Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 5, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 5, 1935
Page 3
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October 5,1935 HOPS STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS * CrCL AffS. Sid Telephone 321 War There Is n sound of Ihunder afar, Etorm in the South that darkens the day, Storm of battle and thunder of war. Well, if it docs not roll our way. —Tennyson. "In trie wars of the European powers it matters relating to themselves wo have never taken any part, nor does It comport with our policy to do so. It Is only when our right* are invaded or seriously menaced that we resent Injuries or make preparation for our defence."—President James Monroe in his annual mc'.ssngc. Sound reasoning, even though Riven over a century hack. Wo ai'o still paying for having disregarded that advice some 18 years bnck. IMPRESSIONS FOR THE WEEK September 30— October 5 While the League of Nations is deciding Whether the present argument Is "war" or not, and just who is Hie aggressor, we suggest thai they consider Sherman's definition of "war" nnd decide whether bombing unprotected' innocent women and children. Red Cross hospitals under (he suisc of "military police measures" would not at least come under Sherman's definition. Why not take steps toward disappointing Mussolini in his idea that h c can have his cake nnd eat it too, while stalling with British and French governments, that only on "intolerable provocation." will he take steps that may lead to a general European w<ir )( We are wondering just when thai "emotional current of psychological infection," according to the Inter- nationally known psychiatrist, will work again. . . . Wo know of a yard on South Main street that'has over 30 different kinds nf flowers blooming at this sime. (Sounds like Heinz 57 varieties, doesn't it?) We feel sure that a number of other yards in Iho city can match thin record, but wo happen to have 11 more intimate acquainlainco with this particular yard. This has been o bnn- nor blooming year; never before have we seen such luxuriant production--' vegetation seems to have gotten the blooming seasons mixed however—• Japonicas have been in bloom the entire year In the above mentioned yard, and on South Grady .street, you will find a peach Ircc that has gotten its dates mixed. . . . In mentioning blooming flowers, wo pause to say. it i.s rather disheartening to .spend time and even money on your yard and have loose stock come in and destroy in a few minutes, results that have taken years to. bring about—Is there a "pound police or not?" We have been deeply impressed within the last two weeks with the (-•nlhiisiasni and vim with which the different women's clubs have resumed their work, after ;i summer's vacation. Three splendid year books with prt grains otiilint.M.1 tlnil will prove n.ost interesting and educational have iilivady reached mv desk. Thanks. Consult Roy Anderson and Company tor Complete Business and Personal Insurance. WANTED PINK HEADING BOLTS AND ROUND BLOCKS 2.1-ln. LONG. For prices and specifications Apply to HOPE HEADING COMPANY Hope Ark. I'honc 245 Watch for the Bis NYAL 2 for 1 SALE Week of Oct. 7 to 12 BRIANT'S Drug Store SHOE SALE Navy and Black Kid lilat'k and Brown Suede S2.99 Pair Ladies Specialty Shop The Joe Vesey Circle of the W. M. S. First Methodist church will meet nt 7::i(l Monday evening nt the home of Mrs. Jimmie Jones in the ..Middlebrooks- apartments on South Main street, with Mrs. Ernest Still as joint hostesses. A splendid program Including a play is being prepared, and all members are urged lo be present. Circle No. 1 of the W. M. S.. First Methodist church, will meet Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock, tit the home of Mrs. J. M. Houston, North Pine street, wilh Mrs. J. \V. Anderson -as joint hostess. Mrs. Claude- Nunn i.s leader of Circle No. 1. Tho Executive Board of the Womans Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church will meet Monday afternoon at .'i o'clock, at (he church. Arthur Whitehurst. a student in the Magnolia A. & M. colegc i.s the week end guest of his mother. Mrs. A. C. WhiU'hurst and other homefolks. "Every Night at EighfNew f ilm Alice Faye, Prances Langford, Patsy Kelly in Saenger Musical Show Film producers having lured many celebrities from the radio world) air officials have launched a counter attack with nn offer in the form of a five-year sinning contract to three motion plcUirc actresses providing they give up nil screen work. Alice Faye, Frances Langford and Patsy Kelly, principals opeporlng opposite George Raft in "Every Night at Eight," Sunday and Monday at the Saonger, received the radio proposal from Raymond Paige, Western Musical Director of the Columbia Broadcasting Company. Paige became- enthusiastic about the singing' of the three girls after witnessing a pre-pre- vicw of "Every Night nt Eight!' in which they appoare as a sislcr singing trio. Miss Langfor dand Miss Faye, both protegees of Rudy Vullee, were well- known on the air before entering films. Miss Langford has been singing on the Hollywood Hotel Hour major radio program in addition to her picture work. Miss Kelly is the surprise member of the group as she is known to film fans only as a comedian and not as a singer, although she won fame on Broadway as a musical-comedy favorite. "Every Night at Eight" is a gay romantic comedy with music depicting the ri.se of three girls as workers in a mint julip factoiy to world wide renown as radio stars. An amateur radio hour, the first time to qppear Jin a feature picture, is one of; comedy I highlights of the film. Waller Catlett jand the Radio Rogues are in the sup, porting cast. Raoul Walsh directed. I Some of the hit tunes include "I'm j in the Mood For Love," "Then You've I Nitver Been Blue," "Take It Easy," "Epenking Confidentially.' Miss Jane Orton Teachers college, spending the week ents, Mr. and Mrs has as week end Newell Johnson of dent in Henderson >f Henderson State Arkadelphia. is end with her par- W. R. Orton and guest, Miss Elsie Paris, Ark., a slu- collcge. Hugh Keith of Magnolia A. & M! ar- FOU SUNDAY DINNER Fried Chicken on Roast Young Hen With Delicious Dressing With Home Made Ice Cream 35c DIAMOND CAFE in the Hotel Henry Let's Go / DAYS SUNDAY and MONDAY | rived Friday afternoon to spend the 1 week end with home folks. j Mrs. Thos. M. Anderson of Augusta, ! Ga., who has been the guest of her | mother, Mrs. Marie McCorkle for tht | past ,two weeks, was the inspiration I Friday for a most charming luncheon, j given by Mrs. O. A. Graves in the private dining room at Holel Barlow. The large round luncheon lablc held t'or its central adornment, an cx- quisile mound of gracefully arranged flowers, topped with pink Radiance roses, and bordered with ageratum and baby breath. Tall white candles i burned in service matching holders. Colorful mil cups and dainty place cards completed the appointments. Guests sharing this delightful compliment wilh the honoree and hostess were Mrs. R. T. WhitOj Mrs. C. D. Lester, Mrs. T. S. McDavitt, Mrs. Jas. L. Jamison, Mrs. .Tom, Gorham, Mrs. Billy Duckett, Mrs. Bennic Shipp. Mrs. J. M. Houston, Mrs. Roy Anderson, Mrs. E. J. McCabe; Mrs. Albert- Graves and Miss Beryl Henry. Circle No. 3 W. M. S. First Methodist church will meet at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. James R. Henry, North Elm street. Mrs. Fay James, leader. Circle No. 4 W. M. S. First Methodist church will meet at 3 o'clock, Monday afternoon at the home of the leader, Mrs. Minor Gordon, in the Roland Patterson home on South Her- vcy street. Tho W. M. S. First Baptist church, will meet at 2:30 o'clock Monday afternoon at the church for the regular monthly business meeting and missionary program, Circle No. 1 in charge of program, Mrs. Arthur Allen of Denver, Colo., will be the week end guest of Mrs. Clyde Hill. Mrs. Allen will be remembered by her friends as Miss Floy Eakin. N. B. Since the Star comes out at noon on Saturdays, the writer of this column would greatly appreciate it, if you would turn in all announcements at 321 before 10 o'clock on Saturdays. —Thanks. . . . This microphone maestro gave her the air...and how she used it...Every Night at Eight ., .the screen's first amateur hour picture) Personal Mention Dr. A. J. Neighbours will spend Monday in Texarkuna attending the South West Dentist convention. \\ Music (Notes of Interest to Music Lovers of Southwest Arkansas The long, hoi summer is over. Tho richness of autumn is upon us and with the bounty of all nature about us, wilh cool days lending /osl, lomll our efforts, we should renew our energy and enthusiasm in things inspirational and cultural. The new club season, with its opportunities for study, service and pleasure Is now at hand. There never was a time when there was a greater need for music in the lives of men. It is an Integral part of mnn's nature— an expression of his thought. It provides an outlet for joy and gladness as well as sorrow and trouble. It is a servant and a master. Through itfl medium spirits immortal speak the message that makes the world laugh and weep; wonder and worship. It the* music clubs of our state are to keep step with the progress mado by music clubs of other states, every music lover should feel a personal responsibility, talk music, think music, take a part in musical activities wherever they present themselves, whether it be in the church, clubs, schools, or in social and civic life. What docs the music club stand for in its relationship to the community? It stards for better citizenship, higher morale, and mental and aestelhic development. It affords a means of innocent pleasure and cultural attainment for our girls and boys. It quickens the spirit and makes the heart glad. Walter Damrosch who opened his seventh year of Music Appreciation work for the National Broadcasting Company Friday of this week, has saidr "Music is a stimulant to mental exertion." , It will require loyally to the cause and pride in its success to make the power of lliis saying fell in our lives and that of the community. Let us rededicate our energies to the cause of more music and belter music in our town and community. Tho columns of this paper will carry a series of articles on music appreciation through the next several months which will be full of timely information for those who arc interested in this work. The contributors are well qualified to discuss this subject and thos c who profit most by this project are those who avail themselves of the material'presented. This work is sponsored by the Friday Music club of Hope. Its work in the past has been most worthwhile and (hat outlined for the future bids foil- to even surpass its earlier efforts. Through the co-operation of Hope will appear on the second and fourth wil lappear on the second and fourth Saturdays following the regular meetings of the Friday Music club. City Championship GameHere Stincfay Star k - Basket Company Game Benefit for Band* boys- Uniform Fund' Hope Storks and the Hope Basket comuany bareball team: will: resumo hostilities at Fair Park Sunday afternoon to determine the city championship. The Storks have won two games. The third of a five-game serins is 10 bo played Sunday with all of the pro- cecHp, after expenses are deducted; given to the Hope Boys band uniform fund. Tho game starts at 3:30 o'clock. Tickets for the game are being sold by tlie Auxiliary of the band. A large crowd is expected. Foreigners Seized (Continued fr*m pnge one) Hopetobcats (Continued frdffi page nazi Germany nnd is on friendly terms with Italy. Only recently a new Polish liner sailed into New York, a ship bu'ilt by Italy in exchange for 5,000,000 tons of Polish coal. Thus, leaving out of the picture the traditionally neutral Switzerland, there looms athwart the project of halting Mussolini's African adventure, a hand made up of Austria, Hungary, Poland and Germany. There is coal, iron and steel in Germany, grain, cattle and horses in Hungary, coal and textiles in Poland, machinery, wool and leather in Austria and railroads to bring all these products to the Italian borders. "Signs of the Times" There have been thinly veiled threats that Italy would quit Geneva entirely rather than submit to League per.alties. Germany is out and Poland is none loo well pleased with' the position accorded her at Geneva. Austria and Hungary are surrounded by (he "succession states' 'of the Little Entent—Czechoslovakia, Rumo- of m. unable to score. Bright wa» ai menace to tHe Lions throughout tHe final period: He frequently tore off 10 and 15-yard runs.. Although Bright was sensational, Cargild's all-round playing perhaps eclipsed that of Bright. Much credit is due Ponder and Strotid; They failed to get awisy with long runs; but were a constant threat through the line. The Bobcats go to El Dorado next week?. The starting lineup: HOPE HORATIO Turner Longacre Left End Anderson Brazil Left Tackle Keith Griffin Left Guard Holly Peek Center W. Parsons Leeper High Guard Stone Wilson Right Taeklg Reese Kelley Right End Cargile Dickinson Quarterback Spears Gibson Rigll Half Barr Loftis Left Half Ponder Brown Fullback Where Is neutrality when wheat goes to $2 a bushel and cotton to 30 cent* a pourtdtMJerhard M Baruch, questioned about neutrality laws. The life of an actor-is not conductive to more than temporary connubial bliss, since, as a rule, very little home association can enter in.—The-late De Wolf Hdpper. The best way to keep Arneriea out of' war is to do what we can to prevent there being a- War anywhere-into which she can be drawn.—rTewton B; Baker. C6rporations are fi xjuently regarded as inhuman legalistic creaations. In all their affairs, However, they constantly deal with human beings and' respond; to the s.um total of human- needs.—Donaldson firown, motor executive; New York is the sort; ofs town where one can- run around and accomplish very little.—Harry Woodburrt' Chase, chancellor, New York University. To Purchase Eand (Continued from page one) ttaly Favored (Continued from page one) in comparative opulence on dollars which then were potent purchasers of a high standard of living in most European countries. France was the leading European haven for American expatriates in pre-depression days, with cosmopolitan Paris, the French gold coast, romantic Normandy and Brittany- boasting large colonies. Americans living in France in 1929 numbered 25,860. While some of them nia and Yugoslavia—close allies France. With Germany and Italy ab- j returned to the states in the early sent from Geneva the two remnants of I years of the depression following the the pre-war Austria-Hungarian empire would be awkwardly placed at the international table. Add this lo the signs of the times— the French have sent more troops to the Italian and German borders. Germany's new army is marching and wheeling in sham warfare: Italy's legions are sailing overseas and massing quietly on the Alpine frontiers: loss of income-providing investments, the American population in France had decreased only 2,000 by 1932. Then devaluation of the dollar resulting in an unfavorable exchange and the' belated arrival of the depression in France caused a big exodus and by 1934 United: States citizens living ther6t numbered: only 12,700. Continuance of unfavorable economic con- Her fleets are concentrated in the j ditions and : increased ; French'strictures Tyrrhenian and Ionic seas, ready to on f ore i gn . business and employment Friday, afternoon of prayer, 2:30 p. NAZERERE 511 South Elm Street Sunday School 9:45. Thursday night prayer service 7:30. Come and worship wilh us. FfRST BAPTIST CHURCH Wallace R. Rogers, Pastor Tile services of the First Baptist church will follow the regular schedule Sunday, beginning ut 9:45 with the Sunday school. The pastor will preach at both morning and evening services, and will administer the ordinance of the Lord's Super at the evening service. This ordinance is to be administered at the evening service in order to allow many who cannot attend in the morning to be present. There will bo a table collection at the morning service, the proceeds to be applied upon the new building This is the first offering of the fall and is expected to bo u large one. The work on the new building has been resumed, and the outside of the building will soon be completed. The congregation is urged to remind one another of thu special offering in order that nil may come prepared. Home Clubs HES A Paramount Picture with FRANCES LANGFORD PATSY KELLY THREE RADIO ROGUES a Walter Wanger Production SHORTS Paramount News Comedy "Penny Wiso" OUH IJVDY OF GOOD HOPE 17lh Sunday After. Pentecost 8:00—Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in honor of the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Discourse: "Love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart. Love thy neighbor as thyself," from the gospel lesson of the Sunday. This subject is appropriate to the observance of "Loyalty Dayy," a nation-wide movement starting from New York by the Religion and Welfare Recovery. 9:15— Catechetical instructions. (i:30—Study "Our Sunday Visitor." 7:30 Benediction with the Most Blessed Sacrament and the recitation of the Rosary. HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE Georgia K. Lewis, Pastor Sunday school 9:45. For the opening services (here will be a very interesting missionary program. Children from the colored Baptist church are to bring special singing. Interesting talks will be given by individuals of the Sunday school, bringing to our attention the need of the dark land of Africa. We are expecting this to be a very impressive missionary service. Sunday morning worship 11 a . m. Children's church 6:45 p. m. Senior league 6:45 p. m. Evening service 7:45 p, m. Wednesday prayer meeting; 7:43 p. Old Liberty The Liberty Home Demonstration club met Friday September 27, at the home of Mrs. J. E. Mosicr with an interesting demonstration on bound button holes given by Miss Griffin. The meeting was called to order by the president. Miss Griffin gave n beautiful devotional followed by prayer. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Nin c members answered the roll call and one visitor was present. The meeting was then turned over to Miss Griffin and she gave a brief discussion un the Ball contest. Each member is supposed lo enter two kinds of fruits, vegetables, and meats, also some kind of art work, on your pantry shelf. Th e next meeting will be at the church. BETTER-TASTIER SANDWICHES In all favorite combinations LUCK'S TOURIST COURT SEEDS TULIPS, NAKCISUS HVACINTHIS and WINTER LAWN SEEDS. MONTS SEED STORE Get Ibo World on a CROSLEY All-Wave RADIO Tubes Tested Free Houston Electric Shop converge on the weakest spot of the "life line" of the British empire running; from Gibraltar to Suez. England's floating fortresses ride restlessly at anchor at the two extremities of the Mediterranean and reinforcements for British garrisons and air fields on its shores are' arriving daily. Spain .is "taking,steps to..guard her neutrality" near Gibraltar. Greece utters plaints about the treatment of her nationals who live on Italian- owned islands off the- coast of Asia Minor. And on that coast the troops of President Kama! Ataturk build roads from which all except military traffic is barred. brought a further decline in the American population this year. Parking Meters (Continued from page one) Oklahoma City paid for themselves in three months, he said. Mayor Overman, Mr. Pickens and Mr. Wherry listened; looked at pictures and inspected the meter but said nothing. "It might be all right, but let's get the reaction of the folks who drive automobiles," said Alderman Pickens. Mayor Overman and Alderman Wherry agreed. $50 to $500- AUTO LOANS 1 On Cars and Trucks Highest Prices Paid for COTTON TOM KINSER TRY THE Sea Food Market at Home Ice Company Fresh Sea Foods direct from the original French Market at New Orleans. ANNOUNCEMENT W. E. Bailey, with 10 years; shoe repair experience, has bought a half-interest with C. W. Keen, We fix your shoes: while you wait, or will call for and deliver. KEEN & BAILEY 105 W. Front St. Phone 388 the farms: on which they now live. The eastern Arkansas project in<- cludes three closely grouped sites, one' in Lee and Phillips counties, one in Prairie county, and; one in St.. Francis county. Acquisition oi 67,00 acres has been ordered, and the'land purchase budget is |32S,000. Betterment of these lands' could be obtained at an. estimated cost of $1,313,557. Living in the three sites are 369= families and 265" will seek; resettlement. Let us make'an' estimate on yot PRBNTING Johnson Printing Co. Cecil Johnson ' Phone 3l| Little Mary was left to M Itro WnGfiL-ihC tttOul^i* jNBttifiilKi friend she- noticed Mary had itea strained; "Did you flrfd straihwf' Mother salted. "No, Mdther, t couldn't,,sb* the fly swatter," Mary replied, Mother nearly swooned, so hastily added: "tton't get i Mother, H used the old one."—' Dissatisfaction with th e New Deal Is due to the' growing, thought there isn't a definle program,., that H has been a hit-and-ittfss, a-chance affair, without- ott».of lion,—Senator Nye. t X, , See Our Selected Lin* *af lifeto FALL DRESSY '* Silks and Woolens . in. tlie Newwt Fashions, ,• THE GIFT SHOfc (Mrs. C. P. Holland! «M» m ? r !/ri COMMON OLD Is Still- With U* Prescription No. 200,060 will cure it. It kills the parasites in the skin, , 50c JOHNS. Drug Company "The REXALL Store' J Phone 63 ' , Hope, Ark. Established 1885. DAMP WASW SERVICE- NfUOti-HUCKINi tAUN.DPxY COMPANY COLD FACTS! Start now preparing your system against colds. It's easy to ward off this nuisance if you will build up your resistance by taking COD' LIVER OIL, or HALFVEK OIL. And now. you can take this valuable.body-builder; in a new, pleasant form. . . in the tasteless, concentrated tablet' form. Get-a supply, of!ABBOTT'S or TJPJOHN'S Vitamin Concentrate Tablets now . . . prepare-your system-against colds. John P. Cox Drug Got Phone 84; We Give Eagle Stamps'- GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Vacuum $4 "T.95 Cleaners I I up Harry W, Shiver Plumbing-Electrical Phone 259 BECAUSE It's Odorless It's Better Our Special Odorless Process of Cleaning takes out ALL of the dirt and gives the fabric its original feel uiul lustre. PHONE 385 Hall Brothers Hope's Supor CLEANERS There's lots of them. One is the day when you first realize that good printing is an aid to your business. were going to win Your confidence and patronage with your order, for you will have learned that you can place an order with us and then forget about it, knowing it will be completed to your entire satisfaction. Our Commercial Department is at your service, equipped to fill your needs in the printing line. Experience, accuracy, promptness and careful attention to details—an earnest effort to please and satisfy every customer—assure a printed product of quality and effect. Phone 768 and a representative will call and cheerfully furnish estimates. Star Publishing Co. "Printing that Makes an Impression." South Walnut Hope, Arkansas We Print- Admission Tickets Announcements Auction Bills Blanks Billheads Briefs Blotters Business Cards Calling Cards Catalogs Coupons Checks Circulars Dodgers Envelopes Env. Enclosures Folders Gin Forms Hand Bills Invitations Letter Heads Labels Leaflets Meal Tickets Menu Cards Milk Tickets Notes Noteheads Notices Office Forms Pamphlets Posters Programs Receipts Stationery Sale Bills Placards Price Lists Post Cards Statements Shipping Tags

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