Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 3, 1935 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1935
Page 6
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%m WAS , mm. ARKANSAS lesume Thursday ' ' •"•'•••" ^ Montgomery to Meet ystery Man' in fi. Sec- 4, oiicl St. Warehouse « ftesuaiptten of regular weekly ytestllnii shows in Hm» was &n- ttouttced Thursday by B^rt Mauldln, who has taken over interests of 6ori- At 4 Mtv-« in oromofin* the shows,. t Mr. Mauldin said future matches lejv would be staged at a new location with the first scheduled for 8 p. ffc. Thursday in a building on East Second street, "formerly the Mope Pcr- tt!f*er company warehouse. Mi. Mauldin said that he was doing ( Se promoting oi matches under auspices cf the American Legion. '-. t^Uckcts for-the first match arc bo'- l^fc sotd bv the Auxiliary of the Hope .Boys band; A percentage of proceeds *nil go to the benefit fund to purchase 1 uniforms for the band boys. ''„ Carpenters have about completed the' new arena. Comfortable seats hove been erected, and will be sold prices ranges from 25 to 55 cents, plus tax. Barney Cosntck, former Uni- &« feAtutt event. wlU be Bob M6ht«om«y of Mot trfui "Mystery Mike." at $ p. K^t*. ——•• Cancer Digested' by New Discovery Canadian's "Natural Process" Is Declared to Be Partly Successful fORONTA, Canada—(/p)—A treatment for cancer, irt" which malignant cells-, are said to be digested by a method resembling natural digestive processes of the human body, is described in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, by Henry C. Con- hell, M. D., of Kingston. Ont. The journal, official organ, of the Canadian association, in an editorial says that Connell'S work "can not be ligKtly passed by." His report described 2& persons, all given up to die of cancer, injected intfa-muscularly with his digestive fluid in May, June, July and August, this year. Two have returned to •j£ JkSt, A^VU.CAWJ ^fV*7tLIW£V* AWllK^I Wl**— I - • .,. _ *• t Ilim Versity of Illinois athlete, will oppose | *'<«;* apparently welLJour died. The Qie "Black Dragon" hi the opening Btive At Proper Speeds See Our Selected Line of New FALL DRESSES Silks and Woolens in the Newest FaShJoiis THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs. C. f. Holland of five is gone. The pain of nine other is less. In many cases the can- j cerctls growths appear smaller. In i about a third of the cases little change •> is apparent. Dr. Connell describes his digestive fluid briefly. It»is a protein product. , He does not go into the history of I other fluids, somewhat though not exactly similarly obtained, that have been used to treat cancer. Convictions Pound in Murder Case Gulley Given '18 Years, Tollifson "Life/ 1 in El Dorado Trials EL DORADO, Ark. — (XP) - Clyde Gulley, Farmerville (La.) married man, was convicted of second degree murder for the Fourth of July slny- ing of Mrs. Cleo Moore Murphy nnd his punishment fixed at 18 ycnrs In prison by a circuit court jury here Wednesday. Conclusion of the Gulley trinl ended j.'U-y cases for the current court sessions. An adjourned term of the court wil be convened here January 2 when two other charges against Gulley will be called. .The Farmervillt man Is under another first degree murder indictment for killing R. A. (Pap) Harper, Mrs. Murphy's companion, and one of assault with intent to kill John Pcn- nington of Strong, a kinsman of Mrs. Murphy. Fenington was shot through the head last Christmas Eve. The Gulley trial brought out conflicting stories of a rural entanglement between the Farmcrville man and the young Huttig (Ark.) woman. priSonmeht. He pleaded guilty to a charge of aa- satilt with Intent to kill his small son, Ivor, Jr., and wns sentenced to 10 years. Tolllfson ran amuck in a rooming house here early one morning last June, lie shot and killed his wife and another roomer, Mrs. Cliff McDaniels, as they slept, then wounded his son. , Ho was indicted and sent to the State hospital for observation. The hospital staff reported him sane. More than 50,000 U. S. grocers have gone out of business annually since 1929. Slightly loss than that number have started up in the same period. An auto trip across the United Stntes from Jersc yCity to Onklnnd wns made in 86 hours and 20 minutes elapsed time. Ten Reasons Why You Should Shop at Burr's ON ECONOMY DAY Children's Vat Dyed WASH DRESSES Long or short sleeves. Bright, new fall patterns. Sizes T to 14 49c Each 1% to 2 Lb Assorted QUILT BUNDLE Closely woven prints and broadcloth. Every * piece guaranted fast coloj. 29c Roll -39 inch Unbleached MUSLIN Closely wtvcn, unbleached musUn tnat will Bleach white in a few washings. 8c Yard MEN and BOYS' FELT HATS 'Unlined, wool felt hats in Palco Brown, Blue, Grey and Black. Sizes «"3-8 to 7%. 98c Each CHILDREN'S UNDERWEAR Boys or Girls' ribbed union suits In good winter weight. Child's sizes with button on waist. 2 to 16. 49c Each Ladier, Sheer Chiffon SILK HOSE Becutiiui, pure Hlk hosiery in all new fall shades. First quality, •te-gauge. 49c Pair 3 Pound Roll QUILT COTTON Unbleached quilting cotton In regular quilting size. 39c Roll IttENS and BOYS' C A P S Splendid fall caps made from new suiting. You .would expect to pay much more for .such quality 25* Each CHILDREN'S SHOES High lops or oxfords in patent leather, black or brown calf. Leather soles and ini'oies. Fully lined. Sizes 5 to 2. 98c Pair CHILDREN'S BLOOMERS Knit or outing. Choice cf pink, blue or white. Good winter weight. Sizes 2 to 8. . 10c Each Year by year the deadly traffic toll reaches new peaks. In the thick of the battle t6 reduce this loss of life are state Motor Vehicle Admlnis. trators. Twelve of them, officers and members of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, have contributed a series of articles describing the major causes of automobile accidents. Number Two in the series: "Drive At Proper Speeds" follows: By GEORGE R. WELLINGTON .Presicijtii. American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, Motor Vehicle Department, Rhode Island. i Given Life Term i EL DORADO. Ark— (ff>)-Ivcr Tollifson, 30, truck driver, was convicted of the double slaying of his wife and another woman in circuit court Wednesday nnd sentenced to life im- Old John Don't Get Up Nights He Mndo This 25c Test Old John says, "I had lo get up 5 or 6 limes every night. This bladder irregularity was accompanied with scanty flow, burning nnd backache. 11 flushed out excess acids with little | green tablets containing buchu leaves. i juniper oil, etc., called BUKETS. They work on the bladder similar to castor oil on the bowels. After four days if not pleased any druggist will refund your 23c. 1 sleep good now." Brinnt's Drug Store, and John S Gibson Drug Company. —adv. 0. S. Neutrality (Continued from page one) future of civilization," Mr. Roosevelt in the £an Diego High School stadium declared that "the American people can have but one concern and speak one sentiment: Despite what happens Irt continents overseas, the United States of America shall nnd must remain, as, long ago the father of their country prayed that it might remain —unentnngled and free.' Mr. Roosevelt was given a tumultuous ovotion from the 60,000 persons who packed every soot In (hif shoe bo\vl. ' SHOES A LJ Navy Bud BJnck KW1 Rlnck nnd Brown Stlefl S2.99 Ladies- Specialty She COLD FACTS! Start now preparing your system against i It's easy to ward off this nuisance if you build up your resistance l>y taking COD IJT OIL or HALIVEB OIL. And now you can take this valuable body-bui In n new, pleasant form ... in the tasteless, c-.'htratctl tablet form. Get n supply of ABBOTTS or IHMOIIN'S Vital Concentrate Tablets now . . . prepare your sysfc ugalnr.t colds. John P. Cox Drug Phone 84 We Give Eagle Si CPKED too fast for conclttlonB 1s the greatest single menace to safety on the road. Drivers exceeding the speed limit caused directly more than one fit'tb of the automobile accidents Involving driving errors In the country last year, resulting In ti.SGU deaths and 13-1,300 persons Injured, according to statistic* compiled by a member company of the National Bureau of Casualty and Surety Underwriters. This is not the whole story. It is known also that excessive speed was an Important contributing factor in many accidents for which other causes were attributed. Authorities say that nearly 90 per cent of the 882,000 auto accidents wltn a death toll of 36,000 lives In 1934 can be laid at the door of gpeed too fa"' for conditions. The simple fact ia that speed reduces the driver's mastery of his .vehicle. Your ability to cope with »n emergency diminishes with the extent to which you arc exceeding the reasonable speed for a particular time i.r.d place. If a child should ! chase a ball ititc the path of your car, if one of your tires should blow out suddenly, if the car in front or of you should stop quickly,—If any of hundreds of other critical driving situations should occur, you might find yourself involved In a serious accident. Reasonable speed is not simply a matter of arbitrary figures. In many states and communities, laws define the speed limits. Laws, however, do not define the many detailed and changing traffic factors —such as traffic density, weather, seasonal conditions, visibility. Alt these place the burden of judge- ment on ever}' individual driver. In short, the principle item in controlling the menace of excessive speed is the good sense of the man or woman, boy or girl, whose foot is on the accelerator. Dyess Colony to i Face Fraud Probe! Mississippi County Grand' Jury Will Investigate October 14 LITTLE ROCK—Prosecuting Attorney Dencer L. Dudley of Jonesboro announced Wednesday night that the Mir.siysippi county Grand Jury will meet at Osceola October 14 to investi- to reported irregularities in financial afiairs of the Dycss FERA colony in that county. Dudley said after a telephone conference with Governor Futrell that information transmitted to him last March by the governor, involving alleged forging of checks and pay roll padding, will be placed before the grand jury. He said the information in his hands did not involve "any high authorities." Westminister Abbey's Poets' Corner contains a bust of Longfellow and tablets to Lowell and Walter Hines Page. Special Election Calledby Futrell Poll November 5 Will Fill Offices Held by Executive Appointment LITTLE ROCK — (/P) — Secretary Harvey Combs announced Thursday that October 19 had been agreed upon tentatively as the meeting date of the Democratic state central committee in Little Rock to nomitjfite candidates j for circuit and chancery judges in dis- 1 tricts where appointments have been , made due to vacancies. 81x99, 4 yr. wash tested NATION-WIDE SHEETS 80x105 Seamless BEDSPREADS Each 39-in. Heavy Brown DOMESTIC Bell Isle—5 yds. DECKER'S TALLKORN BACON 32c POUND FISH BUFFALO |01 A Pound I/.2U CAT Pound— TROUT Pound 27c 27c VERY BEST SAUSAGE 10c Pound $1000 Guaranteed ROACH KILLER Guaranteed to rid your place of Roaches 1 $1-2S Lb Can I Red Heart OQG FQOP, can lOc Spaghetti anij Macaroni, Ib.... 10c FANCY BEEF ROAST or STEAK, Ib CHILI MEXICAN STYLE, Lb. 17c DRY SALT 23c For Boiling Pound .... CHEESE u> 19c TOMATOES 3 No 2 Cans. 25c K. C. Baking Powder, 50 oz can 29c SALTSriOc pkgs RRAND No. 2 Can CORN N ° c fn IQc 5c TOILET TISSUE 1000 Sheet Rolls PRODUCE California ORANGES, Doz CARROTS Bunch 20§ 5s CELERY Stalk 9c Delicious APPLES, Doz 25c LEMONS Large Size, Dcz 23c FANCY OYSTERS Full SELECTS Pint FREE DELIVERY Home Owned II AD DO Gro. & tlUDDO Market Home Operated PHONE 266 LITTLE AOCK—Governor Futrell will call a special election for No- ) vcmber 5 to fil) all vacancies that have j occurred in district, county and town- | ship offices since January 1, he an- . | ncunced Wednesday. j The announcement was mad c in connection with the appointment of' I Minor Pipkin as judge of Polk county to fill temporarily the vacancy result- ' ing from the death two weeks ago of County Judge J. W. Loonoy. The governor said he appointed Pip- . kin because "there is little over a month for someone {'> serve and he is not a candidate fyr the place." Members of the governor's office | staff began a check of the roster of i elective district, county and township • officials to determine in which counties a special election must b c held. ; It was said that there probably are ] 200 to 300 vacancies in the office of | justice of the peace and many more| ! in the office of constable, all of which | I will be included in the call for a i special election. i Governor Futrell has appointed since I last January two circuit judges, a | chancellor, three circuit clerks, a j county treasurer, a collector, a tax | assessor, a county judge, a dozen or ' more coroners and surveyors and several justices of the peace. j I The governor said h e will call the election in compliance with Section • 50 of Article 7 of the constitution] which provides that all vacancies oc- j ctirring in judicial, county and town- ' ship offices shall be filled by special i election, except that those occurring in j slate- and district offices within ninu j months of the next general election j ;.nd those in courty and township of- i ficct- within six months map be filled ' by appointment. j Candidates for district office at the : special election must be nominated cither by the .stal L . committee or by • petition and those nominated by pe- titbn cannot be designated on the, ballot at Democratic nominee.';. Candi- i dates for county offices may be nom- j inatcd by the county committee. j ; A Boston gunmnkur once manufuc- | i tured a gun with a 12-foot barrel. It '; weighed 30 pounds and had to be fired ; from a rest. $50 to $500 AUTO LOANS On Curs mid Trucks Highest Prices Paid for COTTON TOM KINSER 1935 IS PENNEY'S YEAR—WATCH US STEP OUT In One of TheSe New FALL DRESSES Silk, Wool, Corduroy SUITING k WOOLENS 36-Inch Fast Color Plenty of Styles and Patterns 54-Inch All Wool Crepes, Flannel, Coatings, Good Range of Colors 25c Yard $4.49 I Yard 20x40 Heavy Weight BATH TOWELS 27-inch Arctic Yd. 3 Ib Unbleached Cotton BAIT 43c 29-in. COTTON SHIRTING lOc 8 oz. Feather Proof TICKING 25c Children's Cotton Bloomers 19c 36-Inch Brown Domestic lOc 70x80 Double Blankets I SWEATERS 36-Inch Fancy OUTING 12JC Ladies Rayon PANTIES 19c CLOSE OUT Part Wool Extra Heavy S1.98 Ladies Cotton flluns and Boys' Wool Slip-over Sweaters. Colors and Sizes Arc Not Complete. Save 43c Each BOYS' BLUE OVERALI PAIiTS 9i Boys' Bobcat Swe| SHIRT BOYS' GOLF SOX I MEWS BLUE MELT< JACKE 32 oz. All Wo| Save Now, $2.93 iiiimmiiiiil Men's Fancy| Dress Sox "SWEATE For Men $1 New Fall SUITS I Bloomers 25c LADIES SWAGGER SUITS Three and Four Piece $12.75 Boys' School Oxfords $1.79 Men's Corduroy PANTS $2-98 Men's Suede SHIRTS Boys' Winter UNIONS 49c Men's Fall Men's Fall Felt HATS $1,98 1 Men's Fall Dress $1.98 1 Men's Sport SWEATERS*! 98 LADIES SPORT COATS New Materials Fine Linings Sizes 14 to 20 LADIES Woolen Skirts New Shipment of Patterns, Colors $1.98 CAPS 98c Dress Shirts Fast Color, Full Cut SEVEN BUTTON FRONT PENNEV'S FAMOUS SHIRT Sizes M to 17 98c Each Beys' School CAPS MEN'S NEW F| SUIT Plain or Spc BACKS Sizes 34- Alterations ! Free Men's 12 Ib UNION Men's Navy PANTS Cotton Wori Children's Winter UNIONS 39c Children's School Oxfords $1.98 $12.75 Boys' Oxhide Overalls Hand Made Neck Ties 49c Men's Fancy BEITS 98c Men's All Wool 1200 Shirt Men's Fast C« Full Cut 1 Dress Shil Sizes 14 to 69c C O P AN Y i'- : n&- : o"'.)r-::». : P; ACROSS STKEET FROM POSTOFFICE I WHERE HOPE SHOPS AND SAVES) ill

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