Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 5, 1934 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 5, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tennessee Official Cleared of Fraud But Reece Stands Convicted in Trial for Other Tax Charges MOUNTAIN CITY, Tenn — </P) — Joreph I. Reecc, head of the Insurance and Banking Department cf Tennessee during the latter part of the preceding state administration, was acquitted by a jury of Johnson ceunty farmers Thursday of charges cf embezzlement i and fraudulent brench of trust. ' The charges related to his handling of- approximately $22.000 of funds in the department's unadjusted back tax account—money paid by insurance ccmpanies under protest and the subject cf.- litigation. Reece said he turned the money over in the fall of 1932 to a "Finance Committee" for Gov. Hill McAlister's election campaign, under promise of repayment later. Reecc was tried in the county where he was born 51 years ago. When the acquittal verdict was returned shortly after neon, he smiled, shook hands with the jurors and left for his home in Johnson City. Charges similar to those on which ho was freed here nrc pending against him nt Nashville, where the grand jury last February returned five presentments accusing Recce of larceny, embezzlement by public officer and fraudulent breach of trust in connection with the back tax account. Irregularities totaling $16,364.47 are alleged in those presentments. A few days after the charges were preferred by the grand jury in Nash- vtfle, he went en trial there on a previous indictment charging that he .tole 5100,000 of bonds held in escrow by the Insurance Department. He was convicted of grand larceny and his punishment fixed at from three to 10 years. An appeal to the state su- premo court is pending. We won't notice the diference for several thousand years, but two of the seven stars of the Big Dipper are traveling in opposite directions. m « • A Chinese tree, the ginkgo, is the only survivor of a primtivc tree that lived in the early Mcsozoic ngc, the age of reptiles. The driver ant, a blind insect, is the real king of the African jungles; every creature flees in terror before an army o fthe insects. When We Deliver You Get What You Want When buying from us you are assured of getting just what you want and not something "just as good." We make an especial effort to keep what our customers want and if we do not have it in stock to order it for them at once. Try us during October. You will be satisfied in every way. John P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps Cox Is Home From Drug Convention Hope Man on Nominating Committee at New Orleans John P, Cox, Hope druggist, has re- .urned home from New Orleans where he served on the nominating: commlt- 'ec of the National Association of Re- Jail Druggists, whose convention was held at the Roosevelt hotel September 24-28. Mr. Cox. president of tho Arkansas Phtvrmccutical association, was 3ne of six delegates from this state to the New Orleans convention, which represented the commercial side ofj the drug business. Two thousand druggists attended from all over the United States. It was their 36th annual meeting. While Kidnap Hunt Was On THE WISE O1D OWl tsso AFUELLIK€THIS [THE GIRLS DECLARE U IS THE ANSWER TO \AMAIDENS PRAYED u&uuvte&t SMOOTHER PERFORMANCE Meat Scarcity in Spring Forecast Dairy Products and Poultry to Be Dearer Following Drouth WASHINGTON r (/P)—A shift in the customary national diet during the late winter and next spring, because r.C the drouth, was predicted Thursday from within the AAA. The Bureau of Agricultural Economics, in a lengthy servey of crops and livestock destruction, concluded also that prices would rise but that, with an adjustment between surplus and deficit area, there would be no dangerous food shortage. "The full effect of the drouth on retail food prices will not be felt until next spring, when supplies of meats, dairy products, and poultry products will be reduced," the bureau said. Drouth and high temperatures during the summer were ^ reported to have so reduced production in Central and Rocky Mountain states that, despite ''bountiful production" in Eastern and Far Western states, "consumers will have to make certain shifts in their usual diet because of ;hc scarcity of some foods and the abundance of others." The bureau said a higher level of food prices "in general" may be expected in addition to the 7.1 per cent general increase during the past Lhrao months, but at a slower rate. Price increases listed for the thrce- month period were: Meats, 13.6 per cent; dairy products, 4.3 per cent; cereal products, 3.5, and canned fruits and vegetables, 1.5 Part of these increases, the bureau said, can be attributed to normal seasonal trends, The Australian brush turkey covers up its eggs in decaying leaves and leaves them to hatch alone. The young are fully feathered when they hatch and make their own way in the world as soon as they emerge from the shell. ESSO SERVICE STATION Third and L. & A. Tracks f hone 68 666 Liquid, Tables, Salve, Nose Drops Checks Malaria in 3 days, Colds First day, Headaches 01 Neuralgia in 30 minutes. FINE LAXATIVE AND TONIC Most Speedy Remedies Known. 0. K. YELLOW SOAP 10 SozBars 17c HERSHEY'S COCOA 1/2 Lb. Can .lOc 1 Lb. Can 15c VIGO DOG FOOD PET MILK 3 Tall or 6-Small Cans .... PRODUCE SPECIALS ORANGES ,,c ES ,^ B o Z .19c YAMS „„ 3lbs.10c Cabbage <,„.„„„* 21bs5c Texas Grape Fruit ,«c,,5c POTATOES-No. 1 Red or White-10 Lbs. 23c O'CEDAR WAX and APPLlER-Both For 89c OATS B,™ B—. u 1 .»,,,,. Pt ,19c I Sweet Potatoes-2 No c;':29c SOUPS—Heinz Family Assortment—Large Can 14c JELL WELL Gelatin Dessert, All Flavors-Pkg. 5c Van Camp's Hominy Med. Can Macaroni or Spaghetti Lb IOC RAISINS New Crop.Lb. CHOICE NATIVE BEEF Roast—Lb. 9c 9c Loaf Meat-3 Lbs. Liver, sliced—Lb. 25c 10c BEF _ [fresh Fish, Fryers and Hens| CH0 ^ c |gf' VE FAYK c ' BOLOGNA and FRANKS Lbs. 19c PICNIC HAMS Sugar Cured—Lb. 17c STEW MEAT Pound 5c FULL CREAM CHEESE Krafts Elkhorn—Lb. CURED HAMS Center Sliced—Lb. 29c DECKERS TALL HORN SLICED BACON-Lb. 26c Owned Home HOBBS GRO. & MKT. Home Operated Hungarian Vetch Supply Left Over Farmers Urged to Plant Soil-Improving Crop •This Fall According to Frank R. Stanley, county agent, there is n surplus of Hungarian Vetch left from the enr thnt was received Tuesday. This vetch hns been stored at Mont's Seed Store and cnn be bought lor 6M: cents a pound. Any producer Who wants to plant vetch for a soil- improving crop should get seed at once. Mr. Stanley is anxious to dispose of this seed so it will not be necessary to carry it over. In the summer of 1032, while the international hunt for the kidnapers of Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr., was at its height, Bruno Hauptmann, now indicted for extortion in connection with the crime, was enjoying himself at Hunters Island, New York, as this snapshot from his album shows. His sprightly partner in the boisterous episode is Anita Lutzenberg. . World Series Notes DETROIT, Mich—Edna Mary. Skinner of El Dorado, Ark., fiance of "Schoolboy" Howe, is a movie fan-George Raft of Hollywood, a movie actor, is a baseball fan. Raft was pointed out to Miss Skinner during Thursday s game at Navin Field and she remarked: "Well, so that's him"—Miss Skinner; was pointed out to Mr. Raft and; he said: "Well, well." Dizzy Dean stood behind Rpwe while he was warming up, giving him advice how to pitch to the Cardinals. When Manager Cochrane protested, Dean strode to the Tigers' dougout, picked up one of their bats and walked, away with it. "You fellows don't know what bats are for, anyway," Dizzy remarked. Rowe went to bed at 8 Wednesday night and did not arise until 8 Thursday morning in preparation for the biggest clay of his career. "How did you like Dizzy Dean's broadcast?" he was asked. "Didn't hear it," was.the Schoolboy's reply. "I don't care anything about what he says. All I want is a chance to pitch against him." The Tigers were not entitled to the run they scored in the fourth. Fox's double, which brought home ItoBell, sailed over third base and landed foul by six inches. Those in the press box, with perhaps the best opportunity of any one in the park to sec exactly where the ball struck, agreed it was foul. Babe Ruth made good on u bet he made with Goose Goslin, hero of the Tigi.T victory, last spring. The Babe wagered $100 that he would outhit the Goose in the American League season. He gave Co.slin a check for that amrunl. The moment word reached the downtown section that the Tigers had won the streets became ankle deep in ticker tape tossed from office and hotel buildings. Bob Conncry, owner of the St. Paul American Association club, says I you can have your pick of world series heroes ;IK long us you leave him Frank Friseh. "He has more class than any man on the field," Connery .said after Thursday's game. Joe Medv/iek was so exhausted after i walloping the- Tigers' opening game j pitchers that he retired at 6 p. in. j Donic Bush, manager of the cham- | pionship Minneapolis Club, and Tris : Speaker had a violent argument j Thursday morning as to their ages. Each insisted he was younger than the other. Bush won out by six months. Bush was born on October 8, , 1888, and Speaker on April 4, 1888. Veterans Refuse to Enter Politics V. F. W. Votes Down Plan to Resort to Political Pressure LOUISVILLE, Ky.~(/P)-Condemn- ng any national sales tax plan and refusing to go into politics, the Veterans of Foreign Wars declared their views on public matters in a stormy convention here Thursday, They dc- ncunccd Communism and demanded wider distribution of wealth, fcdcral- ization of munition factories and payment of war debts. A proposal that V. F. W. posts as organizations bo allowed to support or oppose candidates for federal office, on the basis of ther record on veterans' legislaton, was defeated after a bitter floor fight. National Commander James E. Van Zandt, of Al- oona, Pa,, left the chair to shout: "Lust year we had a caucus of 135 -r 140 members of the house. We aid before them the mandate of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Bill Con- ncry (Representative Conncry of Massachusetts) told me, 'You have put us on the spot. Now arc you goin gto back us up?' "I told him we would. Those men svcnt to bat for us. We passed our low. We overrode a veto of the president. Now those men have been stripped of their pattonage. Ase you going to double-cross those men who sopportcd yoo?" Other speakers warned that "politics is a dirty bosincss" and that "this would mean the end of the V. F. W." After an hour's hot debate the proposal was lost by a narrow margin on a voice vote. Austria is building nn automobile highway across the iGrofselockner range, where It will rise to an clcva- ton of 8200 feet and will connect the provinces of Carinthia and Salzburg. Music was devised by (lie gods to lure the sun-goddess from n cave where she had retired, according to Japanese legend. Oboe players must hnve frequent pauses in the music for exhaling purposes, not inhaling. The hind portion will develop a new head and the' tore part n new tail, if an earthworm is cut in two. Willie Hoppe gave billiard exhibitions when but seven years old and helped support his family by doing so. Most Coughs Demand Creomulsion Don't let them get a strangle hold. Fight them quickly. Creomulsion combines 7 helps in one. Powerful but harmless. Pleasant to take. No narcotics. Your own druggist is authorized to refund your money on the spot if your cough or cold is not relieved by Creomulsion. (nclv.) ! Paul Dean said Thursday morning j that Dizzy had lost 20 pounds dining ' September. "He didn't have a thing out there in the opening game," he explained. "His curve ball was as i straight as the foul lines," said Paul. | Jirnrny Dykes, manager of the White Sox, said he felt right at home watching the Tigers in the openin» same. "Mhought I was looking at the Sox" he stated. A boxing ring was roped off along the third base line before Thursday's Kuine for a nfotch between Joe E- Brown and Al i'tlmcht. Barney Rons served as Brown's second and George Raft was referee. Brown wou the second round by a knockout. It took a bucket of cold water to revive the Senators' comedian. Washington Mrs. Charley Barnett of Texarkana is spending the week with her sisters Mrs. Pink Horton and Miss Ella Monroe. Mr. and Mrs. Emory Thompson o Fulton were in town Tuesday. Mrs. Sam Mcrrell had as dinner guests last Friday, Mr. and Mrs, D.W. Holt of Little Rock, Miss Allinc Babb of Abilene, Texas, Mrs. Kate Hannaway of Bryan, Texas, Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Black of Conway and Mrs. L. W. Spears of Route 1. Mrs. Victor Clark and little son, Kin narcl of Little Rock are the guests of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Williams this week. Mr. and Mrs. Ab Smith are leaving tonight to spend the winter in Washington, D. C., with their daughters, Miss Jewell Smith and Mrs. Presley Moore. Mrs. Luther Smllli has been quite ill this, week. Mrs. T. J. Robinson and SOILS, Max and Billy, left lust Wednesday for Dumas where they will make their home. Mrs. Hoy Anderson of Hope spent Tuesday with Mrs. Dale Jones. Mr. and Mrs. Craig Williams of Pres cott were the Sunday gucsls of Mr. Williams' parents, Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Williams. Mrs. Joe Wilson and children of Columbus were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Levins several days this week. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bcardcn and family of Gum Springs wcer the Sunday recently vacated by the T. J. Robinson family. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Stuart and family attended services at the Presbyterian church in Columbus Wednesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Neal Brewer and family of Gum Springs wcer the Sunday guests of the A. P. Dcloney family. Mrs. Claud Agee entertained the Bay View Reading Club at the W. P. Agee home in Hope Wednesday. Misses Charlotte Agee, Vivian Beck Evie Beck, Ruby Lively, Nina Bul- lartl and Tandy Saundcrs attended a meeting of the Epworth League Union ill Hope Tuesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Gray Carrigun and little daughter Joan, have returned to Scminolc, Okla. Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Pilkinton and fam ily attended a family reunion of the Pilkinton family in Texarkana Sunday. Mrs. Ella Gold and Miss Joella Gold are spending the week end with relatives in Texarkana. They were accompanied by Mrs. W. T. May who returned home from a visit with her son, Jimmie May and family. Mrs. T. J. Garner of Nashville was the guest of Dr. Garner and Mrs. Paul Bailey Monday. I MLSS Virginia Stewart of Hope spent several days here this week the guest of her sister, Mrs. Mclson Frazier. j Mrs. Jeanette Prince of DeQueen ( returnd to her home Wednesday af-; ter a week's visit here with relatives yucl friends. The Presbyterian Womans Auxil- ary met Monday ut the home of Sallic L. Ettcr and Mrs W. H. Elter, Jr., for the October social. The meeting was opened with a devotional by Miss Kathryn Holt followed by the Lord's Prayer. After tne reading of the minutes and roll call, the ladies enjoyed a pleasant social hour, after which the hostess served a salad plate. Those present were Mrs. Lee A. Holt, Mrs. I. L. Pilkinton, Mrs. C. M. Williams, Mrs. Sallic L. Etter, Mrs. C. C. Stuart, Mrs. Sam Mcrrell, Miss Kathryn Holt and Mrs. W. H. Ettcr, Jr.. J» This Stops Laxative "Dread B.MUI. of hinh tction, bid u»u or Inier- f.rtno with d»ilr duti«t, p«opt« dtngtroutly "d«Ur." F««n-»-mlnt, th» d.lieloiu chtwing turn UiatiT., containing » U»«ti«« ingr«dum nculirlr pr«crib»rl by phyiicUm, »niwtr» lh»if problim. You eb.iv/ it, thul lh« l««BV« Irifridiint li diitribuud uniformity fjviflg • •at* n«tur«l ««Ion, tompUw tnd pl««i»n«. DtUclouj P«»«-«-nxine eontilni na richntii to ut>Mt «*mtch of dUt. D«tty U dinftroiu, M tadiy Mf«tr f«< tie* on ichedul< ind tur thtn. CHr» Fiu-t-mlat foe cotvitipition. J. V. MOORE E. W. WRAY The Market Place Complete Line K. C. and Native Meats Sell For Cash. We Deliver Phone 412 Armour's Picnic HAMS, Lb 15c BEEF TENDERS I'ound 19c Swift's BrooWicId SAUSAGE, Lb BEEF STEAK, Loin Cuts—Lb. 10c VEAL ROAST Choice Native—3 Lbs 25c FISH, Dressed BUFFALO'-Lb \2\c SPARE RIBS Pound 1 14c NECK BONES Pound 7c SLICED LIVER Pound 10c F1LLETT OF SALT 1 l%r» MACKEREL—Each I VW PORK ROAST Shoulder Cuts—Lb. 15c PORK ROAST Ham Cuts—Lb. 18c COUNTRY BUTTER Pound 30c SLICED BACON Wilson's Laurel, Lb.. 26c BOLCGNA- By the Piece—Lb. ... 9c CLUB FRANKS Pound lie MIXED SAUSAGE 3 Pounds 25c SLAB BACON Smoked—Lb. ... 20c Guaranteed Typewriter Repair Service O. W. MILLS 218 So. Walnut Plume 3G Friday. Octobers, Ingredients < VapoRub in Convenient VICKS COUGH New Coats] '"-% j :"*i! Just received complj line of new winter Sf| Coats. Popular pricef Ladies Specialty Shoj "Excuslve But Not Expenstv rnacaii* l/VOIVl AVOID A JUDCti MENT. Have us pro vide COMPLEl' Public Liability Inf suranco for yourcnJ] ROY ANDERSON L CO COMPllTf INSUMNCF S[RV:'f PHONE 610 HOPt.APN ALL OVER THE WORLD BANANAS, Yellow Ripe—3 Lb 4$ ORANGES, Nice Size—Dozen ^ GRAPES, Tokay—3 Pounds COCONUTS, Fresh J CELERY—nice Crisp Stalk 7 CRANBERRIES, Fancy—Quart ! LETTUCE—Nice Crisp Head CAULIFLOWER, Nice, Fresh—Lb 1 CABBAGE, Green Head—Lb APPLES, Jonothan—Pound WHITE COBBLERS POTATOES 10 Lb. 21 SOAP, P & G, 9 oz.—10 Bars IVORY SOAP—6 oz Bar CAMAY SOAP—3 Bars COFFEE—Pound EMBASSY PEANUT BUTTER-Quart CRACKERS, Wesco—2 Lb. Box CALUMET BAKING POWDER—Lb. Can.. SYRUP, Log Cabin—Small Can COFFEE-Country Club, Lb. BLAC KPEPPER, 4 oz. Box—2 For WESCO TEA— i/ 2 Pound PORK & BEANS, Country Club—Can CHUM SALMON—Can MARSHMALLOWS- Pound STRING BEANS—No. 2 Can LIPTON'STEA >/2 Lb.....45c '/ RUMFORD BAKING POWDER—12 < JELLO, Any Flavor—4 Packages POST BRAN FLAKES—Box MINUTE TAPIOCA—Package INSTANT POSTUM—4 oz 27c 8 oz %%gjg Jewel COFFEE, lb.21c-3lb. BAKERS CHOCOLATE—'/ 2 Lb.25c 1-5 JOHN ALDEN N. B. C. CAKE DOGGIE DINNER—3 Cans SYRUP, Blue—Brer Rabbit—Gallon MUSTARD-Quart Jar Qualify Meats LEGS, Lb. SHOULDER, Lb...l3$ STEW, Lb 1 Prime Rib Roast KOLL E ,,_,OUND 15 Pork Sausage Boloaia and Franks—Lb ROLLED—POUND IUU'1 PUKE-POUND 9* 'frltu it j i vt M. i. WIUILJ u*j ir 2 Pot Roast, Lb Loin, T-Bone Steak, lb.....l2'/ 2 No. 7 Roast, Ib 8»/ 2 Salt Mackerel ,,. „ <rfACtt 10 KRAUT FRESH KEG 3 LBS. 25 IM6CK DOIieS LOIS Ol'' MEAT-POUND I 1 I Ig ItlllS STK1CTLY KKESH—POUND V f*m Steaks o ihn i 8 fl 1 Roast "I ||l\ i'-ffillai Stew or Breast U •"«»• Fresh Fish—Buffalo, Cat and Fresh Oysters Dry Salt Meat ^ 0 . lMm strMk 0 . Fat _ LB . .16

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