The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on October 22, 1964 · Page 30
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 30

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1964
Page 30
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PAGE 32 THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1964 TV Thursday (All Programs Listed on Eastern Standard Time) Mirnlnf N B C 6 :8 113 4 7 :0O Ttdiy Sunrise Semester Univ. of Mich. :I5 Today Sunrise Semester Univ. l Mich. :30 Today Chapel Door Willeford :4. Today In Country Casper 8:00 Today Kangaroo Jack Lalanne :15 Today Kangaroo Jack LaLanne :30 Today Kangaroo Kindergarten S45 Today Kangiroe Kindergarten 9:00 Movie Parly Coffee Cup Th. Kindergarten :15 Movie Party Coffee Cup Th. King t Odie :30 Movie Party Coffee Cup Ih. Don Melvoin ;45 Movie Party Coffee Cup Th. Don Melvoin 4 A :00 Movie Party Sounding Board Don Melvoin I II :1 5 Movie Party Sounding Board Don Melvoin II :30 Id Word for Word I love Luc v Don Melvoin f I Espano V :45 Id Word for Word I Love Lucy DonMeloi El tiP,no1 H:00 Concentration Andy Id Paul Dlion Communism :1 5 Concentration Andy Id Paul Dijon Communism :30 Id Jeopardy Real McCoys Missing links Boucher :45 Id Jeopardy Real HcCo)S Missing Links Boucher Afternooi WFBHMvTtl WISH TyTbI WlWj 113) WTTV I4 frt-OO Id Say When Love of lite Id 50-50 Club Lunchtime !" (c! Say When love of life Id 50-50 Club lunchtime l,:30 fasy Money Search Tmiv Id 50-50 Club lunchtime M:45 Casy Money Guiding Light U) 50-50 Club Lunchtime I .00 Uiy Moj WorlrTit One Id 50-50 Club Girl Talk :15 fasy Money World at One Id 50-50 Club Girl Talk :30 Id Make A Deal World Turns Venn. Ernie The Texan :45 Id Make I Deal World Turns Ttnnjrnie The Teian TOP Poiilkal 7id Price l! Right Milady'i Matinee t k GOP Political Password Price Is Right Milady s Matinee ':3', lc) You Don't So House Party Day In Court Mi a y s Ma in i t,-, IdYouDon'lSay House Party Dwln Court Milady s Matinee 0MaTchGame Tell the TrifK Gen. Hospital Mil.d;t Matinee fll Match Game Tell the Truth Gen. Hospital M-lad, s Matmet :30 Hoover Funeral Edge Of Night Young Marries 'J :45 Hoover Funeral Edge Of High! YoungMarrleds Lone Ranger 4-00 Match Game Secret Stora Trailmaster Mickey Mouse if? Match Game Secret Storm Trailmaster Micke, Mouse Ml),ie Hoover Funeral Trailmaster Superman j4r, Movie Hoover Funeral Trailmaster Superman iHtVt Early Show Bill Jackson Popeye I?, Movie Early Show 8i Jackson Popeye :JJ Movie Early Show Rifleman Rocky Show :45 Movie EarShw Rifjeimsn Popeyj EeBMJYJi n.OO Movie Who News; Wthr. Yogi Bear (J: S Movie; Sport, Early Show .BCNews Vogi Bear fl V) NBC News Evening News Cheyenne Beaver "I,.-, NBC News Evening News Cheyenne Beaver tjry ENews Cheyenne World B eyonj 7 I 5 Eirl Report Evening News Cheyenne Wor d Beyond 1 11 Daniel B one The Munsters Id Flinlstones Wor e,on ; Daniel Boone The Munslers Id Flintstones World Beyond TOO Daniel Boone Perry Mason Donn. Reed World leyonj :15 Daniel Boone Perr, Mason Donna Reed W.r ItpM :30 Dr. Kildare Perry Mason My l Sons Wr d Beyond :45 Dr. Klldare Perry Mason My 3 Sons Wirld leytnd 9:00 Dr. Kildare Password Bewitched I . Jkal :15 Dr. Kildare Password Bewitched -nn :30 Vance Hartke Bailey's Peyton riici -nu :43 YanceHartke Bailey's Peyton Place I. Tnnton 1 A:()0 Id Suspense Th. Defenders Sen. 6oldwater II Null I (I - is (cl Suspense Th. Defenders Sen. Goldwitir 0 oc Mo. e II 30 10 Suspense Th. Defenders ABCRep.rti 18 Mo AV; Id Suspense Th. Defenders ABC Reports ID I) Clock Movie -00 Final Report NeWthT HW. "Mlicl Miill 15 Olympics UttShow Wthr; Sprj. JM" 30 Sports Utt Shaw Sunset trip ' :45 UlTeilgM UtiSh.w Sunset SUIr 110 Clock Mule li-nn Cc) Tenight ltiShn Sunset Strip lc)lenlht litiShi Sunset Strip TV SCKNK Acldams' Grandmaina Visits Haunted House By JULIA 1NMAN TV's EERIEST grandmother came to town yesterday to visit a haunted house. Blossom Rock, "grandma" on ABC's The Addams Family, was in Indianapolis to appear at the Children I Museum s Haunted Mouse. How did she come by the name Blossom Rock, we asked the actress, who is the sister of Jeanette MacDonald. My real name was Blossom MacDonald," she raughed. "and I married Warren Rock. We played vaudeville together as a team from 1925 to 1929." Are there any other MacDonald sisters? "Yes, retorted Blossom. "There's our older sister Elsie. She's our fat sister." Elsie never was in show business, apparently, but operated a dancing school until 1962. AS FOR JEANNETTE, she is more or less in retirement, although her sister said she had hoped to appear in the motion picture of "Sound of Music," but couldn't because she was convalescing from an illness. switchboard operators. They're too confined." BLOSSOM played a switchboard operator in her other TV series venture. Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal. She also was behind the board as Sally in the old Dr. Kildare movies with Lew Ayres. As the Addams family Grandmama her makeup, isn't too difficult. "It's Just me emphasized," she laughed, wrinkling her face. How old was she really? Blossom wouldn't tell, "1 was born in this century" was all she would say. THAT WAS the Week That Was producer Leland Hay-ward called Tuesday night's Hooter memorial a "necessary" preemption of the show, which is setting a lateness record for getting on the air this season. TW3 has been on once since its scheduled nicmiere in September. Before last night, it was preempted by senator Barry Gold-wat-T. However, Hay ward told the New York Post that NBC was "terribly touchy" about the show. AV3's late start is not en- the series (PAIO POLmCAL ADVERTISEMENT) After vaudeville, Blossom went into movies and her career has closely paralled that of TV's other Granny, Irene Ryan. At one time, thev both the same agent, Ivn simultaneously dei ;ded that this was not a good thing and f,red him. "I like housemaids and scrub women Mies." she said srnaru. i m urn mo sot on tirclv because LIVE ON WFBM-TV-Channel 6 9:30 to 10 P.M.-T0DAY "ASK SEN. HARTKE'' Call in and ask Indiana's Senior Senator. Vanc. Hartke questions about the job he's doing for us. CALL THIS NUMBER ME 4-3342 1 ewFnai- TV PREVIEWS Teen-Ager Gets Crush On Kildare T o d n y'x top trlrxixion sioii .t prr,vir.u:el mid selected by TV Keys Ktaff of r.rprrt.s vho attend natih iscrrfniiiti, and analyze .scripts in Nru; York and Hollywood. 8:30 P.M. O Dr. Kildare. "What's Different About Today?" Teen-age Girls should like this one. Jim is the doctor at a camp for diabetic children for a week, and one of the youngsters falls in love with him. It's a sensitive subject, but Kim Darby makes the girl believable, and many teen-age girls claim to have crushes on Dick Chamberlain anyway. 9:00 P.M. (D Bewitched. "Little Pitchers Have Big Fears." Very cute show. Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) puts her crafts to work to aid an adorable little boy (Jimmy Mathers), who has an over-prolective mother (June Lockhart). 10.00 P.M. O The De- fenders. "Conflict of Interests." A high-style comedy with pros, and it's a delight. E. G. Marshall, Edward Woodward and Cloris Leach-man have a bash in this farce about a wily lady lawyer who uses a bag of feminine tricks to win a case of slander, against an impossibly arrogant English critic on visiting lecture tour. When "The Defenders" turns to comedy, it outfoxes all competitors on sight. 10:00 P.M. O Suspense Theatre. "A Lion Amongst 1 ill uL.,,LaJ! JAMES WHITMORE stars in "A Lion Among Men" on Suspense Theater at 10 tonight, WFBM-TV (6). Men." Another hour for teen-agers, but this one's got a message and it's handled pretty well. The drama concerns an ex-army man who believes the people in his town have gone soft. The super-patriot, quite sick in the head, takes out his anger on kids who overdo a prank, and then loses all control. James Whitmore and Tommy Sands co-star. (Color) 10:00 p.m. NBC. Movies 9:00 A.M. O "The Sainted Sisters" (1948), with Veronica Lake and Joan Caul-field. 9:00 A.M. O "Return Of The Frontiersmen" (1950), with Rory Calhoun and Julie London. 2:00 P.M. O "Betrayal From The East" (1945), with Lee Tracy and Nancy Kelly. 4:30 P.M. O "Some- thing For The Birds" (1952), with Victor Mature and Patricia Neal. 5:00 P.M. O "Hilda Crane" (1956) with Jean Simmons and Guy Madison. 7:00 P.M. O "Mothra" Poid I hy tht Senator Ho'tk rnmrwiqf Committee C W. Horlli, Chairman Edn ftntov, feu (Wry Evansih, Ind. Radio Highlights 5:00 P.M., WAIV-FM Opus Legato. He'P'c music for organ, bass and percussion. 8:00 P.M WIBC-FM Concert Stage. Mozart's String Quartet in G Minor, Brahms, Violin Concerto in D Major, Clementi Sonata in G Minor for piano. 8:00 P.M., WFMS-FM Concert Hour. Dvorak's New World Symphony. 10:05 P.M., WAIV-FM Masterworks. Brahm's Piano Quartet in A Major and Tu-rina's Canto e Sevilla. Italian Mayor Djr? Turin, Italv (AP) Mavor Giancarlo Anselmetti of Turin, a major industrial city with almost a million population, died yesterday of a brain hemorrhage. He was 60 years old. might, or might not set off a political firecracker. The half-hour is a "live" show and is less complicated to knock off thp air than would be a filmed one. (1962). Expedition finds two beautiful girls about a foot high on heavily radiated island. 10:00 P.M. O "Jolson Sings Again" (1950), with Larry Parks and Barbara Hale. Second episode in the life of Jolson, focusing on his coming out of retirement and entertaining troops during World War II. 11:15 P.M. O "Platinum High School" (1960), with Mickey Rooney and Terry Moore. EXCLUSIVE Hollywood I ntariaAc fir ..t,:mXMvX:' V s T-j... a : : a vuay oeunv interviews w Today Bernie Interviews DICK CHAMBERLAIN Star of the Thursday f night NBC-TV show, "Dr. Kildare." v.- i iNoittupoui y i -Rj A. D I O W81 is for artists and their couth friends who like music to wash brushes by. Politics 2:00 P.M. O GOP National Committee. A film, "The Choice" originally scheduled, has been canceled. 9:30 P.M. O Sen. Vance Hartke. The Democratic nominee for the Senate will deliver a paid political address. 10:00 P.M. Sen. Barry Goldwater. An address by the GOP nominee for President. Other Features 7:30 P.M. O Daniel Boone. "A Short Walk to Salem." As DanT fights to protect Boonesborough's season of pelts from a fur-stealing family, little Israel Boone is lost in the wilderness. 7:30 P.M. O The Munsters. "Pike's Pique," with guest stars Richard Deacon and Pat Harrington Jr. Gas company officials stumble into the Munsters' dungeon in laying a pipeline. 7:30 P.M. The Flint-stones. Fred's fairy godmother arrives after he fails to get an invitation to his boss' party. 8:00 P.M. Q Perry Mason. "The Case of the Betrayed Bride." Todd Mea-cham's plans to convert his fickle Aunt Nellie's land holdings into a family fortune are thwarted when Nellie returns from Europe with a new husband. 9:00 P.M. O Lloyd Thaxton. Little Willie John Channel Chuckles By BIL KEANE Radio Thursday "Good night, Lyndon." "Good night, Barry." sings "Fever." TV Sports 11:15 P.M. O Olympic Games. Tonight's 15-minute coverage includes such scheduled events as the boxing semi-finals, equestrian Grand Prix dressage and cycling individual road race. Special Feature 3:30 P.M. O President Hoover's Funeral. Funeral services for former President Herbert Hoover from St. Bartholomew's Church in New York. WISH-TV (8) will carry CBS coverage at 4:30 p.m. approximately. (PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT) Jkxr Was hear Hairy is) 1 tat WFBM-TV Channel 6 2:00 fo 2:30 P.M. In Your Heart, You Know He's Right Vote For Barry Goldwater This Ad Sponsored By: Marion County Citizen! for Goldwater-Miller Commillci P. 0. Box 13 1, Indianapolis, Indiana William H. Sparrtnbtraer. Chairman Phllo S. Lang, Stcrttary Mn. Rotxrl F. Gamman, Vict Chairman Jomo Lawr.nct MiHtO Trtaurtr WATI 810 News on Hour and Half Hour Music and News-i5 a.m. to 6 p.m. WXLW 950 News on Hour and Half Hour Music and News-:15 a.m. to 6 p.m. WIBC 1070 News on Hour and Half Hour Music ond News-24 Hours WFBM 1260 (CBS) News on Hour and Half Hour Music ond News-24 Hours WIFE 1310 News on Hour and Half Hour Music ond News-24 Hours WIRE 1430 (NBC) News on Hour Music and News-24 Hours WBRI 1500 Religious Broadcasting 6:15 a.m. to i p.m. WGEE 1590-1 ABC) News Before ?n Hour Music and News-e:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. FM TODAY (Eastern Standard Timt) WICR-FM 88.7 Me. (Indiana Central College) WIBC-FM 93.1 Mc. Music ond News- a.m. to 12:15 a.m. WFBM-FM 94.7 Mc. Music ond News-24 Hours WFMS-FM 95.5 Me. Music- a.m. to 1 cm. (Full Time Stereo) WGEE-FM 103.3 Mc. Muslc-6 a.m. to !2 Midnight WAJC-FM 104.5 Me. Music ond News-5 a.m. to Midnight WAIV-FM 105.7 Me. Music-ll a.m. to 12 Midnight WIFE-FM 1 07.9 Mc. (Full-time Stereo) WSMJ-FM 99.5 Mc. (Greenfield-Full Time Stereo) (7 a.m. to 2 a.m.) WJMK-FM 98.3 Mc. (Plainfield-Full Time Sterto 6 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. ROMP! From the Stone Aee to the Atomic Aee . . . fatherly love is one thing that never changes! Fred, Wilma and off-spring Pebbles star in family cartoon comedy ! THE FLINTSTONES 7:30 P.M, ON 13 V jk'' ? , j l&lS4MaA4fe!ft :::: 1 r:? f. we. J". 5s t i HOWL! She's beautiful she's blonde she's a bride and she's a witch! A real spell-casting, broom-riding witch! Starring Elizabeth Montgomery, with Dick York. BEWITCHED 9 00 P.M. CHANNEL 13 r Mmmmmmmmmm l II i.rT KING TYPEWRITER GIGANTIC TYPEWRITER SAL 300 NEW AND RECONDITIONED MACHINES TO CHOOSE FROM 40 RECONDITIONED PORTABLES ALL MAKES ALL MODELS NEW MACHINE GUARANTEE "The Hard to Get Kind" SCOTCHMAN SPECIAL COME EARLY 12 TYPEWRITERS ALL MAKES "While They Lost" $1050 17 LAM-WAY NO MONEY DOWN 15 MONTHS TO PAY J "looaooaeaf' NEW PORTABLES DEMOS. AND FLOOR MODELS ROYAL , UMCEftWOOO OUVfTTI REMINGTON SMITH-CORONA TORPEDO FACIT IMPERIAL COMMODORE SAVE $3950 Sinct 13) ME 2-4066 807 N. DELAWARE TYPEWRITER AGENCY OPEN THURS. AND FRI. NITI ALL DAY SAT. FREE PARKING AT ENCO STATION ACROSS THE STREET LARGE TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE FREE DELIVERY STANDARD AND ELECTRIC OFFICE TYPEWRITERS - REMIN6T0M I0YAI UNIEIWOOI SMITH COROMA IBM SAVE LATI MODELS-LIKE SCHOOL'S USE 10 IBM EXECUTIVE ELECTRICS "FAMOUS PROPORTIONAL Spacing IBM fxtcutivt Why fay Mere" A I C A ADDING MACHINES MLJU CHECKWRITERS REDUCED ALL SUPPLIES: r2 PRICE 12 Ribbons, paper, carbon paper, type cleaner, tables, etc. up

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