Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 7, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 7, 1935
Page 3
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F ''Wif4P?^Tv,,- ''' MMAJCte^A liffig: CrCL flic Unbroken Uythm Perhaps We shall find nt last that life and death Aro part of, the same poem, rhyme on rhyme, With hut a natural pausing for the btenth As a, sentence ends, that swing out from time Into eternity will make no break nt That still the perfect ryllim will he there; That the swinging high, sustained notes will not fall. Nor the music falter on the waiting air, I trust that there will ho no slumhlinK feet To mar the. projjress of that perfect thing, The epic we cull "life" Is strangely sweet, And yet, God grant upon it. 4 * upward •swing It may take on. benenth an abler hand. A meaning; that the heart cnn understand.—Selected. Dr. F. D. Henry spent Monday in 7'cxarliana, QtliMitling a meeting of the South Wtst Arkansas Denial Association. Mr. and Mrs. Robl. E. L. Saner of Dallas, Texas, ."pent Saturday night In the cily. 'en route to Soarcy, Ark., . for n .short visit. The Alathean and Gleaners Classes of the First Baptist Sunday school will '• mother. Mrs, E. G. Porlerficltl and have their regular monthly business other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Sharp and little ,s:>n. of Moringsport, La., were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hearnc. nnd soclnl meeting at,7:30 Tuesday evening,flt the home of Mrs. M. S. Bales. Transportation,will be furnished from the church. Mr, and 'Mrs. Vernon Gunn and' daughter, Verna Mac of Cnmden, spent the week end in the city, the guests of relatives nnd', friends. Mrs. R. A. Boyett, left Sunday for a visit with friends in Waterloo. Mr. and Mrs. George Gfirrett of Ok- nlonn, were. Friday guests of Mrs. Fanny Onrrctt nnd other relatives. W. F. Bridewell of Shrevnport, La., was the Sunday guest of his mother, Mrs. C, A. Bridewell, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Brundldge, who am spending some lime in their collages on. lake Hamilton, near Hot Springs, spent the week end with home folks. Dick Lock had ns week end guests. Billy Hayes and John W. Usrey of Cumdcn. o Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Bridewell had os week end guests. Mrs. C. E. Bell iincl Miss Margaret Bell of Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. Clias. B. Foster of Shrevoport, La., were week end guests of relatives and friends in the city. Mrs. Adolf Wendling of Shroveport. Negro Ball Game at Milwaukee Cubs, St. Louis Blues, Will Play* Exhibition Here Two negro baseball (earns, (he St. Louis Blues nnd the Milwaukee Drown Cubs, will clash In an exhibition.game nt 3:30 p. m. Tuesday nt Fnlr Park.. Thp two teams arc en route to Mexico and California, stopping off here for an exhibition contest. Scats, in separate sections, will be provided for both white and negro Kpeelators. rare. privilege to extend her personal congratulations to one she has knO;Wn nnd honored for so many years, Dr. Frank Crossley Morgan, who Is conducting a series of sermons nndi Bible Interpretations at the First, Presbyterian church this week, openr. ed his series with two splendid, ser- sources said, condemns. Italy by, lift? plication—If not directly. Its diplomatic phrasology, It was reported, deals with violation of the League covenant rather than "aggeqs- Slon," but .on«. diplomat) sajd; "Without, sp9cl/icplly naming Italy*., acts of .aggression•seem clearly indicated." It- was..said,that establishment.! of n violation i of, the covenant—presumably Articles 10, 12 and 15—was based on official. Italian documents, including General .EnilUo de Bono's order fo.r an Italian troop advance across .the Ethiopian frontier nnd announcqments of the aerial bombardment of Aduwa nnd Adigrnt. Sccroev juirnrccti The gravity of Who..situation was indicated In the extreme precautions token to prevent leakage of the com- rtiiltoe's conclusions. Each member of the Committee of Six was sworn to secrecy nnd each returned his copy of the report to the League Secretariat to be absolved In .advance of .any accusation that he -had broken his pledge by divulging the contents of the report. However, i.t was learned the report was satisfactory to Anthony Eden of Grent Britain and that was generally Interpreted as meaning Italy's military mon.s on Sunday, at (he morning and [ drive into Ethiopia was condemned, evening hours. Dr. Morgan is a .very forceful nnd pleasing speaker, and his La., was (he week end visitor of heri 7 '-' pounds. sermons show great study and experience. Services will be held each evening at 7:30, with the Bible lessons at 10 o'clock each morning. The public is cordially invited to avail themselves of this unusual opportunity to acquaint themselves with a belter'in- terpretation of the Scriptures. Rev. and Mrs. Glenn A. Parks announce the arrival of a daughter. Ma- deiw Woodson. born Sunday. October G. at Julia Chester hospital. Weight France on n "Spot" PARIS, France — (/P) — Dispatches Embargo (Continued from pagt one) Ilallnn. aggression in East Is applicable only to ftaly Eth^pia has no shipping. The.,co\llH, try Is without an inch of snacoast.. It was also seen as Indicating that the. president believes the Il«16-EthU cpian dispute may grow,into a gen-, oral .European conflict. It. was pointed out; that, since the. Italian merchant, marine is_ without n threat from.EthU cpia, Americans and American property are in no immedinle danger by.,the conflict but if other nations, notably Grent Britain, should join in the struggle ' there would be need for caution. ha-directed Secretary .Hull W jssue, the embargo proclamation, Issuance of the proclamation, and ing on, of. the. embargo, were mandatory by the .neutrality act as.soon a* it had 'been .determined that testate of war. existed. 'Carefully maintaining a neutral Embargo Proclaimed WASHINGTON '—(/p)—. Recognizing a "stale of war'' between Italy and Ethiopia, President Roosevelt declared nn immediate embargo over the weekend on American shipment of "arms, munitions and implements of war" to either nation. Acting under provisions of the new, neutrality act in an effort to assure the United.S'tates shall not become involved in the conflict, the president confined the embargo to implements and munitions actually used in war,fare. , from Geneva Sunday reported Premier i T nesc j nc i uc i c d airplanes, airplane Pierre Laval opposed to immediate application on stiff sanctions against engines and parts, rifles, guiis, ammunition, poison gas, warships and Italy, his attitude coinciding with a j u, e j r equ ipment, Hereafter, any Amer- All This Week OUR BIG NYAL 2 for 1 SALE See Our Windows for Prices and Merchandise. BRIANT'S Drug Store SHOE SALE Navy and Block Kid Illack nnd llrown Suede $2.99 Pair Ladies i Specialty Shop Next 'Sun . . "China Seas" . . nuff scd! ENDS •cud believe you me, it's some show!. A F«,.m»unl rittut* with FRANCES LANGFORD PATSY KEUV a Wolut Wano«t Comedy "Penny Wise" and News " WOT A CAST! Look it over! Mr. and Mrs. James Gentry returned to their home in Bisbce, Ariz., i Monday, after a visit with Mr. and large section of the French public. The anti-sanctions bloc is largely conservative, supported by an important section of the press. They manifested their disapproval of such a course when 15,000 of them demonstrated in. the. boulevards. , Unlike Laval, whose opposition is based on his .hope that Mussolini will come to terms before the League of Nations Assembly meets Wednesday. the conservatives' attitude is governed by a fear that exercise of sane- Rufus Herndon in this city. Mr. Hems wi " throw Mussolini into the Gentry is a former Hope boy and is now engaged in the practice of law in Bisbcc. with Robert Young Madge Evans Betty FutnesB Ralph Morgan, Nat Pendleton Hardie Albright Claude Gillingwatei Shirley Ross Raymond Halloa Herman Bing -SHORTS— Vuirety "Nature Speaks" Comedy "Friendly Spirits" Jack Stewart of Vicksburg. Miss., joined Mrs. Stewart nnd little son. Barry who have spent, the past month with relatives in the city on Saturday for a vi.sil with home folks. The Oglesby P. T. A. will hold its October meeting at 3:30 Tuesday afternoon at Oglesby school. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. B. Ellen, Sr., nnd son, John Henry spent Sunday in Vivian. La., Guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Ellen. After a visit with Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Middlebrooks, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Jackson have returned to their home in Benton. o Mr. nnd Mrs. Hugh Smith have as (.•Hosts, Mr. Smith's father, M. C. Smith and brother, Clint Smith, both of Si- loain Springs. Mrs. Binnie Gaines of Colorado Springs, Colo., is the guest of relatives in the city. Mrs. Gaines will be remembered as Miss Ollie Buncly. In.celebration of her husband's 92nd birlhday anniversary, Mrs. J. S. Wilson Sr.. entertained at a most delightful G o'clock dinner on Saturday evening at the family home in Columbus. It was indeed a happy occasion when relatives, responding to Cousin Mnidie's invitation gathered nt the old family home, "where the soul is sort o' wrapped round everything, from a heap o' livin' with sun and' .shiiddor," to greet this grand old patriarch, who has spent so many useful years among us, and in the modern vernacular, is "still going itrong." A huge birthday cake centered the beauty table, which was covered with a beautiful lace cloth, acquired on n visit Mr. and Mrs. Wilson made to their son, Dr. Wanton Wilson, in Korea, some few years ago. The bountiful supper was served buffet stylo the guests being seated at Email tables. The honorce received many useful gifts. Out of town relatives attending were Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Wilson of Texarkana, Mrs. Dave. Wilson and son, Johnson of Yancy, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Jackson and children of Mt. Ida, Mrs. Mae Wilson and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wil- h-jn and daughter, Mary of Hope. The writer of this column, considered it a RINTING That Makes An Impression We turn out Fast Jobs That Don't Look Like "Rush" Jobs. Our rcpresunulive will he glad lo call and furnish free (•stimulus mi your work, STAR Publishing Go. PHONE 7U8 Phoae 84 LOOK! Walgreen's ONE CENT SALE Thurs. Fri and Sat Hundreds of Mighty Bargains during this great Semi- Annual Event. DON'T MISS IT. John P, Cox Drug Go, •% We Give Eagle Stamps Harry Grayson (Continued fnim page one) r.rmy. nnd the name fits perfectly in the pitcher's box. spark plug. Augie Galan, Elclen Auker. the most pronounced underhand chucker since Carl Mays. . . . Charley Root and the healthiest chew of tobacco in baseball. . . . Pete Fox, silently efficient. . . . Stanley Hack, smooth on the dance floor and, make mine a fudge sundae. . . . Gerald Walker, always doing something to make you forget crazy- quilt mistakes. . . . Freddie Lindstrom, one Bruin the Tigers really will have to heat. Pennants follow Leon Goslin, the Golden Goose. Phil Cavarrctta, pride of the South Side. ... a rough and ready high school prodigy in a world series at 19 and in his first full season. . . . Billy Rogoll requires encouragement after 13 campaigns. . . . Larry French, fits of temperament give him more trouble than the shaper-eycr batsmen. . . . Marvin Owen would rather play a practical joke than third base, which he lookc after in a rocking chair. mouthpiece of Bruins Billy Jurges, a Brooklyn boy abroad. never sidesteps a jawing match. . . . Moots each one with the old Groen- pcrnt battle slogan, "Wanna make anything out. of it?" . . . Jo-Jo White flies. . . . Chuck Klein, on the bench even though he proved that he could gel along quite well out of Philadelphia's bandbox Baker Bowl. . . . Roxie Lawson itching for a chance. . . . Ken O'Dea, really too good to be an understudy. . . . Ray Hayworth, the most polished second string catcher in either major wheel. . . . Roy Henshaw, lille but "Oh, my!" where the Pittsburgh Pirates were concerned. . . . Elon Hogsett, gives until it hurts in relief roles. . . . Tuck Stninback, full of promise. . . . Joe Sullivan, you'd prefer to have him on your side in n tough spot. . . . Tex Carlcton finally got ahead of Dizzy Dean. . . . Vic S'orrell, village school master. . . . Woody English, captain and highly important in the dugout. . . . Flea Clifton, waiting for a chance to run for somebody. . . . Fabian Kowalik, needs only the opportunity to star. . . . Heinie Schuble. jockey. The Gas House Gang of St. Louis is missed, but there is plenty of color in this year's fall fashion show. Ethiopian Action (Continued from page one) all Tigre province had fallen into the hands of Italy. It forecast Sunday's occupation of Aduwa. Saturday's Italian losses in the advance on Aduwa were called negligible—one lieutenant an dsiiinu Italian native troops killed and .several wounded. Every effort was made to crush Ethiopian resistance by mechanical means without sacrificing soldiers, with tanks .scouting out enemy positions, tin-- artillery clearing the way when necessary and airplanes bombing Ethiopian concentrations. League Blames Italy GENEVA--(/P)—Charged with fixing the blame for the warfare in East Africa, a League of Nations Council Committee Sunday night completed a report which, usually reliable OLD SHOES MADE NEW Expert Shoe Repairing and Rebuilding While-U-Wait or Delivery Service. Keen & Bailey 105 W. Trout St. Phone MS 49* NHtON HUCttlNS LAUNDRY COMPANY arms of Adolf .Hitler. Proponents of sanctions, on the other hand, fear "rejection of the British program (for a Franco-British joint action against Italy at Geneva) will result in a reapproachmcnt between Britain and Germany." The newspaper Paris-Midi said Laval planned a telephone conversation with the Italian dictator. The paper asserted that Laval proposes to establish a basis for negotiations acceptable to. Britain. Punny Man! Facetious One—"Why so gloomy, old chap?" Gloomy One—"Just heard my uncle hat: cut mo out of his will. He's altered it five times in the last two years." . ,. Facetious One—"Ha! Evidently a fresh,heir.flend,.what?"—-The Humorist (London). . •'--••' ican who violates the embargo may be punished, by a $10,000 fine, five years imprisonment, or both. If the president chooses, he may later expand the proscribed list to include such things as cotton, copper and other raw materials. Now on the Pacific aboard the cruis- tr Houston, the president has kept in constant communication with Washington by radio. Upon receiving official advices that the. Italian-Ethiopian clashes had resulted in a "state Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On No matter how. many medicines,, you have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial Irritation, you can get relief now, with Creomulsion. 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And'the pape| is tough and .durable assuring y,ou of many-years of service. Every Roll Is Washafcfe \ Here's the outstanding development in waHpg./'- per making. Every piece'' of • new Mayflowei|'> Wallpaper, is now WASHABLE—permitting' you to clean off ordinary spots,and dirt with _soa$ and water* Think how easy it will be your wallpaper looking fresh and new- so little work. Come in and See This Beautiful Hempstead County Lumber Co* East Third Street Phone 89 Hope, Arkansas? .•..WpKr**- 1 •VpV'.'-'Vj '' W \ "OMAHA"—Winner, one after the other, of the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont Omaha is an outstanding horse today. And in the cigarette world Chesterfield is outstanding. Both won their place strictly on merit. Apply any test you like—» Chesterfields stand for the best there is in cigarettes. They are milder ... yet they let you know you're smoking. They taste better—give you real pleasure. /j &f «** .. for mildness .. lor better tasie 1.1935, LlCCJiTT & MVEJIS TOBACCO Co. .

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