Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 18, 1952 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 18, 1952
Page 13
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*"TW>T' * ' , '.* ' r-^-'V^V, s7/,^rrfi^ fer-vvp? » - ^ # Jr-' / ' ^} ',* i> , *&**&*n J>»*!V*,-. 'r*'V riASSIFIED Mt Mint fie fa Office fia* tufo» t»nhii**ff.«. B« fa Offlc* Day Before RATES it U Pay. For Rtitf 9 noOM unfurniithTd sportnwjt " entrance*. Attic fan. 81* On. *''<» VTBW" - »WV #»WV V»WU .80 1.90 8,00 fl.OO .71 1,00 160 7.AO ,90 1.80 8,00 0.00 1«0« 1,10 I,M 10.60 1,80 8,40 4.00 12,00 1,89 8,70 4.60 13,90 1.00 8,60 B.OO 18,00 DISPLAY .„,„.,.,.„. 79o psr Inch »-»«••- Wo per Inch **»»..„ 50o per Inch .'Kft'lS* •*?*• •'• ft" «•»• SB' .*• 'f f *9«'<" * •i<i(>' nJ>*W» iii»J ent " do >' ""•• """"•Ifd until s p , m . «Joy, ',.'".V T ^ "*" Mpnt fO III «4v*rlM*m*nt« of. bWrnomV wTlhln W block tit Bur-low Jlfiicl, KHch«-n prlvl. If <J«mlrt«j, phtm* 7'2I43. IR-Ot Political •UbJtCt tO th. •OtI D*mo C r.tlc prtmJr " Sports in Brief Attdel»f*d .,, 7-217/1. VVftdfi WnriRH, Kirtt l».«t cm tutft 01 ,fliimb»fi a«uni 01 on* 17-31 HMAI.I. finnlnliPd niinitiMi'iit. |»ij. vnti> l.nih Ulllltlt-K pMni. Klpittrfp "('•i. ,1H M. Third, Phono IB-31 TO eoupln or workina tflrl (i 2 room fiiriilnhocl iinmtmi-nl, rjilln l»iiKI ito H, WimhliiKion. Phono 8. A, (SpVedVj^rUTWlIf TALBOT FE*LD JR. For Coi/nty Jud«a CLAUD H. SUTTON U..O.OAHRETT FHED A. LUCK Por Sheriff C. COOK Roth Comrmmlal n Nnifonnlltt China were l« Iho Olympic*, but the Immediately withdrew TENNIS INDIANAPOM8 - Oordnar Mtil y flnrt Dick Snvltt Rained the Tt'VJl f .! n "'... rmi ' Kl 0/ lh « Wsau-rn for Alderman Wavd 1 _ JOE BHITT A* C '»*-L. ii*J — t'LOSK In, 'Vl.lodt fiiml»ltpr1 nrinrtmvnt. vno liiith, Newly di-coralwl. No eli||. ' 7.3.1 M. For Sola STAR «**tM •'i/viivn MUST Dell ImmeelliJiely to HOD SK'gt JSi. I73> |ofl - T 7 ,! , Connolly nil- l-ftniild of the . , - t-hiirti(>lonihlp« (»y whipping thr,-,. opponpntu and t.-.k- iiiis (mother match by default. GOUT WINNIPEG - Johnny Pal mc r r,£ In" !'' ft' ° i," H ' k thtl 72 - hol « >"« rf in the C nnadiun Op»-n Golf chain- J'it)|l»hi|; will) U 111 OENVKR -- Jimmy Grt-t-n of AH/mtnc'i-iiuo upHft MedalUi i, „ Cont-jid. 2 „,„,' ,, tathe accond n.u«d ,,r the Trana - Mlaalwlppl ''•iirnnmont. CHICAGO T BnrbDrB Mclnt.yrc "f Toledo and Jnnut Mclntoah c,f "null moved Into lho final o^ tho Womun'H Western Golf Junior tournament, SPORTS ROUNDUP "• —•• • • Atf ftAVTI a* ••> * • *._—. By The Associated Press NATIONAL LEAGUE , July 18, 1952 By ED CORRIQAN (F°r Gayle Talbot) Brooklyn N«-w York st. r.xjui» f I. .10 Pet. GB .7IB .fl.'M n «» .'IH ..'.0.1 n ".i •»•• 41 .518 |-)i., •*<> -U .47(1 19 ~ 30 48 .42!) 2:t •'l- r > 40 .412 24'j 2--> «4 .2«1 :»8'<,: THURSDAY'S RESULTS .!fi, ^ C ' ncl ''" a " > "1 In- S«. Lonia 3 New York 2 lilUbu,-Kh 2-4 Philnck.lphu, 1-2 lloslon 1 Chit-ago C/ AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pel. GB 52 ".1 47 7 411 ;,3 45 ,'19 47 41 37 41 NEW YOHK '•rl has bi-on Since Bill Tal- Wl, »« mr * IN by *, »7fl un, Mtiinllfm Mink, $39 UP. VolBht farms. Lornlrn, Wl» -Atlnntn, Twin*, o^" mm, ietv.rre*. W«ln«» Y»fee», l>runh nl«)it, or Day' Phono"T-l'lTof " l State Senate TOM J. Sir.VKY JLfL CROW Chancellor -""-•"** I •»*» W f\I A. P. STKKL ^.porpr*"! 14 x 20 gnniHc lit 700 K ljTh"~l tnmt rciinlrs, will noil for If Ink'i'PiiicKl wrlto f K jT-'i."^ r,'^,. 1 ! 1 ' • lki * " > "- '-no^. S 111-31 For Snle 1,000 bales jood Johnson "ar7iT« ||«y »Am|)lv of N.,rnc.. Mid South Supply pHcc. OOc per bale. Due" M », lfm ' ' mlle nii-vinit. s.-o Ji. M, Sto|>hcnn at J. W .strict. Iiincl offip,,. iMt RACING — Rao's Reward the IlronxvIJIc Clns.il- •••" Hiindlcap of the Ernplre-Clty- I'l-Jninaica meetlni/ . PAWTUCKET. R l _ Tnn "rni,. «$O.W)i took the mile and one •-'-'i-'cnth ftfiiiuru OCKANPORT, N. J _ F 0 | lls <W.«» captured the New Jersey Park lnU> purl " ; "t'Monmoutl CHICAGO - Mlrni Mine ($320 won the Onklawn Purse ut Arlli ton 1'nrk. , INGLKWOOD, Calif. - Honor iil« riii Won ii lhc , LcnKUt '' of CtllUc "'- I'nrk '" Httlldlcnp 1U Hollywood »w York Boxtun Cleveland VVashiri|{ton Ch Icasti I'hlladelphia St. Louis Detroit THURSDAY'S Boston 2 Chicaso Cleveland 11-4 jsj,, w York WnshlnKton f Detroit 0 St. Louis !>-l Philadelphia .012 .!i<10 41;, .551) 41.1 i Una m.'itcn.'s aKainst Japan in Cincinnati stiirtin)j 10 days h" nr !' W('d like to see him stay -i s i ( .-,,i, ,' "t the «<|iiad."- ' "-uuei The results of this match won't<-» at le; 19 t, shouldn't--have any- hiiiR U- d., with Tnlbcrfs tenure 3j 52 •il ,57 .r>:i4 Hi-. .474 \\i~j Just why Talbert was chosen trike.s us as somewhat o f a mys- .tj-ry ... view of the r a ,-t that ,, nc of l'nH,-',i"s' |' owt ' rfl11 '"''" in the ••'I th" Ni.tional Indoor Champion? *t'ips last winter that l-.e w,-,. s p . ( . tty ai.noye.l ;,t LoriRpants Bill. This K.'iitleman naliifHily will re'"""' "^rneless in tllt , jn ^,. ' r , C K.nnon.v. but hl s g ri p u UKa | ns t I. I >lem,,,ed back to ] !lsl Mlmm ,,,. .mcl even 111.' summer before Legionnaires Play Tonight in Texarkana Hope's Legionnaires invade Tcx- ;', l ; ka ' ia '"n'Khl'for a game with Prirl "i 1 , 0 ' d!ng Rpd Riv " S^irn'lS win" ^ SeCki " 8 «' lUONDIt HOPI STAR, HOFI, ARKANSAS The Negro Community nni,- t .«. " f ° r lho ^ion Him",'','? 0 '! 18 heve lwo gomes a way -"I'll u-malmng on the league sche '-''.fore they return to Hope dule they Wed RESULTS .402 111 .321 24 !i 0 -S COTTON STATE'S There.- nrt- many spocles of knnc •»» «n N t!W auincH. but none an: Ihun fox UTrler.i. LEAGUE W L Pet M H2 .024 51 flG .580 43 40 .5211 44 40 .524 43 41 42 51 58 4,') 32 2!) 0 (fttVOble In od |^HH Hop. and V .>..'......{„'„,,.,„.„ 38 "'< »i»..i. .,,„ 11.00 ^=ii= W moll i- ' aSij^-H. | 2,40 4,80 nmtlngly duo 10 H B •iistntned in childhood, lu n ad «tron«, (fcntlo imndni n« WM hon. ' yinpftlhcuc wd Uc- with me." something iw,| 760* W »>• 1* •"*«< 'W N. '. » -f N, Y ; '' P&* *• M|< *J n Oklohomq City a, Xhty tr« *.i.-- H 1 " vlole « u y- " WM utterly t*Ue. Ho had been sure of God. flnd been. It cnmo to him with the force of » «hntterlng oiow that, in d«r- »>« to queation. m daring to doubt *J«l in Derniittina tumae tt to expe belong only to th» very youn«> but ' nlm. Ho WM u«»7.".""»,'""*" i^* P«fh»p« Know, Now no taJlto a' toranother job, ,. «<ivtir« ietri,,.nt win, too «,iii M * n £ n «y- Whftt'i wronii with me, Or. Evww T Tho others c«rt» mko this; I cnn't," " mind u i «c«ntly Oorn ot lh « con. nad forgotten, rent to railed "Around four. D»d phoned from the hospital. Then 1 had to' wS houra beforo I dwed wake any. one." . w "I've no idea. Rhoda wroU .om, time ago that he WM realgned to the Impending event but would much prefer a puppy." CW1 y° u tiuk but «pc»k •—* your profci»,un w uro. '"ii"i l4WWUMt i yo^' n»vo »dvi»od otuor poopJe, Now vou deal with lour own problem, and lack »b- jeotlvlty...which l. imturai." P»ul. wUU, "It t»n;t Uto flrat --- - •—< a time a nurse moved &.*•»* boa> , fehe R8kcd « oft| y. Cant you «icep, Mr. Unnox?" "I'm &]) nght,- bo answered, "thank you, Miss Howard." n.1 ui^l" ou * ."'* hftnel, touched lh« Blblo on the little tnble. He coud not road it now. out no could pray. Ho could say. i i, ft "o mcKed tho itey... there's alwava been ono locked door, which only ^..'^^^^"•..Theiceyls "I already havo...just boforo i camo hero. She's chipper, a lltUo smug Md magnanimously Inclined to forfflve mo for not being pres- «nt To my horror, she said, 'You'U •i«* to .,>* rr * n «f« thing, hotter next time. Women wo wonderful. Ai- most human. Beau all how aho 21'? . U 2.,* h 2J*,. ««"«""»«'. ih" Meridian Natchez Ciri'cnwood I'HK- Bluff Monroe hi Dorndo Hot Springs Greenville Last Night's Results Greenwood 0. Hot Springs Natche? 7, Monroe 2 1'Inc Bluff s, Greenville. 4 Dorado 4, Merdiim 1 'nlsjht's Games Hot Springs at Greenwood Bluff- at Greenvill.. I'.I Dorado at Meridian Monroe at Natchez SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION W Atlanta . r ):i .1:1 .VJ fill •tli Memphis j,> Little Rock 39 Last Night's Results Little Rock j-0, Memphis 1 Atlanta S. Birmingham' 1 Chattanooga 4, Nashville '! Mobile nt New Orleans (2 ruin, • Tonight's Games Atlanta at Birmingham Nashville at Chattanooga Mobile at Little Hock New Orleans at Memphis United Ht.iU-s Lawn Tennis Associ- j.t.on with H..r,,rl s | Ilfi rorsifih, come I" think of ,t. look due not,, that young |,,ny Trnbert showed signs of boc,,,n,n K one of th<> bl . sl s ^ >'l" Players ,n the , llnt ,. y b t needed some couching. Talbert was the Iof,'ic;il l,f c i; lus , e ".' h<? was an ok in the tennis wars and (2i he .512 .S06 .3H6 .333 will ., , N, Moncl «y "ight will go to Nashville, and on nc-sdny toJWineral Springs. Chattanooga Coming Up in Southern B V T|fie .Associated Press K mhl, t . nn r <)ga , ~ a city notcd ^or ns baseball and wonderful v n ,~ y havc J ust what base;" I!""'" 111 : 10 -f 0 *-' Engle claims . ncnn-'nt W " lnn ? ruth0rn ASS ° Ciatio " ^"^^.^.^ Ti "^''t rail c^ Ch "«» n «»K- "as a first •y H«l«n Phont 74474 Or bring Item* to MlM tnrntr •t Hlekc Funeral Horn* St. Andrew Lodge No. 10 meet tonight, July 18th at 7 p. All members are asked to be p sent as this a meeting of Impi .tance. Plans will be discussed attend the Grand Lodge w convenes in Magnolia, Ark S day night, July 20 P yyi'i-s In tho world. So ho vVa s UiKcii jisule find told to get busy ^ K^ anA show ** *•«"« The pastor and choir of Rising Star Baptist Church worship with the Garrett Chap Church Sunday night, July 20 the Garrett Chapel Gospel Ho The Rising Star Baptist Chun 1 usher board will close its rail' Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clo The program is as followsSong: By the Congregation Scripture: By the Rev. N. Co Prayer: By Mr. Creaton Epps Song: Lonoke Choir, Mr. Engli Director. AH IC °«,!,u nddreSs: Miss M " Alice Witherspoon Solo: Mrs. Willie Jackson Address: By Mrs. Ella Rice Remarks: By Mr. M. G. Gamb Singing: By the Gospel Harn* nett singers and the Junior Chfil of Rising Star church. Offering and Benediction. Front and Back t Suit makers 9 9peak« imperfectly; Fresh — < ....Dash 24 Farinaceous' \ food 6 Horse's pace dirt?" asl- :i .d our bigwig "No idea," wo assured him n-,,- n ' P °'! t ni ° St ° f hls ni « llts nt P.iitic.s and \vns not in tho pronor -shape to lake Trubert uncle- Ws d'iZ.s n iv' aUSCd " S ct »»"^nEo diMu-s,. Wo were very anno> who Last mght the Lookout i'Mially look out from eighth N-,shv.l, 1\ standin « s ' whipped N.shvUle. 4-3, for their sixth vie- J»iy m a row and their 10th vie- lory out of 15 8nlnes this mo ^ Alubilc N.'i.shvillf L •u 41 •II! 47 •13 r>: 42- PPD SS±,.- K T«TSS! •Think you can go up this weekend?" F "» my luck holds. I'U make It If only (or a day" " '''"*•-"• "" brother, Fights Ltist Night By The Associated Press COATESVILLE, Pn . __ Joh Swxton. HO, New York, outpointed A'*^ Ll ' 0 ' H7 '''- Bi'ltinioro, 10. DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Johnnie Craven, 135, Charlotte, N C stopped Riiy Dia-/.. 140, Havana 3' ' u rf ! u w " 1nl "K >'un was scored by how Talbert got in bad ""'„ , Dijohnson ' "mlng all the ••'-"t one official who , ,± „!?, s S. con ?. ln " rush to bowl ol woiKht around in So that's with at lea throws a lot tl'e tennis picture. Perhaps Talbert was chosen.l,,,. cause Me s an easv I'nim. KI, i . ,1.,.,.; ,., , , , . •' f." M 'K DIOke WllO <i «MI I take himself too seriously ">'->: is a switch from ) ; ,s( y,, :n I;rank Shields inslalleci' an . '•'• "f th bi.tll Hone, Sawyer, deposed ' Phillies. Now U Baseball By The Associated Press PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE ortland 4-2 F.o.s Angeles 2-f, loll.vwood 2 San Diego 1 San Francisco 7 Sacramento 2 Oakland 7 Seattle 3 INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE iieuse 2-4 Baltimore 1-2 Montreal 7-2 Rochester •>.? 1'oronto 13 Ottawa 2 ipringfield 9 Buffalo 5 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Minneapolis 8 Milwaukee 4 Only sanies scheduled TEXAS LEAGUE Fl Worth 3-3 Shrevcport 1-5 Other games postponed n a rus to bowl I-hil Tomkinson. Tomkinson the ball in the collision League Leaders By The Associated Press *£!L RICA N LEAGUE. .33J| - —, •—...,.«gv, ii^s, oin» son, Cleveland, 102; Robinson, Ch ^^SO, 101. DOUBLES -.Priddy, Detroi ^3; Bauer,. New York, 21; Robir 10 Band'across a ; shield's front 41 Expire .343; Woodling, New York, Fain, Philadelphia, .320. j ; ....^« ^ *.«.,* HITS — Fox, Chicago, 112; Sinfi 41 Expire n, Cleveland, 102; Robinson Ch% 2 Persian prince ' '^SUnfamJliar 19 Deprivation 11 Biblical earlier Mann., when the same Tom kiiiKon blocked him off at the plate UialtanooKa's victory continue n.e hoi competition for first placi .'•nice Atlanta — co-holder of firs .-;- also won. The Crackers whippcc i'irmini;hani. ,1-1. New Orlean' Dipped another half same back when, lor the third time in a row a scheduled game with Mobile was rained cut. New Orleans now trail y a full game. Two pitchers were injured in last I AT^r. 1 'n am0!i ~ LUtl ° R ° CU ' S Bob McCall and Atlanta's Art Fowler. McCall left the field in Memphis where a cloubleheader was split on a stretcher. No bones were broken however, when a lir, e drive struck nini in the knee. .Fowler tried to catch a liner with his pitching hand m Birmingham. An examination showed hi> was bruised, but not broke. Birmingham has failed to show tho power necessary to whip n top ll:ght club during the past two games. The Barons have scored only twice in 48 hours. ' Little Hock won the opener from Memphis. 3-1, on Ken Humphrey's homer.^ Memphis won the second 7-6 in 10 innings. Dr. Kvuna, «we tlmt But he Know that m MID womhlpptti. and m tho Son ., - w^o nad, in His Father 1 * n,t?i 0< . r " n80l » e<1 •>' mankind, there wn» nothing but forgiveness love a.nd com passion, ' H« aald mutely m the d«rknc«8 tut great wortU of tho T\v»ntv. ^^-.H-jJ:^^ dying man. to near op«rat«d U»ejUte7.YndVurcurdownoS "J«, Phone bin. And ybu look very flt this morning, PauU Better thai. * *o occn you in a ibflg time." nh^*" 1 ,., 10 * 1 "* bwl1 ln hl » « chair. "1 tcei ane, It a little *l«*dy, M it | nad musedi a U»t night WM a turning point. JOB. l took a good look at myseU i can make real progress now rt'« » strango thing. I WM thln'kln* about it, betoro you came «S morning, rvo always been abloto understand martyr*. To die tor one's r.ith, that doesn't come hart to die for ' MORE TO ENJOY ~, "..in.-i,. muw rorK, 21; Robir? oi oioiicai son, Chicago and Vernon',-Washing f pronoun . l °n, 20. ^fto rhiiieH I>2 Chilled ijohnson got revenge" for""n ton - 20 - ™- 'TRIPLES — Simpson, Clevelan 1 w a Mineral rocKS (•: Rizzuto, New York, 7; y oun g«4 Sheltered side •'CUAK All in^Kn**c> HORIZONTAL I This has a [trunk in back I Broad I Thia it in . front and back ! of a house k Employ \ Ledger entry (Great Lake (Free I Thickness 7 Footlike part 0 Quick 2 Fur J4 Ntcessitate 13 Amatory 86 Female deer 17 Happy , 4 Bereaved wife 5 Brain passage 6 Thicker 7 Measure of/, .' type & 8 Russian ^ . revolutionist' . 9 War god of , , / Greece : : 10 Small bunch 1 of straw 11 Cape 17Click beetle, 19 Girl's name 23 Galloped 24 Raced to the v front , 25italian river i 26 Charges . 27 Uncomplainingly Answer to Previous Puzzlt B^^TSTI R?TSTSK fc*ff" - l'H^l I nnna • iaan • tantan 28 Ancient 42 Entrance to. i \ warriors held a mine f itt \ this in front -« 43 Rodents , ^S .-' for protection 44 Level • 29 Denomination 40 Woody plant 31 Wild beasts/-" 47 Oil from ~* 33 Maxims -r'^ | butter ' . 38 Confirm -. ^a 48 Seeing organs 40 Nourishes -. •, \ in front of 41 Attire, front, ' the head 1 and back '50 Small child rocks and Rivern, St. Louis, «... ' l5SNumbers HOME . RUNS — Bqrra Ne\'|58 Golf mounds York, 21;; Rosen, and Doby, Clevf'f&'? Assent land, 17; Aviln, Cleveland 10 -* 1 PITCHING - Shnntz Ph phia, 10-3, .042; Raschi, New * 10-2, .(133; Shea, Washington, .oJo. NATIONAL LEAGUE BATTING - Addis, -331; Musial, St. Louis. .322; Lock-l man. New York and Robinsoi^ VERTICAL 1 Abrupt 2 Continent S Coat open in _: front Brooklyn, ,,^H. Chicago*! — Lockman, New. Yorkt! -. Musial, St. Louis, 101; Schoeni dienst, St. Louis, 97. • g DOUBLES - Schbendienst, Stfe Louis, 24; Saner, Chicago, Will! lams and Thomson, New York'l Burgess, Philadelphia and Musia® and D. Rice, St. Louis, 19 *M HOME RUNS -Sauer; Chicagof 23; Hodges, Brooklyn, 18; KinerS Pittsburgh, 17. ' •» STOLEN BASES -Reese, Brookf -n; .18; Jethroe, Boston, 15^ Robinson, Brooklyn, 13. '<i CARNIVAL •T Dick Tnra«r if .1000; Hearn. New York 833; Erskine, Brooklyn, 9-2, .8181 & on th* «plrltual » /* you ,** J ' 1 " from walltyT" "After a (aahion.* "But who u m «* ofUn too ' la iit« thit » dot. not ««i. th. ,««« "vo«t m i« Uvtnt, th. MLddeat, ' •«•»« **>*4vi|(wi, rcr» ..-,.- not wholly; there wero still .lU<low». But h. knew » sense of rretdom In cnstlns Ui t burden oh hU Urd. .That WM trust, und »c> ooptanco. For only through fMth. tho long w^y home kH.. * " -T»»•*»• jv UA~ uoun« try, for a groat Meat Bui to llvo . ... tnat's another . . . naa another thl stake, u»« raok, th. eeu4c how prolonged the phy.lcaj there'a the bias, of glory unalterable convict^ Vou • • WIDS CHOICE 1 Styling and Colon iXTRA BEAUTY AND QUAUTY of Body by Fisher EXTRA SMOOTH PERFORMANCE of Cenlerpolse Pqwer - - ." —f-^" vvmnfirm (p»«««t^i i4 .— of A reality—tf you Insist r«« ** L" 1 ™-* «»• phytteti [or«» n»uch more.* _***•* wonderlnt when you * d*rt ««y v<w* ruiitlv and And what doth tho Urd r*- ^ of thet, but to do justly. --- » love > mercy, and to walk hwmWy with thy GodT" Walk humbly, it cannot matter how you walk In your physical %£•£?* w ,^ how ««««tw . EXTRA RIDING COMFORT of Improved Kn.t-Aclion MTRA STOPPING POWER of Jumbo-Drum Brakoi EXTRA STEERING EASE of Confer-Point Steering _—„ —-.,, Nothing, But it'« ovo^now and I'vo found*my dim! •eld oobwly, ««U*.'^{f. h f * nd P««-««>: hopod, «ur«." Perhaps not Tou or Qonvtnolnt people, operated It roverse,- LESS TO EXTRA PRESTIGE of Amerito'i Most Popular Car S**!* <K«* f«Pm^tt»t»tnt J™f ** v S lt > » •irtntor, know ; J«*^W «wt tor you havo more be,««ae hte elren«th «S. «otS himself, not dependent upon a network of nervoa, nor muscles, not "in** frsni Ateto and %ono but tin ln.),h,usuw« Source. And 25U5 ?3$* i«»«P.wundly * *«*.» EXTRA. STRENGTH AND COMFORT of Fl.her Uhltteel Connection EXTRA SMOOTHNESS Aulomollc Tronimliiien A complete power team m\h extra-powerful Valye-in- Head engine and Automatic Choke. Optional on Do Luxe models at extra cost. " "V •^ T. M. R,(. U. «. Pit. P.'t. Copr. 19ti by NEA Strvlci. I ^Magnificent •p«ech, Senator! You came right out with •• v -r—--: Tr " ~ .a fearless yes and nol"^ SIDE GLANCES •y Golbralth A »ubllc tervlM program In <eap*mtJan with Green c '«» «Bd Highway Softly '"'--•—•-- Commlltee. __-j -^-....innnMHiaa^l '-.^.Saas^tj^g-. ^CHEVROLET "l understand. But ^JF.iV^T^ir^ otton. But at least rniiMd rujrht way. tf a taken me u« —" Tve bun fooUottt^r ..tttatOftity^ jj^iSSR _ - ™__^_ ynW YoutMM li-* 1 !!*- AwwOHif to medl<»3. BSWSffSKBS' ayaa;"«,-!« '•*"» I put my fool ' w | i " " ** * W*»^ *«W«*,W0 ii n^ SE.a?3Wft W««w *>w» fcere,* WWI w Joiutban took*} «t tto alln «t kMT inxn wwc. Pawllr^ « Owie-i Kami a*d* -*• * rts * !• «• YOUNG CHEVim •y Chick Yftttftf •;> !1 OUICK. ...u^^c, ( GIVE ME TsvO CENTS- x -—y- I'VE GOT A . . f CAB PITivER >-. WAITING ^*^**'X, NN 7. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willlomi WHY NOT LEAVE •EM ON? YOU ONLY &OT A FEW MINUTES' WORK TO DO ON IT ANJ' I'LL HAVE. TO PUT 'ESA BACK: osj TO KEEP TH' CHAIWS FROM TH' SHAFT Of PLUM8OB' A^MUCH A^ TELUIM 1 HlM,»VDU'VE (SOME TO TH' COoS. BUT POMT LEAVE ANY OF VOUR IT WOULD BE A WA'STE OF TIME TELLIN' S .CXJ ABOUT PRIDE AMP P-IGMITY IM M3LJR WORK/ TAKE THEM DlBTV EA<3S OFFA THERE.' 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