The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, April 6, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Today's Sport Parade nxt.i AUGUSTA. On., April 0. IUI .. Honey Chile, here's a passel of n , r . . , - . . »otcs on (he Masters' Golf Tour- Unl)' 1 tight Of /.4 Letter- nnmc-m. and nil of (hem were writ"•• ••' i ten on a hot biscuit ivlth a dcinti- men Eligible Under NeU Conference Rules stick dipped In tinivy: If praeticc makes perfect, then Uoyd Man- fiium. the youngsler who'shot (he ball next- year, the - •-- •-." holes in one some day What S ,)?„' cio *>" l " ink Mnngruni did after araJis- 1 •»; . nimual spring practice. . .. That's right ... he wont 0111 nml 1 "in ,1 i igNL . . , nc Under the present iulerprciaiion .practiced until dark or the stale's new six-semester uid Dob Joue.v poini Asfc Col- tnk • • v.,...,^v^* ujjt;> ijuw •nitivfi fiOllH IJlttDK WllfU rule, it means tliat upon entering wa s the best i;oir hi! cvi-r saw >on the ninth tjradc a sfudeiit is eligi- , liobby • • - - ' s h,.ot and he'll you Al a in * * ' l ' ' D---•"- — t.i \.nf,i- Dijuijy MHIUL JLilll We for only six- consecutive seines-i was al Fast I 'U-c i ters of athletic activity, regardless matc} , /or (he" dub thai of whether or not he participated . . , . w)ien a ^ n m ulhletics all ihree years. [„,,,- h(l firl , rt nw J ,bS.s in si" While coaches of some Arkansas ; lioles on the back nine to beat » .schools plan to go into the rule , hi.s dad, •! and 3, for the title. .. J tnflft* t\f*finitpkv ' \\fttf\t-ti flfif-lfn-lmr Cn tninn C*.< m. .1'.. (.[„.'.! . . . i , ' ' B GEflJ lES, BLYTHEVTr^E (ARX.)' COURIER NWS into tlie pennant fight and that "'^W^'^^ it still has plenly of pov:er lop!>'< by lhe Ciieenbei-K-York duo »"<! « fair pitching st air | 1( , 1(1( ,, "V Buck Ni'wsom and Tommv Bridges. If »u-k narle)) car , keen lhe Tillers' humpty-duimity inijel 1 ("nether, Detroit Is not K olnj. u , )„. "'<! pushover everyone expects. vision outfit, bin likely w'ilMj'e ^ Betting Along In Central America Writer Climbs Far, Far ^^'^V^' ^ Out On Limb In His ISr X E^hiru SnTi ™° Predictions 10 lllc °""li'W apparently wllVbe ,,_ : successful and Die Scnaiors have m oJ'OHfii; 'KIRKKKY: ^l' 1 ," ,f^ Kl J' ltcllcrs '" Dmc) > 1*011- NFW vnm/ S '!; tr ..'-T''" 1 """"'" 1 M M ad ° Ma " J '"""y lilies has' "' " U I'I>™ RUOaril the U. S. KW yOKK, April fi (UP)-Ho Collier one of those clubs that i Co '" 1 O»ar<l Cutler ilasea. hied ILL (Mill) C'VC'f \vriti flu,. ,,i..,. i..i. i nniin-i f rn,,ui., ..-. ., i «« 1,1., , r _ ff Play South American Way On Cruise To Central American Ports John nice, NHA Service writer, hopped aboard lhc U. S. ball elub over woii - •«*< ,—i*\i -..-. .,..,, ui niu^i. emus mat -- --• five straight appeal' feeble on paper, but he Ins i major Ic-apic pennants and Die « way of milking Diosc c , tsto ,' r , ,, ' V:mLc(n: ii'UI f.iH I.. .I...L. ..._ . .. .i*.,.,i*,.—i.., ... '-'"'iir, null -•-..- .,„,.,.. ,«.-,,,,u Iu .t linn mi.. .. w.i y 01 /mixing uiosc castoffs and Yankees will fail I,, ,]„,!,- (l ,u>, sl nl - nondescripts play bc-tlor tha ill "v I lhe nnli in a row I his year. A kllow "°w. 'Mils ontflt, IIOWEVC'I. combination of circumstances «s ns If it, will trv v/oikmK anul/isi. the .Yankees from Swngall (ouch lo the ||,nH nsidi- and out will topple . lhe The Bronx Ixmilir-rs from their throne und I Their coiMiucrors will' be tho supply .... <Ktan lied So*. The lad who will Browns a woilh" or" which c.'ily two wore regulars List P he- can barely get more than 275 T "j' -, I""" *" fa« iiiwv mi. ivui. "ii u.iu, -1 iiuu J, lor [ 10 lit C. . K '|V-fl Wlllmmi.- ,.,!,„ \ .,, .1 > Mi<:yj| ue )aCK Ul more -definitely before dec-It,,),,,; Sammy Knead's bluest (rouble asfr-its t, is™ o w il , K " :l *"'' Ilowev(;l '' F '' e <' »"» " certain players ineligible, Head a KClfer is hi. inabillly (o keep ,t ,,,,, '^ „ , „" "h ?" !. a V'?" 1 ' ll " l "" re ""''"« whlel, , • • Coach Joe Dildy has accepted the ; from losinj, .so mnci, wfiglu . . . ,,,'-^i,"' ; „'""V" ltllwl " v " 2 '- "ely I,, roM.a In the Hro w ,.s wii rule at Us present. Interpretation In (wo tonrnamenh (he slamraln 1 J , * 0| " lo " lnic ' j "'"B mora unmes ihls season th, n and Is building up a new team West Vir«lnian drops from 15 lo iS ° <lKU " v wl " l)c Williams 1 lnn K »>«'r ISM tolal of f.l around his eight letter men of 20 pounds, and winds nn so v-eaV ""^ l: 11M Anlc '* ;1 » '-ciiEUi! • which onlv iwn wwi- r/>mil!irr i-ici >i/. /.n,. i, n ™i., ..„, ... "CCs frcducnllv will wniv inxi/u Rich To Be Opponent Of iJoe Welch Sci-Bcant Rid,, former ' Te frctiucntly will walk 1,-inhy vards with "}i!s°7cc""«irots "'" '''?' lo j >itclrl ° '"'""'V Fox«, Am- Thc- entire line is gone with Johnny Ilulla, the big fellow who f n ,ni B 8 " c baUI "S champion Norman "Mpnk" Moslcy and May- i came close to winning the Nn- u in ?« : rlinntl ""f last season field "Sonny" Uoyd as the two "onal Open last year playing wlih bM n ™n*.T ? My <UOU ' ul stais rcmalnfng around whom the a thirty-five cent dnigslore ball "™"f^>-Js •i»J'clnclmp then- team, will be built, with speed as ; is spending his mor.Htigs here fly- ,j,,, ,,n', vu^ '• >V ,*''" ( C ^ hlm the keynote. ing a plane over the countryside. : !± ' "" W ' .' am . s ' lll . us ' Williams mat tho team will not have lhe i ••• The lon B hitter in golf.?,™ „*"' J''' lh ° n , to S ° x riphl nnv ( i lo u™,,,.. ir«..«., 'i,_ i c t> Jti ""l OUC-tWO plillcll in who baseball. The Yanks will not cave-In But, they will full to have that extra .something which kepi ihbm .sup- That the team, will not have lhc i • • • ' nic longest hitter in golf brawn of past years is admitted ''B 111 nmv ls Benny Hogan, who by lhe coaches who plan lo build I L<! "' t; mncil uigger than his driver, a raster team witli blocking and I which Is one of tlie heaviest ill iackllnjr emphasized In the sprint' i lhc business. program. nucl^^r'Z Don't be surprised ir (lie Na" )al Open championship i s ( i!ny- nl Fort Worth, Texas, in 11H1. - reme for the past four years. The pitching staff will have (he biggest decline ivllh Red squad are: "Bo"' (Swedfcc Rola, «1, " l ; 01l1 , Wo1 ' " ^T "' 19 ^- s f L ," ecll » e »'"" ^d Rufrmg- Hounsaville, Everett CrossloKE-1 ;.„„„,, V.n '" °° l m °'' C ° W '" 1; " le wcnr """ 1™-" of Ills liott Saltba, Albeit Saliba and Ic- in, , '«"'"cys . . . The last years and four tough pennant ..„.. r....... O.UITO iina i,c (open In the west (Denvni-. man) camnalL.ns—fniii,,,, i n i.n M._ .,„ ray Ross. irncys . . . The last , . ie wesl (Denver, 19'J8) i drew the biggest crowd since Jones . 11! t "*- "'sa^-iv ciuwu since Jones theville has been listort •?™' , y " i WBS '•"'"'"S tlicm through the gate ranking team of the state and • ' ' 5 > 1Mkln B <" Jones, his deci- \vhile It will lose ma, v payer, iM^f'l ° ,"" " n -" 1U nfl " * "° les .... , "">".< l""jti.s 1111.1 j n i ,i s loiifnnmoiif. u'ns wiso year, the rule also directs other schools of the state so the Chlck- asaws expect to have a tc(n« on ( ;. ni par with (lie state champions of',,,,, the past few years ' . in this tournament was wise . . . He is suffering from bursitLs. and speaking ns n fellow who has had • ' Se '' 5 '' " fcl ' es Yanke Play At Memphis ROCKY MOUNT, N. C., April C. (UP)—Johnny Vander Meer of the Cincinnati Reds and Johnny BagVjy of lhe Boston Red Sox face ench other on the mound today in an exhibition game. The Retis and. «.,„.« Red Sox exhausted their supply of | since baseballs in an exhibition gnihe for Bobby's gamcness could have lasted as long as he did , . . All the world loves n winner department: Mnngriim started out with two jiars yesterday and immediately lost some of his gallery "The fellow Iras blown up," The rani: Chick Evans Is playing' here, and he won his first title iwiy tack In HID gas-light era, 1907 to be exact. . . Chick Harbort, the former amateur star from Michigan I heard a spectator say . . . eld guard never surrenders the second time in two years yesterday, and; their gu'me was called with one out In (he Sox half of tlie eighth. The score was 12-10 in favor of.'the,Reds. -CHATTANOOQA, April C. (UP) —Inffelder Petey Coscarart of lhe Brooklyn Dodgers mined today 'a twisted left ankle suffered In practice -before yesterday's Dodger- Detroit game, which the Tigers won, 15-5. Schoolboy Howe went .the route for the Tijers and allowed 11 WIs while contributing one of played his first serious golr at lhc JiBc of. six ... i( ,(. as „,, exhibition match with EWUIS . . . After "I",!.,. - I0 . ," e 'nW>ors culled him Henry Cotton. Bug- ( , • J vui.iuii, LLiHg- lands greatest professional, who is now in service at Uie front once said ,lhnt Ed Dudley, home pro here, was lhc llncst swinger O f a who ever lived You am .find fifteen pros right' here who will agree wllh Colton Hany Cooper took such lusty swings at the ball oil lhc first and second, lees yesleray thai his 1ml (Ic-w-.oir . . . Willie qoggln may havf. - found the secret of crriit golf.- . . Ue was hit on (lie head uy a brnsslc. shot by Clmrley Y.ite.s" In years and four tough pennant campaigns-failing lo hil the 20- gimic winner class again. Oilier internal faclois arc working against, the Yanks. Some of the players already have resented publicly lhe (act lhal |h c club is for sale and (hat their salaries are subject lo (he approval of Ihree women who Inherited the club from Col; Jacob Rupperl, One Yankee star allegedly remarked In Florida' (hat he could gel along very well without having any women put a price on his services. With lhe decline In Yankee pitching and the improvement In Red Sox pitching, the big test will come down to hitting and Boston «'lll oiifslug the Yanks just as they have the past two years. Last year the nod Sox finished second with a second division pitching stall, rhe outstanding development. In connection wllh the Red Sox's spring Iraiiilng was lhe Improvement iu pitching. Joe Cronln has sold his pitchers on (he idea that this is the year they can make history and lie has a stuff of 12 breaking their necks to join Lefty Grove on the club's ''big five.!' Jim Bagby and Emerson Uickman are going to figure' prom- ......j „ »n ic «;uj nt fun it n IT one oi •-— *-j * M tio in three Detroit homers Rudy York JV "™ cllcl; lollntl »«! day before -hll-.l\i-n.rniir.h«o«. m „„,. r,!.. „"., (I 'c tournament and snenl a »i<.|<t. . -hit two four-baggers and noy Cul- leubtoe and Bate P ip of II e !" " le lwsp " nl ' • • So »« ** Dodgers otie each hn collkl do »' »« "«t round was n "'. one under par . . . Robert MACON, Ga.. April 6 (irp)_ Swcclw y ot London hasn't come lie seventh annual series M*L ^ w ™ c nel " > >ar . so ( «''. "ul why .. . _ The seventh nnminl series between the New York Giants and Cleveland Indians reached lhe half-way mark today. The Giants scheduled Cliff Mellon to pitch against Willis Hudlin and Johnny Alleh. The Giants hold a 4-3 edge on this year's piny. MEMPHIS, Teim., April 0. (UP) —The New York Yankees opened a two game series loday with Memphis, second-place finishers in lhe Southern Association last year Outftlelder Jack Powell was sidelined with n bad right leg. The Yanks used both of their sotilh- paws yesterday-Lefty Gomez and Marius Russo-as they subdued the Little Rock Travelers of the Southern Association, 11-2. niywhere near par so far, but why Oscar Vitt. for one las changed «r ,VMT ^rLMt^^ras ^h ^^ •r-oKs- 1 ^ v'sr^ K tl~ ^^M.-^ S ^e^-w-b^u^S cliances be diutmcrl r-..,!.n n,...,, ...i.,,, b "tiuit, lor , T m ANTONIO, Tex., April 6. (UP)-Manager Fred Hanov planned to start southpaw Vernon Kennedy against the Chicago Cubs today in the St. Louis Browns' last game before they slan home Hain cancelled yesterday's scheduled contest with the National Leaguers. - MOBILE, Ala.. April fl. (UP)— The ailing i ist 0 , , hc S( ' Cardinals had a big addition loday -the -name of johnny Mize, s!u°- Btng first baseman. It was reported that arrangements })ave been made to return Mize to st .Louis for treatment of a stiff right shoulder and wrenched right knee He Is expected to be able to open the season, however. The Cards their game With the Southeastern Association Mobile team rained out were lo play the Pelicans at New Orleans today. VALDOSTA, OS, April 6. (UP)The Phillies return Irlp brought them Into Georgia loday lor a meeting »it h the Vatdosla dub. The Natfoni! L« a g uers p3UMd M Jacksonville long enough yesterday to dere»t the J»cksoiivllle Tars of the Sally League, 9-3 The club's best display 1 of,pov,cr Ihls spring' featured home runs by .chuck Klein and Ous Suhr, . inently in Ule Rc( , Sox ""tJ vi it I* CH OU,\ pitching out of the nit. Cronlu Is "ringing Herb Hask rml Bill Bul- laml. iwo Minneapolis rokies nlonfj slowly and if either or llinm blossoms out » winner, Boston's pitching will be (he year's big surprise. Bui for any team to lick the Yanks, It must gel help from the west. Last season the Yankees won Hie pennant in the west-taking 'ts out of 44 ({nines played in western parks. Cleveland and st Louis were the Yanks' cousins, winning only two (both by the Indians) out of J2 played in their home grounds against, the New Yorkers. ,, . *,»-*)». .in.-.!!, uuicn i ,l a , r " Z Ml. 1S ,. P !'> V "' 8 S0 fnsl lhw » I'tenty of Feller. -...~ ,1... ui; fcmmuig Gene them, which means (hey'll Allen. The List Straw himself off on Iwo-momh offi- cln) goodwill cruise of Central American pom. In Die following .story, Rice tells of this junket as seen through Hie ovis of a civilian, gives the lowdoivn on iKnv the American ni-l-jlibor- lint'Ls was accepted by ihu Gen- ual Americans. -f ^ e Ity .1011X HICK MJ.'A .Service .Stull VVritci A110AUI3 U. S. COAST GUARD CUTTER 1TASKA, Sun Diego, , April li._CiOMlwill by lhc tiflrrelfull , lias just been lot louse on Central | America. ) Uitesl neighborly f;esl lire of j Uncle .Sam toward the folks .south or the border was completed when the Itaska, 225-foot coast gunrtl cutler, and the Pandora, coast , guard patrol boat, moored here j alter spreading goodwill along i both sides of Central America. I 'Hie Itasca. mider Cup'.. Rogci Heimer, and the I'andora, imdei Capt. Carl Hilton, stopped at 14 ports during their uvo-Hionth Joe Welch in one of two double ""i- VI HV(7 I leatures on Protnnfri- nm-n rornv\ i-oni.i, ",' Mikc »'"•- ™'w "cca-Miii accompanied tlu nl the Legion . W ° ckly mnt sllow «P«lHion in an advisory capnuly and up lhe cast coast as lur as Vera Cruz, Mexico. Commander Ellis need-Hill accompanied the The 110 officers and "men. filch 1,1 f, . »"<•• '"J umccrs and men. !iiL lotPih.,i CT ni)1pcnl ' Bnc < ! here inatle up the goodwill partv, vlsitca ,.„, , e< !..r! oyd BM *»"<»"• | V<»^ "'HI capitals oi ' Mexico, and displayed a i GuiUemalo, Salvador, Honduras, >. However, Welch I Nicaragnn. Costa nic.i, Panama volrt o; ,,a a lall r a lallci , ' heavier opponent mutch. "Dynamite" Their job was lo show ofr the activities ot the peacetime-operating coast guard and to cultivate new friends for the United states 00 THROUGH PACKS AT EVERY STOP Every man and officer did his -- -••« , job well —and, incidentally, man- am! Roberts have I aged lo have a heap of ftm along — nvtl T JU1 UIJII and ihoukl give the Texan a very Joe OIllRinn. the out with another r'oushie 'known to inns as Re<l Roberts, another vet- IK!'.!»!£„ ^.~-^«"« OI/lCPJ S ,U... !!L a . 1 L. a L ""' '' C '°" 1 " l(1 " dtf ncc t |-Hlll of V/ashinglon, D.' C.', -.idvi'sory "officcron thrcrulTe! 1 ' i>: " U1C ' A Fair Orpha iimenri-,! (,, m •"""•"-•• imvi-: .i««.u iu imvc ;> nenp 01 urn along incs nl, ,L?n ° " 1 "» cro '' s ! Uie "W- B ' we "« buoy «,id capo foi n,T y ,f a " b ° ™»"t«l'sli-.e drills were standard shows in i-l-iuM m, i i 7 CSt '" g (lls|)lft >' »f: every port. Occiwlonally man-ovc,- asi.nilt, niid battery. i immvi «v n ....» K .. ««>....i THE PAYOFF" board exercises and official movies of (he coast guard in action were thrown in. The enlislcd men found plentv of opportunity to mix with die natives. Baseball, basketball and rifle competition with local teams usually broke the ice. for (he officers, there were cocktail parties, reccplions, dances —always topped off by a shipboard party on the Itnsca. Although alcoholic drinks are banned • -n— 11... aboard all u. 3. vessels, all the par- A holdout frequently linsn't- much I llL ' s wcr « '"Shly successful. Some- a case, but. ollhancl i would " lllc -' i l ''ey included short, muon- .v Pvtlnir h«, Hgiii cruises in tropical waters. IIV HARRY GRAYSON < r,i ,.,, A Servlo <' Sports Editor CLEVELAND. April B _ The M.WOU Of Fickle Pyttak'b m. usual because a .splendid catcher juitencls the Cleveland club is ,U- , were usually community Usually the dissenter is demand- Tllerc ing a raise. Pytlak's only objec- singing [imon» the 50 (o ISO guest'; tion is a severe slash In salary - nncl loc!l1 marimba bands to lend • - 5380U to IK; exact . . "f rom galty to the affair Sll.nOO lo $7700. ,,...| A master of ceremonies was al-' AIM he onsi of the game's lead-! wtl >' s un lmll(l >o oi-Rnnize a Paul' IB catcjiers nl. n iimn ...i ...... i/i.,n L . ' i Eame's enil- ing mlcJim- nl a time when Mauri- ma backstops arc prnc-ticallv rare as a first rollo Slinke- Jones. SALVADOR I'Alfl'V ,. *• ^I'UMUl-U \Q 1IPWO- I nt "1" "^ °"' b la " (li "« W'"B«. Alva Bradley, presides of lie Iiuhaiis. declares there will be "o dice until Pyii ftk Slgns , lb . be "sure will not upped a plugged nickel. Si ™ n - , . ' " ' """ < " ! "I ^Ty'ptal 0 '"! the enlerlainmeut nie diminutive. Pole siig B csis he provided by the natives was lhe rmi^r 1 ;^ ^ nft . iwt .. t « " p «°- ™°" 08lvcn or "™ rs iiml ™ e » 111 .San .Sulvador. capilal of Salvador. O/!ii'f-rs were whisked off lo | the "Casn I 1 resident hil" as soon ns they hil port, were handed bubbling champagne glasses. From here, they adjourned to the American legation, where Siilvadorans enjoyed American hospitality. Next day. ilu.- men played games with tlie natives. Officers rested until niBht when the Salvador government set before them a ID- course dinner, offered them two orchestras and a long evening of dancing with the capital's fairest. year to get even a $2000 raise." he explains. "Yet Ihey want to slice my salary $3800 because' (hey de- „,. . (--"t>ftfcM minci. This despile the racl that five other American League outfits >voi,ld jump at lhc chance to land in""«o« d B ' a( " 5 ' "' ly """ $11 ' 50ft The Browns o'lTcr big Joe Glenn ii exchange. The affluent Bosloii Red tox would top mi 0 |l,,r bids and include n (;ood enough <wond string catcher, which i! -unx-fln! Oscar vut of lhe Tribe is' mined (o make of Pytlak. however, for the . gcod reason tlmt very .-. „— i nmkninn of lus all-round capabilities easily might determine the difference' in the standing!; O r (he Cleveland and Boslon cluta near the head of lhe .column. I'llOFKSSIONAI, JEALOUSY BE'nVKK\ THE CATCIIEKS Pyllak-s trouble started wlicn Holly iicmslcy came to the Indhns in 1938. Pytlak had been the club's first siring catcher for five vears nnd seemed lo resent (he presence or (mother topnolch workman Professional -jealousy developed immediately. Pytlak succeeded in holdinp his liositlon as (op man in 1938 when lie got In 113 games against Hom- slcy's CO. But it was dilferenl last season, largely because Hcniilcv is the greal Bob Feller's lavorile battery male, so the reformed Holly worked in 107 eiigngciiiciUs against 63 tor Pytlak. And Pyllak did nothinv, more than pinch hil or pinch run in not : a fciv or (he 63 contests in which * he appeared. He went to l«i O nlv 183 limes. His hilling fell off as a result, cided i hod , a poor season. Is it my taiili i wasn'l used more and Siven an opportunity to boost my batting average? "'r Vitt wants to keep me on the bench, that's his business. But I don't believe I should have my salary cut S38M on the ground I Bivpearcd in only 63 games when I was in shape and anxious to play in many more." In one discussion with Bradley. Yytlak told the owner he was as gcod a catcher as Bill Dickey. Bradley pointed out that he wasn't . - . not quile. anyway. Pytlak isn'i debater enough to have thought lo remark that Dickey gets $21.000. He now might add thai the Ginnls gave $10,000 to Zckc Bonnra. a first baseman Bill Terry doesn't intend lo use. Cleveland now has only old I.nke Swell, who wa<= through two years ago. and young Jim Hcgan.l a Class C performer at this stage, Frankii' Pytlak has n strong hold - * out position . . . OU e which would — be greatly slreiigthcncd If nny- ft's IViily a Cockeyed War—And Thai Goes For London Just As Well rrance. About 10 stalks were served as a portion, and they averaged out at 10 cents per stalk. The same restaurant offered a special treat, strawberries from southern Italy. And their cost figured at just about 50 cents per berry! And this was not a gilded place, just a big middle-class reslaurant patronized ''y <|Uite ordinary folks! Those who remember the hullabaloo with which lhe American war loans were sold In 1917-1S19 would be amazed al the lack of all that in tlie raising of Britain's war funds. The British government recently issued a war loan of 300,000,000 pounds, which is the neat sum of $I,200,<X!0,<X)0 American money. II was oversubscribed by a public which is already so heavily income-taxed that Amern taxes seem mere "child's play." John Bull proceeded to dig down in his pockets and produce the dough, without, any public hullabaloo u'lmlever. But of course the German enemy is a lot closer to this island than he ever was to (he United States during the last, war. .v, .... Best reg-Jinls; Milton 'Brainier, Orphn Christensen will be ollercd as candidate for lhe tillc of "Miss Candid Camera," at a pagenrl to be staged for amateur photographers at Long Beach, Cat. High Scores Made As Dr. Pepper Triumphs Presenting a cpmplelely revamped lineup Dr. Pepper opened up (he second half of ihe bowling league schedule Impressive fashion last night with a win over the Sinclair Oilers, undefeated champions of the first, half. Pacing ihe Uolllcrs, who set a new league mark for scoring with a 202 points per man per game average, was Captain Frank Hunt with n record four game average of 2-11 and n single high game of 263. Toj) man for Sinclair was C. A. Tain with an average of 227. The games were played on the Plamoi alleys. Mr, Graham Sudbiiry, Editor Blytheville Courier News, Blytheville. Ark.. Dear Mr. Sudbury: Here's a singular slate of affairs! Buck In the fall of 1938, when things were ticklish, the government issued free gas masks to nil, and asked people to lake cure of them. When war broke last September, people were warned to carry Ihem all the time. The musks were issued in cardboard boxes like lunch boxes. Soon everybody was carrying the Hlllc boxes without self-consciousness, jitsl as he would carry an umbrella. But the cardboard boxes 'weren't very substantial, and enterprising merchants soon got busy selling containers of leatherette or metal. In many restaurants you could ncl park your has masks with your hal and coat. It was supposed to be always at your side. Some theaters and movies wouldn't let. vou in without your mask. But. here in London, people soon got tired of this. People began .caving their masks at home. To- dny 11 is a rare tiling to see anybody carrying the things. Tile gas mask lias practically vanished In I public plsces. People just can't he j bothered. The authorities are worrk'd about this, and are doing nil they the ; 29,400,300, families ' pwnhi"' I can to get people'out of this care- , cars during 1935-1930, the greatest less mood. The defenses of ion- expenditure was made by families , don and oilier big cities against = " """' 1 wholesale air attack are now very ! sood. but authorities do not want, people to take any chances. It's Irnly a cockeyed war. And in no phnsR is it more cockeyed than in the mutter of food. Beef, mutton, lamb. ham. butter, und ".iifc'nr are rationed as a precau- mnary measure und as an equal- i-er for all classes or people. Ration cauls are the order or tin- day. But—on rniit stands until recently yen could see beautiful ripe peaches, nectarines, and luscious nliinis. The answer Is. of course. South Africa, i^st liners fitted ' with cool rooms bring (he prod- i-cls of Soiiih African orchards direct lo London tables. • % American standards, however, the peaches are not cheap. At (heir lowest, they sell for about i! cents apiece. But that Is cheap as compared wilh hothouse peaches grown in England at from 25 to -10 cents apiece. Now here's a puzzler. Tlie other night- I dined in n very big restaurant, a popular, middle-class place. At the next table were people eat- , Ing asparagus. It had come from ] Washer Need Keacl &uiler Mews *;tnt nn; I. L. GUARD |-TT • Or>t< |H Only Gmri • trkl In ( ^_^L!; Only Graduate OptoniB- (rkl In Blyllicwllc. Vitlcc! Correctly i According to a survey made of. f ~.~,.+ ^, ,, uo Jilting ijy lilHlllll.H ill the $1000to$19S9 income bracket. Metropolitan FARM LOANS Jas. B. Clark Gkncoe Building > BIylhevlHc. Ark. Authorized Mortgage Loan Solicitors for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. LOW RATES PROMPT INSPECTIONS LONG TERMS UEPAYMKNT PRIVILEGES Clark-Wilson Agency, Insur. .las. B. Clark Tuning Up? 3U8T GiVR US A CALL KOU EXPERT WASHING MACHINK SERVICE —All Miikcs—' PHONE 233 We have secured the services of Mr. Phillip Fric n fac , ory (mln . ed Maying Service Man HARDAWAY API'UANCE CO. Sen-Ire On All Makes Radios—Kotrlcrrators *<W «' Main Phonr ZK i i ° "" "" " ' l 'Miu, IhlllC hrtnnctlprt 1(1 RrtUv HO 111- Ills average dropping from the 308 slcv ' lie compiled in 1938 (o .2«s. He ' seven-year' 32 'AmeHcan ' ' i'" 1 " " "^ , opc '!!"? '"''«'«" roils through average of .208. which is not half bad for a fleet little felloe who' is r,n exccllenl receiver and a line mechanical catcher. Replying lo Owner Dradley's charge that he Is selfish and ungrateful, pyilak pleads guilty if refusing lo accept a J38QO cm fan be defined as such. "A player has lo have a big H APPY GRO.& H OUR IMKT. BKUTEKT W. Mnla S«, W Mi^HMMI^Mi^^^^HVHMMHHHHMEIMHHHH^^^^I^^^^^^^^^^^H WRESTLING Sergeant Rich vs. Joe Welch JoeDillman vs, Rough Red Roberts FREE! Al! Spark Plugs Cleaned Free During NATIONAL SPARK PLUG WEEK Tills offer will last one week only Beginning Sunday, April 7(h thrftush Saturday, April ISIli. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5(h * Walnut Phone 810

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