Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 5, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 5, 1935
Page 4
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fairy Tale Heroine to JrVevtoii tllMi:: 11$ IA'I'L , v?6ht to- Im with the wotiater, leave out. >. jMam^r j.dAd.jfc 1 * „ ',^ „, i ... __.„...•*! „, i ( ^ v .^ .^^H^S . IS Worshiped. '. 21 Granite l ^ porphyry. - * 25 Naked figures. '? 2S Obese. '29 French soldier. 30 College girl. 31 Smoker's match. *- 33 Close. '" " 34 To share. 36 One who runs Sway. 4(1 To attire. •J4 More fastidious. 45 Data. 47 Flavor. •IS Makes lace. 49 Those'Who inherit. 51 Flower. 52 Xorthenst. 53 Untidier. 55 Behold. 56 By doing this she saved her —-'s life. 57 The monster was really a prince, VKKTK'AJ, 1 Short hair cut. " Mooley apple. :: Sloths, t Said. 5 Coupled. 7 Phantom. 8 Stir. fl To stitch. 10 Light brown. 18 Affirmative. 17 Fiber knots. 18 This talo is a favorite one. 19 Duet. 20 Poem. .22 To emulate. 23 Wing. 24 Baby's room. 26 Sable. 27 To surprise. 28 Afternoon meal. 31 Distant. 32 To piece out. 34 By. 35 Being. 37 Climbing plant 3S Group o£ eight 39 Footlike part. 41 Knock. 42 Molding. 43 Breast. 45 Bronze. 16 Melody. 49 Pronoun. 50 Measure. 53 Myself. 54 Road. f p L C i€ £' P, Program Is Ready (Continued from page one) idents—Mrs. Paul Heerwagen. Response—Mrs. J. T. Sifford. Presentation of Pages—Mrs. C. S. *X.owthorp. , Music—Hymn—"This is My Teachers World." Reception—Informal. Wednesday Morning Methodist Church Auditorium , 9 o'clock Invocation—Rev. H. S. Mobley. i Vocal, Selection—Mrs. Chandler. « Ritual led by State President—Mrs. 'C. S. Lowthorp. Rules of Order—Mrs. W. E. Massey ^Parliamentarian. Report of Credentials Committee— Miss Ollie Barnes. Roll Call of Chapters and Acceptance of Flags—Mrs. P. J. Rice. Report of Officers: President—Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp. 1st Vice President—Mrs. Earl Cunningham. 2nd Vice President—Mrs. P. M. Heer- •wagen. 3rd Vice President—?<trs. J. P. Bowen. ' Sell It! Fiiid It! Bent It! Buy It! is the Hope Star MARKET PUCE Remember, ihe more you tell, the quicker you sell. 1 time, lOc line, min. 30c For consecutive Insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one at/ 3 times, 6c line, min. 50< 6 times, fie line, min. 90c 26 times, 3&c line, min. ?2.70 (Average 5Vi words to the line) ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of Statement, before the first publication Phone 76& WANTED WANTEI>—WE pay top prices for poultry, 15c for hens, IGc for fryers. opposite Frisco Freight Depot. T. P. Beard. 2-3tp WANTED—Salesman to soil Fuller Brushes. Apply Sunday at 400 South Elm. Phone 32. The Fuller Brush Man. 5-Up , WANTED—Wanted to buy kitchen cabinet, wood range cook stove, and linoleum rugs. Must be in good condition. Box 265, Buckner, Ark. 4-Stc SALE OR TRADE FOR SALE OR TRADE—One extra fine pure bred Poland China hoar, one pure bred Jersey bull. Nont better in county, one two year old mule. See or Call L. C. Sommcrvillu. Phono 815-J. 5-ltc FORWENT Recording Secretary — Mrs. John Pruniski. Coiresponding Secretary—Mrs. Geo. Spragins. Treasurer—Mrs. James B. Clark. Historian—Mrs. Jess Martin. Registrar—Mrs. Frank Gerig. Recorder of Crosses—Mrs. John Carter. Custodian of Flags—Mrs. P. J. Rice. Parliamentarian—Mrs. W. E. Massey. 12 o'clock—Luncheon, courtesy of Prairie Grove Chapter, at Prairie Grove Battlefield. Invocation—Rev. J. F. Holmes. 2:00 p. m. Memorial Service, Mcth- cdist church. Mrs. S. L. Caddish presiding. i Memorial Address—J. F. Holmes. 3:00 p. m.—Business session. 4:00 to 5:00 p. m.—Tea, Mrs. Vol Hannah's home. 6:00 p. m.—President's Dinner, Educational Building—Plate 75 cents. Chairman of Reservation—Mrs. J. P. Harris. Presiding—Mrs. W. H. McCain. 8:00 p. m.—Historical Evening—High School Auditorium. Historical Evening Wednesday, October 23. Processional—Flag Bearer, Pages, President, General, President of the Arkansas Division, U. D. C., Recorder) af Crosses, Recipient of Crosses, Past Division Historians. Chapter Histor- 'ans. Confederate Veterans, Historian i if the Arkansas Division U. D. C., Loral Chairman Historical Evening. Call to Order—Mrs. C. S, Lowthorp, Division President. Invocation. Orchestra—Dixie. Presentation of Recorder of Crosses —Arkansas Division President Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp; Mrs. John Carter, Custodian of Crosses. Recipients—Hon. E. F. McFaddin, Hope, Arkansas. Orchestra—"Star Spangled Banner" , Presentation of Historian of Arkan! sas Division—Mrs. Jess M. Martin by '• Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp. ; Presentation of Past Division His; todans. Chapter Historians, Distinguished Guests and Awarding Prizes— i Mrs. Jess M. Martin. ; Fpecinl Music. i Address. Hon. E. F. McFaddin—"The ; Lcsjal Rifjhl oC Secession." I Pageant—An afternoon at the White ; of the Confederacy. j ; Chorus—"Auld Lang Syne"—By the j , Assembly. j i Thursday Morning i ; 0:00 a. m.—Business Session, Meth- 1 odist church, Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp presiding. I Invocation—Rev. W. A. Lindsay. I Reports continued: j Report of Credentials Committee. I Election of Officers. 1 Reports of Other Standing Committee!;. Reports of Resolution Committee. Unfinished Business. Nov.' Business. Installation of Officers. Announcements. Adjournment. Marker at Cato Sprir.gs. 15:00 o'clock—Luncheon. FaycHte- ville. Courtesy Mildred Leo Chapter, Pn-Kraii! for .Marker at Cato Springs Thursday, October 21, 19^5 !! ;i. m.—Unveilini/ Maiker at Cato S;ji-in-js-Mrs. F. M. Heerwegan. pre- M'j.-.ic—A'Capello Chorus. Fiiyutte- viMf High School. i HOPE ARKANSAS fi? WILLIAM OUR BOARDING HOUSE CONFOUND THE THING if t JUST COUUO CATCH HIM IN HAT Mgy** T£ THERE WMUTfe UP? HIM <bO -*^ SAY HE'S A CbOOtD •RUN ALON<b,' AND SAY AfvAOS HE WAS ASB16 AS AN EL6PHANT-IXU HE COULD 3UIVYP CL£MR TH CANYON IN SEES TH\S I o MOTHERS GET ©J»M BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. 8, PAT. Off. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By HAMLIN \T VAV- "\V\f\T VOOOVO'O't. S' ,TOO . ( _ © 1935 BY NEA SERVICE. INCi T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFf by MARTIN ALLEY OOP Too Much for Berla BE CAREFUL, NOW 1 KK10W, BUT ( WELL, I HATE TO LEAVE I CAMT GO ONJ -\ YOU HERE ALONE, BUT YOU'LL HAVE TONSOMEONE HAS TO CONTINUE ALONE -7 GET HELP FOR DONT WORRY OOOH-IM i ^-— ^*^Jl//< GETTING SO ) /COME ON.' Y / TIRED - X r KEEP YOUR CHINl UP- BYE, OOOLA, AND GOOD LUCK.' ABOUT ME -I'LL BE ALL RIGHT/ WASH TUBES By CRAN Lulu Belle's Interested Aridi e.«;—Dr. Virgil J FORWENT: Comfortably furnished < ] ,7 7-5, ,, two room apt. near bath, running hoi \ Tl ^ M ' M " n " ! Marker - Mrs. A. L. i water, utilities paid. Four-thirtt-en S. ' Main, under new tnciruigemc-nt. 'i-3tp Qnvt ilir,:- Marker Curolyn Irwin j hii.'li.-.-;. Hartinan plot' s.—Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp. Churn:,. Fiiyuttc- SERVICES OFFERED [ M ^.; /vc>cllo Foot liCrtlinont and diagnosis of ffc'l. j , ,~ 'u/".| ,• J3r C B BJedsoe Chiropodist. ^ x ^ cl '''i chiuch' F'I-c (('•'•'•''ir ^ chiropodist at Ladies Srjfnzilty Shop.! ,.,,„, .. .,/ ' l£:M P --•''•!>_, w. Picket Methodist i I'l •-T'.; 1 sl;i|lMn- f ,.i. Mrs. F. ! LOST " LOST—V/ctkly tinu; book uf n:.-- ccujits. Reward fur retuui to Louia Breed at Community Ice Company. 4-3tj> CECIL SWOO5E IGNORES THE QUARRELING OF HIS ROUGHER COMPANIONS. HE DIGS. FOR DAYS HIS PALE HANDS vVIELD A HEAVY PICK AX SPURRED ON BY A GLITTERING DREAM OF PIRATE GOLD. fATTABOY, SWOOSIEJ MAN, LOOK1T IYER DOIN'GREAT.^XTHOSB MUSCLES. " ' "V (0)F COURSE, MO ONE REALLY EXPECTS MR. SWOOSE TO FIND ANYTHING. SOUNDED LIKE IRON! STRUCK vJJEY.'GIMME DAT t , blKUcK \. _ __ ni/*|/AVf ^ , SOMETHING.J ^ ^L PICKAX/ / FRECKLES ANP HIS FRIENDS 'j'M DISAPPOIWTED IN MY FIRST TEAM.' LAST YEAR you WERE GREAT... THAT MADE YOU FEEL PRETTY SELF- SATISFIEP .'.' The Test By BLOSSEI I KNOW WHAT TO DO FDR THAT! I'M GOING TO USE MY SCRUBS AGAINST UEESBURG...AND THE VARSITY CAN SEE HOWIT FEELS TO SfT ON THE BENCH .' > I WANT THE SECOND AND THIRD TEAMS TO LINE UFJ WHILE THE VARSITY WATCHES/ ARE YOU SCRUBS )/ REAPY TO SHOW J ARE THE VARSITY HOW \ WE " ? TO PLAY ,/JUST FOOTBALL? ^WATCH US// THIS IS THE \ YOU'RE TELLIW' ME! SAY T COILEC CHANCE WE'VE ) ED SO MANY SPLINTERS FROM BEEN WAITIN' ) srrriN ON ~™ AT BENCH, rr TOOK -| FOR, LEFTY '/ ME TWO PAYS TO CONVINCE MY MOTHER WE PIPNT PLAY FOOTBALL IN WOOPEN PANTS/ An octopus suiles it r-lf over its. prey, forming un airtight death cham- ' bor about its victim, before devour- j ing it. ' THE NEWFANGLES (Mom v n Pop) By COWAN Tricked POUNCE, ON tV\E, THAT'S RIGHT / AN tLL, ^AE? t NEVER . THAT CR^CK. YOU , V\Y SWEET? TH N\EN GO YOU ONE BETTER — V GAMBLED IN fAV A BET, tAISTER StVVARTY / ppLLAR THAT. )U CANT YOUB? A&BiO A CWANCE.- LIFE-AND I TAKER AS ANY OF THErA I s< t WUO GAMBLE . WOrAEN NNOREN

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