Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 4, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 4, 1935
Page 4
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I sound." 2 Either EW DEAL ASH IN GT ON RODNEY DUTCHER- WASBONGTON.—When Mr. Jim Landis was made chairman of the Secur- —r 8 and Exchange Commission! it w£(s. widely remarked that Wall Street rev c«Ved the news with s a serene ^equanimity which contrasted sharply with the ^'financial community's )ast : year conception of Mr. Landis EM a red, fed ; radical' Jtwno lived in a red hguse in Georgetown, with other red; red radicals and was menace to cgrtain. Wall .Street methods. ' . ta-y behind this Complacent f r •— : ~- '• < "~^-t'"""-= of the young ..brain-tfuster i.. . '-»4stfi«s»*- , |V)S ;if that Landis, as a l 'mernber r of the' th ^ come do ^^^'^ busm . ess b ent - P-«mmlidon, has been more' "lenient ^ he Smeral effectof 'certain Keni»;*,,than Wall Street expected—and much I r - e . d y-Landis policies has been to pei- :, more lenient than many warm friends mit corporation balance sheets in se'" of the 'securities and stock market acts I curity-floatmg prospectuses which fail '• L -*•-» ' -•• 'to,give the investor a true picture of ' had hoped. , r fa.this he supported the- retiring Chairman Joseph P. Kennedy, Roosevelt gift to Wall Street, who .establjsh- a, ed "reasonable" policies governing is- 1 supance of securities and wh'o enthus- '' isatically endorsed Landis as.his'suc- , ctissor. < '" ' ' Irreconcilables in arid out of SEC, believers in stringent regulation,, who figure you can's feed wolves''without „, hurting' the sheep, now bemoatt furth-- ^ r er probable continuance.of' tfi&a&e'n-" ' \ nedy influence- through'-'appointment v'oftSEC General Counsel John J. Burns, ' Tvhom Kennedy brought here from a ' Boston judgeship, to commisisoner- shlp vacated by Landis. ' ' Although Burns' appointment would ,give the commission a majority of • three New Englanders, he is able and i*fobjectlonable only to those who feel that he gets along altogether too well with big New York lawyers who are seldom up to any public good when •• la the Hope Star MARKET PLACE .Remember, the more you tell, the quicker you sell. 1 time, We line, min. 30c For consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad 3 times, 6c line, min. 50« 8 times, gq line, mm. Me 28 times, 3^c line, min. J2.76 (Average 5% words to the line) WOTE-Want ads will be accepted With the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of ftalement, before the first publication, Phone 76ft WANTED WAJWBI>-WE pay top prices for uJtry, 15c for hens, 16c for fryers. opposite F|isco Freight Depot. T. P. ij™ Beard. 2-3tp to buy kitchen , wood range cook stove, and linoleum rugs. Must be in good con- ditfon. Bo* 265, Buckner, Ark. 4-6tc |?OR KENT Comfortably furnished room apt- near bath, running hot utilities paid. Four-thirteen S. new management. 3-3tp ISMVtCESTQFFiREP ™ *re»tBM*it an4 diagnosis of feet. C. P. Bledsoe Chiropodist. Expert " ' at Ladies Specialty Shop. 2-3tp I.0ST - tpne book of «c- . B«ward for return to Louis at Community Ice Company. the company's financial status. Modified registration requirements have been the SEC's boon to Wall Street. This, it has been charged, permits alternative methods of making statements which are even easier than some of the requirements for listing on the New York Stock Exchange. Although the commission permits cockeyed balance sheets which in •;themselves would tend to deceive in- yestors, it does require an accompanying accountants' report which explains that if the balance sheet were figured up in another way the results would be different. The official SEC viewpoint is that the important thing is to have the facts disclosed and that it's better to have them in the appended report than on the balance sheet itself. But the reports usually are such long-winded, technically worded fine- print documents that you have to be an accountant yourself to know what a securities registration really says. The net result is that the responsibility, for interpreting statements to the investing public falls upon the private, unofficial financial analysis and investment services which peddle advice and information to clients. Complaints of too great leniency in other respects are frequently heard, but unless you're a purist in such matters you're likely to ascribe them to that constant conflict here between exploiters and idealists, which usually has to be settled by practical-minded fellows who find themselves in the middle. The SEC policies were laid down and are being maintained on the the- cry that Wall Street should be encouraged in all financing efforts. SEC meanwhile has cracked down hard on fly-by-night promoters, forced investment trusts to disclose portfolios, engineered reorganization of the New York Stock Exchange, required publication of salaries and tradings of company officers, and encompassed other valuable reforms. The worst shock felt here lately was in a report that Roosevelt would appoint to the Landis vacancy a holding company executive recently prominent in the fight against the public utilities act which SEC must now enforce. If this should prove true, it will mean that Roosevelt is somersaulting to the "right" pell-mell. Appointment of Burns seems much more likely. Appointment of an advocate of strict regulation doesn't seem likely at all. Hickory Shade Brother Clarenc e Ross preached a splendid sermon here last Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Calhoon and family of Old Liberty spent last Sunday with relatives in this community. Mrs. Sarah Bradford and son, visited Ernest Ross and family of Oak Groce last Sunday. Mrs. Bright Criders daughters, Mrs. Easterling and Mrs. McClure are spending this week with their mother and family. There will be singing at Hickory Shade next Friday night, the public is invited. OUR BOARDING HOUSE , MOSUL ! OT- MB TO T&V<e VMM OUt OTr- H\S TH\S WILL •DO ! HOUSfc —tfi^tft \T MOW SAY3 STOP OR TO As TROCb O GET BEFORE THE. H&PPENS \N I UMP- ^^ ©193SBYNEASEBVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. By AMERN OUT OUR WAY fiy WILLIAMS GOSW, I' T6MUBLB TMAT MAPP6MEO/ TM'CMIPS FLY AWFUL BAD, DlD'N NOTICE YOU GOIM' By ER I COULDA MELD MV CAP J-xpVER ' j-°) t -r" S.' V* -n "YOUR, FAULT. --•H. c?- S=D ICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. Off. *** r WHAT IN UGCK I5TMAT,BQOB APOLOGJZIN' PER? IT WAS TM' mCMlWt DOME IT-NOT HIM/ COULD WG HELP IT CUZ TM' BULL WEARS SUCH BIG COLLARS THAT A WOT HIP KIN GIT MIS LIS5EN~FRQM ^ NOW ON,TI4'BULL 0' TW WOODS IS GON1MA HAVE A VIOLENT DISLIKE PER THAT MACHINE, AM' GVERVTUIMG THAT G0£5 WITH IT—A SMAK' TAILDOMT Bl'._ you, BUT vou CAM't LIKE tf*& 23 f^~it f ^~ ^•sr- IN &M> COMPANV BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Willie's Version ALLEY OOP By HAMLIN V0\ VYVt, Duty Conies First © 1935 BY NEA SERVICEJNC. T. M. HEftuT by MARTIN LISTEW,MUG- r WEAlMT&OT WO TIME JTBE CARRY!M'OFF MO QUEEW, MOW -WE'LL SOOW BE BACK HERE [WITH MYARMy,AW.' '.•• THEM- ' GO OW, THEM, IF VER SCARED / vVANJT THIS QUEEW AN' I'M GONNA GET HER,WOW -WHILE TH' GETT/M' IS GOOD/ IF I HADN'T HEARD THIS WITH ' \Y OWN EARS, I'D NEVER A RELIEVED IT/ HOTZIGGID/- , AM' I THOUGHT I'D ^Jsri** L05T My , K^%K--HACM/ r/ WASH TUBES IT JUS' ABOUT SREAkS MY HEART TOO THIS -BUT MY DUTY TO MOO MUS' COME BEFORE ROMANCE - HIT ME B/^CK, NEl I PARE VETO 1 . rc THE HABIT, OF SOCKIN6 Easy Makes a Friend TOLDJA WE'D , ^ ^BETTER SCRAM.' HOYkAZOOK <\ MOW, C'MOW, 'WHERE'D THAT ) BEFORE IT'S COME FROM?/TOO LATE/ .n/s Wt, cv. ^ ^^s^sjW-v '•' J^V fj^Vr 1 '.rlSV4 L ^-c:\/-o. '/( * r > Tm SAV, VMOT'S EPCTIN 1 THM is n& MUSCLE -BOUND? By CRANE1 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS IT ISM'T X WELL, PM> GU&A IAV LEATHERN POLITE, 'AT'S 1 NECK 1 . IM^INE A GENT SO WOT HE / PECUT£ HE WON'T SOCk. A MEANS. yV LADS', , H-'S-n-'S BEAUTIFUL. LlSSEN HOOK.-NOSE FROM MOW ON, LULU BELLE'S ^ER AN NOU KIN KICK THE TROLLED TRACK OP I KNOW IT'S NOT VERY PRETTY, BUT IT WORKS / IT PROTECTS MY SPECS, AND I 'CAN SEE PERFECTLY / Ps and Qs © 1M6 BY MEA SERVICE, INC I HI. REG. U. 8. PAT Off ^ By BLOSSER1 ARE You SERIOUS ABOUT TRYING To MAKE THE TEAM, NUTTY? ABSOLUTELY.' I DOKJT KNOW IANYTHING ABOUT \RXJTBALL, BUT I CAN RUN THE DICKENS // THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop! BUT FOOTBALL ISNT JUST A MATTER OF RUNNING FAST.. XJ'LL HAVE TO DO BLOCKING TOO / \ s~ )U MEAN 'KWOCK GUYS DOWN, SO \SOMEBODY 'ELSE CAN JN WITH THE BALL ? Ve--7<« WELL, EDDIE, I CAN LEARN TO KNOCK GUYS DOWN, IF YOU SHOW ME HOW.'/ HOW MUCH DO YOU WEIGH Catfish Knows I WEIGH EXACTLY S, WELL, SOME OF THE GUYS ONE HUNDRED AND / WE PLAY AGAINST WEIGH NINETEEN FOUNDS/ )° NE HUNDRED AND SI) MAYBE I'D BETTER TEACH YOU HOW TO PICK YOURSELi n UP// ..- YO CCW AN' UST?YO LOOK AS IP YAWLS BEEN MESSIM'IT OP WIFF SOMEONE ' A UTTLE FA(V\lDf TUt LE.'JUST , BECAUSE I WENT OOT TO „ THE TP?-CK A COUPLE OF TIMES, N\Y WIFE ACCUSES N\E OF BEIN' A G/5J\ABUER->- WHY, 1 NEVER GAMBLED BEFORE IN CAY LIFE HUH? WHUT YAWL TALKIN' 'BOOT? . M. REG. U. 8. PAT. Of F.- 1935 OVNE* SERVICE. INC By COWA1 YO SHO WA-5, GANABLIN' WHEN YO HOOKED UP WIFF RAT MULLIGAN'S EAUGHTER/ ^.-^;«^^l^,i.;™

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