The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 8, 1940
Page 3
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'WNDAY^APRIL 8, 1910 King Cotton's Ouecn COURTEU NEWS Business Men's Club Is Pushing Three Major Projects ; Tlie Business Men's Club of Joiner, following us organisation <ine Hioiiiii ago, has already slarleil woik on three major projects - to secure a telephone exchange for Joiner; to widen Highway Ul through ihc town of Joker and to sponsor a "Clean-U])" from April 8-H. 'Die group s|)<«i.wfrd welcoming of lilt- Memphis Cotton Caniival Oooil wyi Tour there today will) Snpi. j. M. Burnett, of the Shawnce .school, ax dmlrma.-i of the Commutes which planned music by the school band am) ijivseimuion of flowers to the young women who miule the trip as "Maids of Cotton." Four oilier projects being considered are: a water and sower •sy.stcjn for Joiner; improvements of all streets of the town; osliililish- mcnt of a bank and siMnsoring of boys' and girls' softball teams to enter the Mississippi County Amateur Softball League. That Joiner nil) soon have a telephone exchange has 'been assured by M. H, Laild of Jonesboro, disUlct supervisor of the Bell Telephone Company which fur- i niilies telephone comnutnlcntions lor Joiner. i State highway officials have been! contacted with the request to widen i the highway which traverses the i business section of Joiner and this project will be pushed until completed, members of (he committee ] have announced. The clUD will furnish trucks and (ho labor to remove all trash from the rear of Joiner residences in the e)ear.-up project started today. fn discussing the numerous improvements long needed for Joiner, members of the club pointed out that other towns the size of Joiner have such modern Improvements as Prohibition, Once Joke To Parisians, Now 'Grave Act i I'AlllS, April 8. _ |.v> r „ m,^ lime every frenchman enjuyixi his i little Joke about niiilonnl prohlbl- lion in tlie United Suites.' ' Now, for three days nidi week, thiil .same rmiehmaii may not buy his favorllo aperiUf imy pl,iL'<> 111 France uiuler pain of .seven, pen- i ally. ( 01 course he groans, linl does | little eke about It, no could ,i 10 |i • up to of Die <| 0/ «>ii Micnkvasli',-! I whlc.i Bprnti;! up in uii- an-. , i Almost ovciylhlm, is familiar i about ihe I'arh speakeasy. Vim I1 lua nt mi undistinguished 'door in ? .< Hi, 1 .' of fronts. B —^ fin example, half way U]i the Mill to Mo.iiiminie. I Tlie d a o v Is i cracked n mil. ] nnd t> oi» e o n e Jims out, us'.«- ini; what you want. Yon say you want a drink, so Die door | swings wider and you walk through a black entry, stumble up two lli(jlil.>; (.1 ii.> liEhled slnlrs, Envied by many anotlier Southern miss is LUla Plcton Willey, debu- lanle riniiglilor of W. II. Willcy. proinincnt Memphis, Tout., cotton producer. For Miss Willcy has bed! chosen ns the Queen of the 1W Cotton Carnival,' oul-standing scan] event held in Memphis May of the H-18. mid-simh, to oe water and sewer systems and a bank ami that U is planned to secure these during 1940, If feasible. The club, which is affiliated with the Eastern Arkansas Young Men's { lemletl llle SM sions of iiie American i members of the department with Clubs, has 37 members with these I Co " c f!C of Physicians of which hej.i parly on Ihe chinch liiwn Insl officers: J. M. Burnett, president; Myra Silverstein, vice president; Charles Webb, secretary. The group, which meets on the first and third Thursday of each month,, had a dinner meeting Thursday night in the Home Economics Cottage of the shawnee High School when speakers were Supt, Elton Williams of the Ty- ronzn schools, Mayor Kurscy of Tyi;6nza, and J. W. Carroll, prcsi,- (lenl of Jlhe Tyronza ..Young -Men's Club. •'"•" The improvement of joiner so as to make it a better place in which lo live has been selected for the purpose of the group. n -ceo I a :• _ aly — Personal iVlleiid D.A.R. Meeting Mrs. John W. Edrington, Mrs. P. P. Jacobs. Mrs. C. M. Harwell and Mrs'. C. A. Davis diove to Heth Friday for the luncheon meeting of William Strong Chapter, D.A.R. il> the home of Mrs. J. It. Young. Accompanying the Osccola member were Miss Catherine Harwell. « brkle-elcct of the season, who was honor guest, and Miss Mary Virginia Segravcs, member of the !c a member. Their younger daughter. Anna Merle, who has been suffering'with acute cold, ear and head trouble for three weeks wns left in the Methodist Hosjiilal in Memphis while they were away. Their other dabbler. Charline, has been out of school this week from the same trouble and has been accompanied to Memphis by her aunt, Miss Ruth Masscy. for iroiilmcnts. On their way East. Dr. and Mrs. MassKj'*were" guests of her niece, Mrs. Dsle Butts nnd Mr. Butts in Chicago. Mrs. Bulls who spent her childhood here is remembered as Miss Prances Smith. Prominent in tlie music circles of Chicago, she Is known (o her radio audiences .is Dale Evans and has gain- ad recognition as a composer in her invn right. Mr. Btitts Is also n composer. « * • i»r.';. Madden Hostess One of the most attractive of the larger Spring bridge parties I'"I week. The children were led In _-,aines nnd children's songs. Group pictures have been made cf some of the classes nnd .sent !o the "Boys nnd Girls" church oaper of the department published H Mcshville. Tcnn. Miss Nora Pace is secretary of tlie department. leaves For Training Thrnce Ramsey left Thnrsdny for Murphrcesboro, Tcnn., for three week:; of spring training before go- IiHi'on to'Dayton. Ohio, for the regular jieriod of training wilh the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball club. He was accompanied In Memphis by Mrs. Thrace Ramsey nud \V. T. Ramsey, * * - Piji'-ili Keit Cross Scn-ing Final touches on the shipment, of hospital shirts being mode for the American Heel Cross by the Calvary Episcopal Auxiliary were completed last vvnek in the home of Mrs. W. W. Prcwitt. These will turned over to Mrs. O, iinrlsill ancient, n benches, and trunks emerge into a ,i 'I. dim room. ' Antique glided chair's; scrolled, hem 1 } 1 uoo:lnt a grand piano, boxes I ill the place. You can get champagne at 10 francs i about 'a cents, nail don't pay more) u glass. Absolute, strangers strike up conversations, become eternal pals nnd break tip forever In the space of a quarter of nn hour. Damosels from nearby Montimirtre 'giggle and scream jiui riarce and break glasses and fel the proprietor worried. 01IAVK ACT" After the lirsl groan, there was only one man who couldn't siirm; off prohibition. Thut was the man who sells the stuff. He protests thai on those three days the movies, theaters, .street entertainers anil National Lottery get the money which Ihe French murtro trumps. On n "<lry" day ask Jiili-s: "Well, Jules, no iniorl- llfs lodny?" "To hell with II!" says Jules. if you i-(> ijol an extra ao j i ,|,,. )| I'll drink vln rmi«c ntid like Hi" Demonstration Club News Notes aside rrjiilurlv for Its iv bistro ll(|iildx. H'li'lt of ths blslro block stand's 'in Important man In France .1 IMnlller. in- | s {mMml „,"„„; .Vuiloiai Confederation of Dilnks nnd he doesn't like (i,,. ; ,Ui m iloii' 'ils wns ii iji-nvc nn," he says •nnd we are B ol:!)i ( 0 | ry Io <,,;„. tlie Public Powers U Is inn mv:'wary ,„ p( , 1M , uw ,,| (m( , Ul|| . , SO.MC. IMlil.SMNK i Till: 1HKA! i Hwrc Ls nnotlier invulp. You i wmililn'i suspect U, |,ut France' ils own Anti-Alcohol Lounne dllwlors find ibe throe-day Iliiuor Ijim in line of duly both («ward the I'nbllc Pawm and (ln> "^Mo Conscience. '"I'lu 1 llmllallon ol the Sl) le of nlcoliol is an exceltem Ihlns." say; llw J'arls office of ihe Anil-Alcohol Leu.'.• lie. "A I cob ol I sm, which has I a r s c 1 y | ;l .on e 11 m imited In tt'iincp. Is golns to drop even more. We rc- Jolce in the decision taken by Hie govern- lucnl." Truthfully, I i has a 1 w a y s been a r a r c tliim; to see a (Ininkiml here, A"d those who are disposed to Ihe more potent 1 i i\ u I d s arc making (heir own lltlle contribution jjatrii;." I.Ike Jules, one of Ihe Mont- tp Chili (n .M«.[ Members ol I lie Dogwood Home Dcnion.slnillon club will luive nn nil dtiy niccthiu Weilno.sthy at Hie l.'ouir oi Mrs. w. ,s. ijiuiido'ii. Ui'in- ons(i-ullo:i will bti ijlven on innklng slip covers and .sewing and a Uulch nr-heon will be served. At (tie last nuTllni! of the uroup MI.S-. I'Vtviniin Hoblnson, home ci-(i- iionili's (curlier In |)|yth<>v!!li> hlith school, linvo 1-islrucll'ons on IIIMI'IC finiilshlnii. Slie also made pluns with Mis. Ituby l.utef,. (ivwliiB '.'Imlriiinn, for a series of sowlin; Irsso .s to in- (jiven at the club. Anyone Inlrrc.sleil l.s aski-d lo lukn ulvanlaae of tlie lessons. Mrs. lluby Uilcs tjave the devotional on the pronram which WHS opened with SOUKS led by Mrs. J. W. Hm-Jj.s, Mr*. Waller \\>ow\ wus nc- •ompiiulst. Mrs. liayinond stringer and Ml-,s Mnry Miles were given a flvo dollar prixe for the isroitp outulnln< t the nmount of moni.-v to help buy the club bouse. Mrs. I'. II. Jarrell was presented two dollnrs for her pii/.e winnhiK SCVBJI boc-V., nn<l Mrs, I), ciarrctl, one dollar for l«'r sfcond place ;icrup book. Mrs. J. A. I'nyne presided over this session. Mrs. Rlrlngci- and Mr«, »ud l.ulcs served refreshments of rake and coffee to the 2-1 momlrcrs "ml five visitors present. Fi-jt Aid Classes Will Not Open Tonight I'lrst aid classes scheduled lo open tontiiht undor Ihe nurplces of the Inca) Ifed O' clmiiter luivu l:cun poslironed unlll next Monday nllihl. Mra. Tom lirndslicr. exccu- llve sccrclin-y. iinnounccd today. It was necessary lo poslpune the classes beeni'se O f the Illness of Dr. n. E. Sehlrmer who Is lo con- duct (hem. 'Hie first session will Jtf nl 7;;io o'clock at the Junior hltjh auditorium Monday. Negro Heath Week Draws To Close The program presented at Osce- olu Kuiulay aflnrnoon by nci"rocs for the closing- fciilure or the. olj- servjince or Nallonnl Negro Health W"t''s. was allcndctl by a largu number, accordlnB to Ellen Ilar- flson, nnro nurse or the Mississippi ('oiiniy iic«Hh uiilt, whlr.ii fipon- sortd (he county-wide ob.vrwiticc. far the proijrtiin, presented nt- Ihe St. Mark nesro Methodist Church, the connreRailon sani; (he Niillomil Ni'iiro Anthem for the 0|)eiilni; i)iiml;i.T; (he Hev. 1C. O. Cioft, of Oseeolu, (jave Hie .scrlp- im-c; Willlnm cinrle. Jr., of Eva- diilo. i;nve the llenlth Creed; the <;.';<..-oln Koseiuvulil quartet 'sumj "My l.iird Wliiit A Mornini;"; El- li'n llnrrlsoji s|iok« on "The Purpose of National Negro Health Week"; "Health Acrostic" was Hlvcii by VYcddif. 1). Scott W 11 tirren, Victor I,. |.;||ls, n. Newman,' Hi-lores I'li'mbu; and Worse W Wesley of l|, ( . O.sceola lloseinvaltl jchiiot; Vlrijle I,, Clnywooil, of Os- ri'Oln. lold "The Story of Tuberculosis;" the o.',ceo!a Kosenwnld (piurlel. .siini; "The Iklls of St Mary"; Or, !•;. K, CuiTle, of KIVI- dale, nave u health address, Tominie Mae lions, of Osceola u 'lie ijoein "(Mean Hands." Now .Miinv \Vttir FALSK TEETH Wilh Alorc Com fort PASTUKTii, a jileiiJiiinl ulkiiHiiK (non-acid) powder, liolds false lecllt morn Ihmly, To cat and talk In more comfort, just sprinkle a llllJe FASTISETll on your plates. No ijiiimn.v, oooey, pusly (nsic or fcellnu. Checks "plutc otlor", fik'n- lure brealhl. Gel I'ASTERTII in any drug .store. Adv. I PAGE THREE Tlio llcctne plates for the slate of Michigan for 1940 will, be nlwtit 30 per cent larger than' the plates of 1939, It. h estimated that it will cost the average motorist an extia 50 cents a year for. fuel to push around the larger st*e due * to Increased alf resistance. •- Tile city of Boston, In 1899, closed Ils parks lo automobiles between the hours of ID a. m. anil 0 p. in,, because of the many runaway horses. "My Skm Was Full of Pimples and Blemishes" .says Vcrna S,; "Since, using AO- ; lerlka the pimples are gone. My' skin is smooth and glows with health." Adlerlka helps wash HOTH bowels, and relieves temporary constipation thai often ag-' l;ravales bad complexion. Kirby Bros. Drill; Co., and Koblnson's ' Di tig Co. BUY rest on* STANDARD TIRES H APPY UOUR GRO.& "MKT. reu ' !*• W. Mnln SI, t'liim- IS •lOCORTlONATELY At Today's LOW PRICES! As PA C • Per Week Low As UU On Our BUDGET PLAN .. PHFLL1PS MOTOR CO. Sib Wiilnut Phone 81(1 4$#s was that given on Tlmrstinv after- I 'J''-nks. chairman of Volunteer I Production in Osccola. to bu added -o llir; knitted gainu-nts being made :j Oilier organirations anri incli- vidunl.s in Sown nnd shipped (o New York. 'Hie color motif of white and ' Plans were also madf for a yellow was achieved with crystal ! ' Bingo i'arly to be (jiven the latter and while bowls of jonquils anil l )arl a[ the month. Communica- ivhite narcissi. The same colors noon by Mrs. R. V. Madden and Mrs. T. P. Perkins in the Madden home on Elizabeth Avenue when seven tables of players were entertained. William Bizzeltc Auxiliary Children of the American Revolution played accordion solos on the were noted on the tallies. A bridge sel was presented Mrs. Joe Cromcr for highest score and who j il double deck of cards to Mrs. Joe pro- !riles of Luxora for traveling prize. Miss Catherine Harwell, ivliose marriage to Phillip Burk of Bedford, Va.. is set for early May, was the honor gift. guest and presented a gram. Miss Segravcs was also win- ncr of the good Citizenship medal offered by the chapter in the Osccola high school. Gladys Williams of Forrest city, Good Citizenship winner in her i school, was also a gnesl at, the i 1{c I 1 » r| s Conference Meeting luncheon. ] Mrs. O. B. Segraves, president . Mrs. Edringlon reporled on the ] of the M^cthoclist Missionary Soc- | recent state convention of the Ark- ;icty, Mrs. Paul Galloway, and Mrs. iinsas Congress which she Etlended.; G. Hartsill Banks gave reports of Mrs. F. P. Jacobs gave an in-1 Ihe annual meeting of tlie North (cresting account of her recent j Arkansas Conference of Mission- Caribbean Cruise and visit to thclary Societies which they attended Central American countries in i in Conway recently. Mrs. C. W. lions from Ihe Arkansas Diocese were read and studied. R. V. Madden returned Friday from a business trip lo S'.. Louis. He made the trip in company with O. A. No.S'cn of . SI. Louis, in charge of all plant prod'.iction of Ralston s'urina Company, who was In Osce;ila tlie first of the week. J. T. Cnston, James Cos ton. A. F. Barliam, nnd Moses Slininn returned home Saturday from n business trip to Birmingham, Ala. r . picks his racing cars for speed — his cigarettes for slow burning HERE TI-IF.Y COME in n hurricane of flying dirt anil squirling oil. Von can almost hciir ihc Ji'igli whine of (he motors nnd (lie .shriek of hriikcsnncl burning tirea ,-is tlicy screak into tlie sharp curves. They may call 'cm "mii/gct racors," Inn litre's speed lo burn iiiKk-rtic-aih (hose toy-like hoods. Leading above is Dob Swiiiison, Pacific Coasi champ. In a sjilit sccont] (hose racers may be climbing cadi other's hoods. Bob Swanson likes a slower puce, in his off-time. Smokes Camels a lot. Jfe explains; "I don't like overheating in my cigarette any more than I like it in a racing motor. I slick 10 Camels. I know they're slower- buruing... milder and cooler." Slower-burning Camels give the extras company with Colonel Jacobs and contrasted (he changes she found wilh thp conditions she saw on the same trip twenty-three years ago. Watson, who represented the Business Women's Circle will make her report to that group in their monthly meeting. She also read an original poem en- I The second lesson in the mission tilled "Southern Pilgrimage." (study tesl. "From Tragedy to Trl- Kflss Harwell was presented a j imiph" was taught by Mrs Spence corsage of white carnations and i Williams. .Mrs. M. s Carr was two bicentennial George and Mar-! r.dded as a new member lha Washington plates of imjiorl-1 * • til Wedgewood china. Entertains Junior Department Mrs. Paul Galloway, superintendent of the Junior Department of Ihe Methodist Sunday Sciiool assisted by her teachers, Mrs. Susie Keiser, Mrs. Alma Morrison. Miss Nettie Gray, and Mrs. Roy Daw- | son entertained the thirty-five i Joins iVavy Billie Young, youngest .son of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Young, left last week for Nashville, Tcnn., for his final tests Seforc going on to Norfolk. Va.. to begin his period of sen-Ice In the United States Navy. Billie enlisted several weeks ago and has been undergoing the necessary preliminary physical examinations. Dillle plans to specialize in radio engineering. He' was accompanied to Memphis by his older brother, D. B. Young. Attends College of Vhysicians Dr. L. D. Massey and Mrs. Massey have returned home from Cleveland, Ohio, where he lias at- FOR SALE We have carloail Pciiigrceil I). PI. and Nloncvillc Seed. Also large amount of same kind tlu' has btru planted litre one year See or Call Us For Price! L. ft, Matthews Very lilrrnl nricc nlloiiancR for yp.ur nhl scctl. Oifi Co. i'lionc .IOS-W-2 Varbrn. Arl;. Ulylhcvillc Gasoline At STATE LINE PRICES 6 Gals, for §1.00 JOYNER OIL CO. U. S. Highway 61, North At Red T«p Gin SKIN CANCER . :sons <t(e of slit u cancer annually, > .. ?„> »! negligence. Types vat;, lite causes comnlcx. bul sMn may oc l>rcve:Ucd ami developed ra .it.i cured If trcaled early wl trtalnicnl Is a Rlmnle ^ ttMl Three llioimnii wt Icrm cancer hile th<! • . . .i! slolhcrapy trcilmcnt, a cure may le assured. With yearn of study, experience and treatment of hundreds at cases DRS. NIES & NIES 5H Main niythcvlltl. Ark. free and Phone 08 SPEED'S MY DISH IN A RACING CAR—BUT I WANT MV CIGARETTE SLOW-BURNING. CAMEL CIGARETTES BURN ON THE SLOW SIDE — GIVE THE 'EXTRAS' IN SMOKING PLEASURE In recent laboratory tests, CAMELS burned 25% slower than the avcnigeof the 15 other of the largest-selling brands tcsicd-slowcr than 'any of them. That means, on the average, n smoking plus equal to EXTRA SMOKES PER PACK! WITH BOB SWANSON, it's always a slow-burning Camel. "That slower way of burning makes a big difference, I've found," says Bob. "Camels .ire miWer— easy on my throat. They don't bother my nerves. They never tire my taste. And MORE PLEASURE PER PUFF ...MORE PUFFS PER PACK! they give an extra amount of smoking, too," Yes, s|>ced is fine in the right place, but in cigarettes the coveted extras of coolness, mildness (which includes freedom from irritation), nnd full, rich flavor go with slow-burning Camels. Copyrlchl.1910,11. J.ltejnotjiTotiiccoC<jmp»iir.Wiaita3-Eileo,>'wihCirannm SAVE ON THE COST OF THE STATE CIGARETTE TAX Smokers who live in communities where certain state cigarette taxes are in cflcct can save tlie cost of the t'a.v-anJ, in sonic instances, more —through smoking Cnmcls. (See panel abore.) \Vhcn you arc a Camel smoker, you get this unique economy-and all ihe c.xmt enjoyment of cooler, milder smoking -the frngrancc and delicate tasie of finer, more costly tobaccos. CAMELS .the cigarette of Costlier Tobaccos

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