Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 4, 1935 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 4, 1935
Page 1
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1ft your putltnrt fttolto J'fe JfWtr iwub.-Sl. LtikS 2til9. VOLUME ,36—NUMBER 305 ' J ' ' e»t today ftdf , slowly peratufe. f»tt ift 1 API—M»«n« AnoriutJ Priu. 'NKAI-- M«n» N*wtp«p*r iinttrpriM AM* HOPE, ARKANSAS^FRIt)AY, OCTOBER 4, 1936 of Hop* 18 W; freM. W7; January IB, 1828. ' PRICE 6e C< 200 KILLED ON AS LIANS Tigers Beat Cubs in llth Inning of if- a Thriller, 6 to 5 Both Starting Pitchers, Auker and Lee, Are Driven to Showers ; DETROIT IN RALLY; But the Cubs Come Backi to Tie Score in the ; Ninth Inning England to Demand Punishment of Italy LONDON. En«.—(J1 1 )—An nuthor- itativc source snid Friday night (Eurcpcmi lime) that the Brillsh delegates are prepared to walk into the League of Nation's headqunrt- crs at Geneva Saturday demanding that the League council sit in immediate judgment on Italy's guilt or innocence in her invasion of Ethiopia. Raw Products Not to Be Embargoed 101 Farmers Sign Up on Soil Erosion Plans for County Hope SCS Project Area to Include From 25,000 | to 30,000 Acres |TO RESTRICT SEED 3-Way Italian Attack Nears Mountains FIELD, Chicago — De Iroit went into the World Series lead, two games to one, Friday when it defeated thc Chicago Cubs 6 to 5 in an 11-inning thriller. Tlic play by play account; First Inning - DC- ! B u t Robinson Forecasts U.S. Prohibition of Munitions Shipments SEARCY. Ark.—W)—Senate Democratic Leader Joe T. Robinson said in an address prepared for delivery here ranc grounds to Herman who lets ball get away from him, Cochrane safe at first. Gehringer rolls to Hack at third and is thrown out at first, Cochrane advancing to -second. Goslin flics lo Jurges at .short. No 'Jims, on hits, one error. Chicago—Galan .singles to right field. Herman gro'ttfitlg out. Llndstrom beats put roller to third base for single. Hartnctt hits into double play. No runs, two hits, no errors. Second Inn Inn Detroit—Fox fouls .to Hartnott, Rogell singles past first. Owen grounds > out, RoKell advancing to second. Clif- , f*. i «|» tiuvii i,;v-> i^i Ul/ni *-vi 4i.'i ».i«-11 » ^.i j ni-iv. ° Ut< C ° eh ; i Friday that he expected a presidential at second . crnoar g 0 on n rms, munitions and olh- cr implements of war to be issued "within a few days.' ' He forecast that such an embargo probably would not include the raw materials from which (irt; made. war supplies "Any embargo will in practical effect be more detrimental to Ethiopia than to Italy, because the later has a ' merchant marine and a navy," Robinson said. _, "Of course if Great Britain should close the Suez Canal this position would be, reversed and Italy probably in the end would lose the conies!,/;. ^ Robinson said that.events during the last two days demonstrate that a stale, of war exists although there has been no formal'declaration. Embargo Certain WASHINGTON —(/I')— A proclamation for clamping an embargo on munitions shipments to Italy and Ethiopia was drafted tentatively at the State Department Thursday us an extraordinary step toward insuring continued American neutrality. Only official confirmation that the no errors. Chicago--Demarec hits home run into right field. Cncarretta flics to White in centcrfiold. Hack singles to left. Hack steals second. Jurgcs grounds to Clifton and beats throw on error. Lee grounds to Gchringcr, thrown out at firsl while Hack races home from third with second ,scor t > of game. Galan flies lo Go.slin in lefl field. Two runs, Iwo hits, one error. Third Inning Delroit—Auker flies to Hartnett. white bounds to Herman al second. (Continued on page five) Negroes, Italians Fight in New York Street-Fighting Spreads to High School Grounds in Brooklyn NEW YORK— (/I 5 )—Fighting, which • veil to issue a proclamation marning • • •- .1 -11 American citizens against travel- Available Only to Farmers in Area—Building Decision October 15 One hundred and on c farmers have signed petitions for agreements with thc Soil Conservation Service to cooperate cither with thc CCC camp or directly through the project office which will|shortly be established in Hope. : Thc boundaries of the project area have not yet been definitely fixed by the Washington officials, but according to H. K. Thatcher, who is here again this week in the interest of this work, thc project, area will contain 25,000 or 30,000 acres and will be situated adjiiccnt Ho the City of Hope, lying to the south and southeast. II will include a part of th e Bodcaw Creek watershed. All co-operating farmers outside> of the project area, Mr. Thatcher said, will be served by the local CCC <Jarnp boys under thc direction of R, G, Elkn, camp super- intenden,t. / »,, , "' The" Soft>Vbn^ervatiOii Service '"has had a :car'of rye and vetch to ^distribute -to tho co-operating farmers, and up 16 thc close pf Thursday's business this seed had" been assigned to tho co-operators regardless of their location; but beginning Friday only those co-operators who live within thc project area will be eligible to receive it. Thc entire shipment of seed was intended for use within tlie project area but due-to the lalencss of thc season undeclared war raging in Africa was 1 u wa « thought advisable by officials a p. "outbreak of war" within the meaning of the new neutrality act was awaited by Secretary Hull before recommending to President Roosevelt issuance of tlie arms embargo directed by that statute. , The executive, cruising on a warship in the Pacific, was kept informed o( Halo-Ethiopian developments by Hull who assured newsmen that, thc government was prepared for immediate action in any emergency. | Beside thc arms embargo, an official 1 determination that "a stale o fwar" exists also would authorize Mr. Roosc- threatened to attain roil proportions, broke out in Harlem and Brooklyn Thursday between negroes and Italian sympathizers al odds over thc Italo- Elhiopian conflict. Hard-pressed police officials conferred at headquarters with the outcome pointing to establishment of heavy police reserves in each district of the mixed neighborhoods. of th c Soil Conservation Service to use the seed. over a wider area. This practice, said Mr. Thatcher, will be discontinued and in the future only the farmers who live within thc project will be eligible to secure the government seed. Thc sawing of rye as a winter cover crop, and thc seeding of vetch to be plowed under in the spring as a green mnnurcing crop, is a part of thc big sell-savin; and soil-building program he ing undertaken by ,h<> government through thc Soil Conservation Service. Building Decision Oct. 15 With Mr. Thatcher on his visit to ^MeplNAjfejp! !3" GREAT IMPASSIBLE OP THE TAKASffP •• •frj (2EGION OP ETQoP( FOREST. *— 5%..fa«3.?/!U*w^?.'.w l '.v^M UAlirt 'vWiiJ^y ANGLO' SOVpTlAtS SUDAN 80UO BufJTJ ',.-,? cooNTrjy LESS PLATEAUS COVERED WITHTALUGrjAjS&.'AHD , ing on vessels of either belligerent i Hope is Mr. V. W. Thalmann, agricul- nation, except on Iheir own risk. Is- \ suance of that proclamation would affect American Iravel only on Italian liners, .since Ethiopia has no merchant marine. Hull, assisted by Joseph C. Green, chief of the office of arms and munitions control, drafted thc tentative em- Tlic most serious trouble threatened > bargo proclamation, violation of which in Brooklyn when several hundred would be punishable by a fine of $10,white and negro youths swarmed from n junior high school at Saratoga avenue and, P e *n street to "settle" the Italian-Ethiopian feud with knives, clubs and fists. Gang fighting among the pupils soon resulted in thc gathering of a crowd of nearly 1,000 evenly divided in sympathies. School author- British Also Mav '.-•'• ...'--• 9* Invade Ethiopia English Need Lake Tana to Control Headwaters of River Nile LONDON, Eng.—(/P)-British au« thorities in India were warned Thurs. day to issue notices calling up certain classes of military reservists in India, The reason for this uncxnectec) move Ls that British government now . contemplates the possibility of hav< 000 and five years' imprisonment. While here Mr. Thalmann will alsu \ '"« '° P™vulc a large body of troops Once the proclamation is issued, the j make a .survey of the area for the pur- j "> ^ v ' tlsh Somallaiid in case of ernor* ! act provides that it "shall ' pose of determining the type of work. 8 £ , engineer attached to the slaff of Project No. 35 al Forrest City. Mr. Thalmann will get ihe exact measurements and make accurate drawing:; of the numerous buildings offered as rental prospects to the Soil Conservation Service for office, warehouse and garage space. A definite j decision on all bids will be made ] about October 15. neutrality be unlawful for any American vessel to carry any arms, ammunitions, or to be undertaken this fall with the 125 relict' laborers assigned to the pro- ities called for police. School authorities, after the fighting picked up four ice picks, a billard cue, a baseball bat and assorted clubs. implements of war to any port of the | jcct here. belligerent countries named in the It is stated by Mr. Thatcher that proclamation as being in war or to ycmo permanent staff members of the any neutral port for trans-shipment to, , project will be assigned to the office or for thc use of, a belligerent country." ! ] here by the middle of next week and i active work in the field begun. On this map the reader may trace the route of Italy's three armies advancing into Ethiopia—and (lie map's relief fcaturcs,sliow,thc tremendous mountains where Emperor Selassie's Vi million fighting,men arc entrenched, waiting until the Italians reach them. '.-•:'. . Today's dispatches report a battle in Ogaden province, on the south, with 200 killed on each side, On the north, where the Italians have concentrated >/i million soldiers at their Red sea base, Mussawa, Mussolini has two'armies marching southward, . One was reported two days ago to have captured Mussa AH, in Dan- nkil province, at the extreme right of the northern front, adjoining French Somaliland. Today's dispatches report the capture of two more towns at Uie left of the wcstenx front, the second northern army apparently striking at Adown, scene of Italy's disastrous defeat in 1836. You will find Adowa on the map directly below the main Italian base. Not Required of PWA Non-Federal Program Exempt—Declared Helpful to Arkansas 3 Veteran Horatio Lions Invade Local Gridiron Friday Night Formidable Visiting Squad Coached by Alvin Geiser, Former'All-South west Conference Quarterback WASHINGTON - (ff) — Tlie Public Works Administralion (PWA) announced Friday lhat Harry Hopkins had exempted its 33-million-dollar 1 non-federal program from the re| quirement that 90 per cent of its labor j be taken from tlie relief rolls. InvadersAdva«<$ From South, Thei 3d Line of Att&l '',} . /V Two Columns Moln o ^ Down From North Oul o^l Base ontheKedSea,>,;! CAPTURE 2 TOWNS a ~\ ^ v Ethiopians Let Them Goj3 Awaiting Italians at ' **' Mountain Forts > Copyright Associated Press •. ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia—(jp)—Eni- '"? peror Haile Selassie Friday announc- 1* ed a clash between Italians and Hthio-Ujl plans in Ogaden—indicating th&t the Italian forces are attempting to pene-^1 irate Ethlopi^iijfm three directions/ j ,^e.V ! J!j»tpe?b'r 4aid v there were 200^/ •€asualties on eacli iside hi the Ogaden'*', battle, in -the first official- statement^ ,on fighting^in the "southeastern sector^*' a From the norfieast the Fascist le-T^ gions are coming-'hi two columns. ^A They occupied-Mailbaria and iMoun&4 4 Rama ,and bombed Trea from, the;ajr.V Tlic northeastern forces appeared -to! Be attempting to strike at T Adowai. (scene of the Italian massacre of 1896)^. from thc-east andAvest. ,-?,-„ ' t» .\i'^ Ethiopian's .Entrenched Despite the Italian occupafioi out opposition; o: of the Fall of Adowa ASMARA, Eritrea.—sources declared late Friday i that the fall of Adowa, "the Verdun of Ethiopia," was imminent. The Fascist columns advanced to the hills 10 miles way, command-, ing the plain on which the city is situated. . ". ' tain positions on the northern front, will be able to hold the Fascists baclc. He said the Italian advance was no surprise. ,,,,;. - > In a" 1 telegraiifMp the League of Nations Friday Selassie said that Italy is carrying out its openly-proclaimed threat to conquer unarmed Ethiopia. The emperor asserted that Italy admitted invasion of the Agame district, and the bombardment of two towns with the massacre of women and children, but that he is determined to cooperate with the League. 11 To Boycott Italy . PARIS, France—(/P)-Great Britain and France Thursday agreed on a joint program before the League of Nations which calls for immediate severance by League members >of " financial and economic relations with Italy and possible financial help to Ethiopia. The third of the three points of the agreement, French officials announced, favor prohibition of purchase of Italian goods by League members or sale of goods to Mussolini's nation,' in-* eluding war munitions and their transportation. :: No British troops are available io\ this part of the program for putting into order the imperial defense systcn' because all such available troops maj be needed to form an expeditionary! • force to occupy the region of Lakq i The Hope High School football team, expecting to bump into about the Tana in ~ " the Blue Nile, vital to Egypt Egyptian Sudan, originate. The order followed an earlier de- j Premier Pierre Laval, after an hour's Ethiopia whre th e waters o< j stiffesl competition encountered thus far, has polished up offensive and de- Nile, vital to Egypt and tho i fen.vive plays in anticipation of a tough battle here Friday night against the Horatio High School Lions. cision that employes on Ihe 100-million-dollar PWA slum-clearance program also need not conic from the relief lists. Secretary Ickes extended local option on PWA project wages to those financed from the old appropriation on which contracts arc let after Oci tober 9. FLAPPER FANNY SAYS: RIG. U. B. PAT. OFF. World's First Printed Bible 4OO Years Old Friday, Oct. 4 The government now reluctantly ad-jl Coach Foy Mammons, after putting Bobcat coach to give his blond speed- i is Bobcats through a week of intcn- j( ei -, Carilc an oort - : .mils this operation may become nec-jihis ' ster, Cargilc, an opportunity for a fas- ; To Help Arkansas , essiry if the Italian advance into Eth-j'sive drills, raid Friday that his team i j cr get-away. iopia's interior is maintained. j; was in good shape for the came with I Advance tickets are on sale at Hope ^ ll ' 1LjC - nui-jv— (/n— wr/v uin It is said Mussolini has instructed; 'he exception of Ramsey, an end. who Confectionery, Moreland's and Jacks i Alexanr sald Frida >' that the LITTLE, — (/?)— WPA Director Newsstand. The gates I nounccment that non-federal projects conference with Anthony Eden, British minister of League of Nations af-! fairs, which preceded the agreement, said; "Mr. Eden and I talked over the order of the day for the Council of the League. We have considered various methods of procedure. We will continue in close collaboration in Geneva." Under the second provision of the accord which hints at financial help to Emperor Haile Selassie for national defense, is included also the lifting '' cf thc arms embargo against the Af- 3s Coverclale, English Bishop, Br< From Unknown Printing Press in Year (the Italian ambassador to London andfj will be out with an injured leg. Stone. ,, . . _ Paris to impress upon the governmenM! 210-pound tackle, is suffering from a | fi )0 g; ,t es w m open at 7 O ' c i oc k an( j < would be exempt from the require- j r j ca n empire. thai on no account except under in-j! charlcy-horse, but will sec action. The | ,h 0 kick-off is set for 7-45 The prob- i mcn! that 80 rci ' ecnt cf llleir labor i Won't Close Sue? It Out tolerable provocation, will he take anj f balance of the tram is pronounced j-,1,],. starting Hope lineup- be takcn fro' 11 tfte relit ' f '' olls would! Eden, it was said, disposed of the strp.s that might lead to a genera^ ready. i Ends—Turner and Rccte. TackJes— '. be tremendously helpful in speeding suggestion for closing the Suez canal European war. Economic sancions wil 1 Veteran Horailo Team Stone and Anderson. Guards—Keith ; U P Ule Arkansas program. ; —through which Italy's troops reach It you'r* kept waiting »t tlis corner you .develop a grudge of standing? Four hundred years ago Friday, October -1, the firsl complete copy of the Bible in English came from an unknown printing press. It was translated in part and wns(£ — ' —• ' published by Myles Coverdalc. English reformer, graduate of Cambridge and bishop of thc English church. The Coverdalc Bible is a secondary translation, made from German and L;itin versions and not from the original Hebrew, although he hud some knowledge of the Hebrew language. The book was dedicated to Henry VIII and Queen Anne uf England. 1 vvo-thirds of the Old Tt.sUmenl and all of the Apocrypha in tho Cover-' dale version arc his own Iraiuslution, and the remaining books arc credited by scholars lo William Tyndalc and other early translators. No perfect copies of the volume arc known, but several in good condition a4'e in large libraries. ScctmJ Edition in 15:17 not ba considered such a provocation unle!-t> they are accompanied by ail attempt to close th o Suez canal. In such a case, "grave developments'] Government Opens Fire Upon Films| tizc.'J, the first such Bibles printed in j would be inevitable. England. James Nycolson was the I *»•< printer, and thc name of Queen Jane i was substituted for that of Queen I Anne in Ihe dedication. i The volume was reprinted by Fros- ' choucr in Zurich in 1550 and in Lon- j don by Andrew Hester in the same | year. Another issue was published ! in London in 1551) by Richard Juggc. In !").(? and in 1538 the New Testa - ii'ciit was printed alone twice, and in 15.'iS C'ovcrditle ulso prepared an edition aci-umpanicd by thc Latin tcxl. the English showing some changes from thc earlier ver&ion. It was printed in England while he was in Paris | suit charging anti-trust law violuti at work on the Great Bible, which was published in 1539 as Ihe combined Horatio will bring a veteran team I and W. Parson. Center—Holly. Quar- ,' II cnalj lcs thc employment of skill- ihe zone of war—by reporting the hero. Armed with a University of ] icrback—Cargile, Halfbacks-^Stroucl I td workers in part of the state rather . British cabinet thought such an ac- Arkasus system, and machinery for , -md McDanicls, Fullback—Ponder. ! tnan in I' 10 "' own community, he said. ' tion too risky. either a running attack or an aerial raid, the Lions expect to give the Bub- cats plenty of competition. Thc team is coached by Alvin Geiser, former | University of Arkansas quarterback ler; Lecper, right guard; Wilson, right land one-time all-Southwell confer-' " cnce field general. Last wtek tho Lions conquered thc Van Buren Pointers, considered as '(ip-notchers in Northwest Arkansas I football circles. Horatio ha:- u heavy lliXliSt-laiui veteran backfield. featuring Kan- ;dto Crush Independent ialobo> >«>-»»'"«»'"««'» aild lllL ' bi «- rni t ,~v * | gcst scoring mieal. 1 neater Owners 1 Whether he can penetrate tho 170- >f I U-rback-Cargile, Halfbacks-^Stroucl I td workers in part of the state rather Brilish cabinet thought such an ac- *nd McDanicls. Fullback—Ponder. j tllan in thoir ow " community, he said. '• tion too risky. Tlie probable starting Horatio line-j "• up: Longacre. left end; Brazil, loft | .aekle; Griffin, left guard: Peck, cen- 'acklo; James, right end; Dickinson, i quarterback; Loftis, left halfback;) Brown, halfback; Kaniatobe, fullback. ! William C. Grace Is Recruit in U, S. Army William C. Grace of Hope, has been ST. LOUIS, Mo— (/]')-Opcning ictull of efforts of several translators. A second edition was printed UiLon- j j don in 1537 in both folio aiic! quarto j (Continued ou page two) Thursday Ihe yoyeriunent declari Warner Br'Jlhera and two other leading movie picture production and dis- (CoutiuuQd on page sixl' • I pound Bobcat line, a lough assignment for any high school ytar in the stale, is a mailer lo be scltli.'d Friday night. Coach Hanunons has drilled his men on defensive manuvers in anticipation of "nv sort of an attack. Blocking 1$ Stressed has buen stressed by the accepted for enlistment in thc U. S. Army Field Artillery, through thc Paris (Texas,) recruiting office, and wil1 ba forwarded to Ft. Sill, Lawton, ! Okla. Others inleresled are requested lo place their applications with thc above office at their earliest con- \cnieiiev. Rotary Luncheon Cut Short Friday Club Dismisses Early to Hear Broadcast of World Series Game Hope Rotary club cuts its Friday luncheon meeting short at 1:15 o'clock lo ullow the members lo hear thc radio broadcast of thc third game of the World Scries, at Chicago. The program was waived because of the early dismissal. Club guests were H. K. Thatcher, of Forrest City, and Evan W. Wray, of Hope. Britain's request for French assist-^ ance if Italy attacks the British Mediterranean fleet will receive the official approval of the cabinet Friday, officials said. Laval promised Eden such a reply, officials continued, in return for the (Continued on page three) Markets Cotton NEW YORK—(/f>l—Cotton futures opened firm, eight to 12 points advance on war news, higher Liverpool cable* and active foreign buying, O?- Icber 11.05; December ll.(}3; January 11.08; March 11.14; May 11.19; July 11.22.

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