Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on February 11, 1931 · Page 13
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 13

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1931
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY EVENING a&IanD Crifimtc FEBRUARY 11, 1931 6)1 MO 1 TO LECTURE AT 5- Hindu Scholar to Speak on Great Profits and Present Age.' Syud "Hossain, Hindu scholar and lecturer, will speak before the Women's City club tomorrow night in lha fir of a eerie, 1 '''W.'ri ofrT n lectures. His subject will be "The Great Prophets and the Present Age." Hossain, who says churches ot many denominations have opened their doors to him as a speaker, will raise the question in his lecture, "Have the Great Prophets C u 1 Uvated Their Use- BTtTJD HOBSAIJf. . fulness?" . - Arriving here In advance of his appearance before the club and its friends tomorrow night at 8 O'clock, Houfisain tcfd'ay outlined a few of the events of his own belief, j. isrjv.vnuT is religion? - ' "The twentieth century, age of reason seems to offer a formidable challenge to the old age of faith," he said. "Otherwise we would not hear so much of fundamentalism versus modernism, the 'monkey trial' and evolution." ' "What Is It all about? What la religion?" ' Hossain, he says, has lived , among the people of- many faiths and creeds, and counts among , those he has personally known, auch noted personages as Mahat-ma Ghandl, Anagarika Dharma-pals, Tagore, H. G. Wells, Dr. Annie Besant and the late Abdul Bah a. HAS nAD CONTACT There is scarcely a significant current of the modern : religious thought,-', orthodox or agnostic, with which I have not had some contact," he said today. Hossain will lecture ono the following dates at th crlub: February lrrMoses, Zoroaster, Akhnaton, the Vedas; 16 Buddha ..."The. Enllghtment;'.''. 18 Confucius "the Wise;" 2U Jesus "the Anointed;" ti Mohammed "the" Praised;" 2B "Scientilic humanism," Whitehead; Bernard Shaw, "Spiritual humanism," Mahatma H. G. Wells, He rt rand Russell; 27 Ghandi; Tagore, "A. E." ...... i' i- Oakley Church Is Scene of Wedding . OAKLEY. Feb. 11. Kt. Anthony's Catholic church recently was the scene of the wedding of Isaac Rios and Miss Sadie .Sanchez. The ceremony was performed by father John Mills. More than 100 guests Were present in the church. The bride was gowned In a white satin dip-m, and wore a long .trailing veil of lace. She carried a bouquet of white carnations. Miss Emily Manza, haid. of honor, wore an eggshell shade dress, while the bridesmaids, Miss Angelina Mendoza, Miss Retnhla Sanchez, Miss Jean Gallegos and Miss Remhla Mendoza, wore afternoon gowns In green and orchid. Isaac endow, was bent men. The flower girls were the little Misses Angelina Kloa and Emily Mendoza. Following the ceremony, the couple were honored atra wedding luncheon served at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rios. CRYSTAL CLEAR W'CBTSIAiaEAR Mi 1 C'J vf iCOy HIGH (J!) GRAVITY J ahe system alkaline to . . . Stop Colds QUICK Get Rid of CoUs Before They Weaken You, Make You liable to More Serious Troubles. . Nowadays it's important to storyour cold quick before it weakens your resistance to more serious trouble. Any of the older treatments will bring; relief after a time. But thousands say this new way is the quickest of any. Begin when, you feel a cold coming. Take a tablespoonful of, ' Phillips Milk of Magnesia in a glass of water, morning, noon, and night, the first day. Do same tne secona aay. inen only at night. Colds reduce the alkaline balance of your system. That makes you feel achy, feverish, weak. Phillips Milk of Magnesia relieves this, and restores the alkaline balance. Doctors prescribe Phillips Milk of Magnesia J hospitals ose it. Millions know how it relieves sour stomachs, gas, indigestion, constipation and Other syjnptoms ot too much acid. Get tht genuint. - TftWin&e HIGH Plans for the semester's activl tles.Jw.ve been completed by Hi-Y club members of Oakland high, the big event of the term being a trip to . Sonora Sat- V urday and Sunday to part lcipate in winter sports. According to A r t h ur Co n n e a u, , club president, 14 boys will take the trip. Pictures will be taken of r the c 1 u b p memT3efs"In JT tne snow at Sonora and will be printed' in the Weekly Aegis, student ' paper at Oakland AHTHTJE CONNEAU. " tkiuumc pnoio. high, Josephine Rubidge, editor, said. Preceding the snow trip, a fathers' night program will be held hv the club at the T. M. C. A. building tonight. With Dwlght Nielsen as chairman assisted by Rav Bickerstah! and James Allen, a program entirely of boys' talent Will be presented. .. Included on the pfbgram will be a xylophone solo by Jack Mackl, an act by Jack Farnell and Charles McVey, a welcoming address by Connenu,' talks by Dwlght Nielsen.. Ray- Bickerstaff- James Allen, and a trumpet solo by Frank Snow. . Other events planned for the term by the HI-Y club members are glrls'.night and mothers' night. Robert Davis will be chairman of the former and Charles McVey chairman of the latter. 1 Officers of the club for this ternfi are Conenau, president, oianey Cochran, vice-president; Wllltaftn M orison, secretary; Dwlght Nielsen, treasurer; Jack Farnell, yell leader; Robert Davis, sergeant-at- arms. NOOX DANCES JIELD. Noon dances at Castlftmont high are proving' popular and have a large attendance, according to Elizabeth Efflsimo, commissioner of social activities, who Is in charge of dances. Miss Etnsirno declared that these dances are being held once a week In the school gymnasium and as soon aa basketball season Is over will be held after school also, as the Ca'atlemont'' high basketball team will not be ualng the gymnasium then. Under leadershop of Maynard Meyer, an U-piece orchestra furnishes muBlc-for dances. Besides Meyer the orchestra la composed of jRay Owegupdo; piano; Roland Drayer, Jack Judd, saxophones; Robert HartU, '.Gabriel Mello, trumpets; Wlfreir Morrison, trombone; William "Guidon, Jack Oseguedo, violins, and Andrew Wilson, tuba. COUNCIL LAYS PLANS. With the Roosevelt high student body fully organized, the student council met recently and laid plans for the semester under direction of Miss I.utle Ruch, vice-principal and faculty advisor of the council. The newest members ot the coun ell are the vice-president, secre tary and treasurer of the student body and representatives from each class. Paul Heitf, student body preel dent, and William Carpenter, yell leader, were elected at the close of last semester, but the .remainder of the student body offlrera were not elected until this week. Newly elected omcers are Donald Mul ford, vice-president; France Thorndyke, secretary; Elsie Berg, treasurer. The council has decided that student body dances will be held Instead of class parties, but the senior ball at the close of each semester will still be held. The first of these dances will he held February 26, Miss Ruch declared. March 12 was eet as the date for class day. On that . day girl students are to present a Jinks program In the school auditorium and boys will participate in inter- . JfaSxtra Cost vx?' 1 1 class competition of various types on the athletic field. Committees to take charge of these affairs are to be named by the council at a later meeting, according to Seitz. Class representatives to the student : council, are -Frances Thorn-dyke, Elsie Berg, Donald Mulford, TyeroGrifflths, Russell Harper, Cornelia Musch, Barbara Smyth. Tom Giantvalley, editor ot the Crjinson, represents the student paper on the council. SCHOOIi PRESIDENTS MEET. An exchange of ideas In operating a student government was made at a recent meeting of student body presidents at Technical high, for which Helen Fields, president of Technical, was hostess. Leonard eEwlinson. McCly monds president, and Charles Busso, commissioner of welfare. were guests from McClymonds nign. Kawunson . spoke on the privileges of honor students at Mc .Clymonds high, the functions of commissioners, service points, Btu- dent body cards, season tickets ajid student clubs. Ray Olson, president of Castle-mont high, epoke on the Castle-mot high Boys' federation, boys' affairs, and the student loan system. Earl McOree, vice-president of Technical high, was chairman of the affair. H. O. Welty, principal of Technical high, also spoke. KECEPTIOJT PLANNED. Extensive plans are being made at University high for a reception for student teachers, students 6f the University of California who are doing practice teaching at Unl versity high, which will be hold in the school library, Thursday. March 5, according to Miss Edna Stone, teacher in' charge. Ouests for the occasion will include Superintendent of Schools Willard K. Givens and his assist ants: Dean W. V. Kemp, dean of J tfie departmeiiF of educafionT MissT Mary L. Chene, appointment secretary; superintendents of student teachers, and principals of Clare- mo nt, Hoover. McClymonds. Oak land, Roosevelt, Technical, Wood- row Wilson and Westlake schools. Invitations for the reception will. be printed on white correspondence cards. Decorations will be in charge of Miss Emma McCall, chnirma nof the decorations committee. The reception formerly was scheduled for February IS, but was postponed because Dr. George A. Rice, principal, and Prof. Charles E. Rugh, supervisor of teacher training, will be at a national edu cation meeting In the East on that date. NEW HOXOR SOCIETY'. A new honor society has been formal at Piedmont high for ninth grans siuaents oniy in orcper to form a lik between the Beta Scots. Junidr high honor organization, and inn Alpha Clan, senior high so ciety. The 39 charter members of the new society held their first meeting last week under guidance of Mrs. Marlon Colklln, faculty advisor, and decided that the two main Ideals of the club would be service to the school and to gain Points for the Alpha Clan, Entrance Into the organization la gained in much the same way as in the other two honor societies of the school. Students are required to have a certain number of points In citizenship and pnrtlclpa. tlon In various school activities be. fore being admitted. The new society consists of Peggy inatcner, Jean liana, Marbara Blrtch, Jane Ireland, Dorothy Krayennaill, Patricia McJunkln, Margaret Matteson, Mary Price, Dorothy Stont, Helen Tempon, Eleanor Bertilsen. Virginia Bow. man, Rebecca Brinkerhoff, Jants Kenney, Mary Elizabeth Finlayson, Sherman Leonard. Albert Rowe, Ed Meltzer, 2a-briske Buck. Jane Relth, Barbara Alexander, Dexter Webster, George Davis, Virginia Robinson, Patricia Poppe, Tom llogan, Patty Hart- miin, iviaivin j? erreira, iiacnev Knnpp, Lerunees (allot, Alleea I'lladsen, John Erlckson, Bob Mc-Intyre, Johanna Schmidt, Adrian Cook, Ruth Fltzpatrlck, Helea Becker and Murray Johnson. i HANKING INCREASES. , More than twice as manw ttu-denm are regular depositors Id the Bret ilarte Junior high school hank than last semester. It has been announced by C. R. Vorheia. principal. Thirty-one per cent ojf the student body are , bunkers this semester compared to IS per cent last term. Head tellers this term in Irene Nagy and Ruth Godson. Assist ants are Siegfried Peterson; Fred omyine, Anene , i-orter, Arlene Stewart, . Gordon Walker, Jean r ontana, Louise LarnsnaniKiia. Katherlne Jackson. Tbetma Ros- senl, Jack Anderson, Verqn Mnthle- 'jon, Beverly McCue. Chatrlotte Nel son, Lucille Morgan, Lojs Stewart, Herbert Farie, Orvllle; Chandler, Harold Merrltt, Franr Stevens, Juanlta .Church, Dolpres Gatto, Maudle Cracknel!, Katherlne Townsell, Doris Johaison, Maria Hang, .Alice Chester,- Phyllis Stevenson, Dorothy Harvey and Alice Pratt. v TYPES TOH PAPER. Although not a jnember of the Lowell junior high Press club. Al-phonso Laronl of 'the high ninth class has cooperated for the success of the Lowell Thinker, according to Heinle peteschenlk, sports editor of 'the club. Laronl. who Is ranked as the school's seer end fastest typfcrt. Is credited with typing all the ivtiele of the school newspaper. Besides that, Laronl nan uune mm typing ror various leacnera ana tor the school. OFFICERS INTRODUCED. For the first time the- newly-elected president of the Hoover Junior high Student association, Irene Harlspa, took charge of tbe assembly recently. Principal Albert 8. Cotton presented to the assembly the new officers: Ml hk Haiispe, president; Walter Williams, Tlce-president; Josephta Endrizzt, secretary. - The oftlcera responded with brief acceptance epeeches. Josephine En. drtzzi read the minutes of the previous meeting. Colton also Introduced the newly-appointed members of the Stn-dens' council bo were seated on the platform together with tha school counselor. Miss Marian Col-burn, and assistant counselor, Mrs. Vera 8. DlcJcerson. COMMISSIONERS LISTED. . " The organization of the council at Hoover consists of tha student body officers and commissioners. The commiesiooTs are aa fololns: Hall commissioners Robert Pitney, Haae : BtrjefQrltt Schopplela. Adele Chalx. Ground commissioners Homer JohnsonFtella R-ear-don. Lester Garrett. Wanda Fran-CewhlnL Room Councilors William Ferdinand. Donald Davis. Heary Fran cis. Edward Fregulla. Anthony" niaacucct. Vernon Johnson, Frank PlegeL LIUUa Carter. Dorothy Hlcka, Clara Southwick. Marc AtnbuHa, Jack- Blanco. Walter Johnson, Maria Wadelroa, Georga Wenrer. Billle Borneo. Daniel Carmenaen. J oh a Dora Browsky, Harold Poser. JuUeOa aiclz, SCHOOLS Elfeda Montana, Manuel Vincent, Dorothy Thompson. Agnes Hill, Oscar Bielsteln, Wilbur Ensburg, Irvm Voss. --These councilors assist 'dally in the actual running of the school. At the weekly councilors' meeting, under the-dlrection of Mrs. . Vera Dickenson, the 'councilors discuss' problems that may arise In connection with tha general order In the halls and on the grounds. At this meeting, offenders are reported to the council. STUDENTS TO E- SAN FRANCISCO. Feb., . 11, Students of St. Joseph's Academy of the Presentation Sisters, Berkeley, will stage a three-act comedy. "inlaws ana O u 1 1 aws," on Tuesday night, February 17, In the "auditorium of the. convent a t J e f terson and Addison, streets. The Glee club of the P r e enta-t I o n academy will of- 'fer a mu sical program between the acts. . ..The., cast-IlK4i;lic.j ml lie Sir--ard. Gene R p b Inson, Janice Bar MISS CJUCn.Lt BtKAXS. bara, -Blanche Moom Grace Sulli van, Nettle Byrne, Miutcent Kxeui-zen. Gene Eckle, t?race plrieous. Charlotte Letts, Irefie Bailey, Ma rlon Regan, Dorothy Palln. Fran ces Hentschel, Mary uoiiora ana Mary tinea. The program vrlu n tne nnai pre-Lenten affair, o tha Preienta- tlon students. ORIENTAL, JEALOUSY. LONDON. Jealous of attentions paid his English wife, a Burmese law student, Ko Ko Gyt, stabbed her seventeen times. FIRST IN THE TASTE OF HIS COUNTRYMEN (I . . . O. G. wins big plnralltr vote In Ripley taste-test made at Washington monument, Richmond. .'f 1 ill 'MVfw I I -.1 ' - J V RICHMOND AWARDS O. G. BIG VICTORY OVER RIVAL BRANDS IN RIPLEY'S FIRST TASTE-TEST DOWN SOUTH o - By Robert Rtplet, Himself I went down to Richmond, Vir-(inla, tbe other day. Richmond, one of the nation's capitals in tobacco products, where they know tobacco like Detroit knows motor cars. I gare 904JUchrnond smokers one each of the four leading cigarettes ... with the names hidden by a black ma&lu "Don't try to guess 'em, Rich- BETTER TOBACCOS II BEGUN ON SAN LEANDRO'S HEALTH CENTER Construction Gets Under way With Ceremonies of 'Ground Breaking SAN LEANDRO, Feb. 11. Preliminary construction on San Lean-dro's new 19000 health center building on Callan avenue today was-ttnae-wir, foliowtmr groTlud- breaking exercises yesterday, In which a group of city officials and spectators defied Inclement wether formally to launch the project. The first shovelful of earth was turned by City Manager W. A. Richmond, substituting for Mayor Jerry W. Do Cou, who was unable to appear. iJ . , In Introductory "remarks. Art Silva, president ot the Rotary club, traced the local public movement for stimulation of Interest and raising of funds for purchase of the lot and construction of tho-tpuild-ing which, he said, will fill a long-felt want and will give a real service to the community. City Manager Richmond lauded the public spirit that made possible sufficient funds for the building program, and declared that the finished produrt will be one of the finest and most efflcie.nl health units of its kind In the county City officials, officers of the Kiwanis club, leaden) of the health center organization and many other visitors attended the cerawrtii which was brief -but Impressive Mrai Klattnw- Ktrby. health nurse, aided in the program.... : The structure is to be finished within ninety days, according to City Manager Richmond. A local building contractor waa awarded the Job. t.jE. Little Theater To Present Comedy BERKELEY. Feb. 11. Under the direction of a aenlor attfdent, Nestor Paiva, the Little Theater of the University of California will present "The Youngest," Philip Barry's comedy, on February H and 22 In the auditorium of the International house. Donald 8. Blanchard, alumnus of the university, who was director, resigned recently because of 111 heslth. I l?Zel""'rJjeLieVE (Tor NOT- PROVES f! OLD VIRGINIA, tha original tobaoco-growtng statc.'goes OLD GOLD. Ripley conducting test of leading cigarette brands la front of CapttoL mond r I said. 44 Just smoke 'em . . . and pkk out the cigarette that "tastes best. It was the same old story. Again, O. G. rolled up a dedsire majority ote. Chosen by the world's foremost tobacco town for its superior throat-ease and smoothness. If that Isn't a5upreme Court decision ... what is? So. Alameda Co. Masons to Attend Livermore Banquet . LIVERMORE, Feb. 11. Shrln-ers from all sections of southern Alameda county '.as well as f rom 'Oakland and Tracy will gather here tonight for the monthly banquet and business meeting of Jhe Shrine club of Southern Alameda county. Nels Nelson of Hayward, president of the organization, will preside. The Shriners from Tracy are EASTERN TOiHE-fARTK PITTSBURG, Feb. 11. The annual card party of the local Eastern Star will take place tomorrow evening. Bridge andjwhist will be played. The affair will take place in Fraternal hall. Decorations will be in the Valentine motif, with red hearts, flowers and cupids adorning; the playing rooms. .The committee In charge Is headed by Mrs. Anna u iiaim. She Is being assisted by Mrs. George E. Murry, Mrs. W. G, Scott, Mrs. W. E. Westover, Mrs. W. E. Sharp, Mrs. Floyd Bastian, Mrs. W. HJ. Jones. Mrs. E. Roell-Ing, Mrs. C. L. Dunklee, Mrs. William Corbett, Mrs. J. J. Stuart, Mrs. R. J. Martyr, Mra. T. O. Downing, Miss Vivian Gill. Miss Susan Morgan, Miss Vivian Gill. Miss Susan Morgan, Miss Bernice Wfd,W, G. Scott and W. E. JBrtes. Permanent . Wave Special $4.85 Complet M-ma.wna that lull vtitMl. flnft. tfttf tnr vitm wit rinlt nda. Don trj xprt eporttaro. Alt experiaaoed ! M thtr Mnm f Bttuty Guitar. Xtmub The Beauty Court 1719 San Pablo Avenue Panne LA fceaMe tffal T " j I H0T I lS I J S Lm - '.' . . , .... ' '.. , 1 ' .. , , . -ilif-f "-Ullii" . . .. . . NOT A COUGH coming to Livermore to gather data in view of forming a similar club In their town. The club is composed -of-members of'Aahmes temple, of Oakland, who live too far away from the temple to take part in its eoeial activities, Romaine W. Meyers, potentate, and Bob Abernethy, recorder, will head the elegatlon from Oakland which is expected to attend the affair, details of which were worked out by a committee of local Shriners composed of Leslie Hearne, R. A. Rodell, O. A. Lindbergh and D. B. Hope. The meeting and banquet will "be held in Croce's cafe. Nearly 100,000 pilgrims are ex-te"cfed lo viltre"cca this year." IT in i UNIVIS S Perfect blending of distance 1 I and reading portion as-; , i I ; acres comfort even to the most nervous people. 1 - I : Z QUALlTYdURTESYSEIlVICE jj " g 408 14th St, Oakland jj 1 17 Grant Ave., San Frandsco ' j S I (f - tff ': ?' H CHURCH TD BE ERECTED RICHMOND, Feb. 11 Construction of a new Catholic church at Bfc-paul's-parlsh in Ban Pablo, to, cost $40,000, will be started during the early part of March, according to the Rev. Egisto Tozzie, pastor. Plans for tbe structure have been cpmpleted by a San Francisco architect's firm. The contract far its construction is to be let by tha first of next month, according to Tozzie. The church will be built On tha site of the old church hall, 'which will ba razed.. It will be of Spanish design with cathedral lines. flNAl EOX-SCC"! hMisi "I hereby eertffyf rt tha follow In J Is a tr and com pie re ao;' ti-the test of the f- f leading cigarettes, r -ducted by Robert 1 ley, la Rich m or 1.1 OLD CCLD ..." ' Brand X - Brand Y : 1 Brand Z ' t. L. ,.fr" t a Ctrl il C ' VUIES

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