Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 5, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 5, 1934
Page 4
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HOPE STAR, ..Friday, OciobeiJM When West Was Wild i* the famous Indian * * <"«»*> shown **^" *» * M Requirement. 14 Blemish. 15 Preihonltory . .symptom ot epilepsy. 16 Mathematical term. If Person under Answer to Previous Puzzle 'lAIDINILIYl na SKHU. BIBI isiaaa BSB EKBS; ssusm Pii ™d BARNEY ^nOLOFIELD •J? «"'* of'surprise. ^21} Spanish. 3ft To revolve. 31 Bronie. \35Resldence of , ^ aa ecclesiastic *7 Hi' bed. . 39 Opposite of 4'bottoms. ' 40 Tennis fence. fas • aasi nH@g!Kor:fl HS GSBGS HfflCI CMIH SSOI ESB3H Wf SHSHrS • 13® OH . (pi.). VERTICAL 2 Coalition. 3 To keep off. 4 Lawyer's charge. 5 Paid publicity. C To leave oUt. 1 Any cause of ruin. S To press. . 9 Musical note. 10 Cow's stored supper. H Metallic rocks. 12 Valleys. 16 He .was a -, famous for Ills MI YeHoiv Ha••' wallan bird. 43 Twice, • 44Queer. 46 Evit. 4S Public store- 'house. 60 Devoured. 63 Member of a • -brown race. S5 Theater stall. 66 TV preen. 58 Sandy tract x by the sea. 59 He wrote . about his ex, periences in "life. 60 He was an American "Wild West" act. \1 Principal. 18 Right. 20 He also rode the pony 32 Couple. 23 Suture. 26 Hurried. 2S High temperature. 30 Let it stand, 32 Person who has excessive regard for social standing.' 34 Accessory. 36 Fricative consonant. .18 Wand. 41 Poem. 42 Stream obstruction. 44 To unclose. 45 Ado. 47 Part of a pedestal base 48 Sprite. 49 Since. 50 Form of "be." 51 Type stamlavi 1 63.Rumanian. coin. 54 Aye. 563.1416. 57 Postscript. "The old tongue of Manx, native language of the Isle of Man, is gradually dying out. Fewer- than 1000 of the island's 50,000 population now have . a- speaking knowledge of it. • iff 1,, s i f I Find It! Rent It! Buy Itl .. in th« Hope Star arket Place the Bum you taU. tW - ' quicker you cell. • 1 time, lOe line, min. Me 1 consecutive Insertions, mint- mum of S lines in one ad. 3 times, 6c line, min. SOc „ ,. 8 tunes, 5c line, min. Me ''- "26'times, 3%c line, min. $2.H \verage 5% words to the line) . ads will be accepted With the understanding that .tb* bill it payable on presentation ot statement, befor* th« first puhU- catiouy . , ( . Phone 768 Screen doors—Hope Bldg. Mat Co. FOR RENT FOR RENT: South bed room, with or without bath, phone 321. FOR RENT—Furnished four-room apartment, private bath, electric refrigerator. Phone 132. Mrs. K. G. McRae, 27-3t-c. FOR RENT—Comfortable bedroom, adjoining bath; close in. Phone 505-W. 2-3tc. FQR:RENT — 3 room furnished apartment, adjoining bath, outside entrance, front and. rear. 717 Main, Phone 315. 3-3t ;FOR "BENT —.? room furnished apartment, adjoining bath, outside entrance both front and rear. Phone 315. Mrs. D. T.' Chamberlain,- 717 South Main. ••••• 6-3tc- r FOR RENT—Bedrooms convenient to 5 bath, close in. Mrs. Bob Chamberlain, * 418 East Second Street. 5-3tp NOTICE NOTICE—For Sale or Rent, 80 acres land, 2 houses, electric lights, running water, 6 mules, 8 milk cows with young calves, 1 mile from town. Call 392. 27-3t NOTICE—For.Sale or Kent, 14 acres, deep well. .Ten pecan trees 10 years, old. Electric Lights. One .mile from town. Call 392. • , S 27-3t ATTENTION BALL- FANS! To World Series at St. Louis. Can accomodate four in Sedan. Round trip. Share expense. Call at 220 East 2nd, Thursday or Friday from 4 to 7 p. m. _W. R.-Wells. 3-ltp FOR SALE Beat Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat Co FOR SALE: 200 bushels of fine pears. See Vincent Foster. 18-3tc. £ • » -• ;JN USED CARS . Lewis Motor Co. Jfeper-Hope Bldg. Mat Co. I PARTS FOR ALL CARS. 'V. A. Lewis Motor Co. ' FOR JJALE—Good work horse for SQiDd COW> pr second hand car. L. J. JfUbbard, Sprudell, Ark. ll-6-3tp FQB'SALE—29 Chevrolet truck with lat bed. cab and new tires. ?135 cash. Thompson Bros. Call 22. 26-31 FOR SALE—Pears 75c bushel or 40c . Jw|f tushel delivered. Phon 166. 2S-3t BodcawNo.l Mr. and Mrs. Troy Greenlee spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Fuller of this place Mr. and' Mrs. Leon Garrett and little son, spent Monday with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Mitchell of this place. Mrs. Otis Fuller is on the sick list this week. '•'< Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Goynes and daughter, Dorothy Jean, spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. G. •jE. Fuller and Mrs. Minda Fuller. Mr. and Mrs. Joe England spent Sunday afternoon with her parents, air. and Mrs. O. L. Mitchell. Mr. and Mrs. Orin Gresham and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Mullins. Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Fuller and family spent awhile Sunday night with Mr. and Mrs. Claude McConnell and family. Miss Siila Mitchell spent Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. G. W. Dorman. Mrs. D. B. Bailey and daughter Nellie Jean, spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. Obie Fuller. Mr and Mrs. C. A. Fuller and family spent Sunday with Jessie Ware and family-. Miss Alvis Fuller is attending school at Stamps this year. Horace Fuller is under treatment of doctors in Hot Springs again, wo hope for him a speedy recovery. Mr. 'and Mrs. A. J. Fuller spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Curlton. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Gresham and Mr. and Mrs. Eriless Gresham and daughter spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tye and family. Mrs. Minda Fuller is spending this week with her brother J. W. Goynes and family- near Centerville. Mrs.-G. E. Fuller and Mrs. O. L. "Mitchell spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. Otis Fuller. Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Fuller spent Wednesday afternoon with their daughter, Mrs. Tr&y Greenlee of Hope. Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Mitchell of Frescott were visitors n the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Mitchell Tuesday nifh'. Don't forget our singing at this place each Saturday night. We are expecting seme good singing Saturday niht. SALE—Oak fire wood, any ! length. Write Joe Howe, Hope Route 4 y^feiogton-Hope Road. l-3tp "Cabbage Plants. Onion Sets, Vetch, Winter Grass, Bulbs. Monts Seed Store. 3 - 6tc WANTED ' WANTED—Located near Frisco d t*t, Will give i'or hens 10-llc; fryers l|c; ducks 6c; turkeys 9-10c. T. P. Beard- 36-3tp- WAJJTED—To rent pasturge for 60 hsad cattle. Must have good water, Well fenced- See Jewell or Harry Yerger Team Plays Little Rock Negroes LITTLE ROCK — Dunbar High School Bearcats open their 1934 football season against Yerger High of Hope at Kavanaugh Field Friday afternoon. Coaches M. F. Thomas and Owen Jackson have developed a green Sine with unexpected success. At the tackle position Tidwell and Edgeston are performing well and the ends will be taken care of by King and WiJson. The Bearcats backfield will be one of the heaviest in recent years. Galileo discovered four of Jupiter's nine satellites in 1610. OUR BOARDING HOUSE f%£~ By AHERN OUT OUR WAY Bv WILLL NOWTHNTVOU I A^^ OFT-'E&ING YOU tXGEFTlON/XL OPPO1 -^UOW WOULD YOU INVEST THE MONfcY \N YENTUf^e WITVA MtTHM MEANS WEALTH 0 ?-^ WHEN I MENTION* THE _ "BUSINESS,YOU \VILL L/XU<SVA, > "BUT I CAN SHOW YOU .STATISTICS TWAtV WILL AvSTOUNB Ws TOO WA.TVV UCi ^' 1 "DO VAEAVY LIPTIN N , I ^ ^ORGFTJ WENT IN WITH YOU O—NVE WERE •BUViN6 UP ALLTVA' TLY NET'S),TD CORNERTK y ' (VAA-RV<ET, BECAUSE YOU - ^,- ..-\ % AUTO^AOB^LE ( , WOULt) "BE. A ^—'H, -r-i x-xt~» I -f cf =;. r -• - T. M. REO. u. 3. PAT. . C't934 BV NCA SCRVICC. INC TO G>E MONEY: HIS "6OOD SCIFFRIW QOSH? HE6ITS A BRAM' MEW SUIT, AM 1 BEFORE HE EVEN GITS IT ON/ «T LOOKS UkE HIM. tffy" <^. ^^• r '' T M. nco. u. s. r»T. orr. STROW6 INPLUeWCE O 1934 01 NCA SCRVICC. INC: BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Stepping Out! 00\W,W£V£S.?L\US. VW NtW OU^tt ? I: AW 0\J Kt 60 MAViV •WIMW ViOTV\\Vi6 OP \T \ OEAQ \.AOV,ARE OMW At«i6 Of Vs.. CV.O"VV\,OV O/ TO COW.W \Vi J&3 ^•'"-: -'-I / '-( <- •> iL^. •? ,.v \K> A SiOT ^WE StV^t^ ,OO^"V VOUEU YOU HV VAV \\'. . ^G — SOT, 0V 'EM «» By MARTI oos ^- T. M. REG. ff S. PAT. Off. O 1934 BY NCA SEnVlCC.lNC ALLEY OOP He Doesn't Look Right to Dinny! By HAI , &o GIT CIINNV FOR ME, WILL VA? IP f GOTTA 6OTTH' PALACE, CM GOKINA^- RIPE/ I WON'T 60/OKAY.OOP, WALKIN'AROUND/1'U 6ITCHER IN THIS POOL / DINOSAUR- RIG-/ ~y OUS' SIT RIGHT WHERE YA AREA AWRIOHT, KEED; HERE'S YER STEEP / \ •-•> II HEL-LO Dir»Nv; •L WELL, PER // I WELL - I'M NOT WHASSA MATTER / BUT I'LL CONFGSSfl WITH-THAT, BIO LIZARP, I BET I C'D MAKI A RIGHT GOOD ^ GUESS/, f^^\ ^r>/-1 11 ysgas&efg&BmstL^' -")' ^ A >' ,Sl 4)-Ym«Aui: ; ®^' D 1934 BY NEA SE RVICC. INC. V ^ 1 \—««M v l^ l ^ T M REQ ,j g pAT OF( - _ ~ —vW (*> T y^-^^^| WASHTUBBS A Popular Guy ByCI THESE CONFOUNDED SHOES P/WCH MY FEET; AND WHEN I 60 BARE- r-"COTED~ OW/ )OOR'OLD BOARDMAM. HE'S CERTAlK'lV HWIM6 HIS HEV. you/ IT/ r SORRV,SlR. I MERELY WISHED TO SEe HOW MY STOCKS AND BONDS AF r OH, My STARS ! WHAT A TIME TO GET CAUGHT IM A FENCE. V\^ 3 .^ >10 \: FRECKLESAND HIS FRIENDS y \g) 193A BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T M PEG U S PAT OfF For Good Luck! ! /5 A MILLIONAIRE.ARE vcul I'M CLEOPATRA, MR. MILLION^ AMD IF VOL! DONTT 6ET OUTA3" P.P.Q. I'LL GET MY ASP APTEi YES;| By "iHIS YEAR.I'M QOHMA 8E BETTER THAM EVSI5! IVET MADE UP MY L_ MIND To THAT.'. 1 IT'LL BE GREAT TO HAVE A PIGSKIM IN MY HANDS...CROWDS CHEERING...THE YARD STRIPES SLIDING UNDER MY FEET AND THE GOALPOSTS ._, BECkONIKIG ' THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) BUT WE'LL NEED UJCk' TD BEAT K1NGST&W THIS YEAR..AKJD WERE .t AM.SURROUMDED BY POUNDS A*JD POUNDS OF IT...HORSESHOES! ...YVELL^YER THE SMOULDER.... FOR LUCK AND SHADYSIDE.'/ , ¥r c- RIEALLY, HOW...MUST YOU DO THAT a mi* a» MI* tcavicc nft.T u ciro u. s. PAT < wiutL DAN LJONG \s UP TO HIS CW3S \M PHOTOS OF LADIES o ARE: AMBITIOUS TO rWrl HIS'BRlDE, ' VCSAFT AND HIS .'*• TV a.«-.NG ACE. T TitIG OTHEB PLAi4 'DAtUElU AMD HIS '//-rOf'Nr FORTUNE THIS JOB MUST SLIP ALOHG KS SMOOTH A'S GREASE-FIRST WE GOTTA LOOK OVEQ THE WORK'S AND GET AN IDEA OF THE LAYOUT SURE: WHY NAWE THIS H\CV<, V SHOULD WE TAK<E I yv.i-r-11 i ii O •'•'j^' I' ^ r-utkKirr ctsi&LTrijtKJ 1 PAPCRS SIP HA^U'T A Behind Closed Poors ~\ (^ABSOLUTELY', By COWi THE < WE, A. CHANCE, SNATCHIN' HIM? L.CT LJL OO HER STUFF SHE COULD BSlMG H'.M INTO OUR UU'S A UTTLE. "SOBE,NOW, BUT y SLIP HER K HUM- UNDER/ COUPLE OF / MAYBE bHE'LL BE: ITCHIIl' T'GO <ft ^m OtGHT OKAY, WEASEL-! BEAT *T DOVM TO LIUS WW50U AND TELL HEP I WANTA SEE. HEIR ^ V |

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