Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 9, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 9, 1934
Page 4
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'r;i i HOPE STAIi, HOPE, ARKANSAS Founder of Methodism OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN OUT OUR WAY Tuesday, October 9, 1934 ^ By WILLIAMS of HORIZONTAL 9, 6 Who w»s th* founder ' Methodism? fit* acwrch 1 13 Conscious ,15M»I* pig It Hither Answer 10 I'rrvioan r*uzle ICIMIPlTlQIE so EssiiH maun! G>@ nisrao wraa Hisnsi EMftRt STATE ^BUILDING ^ M BHH1 as deem !t(Center of an / ikfltphitbeater ;JtA place (31 J>e-a«xed }' chicken J3I Spring lasting > season. J33 tto eject >14 lit inwrer IM f HE3HG' EE SDSBH '38 Speeded •37 Totals ,|41 Muffled H» *! suund ;•»& Armadillo cituue. 50 Sun. 51 At! 5i Garden loot 53 Aurora 54 Uncunimuu 55 He was a missionary li> the 56 lie was an ordained — preacher VKKTK'AI. 1 He upeued a to educate preachers' sons 2 Oils 3 Native meUl t Title 5 To require. 6 Assam silkworm.' 7 Suture. 8 To reteflfc 9 Vb 1U He founded an ---- s home. 12 lirunuuu M Existed IB Form of -'be." 10 Slu n> tiered •jl PRceuwkiTs. i:i Game playwd on lmrsel'«ck 24 One who fi<)St* cakfc 25 CotiTtni workers ^7 Inrarnation ut Visit nu 2> Narrative a!i Short letter ;M Not strong KB FUti-boliomcd boat 3S To niKiid .'{!( A couplo 40 Rcardcd monkey 12 Consume* 13 Also. 11 Otherwlm 45 Grand imrenul IB Fairy 4? Ood of wui 49 Parrot that kills sjhwp. al linn of work. Radical Strike of ;Seanian Is Planned teft Group to Defy Inter' national Union—Ignored by Ship Lines YORK — (#>)- A "militant strike" designed to call out the crews fcf'American ships sailing out of all North Atlantic and Gulf ports, was voted Sunday at a mass meeting of the Marine Workers Industrial Union Hayes Jones, editor of the Marine Workers Voice, who presided, saic about 35,000 men would be affected Three hundred persons attended the meeting. ' The Marine Workers Industria Union, a Left-wing organization, has expressed dissatisfaction over the set Sell Itl Find It! Rent U! Buy Itl in the Hope Star Market Place iMWaAcr, the more you tell, the quicker'you seli 1 time, lOc line, tnin. 30o for consecutive insertion* minimum of 3 lines in one ad. 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c S times, 5c line, min. »0c 26 times, 3%c line, min. $2.11 (Average 5tt words to the line) NOTE—Want ad» will be accepted with the understanding that the bill Is payable on presentation of itatement, before th« first publication- Phone 76S tlement of a threatened strike of the International Seamen's Union, an American Federation, of Labor affiliate. The M. W. I. U. demands a basic rate scale of 575 a month, an eight- hour day, a 33 per cent increase in the manning of vessels, a ship's com- mitee on tevery vessel to represent the seamen, and the right to join any union without prejudice. Its demands were submited to American ship owners September 28, Jones said, adding that the owners would not deal with the union. The Marine Workers Unions is in direct competition with the International Seamen's Union, with which the owners of 37 ship lines have been arbitrating their differences through Lloyd Garrison of the National Regional Labor Board. They have questioned the right of the M. W. I. U., to speak for an appreciable num- btr of seamen. Roy B. Hudson, national secretary of the union, denied that the marine workers had Communistic leadership or that the Communist party would have any voice in directing the proposed strike. ' Screen doors-Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. FOR RENT FOR RENT: South bed room, with or without bath, phone 321. FOR RENT — 3 room furnished apartment, adjoining bath, outside entrance both front and rear. Phone 315. Mrs. D, T. Chamberlain, 717 South Main. 6-3tc FOR RENT—Bedrooms convenient to bath, close in. Mrs. Bob Chamberlain, 418 East Second Street. 5-3tp FOR SALE ' Best Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. BARGAINS IN USED CARS~ P. A. Lewis Motor Co. Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. USED PARTS FOR ALL CARS. P, A. Lewis Motor Co. SALE—Pea7s 75c bushel or lOc half bushel delivered. Phon 166. 26-3t Cabbage Plants, Onion Sots, Vetch, Winter Grass, Bulbs. Monts Seed Store. 3-8te FOR SALE: Nice home with 5880.00 Home Owners Loan payable $9A1 per month. Equity 5220.00 cash. See Floyd Porterfield. 9 - 6tc WANTED FOR TRADE— Good work Kor-x- for good eow or second Iiand cur. L. J. Hubbard, Sprudell, Ark. 11-6- J'-P WANTED— Furiji.-hed Merrill, New CapiiarHotel. ouse. R- I- 8-3tc LOST—White liver spotted female pointer eight or nine months. Small. Stoutly built. J. H. or J. C. Porter- Shover Springs Rev. W. J. Burgess filled his regular appointment here Saturday night, Sunjay and Sunday night. The E. L. Auston well on MrWiI- liam farm is in opem'ton a^'am alici being shut down some time. Miss Elma Courter and Miss May England of Henderson college were week end guest of Mr. and Mrs. V. M. England. Mrs. Charles Rogers and son, Parker, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Philips. Mrs. Early McWilliams and children attended the show at Hope last Wednesday. Carl Gilbert of Fulton is spending a few days with his sister, Mrs. Gifford Byers and Mr. Byers. Mr. and Mrs. Virgic England had sis guests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. T. S.' Caston of Clarkeville, Texas; Mrs. Van H. Monnan of Detroit, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Jossey of Wood- lang Texas and Mr. ^nd Mrs. John T. Caldweil and daughter Miss Marie, of Texarkana, to gather with all their children and grand children which were 33 in number. All had a real nice time. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Roberts and children of Texas attended church here last Sunday and Sunday night. Mr. Roberts is visiting his mother, Mrs. Henry Roberts, Jr., near Hope. H. B. Sanford and son Harold and Mrs. Milton Rogers were Hope visitors Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Barto Bearden and sen, Joe Mack, spent Sunday with their father, J. W. McWilliams and Mrs. Mi-Williams. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Reed, MLss Mar- jorit; Byers and Miss Catherine Ross of Oak Grove were Sunday dinner quests of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Collier. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Lasetcr were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Crews. Rev. W. J. Burgess and Mr. and Mrs. Milton Caudle and Raymond Jchnson were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Philips last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson and daughter. Mrs. Kelly Grey and children, t'nd Miss Jimrnie Givcns were dinner yuests of Mr. and Mrs. Early McWilliams Sunday. Gartha Mumpers is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ch.Mrley Garner a few days the past week. Mr.;. Lee England called on Mrs. Karly McWilliams Monday morning. German police have equipped trained pigccn.s with a strap camera which, when the bird is in flgiht, snaps pictures of the ground. The temperature seven miles above the earth is nearly constant, according to scientific belief. NOW, UST6N-THE POPULATION Of- THI9 NAT»ON IS \3O,OOC I HAVE FIGURED TRACT •38B.OOO PEOPLE WAVE A •DAlLY-v-f LL SAV THAT. BOO,OOO or- THEN^ YV4TH AM CANDLES TO A CAKE-THAT. WOULD, MEAN <4,soopoo CANDLES u- EACH D&Y-T-OR 1,6M2,5OO,OOO BIRTHDAY CANDLES A YEATS, /-WHY, \T V S : TO TAKE N V GO \N TV CAV<E: -BUSINESS. WITH YOU, EH*? WELL.ffA <bOINC3 \N TVV CYJNPETTI BUSINESS ALL I NEED IS APtV^ TONS OT=- COLOT3.ET3 ^ 3APET^ AN' A CONDUCTORS TRANSFER PUNCH / "DONiT IMPRESS YES- IF IT DON'T GIT ME T' Dl<SUKIN' TH'COOK'S FIDDLE AKJ 1 BIG ICK'S BAN JO, THAT I HAVE TO , LISSEN TO TH MOST. IS'MT THAT 6REAT, CUPLV? DOM'T VOU THINK VOU COULD LEARM Tb ENJOY THIS SORT OP MUSIC? REACHES AND BEAMS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Just Like That! By MARTIN U\<E AT ? w^ \.oo« 1 I oo Yoo w J tAEW^ v oo r I w ? J v^ 1934 BY NCA SERVICE. INC. T. M. RCC.. U ALLEY OOP Now Alley IS Mad! By HAMLIN RAZZ. ALLEY OOP ) \ J WE'LL TEACH) ( ,AN' MIS SWELL >wp'LT>VOU MUGS j / vOODS.WILLYA./^^ ^ SOME: ^( HE ReiHEV MANNERS^.. COM£ . \GA«G-// " v -^i X ^ N ^/' ^x^" V X > -/' '••"' -- ^ r.r---. /•^u-^npff ka^^ "V,; V-;>- Acb-''- ^ L_/£i- A-*^ *\ C^ft^CrfS 1 ! BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M REG U. S. PAT. OFF. J SO - YOU MU6S BEAT UP MY BODYGUAED, DIDJ/ WASH TUBES Easy Tries It! "FOVS, I'M GOIMQ INTO THAT RBSTAURAMT, AMD ORDER THE FINEST MEAL TM5Y HAVE. --* HA! i S'POSE vcu TMINK THEY'LL TAkE YOUR CHECK. 1 DUMNO. MV STARS/ SAY, MAYBE PIDJA SEE OLD EflSyy DUMB, AFTER ALL. THEV'RE ACCSPT1M 1 HIS CHECK SURE THEY WILL. FlRSTX I'LL I'LL EAT-THEN I'LL GIVE lAMYOWE EM A CHECK. THEY CAM EITHER ACCEPT IT,OR/ YOU GET DO WITHOUT, h — A THR.OWM '"i 1031 BY NCA tiEnVICC. INC. T. M Rtti. U S. CAT. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS (MY NAME IS BETTY ' MORTIMER,AND I'VE HEAPD ALL ABOUT YOU, FRECKLES.... WEREN'T YOU SHADYSIDES BIG STAR LAST YEAR? Meet Betty! By BLOSSER I...ER... DM, ER... THAT IS /f^^^ «/» ^.^ FRECKLES,I'M MOT GOING I TO BITE YOO.... REALLY.' / YOU SEE, 1 LOVE FGOT- I BAL! IUST CRA-ZY ABOUT IT. 1 AMD I'M SO GLAD TO KNOW fOUi THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Popj /ES...SORT OF A WARM UP GAME .WITH MILFORD .' I'M ATTEMDIMG SHACTSIDE HIGH THIS YEAR.' AREN'T HAVING A GAME THIS COMING SATURDAY? f\^ 'A\ _.AAL Getting the Lay of Che Land! V/ELL/I'Lu BE "THERE J 1 WAMT TO SEE YOU PLAY. 1 COMMIE VANCE TOLD ME YOU WERE PERFECTLY SWELL! k M' AW, SHE J VoO'RE Too WAS JUST j MODEST! I'VE TALKING ./HEARD YOU'RE 'I / A TRIPLE -THREAT MAM .'.' <frVJ YS.-..0 O/ IF You KEEP OKJ FLATTEf?lKJG ME LIKE THAT, I'LL BE A TRIPLE-THREAT HAH, ALL RIGHT....FUMBLE, CRUMBLE OR STUMBLE J GEE, I'VE GOTTA GET BACK TO THE SHOP. 1 jweti LEAPIH' UL f REFUSED TO COUE IH Ot> THEIC ufcresT JOB, KICK KCAvFT MID HIS MOB GOT BUSY OU ANOTHE.& PLMI TO V1AB t>M\ LONG fsUD H\S MOMEY THIS 16 THF. BUP.G-TCH1PKIN5 1 COttlERS - DP»VE SLOW,HUGGSV_WE CAU TAKE THE LKCOUT ^^^-^HD.^^/E^seL,You LOW- I GOT A LITTLE. CHOPF. FOP YOU, AMD I DOM'T WAMT AMYOI IE 'S ^ GACA.GEl,eOS WHY HOT GET AH WHILE: WE'RE GETTIUG SOI-1E G/KS TCM GPsLLOMS 1 . WtD I TH\NV< I NECD A. LITTLE. WATEC IN THE PAP1ATOR IT'S DA Y^ GIT IT ? O THEY TWE-OU LOA.I> OF IHFO, COPLEY'S V, • l934...BYJN£A_5Cn_ViCj_ By COWAN THiS'LLBi: ^ClUCH. f WE COOLO cwiwr OFF Tvte. POST OFFICE f\T NlHEr THl&TY,AUD NOBODY'D KHW7 THi: DlFF UM11U THE EIGHT 0"CLPCK >1W\_ C/XME »N,THE MEXT

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