Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 9, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 9, 1934
Page 3
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.1034 HOPE STAR, HOPE* 'ARKANSAS. MTU. Sid Henry Telephone ,321 fe is too short for spite and revenge— For paying back wrong with wrong. Try patience, love and forgiveness, Meet slights with n smile nnd n song; This Rid world with all It.s repin- ln|J. Its bitterness, sorrow and tears, Needs the wealth of our loving kindness To sweeten the sin-stained years. Yes, life is loo short to be hateful, Or for wounding the hearts that we meet; Let's try to be ploasnnt and gentle, To be nlway.s cheerful and sweet; •For the sunshine of love is so needed To warm tilts old world with its And to shed abroad its luster To brighten humanity's night. ; —Selected. The Paisley P, T. A. will meet Wednesday afternoon at 3 at the Paisley school. The Alothcnn class of the First Baptist Sunday school with Mrs. Hugh Jones ss teacher will hold their regular monthly business and social meeting nt 7:30 TuAstlay evening at the Fair Park. The form of entertainment will feature "A Cowboy Roundup." The class will meet nt the church and transportation will be furnished. lie John Cnin chapter D. A. K. I meet at 1 o'clock Wednesday ;it home or Mrs. E. K. McFiirlclin on Mothers ! In treating children's colds, don't take %4|rf*|/C , chances..use m/f l/WiV*l W VAPORtlB PROVED BY 2 GENE.RATION? New Coats Just received complete line.of new winter Sport Coats. Popular prices. Ladies Specialty Shop "Exclusive But Not Expensive" No foolin'—it's one of GREATER SHOW SEASON'S biggest hits- sec it now! ram mfl WED-NITE ONLY "BANK NIGHT" —nnd we have another swell p r o- grain headed by— '•"••'• Y'~ ~~ ' \ \ * VfojoAap &»$m L^SM^^jMi'i North Ifervey street with Miss Mamie Twitchell as joint hostess. Mrs. II. M. Brinlit will If ad the program. Mr. and Mrs, Gloss Vclvin and daughter and Miss Normn Sue Reynolds have rettirnr-d to their home In Valiant, Oklo.. after ;i week end visit with Mr. and Mrs. Wylie Robinson nnd other relatives. Mrs. Edwin Stewart and little son, Eddie, have returned from a week's visit with relatives hi Camden. Miss Vonceil Jordan has returned from a visit with Miss Nina Thompson in El Dorado. Miss Marion Pool of Bodcnw Is the house KUOSI if Miss Hcrloise Boswell. o A most interesting meeting of the Womtms Missionary Society of the First Methodist church was held on Monday afternoon ill the church. The meeting opened with silent prayer followed by the approval of the minutes of the proceeding meeting. Mrs. If. O. Kyler guve a report from the Young Mothers' Circle. The worship was conducted by Dr. Rule who discussed "The Evidence of God in Our Lives," with scripture reference from the 24th Psalm. Following the SOIIM. "He Leadeth Me," Dr. Rule closed the devotional with prayer. The pro- pram opened with a musical reading bv Mrs. Minor Gordon, accompanied by Mrs. John Wellborn, Mrs. R. M. Qriant gave a most interesting report c( her visit to the Methodist Assembly meeting at Lake Junaluskn, N. C. Important announcements were the dis- (rict meeting at Gurdon Thursday and (he week of prayer for the first week of November. Plans were made to send a box of supplies to the Mexican Mission nt Loredo, Texas. The meeting was closed with prayer by Mrs. Alice McMath. Miss Lucy Boyd left Insl week for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Boyd in Corpus Christie, Texas. Dr. and Mrs. W. G. Allison are entertaining at dinner Tuesday evening it there home on West Avenue B, as special compliment to Mrs. R. B. Renick of Warren, Pa. The guest list includes intimate friends of the honorce. Mrs. Madison Wilson of Washington, underwent nn emergency operation jt Josephine hospital Tuesday. Brooltwood P. T. A. will meet. Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock at Brookwood school. In the five years of operation of the governmental helium plant at Am;i- rillo, Texas, since it was storied in April, 1929, 57,000,000 cubic feel of helium has been produced. This is about one-half of all thnt clement ever recovered in the world. Stop Chills and Fever! Rid Your System of Malarial Shivering with chills one moment and burning with fever the next— that's one of the effects of Malaria. Unless checked, the disease will do serious harm to your health. Malaria, a blood infection, calls for two things. First, destroying the infection in the blood. Second, building up the blood to overcome Die effects of the disease and to fortify against further attack. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic supplies both these effects. It contains tasteless quinine, which kills the infection in the blood, and iron, which enriches and builds up the blood. Chills and fever soon stop and you are restored to health and comfort. For half n century, Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic has been sure relief for Malaria. It is just os useful, too, ns a general tonic for old and young. Pleasant to take and absolutely harmless. Safe to give children. Get a bottle at any clmy store. Now two sizes —50c and ?1. The ?1 size contains 2',L- times as much aw the 50c size and gives you 25% more for your money. Municipal Plant Issue at Memphis Power Company's Objection to Nov. 6th Election Overruled MEMPHIS, Tenn.—(;P)—The Memphis Power & Light Company Monday formally petitioned the City Commission to dofcr an election, scheduled for November 6 nt which citizens would vole on a proposed $9,000,000 bond issue, with which to build or buy a distributing system for TVA power. The commission replied immediately that "wo believe thnt the people are ready (o vote," and announced that an ordinance authorizing thr; bond volo will be considered on third find final reading Tuesday. R. W. Husselmnn, employed by the city to survey the power situation here, recently recommended TVA power for Memphis. It was following his report that the City Commission decided on (he bond issue. The power company's protest asked for n delay in the voting on the (••round that only one side of the question had been made public. ''We should be given n chance lo make an offer which will obviate the necessity of the city undertaking a hazardous experiment, the success of which is more than doubtful, and which will give to Memphis all the advantages it could obtain were the proposed undertaking bound to succeed," (he power firm's petition said. The company's plans were not detailed. Electricity on Farm WILSON DAM, Ala.—(#>)—Bright electric bulbs had replaced oil lamps in niiiny farm nnd village homes along a 70-mile Tennessee Valley Authority rural electrification line in Landerdale county Monday night. For the first lime in history many farmers read in their own homes under electric lights instead of the flickering blsizo of kerosene. In the area 300 farm and 100 villiige residents have indicated they will buy power from the TVA. Power from the gigantic Wilson dam hydro-electric plant was turned on Sunday. The rural line serves a section never before given an opportunity to obtain electric service. NORTHERN SPAIN (Continued from Page One) telephoned from Lisbon to offer his services. The lining up oC nobles and retired tinny officers, many of them ousted when the republic's first Leftist cabinet reorganised the army, .served lo draw still sharper the line dividing Lerroux from his Socialist-Commun- tsl-Ancirchist enemies. In Mining District Only in the Asturius tninig district of .Micros did organized opposition continue, dispatches filtering through wrecked communications system indicated, while rebels elsewhere had been driven underground or, in desperation, to sniping and disorders. What would be the toll of the artillery bombardment of Gijon nnd C'viedo. two Northern cities recaptured Monday from Hie rebels, none in Madrid knew. Estimates however, that look into account the four days of bitter fighting, use of artillery and aerial bombs, placed the dead nnd wounded in the thousands. Army Truck Blown Reports that resistance was dying out in Asturias were brought lo the capital by reconnoitcring and bombing planes, and conflicting with other advices that Asturian rebels had blown up an army truck hurrying .shock troops into the province, killing 52. 2 NEGROES KILLED (Continued from Page One) ter hospital following an automobile accident Saturday night near Pines Swimming pool. The negro woman, riding in a truck with several other negroes, was severely injured when the driver, blinded by the lights of an approaching car, drove the truck into a ditch. Four olhers were injured, the most .severely being Enna Fryson. The ne- groes were returning home after spending the day in Hope. 25* BoxTof Famous [TASTY-LAX With This AD For BLACKSTONE'S TASTY ^Deliciously Better! Thousands are changing to Tasty • Lax every day simply because it tastes '. better and is more effec- / i ' .live. We make this special 'offer to convince you too that Tasty-Lax is the best , laxative for blissful elimina- i tion. Prepared with pure, tasty, Holland chocolate,children and grown-ups love the delicate flavor. A Delicious LAXATIVE Prepared With Tasty Holland Chocolate JOHN P. COX DRUG CO. We Deliver Phone 84 Home Clubs I. Paul The Ozon-St. Poul Home Demonstration club met Friday, September 21 at 2:30 p. m. with Mrs. Roy Tollell. The meeting was opened with a de- votlonnl by Mrs. Chas. Locke followed with the Lord's prayer. Minutes were rend and roll cull answered by 12 members. One new member was Mrs. John Barrow. Mrs. Wilbur Jones gave an interesting report of (he council meeting held nl Washington nnd Mrs. D. E. Goodlett also gave on interesting report of the slate meeting nt Little Rock which she attended. The following leaders gave their reports: Preservation, clothing, poultry, gardening and home management.. In the absence of the Demonstrator Miss Griffin, no demonstration was given. The next meeting will be with Miss Alma Hanna and judging of fruits will be given. Fraud Charged to Ex-Mayor of N.Y. Jimmy Walker Accused of Collusion in Big Land Transaction BROOKLYN, N. Y.-(/P)-Former Mayor James J. Walker, Arthur J. W. Hilly, corporation counsel for the city under Walker's administration; Warren Leslie, president of the Jamaica Water Supply company, and Charles J. Hehrbns was accused of "Iraud and collusion" in an affidavit filed before Supreme Court Justice Edward Byrne, Brooklyn, Monday. The charges were signed by City Conlroller Joseph D. McGoldbrick in on action seeking to set aside an award of $2,509,909 granted to Leslie for a parcel of land on Bergen Beach, Brooklyn, made in 1930 by Supreme Court Justice James A. Dunne. Corporation Counsel Paul Windel requested that the award be set aside because of alleged neglect of duty on the part of Hilly. Art affidavit charged thnt after Walker took office he signed a quit claim to property at the beach in fav- <;r of the Lusmny Realty Corporation which was controlled by Leslie, and that the quit claim was given in consideration of 51,025,000 on February 1. 192C. Three days later Leslie sold part of the kind for 5700,000 and the city took title to the remainder after condemnation proceedings for $2,500,000, it was net forth. The affidavit also said that Hilly as lawyer for the city, and Hehrbas, Leslie's lawyer, made an agreement before the condemnation proceedings that the quit claim would not be brought in as evidence during the action. NEW JERSEY MOVES (Continued from Page One) der in New Jersey in the Lindbergh kidnaping case. Hauptmunn Indicted FLEMINGTON, N. J.—(/f)—Bruno Richard Hauptmaim was indicted for the kidnap-murdcr of Baby Charles A. Lindbergh by the Hunterdon county grand jury Monday. Swiftly, with Colonel Lindbergh among the witnesses, the state of New Jersey laid down the evidence charging up to the stolid, tight-lipped German alien the most sensational crime in modern annals. The indictment was voted but a few minutes after the last witness was heard. In all, the jury session lasted only four hours and 42 minutes. Attorney General David T. Wilentz said extradition of Hauptmaim to New Jersey may be determined on Tues!ay. "I can't say now when extradition will lake place," the attorney general .said. "Maybe I will tomorrow. 1 mean, by that, I'll tell you tomorrow— not that he will be extradited tomorrow." Wilentz left immediately after the indictment was returned for Trenton where he conferred with Gov. A. Harry Moore. He declined to say whether ho had discussed extradition with the governor or when he would move gainst the Bronx prisoner. Officiiils Will Confer He disclosed, however, that he was arranging for Tuesday a conference with District Attorney Samuel J. Foley of Bronx county, probably at Trenton, when it was expected that they will agree on a program for handling Hauptmann's case. Col. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, head of the New Jersey state police, also disclosed at Trenton that Colonel Lindbergh had "positively identified Hauptmann's voice as thut which he heard in the ransom negotiations in u Bronx cemetery." The state police superintendent made the statement in response to questions regarding identification of hauptmann but declined to divulge whether Colonel Lindbergh's testimony before the grand jury was on this point. Prosecutor Faces Chargeo^Bribery Extortion Count Brought Against Walnut Ridge Man WALNUT RIDGE, Ark.—Charges of extortion and bribery brought against Prosecuting Attorney Roy Richardson were being investigated by the grand jury here Monday. During his charge to the grand jury, Judge S. M. Bone announced tlwt charges had been brought against the rrosecuting attorney, and \V. P. Smith, local attorney, and president of the Lawrence County Bar association Wii'j appointed special prosecuting attorney to investigate the cahrges. Mr. Richardson appeared before the grand jury und announced that since the charges had been brought, he would voluntarily absent himself from the grand jury room until the investigation was completed. The nature of the charges were not RealtyMen Favtfr County Mergers J. N. Heiskel), Gazette Editor, Urges CaSe for Consolidation FORT SMITH.-(/p)-The 10th annual convention o£ the Arkansas Real Estate associatipn in session here Into Monday prepared u resolution advocating that boundaries of counties bu realigned to form larger, stronger, ond more economical units of local government. The resolution probably will be voted on, along with others Tuesday. Preparation of the measure followed a discussion byJ: N. Hciskell, editor of the Arkansas Gazette. "Movements to consolidate counties meet opposition inspired by community interests and selfish motives of officeholders," he added., "It is very encouraging," Mr. Heiskell Kaid, "to know' that Arkansas is in advance of some other states. We are not afflicted with township governments, which would make consol- dation of county governments doubly difficult." County Judge R. A. Cook of Pu- aski county told the delegates of eco-' nomics effected in his county, saying hat this is due In part to the elimination from pay rolls of. political appointees who contribute nothing worth while ' to. the offices • in which they were "employed." He criticized "coun- y official associations" which advocate measures, conflicting with the in- .erests of taxpayers. The Arkansas Sheriffs Assocation and the County Judges Association were mentioned in his respect. '. "The fee system is and always will be a blow to taxpayers," Judge Cook added. The Vitamin D content of evaporated milk can be increased on a com- nercial scale by a new method developed at the University of Wis- Americnn scientists are searching 'or an elm tree which can resist the ;iread Dutch elm disease, now destroying thousands of these American .rees. made public, but it is said that they are in connection with alleged prom- ses to nolle prosse indictments or to recommend suspended sentences. Richardson was elected prosecuting attorney in 1932 over a field of five, and was renominated without opposition August 14". He was elected state senator in 1924 and served two terms n the upper House. He had no comment to make on the developments other than that he would have a statement when the investigation was completed and action token. Built Up Strength By Taking Cardui Here's her own account of how Mrs. T. W. Hardin, of Greer, S. 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Maultlin, patient at Julia .Chester hospital .several days, was mueh improved Tuesday, and. will leave the hospital for her home. Miss Virginia Shut', of Tulsa, Okla.. underwent an operation Tlicsday. Cousins Reunited After 52 Years Meet for the First Time Since 1882, Both.in Hempstead Co. First cousins met hero this week for the firel time in 52 years, although each had lived ,in Hempslead county for" the past seven or more years. The two cousins are: J. W. Harper of Hope, and Bob Harper of Blevins. Their acquaintance was renewed when Mr. Harper visited in Hope, "looking up" his relative who was separated from him in 1882. It Was the first, time they had met since their childhood days in Drew county. TO ASK STOCK LAW (Continued from Page One) with the Slate Highway Department, and Miss Connie'J. Bonslagel, home demonstration agent for the state Agricultural Extension Service, which is cooperating with: the council, discussed progress of the state-wide program to beautify and develop highways. Department of Agriculture chemists are experimenting with turning undesirable honey into vinegar. DON'T SCRATCH Use Prescription 200,000 Destroys all germs of scabies or parasitic ITCH/ JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The EEXALL Store" Phone 63 Hope. Ark. Established 1885 ONB CENT SAU4 Permanent* 2 r " $4.51 Call 287 for Appointment Mary's Beauty Shop Guaranteed Typewriter Repair Service O. W. MILLS 2)8 So. Walnut Phone 3* i HOW FAMILY LAXATIVE Suits Young and Old Saliva and digestive juices prepare your food for your stomach, and because you ehttv Feen-a-mint, the delicious chewing gum Ukattve, these same juices place the laxative m your system gradually. No mass of laxatives hits your sysrem suddenly to upset its delicate balance. 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