument. Back in the boom days of 1929, for example the nation's assets as a while were from $75,000,000,000 to ?150,000,000,000 above the liabilities. •Mr. Roosevelt, however, has not indicated that he has any intention of returning to the inflated values of the lute'1920's and even the balance in the supposedly halcyon days of 192C does not thoroughly meet with his favor. 'The price relation for some commodities in-1926 might be satisfactory, but the figure for other years would be •better for other products, in his opinion,. U was pointed out that the definition of parity price in the agricultural adjustment act is the price relationship of farm commodities to other goods, in the 1909-1914' period. ..• ,• '*•»** Ginning 2,000 Bales Ahead of Last Year , Cotton ginnings from the 1934 crop in'Hempstead county ad of October 1 were 10,081 bales, compared with 8,560 bales-on. the same date a year ugo, according to W. H. Better, Jr., Washington, special agent of the Department of Commerce. The oldest known lighthouses were towers built by the Libyans and Cush- ites'< of 'Lower Egypt. Men's Dress Shirts 73c Each M e n's Dress Shirts, plain and colid c o lo r s. Well cut and sewed. Your sat isfaclion is guaranteed. Part Wool Blankets 91 C S i ze 72x84 Good size single lilankets in alt pastel shades. Part wool. Here's a good chance to get your winters supply of good serviceable blankets. Boys' Jackets CORDUDOY Will! . Zipper Front B o ys' Cossack-^ style, Corduroy;^ Jackets. Wator-!|' proof. Idudl'for^ s c h o o 1 and sports weur.ji Will .give' a lot of Special $2.79: Outing Flannel .IZC'Yarcl A real Burr-nein-up Special. . Qood, serviceable Outing Flan-' nel -in all colors, either solid, checked or striped. A complete stock of cither light or dark patterns. Come In and get this idol special at 12 cents a yard. I FOUND A BIG WORD TO MAKE'EM BELIEVE. ICIVE MORE MILEAGE/ IVE FOUND A SWELL ONE TO MAKE 'EM THINK I'VE GOT MORE POWER/ v'-Q "Hides" ? the cobblvr sharply, boy. de 'cobbler " «* boy , Mta *. some- cut.de, sighed (day. I Roy Giiffin was a to Hope the first of «— i t V »4 tuti* "Don't care if it is. Who's afraid of •'!" said the youngster Ihe lane was dark and deserted, and Jonuw was suddenly accosted by two men, the bigger of whom taid pplitcly: "Excuse me, fcir-—I wonder if you could oblige we with th« loan of a penny?" ''Why — er — yes, I think so," replied Jones. "But may I ask for wlwt purpose you require it?" "Oh, .certainly, sir," the other ff- plied. "My mate and I wish to tyft the coin to decide our little argument as to which of us shsU h$ve yfl}jir watch, and which your wullet"-T>t- Bits (London). : ifevZMA^^-SS SHUCKS! ILLJUST ADD SUPER, EXTRA, OR PLUS TO WHAT YOU SAY AND BEAT YOU BOTH/ The owl confides, he's much amused At what pretentious words are used - | • fly those who want you to believe ASK YOUJJ Their fuels a strange new power achieve.' NOW I i*HP We never have implied that Essolene possesses any mysterious qualities. We have avoided all claims of what it could be expect* ed to do. What we ask is that you try Essolene in your car and judge it entirely by your own findings. Knowing Essolene as only its makers can, we feel that it is well able to speak for itself, \Es$olube Motor Oil in the crankcase enables Essolene to do its best] AT RIOULAR M G A S O LI N I PR KB BUY AT THI* 9K»N Thi. ii<» Idtutiitt. id* 30,000 E,.o Sutioni nod Dealer! Irom Mtiue 10 M>ui»i»n» who rfpre»e»l Ihe tervicei and. proilucH.ol .the rld't Undln* »H or««uiz»liou. Smoother Performance (fc-T..A N DA; R D OIL C O MjP A N Y Q F - L O U I sTTR

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