The Indianapolis Star from ,  on August 31, 1964 · Page 25
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The Indianapolis Star from , · Page 25

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Monday, August 31, 1964
Page 25
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THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR PAGE 23 INDIANAPOLIS INDUSTRIAL REVIEW Safely burn old newspapers and ALL food waste in a Warm Morning (ADVERTISEMENT) GAS INCINERATOR i ODORLESS Van Sickle Radio Firm Offers Equipment To Enjoy FM, Stereo Hamilton Firm Maps Factors For Trade Show Effectiveness $10 down it all CITIZENS GAS office s. "t X V N, THINK! feff SNOW-THROWER 1 MONDAY, AUGUST 31, 1964- SMOKELESS Wit vM V J Throws right or left! 2-Way. Handles deepest snow . . . wet or dry. Self-propelled. 3-H.P. Cleans 20" swath. C. E. Griener Co. 4015 Nillersvillc Rd. LI S-8525 See us at the STATE FAIR Mfgrs. Bldq. New engine and transmission performance 1 ENGINES TRANSMISSIONS CRANKSHAFT KITS CYLINDER HEADS rcmnnulaciutcd Models for all cars, Immediate availability trucks, tractors and Complete Automatic BY THE HAMILTON DISPLAY The Ball Brothers Company At MANUFACTURING C OMPANY Dallas Connors Show industrial Low cost terms l 3 ttWffSJ& and tapes. It is manufactured by a maker of fine furniture and is of cherry wood. It can be inspected along with many other fine cabinets at Van Sickle Radio Company, 4131 North Keystone Avenue. This French Provincial cabinet has been designed for the installation of Hi-Fi components and has space for two 12-inch loudspeakers, a tope deck, a phonograph turntable, stereo FM receiver and a storage space for records i 1 FACTORY EXCHANGE Transmission Service Come in for a free estimate klw a-.-" TRANSMISSIONS : BRAND-NEW : OLDSMCmLE PRICED SO LOW IT'S UNBELIEVABLE t O COME IN TODAY SEE WHERE THE ; ACTION IS ; BEIjEiEM OLDSMOBILC 3177 n. ncuiuiic CL 1-9271 rAA Li irvrTAhir t . 1964 SHOW EXHIBIT DEVELOPED Depicts Products Of It takes three basic factors to develop a successful trade show exhibit, according to R. M. Hamilton, president and design director for the Hamilton Display Manufacturing Company, 611 North Capitol Avenue. "A well-engineered product and service, a direct, concise sales, story and a planned basic design which presents the first two factors in three-dimension form to attract the prospects' attention," he said. "FORM, TECHNIQUE and appearance have emerged as major factors in volume manufacturing and marketing, through the skill of the trained product designer. Here at Hamilton Displays, we feel that good exhibit design must necessarily result from knowing the product, what it can do for the prospect, and the proper technique for presenting it." "With trade shows growing in stature each year and becoming more and more as a recognized medium for meeting prospects 'face-to-face', the responsibility of the exhibit designer is increasing. The exhibit must not only attract the prospects, but it must reflect the quality of the ceiver, speakers, tape recorder and record player from a wide selection of manufacturers and models to meet the individual taste and budget." THE VAN SICKLE Radio Company will install these units in the cabinet and deliver it to the home. For the do-it-yourselfer there is a complete and equally fine selection of kits. For those not quite sure of their kit building ability, Van Sickle will test and correct any errors made by the novice. Van Sickle, who has been in the radio business for more than .30 years, says that greatest satisfaction, pride and enjoyment comes to those who product, management's obiec-tives, and proiecl tne company image wherever they might be showing." "EXPANDED facilities and services, combined with a continuing policy of searching for new ideas and techniques to promote our clients' products services, has increased our business to the point that the Hamilton Display Manufacturing Company is now Indiana's largest designers and builders of exhibits and displays. "Warehousing of trade show exhibits 'between shows' is another of our services which many of our clients are now using. This service saves valuable 'in-plant' space and handling time for t he exhibitor as well as simplifying copy changes and exhibit altera fQALKER U1ARTL0W REALTORS Commercial-Industrie I and Residential Soles 2710 EAST 62nd ST. CL 5-4171 pj JJJJ wire their own systems from kits. Among brands for the sophisticated buyer are Mcintosh, Scott and Fisher receivers, and the new Tri-Plex Jenson, Warfdale or Bozak speakers. For those who want a built-in system there is the new model Nutone which is offered with combined stereo and intercom with door answering features. The Van Sickle Radio Company, a super-market of electronics, offers easy payment plans and prices that are less than mail order "bargains." The company will demonstrate $200, $400, $600 or $800 systems. Gels KCA Grant sisted by the grant will be open to RCA employes and to persons not employed by the company. With four full - time frequency modulated (FM) stereo broadcastings in the Indianapolis area, listeners are being provided with the finest music available, Gene Van Sickle, owner of the Van Sickle Radio Company, 4131 North Keystone Avenue, declares. Van Sickle said that the stereo stations are WFMS-FM, 95.5 mc, and WIFE-FM, 107.9 mc, in Indianapolis, and WSMJ-FM, 99.5 mc, at Greenfield and WJMK-FM, 98.3 mc, at Plainfield. "TO HEAR THIS superb life-like music in your home you need to have a good quality FM receiver with stereo multiplex and a pair of good high fidelity speakers spaced 6-8 feet apart," Van Sickle said. "The two speakers may be inclosed in a case or housed in a choice piece of furniture. To capture the music of the listener's choice a stereo recorder also can he used in the same cabinet. This will permit the listener to record in stereo direct from the air and replay it as often as desired. "With the Van Sickle custom components you may select first a console cabinet from a choice of models in fine woods and design that will add to the decor of any living room. "More than 25 designs are offered and range from Early American to French Provincial. You can then select the re .m iK&rf iSSd? ENGINES & FOR DOUBLE COMFORT CALL THE BRYANT MAN WITH THE TWO-IN-ONE PLAN 1. Warm in Winter 2. Cool in Summer at the flick of a switch Bryant-Hedback Co. 1835 N. New Jersey Indianapolis I) l mourn k One Iruck or large fleef! k Brilliant colors Years ol durability Installed in minutes Custom-made for YOUR trucks RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL 1 (Hi .'1tU4HlirV3UKf)ilkl 1606 An avtrag of owt 70,000 oirlm pottngn oth month will i your product! and talis itory whon you oiKibif at Wir Cook 'Municipal Airport. For information regarding rottt, traffic ftQurti end oxhibit HrvioM cvoilablo, phono Mttrw 5-314 or writ tot Purdue Campus The Radio Corporation of America has awarded a grant of $5,000 to the Purdue University Regional Campus here for use in maintaining programs and courses for graduate engineers. According to an announcement by Keith U. Clary, manager of personnel for the RCA Victor Home Instruments Division, and Dr. Jack M. Ryder, director of the campus, the grant will make possible additional advanced courses, both credit and non-credit. It is in conjunction with RCA's national "Aid to Education" program. Activities as HAM I LI UN AIRPORT ADVERTISING, INC. DeWALT POWER SAWS, I to 10 H.P. it; STANLEY Electric Tools CiPITSl IVEKU! IHOIIMPOIIS, I 0 1 1 I PORTER-CABLE Portable Power WHY NOT START COST REDUCTION WITH OUR PUSH-BUTTON FABRICATING EQUIPMENT? THE E. L HUMSTON COMPANY, INCORPORATED N. Illinois St. WA 5-9691 Indianapolis 2. Indiana INVENTORY CLEARANCE LAWN FERTILIZER tions when required." "The Hamilton Company maintains a sales and consultation staff which will welcome an opportunity to discuss any exhibit or display problems which advertisers in this area may have," TESTING SERVICES FOR INDUSTRIES Technical & Production Problems Insurance Investigations consisting of CHEMICAL PHYSICAL METALLURGICAL EXAMINATIONS X RAY INDIANA TESTING LABORATORIES Division of Limex Corp. 911 MASS. AVE. ME 2-7319 i 6 Units 6 Baths ?ton N. Pcnin. with Income over $5,000, good tenonls, no vacancies. Clay Schilling VI 6-871 1 Industrial Acreage Adiorrnt to MS at 38th strerl. All utilities . . . $5,000 ppr acre . . . will build lo suit. Bob Carr LI 5-0176 Near Interchange 1-65 and 52 4i00 4(SOO Blks. on Lolnyelts Rd.-SM F t. available. Ample deplh. Bob Keene CL 5-5866 loois SERYICE Frl Sat. I to 12 Noon Phone MEIrose 9-1311 FASHIONS trained decorator "" 1 "I 4 1 O Slate-Wide Tuck Serice Inc. INDPLS. ME 9-4213 TFRRR HAUTE 497 South Seventh St. .Indianapolis Life's ft. J Man of the If 4 Week Lw AL MtYER Al Meyer has been a professional insurance councilor for 36 years, helpimj plan msuronce proqrams for hundreds ot businessmen and families A winner ot the National Quality Award on IS occasions Al also has been a million dollar producer several times. He specializes in estate plonmnq and insurance for busmes ond taes. Coll Al Meyer todoy ond let his experience ond knowledqe benefit you, c2. .-vy Lawn Suprtm 15-5-5 analylii G-F Lawn food 10-6-4 analysis SALES and Hours 8 to 5 Mon. Thru 612 N. Delaware St. '1W CARPET mc. Call Now. lor TWO DOOR 12 Ou. Ft. Automatic Defrost Refrigerator Big Zero Degree Freezer ISiLf Fabulous New F 58, Wit or Dry epilation, 35-5-5 analysis, guaranteed Weed and Feed Fertilizer, 15-5-5, with weed killer Budget Priced With Trade Ho Monty town to show samples from one of Indiana'! largest carpel Prices Quoted at Stock Room Only H. A. WATERMAN CO. Your fioeni Service Dealer 7086 Southeastern Ave., 5 Painti at Trey Arc. FL 6-6418 A vf ; il V y. i nn ft 2742 Madison Ate. ft W4 5-0051 f (H I -w t 3030 Lafayette Road 5140 Let a safe deposit 'MA --- MODERN GRAY IRON CASTINGS LT OUR SKILLED CRAFTSMEN SHAPE YOUR NEW OR REPLACEMENT PARTS IN GRAY IRON fit IIItTV i-i i-i stus reoMonoH aids 310 N. DAVIDSON SI. ME INDIANAPOLIS 2, INDIANA ALL SEASON HOME COMFORT mm m Y DUST-FREE PLAYGROUNDS MWi INDUSTRY protect your valuables at... Mainlenonce Operotlno 30 Ytarj of Eipericnct ME 7-2535 C. & G. Potts m DOWFLAKE Dowfloke absorbs moisture. When spread on unpaved playqrounds, roods, drive in theaters, II dampens the surface . . , kfps dust down. Enoy dull-free living. 100 lb. baa dustproofs 400 square fret. Trademark of the Dow Chemical Co. ME 7-2536 & Co. ,nc. S16 WASHINGTON AYE. l 3e atrr 1 tee,ntsxiH INDIANAPOLIS, INO. AFIB ULRICH CHEMICAL 398 DIVISION ST., EVANSVILLE 411 N. Garrison Ave. ,C. Cassidu $Son Qns SINGLE CEILING OR "TOWNFUL OF HOMES" 1030 South Holt Road CHapel 1-6391 BRANCHES- Original Equipment Ports CUSTOM MADE 320-30 W. Michigan St. PEERLESS ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. 1401 STADIUM DR., ME 5-2361 SYLVANIA TELEVISIONS WATER COOLERS ANDERSON, 800 E. 19TH, PHONE 643-3341 ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES AND APPLIANCES !198 1 30 PER WEEK OPEN DAILY 8:04-9:03 SAT. 8:04-5:03 PLUMBING N. Keystone CL 1-2201 box BANK AND TRUST COMPANY borrow money to buy a HOME without being assessed "Points" yir "Service Fees" Inquire about your home loan at IVoplps Mutual famous for helping rosponHiblp familios buy or build their own homes at lowest cost. Kealtor or buyer tan apply. Call MEIrose 2-4371 SEIBERLIIMG Performance Rated Tl R I WHSH IPJSIPEE AMERICAN PAPER STOCK CO. MORE .n, MORE People Are Choosing I HEATING L AIR CONDITIONING made, installed, serviced oncf guaranteed by Ha!l-Neal Furnace Co. 1324 N. Capitol ME 5-7441 .1 A)li: TIRE MEiroi. 5-6341 .. iii:vsi(M: n. r,.(w;r,i AMERICAN FLETCHER NATIONAL ('it V i DICK BAXTER Business insurance consultant; buy and sell agreements; deferred compensation; pen $ i o n plans; all types of business insurance. Richard A. Baxter Agency Provident lilt t Accident Ins. Co. ill C. of C. Ildq. ME 4 4596 Indianapolis, hi. YOU VAX TltUST ,.v JESSES! MART c BJBi j m l m mm mjm rrw i w f Bi r n imTi b htb aTu aTa rra St I yXfciji t m mil S I'VII 6n' check fORSliV S ALL vour insurance needsn;-'v&jifi TH0R0SEAL Keeps Water Out ol Basement Walls A brush -on protective coating that scils out wntrr rind beautifies your bnsement nt the some time. Available in colon nnd you con apply it your.cif . , , just mm with water and j brush on. j SOUTHEASTERN SUPPLY CO. IOUTMEASTERN AVE. AND PROSPECT ST. TrVuttRu'tUitt' i? OIL HEATING Coll the "WRIGHT" Number CL 5-2441 THE WRIGHT CO. ZC lllLlUlUlltly ....1TTmBHEi53r. W a r;, m m , B m .w g4.11 m bTi uXm EiXh nXiry..

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